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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DemonicChaosChao

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/24/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    B O M B E R M A N   G E N E R A T I O N  (for Nintendo Gamecube)  v 1.0
    This FAQ is copyrighted 2002 to DemonicChaosChao
    No other use of this FAQ is permitted. No links to this FAQ is allowed, 
    except by GameFAQS. If, at any attempts, this FAQ is taken on any site
    except GameFAQ, you MUST remove the link to this FAQ, or you may be
         N O T E  O F  R E M I N D E R: This FAQ shall cover everything.
                                          MAIN MENU
                                        1. Updates
                                        2. Introduction
                                        3. Main controls
                                        4. Bombs attributes and merge items
                                        5. Walkthrough*
                                        6. Boss strategy*
                                        7. Lightening Cards*
                                        8. Charaboms Locations*
                                        9. Heart Containers
                                        10. Credits
    *= It means that it is not completed yet. If there is none asterisk, it
    is completed. Enjoy the FAQ!
    1. U P D A T E S & I N F O R M A T I O N
    6/17/02: Wrote what I could put on this FAQ for now.
                      More information and walkthroughs are coming soon!
    Also: This is my first attempt at writing a FAQ.
    6/19/02: Completed World 1 Walkthrough, World 1 Lightening Cards
    locations, and World 1 Boss Strategy. Completed Bombs attributes list.
    I'm now adding World 2 to my collections. Fixed some big mess up on the
    FAQ. Rememeber this FAQ is my first time I've ever wrote.
    6/20/02: Added new Charabom Location section. I also made every
    list of the cards location ready, and I'm still working on world 2
    6/21/02: Working hard with the Charaboms Location section. Put in
    some information on the Cards Location. Edited some mistakes made here.
    6/22/02: Completed world 2 Walkthrough, completed World 2
    Lightening Card locations and World 2 Boss Strategy. Completed World 5 
    and World 3
    6/23/02: Working with World 3 Walkthrough, Lightening Cards Locations, 
    and Boss Strategy. Did some work with Charabom sections. Completed 
    World 5 Lightening Cards Locations.
    6/24/02: World 3 walkthrough complete, boss strategy complete, and
    the lightening cards locations (I will need some help with that). I
    added new section: Heart containers section.
    2. I N T R O D U C T I O N
    Mujoe and his gangs of Hige Hige bandits are after the six Bomb Elements
    that had been contained in a space freighter. However, they attack the 
    freighter and the Bomb Elements scattered and graviated towards the 
    planet of Tentacalls. Now Bomberman had been given the order by 
    Professor Ein to find all the Bomb Elements that had been scattered on
    planet Tentacalls. Its up to Bomberman to retrieve all the Bomb Elements
    or fail trying.
    3. M A I N   C O N T R O L S
    A button: Used to select menus
                Used to lay bombs (in game)
                Twice to pick up bomb and throw it (in game)
    B button: Used to go to the previous menu
                Used to denonate remote bombs
    X button: Used to select Charaboms
    Y button: Used to bring the selected Charabom's special ability
    C-Stick (The yellow one): Used to cycle between elemental bombs
    L or R buttons: Used to turn camera
    Z button: Used to bring up the Charabom and the bomb attribute menu
    D-Pad: Used to scroll items or to turn the camera
    Control Stick: Used to move Bomberman
    Advanced Control
    Front Bomb Drop: To drop the bomb in directly front of Bomberman, press 
    A then pick the bomb and hold A. Next press X and let go of A after X 
    is pressed.
    Bomb Kick: Press A to drop the bomb then go opposite the direction you 
    want to kick the bomb in. Then charge onto the bomb.
    Pumped Bomb: Press A then pick up the bomb and hold the A button. This
    is also called "Big Bomb".
    Bomb Shield: Using the Front Bomb Drop, don't let go of A and X button.
    The yellow arc is the bomb shield.
    4. B O M B S   A T T R I B U T E S & M E R G E   I T E M S
    Fire Bomb
    Attribute: Fire
    Merge item: None
    What is so special?: You start off with this bomb at the beginning.
    Aqua Bomb
    Attributes: Water
    Merge items: Water Balloon (Area 1-1)
    What is so special?: This kind of bomb can put out a fire.
    Ice Bomb
    Attribute: Ice
    Merge item: Shaved Ice (Area 2-2?)
    What is so special?: This icy bomb freezes waterspouts.
    Wind Bomb
    Attribute: Wind
    Merge Item: Fan (Area 3-4)
    What is so special?: It lifts large leaves when denonated.
    Light Bomb
    Attribute: Light
    Merge Item: Strobe light
    What is so special?: This bomb turns transparental objects into solid
    Pumped Bomb
    Attribute: Any
    Merge Item: None
    What is so special?: This bomb is an even powerful version of any bombs.
    Its blast is so big that you'd better stay clear of the blast radius.
    5. W A L K T H R O U G H
    World 1: Tentasia
    OctopiWoods 1-1:
    The first thing to do here is to collect some powerups. Go forward 
    until you find some large vases. Bomb the one near the tree to find a
    Bomb Up item. Now go to the four vase and bomb all of them. Make sure
    the enemy is dead. Pick up the Speed Up power up. Since your bomb blasts
    aren't strong enough, lay the bomb close to the vases. Ignore enemies 
    that mope around aimlessly. Go to your left and find two vases near the
    river to find a Bomb Up. Follow the yellow road to the giant boulder. 
    Pump up a bomb and throw it there. Stay clear of the blast. Go through 
    then bomb the vase in front of you to get Bomb Up. Follow the yellow 
    road to a tree. Bomb the tree so you can walk on it across the river.
    Turn sharply to the left to the rock formation in the river. Pump a bomb
    then throw it on the rock formation. Avoid the enemies that try to ram 
    into you. If you need a heart, bomb the vase on your right. Now Go to 
    your right and jump in the tree stump to earn two power up items. Go 
    back into the stump. There is another stump near the stump you jumped
    out. This isn't necessary unless you need more health. Also go to the 
    right of the log you just crossed and bomb a vase to find Bomb Up. One 
    more vase near the last stump. See the boulder? Pump a bomb to push it 
    into the river and go down the stairs then up. This is where you will
    find your first charabom! 
    So far, you should have maxed out bomb capacity, two fire items, and two
    speed items. You also should have a charabom named Andlar.
    Equip Andlar. He will raise your throwing distance and highness. After
    the introduction to your new charabom, go to the left to find two vase.
    Bomb them both and grab the power up. Find the four vases near the stump
    and bomb them to earn four different charabom feeds. They are important,
    used to make your charaboms stronger and stronger. Go in the stump and
    kick bombs in the hole, one by one and collect your rewards. Go in 
    another stump and follow the yellow road to the main path. Continuing
    from the yellow road, don't stray to a stump nearest you. Go in the
    stump that is far from you. Avoid the flying creature's droppings and 
    proceed. If you see a bridge, walk to the end and wait until a log
    drifts by. Run to the other side. Go to the vase to the left and bomb it
    and grab a power up. Walk until you see a portal with green light. Play
    the mini game to receive a Water Balloon item. Now go to the bridge...
    WAIT, where's the water? Not to worry. go to the stair just to the 
    furthermost right and Pump a bomb to push a boulder. Don't get out of 
    the river yet. After being dragged from the river, bomb three vases, one
    of them contains an heart container. Grab it and go into the stump then
    cross the bridge. Simply follow the yellow path to the end. Refer to
    section 6 for the mini boss strategy. After it is defeated, exit is just
    a stride away!
