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    Shines Checklist by TubeRacer

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      ------ Super Mario Sunshine (NA) - 120 Shines Checklist
      ------ Written by: TubeRacer (Jerry V.) - Zildjian7A@msn.com
      ------ Version 1.08 (c) Copyright 2002 JCV
    Table of Contents:
      I.   Version History
      II.  How to Use This Guide
      III. Basic Shine Collecting Info
      IV.  Shines Checklist
      V.   FAQ
      VI.  Contact Information & Such
    I.   Version History:
      v1.08 - 9/9/02: Several minor fixes, minor corrections & additions etc. Added
                      "About Author" secion.
      v1.0  - 9/8/02: Added FAQ section, fixed some typos, added more to the
                      Detailed Shine Info section, other minor changes.
      v0.9  - 9/7/02: First version of this guide created.
    II.  How to Use This Guide:
        I created this guide to help out when you're trying to collect all 120   
      Shines in the game. Sometimes you may forget which of them you've gotten   
      already and which ones you still need to get, especially for Delfino Plaza
      Shines, so this can help you tally up your Shine totals and figure out where   
      to go next. This is not intended to be a detailed walkthrough, so if you're   
      having trouble with a specific Shine, find another guide to help you with it.
        To use this as a checklist, you should just know that each of the [ ] boxes
      represent an individual Shine, while the ( ) parentheses indicate a certain
      group of Shines.
    III. Basic Shine Collecting Info:
        It's important to know the basic structure of each level's shine counts and
      how they fit together, so that's what this small section's for. First of all,
      for those very new to the game, a Shine is what you get for fulfilling a
      certain task of objective. They're like the Stars of Super Mario 64. Each of   
      the seven main levels are structured as follows: 14 total Shines. Eight   
      episodes, each of the episodes will allow you to get exactly one Shine for   
      completing the basic objective in it. Each level has either one or two   
      episodes with a "Secret" obstacle course in it. These courses count as a
      basic Shine when completed the first time through. But most of them, you can
      go through again with a Red Coin Challenge addition to it. In these, the   
      course is the same, but somewhere (usually near the beginning), there's a
      red dome on the ground that you can to an A+L Ground Pound on it to begin the
      Red Coin Challenge. You have to collect the eight red coins in order to get
      the Shine, or you'll die if time runs out. The Red Coin Challenge Shine
      counts as a ??? (secret) Shine for the level. Each level has two Secret
      Shines along with the eight basic ones for completing each episode. There
      are 30 blue coins per level, and you can trade in 10 blue coins for one
      Shine, so there's 3 more Shines per level. And finally, if you collect one-
      hundred coins all at one time in a level, you can get another Shine, making
      the total Shine count per level be fourteen. On my checklist, I only count it
      as eleven though, because I put the blue coin Shines in their own checklist
      section instead of grouping them with the levels. Also, please note that
      the Delphino Plaza Shines will become available as the game progresses, so
      you won't be able to get them all at the beginning.
        For Shines that take a lot of explaining, just follow the * link to the
      bottom where I better explain it. There, I think I went over almost
      everything now, so here's the list...
                             =Minor Spoilers Ahead!=    
    IV. Shines Checklist:
      Delfino Airstrip - 2 ( )
    [ ] First Shine of the Game, Defeat the Piranha Plant
    [ ] (After you've beaten the game) Come back for a Red Coin Challenge
                       Main Levels: - 77 ( )
      Level 1, Bianco Hills - 11 ( )
    [ ] Episode 1: Road to the Big Windmill
    [ ] Episode 2: Down with Petey Piranha!
    [ ] Episode 3: The Hillside Cave Secret
    [ ] Episode 4: Red Coins of Windmill Village
    [ ] Episode 5: Petey Piranha Strikes Back
    [ ] Episode 6: The Secret of the Dirty Lake
    [ ] Episode 7: Shadow Mario on the Loose
    [ ] Episode 8: The Red Coins of the Lake
    [ ] ??? (Secret Shine #1 - Hillside Cave Secret - Red Coin Challenge)
    [ ] ??? (Secret Shine #1 - Dirty Lake Secret - Red Coin Challenge)
    [ ] Collect 100 Coins Shine
      Level 2, Ricco Harbor - 11 ( )
    [ ] Episode 1: Gooper Blooper Breaks Out
    [ ] Episode 2: Blooper Surfing Safari
    [ ] Episode 3: The Caged Shine Sprite
    [ ] Episode 4: The Secret of Ricco Tower
    [ ] Episode 5: Gooper Blooper Returns
    [ ] Episode 6: Red Coins on the Water
    [ ] Episode 7: Shadow Mario Revisited
    [ ] Episode 8: Yoshi's Fruit Adventure *1*
    [ ] ??? (Secret Shine #1 - Episode 2: Win race again, under 40 seconds)
    [ ] ??? (Secret Shine #1 - Ricco Tower Secret - Red Coin Challenge)
    [ ] Collect 100 Coins Shine
      Level 3, Gelato Beach - 11 ( )
    [ ] Episode 1: Dune Bud Sand Castle Secret
    [ ] Episode 2: Mirror Madness! Tilt, Slam, Bam!
