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    Chao FAQ by Falcon236467 / NMcNair

    Version: 5.6b | Updated: 03/11/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            _________             .__
                           /   _____/ ____   ____ |__| ____
                           \_____  \ /  _ \ /    \|  |/ ___\
                           /        (  <_> )   |  \  \  \___
                          /_______  /\____/|___|  /__|\___  >
                                  \/            \/        \/
              _____       .___                    __
             /  _  \    __| _/__  __ ____   _____/  |_ __ _________   ____
            /  /_\  \  / __ |\  \/ // __ \ /    \   __\  |  \_  __ \_/ __ \
           /    |    \/ /_/ | \   /\  ___/|   |  \  | |  |  /|  | \/\  ___/
           \____|__  /\____ |  \_/  \___  >___|  /__| |____/ |__|    \___  >
                   \/      \/           \/     \/                        \/
                                         :+:    :+:
                                ___  _   _    __    _____
                               / __)( )_( )  /__\  (  _  )
                              ( (__  ) _ (  /(__)\  )(_)(
                               \___)(_) (_)(__)(__)(_____)
                            _|_|_|_|    _|_|      _|_|
                            _|        _|    _|  _|    _|
                            _|_|_|    _|_|_|_|  _|  _|_|
                            _|        _|    _|  _|    _|
                            _|        _|    _|    _|_|  _|
    Copyright 2002 Nathan McNair and Falcon236467 (Donnie Douglas)
    Contact: StoOgE_Zoot@yahoo.com or falcon236467@yahoo.com
    [1].     -Guide overview
      [.1]   -Guide versions/history
      [.2]   -Updates to come
      [.3]   -E-MAIL NOTICE
    [2].     -Chao Basics
      [.1]   -Hatching
      [.2]   -Feeding
      [.3]   -Breeding
      [.4]   -Animals
      [.5]   -Chaos drives
      [.6]   -Kindergarten
      [.7]   -Masks
      [.8]   -Moods
      [.9]   -Stats
      [.A]   -Chao interaction
    [3].     -Gardens
      [.1]   -Unlocking gardens
      [.2]   -Chao garden
      [.3]   -Hero garden
      [.4]   -Dark garden
    [4].     -Advanced chao raising
      [.1]   -Hero/dark/neutral
      [.2]   -First evolution
      [.3]   -Second evolution
      [.4]   -Advanced chao
      [.5]   -Death/rebirth
      [.6]   -Special Animals
      [.7]   -Parts Canceling
      [.8]   -Rumored chao
    [5].     -Animals/Drives
      [.1]   -Animal class
      [.2]   -Animal Stats
      [.3]   -Drive Stats
      [.4]   -Locations
      [.5]   -Animal traits
      [.6]   -Chao boxes
      [.7]   -Complete Locations
    [6].     -Racing
      [.1]   -Basics
      [.2]   -Unlocking courses
      [.3]   -Prizes
      [.4]   -Track description
    [7].     -Chao Kindergarten New Features (GameCube)
      [.1]   -Bulletin Board
      [.2]   -Black Market
      [.3]   -Fortune Telling House
    [8].     -Chao Karate
    [9].     -Game Boy Advance Chao
    [10].    -Cheats
    [11].    -Frequently asked questions
    [12].    -Legal notice
    [13].    -Credits
    [14].    -Contact information
    [1].     GUIDE OVERVIEW
          The purpose of this guide will be to give a comprehensive overlook into
          everything that is involved in the world of Chao.  This guide deals with
          Chao, as they exist in Sonic Adventure 2, and not the first game.  In
          case you are unaware of what a chao is Chao are the cute blue/green
          A-life characters found in both of Sonic Teams Sonic Adventure games.
          They are cute creatures that you may find yourself becoming attached
          or entertained for hours by these cute creatures.  In fact, many Sonic
          Adventure players will actually find more enjoyment out of raising Chao
          then from the actual game itself.  Also, I suggest that you always keep
          an up to date backup of your chao in case something goes wrong.  I would
          also like to make a note right here that while many guides floating
          about the net have chosen to help people with hacking their VMU and
          copying your chao, I will not help you do this in any way.  I think that
          you should raise your chao the hard way as Sonic Team intended.  I don't
          feel that helping you to cheat should be a part of this guide.
                                                    -Nathan McNair
    Note: in order to view this guide properly, you must have the file set in a
    Fixed width font (I suggest Courier New, 10 point font) and be able to
    Display this entire line on a page.
         Ver. 1.0 - 7/23/01
              The first incarnation of this FAQ, the formatting is set and the
              basic and garden sections are done.  The Advanced section is
              about half done.
         Ver. 1.1 - 7/24/01
              The FAQ has gotten quite a bit done, the advanced section is
              complete, with the exception of information that I still need to
              either discover or be provided with. The Animals section is 100
              percent complete unless someone can think of something or has a
              question regarding it.  The racing section is done, with the
              exception of the track descriptions.  I have also added to some
              of the older sections to make them more complete and thorough.
         Ver. 1.2 - 7/29/01
              I have finished the reformatting of the guide.  I now think that
              it is in the final form insofar as the look of the guide is
              concerned.  I think that it is fairly easy to navigate the guide
              at this point, and now I think I can focus on getting more info
              into the guide.  There have also been some additions to the
              second evolutionary path information, as well as some more
              racing information.  I hope to have version 1.2b out tonight,
              with the basics of Chao Adventure 2 discussed.
         Ver. 1.2b-7/29/01
              There has been a change to the Guide Overview regarding hacking
              your VMU.  There has also been some major changes to the racing
              section and the first track descriptions have begun, as has the
              groundwork for Chao Adventure 2.  It looks like this guide is
              going to come together and finish up.  I am also working on
              getting some more sites to publish the guide, hopefully, Gamefaqs
              will see fit to publish this latest release of the chao guide.
              I have also added some more of the first evolution chao, as
              mine finally evolved!
         Ver. 1.2c-7/30/01
              This is a very small update, and again isn't really worthy of its
              own version number.  I fixed a typo that was repeated many times
              throughout the FAQ, touched up some formatting I still wasn't
              pleased with, added a new chao face, as well as some new
              information regarding the second evolution and some of the Chao
              Adventure items, as there still seems to be a bit of confusion
              in a few of those areas.  I am trying to get this chao FAQ to
              a level that it will be able to serve as an answer to any
              questions in a few months when the boards are not as active
              any more.  I still really need your help, as mapping all of
              The chao evolutionary patterns may take me several months if
              I have to do it on my own. I also added a view test at the
              top of the FAQ, as a few people have complained about it
              looking strange when they printed it off.
         Ver. 1.3 - 7/31/01
              This is going to be the final "big" update to the FAQ, barring
              a major breakthrough by someone in some of the rumored chao.
              from here on out, the changes that happen will be much smaller,
              but will also be the things that the really hardcore chao
              fans are going to care about.  This update has seen the inclusion
              of a few more rumored chao types, not known if they are real,
              or possible to get, but that's why they are rumors.  There has
              also been a warning added to the rumored chao section about
              some recipes floating around the net that don't seem to work,
              as well as a warning about importing chao from SA1.  It has also
              seen the completion (with some touching up to do) of the racing
              and Chao Adventure 2 sections.  While it isn't as completely
              thorough as the FAQ dedicated to chao adventure 2, I think it
              deals with all of the general information you need or want to
              know, and gives you a detailed enough walkthrough for most
              players tastes (lets face it, Chao Adventure 2 is not as
              important as the first one was).  Also, added the Chao
              interaction portion of the page.
         Ver. 1.3b - 7/31/01
              This is a small update as I found some things in the first
              posting of version 1.3 that I was not happy with. There
              were some formatting problems as well as typos that I was not
              happy with.
         Ver. 1.4 - 8/1/01
              The FAQ's first update in the new month comes with some small
              additions to a few of the sections, including a clear up on
              some of the Rumored chao and a new seed.  The biggest change
              that comes with this update to version 1.4 is purely cosmetic
              and you probably noticed right away, there is now an ASCII
              title at the top of the page!  I'm pretty pleased with it.  I
              am still in the market for a more stylized one if you feel up
              to the task.
         Ver. 1.5 - 8/2/01
              Another small update, this one has a few errors fixed as well
              as the addition of a new second evolution chao.  Keep the
              information coming in.
         Ver. 1.6 - 8/3/01
              Lots of updates all over the place.  A new Chao adventure has
              been added, some more rumored chao, a lot of second evolution
              chao as well as some clerical errors and formatting that you
              will probably never notice, but they bothered me.
         Ver. 1.7 - 8/5/01
              The FAQ is nearing completion as many of the areas people have
              had questions with have been rewritten and there seems to be
              less confusion.  There have been several updates to the second
              evolutionary process as well as two new adventures for Chao
              adventure 2 added.  As there are now 8 adventures, I have the
              feeling that Sonic Team probably programmed 10 full adventures
              into the game and that I am missing some.  I am really pleased
              with where this FAQ is headed, and all I need now is your help
              suggestion sections that need to be added to the FAQ, so that
              it can become the most comprehensive Chao FAQ on the net.
         Ver. 1.8 - 8/9/01
              The updates are becoming fewer and farther between, due to
              Tthe fact that there is less information that is unknown about
              Chao.  There have been a lot of small additions all over the
              FAQ and are too numerous and small to list, but it looks like
              this FAQ is about a month to two months from now.
         Ver. 1.8b -8/10/01
              This is a small update that fixes a few more problems, ads
              the final chao adventure (still need to know how to finish
              one of them), and clears up some more confusion.
         Ver. 1.9 -8/10/01
              This is a rather big update, as sonic team has launched the
              black market, and many of the "rumored" chao are now attainable,
              and, it is my opinion that the rest of them will probably be
              added to the underground in the near future (there are some
              exceptions, which I think are completely bogus).  There has
              also been a lot of information added all over the FAQ, that
              addresses confusion that some readers have been having, and I
              have also added an FAQ section and a records section, for
              questions readers have had, that don't fit elsewhere, and the
              records section is so we can see whose chao is best.  Also, I
              have been able to confirm that normal chao have a second
              evolution as well, so I have added those to the second evolution
              section, though I am not sure what they look like yet.
         Ver. 1.9b -8/12/01
              Small update, one new second evolution, some new additions to the
              FAQ section, a fix on the online section (remember, I cant connect
              due to having a BBA, so I need your help here) and that's it.  I
              still really need some of your chao's best times.  If I don't get
              any soon, I guess I will take that section down.  It bugs me that
              I received 20+ e-mails asking for this section, and now that I
              have created it, no one wants to use it.
         Ver. 2.0 -8/16/01
              This is the biggest update the page will probably ever see again, I
              received an e-mail with all of the missing evolutions listed.  I have
              little doubt that these were attained via cheating, but I will list
              the information as I do need it.  There have been a few things fixed
              up all around the FAQ, and I still have NO best times for chao races,
              I am now going on an honor system with the chao times, as it doesn't
              bother me if ya'll fake it.
         Ver. 2.1 -8/28/01
              Sorry, I have been out of town for a while, for those of you
              wondering why I haven't updated or why I have not answered your mail.
              Also, UT classes start tommorow, so updates will come less often.
              This update has a lot of little things updated in several areas, hope
              you like it.
         Ver. 2.2 -3/02/02
              UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT: Hi, this is Donnie Douglas.  With permission, I
              have combined the new GameCube changes FAQ with this one.  Nathan got
              an XBox instead of a GCN, so I'll be updating this FAQ.  All
              questions in the old FAQ have been moved to this one.
              Updated Kindergarten, Masks, Stats, Black Market, Frequently Asked
              Questions, added Game Boy Advance Section, removed Chao Daycare, and
              changed various other sections to fit with the GameCube.
         Ver. 2.4 -3/04/02
              Added Chao levelup strategy (under the GameCube Changes in Stats),
              new items in the Black Market, full items list in Sonic Advance,
              put the Chao Exchange back in (under Game Boy Advance Chao; this was
              forgotten when I merged the FAQs), method to get Clear Chao added
              (thanks AcidZeerO).  It was added to Advanced Chao.
              A special note: I have received a TON of support for this FAQ.  Full
              credits are at the bottom.
         Ver. 3.0 -3/06/02
              Removed old Chao Adventure 2 and Records sections, added a note in the
              Black Market about the Amy Rose and Omochao themes, added a
              confirmation of the Clear Chao, updated FAQs, removed "Combining SA1
              Chao section."
         Ver. 3.1 -3/08/02
              Updated hosts (in Legal Notice), added Tiny Chao to Advanced Chao,
              added a new technique to Stats, updated Black Market Items, updated
              Clear Chao, updated FAQs.
              I received 18 e-mails going into the making of this update, but not
              all of them made it.  I had a few repetitive questions, so I urge you
              to completely read this FAQ before sending in a question to see if it
              hasn't already been answered.
         Ver. 3.2 -3/10/02
              Added the cheats section with two ring tricks, updated FAQ (slightly),
              and made corrections to the Black Market.
         Ver. 3.3 -3/12/02
              Minor update.  Added another Clear Chao method (under "Advanced
              Chao"), updated Death/Rebirth section, corrected some FAQs.
         Ver. 3.5 -3/14/02
              Changed the Animals and Chaos Drives to their Nintendo GameCube
              values, changed the GBA items list(thanks AcidZeero), added "True
              NiGHTS Chao" under Advanced Chao, updated Clear Chao and Tiny Chao,
              updated Black Market (small update in there).
         Ver. 3.8 -3/17/02
              Added a note in the Tiny Chao section (under "Advanced Chao"), updated
              Gardens section, added "Strange Chao" in Advanced Chao, added a note
              under Death/Rebirth.
         Ver. 4.0 -3/20/02
              Added a VERY important note about a major glitch in the Dark Garden
              (under Chao Gardens), removed Colored Chao, re-formatted the
              FAQ to be GameCube only, updated Black Market, corrected an FAQ,
              added Shiny Normal Chao to "Advanced Chao," changed True Nights Chao
              to Other Nights Chao, on confirmation from Jo Shizworth that the
              Neutral/Flying/Flying Second Evolution was the NiGHTS Chao, moved
              Tiny Chao to Rumored Chao Section.
              You can find all the colored Chao in the Game Boy Advance.  AcidZeerO
              e-mailed me about this.
         Ver. 4.1 -3/21/02
              Added a how-to-copy-your-Chao trick under Tricks, updated Rumored
              Chao (Tiny Chao), corrected Blue Egg price in Black Market.
         Ver. 4.2 -3/23/02
              Updated Infinite Power-Up Trick (under Stats), updated Advanced Chao
              with Darker Shiny Chao, added Easier Infinite Power-Up Trick (under
              Stats), added Second Evolution Solution (under Second Evolution),
              added a new reaction to Chao Interaction between the Chao and your
         Ver. 4.5 - 3/25/02
              Corrected an FAQ about GBA to GC cables, added an item to the Black
              Market and corrected a few Black Market Items, corrected some
              descriptions in Second Evolution, fixed a clarification in the
              Animals/Drives section, updated an FAQ and the guide in sections about
              planting trees, added Super Sonic/Hyper Shadow to Advanced Chao,
              updated Shiny Normal Chao and Clear Chao, added another Chao action,
              added a note in breeding.
         Ver. 4.6 - 3/26/02
              Corrected some more second evolutions, added another way to tell if
              your Chao has evolved again (Second Evolution), added more Chao
              Interactions, added a tip for the races (Races section), added "Jump
              Start Evolution" in First Evolution Section, corrected Super Sonic/
              Hyper Shadow.