    Lake Mensor 1-2:
    Bomb ANY vases you walk upon or see. It is important to collect the 
    charabom feeds and power ups. Follow the yellow path to the lake. See
    the lily hovering in the water? Walk on it. Go in the water and find
    another lily platform. Get on it and throw a bomb to the enemy on land.
    After the enemy is killed, get on the brown ground (meaning get out of
    the water). Here is anohter lily, which goes back and forth. Get on it
    and wait until the lily meets another lily. Quickly get on it. Now walk
    on the ramp and find a tree surrounded by four vases. Grab the charabom
    feed then kick a bomb to the enemy on the lily. After the bomb explodes,
    swiftly run to the platform. Now throw a bomb to the lily, stuck in the
    vine-like structure. Run and land on it. Get to the other sides. Follow
    the yellow path and avoid the plant that waps you flat. Continuing on
    the main path, there is a big lily with a purple flower in the middle.
    Bomb the purple flower to activate a hovering platform on the right.
    Cross it to the lily that goes back and forth. Is your Bomberman quick
    enough? If so, run all the way to the lily with a purple flower. Bomb
    the flower then run to the big lily that had no purple flower. go in the
    water and walk to the platform that you activated. Things are about to
    get a little messy here. First turn right and see the platform going 
    back and forth and a tree on the other side of the river? Throw a 
    pumped bomb on the platform and cross the log that you took down. You'll
    find a new charabom: Dorako. I recommend you use Andlar to fight against
    him. Make sure Andlar is level 10 or more. Get the charabom and head for
    the log then cross it and follow the yellow path. Avoid any enemies. If
    you see a tree, go around it. Proceed until you find a orange portal.
    Your bombs are merged there! You get a new bomb: Aqua Bomb! Select the
    bomb by pressing left on the C Stick. Now test it on the fire. Now lets
    cross the river again! Go on the platform that goes back and forth and
    bomb the purple flower. Get on the large lily first! Now walk over to
    the platform you activated. Cross two small lilies and get on another
    platform that goes back and forth. Follow the yellow path to a small
    version of loch ness-like monster. Throw two pumped bombs to finish it
    off. Cross its back and go for the exit!
    OctoStone 1-3: 
    Nothing much to do here but to enter the arena and fight
    a real mini boss. Refer to section 6 for information on defeating this
    OctoManion 1-4:
    Run to your right until you come upon a fence. Walk close to the totem
    pole. If it starts to fall, stay clear of it! Walk to the two logs that
    smash into each other. Time your run and run through it. You'll come
    upon some totem poles. Avoid them when you come closer. Also don't
    forget my motto: Avoid enemies and destroy all vase. Proceed until you 
    walk upon three logs that swing back and forth. Time it exactly or you
    will fall into the groove. If so, try again. If you made it, bravo! 
    Now run away from those annoying octoenemies and bomb three large vases
    using a pumped up bomb. There is a lightening card in the middle one.
    Anyway, proceed to find a green flashing switch. Step on it to be lifted 
    up in the air and walk on the platform with a boulder. Pump a bomb and
    throw it next to the boulder and run away. After it is down, you can 
    cross a big hole! Conquer all the enemies using the boulder (pump a bomb
    then throw). Go down and walk up a ramp just ahead of the boulder. To
    be safe, throw a bomb to the enemy holding a fire ball and kill it. Use
    the advanced front bomb drop technique to cross the gap. Go around until
    you meet upon two enemies and use the bomb. go down the ramp and bomb
    four vases then walk back into the narrow path. Drop a bomb in the gap.
    Cross over quickly and make a pumped up bomb then put it into the gap.
    Now follow the main path forwards. Lay a bomb near the two doors to open
    it. Run incessantly intil a door stops you. Use a pumped up bomb to open
    the giant door. Take a chance to explore grabbing the vases powerups. 
    Look around to find a green switch just near where the boulder is. 
    Turning the camera is useful here. Go through the door you opened by
    pushing the boulder. Throw a bomb to the guy on the tall pole and it
    will fall over, opening a path. Run and pump a bomb and use it on the
    boulder blocking the main path. Get on the main path and bomb the pole
    with a enemy on it to reveal more path. Now demolish the area. Also 
    throw a bomb to another enemy on the pole. Walk back to where the 
    boulder was. You'll see a gap in the fort wall. Go through it to find a
    green switch to the boulder and push it using a pumped up bomb. Run to
    the large door that you opened and go through. Avoid any enemies that 
    appears and run ahead until a green switch appears into your view. Step
    on it to be lifted and pump up a bomb to push a boulder. Now you've
    opened the exit path.. but what's this?! A Scythe Praying Mantis?!
    Thats not a problem. Throw two or three pumped bombs to finish him off
    and head for the exit!
    Sukkor Hills 1-5:
    Run ahead and evade any enemies. Watch out for the plants that chomps 
    Bomberman up. Go up the large ramp. Now the major path to take is to the
     left. Keep going UP. Never go down (That is unless you want to explore
    and kill time). Until you reach a boulder, that is on a switch which is 
    required to make the airlift work, stop there. Throw a pumped up bomb 
    near the boulder and run on the airlift platform. Run around to the top 
    until you come across a large valley. Run straight until you come to a 
    big arena. See those soldiers? Well they will keep on regenerating. Just
    bomb all four gates and kill all the spear-holder enemies. The king will
    be angered if you destroy the gates and kill all the soldiers. Now its 
    time to take the king down! Use a pumped bomb and lay it on the path of 
    where the boulder will go. That way the boulder will smash the bomb
    and throw the king off and squish him to death. Exit, here we come!
    PaonStadium 1-6:
    This is where you fight Elephantsque. This boss's not hard if you know 
    all the strategy of taking him down.
    World 2: Octocean
    OctoShoals 2-1:
    This level may be a little confusing but I'll try and explain. Just
    follow the pebble-like road. Be careful when you meet up with a enemy
    that sticks out itself and wait for an victim to squeeze. It is green
    and has a 'eye' on its red tip. Keep going until you bump into a 
    charabom portal. You'll get Kai-Man! Now follow the pebble-like road.
    Avoid those Jellyfishes. They explode on contact. Be careful! Also I
    recommend that you equip Kai-Man for his shield protection! Sooner, you
    will come upon floors with spikes and bubbles coming out of the floor.
    Simply get on the bubble ride and Bomberman'll automatically go the main
    path. Just keep going until you see orange fishes. Those fishes slow you
    down on your bubble jump and stops you in the air and cause you to fall
    in the spikey floor. Time your move so you can get past those annoying
    fishes. Now just follow the rocky path and you'll be close to your exit.
    If you come upon a red swtich, bomb it. You'll put the wheel thing into
    reverse. Do the same process until you cannot find a shell. Go down the
    slope on the edge and walk over to the other side to find a shell. Use a
    pumped bomb and lay it there so it will explode and press the red button
    then you can ride the jet to ge back on the platform and ride the wheel.
    Continue ahead until you see a house with a red switch in the door.
    Throw a bomb inside and quickly get on the jet and wait until the fishes
    disappear. Now jump on the ledge and ride some more jets to the other
    side and continue with the rocky path to complete this level.
    Blakinc Trench 2-2:
    Follow the muddy path to the sunken ship. You'll see a hole on the ship,
    in which the doors were supposed to be. Enter to get on the other side.
    Go through the narrow path between the ships. Go for the door and....
