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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Rolent X

    Version: 0.1 | Updated: 09/07/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Super Mario Sunshine
    By Justin Ridenour aka Rolent X
    Version 0.1
    E-mail: RolentoHeat@aol.com
    Copyright 2002 by Justin Ridenour. Don't use this elsewhere without my permission,
    or I'll send my hoards of flying monkeys after you.
    Table of Contents
    1) Version List
    2) Story
    3) Moves
    4) FLUDD
    5) Items
    6) Walkthrough
      a) Delfino Airstrip
      b) Delfino Plaza
      c) Bianco Hills
      d) Ricco Harbor
      e) Gelato Beach
      f) Pinna Park
      g) Sirena Beach
      h) Noki Bay
      i) Pianta Village
      j) Corona Mountain
      k) Bowser and Son
    7) Blue Coin Locations
      a) Delfino Plaza
      b) Bianco Hills
      c) Ricco Harbor
      d) Gelato Beach
      e) Pinna Park
      f) Sirena Beach
      g) Noki Bay
      h) Pianta Village
      i) Corona Mountain
    1) Version List
    Version 0.1   First version. All levels, all Shine Sprites, all Blue Coins and 1-Up
    2) Story
    Close your eyes and imagine...soothing sunshine accompanied by the sound of waves
    gently breaking on the shore. High above, seagulls turn lazy circles in a clear
    blue sky. This is Isle Delfino.
    Far from the hustle and bustle of the Mushroom Kingdom, this island resort glitters
    like a gem in the waters of a southern sea.
    Mario, Peach, and an entourage of Toads have come to Isle Delfino to relax and
    unwind. At least, that's their plan...but when they arrive, they find things have
    gone horribly wrong...
    According to the island inhabitants, the person responsible for the mess has a round
    nose, a thick mustache, and a cap...
    What? But...that sounds like Mario!?
    The islanders are saying that Mario's mess has polluted the island and caused their
    energy source, the Shine Sprites, to vanish.
    Now the falsely accused Mario has promised to clean up the island, but...how?
    Never fear! FLUDD, the latest invention from Gadd Science, Inc., can help Mario
    tidy up the island, take on baddies, and lend a nozzle in all kinds of sticky
    Can Mario clean the island, capture the villian, and clear his good name? It's time
    for another Mario adventure to get started!
    P.S. Isn't Mario a jerk for not inviting Luigi to come along after he saved his
    sorry Italian butt from the ghosts in "Luigi's Mansion"? Some brother...
    3) Moves
    Mario Moves
    Start:                          Pause
    Control Pad:                    Walk and Run
    A Button:                       Jump, Swim, Flip a Gate
    B Button:                       Dive, Talk, Pick Up an Item, Flip a Gate
    CP + B:                         Throw, Slide
    CP, B, A:                       Broad Jump
    A + B:                          Body Slam
    L + Control Pad:                Sidestep
    Control Pad + A 3 Times:        Triple Jump
    Rotate CP + A:                  Spin Jump
    A + L Button:                   Ground Pound
    CP Left or Right + A:           Side Somersault
    A 3 Times Between Two Walls:    Wall Kick
    Yellow CP, Y or L Buttons:      Rotate the Camera
    Rope Moves
    A Button or CP:                 Climb
    B Button:                       Hang, Drop
    R, then A (while hanging):      Super Whirl Jump
    Yoshi's Moves
    A Button, then L:               Ground Pound
    R Button:                       Spit Juice
    B Button:                       Eat
    A Button:                       Jump
    X Button:                       Dismount Yoshi
    4) FLUDD
    FLUDD is Mario's ally in cleaning up Delfino Island. His trusty little machine was
    created by Gadd Science, Inc. Yes, the man behind Luigi's Poltergust 3000 has also
    created the FLUDD. There are three nozzles for FLUDD, but you can only carry two
    at a time. The Squirt Nozzle is your default and you always have it. For your second,
    you can choose between the Hover Nozzle, the Turbo Nozzle and the Rocket Nozzle.
    You start with the Hover Nozzle, and will have to unlock the other two later.
    Hover Nozzle: Let's Mario hover for a short amount of time. Great for getting across
    in high places. You can also use it to save you from falling.
    Rocket Nozzle: You can use the Rocket Nozzle to shoot straight up in the air. You
    can use it to get to out of reach places.
    Turbo Nozzle: Use it to run and swim very quickly. You can also use it to break
    though some doors.
    FLUDD Controls
    R Button: 	                    Squirt, Fill FLUDD (while in water)
    Y + R Buttons:                  Mario Cam Squirting
    L + R + CP:                     Sidestep Squirting
    CP + R:                         Running Squirt
    Spin CP + A + R:                Spin Jump Squirt
    R + A Buttons:                  Back Somersault
    5) Items
    Shine Sprite: There are 120 of these on Isle Delfino. You'll get one every time
    you complete a stage, get 100 Coins in a stage and for turning in 10 Blue Coins.
    Water Bottle: Some enemies drop these. Pick them up to partially fill FLUDD.
    1-Up Mushroom: Pick it up for an extra life.
    Yellow Coin: Pick one up to refill one section of your life meter. 50 gives you
    an extra life. 100 gives you a Shine Sprite.
    Blue Coin: Restores two sections of Mario's health. You can trade ten of these for
    a Shine Sprite at the boathouse.
    Red Coin: Restores two sections of Mario's health. Some stages will require you
    to find 8 of these to get a Shine Sprite.
    6) Walkthrough
    a) Delfino Airstrip
    Mario and his crew try to land at the airstrip, but almost crash because of goop
    in the middle of the strip. The goop just so happens to look like Mario's face.
    Jump over the goop and get the FLUDD system on the other side. Practice with FLUDD
    by spraying the M graffiti around the area first.
    Run back to the goop and spray away. Rescue a Pianta from the goop and then fire
    into the center of the mess. A goopy Piranha Plant will emerge. Go into Mario Cam
    mode and aim for it's mouth when it opens. Hit it three times to win. Grab the Shine
    Sprite that appears and you'll go to a cutscene where Mario is jailed and sentenced
    to clean up Delfino Island. Next stop: Delfino Plaza.
    b) Delfino Plaza
    Delfino Plaza is the main hub of the game. All of the entrances to the other levels
    are here. You won't get to rest long though. The imposter Mario grabs Peach and
    hightails it across town.
    The imposter Mario will stop every once in a while if you get to far behind. Keep
    spraying him with FLUDD while following him. Eventually he'll fall down. Walk up
    to him and he'll vanish. You can now move on with the game.
    **Unlocking Levels/Nozzles/Yoshi**
    Unlock Ricco Harbor
    Needed: 3 Shine Sprites
    Go to the area where the boathouse was and spray water into the middle of the goop.
    A piranha plant will emerge. Defeat him the same way you defeated the first one
    and you'll unlock Ricco Harbor. Spray the M on the side of the boathouse to enter.
    Unlock Gelato Beach
    Needed: 5 Shine Sprites
    Go to the lighthouse and spray into the center of the goop to fight another Piranha
    Plant. Defeat it and spray the M on the side of the lighthouse to enter Gelato Beach.
    Unlock Pinna Park
    Needed: 10 Shine Sprites
    Appoach the Bowser-looking boat and Shadow Mario will take off with Peach. Hover
    across to the red cannon to shoot to Pinna Park.
    Unlock Yoshi in Delfino Plaza
    Needed: Finish Pinna Park Episode 4
    Chase Shadow Mario around and spray him until he falls down. Walk up to him and
    Yoshi will be unlocked. Yoshi will be on top of the roof near the bell tower in
    the southwest part of town.
    Unlock Sirena Beach
    Needed: Yoshi
    Get onto the roof near where the three nozzles are. Have Yoshi eat the big Pineapple
    in the pineapple and you can use it to enter Sirena Beach.
