Sonic mystic melody?

  1. I can't find sonic's mystic melody, and scizor 331 answered someone elses question about mytic melodies and said it was on mad space. maybe someone else understand what that means. plz help

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    Izaiah43 - 8 years ago

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  1. I know exactly where it is. I've done this many times and this answer is definitely correct. In Final Rush with Sonic, go through the level until you get to the part where there are a lot of rails leading to a short platform with another rail that goes straight up and Sonic moves fast up it. There is a spring at the top of the rail. Go up the rail and the spring will land you on a platform with two rails in front of you. Get on the PURPLE rail but don't go so fast on the rail so you won't pass this hint. The rail should lead to another long platform. To know if you are on the right platform, you should see the little house thing that you use the mystic melody next to. If you see the house thing, you are on the right platform. At the end of the platform is a checkpoint and an orange rail. NOW BE CAUTIOUS AND FOLLOW THESE QUICK INSTRUCTIONS. Get on the rail, but DON'T GO FAST. You should see a platform to the side a very short ways down the rail with a missile on it. JUMP at the right time to get on the platform. Take the missile and you will land on a platform. Once you move, the camera moves to guide you to the next platform. Jump to it and a spring should be on it. The spring should take you to another platform. Go down this platform and get on the small platform. Then go up the small rail and you should see the mystic melody in front of you! Get it and use it on the little house near the spot where you found the mystic melody to make a line of rings appear at the end of the platform. Do the ring dash to go across the rings and hit a spring that puts you on a rail. Continue until you finish the level. Now you have the mystic melody and you can use it to find items and chao in other levels. Hope this helps!

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  1. He meant final rush. mad space is a rouge level.

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  2. In the Final Rush level with Sonic, about halfway through the level is a huge space filled with gravity cylinders and platforms, if I'm not mistaken, the power-up is either somewhere among this space or straight after. I could be wrong though.

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