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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SWick

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 09/04/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Mario Sunshine Game FAQ version 1.6 Copyright 2002 by Samson Wick
    Please do not redistribute this FAQ/Walkthrough in whole or in part without my
    Submitted by Samson Wick on 8-6-02.
    Most recent revision on 9-4-02.  Now updated for the U.S. version.
       _____   _   _   _____   ____   _____
      /  _  \ | | | | |  _  \ |  __| |  _  \
      | | | | | | | | | | | | | |    | | | |
      | | |_| | | | | | | | | | |    | | | |
      \ \     | | | | | |_| | | |_   | |_| |
       \ \    | | | | |  __/  |  _|  |  _  /
        \ \   | | | | | |     | |    | | | \
       _ \ \  | | | | | |     | |    | | | |
      | | | | | | | | | |     | |    | | | |
      | |_| | | |_| | | |     | |__  | | | |
      \_____/ \_____/ |_|     |____| |_| |_|
               _    _    ___    _____   _    __
              | \  / |  /   \  |  _  \ | |  /  \
              |  \/  | /  /\ \ | | | | | | / /\ \
              |      | | |  || | | | | | | | || |
              | |\/| | | |__|| | |_| | | | | || |
              | |  | | |  __ | |  _  / | | | || |
              | |  | | | |  || | | | \ | | | || |
              | |  | | | |  || | | | | | | | || |
              | |  | | | |  || | | | | | | \ \/ /
              |_|  |_| |_|  || |_| |_| |_|  \__/
       _____   _   _   _    _   _____   _   _   _   _    _   ____
      /  _  \ | | | | | \  | | /  _  \ | | | | | | | \  | | |  __|
      | | | | | | | | |  \ | | | | | | | | | | | | |  \ | | | |
      | | |_| | | | | |   \| | | | |_| | | | | | | |   \| | | |
      \ \     | | | | | |\   | \ \     | |_| | | | | |\   | | |_
       \ \    | | | | | | \  |  \ \    |  _  | | | | | \  | |  _|
        \ \   | | | | | |  \ |   \ \   | | | | | | | |  \ | | |
       _ \ \  | | | | | |  | |  _ \ \  | | | | | | | |  | | | |
      | | | | | | | | | |  | | | | | | | | | | | | | |  | | | |
      | |_| | | |_| | | |  | | | |_| | | | | | | | | |  | | | |__
      \_____/ \_____/ |_|  |_| \_____/ |_| |_| |_| |_|  |_| |____|
    2002 Nintendo.
    Platform: Gamecube
    Country: Japan/U.S.
    Genre: Platform
    Number of Players: 1
    Released 7-19-02 in Japan and 8-26-02 in the U.S.
    The Super Mario series is the granddaddy of all platform games.  Playing this
    one for a few minutes should reaffirm that.  This is an improvement in almost
    every way over Super Mario 64.  Miyamoto and/or whoever he's passing the torch
    to has done an excellent job of giving us more of what platforming fans love
    without just giving us a rehash.
    This walkthrough is not intended to be comprehensive.  Think of it as more of a
    quick and dirty "The least you need to know" kind of thing.  This will tell you
    where and how to get most of the Shines in the game.  The idea is to help you
    if you get stuck.
    This guide was made and originally intended for the Japanese version of Super
    Mario Sunshine.  The game has now come to the U.S. and I've been flooded with
    emails about that version.  Since the two versions of the game are practically
    identical, there is, of course, no reason why you can't use this guide.  One
    possible caveat is that some of the names have been changed, I will address
    these changes in hopes of making the guide more useful all around.
    Some of the naming conventions used in this guide are my own concoction, others
    are from the Japanese version, the long and short of it is you may not be able
    to find something in this guide because I've called it something you weren't
    expecting.  Here are some terms I use in the guide, and what you might be
    looking for:
    Flood Attachments: These are the same as nozzles, and the correct spelling of
    Mario's new companion's name is FLUDD.
    Hover Attachment: Hover Nozzle
    Propeller Attachment: Turbo Nozzle
    Rocket Attachment: Rocket Nozzle
    Dolphic Town: called Delphino Plaza in the U.S. version.
    Mamma Beach: called Gelato Beach in the U.S. version.
    Mare Bay: called Noki Bay in the U.S. version.
    Monte Village: called Pianta Village in the U.S. version.
    Fake Mario: called Shadow Mario in the U.S. version.  (Fake Mario is a literal
    translation of the Japanese name "Nise Mario")
    Shell Dwellers: called Noki
    Turnaround Jump: called a Side Somersault in the instruction manual.
    Shine Monolith: called the Shine Gate in the U.S. version.
    Pineapples without leaves: called Durians
    The race levels: Your opponent is named Il Piantissimo
    I won't go into the story of the game because the dialogue is in English even
    in the import version. The game is organized into 7 main worlds.  In order,
    they are Bianco Hills, Ricco Harbor, Mamma Beach/Gelato Beach, Pinna Park,
    Sirena Beach, Mare Bay/Noki Bay, and Monte Village/Pianta Village.  Hopefully
    everything is organized well enough that you can find what you're looking for.
    Section 1-Basics
    	1.1 Controls
    	1.2 Graffiti
    	1.3 Flood Attachments/FLUDD Nozzles
    	1.4 Preludes and Signs
    	1.5 Yoshi
    	1.6 Blue Coins
    	1.7 Saving
    	1.8 Gold Coins
    	1.9 Birds Bees, and Butterflies
    	1.10 Shine Totals
    Section 2-Scenario (Walkthrough)
    	2.1 Airport/Delfino Airstrip
    	2.2 Dolphic Town/Delfino Plaza
    	2.3 Bianco Hills
    	2.4 Ricco Harbor
    	2.5 Mamma Beach/Gelato Beach
    	2.6 Pinna Park
    	2.7 Sirena Beach
    	2.8 Mare Bay/Noki Bay
    	2.9 Monte Village/Pianta Village
    	2.10 Corona Mountain
    	2.11 After You Finish The Game
    Section 3-Anticipated And Frequently Asked Questions
    Section 4-FAQ History/Credits
    This section will address some of the basic concepts of this game that are not
    necessarily apparent to those who don't read Japanese.
    If you've played Super Mario 64, you should already know how the controls work.
     I'm not going to go into a lot of detail here. The important controls that
    might not be so obvious are:
    Turnaround Jump (Side Somersault): Even though this one is a rollover from
    Mario 64, I'm mentioning it here because it is a good deal more useful and I
    refer to it extensively throughout this guide. To do this, quickly reverse
    directions with Mario, and while his body is still twisting around hit the A
    button.  This will give Mario's jump almost double height.
    When swimming: Pressing the A button will make Mario kick, and thus swim
    faster.  While under water it also causes him to go upward.  You can also use A
    to jump out of water. For this to work you must be at the surface and still (or
    at least not pressing the control stick in any direction.) Pressing the B
    button will make Mario dive down, and travel in a forward and downward motion
    when submerged.
    When climbing (on grates): While vertical, the B button will make Mario
    punch-this will knock enemies off the opposite side, and flip gates around.  A
    will make him jump off. (He will always kick off in a direction away from the
    wall)  While on top the ground-pound (press L while in the air) will knock off
    enemies hanging to the grate below, and flip gates over.  While hanging below,
    the A button will punch enemies walking on the grate above, and flip gates. 
    The B button will make Mario let go of the grate.  Spraying a grate that has a
    circle-arrow pattern will make it flip in the direction indicated by the
    When on tightropes: While hanging, press A to hop up onto the rope.  The game
    will compensate if you're not pushing in exactly the right direction so you can
    get away with going pretty fast.  The tightropes work like springboards, so if
    you're out in the middle of them, you can jump really high.  Repeating this
    will make your jump even higher.
    Pretty much everywhere but the Airport, spraying an "M" graffiti off will
    result in a Blue coin popping out.  In pretty much every level you will see
    graffiti painted in various shapes-X, Circle, Triangle, etc.  There are always
    two with the same shape.  Spraying one off will cause a Blue Coin to pop out
    where the other one is.  You have to race to the other location to get your
    coin because if you don't make it in a certain amount of time, the coin
    disappears and you have to start over.
    1.3-Flood Attachments
    Throughout the game, you'll encounter boxes that are colored either Blue, Red,
    or White.  These are for switching the attachment on Flood.  You start the game
    with, and use mostly the hover attachment; this is what's in the blue box.  The
    Red box gives flood a Rocket attachment, and the White/Gray box gives flood a
    Propeller attachment. When you first encounter the Red and White boxes in each
    level, they'll probably be see-through and not much help.  In each of the
    levels you see these, there's one box somewhere that isn't transparent. Most
    often you will have to unlock it during another Story.  Unlocking that one will
    unlock all the others of the same color, and the game will be saved to make
    sure you have them each additional time you enter that particular world.  Hint:
    you can get more height on the Rocket blast if you jump right before it goes
    1.4-Preludes and Signs
    Each time you start a section of the game, you'll see a little prelude of the
    level.  Pay attention to this as it often gives you insight into your
    objective.  Also, on most levels where it isn't painfully obvious what you're
    supposed to do, there will be signs with arrows painted on them.  Follow these,
    and you'll invariably end up where you're supposed to be.  Keep in mind,
    however, that the signs show you one particular way to go, not necessarily the
    1.5 Yoshi
    When you complete Pinna Park Story 4, Yoshi will become part of the story. The
    egg will have a dream cloud showing a certain kind of fruit.  Bring that fruit
    to the egg and the Yoshi will hatch.  Yoshi comes in pink, purple and orange. 
