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"A Sequel that Lives up to it's Predecessor"

Maybe you never owned a Dreamcast...and maybe you don't have a local arcade around, so maybe you need an introduction for about Soul Calibur II still. This series started out as an arcade game called Soul Edge, where the most skilled fighters used various weapons, to claim their sacred prize the Soul Edge. Soul Edge is a possessed sword of great power, and, of great evil. The sword mutates and destroys all those that control it. Soul Calibur is the famous sequel to Soul Edge, same idea, better controls, graphics, and publicity, THE reason to still own a Dreamcast. Now we have Soul Calibur II, the newest, and really, the best of the series.

The Best of the Series you say? Yes. Here's why: The characters have become more well rounded; there aren't characters that are too strong, or too fast. For example Kilik has been slowed down a tad, but he’s stronger. The combos that could be done over and over and over, they have disadvantages now. Each characters maneuvers have been slightly remapped, making them feel much more authentic, you learn very quickly what type of control, will make what type of motion, simply by taking an educated guess.

Game play: 10/10 The different characters allow for everybody, or at least just about everybody, to find a character that suits them. If you like strategy in your fighting games, then you've picked the right game, with 3d environments, and 3d attacks, you'll be dodging, repelling, jumping, and blocking your tactical little thumbs into the grave. What about you button mashers? Yes, you, the button masher, stop being afraid of this game! My best friend mashes buttons and he's played through Arcade mode as many times as I have! And the beauty of it all, Vs. mode, where strategic players, as well as button masher, can get their fight on, and really it's a pretty even playing field.
Example: Maxi used to leave himself open during long combinations, now his moves are more fluid, and he leaves himself defenseless much less of the time.

Story 10/10: You'll learn all about Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, and the player’s back-stories. I must warn you though it may take a while, and a play through Weapon Master mode, but the story does shine in this game. Remember, this is at first glance, and Arcade game, and while playing Arcade mode, the story is not shown, to get to the story, play Weapon Master mode.

Graphics/Sound 10/10: This game looks and sounds gorgeous, with a WIDE array of musical scores, and arenas, you'll never get sick of the scenery, or the music. Not to mention that the fighters, and the weapons, vary greatly, using different styles, patterns, and colors to liven things up. Also, the unlockable portions of this game include videos, artwork and weapons, all of which are modeled beautifully.

Replay/play time 10/10: Ten hour stretches of Soul Calibur II are not uncommon, time seems to melt away as your character taunts ''Over, Already?'' and your friend screams REMATCH! Trust me, 10.5 hours for me this Saturday. Added Bonus! Because this is the Game Cube version of SC2, you get to play as Link, from the Zelda series. This game also has 88 secrets, movies, and demos, to unlock, not to mention the 100+ weapons to unlock, with different traits to spice up the game play.

I recommend that you buy this game, if you're willing at all to play a fighting game, then I suggest you buy, not rent. The mass amounts of single or multiplayer combat alone make this game worth it's weight in gold, do yourself a favor, and make sure this game joins your personal collection.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/31/03

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