    Hey what's this?! A locked door?! Hmm look for the ghost. Throw a pumped
    bomb to finish him off and you can then go in the door-less enterance.
    You'll see a couple of jellyfish creatures blocking the bubble jet. Kill
    those things and ride on the jet to get on the sunken ship. If you want
    to get Ligon, now's your chance. Use a pumped bomb on the thick pole and
    cross it to get on the other side and bomb the thin pole to reach Ligon
    in a portal. Go back from where you rode the jet. Bomb the thin pole
    nearby and go down. Follow the muddy path to a bubble air jet. You'll
    get carried from the ground to the higher platform and in the air. Jump
    to the platform, just right next to the Jellyfish creature. Ride the 
    jets around to get on the higher platform with a bubble jet hole. Jump
    to the other side of the walls. Now look for another door-less hole...
    Oh not this again. The ghosts. Throw a pumped bomb to put those annoying
    ghosts to rest. Now go through the main path. Again, look for the gap 
    with a jelly fish. Go through the gap and ride the bubble jet to the
    platform on the right. Ride the jet again to get on the sunken ship. But
    wait! First get on the platform on the left (the one with a hermit crab)
    and throw a pumped bomb to defeat the ghost and get back on the ship. 
    Using Andlar, using pumped bomb, throw it over near the thick pole to 
    make it fall down and cross. Do the same with the thin pole and cross.
    You'll see a bubble jet blowing horizionally, blocking your only path to
    get cross. Well, simply throw a bomb to push a boulder just above the
    bubble jet hole. It will block the jet air. You can now go ahead safely.
    Go ahead until you see another bubble jet hole. Look for a jellyfish
    creature nearby. Dematerialize it then bomb on the poles that the ship's
    tied on. Get on the bubble jet you saw earlier. Get on the ship and look
    for the green switch. Stand on it. Enjoy your short voyage. Then...
    BANG! What's up? You go to the back and look around. Not those ghosts
    again! Simply throw a bomb to clean them of their sins and send them to
    somewhere. Now continue the voyage. When you stop, go look for the thick
    pole that fell down when you completed your voyage. Continue ahead until
    you fight a mini boss. Just throw three pumped up bombs at him until he
    is ship wrecked. I recommend that you stay behind him so you can evade
    his every attacks.
    Currenis Field 2-3:
    Refer to the Boss Strategy section for information on how to beat the 
    Beauty Bomber.
    Bigbu Iceberg 2-4:
    This stage is easy. Don't be fooled. There are puzzles to conquer too.
    You should see a green path. Follow it to two purple icebergs with green
    on its side. Simply bomb the green side off. The platform will be
    active. Take the one that is on the end first. You'll find a bomb merge 
    item here then take the other purple iceberg. After you get on the 
    other side of the icebergs, don't take another purple iceberg ride. 
    Keep on the green path until you walk up a bunny slope. 
    Throw a bomb to the end of the see-saw-like iceberg and walk down
    the ramp to another iceberg.
    Go around and look for an long and large see-saw-like iceberg. 
    Throw a pumped bomb here and get a lift to the higher iceberg. 
    From here, you'll see bunches of igloo's. 
    Kick a bomb in each of them to eliminate the igloo's that house tons of
    Hige Hige enemies. Continue until you see a weird walurus with a horn.
    Throw a pumped bomb on its sides not the front or back or else it will
    kick the bomb back at you. When the platform is raised, proceed. If you
    see those walurus creatures again, plant a pumped bomb, just right on
    the edge of the platform you're standing on. Not on their platform. Wait
    until they are eliminated. You'll see multiples of those creature after
    the platform is raised. Kill them all to raise the platform you are
    standing on. Now follow the green path ahead then look for a see-saw 
    like ice and bomb the green thing that is blocking the water spouts from 
    coming out. Now its time to cross it. After crossing, follow the green 
    path to another seesaw-like iceberg. Get up on the platform and continue
    with the green path. Another seesaw iceberg you'll have to get on the 
    another platform. But if you want a quick lightning card, just bomb the
    front end (the opposite way of how you get on the higher platform.) Run
    through the smallest and shortest tunnel up to the slope and on the left
    ramp, bomb the barrel to get a card. Now get out of the area by taking 
    the right slope to find a edge with a slope. Now continue with the green
    path. You'll encounter two seesaw-like icebergs, go down the stairs and
    place a bomb near the non-moving part. Finally, cross the two iceberg to
    the other side. Run forward until you see two walurus blocking the green
    part of an iceberg. Throw a pumped bomb ON the edge of the purple 
    iceberg. Take out two of them. After the procession is done, go up the 
    icy stairs and follow the green path to the exit!
    Bigbu Caverns 2-5: 
    Follow the planks until you see the second purple door. Bomb it then
    bomb to the left of the green block to reveal a passage, where you find
    a special charabom: Pommy! Now continue to the end, and look for the last
    small purple ice wall. Bomb it then look for the huge yellow ice block.
    Pump a bomb then throw it from the behind to push it. YOu will reveal an
    enterance. Go through the yellow ice and follow the planks on the floor
    to another block of yellow ice. Using a pumped bomb, push it and go
    around to find a green ice block blocking your path. Simply throw a bomb
    behind it to move it over and pump a bomb and throw over to the ice 
    block so you can push it. As soon as you throw the pumped bomb, go in 
    the enterance quickly to get on the other side. Now just follow the 
    planks on the floor to a large purple ice door. Use a pumped bomb to 
    counter it and go through. Run past those penguins and use the pumped 
    ones to counter other purple door. Proceed until you see a large mass 
    of ice blocking your main path. Bomb the walurus creature first then
    bomb the green ice block using a pumped bomb to push it. The path will
    finally then be opened. Proceed and using the planks as a guide. You
    will see two small icebergs stuck on some green material. Bomb the first
    one then throw a bomb to free the second one. Cross the pond. Follow
    the planks until you see another patch of iceberg stuck on green ice.
    Bomb it to free it and throw a pumped bomb on it to demolish the purple
    enterance. Go in the enterance to find a Bomb Merge portal! This is 
    where you get the ice bomb! Now go back where you were on the main path. 
    Follow the ice path to another large mass of iceberg blocking your path.
    Use your trusty pumped bomb to get through this crisis. For the last 
    green ice block, look for a thing that stands on four legs and throw a
    pumped bomb in front of it to push the green ice. Continue ahead, you 
    will meet two walurus. Bomb them both to cause a ice to raise to your 
    level. Go in and out of the enterance and head for the one and the only!
    The exit!
    Bigbu Cavity 2-6:
    This is a boss arena, where you will fight Bigbu Squid. Be careful and
    do what the strategy says or else you will fail.
    World 3: TakoDesert
    Balley Valley 3-1:
    Follow the paved sandy path. Soon, you'll see a weird looking purple
    caterpillar creature. Bomb it only if you want to open a certain wall
    that is colored green. When the creature is looking the way where you 
    needed to go through, make sure the bomb explodes at that moment. Go
    through the one on the right. Go through and find another caterpillar
    creature. Bomb the moment that the creature is looking at the green
    wall. Make sure it go through the green wall then proceed. Do the same
    process over again and again when you encounter them. After you've done
    with the caterpillars, you'll see a large slab of quicksand on the
    ground. Go through the hole that it's sucking in. You'll appear on the
    other side! Now proceed until you come upon two skeleton heads. Kick a
    bomb in the hovering skeleton's hole and the second skeleton head will
    open its mouth. Go in to find yourself on the other side. You'll come
    upon several of quicksands. Avoid the part where it sucks you in. You
    should see a green column. bomb it to cut it down and walk across the
    column. Bomb the other column to cross to the other side again. Look
    for the U-Shaped quicksand and go up the small stairs. Throw a bomb
    here to the column to bring it down and cross it. Walk over to the
    other quicksand and let it suck you down. You'll get to the other side.