    Unlock Noki Bay
    Needed: 20 Shine Sprites
    Stand on the Shine Sprite pattern and look up into the sun to enter Noki Bay.
    Unlock Turbo Nozzle
    Needed: 25 Shine Sprites and Rescue Yoshi
    Chase and spray Shadow Mario until he falls. Walk up to him and the Turbo Nozzle
    will be unlocked in Delfino Plaza.
    Unlock Rocket Nozzle
    Needed: 30 Shine Sprites and get the Turbo Nozzle
    Chase and spray Shadow Mario until he falls. Walk up to him and the Rocket Nozzle
    will be unlocked in Delfino Plaza.
    Unlock Corona Mountain
    Needed: Complete Episode 7 in all areas
    Swim to the opening above the Shine Gate to enter the final stage.
    **Delfino Plaza Shine Sprites**
    *Shine Sprite 1*
    Walk over to the lighthouse in the corner of town. Spray the sand and you'll find
    a Shine picture. Completely uncover it and a Shine Sprite will appear on top of
    one of the islands nearby.
    *Shine Sprite 2*  Must first enter and exit Bianco Hills.
    Inside Delfino Plaza, a man opens up a crate smashing game. Smash all of the crates
    under the time limit to get the Shine.
    *Shine Sprite 3*
    Play the crate smashing game a second time and win to get a Shine.
    *Shine Sprite 4*  Nozzles Needed: Rocket Nozzle
    Use the Rocket Nozzle to reach the bell tower in the west corner of town. Spray
    the gunk on it until the bell is clean. A Shine will appear above the tower. Use
    your Rocket Nozzle to reach it.
    *Shine Sprite 5*  Nozzles Needed: Rocket Nozzle
    Use the Rocket Nozzle to reach the bell tower in the east corner of town. Spray
    the gunk on it until the bell is clean. A Shine will appear above the tower. Use
    your Rocket Nozzle to reach it.
    *Shine Sprite 6*
    There is a Shine that is inside the top floor of a building. You can see it, but
    can't reach it. Look for the Pianta that's on a nearby rooftop. Stand in front of
    him so the building with the Shine is behind him. Pay him one coin to throw you
    and he'll toss you inside the building.
    *Shine Sprite 7*  Nozzles Needed: Turbo Nozzle
    To the left of the area where the Nozzle are, there's a Shine behind some swinging
    doors. Use the Turbo Nozzle and go full speed to bash through the doors.
    *Shine Sprite 8*
    Swim out to the island with the Pianta making smoke signals. Squirt the golden bird
    that's flying around the island three times and a Shine will appear on the islands
    over by the lighthouse.
    *Shine Sprite 9*  Nozzles Needed: Rocket Nozzle
    Use the Rocket Nozzle to get on top of the lighthouse. Stand on the fire symbol,
    and use the Rocket Nozzle while jumping. While at the height of your blast, press
    L to stomp the top of the lighthouse.
    *Shine Sprite 10*  Nozzles Needed: Rocket Nozzle
    Use the Rocket Nozzle to reach the dirty Shine Gate. Spray it off and a Shine will
    appear on top of the Gate.
    *Shine Sprite 11*  Nozzles Needed: Rocket Nozzle
    Go to the upper left corner of Delfino Plaza and swim to the cliffs. Use the Rocket
    Nozzle while jumping out of the water to reach a cliff with a pipe on it. Enter
    it to reach a secret level.
    You need to get eight red coins here to get the Shine.
    1) On the block by the start area.
    2-3) Spray and stomp the enemies in two of the corners of the area.
    4-5) Stomp the enemies in the middle of the area.
    6) Fall into a hole in one of the corners and you'll find a coin.
    7) Extinguish the Pianta that's on fire and talk to him.
    8) Spray the red bird three times.
    *Shine Sprite 12* Nozzles Needed: Turbo Nozzle
    Look for the two policemen that have a door in the middle of them. Use the Turbo
    Nozzle and hit it at full speed to enter a secret level.
    Use your Turbo Nozzle to blast down the track. Stay in a straight line and jump
    at the end of each piece of track to reach the next. Let go of the Turbo when you
    reach the last piece of track so you don't fall off.
    *Shine Sprite 13*
    Go to the islands by the lighthouse. Use somersaults and the Hover Nozzle to reach
    the island with the pipe on it. Enter to find a secret level.
    This level is a downhill track. Stay on the left side to avoid the gap in the middle
    of the right side. Jump across the break in the track and stay in the middle. The
    track gets very narrow at the end. Survive and a Shine is yours.
    *Shine Sprite 14*
    Jump on top of the boat in the middle of town when they start running again. Jump
    into the coin under the bridge to find a secret area.
    This stage is set up like a Pachinko machine. Jump on the red area to be shot into
    the machine and use your Hover Nozzle to reach red coins.
    1-3) Shoot straight up on the red area to get these three.
    4-6) In the upper section of the machine.
    7-8) In the lower section of the machine.
    After you get the eighth one, a Shine will appear in the section under the middle
    top coin. Hover above it and fall to get the Shine.
    *Shine Sprite 15* Yoshi Needed
    After you've rescued Yoshi from Shadow Mario, hatch it and hop on. Run to the left
    of the building right next to where you hatched Yoshi and hover over to the little
    area with the pothole. Jump in and follow it to an island.
    Two boats will move around the island. Eat a coconut before hopping on the boat
    that circles around the island. Hover onto the boat and ride it until it reaches
    a platform with a bunch of bananas on it. Hover to the platform and eat the bananas.
    Another boat should come from the other island. Hover onto it and ride it until
    it reaches the island. Jump off and hover onto dry land. Blast juice at the pipe
    to get rid of the forcefield. Jump in to play a secret level.
    You'll have to grab 8 red coins while riding a lilypad to get the Shine in this
    level. Don't fall of though, or it's instant death. If you miss a coin, just grab
    the 1-up around the middle of the track and try again.
    1-3) Just walk around the lilypad to get the first three.
    4) Spray to the right to grab this one.
    5) You'll need to spray left or right accordingly to get this one in the middle
    of the track.
    6) Towards the left side of the track.
    7) In the air on the right hand side. Side somersault and use the Hover Nozzle to
    either land back on the lilypad or on the edge of the arena.
    8) On top of the ledge at the end.
    *Shine Sprite 16* Must first beat the game.
    Look for the Pianta captain by one of the bell towers and pay him 10 coins to take
    you back to the Airstrip. Get the Turbo Nozzle and Ground Pound the red switch to
    make eight red coins appear. Get them all under the time limit to get a Shine.
    1) Turbo blast through the doors to get this one.
    2-3) Jump into the water and use two Turbo blast jumps to get the coins over the
    two boats.
    4-6) These three are floating on top of the water.
    7-8) Get onto the runway and Turbo blast down the middle of the group of enemies
    to grab the last two.
    c) Bianco Hills
    **Episode 1: Road to the Big Windmill**
    Run up to the big wall and get onto the wooden waterwheel. Ride it to the other
    side and spray your way towards the Windmill. Watch out for the rolling balls of
    paint and you'll find a Piranha Plant on the bridge. Defeat it the same way as you
    did the others and a hill will rise. You can now reach the Shine Sprite.
    **Episode 2: Down With Petey Piranha!**
    Head back to where you defeated the Piranha Plant. Hover across the bridge and climb
    up the road towards the Windmill. Avoid the balls of paint and hover across any
    holes in the road. Jump onto one of the platforms on the Windmill and hover over
    to Petey on the top. The ground below the both of you will give away.
    Run around Petey and shoot water into his mouth when it's open. When he's full
    enough, he'll fall over. Ground pound his belly button to hurt him. Do it three
    times and you'll be rewarded with a Shine Sprite.