    [ ] Episode 3: Wiggler Ahoy! Full Steam Ahead!
    [ ] Episode 4: The Sand Bird is Born
    [ ] Episode 5: Il Piantissimo's Sand Sprint
    [ ] Episode 6: Red Coins in the Coral Reef
    [ ] Episode 7: It's Shadow Mario! After Him!
    [ ] Episode 8: The Watermelon Festival
    [ ] ??? (Secret Shine #1 - Hidden Shine picture under a sand bud) *2*
    [ ] ??? (Secret Shine #1 - Sand Castle Secret - Red Coin Challenge)
    [ ] Collect 100 Coins Shine
      Level 4, Pinna Park - 11 ( )
    [ ] Episode 1: Mecha-Bowser Appears!
    [ ] Episode 2: The Beach Cannon's Secret
    [ ] Episode 3: Red Coins of the Pirate Ships
    [ ] Episode 4: The Wilted Sunflowers
    [ ] Episode 5: The Runaway Ferris Wheel
    [ ] Episode 6: The Yoshi-Go-Round's Secret *4*
    [ ] Episode 7: Shadow Mario in the Park
    [ ] Episode 8: Roller Coaster Balloons
    [ ] ??? (Secret Shine #1 - Beach Cannon's Secret - Red Coin Challenge)
    [ ] ??? (Secret Shine #1 - Yoshi-Go-Round's Secret - Red Coin Challenge)
    [ ] Collect 100 Coins Shine
      Level 5, Sirena Beach - 11 ( )
    [ ] Episode 1: The Manta Storm
    [ ] Episode 2: The Hotel Lobby's Secret
    [ ] Episode 3: Mysterious Hotel Delfino
    [ ] Episode 4: The Secret of Casino Delfino
    [ ] Episode 5: King Boo Down Below
    [ ] Episode 6: Scrubbing Sirena Beach
    [ ] Episode 7: Shadow Mario Checks In
    [ ] Episode 8: Red Coins in the Hotel
    [ ] ??? (Secret Shine #1 - Hotel Lobby's Secret - Red Coin Challenge)
    [ ] ??? (Secret Shine #1 - Casino Delfino's Secret - Red Coin Challenge)
    [ ] Collect 100 Coins Shine
      Level 6, Noki Bay - 11 ( )
    [ ] Episode 1: Uncork the Waterfall
    [ ] Episode 2: The Boss of Tricky Ruins
    [ ] Episode 3: Red Coins in a Bottle
    [ ] Episode 4: Eely-Mouth's Dentist
    [ ] Episode 5: Il Piantissimo's Surf Swim
    [ ] Episode 6: The Shell's Secret
    [ ] Episode 7: Hold It, Shadow Mario!
    [ ] Episode 8: The Red Coin Fish
    [ ] ??? (Secret Shine #1 - Spray the gold bird on the northwestern cliff)
    [ ] ??? (Secret Shine #1 - Shell's Secret - Red Coin Challenge)
    [ ] Collect 100 Coins Shine
      Level 7, Pianta Village - 11 ( )
    [ ] Episode 1: Chain Chomplets Unchained
    [ ] Episode 2: Il Piantissimo's Crazy Climb
    [ ] Episode 3: The Goopy Inferno
    [ ] Episode 4: Chain Chomp's Bath
    [ ] Episode 5: Secret of the Village Underside
    [ ] Episode 6: Piantas in Need
    [ ] Episode 7: Shadow Mario Runs Wild
    [ ] Episode 8: Fluff Festival Coin Hunt
    [ ] ??? (Secret Shine #1 - Rocket to top of center tree & spray sun) *3*
    [ ] ??? (Secret Shine #1 - Village Underside Secret - Red Coin Challenge)
    [ ] Collect 100 Coins Shine
      Blue Coin Collecting   - 24 ( )
    [ ][ ][ ] Bianco Hills   - 3  ( )
    [ ][ ][ ] Ricco Harbor   - 3  ( )
    [ ][ ][ ] Gelato Beach   - 3  ( )
    [ ][ ][ ] Pinna Park     - 3  ( )
    [ ][ ][ ] Sirena Beach   - 3  ( )
    [ ][ ][ ] Noki Bay       - 3  ( )
    [ ][ ][ ] Pianta Village - 3  ( )
    [ ][ ]    Delfino Plaza  - 2  ( )
    [ ]       Mount Corona   - 1  ( )
      Delphino Plaza - 17 ( )
    [ ] Northeast Beach - Hop across the small isles to reach the pipe to access a
        "secret" course. Just get to the end of it for a Shine.
