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    Boss FAQ by BlueWizard13

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 01/18/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Super Mario Sunshine
    Nintendo Gamecube
    Boss FAQ
    Created By: BlueWizard13
    E-mail: BlueWzrd13@aol.com
    Version 1.4
    ---Table of Contents---
    1. Version History
    2. Introduction
    3. Bosses
     a. Delfino Airstrip
     b. Delfino Plaza
     c. Bianco Hills
     d. Ricco Harbor
     e. Gelato Beach
     f. Pinna Park
     g. Sirena Beach
     h. Noki Bay
     i. Pianta Village
     j. Corona Mountain
    4. Credits
    5. Contact/Copyright Information
    ---1. Version History---
    Ver. 1.4 (1/18/03)- Added and fixed some mistakes in the guide that have come
    to my attention thanks to Redwall444.
    Ver. 1.3 (10/31/02)- Added a little something to the Manta Ray strategy, and
    added races against II Piantissimo because of request.
    Ver. 1.2 (9/13/02)- Added Noki Bay, Pianta Village, and Corona Mountain Bosses.
     The guide is now complete.
    Ver. 1.1 (9/10/02)- Added Gelato Beach, Pinna Park, and Sirena Beach bosses.
    Ver. 1.0 (9/8/02)- Made the FAQ.  Put in this section, Intro, Bosses for the
    airstrip, delfino plaza, bianco hills, and ricco harbor, Credits, and Copyright
    ---2. Introduction---
    In this FAQ you will find easy ways to defeat all of the bosses in this game. 
    Each section is listed under a letter and in that section, all of the bosses
    that appear in that level will be listed and the best way to beat them.  I hope
    this guide helps on your quest to 120 shines.
    ---3. Bosses---
    ---Delfino Airstrip---
    -Goopy Piranha Plant-
    Accessed after getting F.L.U.D.D.
    The first boss, never very hard.  For this one, once you have the F.L.U.D.D.,
    go back to the paint and spray all the way around the middle part, then spray
    the middle.  This way, the sludge on the outside is gone and you can fight the
    boss without having to deal with it.  After spraying the middle for a bit, the
    Goopy Piranha Plant will come out.  It will sway a bit and the little guys will
    fling themselves at you, but whenever it opens its mouth, just spray in there. 
    After three times it will be gone and you get your first shine sprite.
    ---Delfino Plaza---
    -Goopy Piranha Plant 1-
    Accessed after beating the Airstrip boss.
    This is the second boss.  Just like the first boss you need to spray its head
    with water when it opens its mouth.  Also as before, get rid of the sludge on
    the outside before fighting it, it makes it easier, it also reduces the amount
    of the little guys that fling themselves at you to cause damage.  After you
    beat this guy, a statue will come up and Shadow Mario will be on top of it
    leading to...
    -Chase Shadow Mario 1-
    Accessed after beating the second Goopy Piranha Plant.
    You will see a cutscene where he runs over and grabs Peach and runs off with
    her.  You have to chase him to find him standing there.  When coming at him
    have the R button down just slightly to spray out water while you're running. 
    After you hit him with the water enough (you'll have to chase and spray him at
    the same time) he'll fall and let Peach go.  Walk up to him and he'll run off
    again.  This time he can't be hurt, but follow him back up to the statue and he
    will open up the first level: Bianco Hills.
    -Goopy Piranha Plant 2-
    Accessed after getting 3 shines and entering Bianco Hills before
    Run over to the dock and there will be a bunch of black goo.  Just spray the
    stuff on the dock, no reason in spraying all the way around him this time. 
    Spray the middle and beat the guy, you know the routine.  But this time, after
    you beat him, another one will come up.  Beat him and the stuff will disappear
    revealing a hut and an "M" in which you can access Ricco Harbor.