         Ver. 4.8 - 3/28/02
              Added description for the Hero/Normal/Swimming Chao in Second
              Evolution, added Ring Trick #3, updated an FAQ about Chao falling,
              added "Cockroach-like" Chao in Advanced Chao, added a tip for Chao
              Karate, added two more Chao interactions, added another Clear Chao
              confirm, added a small note in Super Sonic/Hyper Shadow, added a
              correction in Game Boy Advance Chao, added a note in "Faces", added
              "Really Clear Chao" in Clear Chao, added description for Dark/Normal/
              Flying Chao, added another Clear Chao, updated the Dark Garden Glitch,
              added "Multi-Colored Chao," added an FAQ about evolving your Chao into
              Light/Angel/Devil Chao, added an e-mail notice below: PLEASE READ!
         Ver. 4.9 - 3/29/02
              Updated Omochao Theme in Black Market, corrected an entry in Clear
              Chao, added new Chao Karate technique, added another Chao Interaction,
              added another Ring Trick, added a note in Advanced Chao about the
              Light, Angel, and Devil Chao, started a Yahoo! Group (http://groups.
         Ver. 4.9b - 3/29/02
              Added another glitch in the Dark Garden, updated Amy's Theme in the
              Black Market.
         Ver. 5.0 - 3/31/02
              Updated Ring Trick #1, updated animals list (Green Forest), added
              another Clear Chao variation, added another Chao Interaction, added
              another Chao Face, added a note about abusing Chao in Chao Basics.
         Ver. 5.0b - 4/02/02
              Added note about Bulletin Board, added another Black Market Item.
         Ver. 5.1 - 4/04/02
              Added another Chao Interaction, changed stat limit (in Stats), added
              an animal to Tails' Missions (Cannon's Core).  Removed Maria's Theme
              under speculation that it doesn't exist (Jimdoss2002@cs.com), added
              another Dark Garden Glitch.
         Ver. 5.4 - 4/08/02
              Added the complete URL for the bulletin boards, added two Chao
              Interactions, added another update to the Color-Changing "Chao Thing"
              (Ball, Halo, Spike) FAQ, removed "Clap when picked up" from Chao
              Interactions due to its being part of the "Fidget Gleefully when
              picked up," thanks to Goober King, updated the first Dark Garden
              Glitch, added complete Animal Locations (in the new "Complete
              Locations" section) for City Escape, Metal Harbor, and Green Forest,
              courtesy of Link098, removed the "fruit don't take stats away"
              statement in the FAQ, thanks to KingArthur, readded Maria's Theme with
              an e-mail saying that it DOES exist (Sncsnk) and added more details on
              it (Thomas C Zieman), added another Dark Garden glitch, added a note
              in the Death/Rebirth section, updated the full URL in the Bulletin
              Board section, added another Rumored Chao, added a warning for the
              GBA in the Game Boy Advance Chao section, added some more information
              on the Chao Kindergarten Classroom (Section 2.6), added a tip for the
              Infinite Power-Up Trick in Stats, added a note about Chao smartness in
              the Stats section, IMPORTANT UPDATE IN THE E-MAIL NOTICE!
         Ver. 5.5 - 4/12/02
              Added a note about the pyramid stages, removed a statement about
              leveling up in Game Boy Advance Chao which originally said that the
              Chao would come out with the same stats as before (thanks SPhil64),
              added a new note about leveling up on the GBA (Game Boy Advance Chao
              section), added two Hero Garden glitches, added three Chao
              Interactions, added a note in Faces, another important update in the
              e-mail notice.
         Ver. 5.5b - 4/13/02
              Updated the Animal Class section with more info about the blue and
              orange animals, added an update for the Multi-colored Chao (in the
              Advanced Chao section), added the description for Maria's theme, added
              a note in Chao Karate, added another note about the Liberty Chao (in
              the Rumored Chao section).
         Ver. 5.5c - 4/14/02
              BIG change in E-mail notice.  We will be updating the FAQ, just,
              someone else will take it over.  Check the e-mail notice to see who to
              send e-mails to.
         Ver. 5.6 - 4/26/02
              Sorry for taking so long to update... But, better late than never!
              Put in a way to see what chao is before it comes out of a cacoon,
              Updated a way to clone chao.  Added a note about chao intelect.  Put
              in a Hero garden glitch.
         Ver. 5.6b (FINAL) - 3/10/2003
              Sorry for taking so long just to put this up, but it's about time I
              put an official statement.  Some people already know that I'm not
              updating this FAQ anymore, but now I should tell everyone.  I am
              not updating this FAQ anymore, so don't send any e-mails, they will
              be deleted.  No sections have been updated.  I may also delete the
              Yahoo! Group "Chao Unlimited" soon.
              You see, people have lost interest in SA2.  New things have come up,
              such as StarFox Adventures, Metroid Prime, Super Mario Sunshine, and
              soon, Zelda IX: The Wind Waker.  Sonic Adventure DX will be released
              in May, so hopefully, it won't be long before we start talking about
              Chao again.  I might leave the group up, we'll just have to see.
              To quote "Cowboy Bebop:"
              "See You, Space Cowboy."
              Farewell for now,
              P.S. If you're a Smash Brothers fan, come to
              --END SHAMELESS SELF-PROMO--
              --END UPDATE--
    [1.2].   UPDATES TO COME
              No more updates.  At least not until Sonic Adventure is re-released
              for the GameCube.
    [1.3].   E-MAIL NOTICE
              Not taking e-mails at this time.
    [2].     CHAO BASICS
         In this section of the FAQ, I shall go into the basics of raising chao,
         these are things that you should know before you enter into the chao
         garden for the first time.  It is my opinion however, that you should
         completely finish the entire SA2 main game before you ever start working
         with chao.  This gives you the opportunity to have access to all of the
         games levels, which you will need in order to raise effective and fun
         chao.  Not to mention, it is the only way that you can get access to the
         chao kindergarten or to switch between gardens.  I recommend also that you
         use either Knuckles or Rouge to raise your chao with, as they are less
         likely to accidentally strike the chao, which leads to the most important
         aspect of chao raising, never strike your chao.
         NOTE: If you do strike or otherwise abuse your Chao, and another Chao
         witnesses it, then BOTH of the Chao's affections for the character that
         hit the Chao will go down.  Thanks goes to Link098 for telling me this.
    [2.1].   HATCHING
         There are three ways that you can hatch a chao, only one, however, is the
         correct way.  When you reach the chao garden for the first time, you will
         notice that there are two chao eggs.  Walk up to one and when the action
         button says "pick" you should pick the chao up, and hold that button down.
         After you rock the egg a few times, sit the egg back down, and a happy
         chao will pop out.  You could also let the egg sit and hatch on its own,
         this takes longer, and the chao is not as happy, or you could throw the
         egg against a wall, I advise you not to do this, if you ever want your
         chao to like you, at all.
    [2.2].   FEEDING
         After your chao have been hatched, the first thing that you should do is
         to give you chao one of the tree fruits that you find on the trees located
         in the garden.  In order to do this, you walk up to a tree and press the
         action button (or "B" button).  Your character will then grab hold of the
         tree and you can shake it by moving the analog control back to forward or
         side-to-side.  If there is a full-grown tree on the fruit, it will shake
         as the tree shakes, and will eventually fall off.  Once this happens,
         simply pick the fruit up and hand it to the chao, and he will chomp down.
         There are also two other aspects to collecting food for your chao; both
         of these require the Game Boy Advance.  Details on how to obtain these
         items will be dealt with there, but here I shall discuss what to do with
         the items once you have procured them.  If you have bought a fruit on the
         GBA, then step over to the Chao Transporter.  This will bring up a menu.
         You should then select the correct GBA, and a list of everything that you
         have attained during your time in the Tiny Chao Garden will come up,
         simply highlight the item (or chao) that you want to bring out of the GBA
         and press the "A" button.  This should leave the item/chao highlighted,
         even if you move the cursor.  You can then select any other items that
         you would like.  Once you have selected all of the items that you would
         like, move the cursor down to the "select" button and all of the items
         will come out of the GBA machine.  If the item was a fruit, simply pick
         it up and carry it over to your chao, as you would a normal tree fruit.
         If it is a seed, you should carry it over to a chao that has won the
         watering pail and the shovel in the races (see the racing section for more
         information) and the chao will do the rest.  You will then have a new tree
         in the garden with better fruit.  The fruit from these tree's are better
         for increasing your chao's stamina (see stats section for more details),
         though they do die after time, however, your chao may water the tree after
         it has been planted, this will elongate the life-span of the tree.  You
         may have up to six extra trees in any given garden at a time.
         Please see section 9, Game Boy Advance Chao, for more info.  Also, you can
         only get seeds in the GameCube Black Market.
         NOTE: GodspeedFlash@aol.com has alerted me about the planting of seeds.
         You do not need the watering pail to plant seeds, only the shovel.
         However, if you do not have the watering pail, then the tree will take
         twice as long to grow, and it will start off as a weed.
    [2.3].   BREEDING
         There is only one way to breed your chao, in the chao garden.  It is
         important to note here that only adult chao can mate.  Only after your chao
         has evolved is it capable to mate (this will be dealt with in the advanced
         chao raising section).  When one chao can constantly be found sitting down
         with a ring of flowers around them, they are said to be in the mating
         season.  When this happens, plop another chao down next to that one and
         they should do a little dance, and then an egg will appear. It should be
         noted that it is easier to get this to work, if the chao get along with
         each other.
         NOTE: DFriedman44TX@aol.com e-mailed me saying that there are two natural
         mating seasons in a Chao's lifetime.
    [2.4].   ANIMALS
         You may have noticed that when playing the game that you can pick up
         animals in the levels, when you enter into the chao garden, the animals
         come with you.  You can then show them to the chao and the chao will take
         on some of the animal features as well as having a stat increase.  Before
         giving your chao animals, you should read through the advanced chao
         raising section as well as the animal's section.
    [2.5].   CHAOS DRIVES
         Chaos drives are similar to animals, except you pick them up from the GUN
         robots.  They only increase the chao's stats, and give them no traits at
         all.  To alleviate confusion, the Robots that Eggman built do not use
         chaos drives, but are powered by the traditional animals.
    [2.6].   KINDERGARTEN
         The chao kindergarten is very useful on several levels.  Firstly, you can
         go to the chao professor and learn a lot about chao, all of that
         information and more is available here in the FAQ, and so going there isn't
         necessary unless you want to.  Also, the chao doctor can tell you what you
         chao's strengths and weaknesses are, and provide a comprehensive chart.
         However, the only thing he seems to say now is "Your Chao is fine, please
         take good care of your Chao." Here you will also find the classroom.  Here,
         you can take your chao to learn several lessons, once your chao has learned
         a task, they will perform the learned action when they are in the garden.
         In order to get to the school you must have come to chao world from the
         stage select screen, and not from the story mode.  In order to go to the
         garden, you should pick your chao up and carry them out of the garden,
         and then carry them through chao world into the school.  It should be noted
         that you can only send a chao to a class 3 times before you will be told
         your chao has "mastered" this trait.  I suppose that means it has become
         better at that lesson.
    The lessons that the chao can learn are:
         - Cymbals
         - Maracas
         - Song
         - Bell
         - Tambourine
         - Drums
         - Trumpet
         - Castanets
         - Spin Dance
         - Step Dance
         - Go-Go Dance
         - Shake Dance
         - Swing Dance
         - Drawing
         - Exercise
         - Flute
         These are all of the lessons that I know of, if there are more, please let
         me know and I will list it right here.
         NOTE: According to Link2498@aol.com, the lesson changes every 30 minutes,
         and a Chao lesson takes 10 minutes.
         See section 8, Chao Kindergarten New Features, for info on the new
         NOTE: I received an e-mail from MaverickHunterDN@aol.com about the "age"
         factor on the GameCube.  He said that it is most likely a representation of
         Chao age.
    [2.7].   MASKS
         Your chao can also wear masks if you give them to the chao.  There are
         three masks that your chao will use.  You can give any chao the top of
         their eggshell, and they will wear it around, if they are happy.  In the
         neutral and hero garden, there are pumpkins that can be given to the chao
         to wear, and in the     dark garden, there are skulls that you can give
         you your chao.  In order to get the pumpkins or skulls, you will need to
         get Knuckles or Rouge the digging  power up, and dig around in the garden.
         Note: The chao must have received a skeleton dog in order to wear a mask.
         The only way to remove a mask is to either throw your chao or wait until
         They tire of it (please do the latter, you don't want to upset Chaos [
         SA1 boss]).
         There are more masks available besides the three listed above (and this
         time, the GameCube will leave the eggshells there even if you leave the
         garden).  They have to be bought in the black market, though.  The skulls
         and pumpkins can also be bought there for 50 rings.
    [2.8].   MOODS/FACES
           There are several different moods that your chao can be in.  These are
           all expressed with various symbols above the chaos head.
         - dot, halo or spike ball, chao is in a normal typical mood
         - question mark, chao is contemplating what his next action will be
         - exclamation point, chao knows what he is about to do
         - heart, chao is extremely happy
         - swirl, chao is confused/tired
         - laying down, if the chao is laying down snoring, it is asleep, always
           let a chao finish their nap, or they will wake up tired.
        - Faces
            When your chao is born it is also born with a face that cannot be
            changed until its rebirth (more on this later).  This is affected
            depending on how the chao is hatched.  There is some report that
            the chao's parents effect how the chao's face looks, though I
            don't think this is accurate, and some reports that the garden
            the chao has hatched in effects it.  I have gotten most of these
            face types in multiple gardens, so I haven't found any proof
            personally about this, but it is something to consider.
         Happy - don't touch the egg, just let the chao hatch on it's own.
         This takes a long time, but the results are guaranteed, although, its not
         too becoming on a dark chao.
         Normal - The normal chao face is the hardest to get, you have to rock the
         chao egg just enough, but not too much, its more of an art than it is a
         NOTE: Oliver L. sent this in.  According to him, it takes about
         15-20 rocks of the egg to hatch a Chao with a normal face.
         Evil - This is my favorite chao look.  You can get it one of several ways,
         you can chunk the egg (don't do this), shake the egg, put it down, and
         shake it again, or you can pick the egg up and run around the garden
         Dazed and Confused - Yes, this chao looks like he is under the influence
         of something.  In order to get this chao, you must shake the egg far too
         much; this is a good look if you want a funny chao.
         Upside Down evil grin- This chao is very cool looking for a dark chao.
         You need to jump around while holding the chao egg for a very long
         Amount of time.  You then need to sit the egg down and pick it back up
         Very quickly before it can hatch.  Then chunk it against the wall.  The
         Chao will not be pleased at first, but you can make it happier by
         Petting it.
         Zigzag- According to Jimdoss2002@cs.com, you must rock the egg only 4 to 5
         times, but it's not confirmed.
         NOTE: As of the April 12 Update, Jimdoss2002@cs.com e-mailed me saying that
         the method usually works, but not all the time.
    [2.9].   STATS
         This is the single most important basic piece of chao knowledge that I can
         give you and that is the stats that the chao has.  If you have ever played
         an RPG this should be fairly familiar to you.  The chao has 5 basic stats
         that you need to keep track of if you want to race.  There are a couple of
         theories on how to win races; I suggest that you create well- rounded chao
         that are capable of doing anything.  It should be noted that the maximum a
         stat can reach is 3000. (Thanks KranaPower@aol.com for the real limit.)
         Running (green)- This controls the ability of the chao to run, give the
         chao green chaos drives or animals with a green background in order to
         increase this statistic.
         Swimming (yellow)- This controls the ability of the chao to swim, give the
         chao yellow chaos drives or animals with a yellow background in order to
         increase this statistic.
         Power (Red)- This controls the ability of the chao to climb or push
         This is necessary in some of the later races especially.  Give the animal
         red chaos drives or animals in order to increase this statistic.