    **Episode 3: The Hillside Cave Secret**
    Head back to the bridge and hover over to the platforms that lead to the cliff.
    Hover across them until you get to the cliff. Side somersault to the rope and hover
    to the cave.
    Inside is a stage where you have to cross moving blocks to reach a Shine Sprite.
    The first four blocks move left to right and the fifth moves up and down. Jump across
    them and you'll find a group of moving small blocks. Get across them and you'll
    see a narrow green passageway with four big blocks rotating around it. Watch their
    pattern and run across. Jump across the two star blocks to reach the Shine Sprite.
    **Episode 4: Red Coins of Windmill Village**
    You'll need to find eight red coins to get the Shine Sprite.
    1) On top of the long white wall.
    2) On top of the wall in a doorway near the three bells.
    3) Hover from the wall over onto the top of a hut.
    4) Between the double ropes between the huts.
    5) Use the Rocket Nozzle to shoot onto a rooftop.
    6) Walk across the rope from Coin 5 to find Coin 6.
    7) Get onto one the windmill closest to the wall and spray it to make it move. Hover
    over to the coin.
    8) Rocket up to the top of the building furthest from the wall.
    You can then use the Rocket to reach the Shine Sprite.
    **Episode 5: Petey Piranha Strikes Back**
    Get the Rocket Nozzle and go straight ahead to the cliff. Rocket up onto the cliff
    and get one of the little creatures onto your nozzle. Fill it up with water and
    shoot it at Petey. When he awakens, he'll fly around the town. Spray him with water
    to get him on the ground. Avoid his attacks until you can spray water in his mouth.
    Defeat him the same way you did before to get a Shine Sprite.
    **Episode 6: The Secret of the Dirty Lake**
    Head to the windmill and climb up the road until the cave opening is in your sights.
    Hover over and land on the logs in front of it. Side somersault up into the opening.
    Jump across the blue and red platforms. The colors take turns flipping, so watch
    for them. Wall kick off of the blue wall to reach the white block. Run in the opposite
    direction of what the block is moving to avoid falling off. Jump to the yellow
    platform and run across, avoiding the red triangles. Jump onto another white block.
    Stay on it the same way you did the first and jump to the yellow platform. You'll
    need to get across more red and blue platforms to reach the Shine Sprite.
    **Episode 7: Shadow Mario on the Loose**
    Chase Shadow Mario around while spraying him. Spray him enough and he'll fall.
    Approach him to get a  Shine Sprite.
    **Episode 8: The Red Coins of the Lake**
    Find all eight red coins to get a Shine Sprite.
    1) Get on the white wall and jump over to the trees. You'll find a red coin near
    a platform near then end of them.
    2) Floating over the water.
    3) Climb the rope at the waters edge. Follow the ropes to find the coin.
    4) On top of a rope on the far right side of the lake.
    5) Walk across the rope that 4 was on to a platform. Take the other rope attached
    to it to find Coin 5.
    6) Do a side somersault on the platform that 5 was on and hover to a nearby platform.
    Drop down to a lower rope and bounce off of it to reach the coin.
    7) Continue on Coin 6's rope to another platform. Take the other rope attached to
    it to Coin 7.
    8) Climb to the big windmill and get on one of the revolving platforms. Float over
    to a platform and jump to the rope under Coin 8. Bounce up to get it.
    **Episode 3: Secret Shine**
    Go back to the secret level in Episode 3 and you have a chance to collect eight
    red coins to get another Shine Sprite. The levels will be easier the second time
    around because you'll be equipped with your FLUDD. Ground Pound the red switch to
    start the timer. You have 1 minute to collect the coins.
    1) Above the yellow blocks at the beginning.
    2-5) At the four corners of the orange blocks.
    6-8) On the three star blocks on each side of the narrow green passage.
    Head to the end to get your Shine Sprite.
    **Episode 6: Secret Shine**
    Head back to the secret level in Episode 6 for another red coin stage. You have
    1:30 to finish this one.
    1) Above the red and blue platforms.
    2) On the star block.
    3) Near the triangle blocks.
    4-5) In the path of the second white box.
    6-8) Near the second group of red and white platforms.
    Get them all and the Shine will appear on the green platform at the end.
    d) Ricco Harbor
    **Episode 1: Gooper Blooper Breaks Out**
    Go to the ship and do a side somersault to get on top of the smokestack. Do another
    side somersault and hover to get on top of the catwalk. Follow the catwalk until
    you can hover to the other side of the harbor. Run to the end to battle Gooper
    Spray water at it's mouth and Blooper will swing it's arms at you. Stomp on one
    and grab it. Pull back and the arm should pull off. Repeat until you tear all four
    arms out and then run up and grab Blooper's mouth. Pull back and Gooper should fall
    over......but the battle isn't over yet.
    Gooper will pop back up and you must repeat the process again to defeat him. You're
    rewarded with a Shine Sprite.
    **Episode 2: Blooper Surfing Safari**
    Head to the right at the beginning of the level and jump on the logs. Hop on one
    of the bloopers to surf on it. The green one is slow, yellow medium and purple is
    the fastest. Follow the coins to the race entrance.
    Talk to the Pianta and he will challenge you to do one lap around the track in 45
    seconds or less. Pick your favorite and race away. If you hit anything, you'll crash
    out and lose. Towards the middle of the track is some sharp turns. If you don't
    feel like taking them and are good at jumping with your blooper, just jump over
    the walls between the turns. Finish the race to get a Shine Sprite.
    **Episode 3: The Caged Shine Sprite**
    You'll need to climb to the top of the level to get this Shine.
    Head to the ship's smokestack and side somersault onto the catwalk. Get rid of the
    Bloopers and grab onto the hook that moves back and forth. Climb around it so the
    chain link fence is behind you. When you get close, jump off and grab it. Jump to
    the next fence and then hover to a platform. Hover over the broken part of the
    catwalk. Follow it around and use the orange trampolines to get into the yellow
    cage and reach the Shine.
    **Episode 4: The Secret of Ricco Tower**
    Head past Ricco Tower into the area between the tower and where you fought Gooper
    Blooper. Get onto the area above and smash the crates so you can get into the tunnel.
    Before you go, grab the Rocket Nozzle near by and head back to the Tower. Rocket
    up to the entrance to find a secret level.
    Run across the rotating platforms and try to stay on the flat side. Get onto the
    solid platform and you'll need to jump across a few moving gears. Get across them
    and all that stands between you and the Shine Sprite is more rotating platforms.
    **Episode 5: Gooper Blooper Returns**
    You'll have to get under the helipad to the right of where you defeated Gooper the
    first time. Get the Rocket Nozzle and shoot up to grab the fencing. Pop up through
    the gate and defeat Gooper the same way you did last time to get a Shine.
    **Episode 6: Red Coins on the Water**
    Get on a Blooper to surf and find the eight red coins.
    1-5) Follow the yellow coin path to find the first five.
    6-7) Keep following the coins and jump to get 6 and 7.
    8) This one is between the two boats at the end of the coin trail. Jump over one
    boat to get it and quickly jump over the other.
    The Shine Sprite appears back at the Blooper dock.
    **Episode 7: Shadow Mario Revisited**
    You know the drill. Chase him around and spray him to get the Shine.
    **Episode 8: Yoshi's Fruit Adventure**
    Note: Must beat Pinna Park episode 4 and save Yoshi from Shadow Mario first.
    Go to where you defeated Gooper and you'll find a party going on. Backtrack a little
    bit and you'll find two structures that have Fruit graffiti on them. Jump kick off
    of the wall and hover onto the top of one of them. Get on top of the one that has
    a button sticking out and stomp it to make a fruit appear below. Keep doing this
    until a durian appears. A durian is the spiky fruit that you can't pick up and have
    to kick. Kick it back to the party and to Yoshi.
