Where can I fine the Mystic Melody for all the characters...Except for Rouge and knuckles.)?

  1. It would help lots if i was told which level and specific directions on where. Please help! Thanks!^.^

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  2. Clarification Request::
    Scizor331 mad space is rouge's stage

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  1. Shadow's is in Final Chase. Get to the part where you go up a lot of gravity pipe things (the things you stick to). Go to the top of every one to get to the next. Don't get on the platform in the middle of one of them, though. Go to the top of every one when you reach the top of one, in the distance is another gravity pipe thing with electrical lasers surrounding it, separating the top and bottom parts. Jump to the top section and run to the top of the pipe. A platform should be near with the mystic melody on it.

    Tails's is in Hidden Base. Go through the level until you go up the thing that pulls you up and you see the monkey enemies. Defeat them, jump off the lever thing, but go on the left side where there is a block. Shoot it to break it and fall down. Follow the path to some steel containers blocking an entrance. Break them and go inside where the mystic melody is.

    Eggman's is in Sand Ocean. It's at the very beginning of the level. Go up to the thing that turns with fire in the middle. Instead of going straight, wait until the thing turns you west (or left) and hover to the platform. The mystic melody should be there.

    In Final Rush with Sonic, go through the level until you get to the part where there are a lot of rails leading to a short platform with another rail that goes straight up and Sonic moves fast up it. There is a spring at the top of the rail. Go up the rail and the spring will land you on a platform with two rails in front of you. Get on the PURPLE rail but don't go so fast on the rail so you won't pass this hint. The rail should lead to another long platform. To know if you are on the right platform, you should see the little house thing that you use the mystic melody next to. If you see the house thing, you are on the right platform. At the end of the platform is a checkpoint and an orange rail. NOW BE CAUTIOUS AND FOLLOW THESE QUICK INSTRUCTIONS. Get on the rail, but DON'T GO FAST. You should see a platform to the side a very short ways down the rail with a missile on it. JUMP at the right time to get on the platform. Take the missile and you will land on a platform. Once you move, the camera moves to guide you to the next platform. Jump to it and a spring should be on it. The spring should take you to another platform. Go down this platform and get on the small platform. Then go up the small rail and you should see the mystic melody in front of you.

    Hope this helps!

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  1. Ok i can tell you for sonic....For sonic you need to go to mad space go all the way through till u get to the part with the rail going up. Then from there get to the platform as normal but after hitting the checkmarkbut instead of going all the way done the real u will see a platform jump there and there will be a rocket take the rocket and u will land on a life to the left there will be a platform jump there then take that bouncer trampolene thing then take that way go up the short rail thing and there it will be

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  2. Ok i messed up in the last message i meant after hitting the checkmark go down the rail but ull see a platform so dont go all the way jump on it and the rest is wat i typed......welll the next thing then for eggman go to sand ocean go till u get to thing rotating thing with fire in the middle its close to the start w8it till it turns ull c a small little island go there and u have ur mystic melody....

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  3. Ok for tails u go to hidden base then u go all the way through till u get to the place with monkeys all around u instead of going the backwards way go forward and ull see those big block things break it and go down then ull see some steel crates break them an go in there should be a ring there and u got ur mystic melody

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  4. i know where shadow`s is. in final chase when you get to the part where you need to go on those big cylinders theres this hidden one in the middle of the level. go right and you will see the hidden one. jump on it and it will lead you to a platform. there you have it. shadow`s mystic melody. Dr. Eggman, his is in sand ocean. when you get on the thing that spins you around in the beginning of the level you will see a platform far away. hover boost on the platform and there will be your mystic melody.scizor331 will tell you about tails` and sonic`s.

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  5. Sonic=Final Rush dificuly medium after 5th checkpoint go on the rocket you see then the hard part is completed. Tails=Hiden base dificulty easy-medium at the part where you see 4 stell crates in a shape of a square. Shadow=final chase difficulty easy at the part where you see the the path and the snare drum (the thing that can get you in a specific direction fast) simply go on the snare drum and go up and you should see the mystic melody. Eggman=Sand Ocean difficulty easy at the begining of the level you go on the spining thing then you take the left and hover to the other side once there grab the mystic melody also you get to try it out there with a shotcut. ps. I did these more than once

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  6. Scizor331 means for sonic`s level, final rush.

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