         Flight (Purple)- This controls how well the chao can fly, this can be
         great for shortcuts, when many chao fall into the water and have to swim
         for it, your chao may be able to make up a lot of ground if they can fly
         well.  Give the chao purple chaos drives or animals to increase this stat.
         Stamina - You can increase Stamina by giving the chao fruits from the tree
         or from the mini-game.  The seeds that your chao can plant actually give
         you more stamina. Make sure that your chao eats the whole thing.  This is
         great, because, it allows your chao to run faster and longer, and you can
         cheer your chao on more.  This is the most important of the "secondary"
         Luck and Intelligence seem to have been removed from both the GCN and the
         GBA.  However, a Smart fruit has been found in the GameCube version, so
         Intelligence may be hidden like in the DreamCast Version.
         Plus, they added a new window that pops up when you pick up the Chao.
    |Name (none at first)|
    |Swim            0000|
    |Lv.0 -------------- |
    | ------------------ |
    |Fly             0000|
    |Lv.0 -------------- |
    | ------------------ |
    |Run             0000|
    |Lv.0 -------------- |
    | ------------------ |
    |Power           0000|
    |Lv.0 -------------- |
    | ------------------ |
    |Stamina         0000|
    |Lv.0 -------------- |
    | ------------------ |
    |Category(A)    0000(B)|
    |Lv.x --------------(C)|
    | ------------------(D)|
         The category is shown as (A), the stat value is shown as (B), (C) is a
         level progress indicator, and (D) is the current between-level value.
         Stamina only needs to fill this to go up to the next level, while the
         others must overflow it.
         Level Up Strategy By Greg Carlton:
         First, you must have less than four lives, because then the game will set
         the lives at five.  This lets you get all 10 animals in 2 trips.
         Running: In Wild Canyon (Knuckles), there is a Cheetah behind the second
         post on the left.  Keep restarting until you have 10 of them.  Then, you
         can give them to your Chao.
         Swimming: In Aquatic Mine (also Knuckles), dive down into the bottom left
         area of the pool in front of you (when you begin the level).  At the
         bottom, you should find a seal.  Repeat 10 times.
         Power: In Sky Rail (Shadow), after you grind the pipe that starts the
         level, you will come across 2 iron pillars sticking out of a wall.  Under
         these is a bear.  Repeat until you have 10.
         Flying: In Dry Lagoon (Rouge), to the left of the start, you should find a
         peacock.  Repeat 10 times.
         According to Greg Carlton, it should take 1-2 years of your Chao's life to
         fully level up.
         This was sent in by Master_YubYub.  Get an animal or Chaos Drive and take
         it to the Chao Garden.  Don't give it to them, though, drop it VERY CLOSELY
         in front of them.  When the Chao gets the stats from the item, it will
         leave a reusable drive or animal.
         March 23, 2002 -- Mark Flowers has e-mailed me taking credit for the trick.
         Give your Chao a heart fruit so that it stays still.  Then, you can
         practice the trick all you want.  Sent in by XPhoenixDragonX@aol.com.
         April 8, 2002 -- Dark_Omen1110 sent in a tip for performing the infinite
         power-up trick.  You do not need the heart fruit stated above to make them
         stay still.  Just use a normal fruit; the bigger, the better.  Not only
         does this keep the Chao still, but then you can tell how close you are to
         the Chao.  About a large fruit and a quarter distance away is the right
         distance.  Approach head-on with the camera tilted to the side with the L
         and R buttons so you can see the distance between the fruit and the animal/
         chaos drive.  The larger the fruit, the better chance of success.  However,
         animals may vanish when you leave the garden.
         Even though the main intelligence stat doesn't exist anymore, it is now
         figured out by a combination of your Chao's age, how high the stats are,
         and how tired a Chao is.  This was sent in by ryoma15 with an example.
         He has a three-year-old Chao with almost perfect stats.  It is really
         intelligent except when it is tired or has done 2-3 races continuously
         before then.
         Also, the more classes your chao attends, the smarter it will be.
         This time Sonic Team has increased the amount of things that the chao
         will do with each other.  This takes the concept of A-life a lot further
         as the chao with develop friendships and rivalries amongst each other
         depending on how they feel about each other.  It should be noted that
         interaction seems to happen more when chao either really get along or
         really dislike each other.
         Known Interactions (between chao):
         - Watch TV together (after TV is won, see prizes section).
         - Play with the ball together (after garden ball is won).
         - Help each other knock food out of a tree (is you starve them).
         - Play in a band together (if multiple know how to play).
         - Watch band play (if they don't know an instrument.
         - Watching chao may cover their ears and cry.  This results in the chao
           playing the instrument to cry as well.
         - Mate on their own.
         - Play with the Jack in the box (when won).
         - Listen to the radio together(when won).
         - Push each other on the rocking horse.
         - Hold hands, skip and play follow the leader.
         - Fight over fruit
         - Walk together (not holding hands)
         - Dance with each other
         - Play ring around the Rosie
         - NEW: If a Chao is singing and you bring more Chao to the singing Chao,
           then the other Chao will listen.  They clap at the end of the song.
           (Thanks, Link098)
         - NEW: If a Chao is doing something it learned in kindergarten and you
           bring more Chao that know the activity to the Chao, then they'll start
           doing it too.  (Sent in by Doug)
         Known interactions (between chao and character):
         - follow the character around garden skipping.
         - run to character when whistled to come
         - "Baa" at character
         - Squirm when picked up
         - Fidget gleefully when picked up
         - Cry
         - Flail arms on ground, crying
         - NEW: Attack (if it really hates your character and it is of the opposite
           of the chao type (Dark, Hero)) (Thanks, Gundamrocks2001@aol.com)
         - NEW: Run Away (actually, it was sent in as "run away from you
           screaming."  This happens if you regularly beat up or abuse your Chao.)
           (Thanks, Link098.)
         - NEW: Chao will cry if you take its food away while it is eating.
           (Thanks to Elec Man EXE for sending in the above two entries.)
         - NEW: If the Chao is starving and you have a fruit, it will start to chase
           you around the garden with its arms held out for the fruit.
           WARNING: If you don't give them the fruit, it will have a temper tantrum
           and sit up and cry.  Then, its affection for whatever character was in
           there will SEVERELY drop.  (Thanks, Link098)
         - NEW: When the Chao come to you from skipping (the first item on this
           list), if you don't pet it long enough, it will begin hopping up and
           down giggling.  (Thanks, Sawquid@aol.com)
         - NEW: If you don't pet it or pick it up while it's jumping up and down,
           it will lower its head in shame (DarkBlast47).
         - NEW: If your Chao somewhat likes you, but not a whole lot, it will raise
           its arm as if giving a thumbs-up gesture.  (Thanks Mach_Moran_X.)
         - NEW: If you have more than one Chao in a garden, and pay attention to
           only one, the other Chao will start to become jealous.  When that
           happens, the other Chao will not only start to hate the character you're
           using, but the Chao that you're paying attention to.  (Thanks again,
         - NEW: The "thumbs up" above is only for Dark or Neutral Chao, according to
           Goober King.  The Hero Chao will bow to the character and make a noise,
           something like "Hiiiii..."
         - NEW: If you whistle at the Chao with a character it doesn't like or is
           neutral with while it is eating, it will stop eating and begin to cry.
           (Sent in by Doug.)
         - NEW: If your Chao knows drawing, it will draw on the ground of the
           garden.  If you stand on the drawing, and the Chao sees you do it, it
           will cry.  (Sent in by Brandon Merkeley.)
         Note: Each of these differs on how the chao feels about your character
         I think you can tell which ones happen when your chao like you, and
         vice versa.
    [3].    GARDENS
         There are three chao gardens in SA2, just like in the first game.  The
         difference is, all of the gardens in this game are much more useable.
         In the first game, the only garden that was useable was station
         square.  In this game, all of the gardens are good and I keep chao in
         all of them.
         You may notice when you first enter chao world, there is only one
         garden, well, you have to unlock the other two.  In order to open
         up the hero garden you need a hero chao.  In order to open up the
         dark garden, you need to raise a dark chao, more on this in the
         advanced chao raising section.
    [3.2].   CHAO GARDEN
         This is the basic garden that you first get when you open up chao world.
         This garden is nice to raise any chao in; it is the smallest of the
         gardens, and also the only garden with the entrance to the chao races
         (why cant they give all of the gardens an entrance?).  This is a pretty
         little garden, with some nice cliffs and the like.
    [3.3].   HERO GARDEN
         This garden is unlocked once you raise a hero chao.  This is the prettiest
         of the gardens; it has a nice set of stairs up to a gazebo that allows for
         chao to fly from.  Also, it has a pretty pool for the chao to swim in.
         Finally, after all the glitches in the Dark Garden, I receive one on the
         Hero Garden.  However, it's nothing major.
         Sometimes when you enter a garden, a Chao will wind up behind the pillar
         to your left.  However, for some unknown reason, they can't get out.
         You'll have to go over and pick them up yourself.  However, if you're
         trying the infinite power-up trick, this is a good place to put them.
         Sent in by Shigmiya64.
         HERO GARDEN GLITCH: Go to the most right corner of the pond with your chao.
         Then, put him down.  It will climb up into thin air, fall down, and do it
    [3.4].   DARK GARDEN
         This garden is ugly and evil looking, but I suppose that was Sonic Team
         wanted to do with the garden.  The shore area is pretty big, and there is
         a blood-red pool at the far end.  There is also a huge tree, and a huge
         I would like to thank Stephen Rock for alerting me on this.  This glitch
         is possible anytime after you get the ball in the Dark Garden (from the
         races) and it will lock up the GameCube.  To the right of the giant tree,
         there is a grate.  Do NOT let the ball go into that grate, because it will
         fall through and disappear.  When you re-enter the dark garden, it will
         freeze (lock up).  It will also freeze at the Hero Garden.
         This glitch is repeatable, and it is the first major bug I have heard about
         for Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.
         UPDATED: Goober King tried this trick with the ball, and it didn't lock up.
         However, the ball did not reappear.
         On March 28, '02 shadow sonic alerted me saying that you can also
         do it by throwing a Chao in there.  However, KranaPower@aol.com alerted me
         that it will not freeze on reentry, and you can pick the Chao up from the
         hole.  This was on the April 8 update.
         DARK GARDEN GLITCH #2: This was sent in by Josh Embry.  Grab something
         "bouncy," like an egg or a hat, and jump on one of the cross-shaped graves.
         Drop the item so that it lands on the grave.  It should bounce over and
         over until you knock the item off the grave.
         DARK GARDEN GLITCH #3: Also sent in by Josh Embry.  If you come into the
         Dark Garden with animals and put one on the first cross-shaped grave (it's
         on your left as you enter), it will fall through and make a noise like it's
         swimming, which is exactly what it's doing.  You can get it back when it
         makes its way to the pool.
         DARK GARDEN GLITCH #4: Sent in by Swomoyo@aol.com.  If you throw a Chao to
         the top of the Dark Garden exit, it might stay there and float.
         This is where you can really have fun with chao raising/breeding.  This
         is where you can raise those really cool chao that will wow your friends.
         This is where you will spend most of your time raising chao as it tends
         to be the most entertaining aspect of doing so.
    [4.1].   HERO/DARK/NEUTRAL
         The battle between good and evil is the basic idea of Sonic Adventure 2,
         and it carries over into the world of chao.  This aspect multiplies the
         chao possibilities by three.  This makes chao raising much more fun, as
         there are now more chao than can be held in your three gardens, and it
         will be a while before you can get all of the ones that you want.  In
         order to raise a hero chao, you simply care for the chao with one of the
         hero characters (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles).  To raise a dark chao, do the
         opposite, by raising the chao with the dark characters (Shadow, Eggman,
         Rouge).  The neutral chao is the hardest to raise, as you have to raise
         the chao 50/50 between the two sets of characters.  It is hard to keep
         track of so you may actually want to write down what you have given them
         and with whom.  A good rule of thumb, is if the chao is greenish in color,
         you are on the right track to a neutral chao.
    [4.2].   FIRST EVOLUTION
         The first evolution of a chao is what changes the chao from a baby to an
         adult chao.  The evolution takes place after you have given your chao
         enough items.  The chao will form a teardrop shaped cocoon around them.
         After a moment, the cocoon will fade away, and an adult chao will come
         Depending on what you give your chao, will dramatically affect the outcome
         of your adult chao.  There are 5 basic types of first evolutions.  Which
         type you wind up with is completely dependent upon what you give your chao
         before the evolution.  The five types are as follows.  Note: you must give
         them these items BEFORE the first evolution, if you don't your chao will
         not be able to evolve.
         Normal - if you give your chao an equal amount of each color of animal and
         drive (or close to equal) you will get a normal chao.  The second
         evolution of these chao is much more subtle than are the other chao
         types but there is a second evolution to the normal chao types as well.
         Running - Give your chao nothing but green animals and chaos drives, and
         it will develop into a running chao.  From here, you can branch into
         various other evolutionary paths.
         Power (Dragon) - Give your chao nothing but red animals and chaos drives
         and they will become a power chao.  They can't do much at first but climb,
         but eventually, you can balance this out, and they look really cool.
         Flying - to get your chao to advance to the flying chao level you must
         supply them with nothing but purple animals and chaos drives.  This is
         my favorite chao type, because you can make a NiGHTS chao, from my
         favorite game of all time.
         Swimming (Alien) - To get a chao that can swim faster than any other, you
         need to supply the chao with yellow drives and animals, these are cool
         looking chao, but the second evolutionary path is another story...
         I need to note here that the blue chao is random in what trait it effects;
         so unless you don't care what chao you get, don't give your chao any of
         these.  Also, the imaginary and ghost class animals don't affect the
         evolutionary path in any way, so you should stay off of them until your
         chao is evolved to the way that you like.  I will go into further details
         on these animals later.
         Another thing to mention is a change since the first sonic adventure game,
         and that is how the hero/dark element changes the outcome of these chao.
         Greyson White sent this in.  Take a baby Chao with an "S" as a stat growth
         grade (you can check the letter grade with the Chao Doctor's medical chart)
         and then only give it animals/chaos drives that will increase that stat.
         When the Chao evolves, it will look like it's older, but it will still be
         0 years old.
         EXAMPLE: A second-evolution Shadow Chao will have orange instead of green
         stripes, almost like it's three.
         Normal: Just a bigger version of the chao that comes out of the egg,
         that's it.
         Running Chao :  Green chao with spikes on head (sonic like).
         Swimming Chao:  Green/yellow Chao with a long, narrow sloping head looks
         like the alien from the alien trilogy.
         Power Chao   :  Orange chao with yellow/orange pattern on its spikes.
         Flying Chao  :  A pink chao with two jester like rolls coming off of its
         Hero Normal       :  A white cute looking chao with two small antennas
         like objects on the top of its head and the typical hero chao, again,
         this is the end of the evolutionary pattern.
         Hero Running Chao :  Chao with a Blue colored Stomach and a large single
         antenna like spike coming from the back of its head, this alternates white
         and blue in color, much like the feet and hands of a normal hero chao.
         Hero Swimming Chao:  The Ears become elongated and flatten out, also the
         color changes to a white/green color pattern.
         Hero Power Chao   :  The Chao will grow several spikes on its head, and
         have a red/white alternating color as opposed to blue/white.  Polka dots
         would also seem to be involved.
         Hero Flying Chao  :  Purple/White Chao with two feathers coming out of
         its head.
         Dark Normal       :  Evil chao that is black in color and has the spike
         ball that all dark chao have. Once again, this is the end of the
         evolutionary track.