    Get on Yoshi and go to the edge of the water where the Cheep Cheeps are hopping
    around. Spray one and it will turn into a platform. Keep doing this until you can
    reach the cliff across the water. Hop off and eat a coconut to make Yoshi pink.
    Now, when you shoot a Cheep Cheep, they will turn into platforms that move up and
    down. Use them to head north until you find a Shine in a cage with a force field
    on top. Spray it and enter to get the Shine.
    **Episode 2: Secret Shine**
    Go back to the Blooper Race and win in under 40 seconds to get a second Shine.
    **Episode 4: Secret Shine**
    Head back to the secret stage in Ricco Tower to get a chance to earn another Shine.
    You'll have to get eight red coins in 1:30 or less.
    1-2) Hover and get them above the moving platforms at the beginning.
    3-4) Jump kick up the walls after the moving platforms.
    5) Hover over the second gear to get it.
    6-8) Above the last set of moving platforms.
    Get them all and the Shine will appear at the end.
    e) Gelato Beach
    **Episode 1: Dune Bud Sand Castle Secrets**
    Spray the dune bud in the center of the beach and a sand castle will appear. Enter
    the sand castle to enter a secret level.
    This level is full of sand blocks that will disintegrate when you step on them.
    Haul butt across the level until you reach a bunch of blocks at the end. Use side
    somersaults to get to the top fast and to the Shine Sprite.
    **Episode 2: Mirror Madness! Tilt, Slam, Bam!**
    There is a Wiggler sleeping on top of the tower that holds the legendary Sand Bird
    egg. There are creatures roaming around on the mirrors that heat the egg and it's
    your job to get them off.
    Side somersault onto the low mirror and spray the enemy to the edge. Run to the
    opposite edge and Ground Pound it to send the enemy flying.
    Get up on the hut where the beehive is and hover over to the second mirror. Use
    the same technique to get rid of the two enemies.
    Hop down and run to a crevice in the back wall with a Dune Bud. Spray it to make
    a stairway appear. Climb it and then follow the pathway. Hover to the third mirror
    and use the same technique to get rid of the three enemies. The Wiggler will now
    fall off the tower. Get your Shine where the sand castle was.
    **Episode 3: Wiggler Ahoy! Full Steam Ahead!**
    The Wiggler you knocked off the tower is up and awake.....and he isn't happy. Go
    to the end of the beach by the juice hut and you'll find two kids standing by a
    Dune Bud. You'll be safe standing by them. Make the Bud explode before Wiggler gets
    close and he'll trip over it. Jump on his belly and Ground Pound where the arrow
    is pointing. Repeat it again and Wiggler will move to the center of the beach.
    Go to where the sand castle was and you'll find another Dune Bud. Spray it and make
    Wiggler fall into the water. Stomp his belly one more time to get a Shine Sprite.
    **Episode 4: The Sand Bird is Born**
    Go back to the area where you used the Dune Bud to create stairs. Do it again and
    climb up to find a bunch of Nokis on the stage. Slide down the cliff and try to
    stay on the brown path. Jump at the end and bounce of a trampoline to enter the
    hole in the tower. Secret stage ahead.
    There are eight red coins you need to collect to get the Shine. The first seven
    are on the Sand Bird itself. Grab them all and then stand on the single block just
    below the wings. When the bird turns, walk against it and stand on the side of the
    block. When it recovers, get back on top of the bird and wait until you can hover
    over to the top of the tower and get the last red coin. The Shine will appear on
    the tower.
    **Episode 5: Il Pantissimo's Sand Sprint**
    Talk to the odd man in purple and he'll challenge you to a race. Run to where the
    staircase Dune Bud used to be and Wall Kick up to the upper level. Quickly run to
    the flag to get a Shine.
    **Episode 6: Red Coins in the Coral Reef**
    Swim out to the coral reef and search for the eight red coins hidden there.
    1-6) Hidden in the reef.
    7-8) In the middle of two schools of fish.
    The Shine will appear on top of the reef.
    **Episode 7: It's Shadow Mario! After Him!**
    You know the drill.
    **Episode 8: The Watermelon Festival**
    To get the Shine here, you'll need to find a watermelon bigger than the other
    contestants. Try to clear out the Cataquacks first by using the Dune Buds. Now go
    up to where the flag was in Episode 6. You'll find the winning watermelon there.
    Try not to abuse it to much or it'll explode. Carefully push it out to the Juice
    Bar to win a Shine.
    **Any Episode: Secret Shine**
    Find the Dune Bud behind the three mirrors that creates a hole in the ground. Spray
    the wall in the back of the hole so a picture of a Shine appears. Complete it and
    you'll get a Shine.
    **Episode 1: Secret Shine**
    Go back to the secret level in the sand castle. Get all eight red coins in under
    a minute to get the Shine.
    1-3) Just follow the path straight ahead and you'll see them.
    4-8) On the big group of sand blocks at the end. The Shine will appear in the middle
    when you get the last one.
    f) Pinna Park
    **Episode 1: Mecha-Bowser Appears**
    Enter the park and follow Shadow Mario until he jumps into the water. A huge Bowser
    robot will emerge with Shadow Mario inside.
    The stage will take place with Mario riding on a roller coaster car. You'll need
    to shoot the missiles you find on the track at Mecha-Bowser while blasting the Bullet
    Bills that come after you with FLUUD. When you head towards Mecha-Bowser's mouth,
    blast his flame with water to put it out. After several direct hits, Mecha-Bowser
    will fall and you'll be rewarded with a Shine Sprite.
    **Episode 2: The Beach Cannon's Secret**
    Head down the beach and fight off the Bullet Bills until Monty Mole starts using
    Bob-ombs instead. Spray one of them and toss it at Monty. After three hits, you
    can enter his cannon. Inside is a secret level.
    Sections of the floor in the beginning disappear and reappear. Watch them and run
    across. Use the trampolines to get to the upper level and you'll find red blocks
    that disappear one after the other. Watch and time your jump for when they reappear.
    Run, jump and slide across the blocks to the other side. You'll have to do it one
    more time with more disappearing blocks and you'll find a Shine Sprite on the other
    **Episode 3: Red Coins of the Pirate Ships**
    You'll need to collect eight red coins to get the Shine Spirit.
    1) At the top of the stairs by the pirate ships.
    2-3) You can find them by riding the swinging ships.
    4) Land on the walkway by the roller coaster entrance and grab the fence. Stomp
    the turtles and drop down through the fence to grab the coin.
    5) Go to the end of the fence and pop back up. Do a side somersault and hover to
    grab the fence above. Get the coin there.
    6) Go through the fence door past the last coin and then through another door on
    the front of it. Climb the fence to find the coin.
    7) Hover back to where you found the fourth coin and grab the underside of the fence
    to find this coin. Kick all of the turtles off above you.
    8) After kicking all of the turtles off, get on top of the fence pathway and follow
    it to the last coin.
    **Episode 4: The Wilted Sunflowers**
    Spray the eggs near the sunflowers and they'll turn out to be turtles. Get them
    to follow you into the sand and get them to pounce. Avoid their landing and Ground
    Pound their stomachs. Defeat them all to get a Shine Spirit.
    **Episode 5: The Runaway Ferris Wheel**
    The easiest way to finish this stage is to climb up to where the entrance to the
    ferris wheel is. Hover over to the triangle area of grass is to the left, and then
    again over to the narrow edge of grass on the side of the building. Walk to the
    very end and jump and hover around it as far as you can and grab the fence. Jump
    and hover again to get past the Electro-Koopas. Climb up and hop through the fence
    door and grab the rope. Bounce up until you've got a hold of the door below the
    sleeping Electo-Koopa. Kick it to send him flying. When he lands, a Shine Sprite
    will appear on top of the ferris wheel. Hop onto the top of one of the ferris wheel
    compartments and ride to the top where you can reach the Shine.
