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Don't like Sonic? This game might actually be for you!11/01/10Blue Blob
It's a nice sequel, but it's not my favorite Sonic title. It's up there, but not at the top.09/27/13CaliGamer25850
Flawless control and perfect timing are needed to fully enjoy this game06/26/07Chaos Control
Moving at Sonic speed...05/09/04discoinferno84
Chopped Hedgehog. Anyone?12/23/09EJRICH
Poor, poor Sonic...09/09/04Evil Omochao Is Back
I just HAD to write this honest review03/12/02G.Vallentin
Yet another good Sonic Game02/09/05GavLuvsGA
Damn, he's fast.07/26/03IAX
The best Sonic game ever?01/02/06idiotman7
Flawed, but so fun I can hardly bring myself to stop playing.05/25/07Kijuna
Best 3-D Sonic Game(better than the newer ones)01/09/06Knuckles83
Say cheese.12/14/16Malorkus
Exciting, fast, and smooth. This game is exactly how I like my women.04/04/02Mega
Sonic's first GameCube outing is a mixed bag. Ruined by a horrible soundtrack.01/31/06MSuskie
Old rivalries forgotten04/18/03MZ
One Gamer's Opinion11/05/03Ninten81
C'mon Sega!!!! You can do better!!!!!08/28/03papsfritas
Rolling around at the Speed of Sound02/06/08Sebbisismo
Live and Learn, Sega.10/15/07ShadowGuardian9
Battle to save the world or Conquer it.09/26/06sonic479
A Sonic Game That Has Some Appealing Qualities10/23/06Soro_Gin
I am the Walrus!11/06/06Unleashed Vortex
Decent game with amazing multiplayer.05/23/05wolverinefan
Better than the orginal, but is it pointless if you have the original.07/12/06xxMajinerxx

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Review TitlePostedAuthorRating
Awesome game,buy buy buy!02/16/02Alkaiser DELTA
Good for those who never played or don't own the DC version, but otherwise...02/14/02Behonkiss
Best Game I've EVER Played02/21/02Budbrowny
This game is responsible for the downfall of the Sonic franchise.09/02/16ChadReturns
Sonic and Shadow, the biggest rivals ever!02/15/02Chilli77
A good port to the GCN.07/01/08DarkMark42
Sonic For GameCube?! A Pass, or a Flop?02/27/02Firebird2kGM
I never played the DC version, but the GCN version pleases me...02/13/02garrspete
Shadow the hedgehog? Sounds awesome.05/18/09homerlampshade
This port is about the same as the original06/06/13irrewonderful
Finally, a decent platformer for Gamecube owners02/16/02Jolt Cola
Sonic games just keep getting better05/27/08JoshJ0612
This Game is Perfect... Well, Almost.03/12/02KirbySSB
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle awesome game a buy..03/07/02Knuckles Chaotix
A very fun game with some minor problems02/25/02Legolas01
Sega and Nintendo finally bring Sonic to Gamecube!03/16/02Luminous Carrot
An Good Game Running at a Breakneck Speed02/17/02MG Ray
Not bad for Sega02/21/02OniLink5000
10 years ago this would never had been imaginable...02/19/02PerfectGamer
Finally, Sonic comeths to the Gamecube!02/17/02PokeTrainerAlex
A good game, but still, a ripoff from Dreamcast02/14/02Prince Roy
The blue hedgehog on a Nintendo system?02/15/02ProtoDude
Overrated, but still pretty good05/08/08SharmHedgehog
Save the world... Or conquer it!02/11/10superstarluigi
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle beats its predecessor by a long shot...03/08/02The Sonic Hedgehog
A good game with its fair share of problems02/18/02Vic Rattlehead
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is a nice port for an average game.02/25/02Xkefka3X

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