    -Goopy Piranha Plant 3-
    Accessed after getting 5 shines and entering Bianco Hills before
    Run over to the beach where the black goo is located.  Don't bother spraying
    the sludge this time, it comes right back.  This time, just spray the middle
    and fight the plant.  When you beat him, he shoots out a bunch more of those
    little guys you hate so much and another head.  Beat this one and he's
    finished.  He'll reveal a lighthouse and the entrance to Gelato Beach.
    -Chase Shadow Mario 2-
    Accessed after beating Episode 4 of Pinna Park
    This time he's sitting up there by the statue where you enter Bianco Hills with
    a yoshi egg.  Run up to him spraying like you did last time and he'll run away.
     Just another chase where if you spray him enough, he'll fall and drop what he
    -Chase Shadow Mario 3-
    Accessed after getting 25 shines and beating Shadow Mario Chase 2
    This time, he's just between the two buildings by the dock to get to Ricco
    Harbor and holding the turbo nozzel.  He's a little harder as he does a little
    more jumping on buildings and things, but you still beat him the same way.  If
    you lose him, just look around and listen for the chase music meaning he's
    -Chase Shadow Mario 4-
    Accessed after getting 30 shines and beating Shadow Mario Chase 3
    Now he's behind some yellow goo over near the lighthouse carrying the rocket
    nozzel.  Chase him around, he'll do some acrobatic stunts that you have to
    match, but its not too hard.  After you spray him enough he'll fall and give
    you the nozzel.  Same as the others.
    ---Bianco Hills---
    -Episode 1: Goopy Piranha Plant-
    Accessed by beating Shadow Mario Chase 1
    Yes, another one of these.  Go to the spot that is hurling giant sludge balls
    out and spray it until this guy comes out again.  Beat him the same way as the
    other two, and you might still want to spray some of the surrounding sludge
    away.  When you beat him you get a shine sprite.
    -Episode 2: Petey Piranha-
    Accessed by beating Episode 1 of Bianco Hills
    This one's a bit different.  When you reach the top of the windmill, jump
    toward him and you will enter a cutscene where the two of you fall into the
    middle of the building, this is where the battle takes place.  He will slowly
    spin around and open his mouth, this is when you need to fill him with water. 
    When he falls over, you need to run toward him and do a ground pound on the
    lump that formed on his stomach.  During the fight he will spit sludge at you,
    and his little guys that come out of the sludge will attack you.  But, three of
    the ground pounds to his stomach will kill him and you'll get another shine.
    -Episode 5: Petey Piranha 2-
    Accessed by beating Episode 4 of Bianco Hills
    This time Petey's kinda tough.  Go up the the perch where you can look over and
    see him sleeping on that little island thing.  Spray some of the sludge away
    and suck in one of the puff balls that like your spray nozzel.  Aim right and
    hit Petey.  He'll wake up and fly over toward the town.  After a bit, he'll
    stop in mid air and start launching giant sludge balls down at you.  You need
    to find those puff balls from one of their two locations.  Get one and go a
    little bit distance away from his shadow and shoot as high up as you can go and
    toward his shadow.  If you are the right distance away, he will fall and throw
    whirlwinds around.  He will open his mouth after a bit, and you know what to do
    here.  Shoot water into his mouth and then ground stomp on his stomach.  After
    you repeat this 3 times (the shooting out of the sky, water shooting, etc) he
    will die for good and you will get your shine.
    -Episode 7: Chase Shadow Mario-
    Accessed by beating Episode 6 of Bianco Hills
    Just like the others, he'll be there and you have to spray him down.  He's not
    too hard here, he'll have some hard jumps you have to follow but just beat him
    like all of the others.
    ---Ricco Harbor---
    -Episode 1: Gooper Blooper-
    Accessed by beating the Goopy Piranha Plant covering the entrance to Ricco
    When you get up to the bunch of crates with a tentacle hanging out.  Pull on
    the tentacle with B, and the crates will break away revealing Gooper Blooper. 