         Dark Running Chao :  Gets three spikes that are green in color,
         while the rest of the chao remains black.
         Dark Swimming Chao:  Yellow Highlights, has same shape as neutral
         Dark Power Chao   :  A dark red/black chao with a large single spike.
         Dark Flying Chao  :  Dark blue (almost black) chao that has Black
         highlights on its stomach and head, and two small jester like head caps
         coming out of its head.
         The second evolution of the chao is where you get to mix things up,
         instead of simply having a chao that is good at one thing, you can give
         your chao a second trait that it specialized in, or you can hold off on
         rounding out the chao's abilities and keep moving in one of the four main
         areas.  For example, had you created a Dark Running chao, you could now
         move on to create a Dark Running/Running Chao or a Dark Running/Swimming
         Chao, etc.  It is important to note a change from the first sonic
         adventure , before your chao can take the second evolutionary path; you
         must wait for your chao to have its first mating season(see the chao
         basics section for more info).  Then you can pick where you want to go
         next.  I also need to let you know that the chao does not go into a cocoon
         for the second evolution.  It is a gradual change that is not as easily
         noticed as the first evolution, but is very noticeable, none the less.
         This can take an insane amount of time it would seem, I would suggest
         using Drives for the second evolution as they seem to work faster this
         time (in a change of roles), but you still will find yourself giving your
         chao 250-500 chaos drives for the second evolution.  You will probably
         doubt that there is a second evolution after hours with no change, but I
         promise that it will come, just be patient, the effects are worth it, as
         these are chao to definitely show off to your friends.  Some people have
         reported that some of the chao, take a very long time to get, taking
         up to 1000 items, for the shadow chao.  Note: Some of the more sought
         after chao, such as the shadow, sonic and NiGHTS chao, would seem to
         take longer to evolve then normal chao.
         Paul Caccavale sent this in, and is basically the only "sure fire" way I've
         heard of so far to tell whether or not your Chao has evolved again.
         First, get your Chao to really like you (you can tell this when the Chao
         comes to you when whistled at).  Then, begin to evolve the Chao for the
         first evolution.
         Once he evolves, pick him up and note what levels the main stat is at,
         the type that the Chao evolved into (running, swimming, etc.).  Example:
         The Chao that Paul sent in was Lvl. 20 running and Lvl. 16 Stamina.
         Now, take the numbers and multiply them by 3 then go out and get CHAOS
         DRIVES in the color that you want (green for this example) until the
         running stat has been raised by at least the number you determined (60
         levels).  However, if you want to raise the Chao to another evolution, you
         take the number, and you use it to raise another stat to that level, like
         swimming.  Then, you'd raise swimming by 60 levels.  Stamina has to be
         raised the same way, in this case, raised by 48 levels.
         After that, leave the GameCube on until the Chao turns two years older,
         which, according to Paul, will take 4 hours.  Then, leave the garden, and
         head in with the CHARACTER THAT HE LIKES A LOT, and go into the garden.  If
         all went well, the Chao will have evolved.
         Not only that, but this trick gives you an idea about how long it really
         takes to get a Chao to second evolution.
         S.E.S. #2:
         Elec Man EXE sent this one in.  According to him, the ball/halo/spike on
         top of the Chao's head will randomly change color during evolution.  When
         it is finished, then it will no longer change.
         Note:  It would seem that Sonic Team has left the neutral evolution
         patterns the same as the first game.
         Normal/Running   :  Top of Chao's head grow longer and pointy.
         Normal/Swimming  :  The top of the chao's head becomes thinner
         and curves forward more, it resembles a thorn almost.
         Normal/Power     :  Chao Spike splits slightly, typical of horns,
         only smaller.
         Normal/Flying    :  The tip of the chao's head curls up.
         Running/Running  :  Sonic Chao.  This chao is the sonic chao,
         and is a fun chao to show to your friends.
         Running/Swimming :  The chao will turn aqua and will become elongated
         and have a very aerodynamic look.
         Running/Power    :  The Chao's spikes will turn upward
         and he will get huge fists.
         Running/Flying   :  The Spikes on the head and end of the toes curl up.
         Swimming/Swimming:  The head and body become streamlined and the
         ears become huge and hang down, all the way to the ground.
         Swimming/Running :  The head will shorten and the chao will
         turn greener than it had been.
         Swimming/Power   :  This Chao is fat.  It is a huge chao and
         looks like it would fit into the infamous Weird AL video.
         Swimming/Flying  :  The head curl upward, like a regular chao, but
         is a much darker color.
         Power/Power      :  Retains the shape of the normal power chao,
         but turns a very dark red.
         Power/Running    :  Spike curls down, similar to sonic chao.
         Power/Swimming   :  The head becomes very long, and resembles
         the rocketeer (if anyone remembers the rocketeer).
         Power/Flying     :  This is the coolest chao in the game, it
         gets Knuckles like fists, and the head curls up and down, trust me,
         it is worth it.
         Flying/Flying    :  This is the NiGHTS chao.  It looks just like
         NiGHTS from Sonic Team's great game.
         Flying/Running   :  The spikes curl around much like a rams
         horns, it also turns a deeper pink.
         Flying/Power     :  Turns red and the spikes turn upward at a
         steep angle.
         Flying/Swimming  :  This is my second favorite chao in the game,
         it becomes very elongated and arms become very wing like,
         this is a great chao.
         Hero/Normal/Running   :  antenna elongate.
         Hero/Normal/Swimming  :  (Sent in by Vidikid@aol.com) It looks like a
         normal Chao except with two large spikes on the side of his head.  If the
         Chao was blue to start with, the tips of the spikes are blue.
         Hero/Normal/Power     :  Not sure just yet, if you have one
         and can send a picture, please do so, or a description and I
         will post it and give you credit.
         Hero/Normal/Flying    :  Not sure just yet, if you have one
         and can send a picture, please do so, or a description and I
         will post it and give you credit.
         Hero/Running/Running  :  The Antenna splits into three at the end,
         Retains the coloration, and the antenna keeps the spiked look
         It initially had.
         Hero/Running/Swimming :  he still has the spike, but 2 spikes pop
         Out and bends down at a 45 degree angle. the spikes' colors are
         blue, yellow, blue, yellow ect. the belly's blue part turns
         smaller and it has a yellow border.
         Hero/Running/Power    :  The single antenna spike becomes much
         Larger and the chao takes on a purple coloration.
         Hero/Running/Flying   :   Tail and Head Spike split into two towards
         the end of both, and become more rounded and less spike like, the
         blue/white alternating colors change to a yellow/purple
         pattern, pretty cool chao. (Correction by Elec Man EXE, originally blue/
         Hero/Swimming/Swimming:  The antenna become longer.
         Hero/Swimming/Running :  The chao has a teardrop shaped head and turns
         aqua in coloration.  The wings are maroon.
         Hero/Swimming/Power   :  Makes the antenna shorter
         Hero/Swimming/Flying  :  The wings and tail become huge, and it gets
         "teddy bear" type ears.
         Hero/Power/Power      :  Looks like the Hero/Power Chao, but the spikes
         are bigger, with the middle one being the longest.  the white dots are
         also more visible.
         Hero/Power/Running    :  Looks like the Hero/Power/Power, but is a very
         light orange color to it.  The spikes on its head are flat on top, and
         stretched back like he's running.
         Hero/Power/Flying     :  Pink coloration, and the Spike splits into three
         Longer skinnier spikes.
         Hero/Power/Swimming   :  Red coloration, spike splits into two larger head
         Hero/Flying/Flying    :  Looks like the Hero/Flying, but the 2 "feathers"
         on its head are longer and thicker.  Also, two additional smaller
         "feathers" have grown as well.  It has large, sky Blue Angel wings.
         Hero/Flying/Running   :  The wings and feathers become very elongated and
         aerodynamic looking.
         Hero/Flying/Power     :  The spiked head becomes much more obvious and the
         feathers turn down a bit. (Thanks to Elec Man EXE for corrections,
         originally "feathers turn up a bit.")
         Hero/Flying/Swimming  :  The feathers brush further back down the head and
         the spike turns back into a more streamlined look.
         Dark/Normal/Running   :  Not sure just yet, if you have one
         and can send a picture, please do so, or a description and I
         will post it and give you credit.
         Dark/Normal/Swimming  :  Not sure just yet, if you have one
         and can send a picture, please do so, or a description and I
         will post it and give you credit.
         Dark/Normal/Power     :  Not sure just yet, if you have one
         and can send a picture, please do so, or a description and I
         will post it and give you credit.
         Dark/Normal/Flying    :  Sam Johnson sent this in, as well as a picture.
         The spike goes back, and the entire body gets purple highlights.  The fists
         get purple on the end, and the Chao gets bat wings.  The Chao's butt and
         stripe around the neck are also purple.
         Dark/Running/Running  :  Red Stripes, the Shadow Chao, also the spikes
         become longer and more numerous.
         Dark/Running/Swimming :  The stripes turn blue. (CORRECTED by Elec Man EXE
                                  (Original is yellow.))
         Dark/Running/Power    :  The stripes shorten.
         Dark/Running/Flying   :  The stripes change to a yellow color. (CORRECTED
                                  by Elec Man EXE(Original is blue.))
         Dark/Swimming/Swimming:  Very similar to the second evolution neutral
         version, only white in coloration.
         Dark/Swimming/Running :  The wings become slightly larger and it grows to
         large tooth like objects that point downward.
         Dark/Swimming/Power   :  Three really large spikes form on the back of the
         Dark/Swimming/Flying  :  Bottom half of head becomes deep blue, along
         with spikes the bottom spike comes closer to top spike, and both go
         out, up and out again, wings grow larger
         Dark/Power/Power      :  The swirled spike on the top of its head gets
         longer and wider.
         Dark/Power/Running    :  The spike gets more of a "swooshed" back look to
         it, and the chao gets a slight yellow coloration to the highlights.
         Dark/Power/Flying     :  This chao is the most evil looking chao, it gets
         two large spikes that turn inward and make a bit of a holder for the spike
         ball above the chao's head, all of the highlights get a purple coloration.
         this is a cool chao.
         Dark/Power/Swimming   :  the body of this chao retains its shape but its
         head looses its curly spike and is replaced with a smooth top plus the
         head starts to grow a bit and its feet and belly change to a misty \
         Dark/Flying/Flying    :  Jester hat like rolls become longer.
         Dark/Flying/Running   :  The two Jester rolls get bat-wing like extensions
         to them, along with the wings this chao has come to be known as the Rouge
         Dark/Flying/Power     :  Becomes a deeper purple color and the jester rolls
         swing out to the sides of the chao.
         Dark/Flying/Swimming  :  The Jester rolls turn down the back of the chao
         And the chao gets a similar purple as the dark/flying/power chao.
    [4.4].   ADVANCED CHAO
          There are three kinds of advanced chao in the game.  In the first game,
          there was only one, the light (or chaos) chao.  In Sonic Adventure 2, the
          light chao is still around, but the hero/dark chao theme continues on.
          Instead of just the light chao, there is now also a Devil and Angel chao.
          In order to get any of these chao, your chao must be reborn twice (see
          Death/Rebirth below for more information).  During this chao's third
          life, you need to get it one of each animal type.  There are 21 total
          types of animals; see the animal section for locations.  Once this is
          done, you should then decide which of the three advanced chao you would
          like.  These chao cannot die.
          Light Chao - for a light chao, you should now give the chao a chao fruit,
          which must be found in the Black Market(GCN).  Or you could raise the
          Chao like
          Angel Chao - for an Angel chao, you should give the chao a hero fruit,
          which must be collected in the Black Market.
          Devil Chao - for a Devil Chao, you need to give the chao a dark fruit,
          which again can be retrieved in the Black Market.  Note: Or you could
          raise the reborn chao with dark characters only.
          As far as the advanced chao, those are the three most wanted chao to be
          found in the game.  Though, more will be added soon.
          NOTE: Oliver L. informed me that the Light, Angel, and Devil Chao cannot
          GCN NEW CHAO:
          Clear Chao - AcidZeerO sent this in.  Mate a Dark Shiny Blue Chao with a
          Normal Hero Ruby Chao.  Give the heart fruit to the Dark Chao, but it is
          suggested that you give it to both.  He hasn't confirmed the method, but
          he knows it exists.
          As of March 6, 2002, AcidZeerO has confirmed, three times, that the Clear
          Chao exists.  (By three times, I mean that he did the method three times.)
          Also, he says that if you don't use the heart fruit for any Chao, the born
          Chao's stats will be higher.
          As of March 8, 2002, Allen Ray Regasa has confirmed the Clear Chao, but
          with two different Chao pairs, the Hero Gold and the Hero Shiny Blue, and
          the Dark Silver and the Hero Shiny Blue.
          Also, Toby Airam sent this in, but Flannelx1 posted it on a message board.
          A variation of the Clear Chao, called the Green Clear Chao, can be made
          with a Shiny Red Chao and a Gold or Silver Chao.
          An amethyst and a Shiny Blue Chao will also make a Clear Chao (kinda
          white).  Thanks to Allen Ray Regasa for sending these two Clear Chao
          variations in.
          On March 12, 2002, Jo Shizworth sent in this method:  mate a shiny Chao
          (gold, silver, ruby, etc.) from the GBA with a shiny Chao from the
          GameCube.  Confirmed 6 times.
          As of March 14, 2002, another Green Clear Chao can be made with an
          Amethyst (GBA) and a Shiny Red Chao.
          As of March 25, 2002, KranaPower@aol.com has made a theory about Clear
          Chao.  According to this theory, you can get some sort of Clear Chao from
          mating a normal Chao with a shiny Chao.  KranaPower@aol.com also said that
          his Chao had yellow and neon green swirled into his Chao's body when he
          mated a Neutral Normal with a Neutral Shiny Yellow.
          CORRECTED: It is "Shiny Colored Chao," not "Clear Chao."
          March 28, 2002: Sam Johnson confirmed that mating a shiny Chao from the
          GCN and a shiny Chao (any chao) from the GBA will work.  Using a
          Hero Shiny White and a Dark Gold, he got a Green Clear Chao.
          Also on March 28, Oliver L. sent in a "Really Clear Chao."  No
          green, just eyes, wings, and the ball are shown if you mate a jewel Chao
          from the GBA with a Shiny Yellow Chao.
          Another one on March 28, BrandonRlzHere@aol.com sent in this combo.  Get
          a Clear Chao by mating a Shiny White and an Aquamarine (GBA).
          Finally, on March 28, I have determined that some sort of normal Chao,
          some sort of GBA Chao, or some sort of GCN Shiny Chao mated with another
          of the above types will create some sort of Shiny Chao.
          March 31 '02: DarkBlast47 mated a Dark Shiny Lime Green with a Dark
          Sapphire and got a "Really Clear Chao."
          Other NiGHTS Chao - Eldred Bishop sent this in. Get an egg, hatch it.
          Give it Phoenixs and Purple Chaos drives only, and raise the Chao only
          with a Dark character like Shadow.
          The description is as follows: Face looks just like NiGHTS, it is purple
          and black with jester like twin spikes, body is purple with black in the
          center.  Hands and feet are purple with purple patterns at the tip, and it
          has blue and black bat wings.
          Strange Chao - This was sent in by AcidZeerO when he heard about it from
          one of his friends. It uses the above "Clear Chao method."  In order to
          get this Chao, you must mate two Clear Chao.  Then, it can be used as a
          starting point to get free shiny Chao from mating.  For example, mate this
          Chao with an ordinary (meaning non-shiny) Red Chao to make a "shiny" Red
          Shiny Normal Chao - This was sent in by DarkBlast47.  Mate a
          Hero Shiny White with a Dark Normal, hatched from a normal egg, to get
          a shiny version of the standard Chao.  An excellent Chao to evolve into a
          Light, Devil, or Angel Chao.