    His color depends on what kind of fruit he eats. Press B to use Yoshi's tongue
    to eat just about anything (including birds). Eating a pineapple without leaves
    or a chili pepper will make him purple.  Eating a bunch of bananas or a green
    melon will make him pink.  Eating a pineapple with leaves or yellow melon will
    make him orange.  You can mount Yoshi by jumping onto him; you can dismount him
    by pressing the X button.  Yoshi sprays fruit juice by pressing the R button. 
    Holding A after jumping will cause him to paw the air and gain a little
    altitude (just like in Yoshi's Island).  Most importantly, Yoshi's vitality is
    linked to his stomach.  When you're on him, you'll see a little lemon-shaped
    gauge called Juice.  This will gradually run out over time.  If you don't
    revitalize Yoshi by eating another fruit, the meter will empty out, say Hungry,
    and Yoshi will vanish.  Yoshi also can't live in water.  If he falls in, he'll
    vanish.  Juice from a Yoshi is the only thing that can dissolve that wavy
    yellow orange lava-like stuff on some of the buildings.
    1.6 Blue Coins
    Every section of the game except for the Secret stages will contain blue coins.
    Each world has 30 Blue Coins. Dolphic Town has 20 and there are 10 in Corona
    Mountain.  Every time you get one, you will be asked to save the game.  Ten
    coins can be traded at the shack on the southwest pier of Dolphic Town, for a
    Shine.  These are important so pick them up wherever you see them.  There are
    so many Blue Coins that to describe the location of every one is beyond the
    scope of this document.
    1.6.1 Blue Coin Tips
    If you're having trouble finding Blue Coins, here are some general tips.
    1)Try eating anything Blue with Yoshi (Birds, Bees, Butterflies)
    2)Try spraying anything that looks suspect (Windows, Pots, Blocks of Ice,
    Fires, Candlesticks, Flowerbeds, Sand on the Beach, Sprouts sticking up out of
    the ground.).
    3)Take a good look at the cliff face to the left in Mare Bay Story 2. Some Blue
    Coins are hiding in the recesses that open when you spray the brown tiles--so
    as you can tell, some Blue Coins are only available in certain Stories.
    4)Try killing/eating every enemy in a stage.
    5)Try talking to everyone-especially people you have just cleaned off or
    6)There are three ladies in Dolphic Town, and one on the island to the west
    with baskets next to them.  Putting three of the kind of the fruit they want
    into their baskets will get you a Blue Coin. The one on the island wants the
    Green Melons. The one just to the south of the harbor (close to the entrance to
    Sirena Beach) wants Bananas. The one to the East of the harbor (with the raised
    basket) wants Pineapple with Leaves.  The one to the west of the harbor (with
    the basket on the ground like a soccer goal) wants a Pineapple without Leaves.
    Hint: if you press the A button as you're about to kick the Pineapple without
    Leaves, you'll kick it much farther, and hopefully across the bay.
    7)Examine situations from every angle. Go into first person mode and look
    around when you're inside huts and other buildings.
    8)Spray the yellow wavy crud with Yoshi's juice. Also try to spray the beaches
    with Yoshi's juice, it will uncover some things that Flood won't.
    1.7 Saving
    Most people probably don't need to know this, but I'll include it just in case.
     When you first start the game you'll get a blue dialog box asking if you would
    like to create a Mario Sunshine save.  If you're using a memory card formatted
    for the US, beware, this is asking you if you'd like to format the card and
    delete all the existing data. The answer in the left is yes, the answer on the
    right is no.
    Each time you begin the game, Mario will be in front of 3 blocks.  This is how
    you select which save you want to use.  The black box that pops up has the
    options from top to bottom: Start, Copy, Delete, Score.
    Usually when a straight blue dialog box pops up it means the game is asking you
    to save.  This will happen automatically when: 1) You acquire a Shine 2) You
    acquire a Blue Coin 3) You unlock a Flood attachment.  The blue dialog box has
    3 lines.  The choices from top to bottom are: Save and Continue, Save and Quit,
    or Continue Without Saving.
    Also, any time you pause the game, you will be given two or three options.  The
    top one is simply Continue, the bottom is Save. The third one will take you
    back to Dolphic Town. If you choose to save, the game will ask you if you want
    to overwrite your old save-Yes is on the left, No is on the right.  If you
    choose Yes, you will be asked another question-Do you want to continue playing.
     Again, Yes is left, No is right.
    1.8 Gold Coins
    Collecting 50 Gold Coins during any stage will get you a 1-UP. Collecting 100
    or more gold coins in any level, including the 8 main levels, the Airport, and
    Dolphic Town, will earn you a Shine.
    1.9 Birds, Bees, and Butterflies
    When you encounter birds (not seagulls), you can spray them off or eat  them
    with Yoshi for prizes.  Yellow/Gold birds will give up a Shine. Blue birds will
    give up a Blue Coin, and Orange birds will give up a gold coin.
    When you encounter Bees, make sure you have Yoshi.  Use Yoshi to eat the bees
    that are buzzing around outside of the hive, then spray the hive until it falls
    to the ground.  Eat all of the bees that come at you, and you'll get different
    prizes.  Sometimes you get a Gold Coin, others you get a Blue Coin.
    When you encounter Butterflies, make sure you have Yoshi.  Use Yoshi to eat the
    Butterflies, the blue ones have Blue Coins.
    1.10 Shine Totals
    Before you read this, please understand that I haven't actually confirmed this
    as solid fact, because I haven't acquired absolutely everything in the game
    yet.  This is based on a general consensus and logic.
    Normal Shines Per Stage:          8
    Secret Shines Per Stage:          2
    100 Coin Shines Per Stage:     +  1
    Total Shines Per Stage:          11
    Total Number of Stages:        x  7
    Total Shines in Stages:          77
    Blue Coins Per Stage:            30
    Total Number of Stages:        x  7
    Total Blue Coins in Stages:     210
    Blue Coins in Dolphic Town:      20
    Blue Coins in Corona Mountain: + 10
    Total Blue Coins:               240
    Blue Coin Per Shine:           / 10
    Total Shines from Blue Coins:    24
    Total Shines in Stages:          77
    Total Shines from Blue Coins:    24
    Total Shines in Dolphic Town:    16
    Total Shines in Corona Mountain:  1
    Total Shines in the Airport:   +  2
    Total Shines Altogether:        120
    (Note: on your "score" sheet the Shines from trading in Blue Coins count toward
    your Dolphic Town total, so it will actually go much higher than 16)
    2.1.1 Airport Part 1
    This is the smallest area in the game.  This is a good place to get accustomed
    to the controls if you want.  You start by the plane on the end of the runway. 
    There's a bunch of goop on the runway that you can easily walk around. 
    Continue further in toward the buildings and walk up to the blue and yellow
    thing.  This is where you get Flood.  The tutorial he gives you is in English
    so I'll spare you.  You'll notice "M"'s with two dots above them.  If you spray
    them off here, you can get coins.  Now proceed back to the goopy stuff in the
    runway.  The objective here is to use Flood to spray the pulsing mass in the
    center.  Eventually this will cause a goop-covered Piranha Plant to emerge. 
    Spray it in the mouth when the mouth opens.  Do this 3 times and you will
    defeat it.  The rest of the paint will clear, and there should emerge your
    first shine.  When you grab it (As when you grab any shine) the game will pop
    up your first save dialogue box.  See 1.7.
    2.1.2 Airport Revisited
    This area is accessable after finishing the game once.  You will find a guy
    with sunglasses standing in front of a boat docked at the pier to the southwest
    of Dolphic Town.  Pay him 10 gold coins and he'll take you back to the Airport.
    This is a Red Coin stage.  In order to activate the Red Coin Switch, unlock the
    propeller attachment.  When you hit the switch, you'll be given a time limit in
    which to get all 8 coins.  Start by blasting straight through the double-doors
    on the building in the center of the Airport, and just follow the coin trail
    around the Airport.
    Dolphic Town will change slightly as you obtain more Shines and complete
    certain events.
    For FLUDD Nozzles see section 2.2.2 events 8 & 9.
    2.2.1 Miscellaneous Shines throughout Dolphic Town.
    You will probably do these in a different order; they have been numbered merely
    to make my job easier.  Some of them will require Flood attachments or Yoshi.
    So, of course you won't be able to do them until you have unlocked these
    things. See 2.2.2 for details on this.
    Shine 1
    Go to the northeast corner of town and make your way out over platforms
    sticking out of the water.  Jump into the warp pipe on the far platform. 
    Survive the slide to the end and get your Shine.
    Shine 2
    Find a villager standing on top of a building to the west of the waterfall. 
    Agree to pay him a gold coin, and he'll chuck you through a window and to your
    Shine 3
    Secret Red Coin Stage.  Jump on top of the boat as it is leaving the harbor to
    the west.  You will pass under a trellis on your way out.  Jump straight up
    where the coin is, and you'll be taken to a stage where Mario becomes a
    pinball.  This one explains itself.  Get the coins; the star will appear in the
    middle slot.
    Shine 4
    Spray the beach to the south of the lighthouse (northeast of town). You should
    see a Shine insignia underneath the sand.  Keep spraying that spot, and a Shine
    will appear.
    Shines 5 & 6
    Enter the building just to the west of the harbor through the black door.  Talk
    to the guy standing in front of the crates.  The object here is to pound all of
    the crates in the allotted time.  You get a Shine the first two times you
    Shine 7
    Clean the bell in the southwestern corner of Dolphic Town.  The Shine will
    appear inside the tower.  Go to the building directly north of the bell tower
    and look for a manhole cover on the roof.  Ground-pound the manhole cover to
    get to the sewer below.  Go south to get underneath the bell tower jump up out
    of the manhole.  This is easiest to do with the Rocket attachment, but can be
    done without it if you're any good at wall kicks.