    For this guy, you need to spray the sludge off of his face while dodging his
    tentacle smashing attack.  When you get all of the sludge off, run back and
    he'll smash his tentacles at you.  When they are down, grab one of them and
    pull it.  It will eventually come of and wiggle there for a second.  Repeat
    this one the other 3, and he will be just his head.  Finally, go up and pull on
    his nose.  He will fly back and flatten, but he will reinflate with four more
    tentacles and more sludge.  Repeat all of the steps again and he will fly out
    into the water revealing a shine sprite for you.
    -Episode 5: Gooper Blooper 2-
    Accessed by beating Episode 4 of Ricco Harbor
    This time, he's located on the small circular platform over the water.  Get
    underneath it on the cage and go up through the gate.  Now you don't have as
    much room to fight him.  Spray off his face and when he smashes his tentacles
    at you, jump instead.  If you jump, they still miss you but you wont have to
    move as far out.  He's no different in the strategy to beat him.  When you
    finally finish him off, he'll give you a shine.
    -Episode 7: Chase Shadow Mario-
    Accessed by beating Episode 6 of Ricco Harbor
    Once again, you have to chase him around the level.  He'll walk around the
    catwalks and jump all around the stuff in the level.  If you lose him, just
    look around as this place is rather open.  If you still cant find him, just run
    around and wait for the chase music to begin again meaning he is near.  When
    you beat him he gives you a shine.
    ---Gelato Beach---
    -Episode 3: Wiggler-
    Accessed by beating Episode 2 of Gelato Beach
    This one's sorta tough.  He will run around the beach every which way, usually
    in some sort of a pattern movement around the beach.  By looking at this for a
    bit, water one of those dune buds all the way.  If you timed it right, the
    thing will shoot up the giant sand form of some sort right under the Wiggler
    and flip him over.  You then have to jump on top of him and do a ground pound
    where the arrow tells you to.  Repeat this three times and he is defeated
    giving you a shine.
    -Episode 5: II Piantissimo-
    Accessed by beating Episode 4 of Gelato Beach
    I personally don't consider II Piantissimo to be a boss as you only race him to
    a flag, but out of request, I have decided to add him.  In this race, you start
    off on the beach in front of the shack on the right.  He will talk to you and
    show you the flag located at the half circle of stairs up above all of the
    beach area.  When he says go and the dialogue is finished, immediately do the
    dive jump technique.  Dive with be, then jump up again and repeat as long as
    you are on a straight away, Mario goes much faster.  When you reach the ledge,
    do a side somersault and continue the dive jumps.  Get to the indented area in
    the wall and wall jump yourself up.  Get up the hill toward the flag and end
    right at the flag.  If you did it fast enough, you will have beaten him, and he
    will give you a shine.
    -Episode 7: Chase Shadow Mario-
    Accessed by beating Episode 6 of Gelato Beach
    Yep, another one of these.  He starts off on the beach right in front of you. 
    As usual you have to chase him around the level, he'll jump up into the top
    area and around the trees and buildings.  Once you spray him enough, he'll
    fall, and give you your shine.
    ---Pinna Park---
    -Episode 1: Mecha-Bowser-
    Accessed by getting 10 shines, opening levels 1-3, and getting in the cannon
    near where shadow mario took off with Peach.