          March 25, '02: KranaPower@aol.com said that the Chao has a diamond-like
          Darker Shiny Chao- This was also sent in by DarkBlast47.  If you mate a
          Shiny Red Chao with a normal chao, you will get a Chao that is darker
          red than the adult.  DarkBlast is certain that the trick will work with
          any other Shiny Chao, and the Chao will become lighter or darker when you
          pet it, most likely depending on character (Sonic, Eggman, etc.).
          Super Sonic/Hyper Shadow- This was sent in by ryoma15, but with the wrong
          CORRECTED: XPhoenixDragonX@aol.com said that Super Sonic must be raised
          from a Gold Egg, and Hyper Shadow must be raised from Silver.  That means
          that the GBA is necessary for the two.  ryoma15's original Super Sonic
          color, Shiny Yellow, could also work.  (Updated March 28, '02.)
          Cockroach-like Chao- This was sent in by ryoma15.  Onyx eggs (GBA) hatch
          Chao that are the same color as Cockroach Chao.  The antennae can be
          gotten from Dragons, but the Dragon does it at random.
          Multi-Colored Chao- Greyson White sent this in.  It appears at random
          after 100 emblems.  He has reported a Chao born with purple and pink, then
          when it became a hero Chao, then it got an orange belly, but stayed pink
          and purple.
          On March 29, Greyson also reported that you can get a Shiny Multi-Colored
          Chao, only it's "off-colored."
          On April 13, Anonymous Me found out that 100 emblems aren't necessary.
          He reported one being gotten with 40 emblems and mating a yellow hero
          swimming with a normal hero flying.  It was lime green with yellow-tipped
          feet and hands.  When it changed into the Sonic Chao, it was yellow, and
          had the greenish lines that the Sonic Chao start with.
    [4.5].   DEATH/REBIRTH
         When a chao gets old, sadly, it dies.  The chao goes back into a cocoon
         just as it is evolving, and fades away into nothing.  Now, if you were
         nice to your chao and they especially liked you, when the cocoon fades
         away, there will be an egg left by the chao.  It will have the same name,
         and retain the same love for you.  The stats will take a hit, but will be
         better than a normal baby chao.  Other than that, the chao will look and
         act just like any other baby chao.  If the cocoon fades away, without
         leaving an egg, you will never see your chao again, sorry.  A way to tell
         what will be in the cacoon, is when you see the cacoon, walk behind it
         slowly until you see inside the cacoon.  This way you can see if it's dead,
         reborn, immortal, or evolved to the one you want if you just can't take
         the suspense!
         MARCH 12, 2002 UPDATE: Jo Shizworth informed me that when a Chao is reborn,
         its stats go back to level 1, but the values are divided by 10.
         MARCH 17, 2002 UPDATE: Stevo8710@aol.com informed me that a Chao will die
         when it reaches Age 5.
         MARCH 20, 2002 UPDATE: According to Jo Shizworth, 5 is the minimum age.
         Death age seems to be directly connected to how many times you used that
         Chao to mate.
         APRIL 8, UPDATE: Philip Santos sent in a way to tell whether your Chao will
         be reborn or not.  When it dies, its cocoon will be a certain color.  If
         it's gray, it will die and leave no egg.  If it's pink, the Chao will be
    [4.6].   SPECIAL ANIMALS
         There are several types of special animals.  Firstly, there are the blue
         class animals.  If you don't care what type of evolutionary pattern that
         your chao takes, you can give them blue animals, the chao's stats will be
         immediately better off, as the blue animals don't detract from any stats,
         and only ad.  The better option is to wait until your chao is evolved just
         the way that you like it, and then begin giving it any of the special
         class animals that you want.  They wont effect the outcome of the chao's
         evolution (only after you are done evolving the chao) and don't detract
         from any stats.  So, if you want to round out a chao after they look the
         way you want, begin giving them blue, ghost and imaginary class animals
         (refer to the animal section for more information).  Example:  After
         raising a Dark/Running/Running (or Shadow chao) you may notice that while
         your chao is fast as lightning on land, it is not capable of anything
         else. This is because the animals that you have been giving it add to the
         running Stat (in this case) and detract from all of the other main four
         This is normal and nothing can be done to stop it, but you can fix the
         problem.  After the chao is evolved give it one of these 12 special
         animals.  These only ad to all four stats, so after a while your chao will
         be just as good at swimming flying and power as it is at running.  This is
         the only way to round out any of the special chao, and is well worth the
         Parts' canceling is the act of removing animal parts from a chao.  After
         evolving a chao you will notice that it has all sorts of animal parts that
         you just don't want.  In the first Sonic Adventure, this was a major pain,
         as certain animals were needed to cancel certain parts, and it didn't
         always cancel the part.  Sometimes, it simply added another part.  In
         Sonic Adventure 2, things have become much simpler, as a single animal
         will remove parts, and never ever add parts to your chao.  Just go grab
         about 20 skeleton dogs, and give them to your chao and all of the animal
         parts will be gone and you will have your chao just the way you want them.
    [4.8].   RUMORED CHAO
         I am hoping at some point to be able to remove this section and replace it
         with facts about how to attain the jewel and metallic chao.  As of right
         now, here are the rumors on how to attain these chao.
         Note: there are some FAQ's and web pages out there that have
         'recipes' to attain these and other rare chao combinations.
         they usually involve mating imported chao (from SA1) with Ruby Red chao.
         However, the Ruby Red Chao recipe doesn't work, and neither do any
         of these recipes.  That is why this FAQ does not contain them, and will
         continue to label them as rumors until I can personally create one.
         Jewel Chao    - When mating Chao, one in 30 is a jewel chao.  These
                         chao are shiny, but not reflective like a metallic
                         chao.  They are slightly see-through looking, yet
                         are sill opaque.  They can be seen in a challenge race.
                         In all likely hood, these will be added to the black
         Ruby Red Chao - Mate a Light Chao with a Devil Chao
                       - (or) mate a dark with a hero chao
                       - (or) mate a Devil and an Angel Chao
                         This chao is probably not real, but I will leave it here,
                         just in case, as it would seem that none of these
                         methods works.
         NINTENDO GAMECUBE CONFIRMATION: Chris Orndorff e-mailed me saying that he
         got one by mating a hero running with a dark normal.
         Omochao       - Not known, but people who hack games hex code claim that
         it is possible, hopefully legitimately.
         Egg Chao      - A Chao that is nothing more than an egg with eyes arms
         and legs, this can be seen in once of the challenge races, no one knows
         how to get it just yet.
         Small Animals - You do race against the small animals at one point, but
         I don't think you can actually raise a chao that becomes a small animal,
         but that has never stopped rumors, before.  So, I will list it here,
         because if it were true, it would be pretty cool to outrun a shadow chao
         with a gorilla.
         Chameleon Chao - This chao has been reported and is most likely a glitch
         in the code, the chao changes color as you rotate the camera and in
         general is weird as far as coloration and color patterns go.  Maybe this
         is intended to happen, but more than likely it is a game glitch.
         Big Chao - This chao is rumored to be roughly twice the size of a normal
         chao. As the rumors go, you need to mate two neutral/power/power chao to
         unlock this oversized chao, remember, this is just a rumor.
         Tiny Chao - Superkyle1991 sent this in.  (Formerly Superkyle1991@cs.com)
         According to him, mate two baby Chao for this one.  Give them 5 Heart
         Fruits (I don't have this yet in the Black Market) to make it happen.
         March 14, 2002 - AcidZeerO sent in a confirmation that babies can mate,
         but you have to give them FIVE heart fruits before they'll do it.
         March 17, 2002 - I tried this method, and it didn't work.
         March 20, 2002 - SuperKyle now says five heart fruits and 12 smart fruits.
         He says that the smart fruit is on the GameBoy Advance, costing 60 rings.
         Liberty Chao - Michael Whitaker sent this in, but it was found by dogruler.
         If you raise a Chao with only Hero or Dark Characters, give it only one
         type of Chaos Drive and only one "Imaginary" type animal (see below), AND
         win the corresponding medal from the Hero or Dark races.  When it evolves,
         it will have a pink cocoon and if you continue giving it the drive type
         from before, it will gain a star head.  This is in the Rumored Chao section
         because it is unconfirmed.
         April 13, 2002: Oliver L. e-mailed me saying the the Liberty Chao is the
         big statue at the start of the races, with the book and torch.
    [5].     ANIMALS/DRIVES
         The Animals and Chaos drives are now the only way to increase your chao's
         four main stat areas.  In the first game this could also be accomplished
         in Chao Adventure, but now you must do this in the confines of the main
         This is not a problem, as it is actually quite a bit easier to do so.
         There are two ways to get animals, and one way to get chaos drives.
         First, most of the animals in this game are going to be roaming around the
         levels freely, you simply must look for the animal and pick them up.
         However, all of Eggman's machines (the pyramid levels) will have animals
         in the machines as you are used to.  Chaos drives, are found in the GUN
         robots after you destroy them.  This is a bit of a change, but for all of
         the levels except for the pyramid levels, this is true.  In the pyramid
         levels, it is impossible to get Chaos drives, sorry.
    CLARIFICATION, CORRECTED: Apparently, this means the interior of the pyramid,
    which you play in as Sonic(Pyramid Base), Knuckles(Death Chamber), and Rouge
    (Egg Quarters).  Hidden Base(Tails) does not count in this list, because there
    are also GUN robots in the stage.  Thanks to GodspeedFlash@aol.com for pointing
    the Rouge part out.
    CORRECTED, AGAIN: Sent in by Travis Lewis X.  There is one Chaos drive in each
    of the stages mentioned above.  You get it from destroying the Golden Beetle in
    that stage.
    [5.1].   ANIMAL CLASS
         There are 7 classes of animal in Sonic Adventure 2 (refer to the advanced
         chao raising section for more information).  These are: Green (Running),
         Yellow (Swimming), Red (Power), Purple (Flying), Blue (Random), Imaginary
         and Ghost. (See special animals in advanced chao raising section for more
         info)  Below is a list of the animals in each class.
         Green (Running):
         Yellow (Swimming):
         Red (Power):
         Purple (Flying):
         Blue (Random):
         Black (Ghost):
              -Skeleton Dog
         Orange (Imaginary):
         This was sent in by Anonymous Me.  According to him, blue animals are what
         raises the Chao's intelligence, and the Orange animals make them luckier.
         Give them these animals, and your Chao will be able to perform better in
         the later races.
    [5.2].   ANIMAL STATS
         Each of these class of animals also has stats that effect your chao's own
         statistics.  It is important to note that these are the maximum statistics
         that your chao can receive from these animals, and not necessarily what
         they will receive.  The more of an animal class your chao has received,
         the more stats your chao can take away from the class of animals.  Example:
         You have a Dark/Running/Running chao, this chao will be getting nearly all
         of the stats the green class can offer him, due to the fact that he has
         received so many of them.
         NINTENDO GAMECUBE POWER LIST (sent in by AcidZeerO):
         Running (Green)             SWM    FLY    RUN    PWR
         - Bunny                      0      8     40     -16
         - Boar                      -4     -12    32      16
         - Cheetah                   -8     -8     40      8
         Swimming (Yellow)           SWM    FLY    RUN    PWR
         - Seal                      40     -16     0      8
         - Otter                     44     -4      8     -16
         - Penguin                   36      12     8     -24
         Power(Red)                  SWM    FLY    RUN    PWR
         - Tiger                     -8     -16     20     36
         - Bear                       8     -16     4      36
         - Gorilla                   -4     -8      4      40
         Flying (Purple)             SWM    FLY    RUN    PWR
         - Parrot                     0     48    -20      4
         - Peacock                    0     48    -20      4
         - Condor                    20     60    -24      16
         Random (Blue)               SWM    FLY    RUN    PWR
         - Raccoon                   20      16     4      8
         - Sheep                      8      8     16     16
         - Skunk                      8      12    16     12
         Black (Ghost)               SWM    FLY    RUN    PWR
         - Half-fish                 32      0      8     24
         - Skeleton Dog               8      8      32    16
         - Bat                        8     40      8      8
         Orange (Imaginary)          SWM    FLY    RUN    PWR
         - Dragon                    20      4      8     32
         - Unicorn                   16     12     36      0
         - Phoenix                   12     32      4     16
         Also, a note, each animal increases your Chao's hidden "Mood" stat by one.
         To check your Chao's mood, you must transfer your Chao to a Game Boy
    [5.3].   DRIVE STATS
         The Chaos drives also effect the chao's four main statistics, but it does
         it in a different way.  A chaos drive is one color, and only effects that
         trait.  Again, this is the maximum that a chao can receive per drive.  The
         more of a particular color animal/drive that a chao gets, the closer to the
         maximum benefit the chao will receive.
         Green Drive  - +24 running
         Yellow Drive - +24 swimming
         Red Drive    - +24 power
         Purple Drive - +24 flying
         Mood Stat +1 for each.
    As you can see, only the four main animal class types are represented in the
    chaos drives.
         This may be the most useful part of the guide when it comes to actually
         developing your chao, and may be the reason that you want to print this
         FAQ off.  This can be very useful to have at hand when raising chao.
      Level                          Loose Animals                    Third Chao Box
     1. City Escape            - Raccoon, Rabbit, Skunk, Sheep             Unicorn
     4. Metal Harbor           - Seal, Penguin, Peacock, Raccoon           Phoenix
     5. Green Forest           - Rabbit, Cheetah, Parrot, Raccoon,         Half-Fish
    11. Pyramid Cave           - Condor, Peacock, Bat, Sheep               S. Dog
    15. Crazy Gadget           - Bear, Tiger, Seal, Skunk                  Phoenix
    16. Final Rush             - Peacock, Condor, Penguin, Sheep           Dragon
     *. Cannon's Core Sonic    - Cheetah, Rabbit, Parrot, Skunk            Dragon
      Level                          Loose Animals                    Third Chao Box
     2. Wild Canyon            - Peacock, Condor, Cheetah, Sheep           Dragon
     6. Pumpkin Hill           - Cheetah, Boar, Bat, S. Dog                Half-fish
     8. Aquatic Mine           - Penguin, Seal, Condor, Skunk              Dragon
    12. Death Chamber          - Tiger, Gorilla, Rabbit, Skunk             S. Dog
    14. Meteor Herd            - Penguin, Seal, Rabbit, Sheep              Phoenix
     *. Cannon's Core Knuckles - Otter, Seal, Cheetah, Raccoon             Unicorn
      Level                          Loose Animals                    Third Chao Box
     3. Prison Lane            - Tiger, Gorilla, Otter, Sheep              Unicorn
     7. Mission Street         - Boar, Rabbit, Gorilla, Sheep              Phoenix
    10. Hidden Base            - Penguin, Otter, Tiger, Skunk              Half-fish
    13. Eternal Engine         - Condor, Parrot, Boar, Raccoon             Dragon
     *. Cannon's Core Tails    - Seal, Otter, Bear, Raccoon, Gorilla       Phoenix
                                 (Thanks to CheeseFan2K@aol.com for
                                  telling me there was a gorilla in the stage.)