    Shine 8
    Go to the bell tower in the southeastern corner of Dolphic Town.  You have to
    have the rocket attachment for this one. Blast up to the bell, clean it, and
    then blast up to the rooftop, and blast up to your Shine.(It's possible to get
    to the bell and clean it without the Rocket attachment, but the Shine appears
    Way above the bell tower, and that' impossible to reach without the Rocket
    Shine 9
    With the Rocket attachment, jet up to the giant Shine Monolith that sits over
    the waterfall in the middle of Dolphic Town.  Spray the Giant Shine clean, and
    then boost up to the top of the monolith to claim your Shine.
    Shine 10
    With the Propeller attachment, blast through the door on the north side of the
    bell tower in the southeast corner of town.
    Shine 11
    Hidden Red Coin stage.  With the Propeller attachment, blast through the door
    with the two guys standing on either side.  The door is in the north building
    one row to the east of the harbor.
    Shine 12
    Using the Rocket attachment, blast up to the top of the lighthouse on the
    northeast beach.  Once on top, Rocket blast again, and while still high in the
    air ground-pound, and drop down on the black disc with the red fireball symbol.
    Shine 13
    Hidden Red Coin stage. Get Yoshi and head out to the northwest end of Dolphic
    Town.  On the outcropping just south of the cannon that sends you to Pinna
    Park, ground-pound the manhole cover and go into the sewer.  Head straight west
    until you come up to the little island with the woman and her basket.  One of
    the boats that come by will sail around the shore in a counter-clockwise
    direction.  Grab Yoshi a fruit and hop onto the roof of that boat.  Ride the
    boat all the way out to the platform with the bananas.  Jump to the platform,
    grab the bananas and wait for the next boat (it will pass the platform to the
    south).  Try to grab a banana just before you jump off so you don't lose Yoshi
    to starvation.  The boat should take you to the island to the southeast of
    Dolphic Town where the green pipe is. Once you spray the orange wavy lava stuff
    with Yoshi's juice, you can jump down the pipe.  This one is HARD.  The object
    is to propel yourself on a lilly pad down the canal and steer into 6 red coins.
    You cannot reverse directions if you miss one. Falling in the water will kill
    you instantly. The seventh coin is the hardest to get because you have to jump
    while riding the lilly pad to get it.  If you don't get all the coins on the
    first pass, DO NOT EXIT THROUGH THE PIPE ON THE OTHER SIDE.  Doing that will
    set you back in Dolphic Town, and you'll have to do the whole thing with Yoshi
    all over again.  If you miss them, it is possible to drop down to the wall of
    the canal, and walk all the way back to the beginning and try again.  I could
    not manage to get the 7th coin while on the lilly pad.  I had to walk out on
    the edge, jump to it, and boost back to the edge.
    Shine 14
    Hidden Red Coin stage.  Get the rocket pack, and head to the northwest end of
    Dolphic Town (by the red cannon that shoots you to Pinna Park) Dive into the
    water, and follow the coast north.  You'll notice some palm trees growing out
    of the cliff face.  Just before the last palm tree, you should see a bump in
    the cliff face.  Swim up to this bump, and start charging your Rocket.  Just
    before it goes off, jump out of the water.  The rocket should shoot you
    straight up to a little outcropping with a green pipe sticking out of it. 
    Enter the pipe for the Hidden Red Coin stage. The main difficulty here is
    seeing what's going on despite the extremely tall grass. If you zoom all the
    way out, you should get a top-down view that will make it a little easier. 
    Most of the Red Coins are hidden.  Extinguish the man on fire. Defeat the
    various enemies. (Hint: to kill the little black things that spit rocks and
    dirt at you when you get close, spray them before you get close, and they'll
    get dizzy, then just jump on them)  Spray the red bird.  Look for a hole in the
    ground near one of the corners-the one with the square watermelon thing in it.
    Drop through the hole, and head toward the edge of the platform. Be careful not
    to fall off:-)
    Shine 15
    Spray or use Yoshi to eat the Gold Bird flying around the island to the
    southeast of Dolphic Town (same location as Shine 11) If you don't see the
    bird, try swiming out west of the island (toward the little raised platform),
    you might see it down in the water there.  Just getting near it will stir it
    Shine 16
    Collect 100 gold coins in Dolphic Town or the Airport revisited.
    2.2.2 Dolphic Town Events
    I had a hard time deciding which order to put the Shine locations and the Event
    sequence, but the Shine locations seemed a little harder to figure out so I
    thought you'd need them first.  The events in Dolphic Town will unfold pretty
    much automatically as you acquire Shines.
    Event 1
    This happens right after the Airport. The prelude to the level will show you
    another puddle of paint at the southern part of the island.  Head there to find
    a familiar pulsing blob.  This is pretty similar to the last Piranha Plant
    except that these little galaxy-ghost looking things will spawn from the goop
    and come after you.  You can actually stand safely in the dolphin fountain and
    nail him from there if you like.
    Event 2
    Vanquishing the Piranha Plant will cause a large statue to emerge, and on top
    of it, you'll be introduced to one of the game's new villains.  He's an evil
    blue Nise or "Fake" Mario.  He runs and grabs the princess.  Chase him,
    spraying as you go (Just don't push the R button down all the way because Mario
    will stop running.)  Keep following him until you run him down.  He'll drop the
    Princess.  When you chase him again, he'll run to the front of the statue and
    paint a large psychedelic "M" that he'll disappear into.  Spray the "M" off and
    jump in front of it. It will suck you in to Bianco Hills.
    Event 3
    After you get 3 Shines: The prelude will show you a pile of goop on the pier to
    southwest of town.  Defeat the goop covered Piranha plant to reveal a hut with
    a large "M" on it.  This is how you access Ricco Harbor.  Go into the door on
    the south side of the hut to meet a couple of Chinese Racoons that will trade
    Shines for Blue Coins at the rate of one Shine for ten Blue Coins.
    Event 4
    After you get 5 Shines: The prelude will show you a pile of black goop on the
    northeastern beach.  This is yet another goop covered Piranha plant.  The
    strategy is basically the same.  Defeating it will uncover the lighthouse. 
    Jumping through the "M" on the lighthouse will transport you to Mamma Beach.
    Event 5
    After you get 10 Shines, the prelude will show a Koopa-ish boat coming in on
    the northwest end of town.  Hurry there, and watch the cinema scene.  This is
    pretty much the only mystery in the game so I won't spoil it by telling what
    happens.  Suffice it to say that when you're done, you'll have access to the
    cannon that will shoot you to Pinna Park.
    Event 6
    After you get 20 Shines the prelude will show the Shine symbol in front of the
    dolphin fountain on the east side of the harbor.  You should see a cascade of
    shimmering light coming down.  Stand on the symbol, and look up into the sun to
    be transported to Mare Bay.
    Event 7
    After completing Pinna Park Story 4 Yoshi appears in Dolphic Town, chase Fake
    Mario down to free him.  Unlocking Yoshi here should unlock him throughout the
    rest of the game.
    Event 8
    You must have acquired Yoshi, and at least 25 Shines. Whenever you meet both
    requirements, the next time you enter Dolphic Town, Fake Mario will show up.
    Chase him down to unlock the Propeller attachment in Dolphic Town.
    Event 9
    You must have acquired Yoshi, and the Propeller attachment in Dolphic Town, and
    have at least 30 Shines.  Whenever you have met all 3 requirements, the next
    time you enter Dolphic Town, Fake Mario will show up.  Chase him down to unlock
    the Rocket attachment in Dolphic Town.
    Event 10
    Dolphic town is flooded. This happens once you have completed story 7 in all 7
    worlds.  Consequently the minimum number of Shines you can reach this part with
    is 50.  Chase Fake Mario into the cave behind the Shine Monolith.
    Bianco Hills is accessible by warping through the "M" on at the base of the
    statue at the southern end of Dolphic Town.
    The Secret Shines in this stage are the Red Coin Challenge stages - Story 3 and
    Story 6.
    Fludd Nozzles/Attachments:
    Rocket: Story 5 - Located across the shallow end of the pond on wooden
    Turbo/Propeller: Story 6 - Located in front of the entrance to the secret
    2.3.1 Bianco Hills Story 1:
    Follow the path in front of you.  To your right you'll notice a white wall. 
    After the first cylindrical structure, you need to get on the other side of
    this wall.  There are a number of ways to accomplish this, probably the easiest
    is to jump up on the wall while it's still pretty short and just follow it
    around. (If that's too difficult for you at first, just follow the wall until
    you come across a large wooden mill wheel, and jump on one of the spokes to
    ride it to the other side)  Once on the other side you'll see a path leading
    through a bunch of palm trees. (This will be to your right if you went over the
    wall at the wheel) At the end of it, you should see muddy balls being rolled
    down a hill one at a time. Follow the balls to their source-it is another
    Piranha Plant.  You know the drill.
    2.3.2 Bianco Hills Story 2:
    Again, get on the other side of the wall to the right of the path. Follow the
    path that emerged when you killed the Piranha Plant from the previous level. 
    It should lead you all the way up to the Windmill.  Catch a lift on one of the
    platforms at the tips of the windmill blades.  On top of the Windmill you'll
    see a giant Piranha Plant.  Jump toward him.  This will take you to the boss
    fight.  Spray water in his mouth when he opens it up to vomit more mud.  When
    he falls over, ground-pound his belly.  Do this three times and you're done.
    2.3.3 Bianco Hills Story 3:
    You have to get to the little cave on in the bank on the right of this level. 