    **Episode 6: The Yoshi-Go-Round's Secret**
    You'll find the Yoshi egg behind the tree on the path up to the roller coaster
    entrance. Find the fruit it wants and get it to hatch. If Yoshi isn't orange, get
    it to eat the Papaya on the tree's nose and go to the Yoshi-Go-Round. Walk to where
    the missing Yoshi is to enter a secret level.
    Jump across the rotating blocks and you'll find a bunch of Yoshi egg style boxes
    rotating. Jump across them to the blue box and stay on it until it goes to the other
    side. Jump across the other blocks to the orange platform. Jump onto the little
    orange platform and it will travel to an orange block structure.
    Follow it to the left where you'll see a moving orange block. Jump to it and then
    to the other side. Wall jump to the top and walk to the block that travels up and
    down. Jump on it while it's down and ride it to it's highest point. Jump to the
    Shine Sprite.
    **Episode 7: Shadow Mario in the Park**
    You know the drill.
    **Episode 8: Roller Coaster Balloons**
    Climb up to the roller coaster entrance and talk to the woman there to play a game.
    Pop all 20 balloons in three laps and you'll get a Shine Sprite. Try to hit a line
    of balloons with one missile to save time. As soon as you get a missile, aim and
    fire so you can be ready for the next one. If you win, the Shine will appear in
    the entrance.
    **Episode 2: Secret Shine**
    Reenter the cannon secret level and collect the eight red coins for a Shine Sprite.
    You have one minute to do it.
    1-6) On the green disappearing blocks.
    7) On top of the platform after the trampolines.
    8) At the end of the first section of disappearing platforms.
    The Shine will appear on the platform after the last coin.
    **Episode 6: Secret Shine**
    Enter the Yoshi bonus level for a chance to get another Shine Sprite. Hit the red
    switch on the other side of the rotating blocks to start the level. You have 2:00
    to get the coins.
    1) Ride the blue block in the center to get the first coin.
    2) Jump to the black block on the other side to get it.
    3-4) In the passage you wall kick up on the orange block structure.
    5) Ride the elevator block up and do a side somersault to get it.
    6) Fall down to the lower level to get it.
    7) Jump across the gap from coin 6 to get it.
    8) Go back up the vertical passage and jump to the brick block.
    The Shine will appear to your right.
    g) Sirena Beach
    **Episode 1: The Manta Storm**
    Run to the center where the hotel used to be and spray the entire platform clean.
    Refill FLUDD and then talk to the manager. It seems that a paper thin manta ray
    covered the area in electric goop.....and is attacking again. Spray water at the
    ray before it reaches you and it will start splitting into smaller rays. Keep
    spraying until they reach the area and then switch to your Hover Nozzle. Keep
    hovering while trying to spray the rays' yellow centers with the Hover water. Keep
    going until they're all small rays. The rays will now swarm you. Keep using the
    same strategy to defeat the smaller rays. Defeat enough of them and a Shine Sprite
    will appear in the center of the area.
    If you take damage, you can get the coins that are under the huts on each side of
    the area.
    **Episode 2: The Hotel Lobby's Secret**
    Talk to the manager and enter the hotel. Spray the boos to turn them into steps.
    Climb up until you can jump into the Boo statues mouth. Jump in to enter a secret
    Cross the blocks and bounce off the flying enemies to cross gaps. You'll get to
    a point where there are two rows of brick blocks above your head. Break one row
    using Wall Jumps and then Wall Jump your way to the top. Run and jump across the
    sand blocks until you get to a bunch of watermelon blocks. Smash your way though
    them to find an extra life and then drop down to the gear. Slowly walk across the
    gear while it rotates to avoid falling. Jump across to the sand blocks and quickly
    climb up them to the Shine Sprite.
    **Episode 3: Mysterious Hotel Delfino**
    Talk to the manager to enter the hotel. Go to the men's bathroom and look for the
    wet part of the ceiling. Jump up to it and you'll enter the room above it. Spray
    the painting in the room to make a picture of a Boo appear. Jump through it to the
    next room. Spray the closet in the next room until all sides turn to make a picture
    of a big Boo. After it opens, run into the next room and spray the pink Boos to
    make steps. Hop up into the hole in the roof and you'll end up in a room on the
    third floor. Spray a bookshelf there and it will flip up. Walk under it and look
    for the odd colored tile on the floor. Ground pound it and you'll fall into a room
    full of crates. Stomp them to find a Pineapple.
    Take the Pineapple back to the first floor and give it to the Yoshi egg. Take Yoshi
    to the third floor and look for the open door. Hop on the bed to enter the attic.
    Use Yoshi to eat all of the Boos in your way and Ground Pound the cracked floor
    in the upper left corner of the attic. You'll fall into the pool area where the
    Shine Sprite is.
    **Episode 4: The Secret of Casino Delfino**
    Enter the hotel and go to the door to the left. Play the big slot machines and get
    triple 7's on both of them to open up a tile puzzle. Spray the tiles and they'll
    flip, forming a picture of a Shine. Start at the top and move your way down the
    puzzle. Once it's completed, it'll reveal a pipe to a secret level.
    Avoid the two white blocks and ride another white block to the next area. Avoid
    getting squashed by the white blocks and get to the other side. Ride anohter white
    block to platforms that move back and forth between two walls. They don't go all
    the way in, so you can stand on one and be safe. Jump across them and run across
    a rotating platform. Walk on another rotating white block and try to stay on top.
    On the other side of the pit is the Shine Sprite.
    **Episode 5: King Boo Down Below**
    Go back to the Casino and get on the roulette wheel. Stomp on the purple section
    to fight King Boo.
    Spray Boo when he grabs the machine to make it spin. Different things happen for
    different combinations on the slots. Non-matching slots make bubbles appear. They
    split up into groups of bubbles. Spray them to get water bottles. Question marks
    bring enemies. Coins bring coins for you. Get three fruits to get fruits and peppers.
    Throw a pepper into King Boo's mouth and he'll breathe fire. Throw one of the other
    fruits at him to hurt Boo. Do this three times to defeat King Boo and get a Shine
    **Episode 6: Scrubbing Sirena Beach**
    As soon as you land, the manager will ask you to clean up the beach. You have three
    minutes to finish. Work in a clockwise direction and use the water barrels to your
    advantage by throwing them into large areas of paint. Clean the entire beach and
    you'll be rewarded with a Shine Sprite.
    **Episode 7: Shadow Mario Checks In**
    The drill is a little different this time. Chase Shadow Mario throughout the hotel,
    but watch out for the lighter colored Shadow Marios.....they're really Boos. Spray
    Mario until he falls to get a Shine.
    **Episode 8: Red Coins in the Hotel**
    Hit the red switch in the hotel to make the coins appear.
    1) In front of the red switch.
    2) In the women's bathroom.
    3) Enter a bedroom on the second floor and bounce off the bed into the pool room
    to get this coin.
    4) In the bedroom in the lower left of the 2nd floor.
    5) By the stairs to the third floor.
    6) By the stairs on the third floor.
    7) Enter the attic and stomp the cracked floor in the lower right area to fall into
    a bedroom on the second floor. Spray the Boo poster and get the coin on the other
    8) Jump back through the poster and ground pound the odd colored tile to find the
    last coin.
    The shine sprite will appear on the bottom floor.
    **Episode 2: Secret Shine**
    You have a 1:30 to get all eight red coins.
    1-3) Run across the sand to get these three.