    Go up the small staircase and throw a bomb over to the column to get an
    free access to the other side. Go to the U-Shaped and throw a bomb over
    to the column using Andlar. Cross it and if you find a quick sand that
    "spits" out sands and is pushing sand out, just lay a bomb and let it
    be carried to the sucking part. Go in the reverse quicksand and run out
    of it fast otherwise, be sucked in again. Anyway, you'll find a small
    quicksand that's pushing sand out. Hmm go down the slope on the edge and
    try bombing that door. WATCH OUT! Sand rushing out! After the cutscene's
    done, follow the paved sand path. When you first see a quicksand sucking
    in, go in it and go in another sucking quicksand to meet the mini boss-
    The Robot Camel! Refer to the boss strategy section for more info.
    After it is defeated, go to the exit.
    Tako Temple 3-2: 
    At the starting point, immediately go to a statue. Its not any statue.
    It is the living statue that blasts laser! Look around for a lamppost
    that has a yellowish cylinder and purple on the top and the bottom.
    Provoke the statue to blast the laser towards the lampost so a door will
    lower open. You'll see a hut. Kick a bomb in it so it will blow up into
    pieces. Follow the golden brown brick road. You should see a yellow
    switch. Put a bomb on it and be lifted to the platform with a green
    switch. Press it to lower a platform. Run to the platform and cross the
    long, long path to a charabom portal. This is where you put a leash on
    Pteradon! Now go back and look for a stair case, in which two vases are
    blocking the path. Bomb it and go through. You'll come upon two path,
    one on the left, one on the right. Take the right one anyway. You need
    to lower the platform that has the lamppost standing on it. Find a bunch
    of huts and blow them up to make way for a green switch. Press it and
    bomb the hut that was just lowered. Push the other green switch and
    provoke the statue to blast the lamppost. Go through the lowered door.
    Now get in the quicksand's path. Lay a bomb so the quicksand will
    swallow it then reverse the effect. Go down the quicksand to apppear
    on the other side. Now run until you find the first tako statue.
    Provoke it and get a path open to bunches of tako statues. Run past
    those blasted lasers and find the statue that will face you. Run to its 
    back and you should step on a green switch. A platform has been lowered.
    Go back and run to another statue, facing a raised lamppost platform.
    Find two huts behind the statue and blow it up to reveal a green switch.
    Step on it to lower the lamppost platform. Run towards the lamppost so
    the statue is provoked. Now go through the lowered doors. Here, we use
    the advanced front bomb drop technique so the bomb will land on a yellow
    switch. Go across and step on a green switch just behind the statue. Now
    go back and start with the hut you just lowered. Bomb it all and you'll
    find a green switch. Walk over it and the TALLEST of the tall platform
    with a lamppost will lower. Provoke a statue so it will use the laser
    beam and you will have opened the pathway to the exit!
    Tako's Coliseum 3-3: 
    This area is where you fight the birdman, a bird lov... anyway, the
    Eagle Bomber! He looks very hard to beat! But don't worry he's not that
    hard... unless you want to collect cards from him. You'll have a heck of
    time with getting the 5th Card. Practice makes perfect!
    Tako's Storm 3-4: 
    From the beginning, go forward and find a yellow switch, just in front
    of you. Lay a bomb on it and go through the lowered door. Walk ahead
    until you reach another green door blocking your path. Simply line up
    with the brick path and throw a bomb. The door will be lowered, because
    there is a hidden yellow switch behind it. Go through and you will find
    another door. Throw a bomb on the yellow switch on the right platform.
    After that, go through to see some weird fish-like statue, with mouth on
    the bottom of them. Kick a bomb and it will turn around, revealing a
    staircase on its back. If you go beyond the statue and head for the exit
    it won't be simple. You have to kick ALL three of those statues besides,
    you need to clear the storm. Anyway, continue by walking on the stairs.
    Walk to the right and you'll see two path, one on the right and one on
    the left. Take the right, unless you need a heart, take the left. Follow
    the brick path but you'll find a hut blocking your path. Look for other
    brick path and follow it to find a hole on the bottom of the wall. Kick
    the bomb directly in the hut so you'll be able to go through the path
    that the hut blocked. Proceed. As soon as you reach a second fork, pick
    the right if you want to merge Pommy and Pteradon to get P.Dragon! If
    you have trouble cossing the gap, just throw a pumped bomb and cross. 
    Proceed to the brick path and follow it to another yellow switch on a
    small and short pillar. Throw a bomb to lower the green door and you
    should see a hole on the bottom. Kick a bomb through the hole and make
    sure it goes through the hut and blows the hut up. Now go through the
    path that the hut blocked. Ignore the tall pillar with the yellow switch
    unless you want to get a card. Refer to the Lightening Card section to
    find out how to get this one. Anyhoo, follow the brick path to the 
    second statue. Kick a bomb in it so it will turn its back to reveal 
    a staircase. Climb the stair and go to your left. Continue ahead until
    you see a left turn. Turn left and proceed until you see a statue. Turn
    right to the stairs. Fight your way following the brick path to a statue
    provoke it and make it blast the laser beam to the right lamppost. Go
    through the newly opened path to another hut. Throw a bomb so it lands
    on the yellow switch behind those walls. It will raise a green door. 
    Kick a bomb here in the hut to blow it up. Proceed. Again, provoke the
    statue to blast its laser left. Its very important to follow the brick
    path. You should find another yellow switch. Lay a bomb on it and a 
    green door lowers. But not all the way. Look for a yellow switch just 
    behind  the wall. Throw a bomb here and a wall lowers so the hole touch
    the floor, making the path of a bomb kick passable. Blow up the hut and 
    proceed. In the next area, you should find two statues, and one weird 
    statue. This time it's not going to be easy. It opens and closes its 
    mouth while it turns itself left and right repeatedly. Try and kick a 
    bomb in it and you will have finally calmed the storm of Takos. Proceed
    the stairs and turnright two times and look for a slope on the edge. 
    fall down of it and head for the one and the only, the exit! (Well 
    technically, since levels has exits each ^.^)
    Octo Tower 3-5:
    Go up the stairs and go past those faces on the floor... FAST! They will
    raise and stick their sharp eyes and tongue to harm bomberman! Run
    ahead to a face statue, with a mouth open on the bottom. I call them
    the bomb eaters. Anyway, kick a bmb in it and quickiy get on the face
    on the floor just behind it. Denonate the bomb and you will see that it
    is not a floor. It is a small platform that lifts you up in the air. 
    If you went up a place you didn't want to go, use the shutes to go down.
    Run to the left and explore the left area to discover a green switch.
    To complete the stage, you'll need to press ALL of those switch to get
    to the top of the tower. Lay a bomb on the rotating platform and
    denonate it to spin it so the layout of a platform will change from a
    tetris-like block to straight floor. (Its much quicker if you do this
    with pommy, as to conserve time.) Cross it and press the green switch
    and go back the way you got here. Go north and run right to find another
    bomb eater statue. Kick a bomb and go on the plaform and denonate the
    bomb to get a lift to the teal floors. Go left and kick a bomb in the
    bomb eater statue to get a lift on the green floors. Home on the switch.