    Again, you're going to have to go past the white wall on your right.  Get to
    the bank directly across from the palm trees. There are other ways, but the
    simplest is to swim across the water and wall-kick off of the post the boost
    toward the white wall to get to the next level.  Then do a turnaround jump
    (where you quickly switch directions and jump) to grab the tightrope.  Bounce
    up and go through the cave entrance.  The game calls these levels Himitsu or
    "Secret" stages.  My wife prefers to call them Panic levels because I can't
    seem to play one without getting sweaty palms.  Nothing special here.  Just
    make your way to the Shine and try not to fall:-) See 2.11.2 for info on what
    to do when you come back here after finishing the game.
    2.3.4 Bianco Hills Story 4:
    This is the first of many Red Coin levels.  The objective is to find 8 Red
    coins.  Most of these are in pretty obvious locations, so I won't bore you with
    those.  ALL of the red coins in this Story are on the left side of the wall, so
    don't waste your time on the right. The one I had the hardest time finding was
    the one in the doorway on the white wall. Follow the wall on the right until
    you come to the archway with the bells.  Just a little past that, there's
    another archway, and that's where the coin is.  The left of the first two
    buildings you encounter (with the double-tightrope) has a coin all the way at
    the top.  There is a coin close to both windmills.  The rest are in plain
    sight.  Get the coins and the shine will appear.  You can get it by climbing
    the building with the two gazebo-looking things and following the tightrope all
    the way up.  Just jump in place when the little electrical thing comes at you,
    and it'll go right past.
    2.3.5 Bianco Hills Story 5:
    Again, head to the section on the right of the wall.  Go to the same spot you
    were in Story 3.  You should see some new platforms now, and there's a red
    Rocket box.  Jump on it, and grab the rocket.  Your game will ask you to save. 
    Now, head back to the other side of the white wall.  If you head straight to
    the back of this level, you should see a wide ledge on the green hill that you
    can use the rocket to get up (Yes, there are other ways to get up there). The
    ledge is covered in mud, so be careful.  Go up several tiers until you come to
    the place that the level prelude showed you with that overgrown Piranha Plant. 
    He's on a platform out over a ravine.  You should see some pink Kirby-looking
    things congregating.  When you start to use Flood, one of these things will
    attach to the nozzle.  When you spray it will fill up with water, and when you
    let up the R button, it will shoot off.  Use one of these to hit the Piranha
    Plant and disturb its nap. (If you're having difficulty because your
    Kirby-things are hitting the fence, try lining up the shot in first person
    mode, then switching back to third person mode, and jumping just before you
    shoot.)  Once you wake up the plant, it'll fly all over the place.  Spray it to
    knock it out of the air, and just like in Story 2, fill its mouth up with
    water, and pound it's belly when it rolls over.  It has a new whirlwind attack,
    so watch out.  Defeating this boss will earn you the shine, of course.
    2.3.6 Bianco Hills Story 6:
    The objective is another Secret stage.  This time the entrance is to the right
    of the white wall, and across the pond behind the Windmill.  The water is
    toxic, so don't land in it.  The way you're supposed to do this is to ride the
    lilly pads around the pond.  A word on lilly pads--to move them, spray in the
    opposite direction you want to go (you'll get the idea) and they only last a
    certain amount of time, so get fresh ones as you go.  Ride the pads around
    behind the Windmill to the far wall, and jump off onto the logs.  If you're
    careful, you can turnaround jump and boost your way up to the ledge.  Activate
    the Propeller attachment for Flood, and enter the Secret stage.  The goal is
    always the same here.  Get past the obstacles and to the Shine without falling
    off. Hint: You'll need to do some wall kicks to get across the gaps. See 2.11.2
    for info on what to do when you come back here after finishing the game.
    2.3.7 Bianco Hills Story 7:
    This is the first of several Stories where the objective is to chase down Fake
    Mario. The strategy is to stay behind him and keep spraying.  He likes to try
    to fake you out by quickly reversing directions etc.  If you lose him, just
    wander around until you hear the underworld music again--the louder the music,
    the closer he is.  This is pretty basic, so it's the last time I'll explain it.
    2.3.8 Bianco Hills Story 8:
    This is another Red Coin level.  They're all in plain sight on the tightropes
    on the right side of the wall.  I'll let you figure the rest out.  A word of
    caution:  Little gusts of wind will form and attack you.  Listen to the sound
    they make.  They make a higher-pitched noise when they're about to attack.  If
    you jump right when you hear the sound, they should miss you.  Once you get all
    of the Red Coins, the shine should appear in the little recess in the front of
    the Windmill.  There's no real trick to getting this.  Just like in Story 2,
    you can hitch a lift on the windmill platforms and jump to the ledge.
    Ricco Harbor can be entered by jumping through the "M" on the hut on the pier
    to the southwest of Dolphic Town.
    The Secret Shines in this area are: Beat 40 seconds the second time through in
    the squid race in Story 2, and the Red Coin Challenge in Story 4.
    Fludd Nozzles/Attachments:
    Rocket: Story 3 - Located on the scaffolding on the way up.  Follow the arrow
    signs, and you can't miss it.
    Turbo/Propeller: Story 7 - Located inside the cage of the first boat.
    2.4.1 Ricco Harbor Story 1
    Follow the signs, and they'll lead you to the upper left section of the harbor.
     (If you're having difficulty navigating the grates, you might want to read 1.1
    the section about climbing, or you can go to the lower section of the harbor to
    the left of the first boat, stand on top of the crates closest to the wall,
    turnaround jump, and boost to the next level)  Don't try to swim in the black
    inky water, it'll take life points. (Hint: if you do fall in the middle of the
    inky water, dive down; it will only hurt you on the surface) Keep in mind there
    is almost always more than one way to get where you're going.  Once you've
    negotiated the obstacle course and arrived on the upper left section, you'll
    find a pile of crates with a tentacle sticking out of it.  Approach the
    tentacle and press B to grab hold of it.  Holding the B button, pull back until
    the tentacle pops off.  This will cause the Giant Squid to erupt out of the
    pile of crates.  To fight the squid, first spray it in the face until you wash
    all the ink off and then run right up to it.  Its tentacles will whip outward
    and then come crashing down on where you're standing.  Just jump as you see
    them approaching and they should miss you.  Then grab the little cork in its
    nose, and pull back as far as you can. Eventually the nose will snap and
    flatten him.  He will come back to life, and spew ink all over.  Just repeat
    the first step again, and you'll send him sailing.
    2.4.2 Ricco Harbor Story 2
    Head to the right of the entrance, and you should come upon a bunch of logs
    leading to a little platform with squids on it. The different colored squids
    are different speeds.  The green ones seem to be slowest, the purple seem to be
    the fastest, and the yellow are in between. To ride one, just walk up to it and
    it'll launch off the platform with you on it.  (Important to know-you can jump
    the squid to clear obstacles, and you can slow the squid by pulling back on the
    control stick, you can likewise speed it up by pushing forward)  Once on the
    squid, follow the trail of coins into the drain at the back of the harbor. 
    Once there, you have to race a squid around an obstacle course.  You have to
    finish it in less than 45 seconds to get the Shine. You can get a second Shine
    here by finishing the race a second time in less than 40 seconds.
    2.4.3 Ricco Harbor Story 3
    There's a big yellow cage in the center of the scaffolding.  If you follow the
    signs, you can unlock the Rocket attachment.  Hint: the cursive "M" pads are
    trampolines.  You can grab on to the candy-cane looking crane hooks, and kick
    off of them just like a grate.  Just follow arrows around the catwalks up into
    the mouth of the bottle-shaped cage. Drop through to get your Shine.
    2.4.4 Ricco Harbor Story 4
    This is another Secret stage.  Just to the left of the entrance to this level
    is a lighthouse-like tower.  The entrance to the Secret stage is at the top. 
    There are a number of ways to get up there.  The easiest is if you unlocked the
    Rocket attachment in the previous level.  There's also wall kicks, and boosting
    from the adjacent scaffolding.  Watch out for the gusts. See 2.11.2 for info on
    what to do when you come back here after finishing the game.
    2.4.5 Ricco Harbor Story 5
    Defeat the Giant squid on top of the Helipad. Either grab the Rocket attachment
    directly below the helipad, and launch up to the grate beneath, or, use a
    combination of boosting and wall kicks to get on top of the curved brick
    structure just after the "Fruits" canisters, and boost across the gap.  Defeat
    the squid the same way you did the first time in 2.4.1.
    2.4.6 Ricco Harbor Story 6
    This is a Red Coin level.  Go to the right of the entrance to the same squid
    platform from 2.4.2.  This time, ground-pound the red switch block before you
    grab a ride. You have a time limit, so watch your clock. Even with the time
    limit, I recommend that you use the green squid for better handling. If you
    follow the coin trail, it should lead you to almost all of the Red Coins. 
    Three of them are a little out of the way.  Look for one under a red platform,
    one between two boats with two supports in between them (This is off to the
    left of the coin trail when you first head out), and look for one you have to
    jump to get.  Believe it or not, the tricky part is getting back to the Shine
    once you've unlocked it without getting killed.  You have to jump at the
    absolute last second to get back onto the platform you launched the squid from
    and grab your Shine.
    2.4.7 Ricco Harbor Story 7
    Get Fake Mario.  This is the stage where you unlock the propeller attachment. 
    It's in the first ship inside the grate cage.  Hint: If you lose Fake Mario in
    the chase, he's probably on the scaffolding above you.  You can get there by
    jumping from the first ship's smokestack.
    2.4.8 Ricco Harbor Story 8
    Make your way to the upper left part of the harbor (where you fought the Giant
    Squid in 2.4.1).  There's a fruit-dispensing machine there. (If you don't
    recognize it from the prelude, there are two canisters with the word "Fruits"
    painted on them.  On the tops of these are switches operated by
    ground-pounding. They work like a toggle switch-pounding one resets the other. 