      Level                          Loose Animals                    Third Chao Box
     4. Radical Highway        - Cheetah, Boar, Seal, Raccoon              Unicorn
     9. White Jungle           - Peacock, Parrot, Bear, Skunk              Dragon
    11.Sky Rail                - Bear, Tiger, Condor, Sheep                Phoenix
    14.Final Chase             - Otter, Penguin, Tiger, Skunk              Phoenix
      Level                          Loose Animals                    Third Chao Box
     2. Dry Lagoon             - Otter, Penguin, Peacock, Sheep            Unicorn
     5. Egg Quarters           - Gorilla, Bear, Parrot, Skunk              Half-fish
     8. Security Hall          - Parrot, Condor, Tiger, Raccoon            Phoenix
    12. Mad Space              - Parrot, Peacock, Gorilla, Raccoon         Phoenix
     *. Cannon's Core Rouge    - Boar, Cheetah, Condor, Skunk              Dragon
      Level                          Loose Animals                    Third Chao Box
     1. Iron Gate              - Gorilla, Tiger, Rabbit, Skunk             Dragon
     3. Sand Ocean             - Parrot, Peacock, Bat, Raccoon             S. Dog
     6. Lost Colony            - Rabbit, Boar, Bat, Raccoon                S. Dog
     7. Weapons Bed            - Seal, Otter, Cheetah, Sheep               Phoenix
    13. Cosmic Wall            - Rabbit, Cheetah, Otter, Sheep             Unicorn
     *. Cannon's Core Eggman   - Bear, Gorilla, Seal, Skunk                Unicorn
    NOTE: In Section 5.7, you can find the complete animal locations.
    [5.5].   ANIMAL TRAITS
         Each animal affects a chao in two ways.  First, the chao takes on part of
         the animals look.  If you give it a cheetah it may get a tail or paws that
         resemble a cheetah.  The more of one type of animal you give your chao, the
         more the chao will begin to look like that animal, until the chao can no
         longer ad any more animal parts.  This is true of all animals except the
         ghost class.  The ghost class behaves differently.  The skeleton dog does
         not ad any parts to the chao at all (see parts canceling for more info)
         The bat removes the chao's legs and gives him a ghost look, and the
         half-fish removes the dot, halo or spike ball from the chao's head and
         gives him a flame dot.  The second way that a chao is changed by the
         animals given to him are the actions that he can do.  Each animal gives the
         chao a different action to perform while in the garden.
         Bear            Growls
         Boar            Charges
         Cheetah         bathes
         Condor          Does situps
         Dragon          Breathes fire (very cool for an evil looking chao)
         Gorilla         Pounds chest
         Parrot          Sings
         Peacock         Struts like a peacock
         Penguin         Slides
         Phoenix         Wags tail
         Rabbit          Hops
         Raccoon         Stands on tip toes making noise
         Otter           Backstroke
         Seal            Rolls
         Sheep           Back flips
         Skunk           Emits gas
         Tiger           Claws
         Unicorn         Bucks feet
         Bat             nothing
         Skeleton Dog    nothing
         Half-fish       nothing
         Again, you can see that the ghost class animals behave differently from
         the other groups of animals in this category as well.  If you happen to
         know or think you know what the Condor and Raccoon do for the chao, please
         drop me a line, you will be given credit and cool points.
         ADDED: According to DragonShinigami, the Half-fish's true name is "kappa,"
         or Japanese water demon.
    [5.6].   CHAO BOXES
         In each level there are three chao boxes that can be found.  I will not go
         into detail on where they are in each level, as there are already many good
         walkthrough FAQ's that discuss this.  I may contact the author of one of
         those to see if I could use their chao box information at a later date, but
         for now I will simply describe the functions of a chao box.  The first chao
         box that you unlock gives you the key to chao world, in the story mode,
         this is the only way you will ever see the chao garden, but I don't suggest
         going into the garden in story mode anyway.  The second box will give you 4
         animals (at random) from the list of animals that are in that level.  It
         is usually two animals from two different animal classes.  The third chao
         box contains one of the ghost or imaginary class animals; this is typically
         where you will find these animals (but sometimes they are loose in the
         level).  If you look at the list of animals in each level, the animal in
         the final chao box is listed last.
         Link098 is the maintainer of this list.  Do NOT e-mail me about these
         locations, Link098 is on it, and it will be completely finished eventually.
         Raccoons: 3
         Rabbits: 6
         Sheep: 4
         Skunks: 7
         Unicorns: 1 (In the third Chao Box)
         1. Raccoon: After dismounting the street board, look behind the bushes
         on the ledge immediately to your left.
         2. Rabbit: After dismounting the street board, break the wooden crates
         ahead, on your right, and whistle next to the revealed pipe.
         3. Sheep: Whistle next to the pipe on the side of the ramp next to the
         first set of "elevators" (the platforms that rise up and down over a pit).
         4. Raccoon: Look around the bench to the right of the first checkpoint just
         after the first set of elevators.
         5. Rabbit: Look under the cab at the top of the hill right after the first
         checkpoint.  (Note: the dash panel will probably send you flying, so you
         may have to turn around to get it.)
         6. Rabbit: Look around the tree to the right in front of the dual brick
         stairways just after you run down the hill.
         7. Skunk: Look around the black car in front of the dual brick stairways
         just after you run down the hill.
         8. Skunk: Jump from the alcove where the first chao box is located to the
         top of the archway at the end of the single brick stairway.
         9. Rabbit: Look around the light pole on the right after running down the
         second hill.
         10. Skunk: Whistle near the purple bush on the left after running down the
         second hill.
         11. Sheep: Drop down from the left-hand side of the top ramp toward the
         screen. Walk down the fenced-off area and whistle near the trashcan.
         12. Skunk: Break the crates to the right of the ramp and whistle near the
         revealed pipe.
         13. Rabbit: Run past the pulley that lifts you to the second point marker
         and look in the little nook on the left.
         14. Skunk: Jump toward the top of the 5th light post after the second
         15. Raccoon: Whistle at the bottom of the tree after running down the side
         of the building.
         16. Rabbit: Look around the red benches to the left of those iron
         containers in the ground.
         17. Skunk: Whistle near the recycling bin just ahead of those iron
         containers and in front of the large set of elevators.
         18. Sheep: Toward the end of the large series of rails, there's a little
         ledge to the right. Destroy the GUN robot, break the crates and whistle
         next to the revealed pipe.
         19. Sheep: Look behind the bush to the right of the third and final
         20. Skunk: Whistle next to the newspaper stands near the goal ring.
         Raccoons: 3
         Penguins: 4
         Peacocks: 4
         Seals: 3
         Phoenix: 2 (one is in the third chao box)
         1. Raccoon: Look on the right just before the first jump plate. You'll have
         to slow down after hitting the dash panel behind it to avoid being launched
         2. Penguin: After going through the first loop and launching from the
         second jump plate, look to left of where you land.
         3. Peacock: Look on the roof of the enclosed hallway just after you grab
         the previous penguin.
         4. Penguin: Whistle near the pipe inside the same enclosed hallway. It's
         just underneath and to the left of where you found the peacock.
         5. Raccoon: Bounce from the series of springs after the first checkpoint,
         and look behind the red metal box in the left-hand corner of the platform
         you land on.
         6. Raccoon: After light dashing across the first row of rings, you land on
         an aircraft carrier. Run down a bit and look on the near side of the strip
         that juts out to the right.
         7. Penguin: Look past the two fuel tanks on the left-hand side of the
         carrier, almost straight across from where you found the previous raccoon.
         8. Peacock: Run through the loop after the second checkpoint, and springs
         will bounce you to the top of a hill.
         9. Peacock: After running down he hill and launching from a jump plate, you
         come to two consecutive pulleys. Look around the top of the second one.
         10. Seal: Look just before the first loop that comes after the two
         consecutive pulleys. Avoid hitting the dash panels, or you'll zoom right
         past it.
         11. Seal: Now run through that loop, and look in front of the first set of
         dash panels you come across.
         12. Peacock: After launching form those dash panels, jump onto the first
         fuel tank on the left. You need a bit of speed behind your jump to reach
         13. Penguin: After somersaulting under the next gate, hold back on the
         control stick before hitting the next of dash panels.
         14. Seal: After taking the rocket, jump down onto the shuttle launch pad.
         Look next to the spring in the near left-hand corner.
         15. Phoenix: This one is very difficult because you must reach the very top
         platform BEFORE the shuttle launches. After dropping from the rocket, jump
         down onto the shuttle launch pad and bounce from the spring in the corner.
         Use the dash panels to speed around the corners, and when you come to the
         first handle of the shuttle, turn and jump to your left. Home attack across
         a string of enemies to reach the platform on the other side, and light dash
         across a long row of rings. Bounce from the spring at the end, and you're
         Rabbit: 7
         Raccoon: 4
         Parrot: 3
         Cheetah: 2
         Half-Fish: 1 ( in chao box)
         1. Rabbit: After landing form the first jump plate, look behind the moss-
         covered log to your immediate right.
         2. Raccoon: Look near the first chao box.
         3. Parrot: When you come out of the tunnel where you found the first chao
         box, look near the big red flower to the right of the following jump
         4. Parrot: After the first checkpoint, you'll swing from a short vine onto
         a high path. Drop down to the lower path below, and whistle near the pipe
         on its left-hand wall.
         5. Raccoon: After swinging from two more vines, look around the fern to
         the right of where you land.
         6. Parrot: Take the first set of dash panels in this large room, and
         whistle near the bush in the far right-hand corner of the second level.
         7. Raccoon: Look on top of the huge moss-covered log just to the left of
         the second set of dash panels in this large room.
         8. Rabbit: After using the second set of dash panels and bouncing from a
         spring, you land on the top level of this room. Look behind the moss-
         covered log to the far right.
         9. Rabbit: Following the second point marker, you'll swing form a long vine
         the drops you onto a platform with a partially hollowed-out tree. Look in
         the far left corner.
         10. Rabbit: Whistle at the bush on the small platform where you found the
         second chao box.
         11. Cheetah: Look behind the moss-covered log at the beginning of the path
         that leads to the third checkpoint.
         12. Cheetah: Following the third point marker is a 360-degree loop that
         leads to a spring and a 10-ring item box. Whistle near the bush to the far
         right of this spring.
         13. Rabbit: Bounce from the spring next to chao box #3, and you land on a
         platform with yet another spring and a pipe to its right. Whistle near the
         14. Rabbit: Look behind the moss-covered log just before the fourth
         15. Rabbit: There's a series of arches the precedes the point marker. Look
         to the left between the third and fourth arch.
         16. Raccoon: When you get to the collapsing ground, make you way to the
         farthest segment on the left. When it stops falling, look on the small
         platform on front of you.
         Once again, do not e-mail me about these.  Link098 will get this done in
         time, and I will post it in this FAQ.  This is good for getting all those
         animals that some people have been e-mailing me about, at least the
         ones that you want.
    [6].     RACING
         Racing is what all of the rest of this guide is about.  The entire purpose
         behind raising the ultimate chao is so that you can race them.  This serves
         a few purposes, first of all, it is a whole lot of fun, you can race your
         friends chao, and prove who truly is the chao raising master, you can win
         your chao toys, and you can win all of the races and get 5 of the 9 chao
         emblems needed in your ultimate quest for all 180 emblems.  If none of this
         excites you, it is also a good measurement tool for just how good your chao
         is, and what aspects you need to work on with your chao.
    [6.1].   BASICS
         There are really only two things that you need to know in order to raise
         chao.  The first thing that you need to do is to raise your chao's stats
         in all 7 categories (see chao basics).  A well-rounded chao is necessary
         to become the grand master of the chao races, so be sure that your chao has
         what it takes to win.  The only other thing that you need to know about is
         cheering for your chao.  By pressing either the L or the R button, you can
         cheer for your chao.  This results in a quick boost of speed on the chao's
         part.  The drawback is that this boost of energy eats from the chao's
         stamina, and once the stamina is gone, your chao is going to be hard
         pressed to win the race, as he drops to half speed.  In that regard, you
         should budget your cheering for times when your chao really needs it or
         is falling behind.  Just don't overdo it.
         TIP: In the event that your Chao falls during the race, immediately start
         cheering for your Chao to get the Chao up earlier.  HOWEVER, if your Chao
         fainted due to a Jack-in-the-box or a wrong item at a puzzle, in which
         doing this trick will hurt your Chao's performance.  Thanks to Link098 for
         the tip.
         Most of the courses for your chao to race on are not immediately available
         to be played on you must earn them.  Here are the requirements for
         unlocking all of the courses.
         Jewel/Challenge races        - complete all of the beginner races
         Onyx and Diamond Jewel races - complete the first race of all other jewel
         Hero races                   - you must have a hero chao (only hero and
                                        neutral can race)
         Dark races                   - you must have a dark chao (only dark and
                                        neutral can race)
         Third Row Challenge races    - must complete all other challenge races
                                        leading up to it.
         Note: in order to advance to the next level in any of the races, you must
         complete the race before it.
    [6.3].   PRIZES
         The Prizes are toys or tools that your chao wins in the races and can play
         with once they are back in the garden.  You must win all of the levels of
         racing in order to get the prizes (3 in beginner and 5 in Jewel) unless it
         is once of the three challenge types of courses, in which case, certain
         races win certain prizes.  All of the toys stay hidden by the chao until
         they want to play with them, with the exception of the challenge races,
         which are larger prizes that stay in the garden.  The Prizes are as
         Beginner Races
              Crab Pool         -Shovel
              Stump Valley      -Watering pale
              Mushroom Forest   -Rattle
              Block Canyon      -Toy car
         Jewel Races
              Aquamarine        -Sonic doll
              Topaz             -Whisk broom
              Peridot           -Picture book
              Garnet            -Pogo stick
              Onyx              -Crayons
              Diamond           -Bubbles
         Challenge Mode  (stays in Chao Garden)
              Fourth Race       -Beach ball
              Eighth Race       -Jack in the box
              Twelfth Race      -Television
         Dark Races  (stays in Dark Garden)
              Second Race       -Beach ball
              Fourth Race       -Radio
         Hero Race  (Stays in Hero Garden)
              Second Race       -Beach ball
              Fourth Race       -Rocking horse
         This section is still under construction, but is well under way.
              Crab Pool:
                    This race is all about water, in fact, it is nothing more
                    than a swimming competition, so make sure your chao can
                    swim before you bring it here.  Luckily, it is a beginner
                    race, so your stats don't have to be too high.
              Stump Valley:
                    This track should be a breeze for a chao that is good at
                    running and flying.  However, if your chao is not good
                    enough at flying you may have to climb up the cliff below.
                    if your chao is especially weak at flying, you may have to
                    swim to the cliff before you can climb.
              Mushroom Forest:
                    This track is all about running.  There is no other skill
                    used in this race.
              Block Canyon:
                    This race has a main focus on your chao's ability to climb,
                    But being able to run wouldn't hurt either.
         JEWEL RACES:
                    This Race has a focus on running and swimming primarily.
                    your chao will have to navigate both the large and small
                    swimming pools.  Secondarily, a chao that has a high
                    flying stat may be able to take a shortcut by flying over
                    the water for a bit.
                    This track puts a focus on every single element of chao
                    racing with the exception of intelligence.  Your chao
                    only needs to navigate the large swimming pool however,
                    assuming it can fly well enough to miss the river below.
                    This track is just a very long running section, with no
                    focus coming elsewhere, though some nice stamina will help.
                    This race has a main focus on running and power.  There is
                    a cliff that needs to be climbed as well as a tree that
                    needs to have a fruit knocked down as well as eaten.  Flying
                    is a good secondary skill to have mastered.
                    This race is the first to put a focus on intelligence.  Your
                    chao has 3 different puzzles to conquer, and you will probably
                    scream at your chao as you realize that he is probably not the
                    most intelligent creature that you have ever encountered.  The
                    only other stat that needs to be worried about in this race is
                    your chao's ability to run.
                    GAMECUBE CHANGES: I don't know if there is an intelligence
                    rating, but if there is, it's hidden.