    [ ] Southwest Belltower - Spray the brown crap off the bell for a Shine to
        appear in the cage. Ground pound the sewer entrance hole to the west to get
        to the Shine.
    [ ] Northeast Beach - on the beach, about 20 paces from the lighthouse, spray
        the sand to reveal a Shine. Just spray around that area until you find a
        portion of the sand that makes a funny sound when you spray it.
    [ ] West of the River in the town, there's a house where you can play a
        mini-game in which you destroy some boxes before time runs out. Just beat
        this game to get a Shine.
    [ ] The same thing as above, only the second time doing it, it's just
        slightly more difficult.
    [ ] Find a guy sitting on a roof, and pay him a coin. He'll chuck you into a
        room with a Shine. If he misses, try again, since sometimes it screws up.
    [ ] In the small river, jump on the boat when it passes. Before it leaves the
        inside-town portion of the river, jump when you're under the bridge where
        a yellow coin is. Now complete this red coin challenge.
    [ ] Collect 100 Coins. This is easiest when you have access to the Airstrip.
        But if not, just travel the sewers, find as many coins as you can, and if
        you don't have 100 yet, get a Delphino Plaza Shine, even if you already
        have gotten it. Then you'll be restarted in Delphino Plaza with all your
        coins still there, and the coins you already got are regenerated. You can
        keep doing this forever, or until you have 999 coins if you want (I did!).
    [ ] On the small south-eastern island, spray the golden bird that's flying
        around. Get him 3 times, and you can collect your Shine.
    [ ] Here's the very annoying Yoshi Shine (after you've gotten Yoshi). You need
        to first hatch him, then go to the intercity river where the boat passes.
        When it comes by, jump on it and jump off when it gets close to the near-
        by isle (eat a coconut while you're there if you are running low on   
        juice). Now jump onto the other boat when it comes by to get to a pillar
        in the water. Eat the bananas if you need to and hop on the boat to the   
        other small island. Spray the yellow crap off the pipe with Yoshi, then
        hop in and complete this red coin challenge. It's easy if you take your
        time with it, but if you don't get all the coins, just kill yourself to
        start over rather than going into the pipe at the end, or you'll have to
        start the whole process over.
    [ ] With the Turbo Nozzle, blast through the doors being guarded by the two
        people and play a secret course where you'll just need to be able to   
        time your jumps right to get to the end.
    [ ] With the Turbo Nozzle again, blast through the doors under the belltower
        at the south-west part of town.
    [ ] Use the rocket Nozzle to blast up to the big Shine statue and clean the
        crap off it to get a Shine.
    [ ] Go to the very north-western most part of the town, and blast up to a cave
        on a wall with the Rocket Nozzle to do a secret course where you need to
        find eight red coins.
    [ ] Get on top of the light house, and blast up in the air directly above it
        and do an A+L ground pound to bust off the top of it and get a Shine.
    [ ] Clean the other bell that still has crap on it and rocket up on top to
        get the Shine.
    [ ] Beat the game to get this one, after going through Corona Mountain.
    ( ) Bianco Hills      - 11
    ( ) Ricco Harbor      - 11
    ( ) Gelato Beach      - 11
    ( ) Pinna Park        - 11
    ( ) Sirena Beach      - 11
    ( ) Noki Bay          - 11
    ( ) Pianta Village    - 11
    ( ) Blue Coins        - 24
    ( ) Delphino Plaza    - 16
    ( ) Delphino Airstrip - 2
    ( ) Corona Mountain   - 1
    Total:             ___ / 120
    Note: On your in-game totals screen, it will show Delphino Plaza as 40
          Shines, not 16, because it combines the Blue Coins and Corona
          Mountain Shines with it, and shows the 100 Delphino Plaza coins
          Shine separate as well.
          More detailed Shine info from * links above:
    *1* Level 1-8 - Go to the corner of town where the big fish market is.
        There's a Yoshi Egg you need to hatch by giving him a durian. To get
        one, ground pound the top of those two big fruit container things
        until the right fruit comes out. Then kick it over to Yoshi. When you
        have him, you have to go to the edge, where you see fish jumping.
