Review by Junkie

Reviewed: 08/30/03

Best fighting game for GCN so far.

SCII is perhaps the most awesome fighter I have ever played. Almost everything is perfect. The gameplay, smooth, easy to learn, difficult to master, button-mashing-proof, the works. The music so grand, the graphics simply amazing, the replay value skyrocketing high.

You can choose from quite a few different game modes, and you can unlock more by playing the ''Weapon Master'' mode, AKA story mode. You choose a character, and work your way through a Soul Calibur world to retrieve the Soul Calibur blade. On the way are plenty of obstacles, the fun part of the game you can say. After you get used to the game, the obstacles start getting more complex, such as fighting a team of 5 people with your health continuously decreasing slowly. And that is just the simple Weapon Master mode. There is an Arcade mode where you go through 8 stages of fighting, various VS modes for playing with a friend or against the computer, various ''Extra'' modes that you unlock, and much more if you're creative.

As most fighters do, you are on a quest to retrieve an ultimate weapon from a super-demon-thingy. The story is more along the lines of words, not actual FMVs. At least this will encourage you to read! ;)

I was awestricken by the superb graphics of this game. I mean, the gameplay was enough for me, but the graphics really added another level to the game. Smooth textures, flowing animations, detailed characters, detailed environments, the works. Done masterfully, the graphics are superb. They really take advantage of the next-gen powers.

Music and Sound
The music throughout the game is great, various tunes from various character's ''homes'' and with the GCN version, there are of course some Zelda tunes also. The sound effects are placed correctly and don't get annoying. Some characters actually speak in english, not some random japanese phrase that could mean ''purple slurpee power''... Overall, I found the music grand and the SFX just as good.

Although it would take you extremely long to finish everything to begin with, after that you'd still want to go back and play it again. Just like other great fighting games, you'll be able to pop this in anytime and play a game or hundred.

Buy or buy?
Buy. Even if you hate fighting games, or suck at them, buy it anyways. This is a game you'll be proud to own one day, and that day could be tomorrow for all you know. I know I'm proud to own a copy!

SCII is simply amazing and addicting. You'll love it from the minute you pop it in and watch the intro. I guarantee it! The gameplay will suck you in and not let you out. The graphics will make your jaw drop. The sound will make you want to get surround sound. You'll be wishing for SCIII just so your life could be completely filled with SC.

So, what are you waiting for? Go buy a copy! GO GO GO!

Stop reading this and go buy it!

Why are you still here? GO!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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