    There will be a Yoshi egg a little further on.  Keep pounding those fruit out
    until you get the pineapple without leaves.  Kick it over to hatch the Yoshi. 
    It's important that this Yoshi remains purple for now, so if you've got other
    fruit lying around, don't eat it.  Now all the way at the end of the harbor,
    you'll see some fish jumping just beyond the ledge.  Spraying them with purple
    juice from Yoshi will turn them into platforms.  The reason that it is
    important that he remain purple is that different juice will make the platforms
    do different things. Purple juice will make the platforms move forward,
    backward or side to side on the same level.  Pink juice will make the platforms
    go up, and orange will make the platform stationary.  Where you hit the fish
    with the juice will determine where the platform starts, so be careful to hit
    them low enough that you can still reach them by jumping.  Once you make it out
    to the first metal platform, there is a ledge to the left with a tree.  Jump to
    that platform to get a green melon (knock it off the tree by spraying it).  Eat
    this to turn Yoshi Pink.  You should then be able to jump back to the first
    metal platform and make your way to the top one by turning the fish into
    raising platforms.  Spray off the little wavy yellow orange lava blob, dismount
    Yoshi, and get your Shine.
    Mamma Beach can be reached by jumping into the "M" at the base of the Light
    House on the northeast beach in Dolphic Town.
    The first Secret Shine is the Red Coin Challenge in Story 1. The second is just
    past the pavilion in the center of the beach.  Spray the sprout that creates a
    stairway going down, and spray the Shine insignia on the wall at the bottom.
    Fludd Nozzles/Attachments:
    Turbo/Propeller: Story 4.  Located in a recess on the grassy hill to the left. 
    Follow the upper path that leads to the ampitheater.  One of the grassy slides
    between the paths will lead to a tightrope pole.  This is where the box is
    Rocket: Story 5. Located in a recess on the grassy hill to the right.  The
    easiest way is to follow the hill on the right up to the second tier, from
    there turn around and look back along the wall.  You should see a ledge with
    some coins.  That's where the box is.
    2.5.1 Mamma Beach Story 1
    This is a Secret stage.  To open the entrance, make your way across the beach
    to the sprout shown to you in the prelude. (It's the one closest to the
    peninsula to the left.)  Water it by spraying it with flood, and it will cause
    a sand castle to appear at the end of the peninsula.  The entrance is the door
    to the castle (Indicated by the large flashing arrow).  You have a limited
    amount of time to reach it before the sand castle crumbles.  The light brown
    blocks in this level will dissolve if you stand on them, but they'll come back
    after a bit.
    2.5.2 Mamma Beach Story 2
    There's a giant centipede sunning itself on top of the pavilion straight ahead
    of you.  There are a bunch of giant annoying round walking duckbilled thingies
    stomping around the three swivel-mirrors.  The object here is to spray the
    little goobers (one at a time) to the edge until they teeter on one foot. 
    While it's teetering, go somewhere on the opposite hemisphere of the mirror and
    ground pound.  This will launch the bugger off of the mirror.  When you've done
    this to all three mirrors, they'll shatter the thing the centipede is on,
    blowing it to pieces and producing your Shine.
    2.5.3 Mamma Beach Story 3
    Remember that centipede from last story?  Well, he's back and he's kinda mad. 
    He stampedes around the beach in a set pattern.  Watch for him to pass by the
    first sprout out in front of you.  Water it so that it erupts just as he's
    passing by.  This will knock him on his back. Hover up or turnaround jumps onto
    his belly and ground-pound.  This makes him madder.  He'll start to run faster.
     You may have to pick another sprout to get him again.  Smash him 3 times for
    your Shine.  It should appear where the castle from Story 1 was.
    2.5.4 Mamma Beach Story 4
    A Secret and Red Coin stage.  The entrance is the hole at the top of the
    pavilion.  Go straight ahead, and up the two levels. Follow the ridge on your
    right until you come to what looks like a cave entrance.  Water the sprout to
    produce a set of stairs.  Follow the path to the thing that looks like a set of
    amphitheater seats (A half-circle of steps). It should drop off in a green
    slope.  Follow the coin trail and jump just as it ends to make it to the
    trampoline and jump through the hole.  This level can be very intimidating. 
    There are two pieces of advice I have for it. One, the clouds are solid enough
    for you to stand on. Two, when the bird starts to tilt sharply, stand by its
    neck-that's the most stable part--you can just walk over to the side of its
    neck, and then back when it levels out to stay on it all the way to the top. 
    If you get stranded on a cloud, don't worry, the bird will come back down.
    2.5.5 Mamma Beach Story 5
    This is the first of many race levels.  Approach the little purple guy on the
    beach and he'll challenge you to a race.  Remember the amphitheater seats from
    the last Story? The flag you're racing to is right in the middle of that place.
     Follow the same path as in 2.5.4 except the sprout is gone so you'll have to
    use wall-kicks to get up to the path that leads to the amphitheater.  Or, if
    you've unlocked the Rocket attachment that can make your trip up very fast.
    Beat him, and you'll get a Shine.
    2.5.6 Mamma Beach Story 6
    This is a Red Coin level.  They're located in the reef all the way to the left
    of the start of the level.  The coins can be tricky to get. Sometimes they'll
    disappear into walls, or even swim away from you!
    2.5.7 Mamma Beach Story 7
    Get Fake Mario.
    2.5.8 Mamma Beach Story 8
    This is all about the biggest watermelon.  The proprietor of the little bar on
    the pier all the way to the left of the entrance wants the biggest watermelon
    for his juicer, because only the biggest one will taste good.  The biggest
    watermelon is also the most annoying to get.  There are actually 3 watermelons.
     The biggest one is in the amphitheater.  A word on Watermelon safety: kicking
    them, smacking them into walls or sharp objects or pushing them into the
    annoying round duck-billed things will result in explosion. Pushing gently or
    spraying are the preferred methods of transport.  Push the melon all the way to
    the bar and up the pier to the proprietor.  Viola, the melon is blended, and
    the Shine appears.  (Strange that you have to do tricks for these people to get
    the Shines that you're giving back to them.  Kind of like the government that
    2.6 PINNA PARK
    Pinna Park is accessed by jumping into the red cannon to the northwest of
    Dolphic Town.  The 2 Secret Shines in this area are the Red Coin Challenge
    stages - Story 2 and Story 6.
    2.6.1 Pinna Park Story 1
    Follow Fake Mario into the park and into the pool to the left.  He'll part the
    pool and produce a Gigantic Robot Mecha-Koopa.  You'll have to ride the Jet
    Coaster, and pick up missiles.  Aim the missiles at the Mecha and launch them
    with R.  Watch out, because Mecha-Koopa will launch missile bills at you. 
    They'll follow along the track before and behind you.  You can take them out by
    spraying them with water.  After taking several hits (I haven't actually
    counted) Mecha-Koopa will be toast.
    2.6.2 Pinna Park Story 2
    Secret stage. To the right of the entrance there's a mole firing Missile Bills
    at you.  Get up close to him and he'll start lobbing bob-ombs at you.  Spray
    these to turn them blue, then pick them up with B and lob them back at him. 
    Three hits will take him out. Jumping into the cannon is the entrance to the
    Secret stage. See 2.11.2 for info on what to do when you come back here after
    finishing the game.
    2.6.3 Pinna Park Story 3
    Find the Red Coins.  All of the coins are inside the amusement park. Easy to
    see, not so easy to get. I'm not going to into detail here for the time being.
    2.6.4 Pinna Park Story 4
    Go along the beach to the right of the entrance.  You'll see several things
    that look like big white eggs with green spots. Spray them until they pop out. 
    They're actually really weird turtles.  Walk away from them, and they'll launch
    into the air. As one of my deft readers pointed out, the trick is to get them
    to land in the sand.  That way, when they land, they land on their backs.
    Ground-pound their bellies and they're history.  This will revive the flowers. 
    Repeat until you run out of turtle shells, and you'll revive the big flower and
    get your Shine.  Completing this level seems to be what unlocks Yoshi.
    2.6.5 Pinna Park Story 5
    The ferris wheel in the park is out of control because of the big electric
    turtle on the motor.  There are several ways to get up to the top.  Since the
    ferris wheels won't hit you (you can jump through them like they're not there)
    my preferred method is to go to the grate platform where the Jet Coaster track
    peaks, and do a jump and boost across to the front of the ferris wheel tower. I
    believe the prescribed method is to make your way up the grates on the back of
    the ferris wheel tower. There's a tightrope right underneath the big electric
    turtle. Stand in the middle of it and jump to send the turtle sailing.  You'll
    have to grab a ride on the ferris wheel after you slow it down to get your
    2.6.6 Pinna Park Story 6
    This is another Secret level. There's an orange Yoshi missing from the
    carousel.  Find Yoshi, make sure he's orange (read 1.5 if you need help), and
    hop onto the ferris wheel to enter the Secret level. See 2.11.2 for info on
    what to do when you come back here after finishing the game.
    2.6.7 Pinna Park Story 7
    Get Fake Mario. (No Giant Robot Koopa this time:-)
    2.6.8 Pinna Park Story 8
    This one is ANNOYING.  Maybe other people won't have trouble with this but it
    took me FOREVER.  Go into the park.  The first thing you should notice is all
    of the pink Koopa-Kid balloons.  Follow the path on the right to the gazebo. 