    Look for an area with six faces, and a switch on the middle. Time your
    crossing and press the switch. Run to the left, and make sure you reach
    a vase. If you see a vase, bomb it then throw a pumped bomb on the huge
    block with faces. Push it over and you'll have revealed a hole where you
    can get on the other side of the green floor. Go down the shute to get
    on the teal floor. Now look for a floor with a lone vase. You can bomb
    it if you want. Throw a bomb on the sticking part of the rotating plate.
    Don't denonate it yet. Go back the way you did and cross three faces,
    leading to the rotating platform. Denonate the bomb and cross. Press
    the switch and proceed. You should see other rotating platform. Throw a
    bomb on either side and denonate it. Kick a bomb in the bomb eater
    statue, then cross and get on the platform. Denonate the bomb. You
    should come to a place where you pushed the statue opening a secret
    enterance. Press the green switch and you will have completed the
    rotation of the mechinal controlled platform. Use this to get to places
    haven't been or couldn't get to before. Go back to the purple floor and
    look for the rotational platform. Turn it and cross. Run ahead, ignoring
    the bomb eater statue, you should find a bomb merge portal. Make sure
    you have the fan and you will acquire the wind bomb. Kick a bomb in the
    bomb eater statue. Have a bomb ready to kick on the platform because
    once you take a lift, there will be a bomb eater statue, DIRECTLY in
    front of you. Kick the bomb quickly! Get off the platform fast! Now
    calmly take another platform to the green floor. Get off it and kick a
    bomb in the bomb eater staue to take a lift to the top of the tower. You
    are not finished so don't hop around and do the indian dance. Here, what
    you need to do is to get in the door at the peak of the tower. Lay a
    bomb near the hole in the wall. Then lay a bomb on the yellow switch to
    lower the tower a bit. Kick the bomb in the hole on the wall then 
    denonate it to open the door! Now run to the floor that matches the
    floor you are standing on's height. Walk up the stairs to reach the door
    at the peak and get in the exit! Whew that was a long one.
    Cursed Temple 3-6
    You're halfway through the game! Keep up! Don't give up! This area, is
    where you'll fight Imhotep's sidekick- the cursed mummy. This boss took
    me a few run through before I could succeed at beating the boss. This
    boss sure is hard. Later in the game, the bosses and the mini bosses
    gets harder.
    6. B O S S   S T R A T E G Y
    Mini Boss (Area 1-1): Petal Fan
    First you have to avoid those things that comes from the ground. To
    prevent being whittled away by the wind, stay on the left or right.
    Throw a small bomb at the mini boss to hurt the mini boss. The 
    small green thing will bob sometimes so the mini boss can blow away 
    the bombs. Make sure your timing is right or else you won't succeed
    into defeating the mini boss. After it is gone, head for the exit!
    REMEMBER: Make sure the mini boss's not spinning his petals first.
    Mini Boss (Area 1-3): Megaton Bomber
    Bomb throw: Throw two bombs (Duh!)
    Mace swing: He swings them around like an helicopter, it will also blow
    away the bombs near him.
    Mace throw: He'll try to hit you with a mace at a long distance.
    Charging dash: He'll try to ram and flatten you with this dash.
    Floor Smash: He'll use the mace to smash it against the floor. 
    Strategy: Using pumped bombs eight time is ideal to defeat him. But be
    aware! He's not dumb as he looks. But his weakness is leaving him off
    guard in the back. Using eight pumped bombs, you should be able to 
    defeat him. Also avoid all his attack and his attack patterns.
    Boss (Area 1-6) Elephantesque
    Body slam: He'll use this if you are close to him.
    Elephant Charge: He will try to squash and ram you.
    Bomb kick: If you throw a bomb on his side, he'll kick it off.
    Bomb Cannon: He'll use it in a pitiful attempt to bomb you.
    Strategy: To defeat him, you have to attack using pumped bombs. If MAX 
    appears, you're lucky! The Elephantsque will sometimes use Bomb Cannon.
    In that pose, pump a bomb and throw it behind him and it will hurt 
    Elephantsque dearly. (get it?)^_^
    Mini Boss (Area 2-3) Beauty Bomber
    Bomb Kick: She'll kick the bombs. Only you thought it would go straight?
    WRONG! Look again! It bounces and tries to home on at you.
    Glorious Shield: She'll shield herself with one of those hovering things
    and walk around bluffing. To get rid of her shield, throw a pumped bomb
    at her.
    Spinning Laser: She'll sometimes use that move to try and fry Bomberman.
    Three Laser Special: She'll home all three things's lasers at 
    you at a pitiful attempt to fry you once again after she uses the move
    Spinning Laser. 
    Shield and Laser Surprise: She'll use an combonation of laser and shield
    surrounding her. That way She'll walk around safely, out of Bomberman's
    Strategy: As always, pumped bombs works well here. IF she brings up her
    shield, use your trusty pumped bombs to leave Beauty Bomber vulnerable.
    Now's your chance! A few times around, she'll get smarter and attack you
    with many dangerous arensals in her sleeves. Avoid any one of them and
    attack her when you have the chance.
    Boss (Area 2-6) Bigbu Squid
    Bomb cannon: In his first form, he'll use this to try and kill you. 
    Squid Missile: Those annoying squid will follow you around at a slow 
    rate. Don't be fooled. They attack in swarms.
    Squid Missile Barrage: Bigbu Squid will launch the missile rapidly. 
    Avoid the attack immediately.
    Squid Suck: This attack will suck up EVERYTHING even the squid missiles.
    Well not the squid missiles.
    Strategy: First take out all three cannons then throw a pumped bomb on 
    the ship to eliminate one cannon. The ship will transform into a Bigbu
    Squid. Evade his every attempt to attack. Throw a Ice bomb to make him
    shiver and he'll get angered and try to eat you up with the Squid Suck.
    Pump up another bomb so he'll eat the bomb and get harmed. Keep up the
    pattern until he's fried squid rice.
    Mini Boss (Area 3-2) Dual Camel
    Frying Bomb: He'll blast a simple bomb on Bomberman
    Strategy: Simply cause it to go in 'sleeping' sitting state. To do that,
    just go near him. Anyway, pump a bomb and throw it to him. I recommend
    that you have Pommy so you can denonate the bomb when the frying pan
    on the camel's back is open. Do this twice to each camels and they're
    done for.
    Mini Boss (Area 3-3) Eagle Bomber
    Eagle Comet: He'll use this move to try and ram you using his beak.
    Eagle Bomb Drop: He'll fly out of the arena and fly by to drop bombs,
    just like planes.
    Eagle Twister: When you hear him say "TORNADO!" Or something like that,
    that means he'll try to harm you using his Eagle Twister attack.
    Super Eagle Pile Driver: You'll know that he's going to use this move
    when he goes around the arena with some kind of aura around him then
    he'll home on you and grab you. Then he'll go up the air and go down
    like 100 ton anchor and boom! Bomberman loses one whole heart.
    Strategy: When he's done doing a move, Eagle Bomber will stay close to
    the ground, hovering aimlessely, thinking of a next move. Well, don't
    just stand there! Throw a pumped bomb and make sure it stuns him so he
    doesn't move during the blast.
    Boss (Area 3-6): Cursed Mummy
    Jaw Slam: He'll use this move to raise his head higher and bring it down
    to make a huge temporary earthquake.
    Enemy Summoner: He will use this technique to summon two robots that
    spews fire from three sides.