    4) At the end of the watermelon blocks.
    5) Hover down to the bottom of the blocks to find this coin.
    6-8) All on the sand blocks at the end.
    The Shine will appear at the end.
    **Episode 4: Secret Shine**
    You have one minute to get all eight red coins.
    1) Between the first two moving white blocks.
    2) Over the first pit you ride the white block over.
    3) In the middle of the section with a bunch of white blocks.
    4) Over the second pit you ride the white block over.
    5-7) Over the first three blocks moving in and out of the walls. Side somersault
    and hover to get them.
    8) On the moving platform at the end.
    The shine will appear at the end of the level.
    h) Noki Bay
    **Episode 1: Uncork the Waterfall**
    You'll have to climb up the ledges to get to the top of the hill. When you see a
    painting on the side of the hill, spray it off to make another platform appear.
    When you see a waterwheel, jump on the platform attached to it and fill the jar
    with water to rise up. At the top of the hill you'll find Monty Mole. Hit him with
    three Bob-ombs to get the Shine Sprite.
    **Episode 2: The Boss of Tricky Ruins**
    Talk to the Noki by the wall by the hut and he'll tell you about switches. Use the
    Mario Cam to spray a switch above the Noki and a pathway will appear in the wall.
    Wall kick your way up and to the right, and wall kick again. Turn the cam so you
    can see another passage going higher and wall kick to the top before the passage
    caves in.
    You'll see another switch to your right. Spray it and wall jump some more. Run to
    the right and fall. Run to the left and wall kick up and to the left. Fall again,
    run to the right and wall kick up and to the right. Run up the passage and wall
    kick your way out of the area.
    You'll fine Gooper Blooper at the top. Defeat him the same way you did last time.
    A hole will open beneath where he was. Jump in and you'll find a Shine Sprite.
    **Episode 3: Red Coins in a Bottle**
    Talk to the Noki and he'll give you a dive suit. You'll then go into a bottle and
    practice your diving skills by grabbing eight red coins. Grab coins to refill your
    air meter.
    1-3) Floating in the middle of the bottle.
    4-5) On the floor of the bottle.
    6) In the block.
    7) Go to the arrow sign and it will propel you to a coin.
    8) At the very top of the bottle.
    A Shine Sprite will now appear at the bottom.
    **Episode 4: Eely-Mouth's Dentist**
    Go up to the ledge where you fought Monty Mole. Talk to the Noki and he'll ask you
    to dive into the waterfall and clean Eely-Mouth's teeth.
    To get the Shine Sprite here, you'll need to clean the decay off of Eely-Mouth's
    teeth by using your Hover Nozzle. Circle around one tooth at a time and clean it
    until it sparkles. Every once in a while, Eely will pull back into his hole and
    come back out. Use this time to get coins to heal. Clean all of his teeth and the
    Shine will appear.
    **Episode 5: Il Piantissimo's Surf Swim**
    Ho, ho foolish man! Il Piantissimo returns to race you again. Keep jumping out of
    the water and using your Hover Nozzle and you shouldn't have much of a challenge
    from him. Touch the flagpole and get your Shine Sprite.
    **Episode 6: The Shell's Secret**
    Climb up to where you defeated Monty Mole. Hover over to the spiral shaped shell.
    Climb it to the top and jump on the rope. Hover over to a rope close to the conch
    shell and bounce up to the entrance to find another secret level.
    Wall jump to the top and jump onto the rotating green platform. Time your jump onto
    the rotating yellow platform on the other side. Run until you see the platforms
    moving in and out of the wall. Do a side somersault and wall kick up to the first
    one. Cross them and you'll find a pole. Climb it and jump to the higher platform.
    Run up the slanted platform with arrows until you reach the top. If you fall, try
    to land on the rope at the bottom of the slant. Jump to the next area. Do a side
    somersault to the next area and then do another somersault and wall kick to the
    next platform. Run across the two spinning platforms and you'll find a rotating
    tower of platforms. Time your side somersaults so you can climb to the top without
    falling. Run up one more spinning platform to get the Shine Sprite.
    **Episode 7: Hold It, Shadow Mario!**
    You know the drill.
    **Episode 8: The Red Coin Fish**
    Go back to where you defeated Monty Mole and talk to the Noki. Jump into the waterfall
    where you'll find a fish made of coins. Every once in a while the fish will break
    apart, but it will emerge eventually. Get all eight red coins to get the Shine
    **Any Episode: Secret Shine**
    In the left part of the wall, wall kick your way upwards and into a door. Follow
    the passageway to the end and jump up to another door. Go to the back of it and
    you'll be shot up into the air. Shoot the golden bird at the top three times to
    make a Shine Sprite appear.
    **Episode 6: Secret Shine**
    Reenter the Shell secret stage to get a chance to find more red coins. Hit the red
    switch to make them appear. You have 1:30 to find them.
    1) To the left of the switch. Do a side somersault to get it.
    2) On the second platform moving in and out of the walls. Do a side somersault to
    get it.
    3) Climb up the pole, jump and use the Hover Nozzle.
    4) On top of the arrow block.
    5) Somersault up to the first platform and do it again to reach this one.
    6) Near where you have to wall jump to get to the high platform. Stand under it's
    shadow and do a Spin Jump.
    7) On the platform before the first spinning platform.
    8) Between the two spinning platforms. The Shine will appear at the end of the level.
    i) Pianta Village
    **Episode 1: Chain Chomplets Unchained**
    You'll find three Chomplets roaming around the village. Spray them with water until
    they are cool and then grab them by the tail. Stretch their tail and shoot them
    towards the lake. Once all three are in the lake, the Shine Sprite will appear.
    **Episode 2: Il Piantissimo's Crazy Climb**
    That nutty guy is back to race you again. Use slides to go faster and head for the
    tree in the back of the village. Quickly climb it and Hover to the flag to win a
    Shine Sprite.
    **Episode 3: The Goopy Inferno**
    Run around to the back of the Village and look for the hole in the ground. Jump
    in and stomp on the gate to fall through. Move across the fencing and avoid the
    enemies. Get onto the gate panel at the end and punch it to move to the next fence.
    Jump up and grab on before the panel falls. Continue onward until you find a bunch
    of coins. Stand where the top coin was and let go to fall onto a swing. Jump onto
    the closest mushroom and go across the rest by using the tightropes. Bounce off
    of a mushroom to grab the next fence. Ride another panel and jump to the fencing
    above before it falls. Go to the door above and flip through it. Use Wall Kicks
    to get out.
    Go over by where the Golden Mushroom is to find FLUUD. Use FLUUD to hover to a higher
    mushroom close by, then hover on top of the Golden Mushroom. Talk to the mayor to
    get the Shine Sprite.
    **Episode 4: Chain Chomp's Bath**
    There's a huge Chain Chomp that's running around the village and you need to cool
    him down. Follow him until he gets near the hot springs at the back of the village.
    When he gets close, spray him with water to cool him down. Quickly grab his tail
    and drag him to the pool. If you don't make it in time, spray him again and grab
    him before he gets too far away. Drop him in the springs to get the Shine Sprite.
    **Episode 5: Secret of the Village Underside**
    There's a Yoshi egg on the other side of the wooden bridge. Find out what fruit
    it wants and go to the tree near the hot springs to find it. Bring it back and hop
    on Yoshi. Ride Yoshi to the middle of the wooden bridge and hop down to the mushrooms.
    Hop across the mushrooms until you get to the last one and spray the force field
    with juice. Hop in the opening to find a secret level.
    This level is full of Chucksters that will throw you to the next platform. You'll
    have to talk to them at the right spot or risk getting thrown into a pit. Talk to
    the Chuckster near the edge of the first platform and he'll throw you to the next.