    Cross the plank bridge to the platform where a bunch of the homely little shell
    dwellers are.  Talk to the guy closest from the edge and he'll let you ride the
    Jet Coaster. Just like before, pick up missiles to shoot at your targets.  You
    have to destroy all 20 Koopa-Kid balloons within 3 circuits of the Coaster
    track.  When you've accomplished this, talk to the little guy that let you ride
    the Jet Coaster, and he'll give you the Shine.
    This is accessed via the red warp pipe above the building just north of the
    statue. (There's a pineapple lodged in it at the start of the game.  You'll
    need Yoshi to eat it to clear it out.) The 2 Secret Shines in this area are Red
    Coin Challenge stages - Story 2 and Story 4.
    2.7.1 Sirena Beach Story 1
    The paint here is electric, so watch out. Follow the signs to the guy at the
    top of the stairs in the middle of the stage.  He'll tell you how the whole
    place got buried in the goop.  There's a GIANT Shadow Manta Ray that will sweep
    in from the ocean.  Spray this sucker the minute he rears his ugly head. 
    Eventually he'll split into smaller manta rays.  Each ray leaves a trail of
    electric slime in its wake.  Since these things are shadows, they will fall
    pretty much anywhere light can-tree tops, water, etc.  The only safe spots here
    are under the roofs of the huts in the lower parts of the level, and where
    leaves cover under the palm trees.  As far as strategy goes, I'd recommend
    concentrating on breaking one big one at a time all the way down--get too many
    small ones out there at once and they'll overwhelm you.  Once you vanquish the
    Manta Ray in its entirety, not only do you get a Shine, but you also unbury the
    Hotel Delfino, where all but one of the remainder of Sirena Beach's Stories
    play out.
    2.7.2 Sirena Beach Story 2
    Another Secret stage. Talk to the hotel manager (the guy in front of the hotel
    door) and he'll let you into the hotel.  White and transparent boos (ghosts)
    can be killed by stomping on them.  Transparent boos can be made white by
    spraying them, and spraying pink boos turns them into platforms.  Beware of
    coins that don't spin--they're ghosts.  Sometimes ghosts will hide around real
    coins so they spin anyway.  It's a good idea to always jump on top of your
    coins in this stage:-) The entrance to the Secret stage is the mouth of the
    giant Boo at the top of the pillar in the center of the Hotel. See 2.11.2 for
    info on what to do when you come back here after finishing the game.
    2.7.3 Sirena Beach Story 3
    Head over inside the Hotel.  This time the Shine is in the Spa on the 3rd
    floor.  If you look at the Spa you'll notice an attic entrance.  And as you may
    guess, that's how you'll get in.  Not so fast though.  You'll notice a Yoshi
    egg next to the front desk.  Yoshi craves a pineapple, but guess what, the guy
    at the desk only has every other kind of fruit.  I recommend you spray the guy
    at the desk as punishment for making you traipse all over the freakin' hotel
    for a pineapple. (This step is not required, but it satisfies none the less.) 
    Go to the bathroom to the left of the stairs.  Look for water leaking through
    the ceiling of the last stall. Jumping up through this will put you in the bath
    tub of the room above.  Spray the ocean painting in the next room off until it
    turns into a ghost and laughs.  Now you can jump straight through the painting
    into the next room.  In that room you should see two frightened children.  Go
    to the end of the room to some wooden doors.  Spray the doors until the big
    outline of a boo is showing on the side facing you.  The doors will part and
    allow you to go through.  This will lead you to a bath room with two pink
    ghosts.  Spray them and jump up through the square in the ceiling to get to the
    room above. In this room, spray the book case to reveal a hidden door.  In the
    next room you can spray the poster with Dolphic written on it to get to the
    next room (not required).  Also in that same room (the one you entered via the
    bookcase) you should see a floor tile that's lighter than the rest,
    ground-pound it.  This will drop you into the room below.  Destroy the boxes
    for a pineapple. (You can open the doors with B and Mario shouldn't drop the
    pineapple)  Drop back to the ground floor.  Hatch Yoshi with the pineapple. 
    Riding Yoshi, head back up to the third floor through the only open door in the
    hotel (to the left of the Spa).  Go through the door and bounce on the bed to
    get into the ventilation system. Try to remember your orientation to the spa.
    There, use Yoshi to eat the boos that are barring your way. Make your way to
    where the Spa should be, and ground pound on the cracked tile.  (Hint: it's the
    most annoying path through the maze.) You've got plenty of chances to do this
    over if you get the wrong one at first:-) Just remember, that you can't open
    doors while riding Yoshi.  If you get stuck in one of the rooms, the only thing
    you can do is dismount Yoshi, and wait for him to vanish when he runs out of
    juice.  This will make the egg appear in the lobby, and you can start over.
    2.7.4 Sirena Beach Story 4
    This is a Secret stage. Head over to the Hotel.  Go to the guy standing by the
    double doors before the bathroom on the left.  He'll let you into the Casino. 
    The first thing to do is to stand on the platforms in front of the slot
    machines and spray them until you've got 777.  Once you do this for both slot
    machines, the red curtain in the middle will open up with a giant Shine puzzle.
     Spray the tiles until the Shine picture faces you.  This will reveal a pipe
    that is the entrance to your Secret level. See 2.11.2 for info on what to do
    when you come back here after finishing the game.
    2.7.5 Sirena Beach Story 5
    Head over to the Hotel, and back to the Casino from 2.7.4.  Once inside the guy
    at the entrance tells you to look for a strange color on the roulette wheel. 
    That would be purple.  Ground-pound on the purple tile and the roulette wheel
    will lower into your boss fight.  The boss is a giant boo sitting on slot
    wheels.  Spray him as soon as you see him, or he'll send little boos at you. 
    Depending on how the slots end up, he'll either spit out coins, water bubbles,
    fruit or enemies.  When he spits out the fruit, pick up the chili peppers and
    lob them at him.  If you hit him in the face, his tongue will catch fire. 
    Quickly grab another fruit and chuck it at him. Do this three times and he's
    toast, and you get your Shine.
    2.7.6 Sirena Beach Story 6
    You've got 3 minutes to spray the beachfront off.  Hint: You just have to get
    the majority of the beach cleaned off, the little specks won't count against
    you. Of course, you should try to get it all:-) Barrels of water are great for
    clearing large sections at once.  When you're done talk to the guy on the beach
    for your Shine.
    2.7.7 Sirena Beach Story 7
    Get Fake Mario. Watch out for fake Fake Marios:-) The boos will pose as Fake
    Marios to distract you.
    2.7.8 Sirena Beach Story 8
    Red Coin Level. You've got 5 minutes to get all the coins. Refer to 2.7.3 for
    step-by-step instructions on getting to some of these rooms.  You don't have to
    get the coins in any particular order; I just numbered them for the sake of
    organization. First one is right in front of you. Second one is in the bathroom
    to the right.  Third is in the foyer area of the second floor. Fourth one is on
    the foyer of the third floor. Fifth one is in the Spa where you got your Shine.
    Sixth one is in the room after the you spray the Ghost painting and before the
    ghost outline on the wooden doors. The seventh is in the room through the
    Dolphic poster.  The eighth one is in the room with the crates of pineapple go
    through the doorway where the boo was blocking you in 2.7.3.
    Mare Bay can be accessed by standing in the cascading light in front of the
    dolphin fountain, going into first-person mode and looking up into the Sun. The
    Secret Shines in this area are 1) Spray down a golden bird flying around the
    cliff top to the left of the entrance, 2) Complete the Red Coin Challenge in
    Story 6.
    Fludd Nozzles/Attachments:
    Rocket: Stories 1-3 - Make your way across the cliff face to the right.  If you
    keep going, you should come across some ledges made out of cross-hatched green
    brick.  Using a combination of turnaround jumps and the supplied spring-board,
    make your way to the highest ledge.  The box for unlocking should be inside a
    shallow doorway there.
    Turbo/Propeller: Story 6 - Located in a door-shaped recess directly under the
    outcropping where you fought the Mole in Story 1.  This is the ledge that
    points outward toward the bay.  I haven't found an easy way to do this.  Stand
    on the tip of the ledge facing toward the cliff wall, tap the Jump button to
    jump backwards off the ledge without turning around and when you're at the
    proper heighth, boost towards the opening.
    2.8.1 Mare Bay Story 1
    When you first get to Mare Bay, the water is purple and poisoned.  If you fall
    in, it'll damage you.  The diving trick will work here like it did in Ricco
    Harbor. Follow the stepping stones to the right, and make your way up the side
    of the green cliff.  Spraying the graffiti off of the walls will reveal more
    platforms making your climb much easier.  The scales work by jumping on the end
    opposite of the pot, and spraying the pot full of water.  This will raise the
    platform you're on.  Follow the rolling slime-covered Piranha Plant Heads up to
    the source.  It's another mole.  You beat him the same way as you did in 2.6.2,
    although you're in a much more precarious position. Defeating him will get you
    your Shine.
    2.8.2 Mare Bay Story 2
    Make your way across the stepping stones to the left to the little fisherman
    guy shown in the preview.  There's a brown tile on the cliff wall above him. 
    Spray it, and a vertical maze will emerge from the cliff face.  You'll need to
    wall kick your way up and to the next platform before the time runs out and the
    maze goes back into the wall.  Hint: the wall curves around to the right once
    you reach the top. Once there, there'll be another maze.  This one's trickier,
    though.  I recommend that you examine it from the ground to see where you're
    supposed to go before you get up there.  Once you get all the way to the top,
    you'll face another Giant Squid.  Follow the strategy in 2.4.1 to beat him. 
    Drop down through the hole that opens up to the cave below to claim your Shine.