    Transformational stage: He'll evolve from cheap cursed statue to a 
    dangerous Cursed Tako Mummy.
    Curse: It'll put a curse on you to slow you down and make you drop
    bombs repeatedly.
    Cursed Flame: The cat-like face will spew fire from its mouth to harm
    Hand Touch: It'll try to touch you to hurt you (I'm not sure why it
    hurts from a simple touch)
    Strategy: The first stage, when it is about to use Jaw Slam, throw a
    pumped bomb in its mouth and it will be hurt. Don't take the mummy easy,
    for he has suprises at the second transformational stage. You will have
    to throw a pumped bomb and denonate it... ONLY when its under the mummy
    or below its small nose. Be quick and agile, if it puts a curse on you.
    Ignore the hands but avoid them too and try to concerate on blasting 
    the blasted mummy's nose. I suggest you use Pommy, Pomyugar or P.Dragon
    for this one.
    7. L I G H T E N I N G   C A R D S
    World 1 Tentasia
    Area 1-1 OctopiWoods:
    1st Card: Go to the area where there are bridges with gaps and logs
    going through them. Cross the first bridge to the second bridge. After 
    you get on the second bridge's log, STAY THERE! Wait until Bomberman
    jumps and lands on an alcove and bomb the middle vase to reveal a card.
    2nd Card: At the beginning, proceed until you reach an area where you
    have to throw the pumped up bomb to take a tree down to get across the 
    river. You'll need a merged Charabom- Fire Horn. look for a water area 
    with a lone green platform in the middle. Line up a bomb towards the 
    tree and blow the tree up and cross two logs to 4 vases and bomb all of
    them to reveal a card.
    3rd Card: Go to the bridge area and cross the first bridge. Go and push
    the boulder that is blocking the water. Then bomb it once again to force 
    a vase to float almost to shore. Bomb the boulder again to block water
    from coming and keeping the vase afloat. Now bomb the vase to reveal a
    Area 1-2 Lake Mensor:
    1st Card: Proceed all the way until you come upon the second tree that 
    rotates and drops apple when you bomb it. Turn on your left and look for 
    a ramp. Go down the ramp into the water. Get on a lily that floats up
    and down in the water. Use the advanced frong bomb drop technique(Aqua
    bomb is best used). Kick the bomb in the hole just below the hovering
    flower. Bomb the vase to collect your card.
    2nd Card: Run all the way through the stage until you see a large single
    water spout. Use the Ice Bomb to freeze the water spout and cross it to
    meet upon a vase. Destroy the vase to reveal a card.
    3rd card: Go ALL the way through the level to the end. Until you spot a
    waterfall and three small waterfall spouts. Use Andlar and pump up a 
    bomb. Throw pumped bombs in each holes to plug up the three water spouts
    and go down the ramp to find a vase. It contains an card.
    Area 1-3 Octostone
    1st Card: Defeat the Megaton Bomber in less than 4 minutes.
    2nd Card: You need Pommy or Pomyugar for this. Pump a bomb then time
    your explosion when he charges at you and says something like "AAAAAAA!"
    3rd Card: Use a pumped fire bomb on him.
    4th Card: Use a pumped Aqua Bomb on him.
    5th Card: Stun him with a pumped bomb. Make sure the bomb really hits
    Megaton Bomber before it explodes.
    Area 1-4 Octomanion
    1st card: Go all the way until you reach an area that you have to use a
    bomb to cross the gap. Go all the way and cross the pumped bomb sized
    gap. Walk up the ramp and until you see a slope on the edge. You need
    Fire Horn for this. Line up the bombs and hop on the bombs to the other
    side. Walk all the way until you see a big vase. Bomb it to get a card.
    2nd Card: Make a skim walkthrough until you meet up with three big
    vases. Bomb the middle one to get a card.
    3rd Card: After defeating the mini boss - Scythe Praying Mantis, walk
    for the exit. STOP!! Don't walk IN the exit. Just walk near the exit. 
    Now turn your camera left (You have to walk on the pole that the king 
    last sat on.) You'll see a narrow path leading to a boulder. Push it and 
    go all the way until you see flames coming up from the ground. Kick an
    Aqua Bomb to extinguish the flames and go for the vases. One of them has
    a card.
    Area 1-5 SukkorHills
    1st Card: Head for the second wooden bridge. Stand on it and bomb the
    bridge. Fall on the rapids and let it carry you over to the ledge below.
    Bomb the cracked wall and go through the tunnel and use the Wind Bomb
    to lift the leaf up into air and in the middle of the five vases 
    contains a card.
    2nd Card: This is hard to explain but, alas, you can do it. Run past the
    first bridge. Before the second bridge, stop there. Go and look for an
    area that has a gap with something red. Cross the gap using the pumped
    bomb. You also need the Wind Bomb so you can go up the large leaf. After
    you get there, cross the gap once again. Then walk past the boulder 
    slope and bomb a cracked wall . You should reveal a tunnel and go
    in. You ALSO need Marine Eel. Now go to the area where there is a
    octoenemy sitting on a switch, while the wooden walls are blocking your
    every attempt to throw a bomb at the enemy. Simply throw the homing bomb
    just in the gap to bomb the enemy (This may take a few tries). Now get
    on the lift platform that you activated. Once you get on the other side,
    look for some vases and bomb them to collect a card.
    3rd Card: Go ALL the way to the top of the mountain. As you walk through
    the valleys, there's a fork in the road. One leading to a mini boss 
    arena, other one leads to vases and some enemies. Well, go to the end of
    this path and look for a slope on the edge. There is also a flame below
    the slope. Use the advanced frong bomb drop technique with Aqua Bomb to
    extingush the flame and go down the slope and bomb a vase nearby to get
    a card.
    World 2: OctOcean
    Area 2-1 OctoShoals
    1st Card: Go all the way until you see a first lone small boulder. Bomb
    it to move it and reveal a bubble jet hole. First throw a pumped bomb on
    the ledge and wait until it explodes and get on the jet and jump on the
    ledge to snag a card.
    2nd Card: Light Bomb is required to get the card. Go to the place where
    there's spinning wheels. Go past all four spinning wheel. As you jump
    off the platform, turn to your immediate left and find an transparental
    box. Inside there is a card.
    3rd Card: Go to the area with the spinning wheels, where you need to
    bomb the shells to reverse the spinning wheels. You need Pteradon or
    Fire Horn. Cross the first two spinning wheels. Look for an slope on an
    edge of the platform you're standing on. Bomb jump the gap and pump up a
    bomb then throw the bomb into a gap to jump to the higher platform. Bomb
    the left box to get a card.
    Area 2-2: Blaknic Trench
    1st Card: It is somewhere close to the mini boss battle. Look for a
    barrel on a ledge. There should be a transparent bubble jet. Use a
    Light Bomb to solidify it and ride the jet to the ledge and add the
    card to your collection.
    2nd Card: This card is ABSOLUTELY easy to get. Look for the area with
    air bubble jets forming an circle with the first card on the middle
    platform. Go to the area before this area. There should be a hermit
    crab with a barrel, while the air bubble jet is blocking the pathway
    to the card. Get on the bubble jet and jump over to the area and bomb
    the barrel to get a card.
    3rd Card: Get past the first sunken ship and look for an area that has
    air jets surrounding every walls. After your ride is over, go over to
    the platform in the middle. Bomb the barrel to fish a card.
    Area 2-3: Currenis Fields
    1st Card: Defeat Beauty Bomber in less than 4 minutes.