    Talk to the little orange Chuckster when he's furthest from the back edge and he'll
    throw you to the next platform. There are a lot of enemies running around the next
    one. You can't get rid of them because they just reappear, so destroy as many as
    you can and talk to the next Chuckster from the front and he'll toss you to the
    next platform. The next one's a little tricky. Stand on the middle of the left hand
    side of the next platform and talk to the Chuckster when he's standing/walking on
    the line in the middle. He'll toss you to the Shine Sprite platform.
    **Episode 6: Piantas in Need**
    There are ten Piantas that are trapped in burning gunk here. Rescue all ten to get
    a Shine Sprite. Nine of them are in the front and middle of the town. The final
    one is to the right of the hot springs in the rear of town. The Shine Sprite will
    appear in the front of town.
    **Episode 7: Shadow Mario Runs While**
    You know the drill.
    **Episode 8: Fluff Festival Coin Hunt**
    Yet another red coin hunt.
    1) Hop down to the mushrooms off of the wooden bridge. Get onto the first gate that
    you punch to ride and get towards the top. Hop off and hover onto the top of the
    fencing it stops at. Walk around and hover to the fencing close to it. At the end
    is the coin.
    2) At the top of the tree on the other side of the bridge.
    3) In the grass on the left side of the village.
    4) Under the fruit tree near the springs.
    5) In the hot springs.
    6) Near the beehive by the hot springs.
    7) In the crates on the right side of the village.
    8) Climb the big tree in the center of town. Get the Rocket Nozzle at the top and
    jump on the swing. Spray to move the swing and hop on the cloud nearby. Use the
    Rocket Nozzle to shoot straight up to another cloud. Rocket again to get on the
    tree leaves. You'll find coin 8 in the middle of the tree.
    To reach the Shine Sprite, grab one of the floating dandelions that are in the air
    and it will float to the Sprite.
    **Episode 5: Secret Shine**
    Go back to the Chucksters secret level to get this shine. Once again, you have to
    collect eight red coins. Your time limit is 1:30.
    1) Talk to the first Pianta and he'll throw you up in the air to reach it.
    2) On the second platform.
    3-4) Near the third platform.
    5) Hover out to the platform that's attached to the tightrope.
    6) Walk out to the tightrope and bounce in the air over the middle of it.
    7-8On the final platform before the Shine Sprite.
    **Episode 8: Secret Shine**
    Get on top of the tree where coin 8 was and go to the Mario Cam. Spray the sun until
    a Shine Sprite image appears and a Shine Sprite you'll get.
    j) Corona Mountain
    Almost there. There are two kinds of traps at the beginning, platforms with spikes,
    and platforms with fire. If you land on one, you won't last long. Hover over the
    fire and the water from your FLUDD will extinguish it. Hover over the spiked ones
    after the spikes have been out for a few seconds and then land and hover to the
    next one.
    Halfway though, you'll come to a boat. Refill FLUDD by using the leak and hop on
    it. Go slowly so you don't crash into any of the stone pillars. Half way through,
    there's a couple leaks so you can refill FLUDD. Get close to the island and hover
    over to it. Get the Rocket Nozzle and head skyward. Land on the cloud and time your
    rocket jumps to land on the clouds moving ahead. Get to the top and shoot through
    the red cloud and it's time to face our old friend Bowser.
    k) Bowser and Son
    Eh, whatever happened to the Koopalings anyway? You'll still have your Rocket Nozzle
    as your secondary nozzle. There are five symbols that have fire on them in corners
    of the hot tub that Bowser and his son are in. You'll have to power up the rocket
    and jump to get as much air above the symbol as possible, and then Ground Pound
    it to crack it and tip the tub. You'll have to destroy all five to defeat them.
    Bowser's main attack is breathing fire at you. If he breathes it to your right,
    run to your left because he'll keep breathing it to your right and vice versa. Junior
    on the other hand, shoots Bullet Bills at you. As long as you keep moving, you
    shouldn't have a problem with them.
    After you stomp one of the symbols, it was start to break away and fall. You'll
    need to jump up the broken pieces to safety while trying not to get hit by the
    splashing water. If it touches you, you'll take damage. Destroy all five to get
    the final Shine Sprite.
    Congratulations! You've finished Mario's biggest adventure yet.
    7) Blue Coin Locations
    **a) Delfino Plaza Blue Coins**
    1-3) In the tunnel under the Plaza.
    4-5) Shoot the blue birds in the front and upper left corner of town.
    6) Use the Turbo Nozzle to blast into the doors in one of the islands near the
    7) Hover into a hole behind the West bell tower.
    8-10) Find the three Piantas around town and give them three of whatever fruit
    they ask for. The third one is out on an island.
    11) Find the fourth Pianta in the middle of town that wants the Durians. Find the
    two that are by Yoshi and slowly kick them to the edge of the water. Now Body Slam
    it to knock it across the water and kick it into the basket.
    12-13) The X Scribbles. One is on the side of the statue where you enter Bianco
    Hills and the other is behind the West bell tower.
    14-15) Two M graffitis that are behind crates.
    16) M graffiti on a building in the upper left of town.
    17) Extinguish the Pianta that's on fire.
    18-19) Have Yoshi extinguish the force fields in the upper left and upper right
    corners of the Plaza.
    20) Use the Turbo Nozzle to blast into the first door at the Airstrip. The coin
    is inside.
    **b) Bianco Hills Blue Coins**
    1) "M" on the big windmill
    2) "M" on the house at the beginning.
    3) "M" on the big white wall.
    4) "M" on top of the big white wall.
    5-6) "X" graffiti.
    7-8) "O" graffiti.
    9-10) Underwater near the big windmill. (1 appears in episodes 7 and 8 only)
    11) Have Yoshi eat the beehive. (Episode 8 only)
    12) Have Yoshi eat the blue butterfly behind the houses. (Episode 8 only)
    13) Wash the Pianta.
    14) Wash the Pianta on top of the white wall.
    15) Defeat the Pokey on the platforms over the right side of the lake.
    16) Spray the top of the island to the left of the big windmill.
    17) Spray the platform where Petey Piranha was sleeping on. (Episodes 6-8 only)
    18) On the rooftop of one of the houses.
    19) Defeat the Pokey on the big windmill after defeating Petey.
    20) Underneath the bridge to the big windmill.
    21) On a treetop.
    22) Find the house with two doorways and spray the left one.
    23) Spray the windmill near the big white wall.
    24) On top of the tall platforms near where Petey slept.
    25) Near the top of a tightrope pole near the houses.
    26) On a cliff near where the houses are.
    27) On one of the big windmill propellers near the houses.
    28) At the end of the river near the houses.
    29) On a platform to the left of the road to the big windmill.
    30) Spray the blue bird on top of one of the houses.
    **c) Ricco Harbor Blue Coins**
    1-2) Two "X" scribbled on the walls.
    3) "M" by building at the start.
    4) "M" on the ship.
    5) "M" on top of the building at the start.
    6) "M" on the wall by the fountain.
    7) "M" under the paint by Ricco Tower.
    8) "M" on ledge with the coconut tree.
    9) "M" on wall by the fruit towers.
    10) "M" on top of one of the platforms by the cliff.
    11) "M" on the deck of the ship. (Episode 1 only)
    12) Have Yoshi eat the blue butterfly by the area you defeated Gooper. (Episode
    8 only)
    13) Have Yoshi eat the spider by Ricco Tower. (Episode 8 only)
    14) On top of the fountain.
    15) On one of the platforms near the top of Ricco Tower.
    16-17) On top of the catwalk.
    18-19) Defeat the spiders on the ship.
    20) Spray the basket of fish at the festival. (Episodes 6, 7 or 8)
    21) Underwater
    22) Above Ricco Tower, use the Rocket Nozzle. (Episodes 3-8)
    23) On top of the crane.