    2.8.3 Mare Bay Story 3
    This is a Red Coin level.  Basically the only controls you have are your
    booster (L)-it's unlimited now that you're underwater, the control stick and
    the camera angle (C). Coins replenish your health, so grab a few if you're
    getting low. The Red Coins are almost all in plain sight. Make sure to check
    the crevices of the little blue structure at the bottom.
    2.8.4 Mare Bay Story 4
    Go to the broken pipe-thing underneath the cascade as shown in the prelude. 
    When you approach it, you'll be taken inside a dark underwater chamber.  At the
    very bottom, you'll notice four glowing yellow orbs.  Those are the eyes of the
    boss you're about to fight.  Once you drop far enough, he'll emerge from his
    perch, and open his mouth.  The object here is to spray the gunk off of all of
    his teeth. Make sure to keep your health up by grabbing coins off the walls and
    by busting the blue bubbles and grabbing the air bubbles that come out.  This
    is important because when you finish cleaning his teeth, your Shine will appear
    at the very bottom of the chamber, and you'll lose about 4 life points just
    dropping down.
    2.8.5 Mare Bay Story 5
    This is a race level.  The guy you're gonna race is across the tightrope to
    your right.  The goal flag that you're racing to is to the far left of the
    entrance a bit to the left of where you activated the wall tile in 2.8.2.  Beat
    him there for the Shine.  I found it easier to go as the crow flies rather than
    try to follow him.  It doesn't matter how you get there, just so you get there
    before him.
    2.8.6 Mare Bay Story 6
    This is another Secret stage.  The entrance is, as shown in the prelude, at the
    top of one of the pillars.  To get to this one, you're going to need to do some
    serious tightrope walking.  Watch out for gusts and little electric guys that
    actually follow you instead of just sitting in one place or going in one
    direction.  You can get a start on your climbing by going up to the spiral
    staircase on your right. Hint: the entrance to the secret is not on the highest
    tower. Now, this secret level is a little tough, so I'll give you some hints. 
    First, you have to wall-kick your way out of the box you start in.  One of the
    walls is glass, so don't be worried about falling down.  Second, when you get
    to the part with the steep incline and the arrows pointing up, the trick is to
    never pause or turn around.  Just head upward and to the right at a 45 degree
    angle, and you should be okay. Third, I hope you've been practicing your
    turnaround jump, because you're gonna need it.  To get to the higher parts of
    this stage, you'll need to stand on the nail heads (the ones sticking up from
    the boards) face the opposite direction you want to go, then quickly turn
    around and jump.  The rest is obvious, good luck:-) See 2.11.2 for info on what
    to do when you come back here after finishing the game.
    2.8.7 Mare Bay Story 7
    Get Fake Mario.
    2.8.8 Mare Bay Story 8
    Red Coin level.  Go to the same chamber as in 2.8.4 where you fought the boss. 
    This time the red coins are part of a coin fish that swims around and
    disperses, and then comes back together.  This one's mostly about aim and
    persistence.  One piece of advice, though, if you can help it, try not to grab
    too many gold coins out of the fish, it'll be a lot easier to spot when you get
    down to the last couple of red coins.
    And try to keep your health up so you can make it to the Shine when it appears.
    Monte Village can be accessed via the red pipe atop the giant Shine monolith at
    the center of Dolphic Town.  Hint: you pretty much have to unlock the Rocket
    attachment in Dolphic Town to get up there.  For the sake of my sanity in
    describing where things are, I'm going to declare the direction you're facing
    when you start this level North.  South, East, and West should be obvious from
    One of the Secret Shines in this stage is the Red Coin Challenge in Story 5.
    The other is sort of wierd.  Get to the top of the central palm tree in Story
    8, just like you did to get the last Red Coin. Stand on top of that platform
    with the picture of the sun on it, and use Flood to spray in the direction of
    the actual sun. The rest is obvious.
    Fludd Nozzles/Attachments:
    Rocket: Story 8 - Located on one of the ledges surrounding the giant palm in
    the center of the village.
    2.9.1 Monte Village Story 1
    There are 3 little Chain Chomp dog-like things wandering around the village
    shedding burning paint all over the place.  In the center of the village is the
    mammoth palm tree and at the base of it is a fountain spraying water into a
    little pool.  The object here is to get the chain chomps into that little pool
    of water.  Spray the Chain Chomps off until they cool down and turn black. 
    Then you can grab them by the tail.  Pull the tail by grabbing it with the B
    button and yanking back on the control stick.  Just like shooting a rubber
    band, when you let go they shoot forward in the opposite direction you were
    pulling.  It is relatively easy to shoot them into the water provided you wait
    until they are close to it before spraying them down. Get all three in there,
    and then claim your Shine.
    2.9.2 Monte Village Story 2
    This is the third and final race level, and consequently the toughest.  Learn
    from your opponent.  The trick here is to dive forward with B as you're
    running, and then quickly tap A to pop back up to your feet.  Repeat as
    necessary.  Once you get the hang of it, you should be able to beat him easily.
     Don't run into him, or Mario will be stunned and lose ground.  The goal flag
    is on the first branch of the tilted tree in the northwest corner of the
    village.  Beat him to it for your Shine.
    2.9.3 Monte Village Story 3
    The goal is simple-get to the top of the golden mushroom just to the southwest
    of the center of the village, and spray off the guy up there.  The tough part
    is getting there.  The whole village is covered in lava goop, and you don't
    have Flood when you start out.  The prescribed way of getting to your
    destination is to take to the underside of the village and make your way across
    the grates until you reach a spot roughly south and in the center of the
    village where you can resurface.  If you choose to go this way, start by
    dropping underground into the hole just to the east of the hot spring.  I found
    what I think is a much simpler way, though.  Go around the village to the
    right.  You should eventually come across a stream.  Jump in and swim upstream
    to the pool at the base of the huge palm tree. From there, you should be able
    to look southwest and see a clear spot with a coin in it.  It's too far to jump
    at the moment, but when Mario first steps out of the water, it takes a while to
    drain from his clothes.  As he sloshes around for a second or so, the water
    will clear the lava stuff.  Slosh up and down the bank until you've dripped
    enough water to clear a path to jump to the clearing. (You have to be fast
    because the little scrubbing bubbles things will eventually cover your nice
    path up.)  With a little perseverance, you can make it to the clearing, climb
    the bamboo structure, get flood, turnaround jump and boost up to the top of the
    golden mushroom and spray the guy off for your Shine. (Try saying that three
    times fast:-)
    2.9.4 Monte Village Story 4
    This one is similar to 2.9.1.  There's a full-sized chain chomp in the
    southeastern corner of the village.  Get to where his chain is staked into the
    ground, and use B to pull it free.  He'll rampage all over he village.  The
    object is to get him into the hot spring in the northwestern corner of the
    village.  I've found it is easiest to let him rampage all the way up to the
    vicinity of the spring, and then spray him to cool him off and slow him down,
    once you do that, you can use B to grab the end of his chain and drag it into
    the hot spring.  Once you pull him far enough in to the spring, he'll jump up
    and land in the bowl, cooling off and giving up the Shine.
    2.9.5 Monte Village Story 5
    This is another Secret stage. As is obvious in the prelude, you're gonna need
    Yoshi for this one. Grab the fruit he wants from the short mushroom-like tree
    in the northwestern region of the village.  Head back to the bridge, hatch
    Yoshi, and ride him back across the bridge to the ledge to the south where you
    started the level.  Now, just to the west of the bridge you'll notice are some
    mushroom platforms.  Riding Yoshi, jump down there, and make your way north
    across the platforms.  When the path forks, go to the right (east), and you
    should eventually come across a platform with that orange wavy lava crud. 
    Dissolve it with Yoshi's juice, and it will reveal the entrance to the Secret
    level.  The trick to this one is that all the guys you meet will throw you in
    the same direction you're facing when you talk to them.  Make sure you aim
    carefully before pressing B.  The rest should be obvious. See 2.11.2 for info
    on what to do when you come back here after finishing the game.
    2.9.6 Monte Village Story 6
    You have 3 minutes to find all 10 people buried in the goop.  Just make sure
    you look everywhere, and don't stop spraying them off until they sparkle and
    start jumping up and down.  This one should be easy.  When you're done, go back
    to the guy at the south end of the bridge to get your Shine.
    2.9.7 Monte Village Story 7
    Get Fake Mario.  Watch out for the trail of burning goop he leaves in his wake.
    2.9.8 Monte Village Story 8
    Red Coin stage.  The coins are actually pretty well hidden.  As before you can
    go in any order you wish, however, I strongly recommend that you at least
    follow the order for the first and the last ones.
    1)The first one is in the grating below the village.  Look on top of the
    southern most grate.  There are a number of ways to get there.  I recommend
    that you go to the mushrooms to the west of the bridge (where you went with
    Yoshi in 2.9.5) and under the village.  This time, take the left path, and jump
    onto the big vertical grate.  Flip the gate, and instead of heading north to
    the swings, climb up the other (north) side to the top. Next, go to the south
    end of that grate, and jump and boost across to the next grate to the east. 
    Keep going east until you come across another gap.  Again, jump and boost east
    to the next grate.  Follow the grate south, and west to get your Red Coin.  To
    get back topside, jump off the grate to the east of where you got the Red Coin,
    and aim for one of the mushrooms below.  Follow the mushrooms south, and use
    the green one on top of the red one as a spring board to bounce you back up to
    the beginning of the level. I recommend doing this one first because it gives
    you the most chance of dying, and you lose less if you do.
    2)The second Red Coin is on the west-pointing branch of the giant palm tree
    growing in the southeastern part of the village (Right over the northern end of
    the bridge as you enter the village).
    3)The third Red Coin is in the stack of boxes to the northeast of the village.
    4)The fourth is at the bottom of the hot spring in the northwest.