    2nd Card: You need to hit one of those things with a Pumped Bomb. Use
    Andlar or Angol for this one.
    3rd Card: Using the same pattern as the second card, this time use the
    Aqua Bomb.
    4th Card: Try to catch her off-guard after she uses the Spinning Laser.
    When she's about to ascend in the air, make sure you have a fire pumped
    bomb ready and try to stun her.
    5th Card: When the Beauty Bomber is using her Shield and Laser Surprise,
    try and find a gap in the attack. Throw a pumped up Wind Bomb using 
    Andlar or Angol.
    Area 2-4: Bigbu Iceberg
    1st Card: Find the lone barrel on a very tall pillar. Bomb the walurus
    creature and go down the slope quickly. If you don't get on the
    platform when it raises then you have to start over. If you did it,
    then using a charabom that gives Bomberman the bouncing ability, jump
    on a pumped up bomb to get on the platform. Bomb the barrel to get a
    2nd Card: The location of the card is just before you walk across the 
    two large see-saw-like icebergs. Look for a area that has a tunnel 
    below. The area also should have two narrow highest path. The right one
    should have a slope on the edge. Go back on the see-saw-like iceberg and
    bomb the front end of it to bring it even lower and the path to the 
    tunnel will be opened. Walk to the left narrow path and bomb the barrel
    to score a card.
    3rd Card: Find the area that has five of those walurus creatures. Kill
    them all to make the iceberg you were standing on raise. Now go back to
    the slope and you should find a small alcove, containing a barrel. Bomb
    it for a card.
    Area 2-5: Bigbu Cavern
    1st Card: This is a bit hard to explain. Follow the wooden planks on the
    floor until you come to two forks on the path, with the wooden planks.
    Go to the left and turn to your immediate right to find two large wooden
    planks. Bomb both to activate a waterspout. Use the ice bomb to freeze
    the waterspouts and make sure that the planks make a straight path to
    the ledge with a barrel. Bomb it to discover a card.
    2nd Card: ? 
    3rd Card: Whenever you touch an area that has a small iceberg floating
    to the stuck one. Using Pommy, Pomyugar or P.Dragon, denonate the bomb
    when it touches the stuck one. Now ride the small iceberg that was freed.
    Go ahead and bomb those four barrels to find a card.
    World 3: TakoDesert
    Area 3-1: Balley Valley
    1st Card: This one is just before the portal where you got Stegodon.
    Rememeber the last green wall you busted? Well bust the other green wall
    to lead a way to a lone vase. Bomb it to grab a card.
    2nd Card: This one's in the skeleton head. Explore the area with two
    skulls. Kick the bombs in the holes and one of them will open the 
    skull's mouth. Bomb the vase to pull out a card.
    3rd Card: This one's too easy. After you get past the skulls, find the
    second quicksand. Go to the path that has long purple path that leads
    to four flames. Kick the Aqua Bombs towards them to put them out and
    set out an expedition across those flames to find two vases on a dead
    end. Bomb the right one to get a card.
    Area 3-2: Tako Temple
    1st Card: Go to the area where you last found Pteradon. Use the bomb
    jumping technique with Pteradon. I suggest pumped bombs. Now cross over
    and cross the gap again to get on the top of the platform with a lone
    vase, inside it is a card.
    2nd Card: Go to the end of the stage. Now remember you saw a lone statue
    with two staircases on both of its side? Well go past it, only if you
    have the Wind Bomb. It is required to have that type, for you need a
    lift on a leaf to the platform that the vase is sitting in, which is
    holding a card.
    3rd Card: You need Light Bomb to get this one. When you reach a fork on
    the road, take the left one. Provoke the statue to blast its laser on
    the lamppost. Go through and bomb two vases to reveal a stair case.
    Bomb the transparent green floors so it will materiialize. Go to the
    vase that contains a card.
    Area 3-3: Takos' Coliseum
    1st Card: Defeat Eagle Bomber in less than 4 minutes.
    2nd Card: After he flies overhead and uses Eagle Bomb Dropper, hit
    him with a pumped bomb when he's hovering close to the ground.
    3rd Card: Stun Eagle Bomber using a fire bomb after he uses his move
    Eagle Comet.
    4th Card: Get the card when he says 'Tornado!' or something by throwing
    a pumped bomb
    5th Card: ?
    Area 3-4: Takos' Storm
    1st Card: This is hard to specify where but go in the direction shown.
    From the beginning, go all the way and walk up the fish-like statue's
    back (stairs) then turn right and head the direction until you come to
    a first left turn. Follow the brick road to the tall pillar with a
    yellow switch. You need Angol for this. Throw a bomb on the switch 
    then quickly kick the bomb in the hut to blow it up. Bomb the three
    vases to find a card.
    2nd Card: After you snag the first card, don't finish the level yet!
    After this, go feed the fish statue a bomb to turn its back against you.
    When you cross the bridge, take a left turn and head straight until you
    find another staircase, to the right. Go with the brick road. If you 
    bump into a statue, go left and let the statue fire its laser to the
    lamppost. Follow the brick road to two leaves, take the one just behind
    the wall. Kick a bomb in the hut to demolish it and take the front leaf
    to the platform and bomb two vase. One of them has a card.
    3rd Card: Near the end. You should look for a lone statue that blasts
    laser from its forehead. Look for a yellow switch to lower the pillar 
    that the lamppost was standing on. Make the statue blast the lamppost 
    and bomb four vases to get a card. (Is this the right location? Email me
    if it isn't, please)
    Area 3-5: Octo Tower
    1st Card: Go to the purple floor, at the beginning. Look for a chute
    that has a face above it. Drop a pumped bomb in the chute (must have
    P.Dragon to attempt to get a card.) Now go down the chute and jump
    on the platform with a vase. Bomb it to get a card.
    2nd Card: Get on the purple floor, the second floor. Now go and look
    for a chute that has a face, just right above the slope. Go to the 
    second chute, below the chute I was talking about. Front drop a light
    bomb then denonate it. Pump up a bomb the drop it. (You need P.Dragon
    for this one too.) Now fall down and jump on the bomb to a platform.
    Bomb the vase to find a card.
    3rd Card: Explore the third floor on the right. Bomb the vases to find
    a card. Simple.
    World 4: Nekki Moon
    Area 4-1: Holsigen Base
    1st Card:
    2nd Card:
    3rd Card:
    Area 4-2: Armz Gate
    1st Card: Defeat the Assault Bomber in less than 4 minutes
    2nd Card: Lay a Pumped Bomb of any kind near him as he prepares to
    seperate in two halves.
    3rd Card: After his machine gun welfare, lay a pumped Aqua Bomb so he'll
    vacuum it up.
    4th Card: Doing the same thing as above, this time, use an Ice Bomb.
    5th Card: Same as the third card, using the Wind Bomb.
    Area 4-3: Beneath Holsigen
    1st Card: 
    2nd Card: 
    3rd Card: Follow the main path until you run into where the bomb merge
    portal was/ is. Now go to the platform that is colored purple and stand
    on it. You'll get a lift to the box containing a card.
    World 5: Majestar
    Area 5-1: Megadeth Bypass
    1st Card: This is a simple card to get. This card is near the portal 
    where you battle and befriend Pox. First look for the yellow switch
    near the portal and lay a bomb on it to go in an area that has many
    coin-like enemies. Head for the leaves and have a lift to the higher
    platform and bomb the storage containers for a card.
