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"The GameCube’s true power!"

Now, before you form an opinion on “just another fighting game,” you may want to look at all of the fact. While it is true that this is another fighting game, it goes places others cannot (such as Super Smash Brother: Melee). If you don’t believe me, then read the rest of the review. Even better, rent the game! It is on all systems, so you have no excuse not to try this game. Although I have never played the original version of this game, after playing this newer version, I think I may have to find it! It’s just that good.

Gameplay (10/10)
The Gameplay is a lot of fun. And I’m not saying this as a gamer that likes beat-em-up games; I’m saying it as a reviewer (And gamer—that too!). There as tons of combos to learn for each character, and not to mention the countless weapons, costumes, and boards you can unlock through Weapon Master Mode. Each character has his or her own ways of attacking. Some characters rely on speed and swift attacks to win the fight. Other characters are slow, but the pack s powerful punch. No character is really “in the middle,” everyone has his or her pros and cons.

Including a special character to each system was a unique way of selling the games. The X-BOX has Spawn as its character, while the Playstation 2 has Heihachi. The GameCube, however, has none other than Link, from The Legend Of Zelda series. He has really been touched up with the graphics. He is not cell-shaded like in his recent game, but that doesn’t stop him from having awesome moves. This game is truly a work of art.

Sound/Music (10/10)
The music in this game fits in perfectly. It’s not too annoying, yet at the same time it’s not un-noticeable. The music is very calming at time, and at other times it is suspenseful. And the sounds themselves fit in flawlessly with the characters action. Not to mention the great insults that comes out of these guys when they win (I like Raphael’s the best). Try switching the language from English to Japanese to really get a feel for the game.

Control (10/10)
The control for this game, I feel, is very comfortable. While I have played with other system’s controllers (not for this game yet though), I find the GameCube controller to be the easiest to pull off all of the combos. The hardest buttons to press are also located on the C-Stick, making for easy access.

Graphics (10/10)
Just turn on the game, and watch the intro. Done? Well, are you not fully amazed at the power of your GameCube? I was. The graphics in the game are some of the best that I have seen on this system. It almost makes me stop in awe (In fact, it did when I first played the game). The game never lags, so when you attack, it happens immediately. The detail on every character is amazing. The stages are not very big, but that does not mean that they aren’t very cool. And to think that all of these graphics came from such a small disc, while the other two systems do the same on a larger disc. Just imagine what could happen if we had a larger size disc. The graphic would be even better, if possible. To sum up the graphics in one word: WOW.

Difficulty (10/10)
Surprisingly, this game can get very difficult at times. First of all, there is a way to change the difficulty of the computer, so that impacts your fights. Also, button-mashers will be lost in this game. Serious fighters will try and master a character’s movesets, and believe me, there are a lot of them.

Storyline (10/10)
The main storyline in this game in centered around Weapon Master Mode. I believe that they did a good job in this little story mode. It is very hard to have a story to a game that is made up of quick fighting rounds, but adding different rules (such as poison-tipped weapons, or only using aerial attacks) was a great addition to an already great game. There are tons of weapons and extras to be unlocked through Weapon Master Mode; in fact, that’s the only way to earn everything! After you unlock everything, you still have a ways to go. You still have to master all of the missions, master your character (of course), and for bragging rights, you can increase your level tremendously! The higher the level, though, the harder it is to level up.

Replay Value (10/10)
The replay value in the game is strong. You can keep playing through the one-player modes (In which there are a ton, including extra modes), or you could try out the multiplayer modes. You really don’t know a good challenge until you face someone truly strong, like a friend. Plus, I feel that it takes a long time not only to unlock everything in the game, but also to master a character. Trust me: You will keep coming back to this game long after it’s prime. And by the looks of it, its prime won’t be ending very soon.

Rent or Buy? BUY IT!!!
I cannot stress enough the fact that this game is a must-have! If you only rent it, I cannot imagine the sleepless nights that you will have, and the hypnotic voice saying, “Why didn’t you buy the game???” Seriously though, this game is a must have! I, along with many, many others, strongly suggest that you pick this game up.

Overall (10/10)
Overall, this game should be in every gamer’s house. Simple. If you don’t have the game, then either you don’t like fighting games (although I will you would re-consider), or you just don’t have enough money. Not matter what the reason, this is one of the best fighting games every created, and the fact that it’s on all three major systems means how popular it is! Now, what are you waiting for? Master the game, then go over a friend’s house and beat them on another system! That would be great!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/06/03

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