        Spray the fish with Yoshi and they'll turn into platforms. Get on them
        quick and don't fall off or you'll have to start over. Just make your
        way to the top and spray off the yellow crap with Yoshi juice for a
    *2* Level 3 - For this Secret Shine, find the Dune Bud that when you spray
        it, it opens a small staircase down into the sand where a few coins are.
        before the stairs pop back up, spray the small wall that's made in the   
        ground, and you'll find a picture of a Shine. When it's all the way   
        cleaned off, a Shine will appear.
    *3* Level 7 - This one is quite interesting. You're supposed to get the
        rocket nozzle and rocket up to the very top of the center tree, then
        aim up at the sun and shoot it. All you're really doing though, is
        uncovering a picture that's about 5 feet in front of you in the air. So
        if you move off the platform and look up to where you shot at, there
        will be that Shine picture floating in air looking stupid. You can even
        see it from ground level.
    *4* Level 4-6 - The first thing to do is find the Yoshi egg so you know
        which fruit to get and where to bring it. There's one set location for
        each piece of fruit. If it's the pear thing, it's right by the Yoshi
        egg, hanging from the nose of the statue by it, imitating a booger or
        something like that. The pineapple is always under the gazebo on the path
        to the roller coaster, the bananas are on the edge of a small cliff, just   
        barely north and west of the lake. The durian is in the west part of the   
        big fountain area, and the coconut is right in front and to the left of
        the lake. One you have Yoshi hatched, you need him to turn orange. The
        bananas and coconuts turn him pink, so if he's pink, have him eat either
        the pear or the pineapple to turn him orange. (The unique fruit, durian,
        turns him purple.) Now just bring him to the missing part of the Yoshi-Go-
        Round, and it will take you into a secret course. Finish this for a Shine.
    More to come here if I get a lot of requests.
       ---- V. FAQ
    Q: What happens when you beat the game with all the Shines?
    A: In a short answer-- Nothing. I've beaten the game with all the Shines
       and this is all I've noticed: First of all, on the game load/select
       screen, above the block with the file letter on it, there's a picture
       of one of those little red suns that looks like it was drawn with a
       crayon, indicating that you've collected 120 Shines. Other than that,
       the only thing I've noticed is the townspeople talk differently. One
       says "Could this be the end of the game?" "I hope something else
       happens." I'm not sure if that means there's more secret stuff to do or
       what that means, but everything else is the same as when you beat the
       game normally, as far as I can tell. Oh, and one really stupid thing
       to take note of is that a big group of people & kids by the river are
       still saying things like "Save Princess Peach!" and "I hope nothing bad
       happened to her!" That's pretty lame. Also, when you beat the game with all
       the Shines the ending movie/sequence is still exactly the same although
       many people seem to think it's changed. The only difference is at the very  
       end it says "You have collected all the Shines! Would you like to save your
    Q: So what is there to do after you beat the game?
    A: Collect all the Blue Coins and Shines if you haven't already. Try to get
       your lives up to 99 if you're really bored (I did it!). Get your coin high
       score in Delphino Plaza up to 999. You can go higher, but it will still say
       999. This took me about an hour to do. Other than that, the only thing
       really to do is tackle each level's high coin score... Here are my records:
         Bianco Hills:            119
         Ricco Harbor:            104
         Gelato Beach:            109
         Pinna Park:              176
         Sirena Beach:            106
         Noki Bay:                147
         Pianta Village:          110
         Delphino Plaza/Airstrip: 999
       If you get some really impressive scores, send them in along with which
       episode of the level you got them in, and I might post them up as long as
       I don't get hundreds of fake scores.
    VI. Contact Information and Such
      My E-Mail address is Zildjian7A@msn.com, if you wish to contact me about
    any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, etc. DO NOT ask me where
    or how to find any certain blue coin or something small like that. I will
    be happy helping you with a certain Shine, but only if you tried looking in
    another walkthrough first and still have problems.
      Do not e-mail me at all if you're going to ask if you can use this on your
    website because I will say no. This is only approved for use on gameFAQs.com
    and no place else. This guide is (c) Copyright 2002 by JCV, and you may not
    put this on any website, CD, use this for profit, or do anything other than
    personal use.
      I am very open to suggestions and helpful information. Feel free to let me
    know of any errors in this guide, or if there are any typos, notify me as
    well. Credit will be given where it's due. I will ignore any tasteless,   
    pointless, or any such e-mails. Just use common sense. Thanks!
       -----About the author:
      I live in Utah, USA, I'm in 11th grade at THS, 16 years old and this is
    my first of two FAQ/Walkthroughs on gameFAQs.com. My other FAQ is the  
    Corona Mountain FAQ/Walkthrough, also for Super Mario Sunshine. I enjoyed  
    writing this, hope you enjoyed reading this! Check back for updates!
    La fin.

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