    5)The fifth is behind the big slanted tree to the northwest corner of the
    village right under the bee hive.
    6)The sixth one is in the grassy field to the west of the village.
    7)The seventh one is under the mushroom-like fruit tree in the northwest part
    of the village.
    8)The eighth is on a platform at the very top of the giant palm in the center
    of the village.  I think you're supposed to use the rocket to get up there, but
    I never could get that to work.  The easiest way to get to there is to climb to
    the top of the slanted tree in the northwest of the village (next to the hot
    spring) and walk along the leaf that points directly south.  Once you're at the
    very tip of it, you can turnaround jump and boost all the way across to the
    northwest pointing palm leaf of the central tree.  From there, head toward the
    center of the tree. You should see the eighth red coin on top of the platform
    there.  From a high point on one of the leaves, turnaround jump and boost your
    way to the top of the platform.  Your Shine will appear on the clouds way to
    the northwest.  To get there, follow the vein of the palm leaf pointing toward
    the clouds until you reach the tip.  You should see one of the fuzzy seeds
    floating right near the tip, if you don't, just wait a little while until it
    appears.  Jump into the fuzzy part and it'll support you.  Now just wait until
    the wind carries you out to the cloud.  Jump to the cloud when you're close
    enough because the fuzzy will disappear after a bit.  Claim your Shine, you
    earned it!
    This area is accessed through the mouth of the waterfall behind the Shine
    Follow Fake Mario inside.  This stage is fairly straight forward.  The flames
    on the platform can be doused by spraying them.  I recommend that you just
    hover over top of them to do this.  There's a fountain where you can fill Flood
    up if you've exhausted too much water trying to navigate that unruly boat. 
    Once you reach the end, you'll have to grab a Rocket attachment and boost up to
    the clouds.  You should come across a dark cloud.  Boost through it and you'll
    be warped to the last battle.  To defeat Bowser go to the five platforms stand
    on the black and red discs (you may recognize this from the top of the light
    house).  While standing on the symbols, boost into the air, and then while
    you're still very high up, ground-pound so that you crash down on them.  Hurry
    up to the rim of the tub as the platform crumbles beneath you.  Repeat five
    times for the win.  A note on strategy:  Bowser will try to anticipate what
    direction you're headed for and he'll spit fire in your path.  It's really easy
    to fake him out.  Just run in the opposite direction you want to go and reverse
    direction when you see him turn toward you.  It's actually better to get hit by
    Bowser's breath than his son's missile bills.  The breath won't send you
    jumping, it'll just knock you down, plus you'll be invincible for a second
    after getting hit so the missiles won't affect you.  Good luck!
    There are a number of things that happen when you beat Bowser.  There are
    probably more, but these are the ones I've discovered:
    Airport Revisited
    On the pier to in the southwest corner of Dolphic Town there is a guy with
    Sunglasses in front of a boat.  Talk to him, and agree to pay 10 gold coins and
    he'll take you back to the Airport. See 2.1.2 for details.
    Secret Red Coin Challenge
    Go back to some of the Secret stages after you beat the game for a Red Coin
    Challenge.  Hit the Red Coin Switch, and get all 8 Red Coins before the time
    runs out.  The layout of the stage may be slightly different, plus you get to
    keep Flood, so the difficulty should even out.  If you manage to get all of the
    coins, you'll get an additional Shine.
    Mario's New Clothes
    In almost every level of the game, there is a guy wearing sunglasses.  The
    first time through the game he gives you a pair of sunglasses, that actually
    dim the picture down a bit.  After you finish the game, if you talk to him,
    he'll also give Mario a Hawaiian-style Shine Shirt.
    I would call this whole thing Frequently Asked Questions, but some of these are
    not necessarily questions I have been asked.  This is just what I think people
    will be asking.
    Q: How many Shines/Blue Coins are there altogether?
    A: Section 1.10 has all the information I know to date.
    Q: Do you get anything special for beating the game?
    A: Read the new section 2.11 - After You Finish The Game
    Q: I'm stuck and I've already emailed you for help, and you haven't responded.
    A: Although email requests are flattering, I work long days, and don't always
    check my Email every day.  I will none-the-less try to respond to each email I
    receive, unless I get a lot of questions that are already answered here.
    Q: When are you going to revise your FAQ?
    A: When I have the time, energy, and motivation all at once.
    Q: How do I unlock Yoshi the first time.
    A: Complete Pinna Park Story 4.
    Q: Can I post your FAQ on such-and-such site?
    A: I will grant permission if you ask first, and I approve of the site.  (I'm
    not going to approve of anything that would charge users to view game guides,
    for example)
    Q: Will the strategies in this guide work for the US version of Super Mario
    A: Despite some minor differences in the names, I haven't seen anything yet to
    indicate that the U.S. and Japanese versions differ in any way pertinent to
    this guide.  In short, yes you can use it for the U.S. version.
    Q: Are you going to write any other guides?
    A: If you like the format, and what I've done here, let me know.  That might
    motivate me to create walkthroughs for other games as well.  If you like, you
    can even write me with suggestions for guides you'd like me to write.  Please
    keep in mind, though that I have very little free time for this sort of thing.
    Q: How do I get the FLUDD Rocket/Turbo Nozzles?
    A: You have to unlock these attachments in each of the stages separately. 
    Also, I don't think that EVERY stage actually has the FLUDD upgrades. I've
    updated the walkthrough to provide the locations of the ones I know about.  If
    you're looking for one in specific that isn't in the guide, please let me know
    which level you need it in.
    Q: I found such-and-such that you didn't.  If you put this in your
    FAQ/Walkthrough will you give me credit?
    A: The short answer is yes and no.  Yes I will acknowledge you along with all
    of the other people who wrote in, in an all around thanks.  And no, I will not
    be mentioning any specific names or contributions.  As stated in the credits, a
    good number of you have provided me with the same information.  In addition,
    I've discovered a lot of these things on my own.  It would be near impossible
    to mention specific names and keep the FAQ legible.  If you're anxious to be
    recognized for your discoveries, I strongly recommend that you endeavor to
    write your own walkthrough.  It is a very rewarding experience.
    4.1 HISTORY
    08-05-2002 FAQ Started
    08-06-2002 Version 1.0 finished
    08-07-2002 Version 1.1 finished
    Corrected some minor spelling, grammar, typing and spacing errors.  Reworded
    and re-ordered some sections to make them clearer. Added some minor hints and
    alternate methods to some sections. Confirmed/corrected some information I
    wasn't sure of when I finished 1.0.
    08-10-2002 Version 1.2 finished
    Corrected some missed spacing errors.  Added a Frequently Asked Questions
    section, and some much desired information about how to get Yoshi, and the
    other Dolphic Town events. Properly named the last stage.
    08-15-2002 Version 1.3 finished.
    Changed some strategies to easier methods. Added section 2.11 - After You
    Finish the Game. Added sections 1.8 - Gold Coins, 1.9 - Birds, Bees, and
    Butterflies, and 1.10 - Shine Totals.  Updated the Anticipated/Frequently asked
    questions section. (Thinking about changing this to "Frequently Answered
    Questions", after all the wonderful information that's been pouring in:-),
    Added info about some of the Secret Shines in each area.
    Planned Updates for the next release:
    I'm still missing 1 Secret Shine in Ricco Harbor, Mamma Beach, and Monte
    Village, I'd like to get them in here. Originally I hadn't planned on going
    into this much detail, but I'm almost there, so what the heck.
    8-15-2002 Version 1.4 finished
    Litterally 20 minutes after submitting 1.3 I found the other Secret Shine in
    Ricco Harbor.  I was planning on calling it a night, but decided to stay up and
    read through a good bit of the FAQ.  There were a few "I'm gonna do that later"
    things that I took out because I've already done most of them.  I fixed some
    goofy spelling errors etc.
    8-15-2002 Version 1.5 finished
    Okay, so I've been booking.  Prolly should have waited to publish v 1.3 until
    tonight, but I kept thinking it would be too long before I figured the rest
    out.  I included info on the Secret Shines in Mamma Beach and Monte Village. 
    The one in Mamma Beach that I missed in 1.3 and 1.4 was a serious no-brainer. 
    I guess that's one of the caveats of running on 4 hours of sleep. I left
    certain bits marked *New Info* because people scarsely had a chance to see 1.3
    or 1.4 where they were actually new.
    9-4-2002 Version 1.6 finished **Current Version
    Well after about two weeks of Mario burnout (Please don't cry sacrelige, I've
    seen as much of this game as the beta testers if not more) I've come back to do
    another release.  This update addresses some of the differences between the
    U.S. and Japanese versions of the game. I added a section about how to search
    the guide because so many people are calling things by different names.  I
    fixed some inaccuracies with the Shine totals, and the Dolphic Town/Delfino
    Plaza Shines.  Added some info on where to get certain Flood Attachments/Fludd
    Nozzles.  Updated the Frequently Asked Questions section.  Made some minor
    strategy revisions.
    4.2 CREDITS
    This FAQ was written entirely by Samson Wick with extensive help from Jennifer
    I welcome your feedback. Please send any comments, suggestions or questions to
    If you're sending a question, please read the Anticipated Questions section
    before emailing me.  Thanks:-)
    I'd like to send a big Thanks! out to all of you who emailed me with
    discoveries, thanks and accolades.  I'm not mentioning names or specific
    contributions.  There was a lot of duplicate information, and stuff I found out
    for myself before the latest update - I didn't want anybody getting the idea
    that someone else got credit for their suggestion.  Plus, I'm sure I'd
    accidentally leave someone out, and I don't want to hurt any feelings.  So, I'm
    just gonna say thanks, and you know who you are.

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