    24) Above the water.
    25) Above the entrance to the Blooper Race Track. (Episodes 2 and 3 only)
    26) Near the top of one of the towers supporting the catwalk.
    27) Defeat the Blooper in the cage where you get the Shine Sprite.
    28) In a crate by Ricco Tower.
    29) Raise the submarine. (Episode 1)
    30) Spray the wall near Ricco Tower to make a Shine Sprite picture appear.
    **d) Gelato Beach Blue Coins**
    1) Spray and stomp the red Cataquack on the beach.
    2-5) Spray the beach to make Shine Sprite pictures appear.
    6) Drop a fruit into the blender on top of the Juice Bar.
    7) Under the Juice Bar.
    8-9) Spray the blue birds where the flag was in the race.
    10-11) In schools of fish by the reef.
    12) Have Yoshi destroy the beehive and eat all of the bees. (Episode 6 only)
    13) On top of the beach house.
    14) Use the swing on the island.
    15) On top of the tree at the island.
    16) Underwater by the island.
    17) Up between two ledges on the far left side of the area.
    18) Stomp a Blue Cataquack in a tree by the tower.
    19-20) On top of the tightropes.
    21-22) Spray the triangle graffiti.
    23) "M" graffiti on a cliff on the right side of the beach.
    24) Above the hut with the beehive.
    25) Have Yoshi spray the force field on the beach and spray the Dune Bud. (Episode
    6 only)
    26) Underwater towards the center of the beach.
    27-30) On clouds in the Sand Bird level. (Episode 4 only)
    **e) Pinna Park Blue Coins**
    1-2) Eat the blue butterflies on the beach using Yoshi.
    3) Eat the blue butterfly on the beach near the big pool in the park. (Episode 6
    4-9) Get the Bullet Bills to break open the baskets on the beach. (Episode 2 only)
    10-11) Spray the beach to make two Shine Sprite pictures appear.
    12) Spray the green shell on one of the rides.
    13) Under the stairs to the Pirate Ship ride.
    14) Near the top of the Pirate Ship supports.
    15) On top of the Pirate Ship fencing.
    16) Inside the Pirate Ship fencing.
    17) Defeat the big enemy that has the little enemies on his head.
    18-19) "O" graffiti. It's on top of the ferris wheel building.
    20-21) "X" graffiti.
    22) "M" graffiti on the orange wall.
    23) "M" graffiti on wall between the beach and the fencing you use to get onto the
    ferris wheel building.
    24) "M" graffiti on the wall behind the ferris wheel building.
    25) Behind the entrance to the roller coaster.
    26) Above the Pirate Ships.
    27-28) Triangle graffiti.
    29-30) Spray the blue birds. (one at the entrance and one at the entrance to the
    roller coaster)
    **f) Sirena Beach Blue Coins**
    1-2) Wash the Nokis trapped under the paint. (Episode 1 only)
    3-4) Wash the Nokis trapped under the paint. (Episode 6 only)
    5) Spray the stone sign between the two chairs.
    6) Under the right huts roof.
    7) Spray the circle of sunflowers.
    8) Behind the hotel.
    9) Spray the second torch from the left on the front of the hotel.
    10) Extinguish the torch in the casino. (4-5 only)
    11) Ground Pound one of the slot machines in the casino. (4-5 only)
    12) "M" graffiti in the casino. (5 only)
    13) "M" graffiti in the attic. (7-8 only)
    14) "M" graffiti on the third floor. (7-8 only)
    15) "M" graffiti on wall by right hut outside.
    16) Spray a lamp on the third floor.
    17-18) "X" graffiti in the hotel. (7-8 only)
    19) Spray a bookshelf in the southeast room of the third floor.
    20) Spray the skylight on the third floor.
    21) Spray a mirror in a room on the third floor until a picture of a Boo appears.
    22-23) In two rooms on the second floor.
    24) Defeat the roaming Boo in the attic.
    25-26) Triangle graffiti. (7-8 only)
    27) In a crate on the second floor.
    28) Underwater in the far right corner of the beach.
    29) In the attic.
    30) In a room on the third floor.
    **g) Noki Bay Blue Coins**
    1-4) In openings on the left tower of the bay.
    5-8) In the next section of the wall at Noki Bay to the right of the tower.
    9) Use the Rocket Nozzle to reach a hole in the wall above the first part of Tricky
    10-11) In holes that appear after you flip switches in Tricky Ruins.
    12) "M" graffiti near the second section of Tricky Ruins.
    13) Hover into a crevice under where you dive into the waterfall.
    14-15) Hop onto a narrow section of land near the second waterwheel and spray the
    wall out in front of you to find these coins.
    16-17) Spray the big jars in the room you get the Shine Sprite after beating Gooper
    18) Underwater
    19-22) On top of towers underwater in the diving levels.
    23-24) On the surface of the water.
    25-26) "O" graffiti. (Episode 6 only)
    27) Underwater near the waterfall.
    28-29) On top of a platform near the Rocket Nozzle.
    30) Wall Kick up a secret area near the waterfall.
    **h) Pianta Village Blue Coins**
    1-8) Rescue and talk to the Piantas in Episode 6.
    9) Stand on the Gold Mushroom and spray the moon. (Night only)
    10) Eat the bees near the entrance to the area. (5 only)
    11) Eat the bees near the tree at the rear of the area. ( 5 only)
    12) Eat all of the blue butterflies near the fruit tree using Yoshi. (5 only)
    13) Spray the blue bird near the Rocket Nozzle. (8 only)
    14) Extinguish the Pianta that's on fire on the right side of the village. (3 only)
    15) "M" graffiti near the Golden Mushroom. (3 only)
    16) "M" graffiti under the paint towards the front of town. (3 only)
    17-18) Triangle graffiti.
    19) In the grass on the left side of the village.
    20) Under the bridge.
    21) Spray the sign at the town entrance.
    22) At the end of the stream.
    23) Top of the tree at the rear of town.
    24) Ground Pound the trees nose at the rear of town.
    25) Towards the front of the underground.
    26) "M" graffiti behind you at the start of the area.
    27) "M" graffiti near the fruit tree.
    28) "M" graffiti on the platform to the right of the Golden Mushroom platform.
    29) Spray where the waterfall comes out.
    30) At the top of the tree at the left of the entrance.
    **i) Corona Mountain Blue Coins**
    1-10) Surrounding the island at the end of the level.
    8) Extra Life Locations
    **a) Delfino Plaza**
    1-2) In the manhole tunnels.
    3) Underwater near the Pinna Park entrance.
    4) After you put out the force field on the island with the green pipe, on the track
    **b) Bianco Hills**
    1) In the Hillside Cave secret level.
    2-3) In the Dirty Lake secret level.
    **c) Ricco Harbor**
    1-2) In the Ricco Tower secret level.
    **d) Gelato Beach**
    1) In the Sand Castle secret level.
    2) On a cloud in the Sand Bird secret level.
    **e) Pinna Park**
    1-2) In the Beach Cannon secret level.
    3) In the path of the blue blocks in the Yoshi-Go-Round secret level.
    **f) Sirena Beach**
    1-2) In the Hotel Lobby secret level.
    3) Stomp the watermelon blocks in the Hotel Lobby secret level.
    4-5) In the Casino Delfino secret level.
    **g) Noki Bay**
    **h) Pianta Village**
    1-4) Near the mushrooms by the wooden bridge.
    5-12) After getting the Blue Coins from the Piantas you rescue, rescue them again
    for extra lives.
    13) In the Village Underside secret level.
    **i) Corona Mountain**
    1) On one of the platforms near the start.
    2) Smash the crate on the area before the boat.
    3) Near the clouds before Bowser.

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