Review by rond556

Reviewed: 08/31/03

I didn't think it would ever be possible.......

.......but a game has finally taken down the original Soul Calibur as the best fighting game of all time. Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast has now been thrown back in a lot of people's closets because the Dreamcast has been gone for about......2 YEARS! (I feel so old now) Anyway, the original Soul Calibur redefined the gaming industry, but the sad part is not a lot of people played it. And a lot of people don't know that it was actually a sequel to Soul Blade/Edge which was a less than impressive fighting game on the PSX/Saturn respectively. Soul Calibur had amazing controls and combos that made even watching it fun, especially when the people actually knew what they were doing (myself not included in that group) Soul Calibur just simply blew away all the competition in AWESOME fighting series like Virtua Fighter and the less than awesome Tekken series (which is made by the same company....that's weird) I mean, even the graphics on this game are better than 75% of the eye candy we get on the X-Box which is now our most powerful system. And to make it even COOLER, the game was a ****IN' RELEASE GAME, as in it came out the same damn day as the Dreamcast. I just can't grasp how Namco pulled off such an amazing game that far exceeds the technology of even today. The original Soul Calibur definitly had it all back in the day.........its a shame not everyone got to play it because of Sega's demise (I don't wanna get started about how it was actually a good thing for Sega because I get hate mail from my review sometimes =0 and the last thing I wanna do is make some Sega fanboys its getting off topic)

So here we are, 4 years later (actually almost 4 years exact to the day) And the sequel has come out. I couldn't comprehend that this game could be any better than the original....I mean, just how could Namco improve upon perfection? I mean, just look at the mistake Devil May Cry 2 left us can't improve upon perfection people......but just somehow, Namco did it.

First of all, with all that eye candy Namco threw at us....yeah, its even BETTER, and it sucks I'm at college now and I have to play it on my little TV =(. The characters have been GREATLY improved even more so than before. It makes you just wanna jump in and kiss Taki because she looks so REAL (I'm actually a Sueng Mina fan =D) So the graphics have a HUGE overhall. The backgrounds are really cool, which was another great thing in the original as well with fully animated backgrounds, and the stages are downright beautiful.

The music is still just as good, so no improvement can be made. The only game with a cooler soundtrack than Soul Calibur is the original Wild ARMs on the PSX, which is almost impossible to beat. The intro movie is a lot cooler than Soul Caliburs because you don't need to use that cheap way of making your own, however there are now games with a cooler intro than the original Soul Blade (I recommend a download if you haven't seen this thing......its one of the most amazing things I have ever seen)

Gameplay has improved some. Now mission mode actually allows you to unlock weapons which was kinda missing in Soul Calibur, but was present in Soul Blade.......that was kinda wierd I thought. It still has all of the unlockable wonders including profiles, STORYLINES, and characters so that makes the replay value on this master piece VERY high. And we are also blessed with some old friends as well as some new faces (maybe its just me or I haven't seen him yet, but Huang seems to be absent in this one ) And of course the big hoot and holler about this game is the fact that you can play as one of THREE exclusive characters depending on which system you bought it for. Of course you can get it for the Gamecube which gives you Link (the best idea) and I dunno how or why, but the X-Box allows you to play as the hardcore comic book hero Spawn (another great idea) PS2 fans got jipped though since they have to play as Heihachi from the Tekken series......BORING!!!! Namco needs to get on the line with Anime Works and use my boy Kenshin....THAT would be awesome! Dunno why, but Brave Fencer Musashi actually sounds really appealing as well (more appealing than any FF character or Dante from what most people said they wanted to see) I mean, they had to resurrected Spawn for this gig, why not my boy Musashi? And I agree with the people who say Kos-Mos as well....Namco needs to dig in their library for their characters because they go a LOT deeper than Tekken.

I wanna talk a bit about Link. Most people seem to think that he is just there for commercialization and he's a cheap add in (mostly just anti-Nintendo idiots though) but he is actually the most fun character to use....even more than Mitsurugi and Sueng Mina. His sword is awesome, his unlockable weapons are cool (even though the do break away from traditional Link though....but this is Soul Calibur, not Legend of Zelda=D) And he even has a cool story behind him. It's actually kinda funny. Zelda summons him in Hyrule to get rid of all these clouds and stuff, and the shaman he finds who is making them is being controlled by a powerful sword from another world called the ''Soul Edge.'' It's just a little cross world video game thing....its quite entertaining. But all in all, Link is an awesome addition to the series and should be welcomed with open arms. Give him a try, he's GREAT!

Control wise, this game was CLEARLY made for the Gamecube. I've played all three version, and the Gamecube one is clearly the best. The controls are nice and tight, and the characters do what you tell them.

Stage layout is also a lot cooler. Not longer are you on a flat surface with cliffs on all sides. Now you have walls on some sides, plus some pools in the middle of the stages that you can fall in, its really cool.

My only complaint is that the endings are stiil kinda lame (except for Link's) I mean, how many times is Mitsurugi gonna destroy that sword and how many times is Sueng Mina gonna run away from home? It does not make sense......oh well, this game is still perfect!

And the funny thing is, Soul Calibur 2 is actually my second favorite release this much (Disgaea: Hour of Darkness being the first) It is by far the coolest fighting game I have ever play. Its just downright further perfection than its prequel. This game belongs in ANY collection......its doesn't matter which system you buy it for since they are all great (I prefer the Gamecube one since it just has that little extra charm) Just a simply stunning game.....seriously. It's also funny that Namco still can't spell ''Caliber'' after all these years as well =/

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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