                    This race is the mother of them all.  Your chao must be able to
                    do everything, and do it well.  Intelligence, running, climbing,
                    swimming and flying are all tested to the max.  Also, you will
                    need a lot of stamina for your chao to finish this race, as the
                    race runs about 4 minutes long.  It will take a while to make a
                    chao that can tackle this race.
              Race 1:  Gold and Silver
              Long and winding course that tests everything.
              Race 2: Chacron Returns
              Same track as Race 1.  This is the return of
              Chacron from SA1, though his name is different.
              Race 3: Omochao
              This race against Omochao is nothing but a long
              running race.
              Race 4: Small Animals
              This time you race small animals, on the same track
              that you take on Chacron.
              Race 5: Cockroach Chao race
              This race is where you can see the Dark Hero Chao.
              This race tests running intelligence and has the
              small swimming pool to navigate.
              Race 6: Egg Chao
              This Race is where you take on Chao that are nothing
              more than Eggs.  This race course is the same as the
              Omochao races.
              Race 7: Skeleton Groups
              This time you take on the chao that are wearing
              skeleton masks, this uses the same track as the first
              Race 8: Pumpkin Group
              This is similar to the skeleton group, except this time
              They are wearing the pumpkin masks, and using the same
              Race 9: Ghost Group
              Same track, this time the chao you take on all have ghosts
              tails and flames above their head.
              Race 10: Chacron Strikes Back
              This time Chacron comes back a whole lot bigger and badder.
              It uses the same track as the the first time you meet him.
              Race 11: Jewel Chao
              This is where you find the much-rumored Jewel Chao. It uses
              the same track as most of the other races in the Challenge
              Race 12: Light Chao
              This is the final 1 on 1 race between your chao and the Light
              chao.  Uses the same large track as most of the other races.
         DARK RACES:
              Race 1: Baby Angel
              This track tests nothing but running, and a lot of it.
              Race 2: Angel
              This uses the same track as the light chao course.
              Race 3: Flying Angel
              This time the course changes up and puts a large focus on
              your chao's ability to fly and swim, and a secondary focus
              on running.
              Race 4: Angel Chao
              This battle happens on the same track as the battle with
              light chao.  This is very similar to the race with Light Chao.
         HERO RACE:
              Race 1: Baby Devil
              This is the same running track that you traverse with the baby
              angel race.
              Race 2:Child Devil
              Uses the same course as the Light/Angel Chao race.
              Race 3:Death Troops
              This track puts a lot of focus on your chao's power statistics.
              There are two cliffs to climb as well as the tree obstacle.  The
              other stats to worry about are running with some focus on your
              chao's ability to swim and fly.
              Race 4: Devil Chao
              This race is the same as the race with the Angel and Light chao,
              with the difference being this time you are taking on the Devil
         This is here because of the lack of online support for the GameCube at the
         time that SA2: Battle went on shelves.  The bulletin board and Black Market
         were both taken offline and added to the GameCube.
    [7.1]     BULLETIN BOARD
         chibikawaiitrunks@yahoo.com has e-mailed me saying that the address for the
         full site is http://www.sonicteam.com/sonic2b.html.  Previous updates had
         it at http://www.sonicteam.com/sa2gc.html.
    [7.2]     BLACK MARKET
         This section has DEFINITELY changed from the times of the Dreamcast.
         Besides allowing you to buy rare Chao eggs (a lot more than the DC
         version), it also allows you to buy the old fruit and seeds from Chao
         Adventure 2, as well as all new eggs, items, and hats.
    CURRENT LIST OF ITEMS (constantly being updated):
    White Egg:            400 Rings  (Typical rare egg.)
    Grey Egg:             1000 Rings (Typical rare egg.)
    Red Egg:              500 Rings  (Typical rare egg.)
    Brown Egg:            800 Rings  (Typical rare egg.)
                                     (Thanks Raichu5096@aol.com)
    Shiny White Egg:      4000 Rings (Moderate rare egg.)
    Shiny Pink Egg:       6000 Rings (Moderate rare egg.)
    Shiny Purple Egg:     6000 Rings (Moderate rare egg.) (Thanks Yogapoe7@aol.com
                                                      for both Shiny Pink and
                                                      Purple, srj04@yahoo.com and
                                                      Elec Man EXE for corrections.)
    Sky Blue Egg:         600 Rings  (Typical rare egg.) (Price Correction by
                                                          Elec Man EXE.)
    Lime Green Egg:       1500 Rings (Typical rare egg.)
    Green Egg:            800 Rings  (Typical rare egg.)
    Blue Egg:             500 Rings  (Typical rare egg.) (Price Correction by
                                                          Elec Man EXE.)
    Orange Egg:           600 Rings  (Typical rare egg.)
    Shiny Orange Egg:     6000 Rings (Moderate rare egg.)
    Shiny Blue Egg:       5000 Rings (Moderate rare egg.)
                                     (Thanks Kumar Arora for the entra, and Sam
                                      Johnson for the price check.)
    Shiny Green Egg:      8000 Rings (Moderate rare egg.)
                                     (Thanks to Corey Clegg for all eggs from Lime
                                     Green Egg down to Shiny Green Egg, and
                                     Sam Johnson for descriptions.  Also credited
                                     is Michael Leon, who also sent in Lime Green
                                     Egg's description.)
    Yellow Egg:           500 Rings  (Typical rare egg.)
    Pink Egg:             600 Rings  (Typical rare egg.)
    Purple Egg:           600 Rings  (Typical rare egg.) (Thanks Corey Clegg for
                                                         Yellow, Pink, and Purple
    Shiny Lime Green Egg: 15000 Rings(Moderate rare egg.)(Thanks Steve Lucifuge for
                                                          the egg, and Sam Johnson
                                                          for the description.)
    Shiny Grey Egg:       10000 Rings(Moderate rare egg.)(Thanks Dark_HawkEYE for
                                                          egg, and Sam Johnson
                                                          for description (see why
    Shiny Yellow Egg:     5000 Rings (Moderate rare egg.) (Thanks, Michael Leon.)
    Black:                2000 Rings (Typical rare egg.)
    Shiny Sky Blue:       6000 Rings (Moderate rare egg.)
    Shiny Red Egg:        5000 Rings (Moderate rare egg.) (Thanks AcidZeer0 for all
                                                           eggs from Black down to
                                                           Shiny Red.)
    Shiny Brown Egg:      8000 Rings (Moderate rare egg.)
                                     (Thanks SpAiNaRd101@aol.com for the item, Sam
                                      Johnson for description (again, see below).)
    Shiny Black Egg:     20000 Rings (Moderate rare egg.)
                                     (Thanks ace1a9b for the item, Sam Johnson for
                                      the description (see below).)
    Dark Fruit:     120 Rings (Dark trait fruit.)
    Round Fruit:    80 Rings  (Round and delicious fruit.)
    Square Fruit:   80 Rings  (Square and delicious fruit.)
    Hero Fruit:     120 Rings (Hero trait fruit.)
    Chao Fruit:     200 Rings (Skills fruit.)
    Triangle Fruit: 80 Rings  (Triangular and delicious fruit.)
                              (Thanks Ryan Pinney for Hero, & Chao fruit, Ryan
                               Pinney & MooreDber@aol.com for Triangle fruit.)
    Heart Fruit:    300 Rings (Egg fertility fruit.)
    SMART FRUIT REMOVED: I have received e-mails saying it doesn't exist.
    Strong Seed:   500 Rings (This is a long life tree seed.) (Jo Shizworth
                                                              corrected the price.)
    Tasty Seed:    200 Rings (This is a regular tree seed.)
    Round Seed:    300 Rings (Grows a tree with round fruit.)
    Square Seed:   300 Rings (Grows a tree with square fruit.)
    Triangle Seed: 300 Rings (Grows a tree with triangle fruits.)
                             (Thanks MooreDber@aol.com for Triangle Seed.)
    Hero Seed:     400 Rings (Grows a tree with hero fruits.)
    Dark Seed:     400 Rings (Grows a tree with dark fruits?)
                             (Thanks srj04@yahoo.com, though the rings and
                              description are estimated.)
                             (Swanali87@aol.com confirmed the price.(03/14/02)
    Various Items
    Apple:          2000  Rings (Huge apple!--Used as a hat.)
    Cardboard Box:  2000  Rings (Moving cardboard box.--Used as a hat.)
    Paper Bag:      4000  Rings (Grocery store paper bag.--Used as a hat.)
    Pan:            2000  Rings (Worn out pan.--Used as a hat.)
    Mushroom:       300   Rings (Very nuitricious mushroom.--Food.)
    Empty Can:      4000  Rings (Empty fruit can.--Hat.)
    Watermelon:     6000  Rings (Big, round, watermelon.) (Thanks Michael Leon for
    Stump:          4000  Rings (Big tree stump.--Hat)
                                (Thanks to Corey Clegg, James Higgins, Michael
                                Leon, and Pike.)
    Orange Hat:     6000  Rings (???--Hat.)
    Blue Wool Hat:  10000  Rings (Warm and Striped--Hat.)(Thanks to Corey Clegg for
                                            Watermelon down to Blue Wool Hat. Jo
                                            Shizworth corrected the Blue Wool Hat
    Black Wool Hat: 20000 Rings (Warm and Striped.)
    Red Wool Hat:   8000  Rings (Warm and Striped.)(Thanks Sam Johnson for
                                                           black and red wool
                                                           hats. Jo Shizworth
                                                           corrected the prices on
                                                           March 20.)
                                (Thanks to Elec Man EXE for sending the descriptions
                                 of the wool hats.)
    Amy Rose Theme: 20000 Rings (Amy Menu Voice.)  (March 29, '02: Sam Johnson sent
                                                    in the picture for it.)
    OmoChao Theme:  10000 Rings (Omochao menu voice.)
                                (Thanks Superkyle1991 for the entry.)
                                (March 29, '02: Sam Johnson sent in a confirmation
    Bucket:         6000 Rings  (Worn out bucket.)
    Flower Pot:     6000 Rings  (Big flower pot.)  (Thanks to Michael Leon for
                                                    Bucket and Flower Pot.)
    Maria's Theme: 30000 Rings  (Maria menu voice, get once you have 180 emblems AND
                                 have the GBA connected to the GameCube and the GBA
                                 is on w/Sonic Advance at the Tiny Chao Garden.
                                 (from Thomas C Zieman), description by Anonymous
                                (Readded under e-mail by sncsnk.)
         Here, you can rename your Chao using Katakana, English, and Symbols.
         First, the fortune teller will assign your Chao with a random "lucky" name.
         If you don't like it, tell her so, and if you want to name it yourself,
         tell her not to pick another one.
    [8].       CHAO KARATE
         Chosen in the Chao stadium area behind the Chao Garden, this is a test of
         fighting skills for your Chao.  All five stats are used here.  If you want
         to win, you'll have to build them up considerably.
         How it works: Two Chao enter, one Chao leaves.  But it's not that simple.
         During the battle, the "Zeal" of a Chao falls steadily.  It rises a bit
         when it attacks the enemy, and falls when it takes damage or misses.  When
         a Chao's power (which is controlled by its Stamina) hits zero, it loses.
         The battle is also timed at 90 seconds.  When the timer runs out, the Chao
         with the most power left wins.  A Chao also wins if it manages to push the
         other Chao off the platform.
         There are four levels, Beginner, Standard, Expert, and Super.  (You'll get
         Super after you finish the other three.)  When you complete each one,
         you'll get one of 4 emblems you can win here.
         TIP (sent in by Link098): If your Chao knows how to exercise, he will learn
         how to do the spin kick and the wind-up punch.  However, Link098 believes
         that the Chao has to master the skill to learn the techniques.
         NOTE: According to Anonymous Me, the moves a Chao uses in Chao Karate are
         based solely on its power stat.
         TIP: This was also sent in by Link098, but he heard it off the Internet.
         For those of you who do not know what "smashing the Control Stick" means,
         then I'll quickly explain, being a Super Smash Bros. Melee veteran myself.
         It's a quick tap of the Control Stick an any one direction.
         According to the trick, if your Chao is attacking, quickly smash the
         Control Stick right before the Chao's move connects to increase the chance
         of doing more damage.  If the other Chao is attacking, quickle smash the
         Control Stick left before the other Chao's move connects to increase the
         chance of dodging the attack.
         In my opinion, it is much easier to raise a Chao on the GBA than it is on
         the GameCube.  Why?  Well, for one, you only have one to care for.  Here,
         there's only fruit, but you need rings to buy them.  There's two minigames,
         both accessible from Game Boy Advances.
         The White(Arctic) GBA leads to a Rock, Paper, Scissors type game.  Select a
         triangle with hand symbol and press the A Button to launch it into an equal
         or opposite (Paper beats Rock, etc.), square to clear.  Only opposite hits
         count as rings, and there's a time limit.  Every time you clear the board,
         you'll get 10 seconds back on the clock, and the board will reset.  Also,
         for every incorrect match (when the square beats the triangle), you'll lose
         a triangle.  Run out, and you'll lose.
         The Purple(Indigo) GBA leads to a color version of the old Chao Adventure 1
         card match game.  If you're not familiar with Chao Adventure 1, it was the
         VMU game from Sonic Adventure 1, which was only for the DreamCast.  This
         time, there's three levels, cards matched in the outer area give one ring,
         in the middle area three rings, and in the inner area, 5 rings.  First, it
         will show you the cards, then flip them over, but to make things
         frustrating, a Chao walks over the cards, and sometimes moves them around.
         Then, the game begins. The game ends when you make three incorrect matches,
         or clear all the cards, but you have infinite time.
         Don't forget to pet your Chao from time to time, and feed it when the Belly
         meter (GBA only) is getting low.
         NOTE: If you raise Chao stats in the GBA, it won't affect the Chao's
         evolutionary path from when it went in there.  For example, if your Chao
         was on its way to becoming a Running Chao when it went in there, and you
         level up Swimming to Lv.16, it won't affect the Running Part, but the stat
         will be higher.  Sent in by ryoma15 for the April 12 Update.
         AbroJTM@aol.com added a full list of Sonic Advance eggs and items:
         Descriptions and Topaz price change by AcidZeero:
         Eggs:                        GBA Color  GameCube Description
         Normal Chao Egg: 0     Rings (Spotted)  (Normal Chao)
         Silver Egg:      500   Rings (Silver)   (Shiny Silver)
         Gold Egg:        1000  Rings (Gold)     (Shiny Gold)
         Ruby Egg:        5000  Rings (Pink)     (Shiny Pinkish Magenta (RUBY))
         Sapphire Egg:    7000  Rings (Blue)     (Very pretty dark shiny blue)
         Amethyst Egg:    8000  Rings (Purple)   (Very dark shiny magenta)
         Emerald Egg:     10000 Rings (Teal)     (Shiny teal green)
         Garnet Egg:      12000 Rings (Red)      (Very pretty shiny red)
         Aquamarine Egg:  14000 Rings (Cyan)     (Very pretty shiny jade)
         Peridot Egg:     16000 Rings (Lime)     (Shiny marbled lime-green)
         Topaz Egg:       18000 Rings (Orange)   (Looks like a better version of
                                                  Gold (marbled yellow))
         Onyx Egg:        20000 Rings (Black)    (Obsidion (not worth the rings))
         The egg displayed is chosen at random.
         CORRECTION: ryoma15 sent this in.  If you have no Chao in the Tiny Chao
         Garden, then the egg displayed will always be normal.  The egg that appears
         seems to also be dependent on how many rings you have.  Also, if you have
         an egg and a Chao, and you take the Chao out, but not the egg, then the egg
         will hatch.  One more thing, when a Chao hatches, its stats are always Lv.1
         with a value of 0.