    2nd Card: Alas, very simple. Just look for an area that has TWO large
    leaves. Take the left one (The one farther from the hovering green
    switch. Now its time to take it around the town and bomb the storage
    containers to find a card.
    3rd Card: So simple! You can easily get this without any troubles.
    First get to the end of the level. After you've beaten those two giant
    cannons, get on the leaf, just near the exit and look for some of the
    storage containers and demolish them all to find a card.
    Area 5-2: Psycho Elevator
    1st Card: Defeat the Bomber Elite in less than 4 minutes.
    2nd Card: When she's disappearing here and there, if you find her with-
    out any blue fire around her, stun her with a pumped Light Bomb.
    3rd Card: After she is done with dropping the invisible bombs, stun her
    with a pumped up Light Bomb. 
    4th Card: When she's dropping the invisible bombs then using a move
    Super Energy Blast, after that, she'll stand there. Throw a Light Bomb
    at her! What are you waiting for?
    5th Card: When she's splitting into three images, keep an eye on the
    real one, pump up a light bomb and make sure the bomb blasts on the real
    Bomber Elite.
    Area 5-3: 
    1st Card: So simple. Find the first metal hole that sucks you down like
    the stumps in world 1. Go through it then find another metal hole. Go in
    it and you'll be carried in the air on the next metal hole. Turn the
    camera and find three storage containers. Use Fire Horn to bomb jump
    across and bomb those storage containers to find a card.
    2nd Card: Get past the area with the moving floors, just the same as the
    quicksand in World 3. Look for a yellow switch. Throw a pumped bomb near
    the stopped platform and bomb jump to it. Go down the metal hole and you
    will be hovering in the air in the next metal hole find four of the
    storage containers. Use the light bomb to solidify the platform and stop
    it. Cross it and bomb the four storage containers to find a card.
    3rd Card: Go all the way until you reach three metal holes with a yellow
    ? sign. Pick the left one and get off the metal hole and bomb the
    storage container to find a card.
    8. C H A R A B O M S   L O C A T I O N S
    No.1: Stegodon
    Ability: Bomb Kick
    Where?: Balley Valley (Area 3-1)
    How?: You'll bump into this Charabom as you venture through the main path
    of the level. You don't have to look hard.
    No.2: Dorako
    Ability: Full Fire
    Where?: Lake Mensor (Area 1-2)
    How?: This is the first charabom you should battle. To find Dorako, go
    to the area just before where you merge bombs to get Aqua Bomb. Remember
    the last log you walked across on? Well there is a tree, just to the
    right of the log you walked on. Use Andlar to throw the bomb far and
    cross the log to find a portal.
    No.3: Pteradon
    Ability: Bomb Jump
    Where?: Tako Temple (Area 3-2)
    How?: After you activate the first green switch, continue through the
    long path, and ignore the staircase. Continue ahead and turn left. You 
    should find a portal. Inside, there is a extinct prehistorical creature.
    Defeat him to get a Pteradon Charabom.
    No.4: Andlar
    Ability: Power Glove
    Where?: OctopiWoods (Area 1-1)
    How?: You'll meet him early in the game.
    No.5: Marine Eel
    Ability: Homing
    Where?: Sukkor Hills (Area 1-5)
    How?: Transcend to the second bridge. Bomb the bridge to get caught in
    a rapid then dry yourself on the dry land. Hmm what's the noise... oh!
    Look! A portal is just next to Bomberman!
    No.6: Kai-Man
    Ability: Shield
    Where?: OctoShoals (Area 2-1)
    How?: Just follow the rocky path and you should bump into his portal.
    No.7: Beast P.
    Ability: Full Speed
    Where?: OctoTower (Area 3-5)
    How?: Coming soon
    No.8: Pox
    Ability: Radio Control
    Where?: Not sure
    How?: Coming soon!
    No.9: Pommy
    Ability: Remote Control
    Where?: Bigbu Caverns (Area 2-5)
    How?: Look around for the second small purple ice blocking a enterance.
    Bomb it and go through it and lay a bomb near a green block and push
    it to reveal an enterance to the portal of pommy.
    No.10: Ligon
    Ability: Full Bomb
    Where?: Blakinc Trench (Area 2-2)
    How?: Get on the first sunken ship. Blow up the thick pole and cross it.
    Now bomb the thin pole and walk down the thin pole to find a portal
    waiting for you.
    No.11: Unicornos
    Ability: Line Bombs
    Where?: Beneath Holsigen (Area 4-3)
    How?: Coming soon!
    No.12: Big OX
    Ability: Land Mine
    Where?: Machkintal (Area 5-3)
    How?: Coming soon!
    No.13: Angol
    Ability: Power Gloves + Bomb Kick
    Where?: Not sure
    How?: Coming soon!
    No.14: P.Dragon
    Ability: Bomb Jump + Remote Control
    Where?: Tako's Temple (3-2)
    How?: He's not that hard to find. You should find a fork in the path,
    pick the right to a large area with a narrow path and a pumped bomb
    sized gap. Cross it to get on the platform with P.Dragon's portal.
    (If you still can't get him, refer to the walkthrough)
    No.15: Pomyugar
    Ability: Remote control + Full bomb
    Where?: Tako's Storm (Area 3-4)
    How?: Coming soon!
    No.16: Shelks
    Ability: Shield and Radio control
    Where?: Megadeth Bypass (5-1)
    How?: He is required to finish the level. You should find him somewhere
    in the level.
    No.17: Lai Eel
    Ability: Homing + Full bombs
    Where?: Megadeth Bypass (Area 5-1)
    How?: At the end of the stage, you should see a large leaf. Have a lift
    to the higher floor and run all the way until you see a red switch. 
    Go down the slope then bomb the red switch. Use Shelks to radio control
    the bomb through the small hole to another side, containing a red switch
    you couldn't see. You'll know when a platform is activated. Go down then
    go up the platform and walk to the end and you should find a teleporter.
    No.18: Fire Horn
    Ability: Line Bomb + Bomb Jump
    Where?: Beneath Holsigen (Area 4-3)
    How?: Coming soon!
    9. H E A R T   C O N T A I N E R S
    1st Heart Container: In 1-1, the area where you have to cross the bridge
    using logs. Get on the second log and don't leave the log! Stay there 
    and Bomberman will automatically jump to the secret platform with three
    vases. One of them contains a heart conatiner! (Must be some kind of
    name pun...)
    2nd Heart Container: ?
    3rd Heart Container: ?
    4th Heart Container: 4-1, this one is pretty easy to get. Look for some
    area that has two bomb bridge thingy. Use the bomb cross to get to a
    storage container containing a heart container.
    10. C R E D I T S
    Thanks to CHAOS CHAO, for helping me on the bombs attribute and its
    merge items and the bosses' names (inculding Mini Bosses). He also had
    helped me with the cards locations.
    Thanks to Ferret5137, for giving me some encouragement in writing this
    FAQ, even though he didn't do much.
    Thanks to The Ringmaster for telling me some cards location I missed.
    Thanks to MimicMasterAX for the lightening cards on 3-5 and a small
    walkthrough on 6-1.
    Thanks to BlackMageXL for helping me with the charaboms locations.
    If you have any troubles, concerns, or any questions please feel free to
    send me an email anytime! 
    Also I would like for anyone to help me correct my mistake in the FAQs,
    the boss names. Or maybe the cards locations. I'd be grateful ^_^
    Email via SuperZm3@aol.com
    AIM via SuperZm3

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