Where can I find the air necklace and treasure scope?

  1. I need help getting the air necklace for Knuckles,and treasure scope for Rouge.

    User Info: noahdefer

    noahdefer - 8 years ago

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  1. For Rouge's Treasure Scope, you need the Iron Boots and the Mystic Melody
    The Treasure Scope is found in Security Hall
    I don't exactly remember where the shrine is but when you play the mystic melody, a few platforms appear and when you cross those, there will be two metal crates that require the iron boots to break
    When you break the crates the treasure scope will be right in front of you
    Hope this helps!

    User Info: foyah

    foyah - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. I don't know about rouge, but knuckles' air necklace is in aqautic mine, go forward to the box with the pulleys. grab one, and in that new room, find the water level switch marked "3". activate it and jump down. then go to the drop down tunnel with the ghost pictures on it. down there is a spring for getting back u. now, go into the water, and go through the tunnel, the rest of this might require some practice, go under all the underwater structure( i dont know what to call them) you should eventually come to a tunnel that goes up. This is where yo uwill hear the dramatic music. keep pressing A so that you you will rise faster. If done correctly, the air necklace will be rig above you, search the ceiling corners and you will find a dragon.

    User Info: Izaiah43

    Izaiah43 - 8 years ago 2 0
  2. I have the air necklace so to find it just put the water level to 1 on the metal post were you start jump on it get on lever and go up to the other room flick the swicth to put the water level to 3 get out of the room find the do not enter thing that will be full of water.Follow that water pathe until the timer comes up then you are almost there come up out of the water.When you come on land you should get the air neclace.
    Now I don't know about the treasure scope thow.

    User Info: tintoyz

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  3. treasure scope in security brech place thar, the place you were timed? yea that place.. use mystic melody at the alter on the.....3rd floor, next to the yellow vaults. then, jump from platform to platform until you get to a little place blocked by metal crates. break them, and inside is the scope. now, the air necklace is hard to get. in a little underwater place in the mine, you will find a path with speed booster panels. Follow them and you will find said necklace(note:you will nearly drown getting this. pray for your own luck).

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  4. There's a neat trick to get the treasure scope before you get the mystic melody.
    Climb the wall to the bottom of the iron boxes and jump so she tries to climb up.
    At that exact moment, repeatedly hit the B button to try to break the lower box.
    If it doesn't work, climb up and try again, (catch yourself on the wall so you don't have far to climb.)
    Once the first box breaks, get on top of the box that falls in its place. You can then break the box behind it easily.
    I used to use this trick before I found Rouge's mystic melody the first time. You still need the pick nail boots.

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  5. You need (for Rouge),Mystic Melody and lron Boots.Go to Security Hall and to the Mystic Melody.Use Mystic Melody.Jump on the platforms and hit the iron crates....Now,(for Knuckles),you use water level 3.Go to the second,kinda brick thing like the one you enter to the ghost hall.Ready...set...GO!!!Charge in the water and go right!Don't go on the gound.When you get to the edge of the hallway, go left.Keeeeep going.Go down to hallway with rings. Walk the hall.When you get to the edge,press A and go quik....

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