         Trumpet:    1000 Rings
         Duck:       2000 Rings
         Television: 8000 Rings
         This time, you must work down from the list in order to get the next.  For
         example, you must buy the trumpet before the duck becomes available.
         Now, the most important part:  Getting your Chao to the GameCube, and
         Chao transfers are handled by the GameCube Sonic Adventure 2:Battle.  There
         are four options you can use for Chao.
         Move over to the Chao Exchange with no Chao to enable this option.  This
         also requires that you connect the Game Boy Advance to your GameCube.  To
         do this, you'll need a GameCube link cable, and a Game Boy Advance with
         Sonic Advance inserted into it.  Connect the cable, then power up the
         Game Boy Advance.  And unlike for the Nintendo 64, you do NOT need to turn
         off the GameCube to do this.
         When you're done with that, you can enter the Pick-up area and get the
         Chao, any egg, and all fruits and rings that you have obtained with Sonic
    Drop Off:
         Move over to the Chao Exchange with a Chao to enable this option, then
         connect the Game Boy Advance with either Sonic Advance or no Game Pak
         inserted to use this mode.  You cannot drop off a Chao with a Chao in the
         Game Boy Advance.
         Depending on which option you use (Game Pak or no Game Pak), something
         different will happen.  If you use no Game Pak, the GameCube will merely
         copy your Chao to the Game Boy Advance.  Also, you can't turn the power off
         on the Game Boy Advance unless you want to lose the copy.  Press Start to
         enter/exit "Sleep Mode" on the Game Boy Advance.  If you're planning on
         leaving the Chao in there for a while, I'd recommend buying an AC adapter,
         or Sonic Advance.
         Use Pick-Up to "upgrade" the Chao when the batteries start to run low, on
         when you're done with that Chao in the GBA.
         Sonic Advance has a few advantages over no Game Pak.  First off, you can
         save your Chao data, and then turn the power off and not lose any changes.
         However, this Chao is no copy.  It is whatever Chao you put in there.
         Move over to the Chao Exchange with no Chao to enable this option.  You
         will need two memory cards, both with Chao Gardens on them, to be able to
         use this.  Here, you can move Chao to the other garden on the other memory
         card.  This is useful if the current garden is getting full.
         A much sadder alternative to Move.  Move over to the Chao Exchange with the
         Chao you want to say good-bye to.  Then, select this option.  When you say
         good-bye to a Chao, it won't go into some "reserve bank" to be recovered
         again.  It will go to a faraway forest and live happily, and you will never
         see it again.  So think VERY CAREFULLY before you consider saying good-bye.
         Besides, Memory Cards only cost $15.
    [10].      TRICKS
         This section houses many tricks you can use to make your Chao breeding
         experience a little easier, or things like that.  Even though there are
         other tricks scattered throughout the FAQ, sometimes I don't know where to
         put them.
         Ring Trick #1
         by Melt Man
         Buy a Cardboard Box or anything else above 2000 rings.  Once you've bought
         it, save the garden and re-enter.  Sell the item, and as soon as you get
         out of the Black Market, reset the GameCube with X, B, and Start at the
         same time, or by using the console's reset button.  You should still have
         the rings and the item.  Repeat to get a lot of money.
         Thanks to Max Bitter for the controller code for reset.
         Ring Trick #2
         by AcidZeerO (found by MasterYub_Yub)
         REQUIRES: Two memory cards.
         Build up a nice store of rings on one save file (a good way is to play the
         100 ring mission in Radical Highway (Shadow) over and over), then enter the
         memory screen of the GameCube.  Make sure the second memory card is
         inserted before you do this.  Then, copy your save data to memory card B.
         Go to Chao World and basically spend, spend, spend, then exit the Chao
         World.  After it finishes saving the data, reenter the GameCube's memory
         screen.  Delete the game data on slot A, then copy the file back from slot
         B.  You'll have your rings back, and everything you bought in the Chao
         garden is still there.
         For even more money, sell the items you bought.
         How to Copy Your Chao
         by Falcon236467
         Requires: Game Boy Advance to GameCube Cable, Game Boy Advance with no
          Game Pak Inserted.
         First of all, I will emphasize that the Game Boy Advance MUST NOT have a
         Game Pak inserted.  Go to the Chao Transporter as normal with the Chao you
         want to copy.  At this point make sure the GBA is turned on.  If it is not,
         do so now.  Go to Drop Off in the options, and confirm that you want to
         create a Chao copy.  Go to another garden, or a garden on another memory
         card with the GBA still connected and still powered on (if it's not on,
         you deleted the copy).  Go to the Chao Transporter and select Pick Up.
         Select the Chao in the GBA that you want to transport and then select
         "Pick Up."  The Chao should come out as normal without fusing with the
         true Chao in another garden, and you will have copied your Chao!
         Using this method, you can make as many backups as you want, gardens and
         memory cards permitting.
         Ring Trick #3
         by ryoma15
         To get many rings quickly, go to an easy level you are comfortable with and
         go to Mission 3 (Find the lost Chao).  Instead of getting the Chao (which
         is usually off the beaten path anyway), go to the end of the stage and hit
         the "Back" ring at it.  You'll start off at the start of the stage with all
         rings, and you will be able to collect more.  When you're finished
         collecting rings, grab the Chao.  I will not go into how to find the Chao
         on this FAQ.
         Ring Trick #4
         by ryoma15
         REQUIRES: Game Boy Advance, GBA to GCN Cable.
         Only five steps to this one:
         1. Buy hat.
         2. Put the hat on a Chao.
         3. Put the Chao in the GBA.
         4. Sell the hat.
         5. Remove the Chao.  He should still have the hat.
         Chao Clone Trick #2
         by ChaoMan
         REQUIRES: Two memory cards
         First, go to the chao garden that the chao you wish to clone is in. Then,
         take out the memory card in slot one.  Put the other memory card in slot
         two, and put the chao you want to clone in the transporter.  Send him to
         the memory card in slot two.  After is saves, turn off the system.  You
         should now have the chao on both cards! (NOTE: I have not confirmed this
         yet, so please be carful while doing this.)
         This section will be used to answer questions that I frequently receive
         e-mails dealing with.  Some of these questions are answered elsewhere in
         the FAQ, some are not, but this section will be added to every time I
         receive an e-mail with a question, to help answer any questions readers
         may have.
         Can a chao evolve after the story mode has been completed?
              - Yes, in fact, it is suggested to do so.
         How many drives do I need to give a dark/running chao to evolve into
         a shadow chao?
              - There is not a set number that you need to give your chao, but
                can range anywhere from 250 to 1500, if you keep your chao
                happy and well fed, it will go much quicker though.
         What can I do if my chao dies and doesn't leave an egg?
              - Sorry, there is no way to get your chao back.
         Why does my Sonic chao only have one spike?
              - If this has happened, it means that your chao is a hero/running
                chao, Sonic is a neutral chao (i.e neutral/running).
         Do I have to use a dark/hero/chao seed to make a Light/Angel/Devil chao?
              - It is not absolutely necessary, but there seem to be less
                problems reported when you do use the seed, so I suggest it.
         My chao has mated, does that mean it has gone through a mating season?
              - Not necessarily.  It only counts as a mating season when that
                chao has had the flowers around it (mating optional).  Not
                through the VMU or mating with another chao in its mating
         Why is the half-fish called the half-fish? It doesn't look like half a
         fish at all.
              - That is because it is called half-fish because it is half-fish/
                half-man.  Think creature of the black lagoon, except they can't
                call it that, due to copyright issues.
         Q: How do you make your Chao gold or silver?  (Dragonknight4028@aol.com)
         A: You can't make it Gold or Silver, it has to start out that way.  The
         Black Market list currently has no Gold or Silver egg, but there were ones
         online, so maybe there will be one there in the future.  The GBA version
         DOES have Gold/Silver eggs, but those are chosen at random.
         Q: I don't have the Game Boy Advance cartridge for Sonic Advance.  Can I
         still use Chao in SA2: Battle?  (NirvanaGuy777)
         A: Yes.  The Game Boy Advance is purely optional.
         Q: How do you make the Chao turn into cocoons?  (Toyking10@aol.com)
         A: It takes time, and lots of Chaos Drives and animals (or one of the two).
         It may be more of a question of time.
         Q: I don't see the significance of emblems in SA2: Battle.
         A: Depending on both emblems and rings, Black Market items change.  Also,
         if you collect all 180, a new area opens called "Green Hill Zone."
         Q: I gave my Chao an egg-fertility fruit (Heart Fruit), and gave it to one
         of my Chaos, but she didn't lay any eggs. (Also from Allstar2Y@aol.com)
         A: You need another adult Chao to mate.  Bring them together, and they
         should produce an egg.  It may also depend on how much they like each
         (CORRECTION, thanks Cris Tarr)
         If the two Chao are BOTH in mating season, then they will mate, guaranteed.
         Q: How many times does a Chao evolve? (Kumar Arora)
         A: Twice.  The first time involves a cocoon, and the second one is more
         subtle, not having one.
         Q: When does a Chao die?  (Also from Kumar Arora)
         A: CORRECTED MARCH 20, 2002: When a Chao is at least 5 years old.
         Q: How do you plant trees, and does it depend on where and who you plant
         them with?  (John Louis Luchese)
         A: You need a Chao with a shovel and watering pan (win them in the Chao
         races), and then the seed.  It does not depend where, though you can only
         have 6 trees in any garden at a time (a total of 18 trees in all three
         CORRECTION (thanks April Linville): According to April, it does matter
         where you plant them.  She found that her chao will only plant in certain
         NOTE: GodspeedFlash@aol.com has alerted me that the watering pail isn't
         necessary, but the shovel is.  However, without the pail, the tree will
         take twice as long to grow.
         Q: How do you stop the Chao from tripping and falling so much? (Kevin
         A: Give the Chao more running skill.
         A2 (By Sam Johnson): Give the Chao bats until its legs go away.
         CORRECTION (April Linville): Even without legs, the Chao will still trip.
         More running skill will help, but April also recommends taking your Chao to
         kindergarten to learn dancing.
         A4 (ryoma15): By removing your Chao's legs with bats, your Chao has a 40%
         less chance of falling.
         Q: Where do you get the GameCube-GBA Cable offline? (Superkyle1991@cs.com)
         A: I do not know.  Wal-mart may get them soon, but so far, only online
         retailer amazon.com, and Nintendo's online store have them.
         CORRECTION: The cable is still available, but the official one is only sold
         at Nintendo.com.  Companies like Nyko and Interact Accessories provide the
         cables for offline and online retailers across the country, and sell out
         really fast.  Nintendo will begin selling the cable in stores when first-
         party developers (Nintendo, HAL Laboratories, etc.) begin using the cable.
         ZeoGold contributed this information.
         Q: What does the color of the Chao's ball (that floats over its head) mean?
         (Kevin Nelms)
         A: (Jo Shizworth, 03/20/02) The color of the Chao's ball is directly
         related to its type.
         A2: (David Hernandez) According to him, the Color of the Chao's ball is
         directly related to who it likes, like Dr. Eggman, etc.
         Q: Do Chaos drives affect a Chao's appearance?  (CANTTELLU NOPE
         A: No.
         The same person also sent in this technique, but I don't know where to put
         it.  So, I put it here:
         If you have three Chao around you, and you pet one, you'll wind up petting
         them all.
         Q: How do you get the items?  (Gogettobrian@aol.com)
         A: You need to race your Chao.
         Q: I want to evolve my Chao into (Light/Angel/Devil) Chao.  I've given it
         one of every animal and a (Chao/Hero/Dark) fruit.  Why hasn't my Chao
         evolved yet? (Multiple e-mails.)
         A: Because you haven't waited long enough.
    [12].     LEGAL NOTICE
         This guide is copyright 2002 Nathan McNair & Donnie Douglas.
         Sonic Adventure 2, Chao and all associated characters are the property
         of SEGA.
         You may use this guide on your site under the following conditions
         1. You do not put this on a CD.
         2. You do not profit off of it
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    I will be on the lookout for this FAQ being used in any format that I have not
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    [13].     CREDITS
         Currently, I would like to thank the creators of all of the great Sonic
         Adventure 1 Chao FAQ's for getting me addicted to chao to begin with.
         Hopefully, I will get some help writing this pretty quick from
         contributors out there, so it will become the most comprehensive chao
         FAQ on the web.  Also, many of the users of the gamefaqs message boards
         who helped me to figure out how some of the newer chao items work.
         Several websites and individuals out there have helped me to learn what I
         know about Chao, I did not do all of this alone.  The Prima guide gave me
         my initial start into the world of SA2 chao, but was very limited in
         information, other than that I have taken what I know from Sonic Adventure,
         and what I have learned through experimentation and playing the game and
         written it down.  If you feel that I in some way owe you credit for
         something, e-mail me and we can discuss it, but I assure you this is all
         original work.
         Raymond D. Roberts - For the information about the normal chao's second
         evolutionary pattern.
         SuperSonic019 - for the Condor and Raccoon animal actions.
         Mark Medrano - for a daycare class I had overlooked and a description of
         a hero/swimming chao.  As well as second evolutionary pattern info
         for hero/swimming/swimming and hero/swimming/power.
         Epsilon 159 - for descriptions of first evolution hero chao, and second
         evolution chao.
         Sonic 90 - Chao interaction information
         Chasupi - Chao interaction information
         Tikiman49 - Chao interaction information
         Jsimmons is back - Chao interaction information
         RyudoX - Chao interaction information
         Make7UpUrs - Chao interaction information
         SCSA - Chao interaction information
         Night Chao - Chao interaction information
         ShinAkuma678 - Chao interaction information
         Vassago Stolos - Chao interaction information
         Paper Banjo - Chao interaction information
         RJCliffy - Information on another chao adventure, chao's toothache.
                    As well as a brief synopsis of the adventure, thanks!
         Magcannon3687 - For the cockroach chao information.
         Off The Heezy - Strong Seed information, A chao adventure adventure and
         A description of that adventure and the "Big" Chao rumor.
         Ryoga H. - Several Second Evolution Hero Chao information.
         onyta arekja - The Chameleon Chao rumor, mask info
         DCSonic01 - Second Evolution information
         trez28 - animal info
         Louie Fenton - interaction info and a correction on the chao adventure 2
         Dane McCappin - second evolution information.
         Kevin Ding - second evolution information
         Jerrold Vickers - Added a chao adventure, corrected some info on the FAQ,
         and pinned down the truth behind the condors trait given to the chao, and
         normal chao second evolutions.
         Adam Martin - Quality control
         Sandman1278 - Added a chao adventure
         pete jones  - evolution information
         Josh Elliott - Online information
         Tony Jarek - online information
         Tyler Schulmeister - evolution information.
         Adam Baldwin - online information
         Thanks for your help, hand keep the info coming!
    Nintendo (http://www.nintendo.com) for the Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance, and
    the GameCube...
    and Anybody who contributes missing information.  These include Ryan Pinney,
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    Dragonknight4028@aol.com, NirvanaGuy777, Toyking10@aol.com, Allstar2Y@aol.com,
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    Game ©2001, 2002 Sonic Team.
    [14].    CONTACT INFO
         If you need to contact me because you have a question, want to contribute,
         think something is wrong, want to host this FAQ, or just want to talk to
         me, drop me a line at StoOgE_Zoot@yahoo.com.  Thanks for reading.
         Note: Before contacting me, please read through the entire FAQ to make sure
         your question has not been answered here (this is the point to a FAQ, so
         hopefully your answer is in here).  Secondly, everything that you need to
         know to attain a shadow chao is in the FAQ, and can be found here, so
         please don't email me about the shadow chao.
         Please e-mail me at oosqueaky@yahoo.com
    [See you Space Cowboy...]

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