    Follow shadow mario into the park, there will be a little cutscene where he
    rises up on some water and gets in the Mecha-Bowser.  Some guy will come up and
    allow you to ride the roller coaster and use missiles to help defeat him.  You
    start riding the roller coaster.  Mecha-Bowser doesn't move at all, and his
    only attacks are a fire blowing technique that he can only do to you at one
    point, and bullet bills that follow you along the track.  Whenever you see a
    bullet bill or F.L.U.D.D. alerts you of one, shoot it to get rid of it,
    missiles OR water work.  You will come across the missiles on the track.  When
    you get them, aim them right at him and shoot them with R.  Four hits kills
    him.  After he is killed, you will see an important plot cutscene, and get your
    -Episode 2: Cannon Mole-
    Accessed by beating Episode 1 of Pinna Park
    This boss is pretty simple.  When you are far away, he will shoot 3 different
    kinds of bullet bills at you.  The regular ones that just go where they were
    aimed, gold ones that just give you more coins when you shoot them, and purple
    ones that actually home in on you wherever you go.  Spraying them will get rid
    of them.  When you get closer, he starts throwing little bob-ombs on the
    ground.  Spray them to neutralize them for a short time and you can pick them
    up.  When you get one, jump and throw it at the mole inside, three hits to him
    will kill him.  When he is gone, it opens up an obstacle course for you to
    -Episode 7: Chase Shadow Mario-
    Accessed by beating Episode 6 of Pinna Park
    There is one of these on the seventh episode of every level.  They are mostly
    the same, but here it is.  He will run around the park and jump up and around
    on top of things.  All you have to do is chase him and spray him enough just
    like the others and he will fall leaving a shine behind.
    ---Sirena Beach---
    -Episode 1: Manta Ray-
    Accessed by getting Yoshi and eating the pineapple clogging the pipe up on top
    of a building in Delfino Plaza.  That opens up Sirena Beach.
    This is one of the hardest, if not the hardest boss in the game.  A lot of
    people have trouble with this one.  When you start the level, I recommend
    taking time to clear away a lot of the sludge in the area, especially the
    sludge around the big square flat spot toward the back of the level (it is
    surrounded by a water pond).  When you have sprayed off most of it, fill up
    your water tank and go up near the Large flat square I mentioned earlier. 
    There is a Pianta up there standing near an "entrance" pathway to it.  Talk to
    him and he will tell you that the square area is actually where his hotel was,
    but it disappeared.  When you get near the end of the conversation, he will
    freak out and say that the Manta Ray that spread all of the goop was coming
    back, this begins the boss battle.
    Go up to the square and start spraying far over to where the manta ray (a
    transparent, giant, flat, pink thing) is coming at you.  When you spray it
    enough, it will split into two pieces.  Keep spraying all if different pieces
    that it will split into.  I recommend staying in that square area even though
    his split parts go all over, this way when you run out of water you can refill
    at the little pond of water surrounding the square.  Stay in the square and
    when the pieces of him get kind of small, switch to hover and finish off the
    rest of the bigger pieces.  One you get all of them to the same size, they will
    all turn red and charge you.  Now, stand in the middle of the square and
    lightly press down the R button and spin around and around and around.   These
    things will come from all directions surrounding you and believe me, there are
    more of them then you think there are.  Keep doing this and none of these
    little guys should get near you, after a bit, they will all be dead, the
    mansion will come back out of the ground, and you can get your shine.
    There was an additional piece of information sent in to me by e-mail, they did
    not want credit nor did they have a name for me to refer to them by, so I did
    not include it.  But, if you sent this to me, you know who you are, and thank
    you for the contribution.  Anyway, the strategy says that if you stand under
    either of the two huts, the manta rays cannot get to you.  They go directly
    over the hut, however, it is very hard to hit any of them from under the hut
    because it is very hard to see, and nothing comes near you because they cant
    get to you. So I only recommend this strategy as a way of seeking refuge if you
    are severely hurt (there are coins under one of them) or just need a break.
    NOTE: I DON'T recommend hovering to defeat the little red guys.  They will all
    swarm right around where you are.  You might think this is a faster way to kill
    them, but you wont hit as many as fast, and when your hover runs out, your run
    the high risk of landing on one taking away some health.  This could kill you
    -Episode 5: King Boo-
    Accessed by beating Episode 4 of Sirena Beach
    Not a hard boss, when you reach the basement, the battle field will lie on a
    spinning round table of three different sections.  Each one has one purple
    square, ground pound one of those to stop that section from spinning.  Anyway,
    to get with the battle, spray king boo's tongue to make the slot machine spin. 
    He can unleash monsters most of which you already know how to defeat, coins
    that can restore your health, and fruits.  Fruits are the ones you will be
    hoping for.  When he throws those out, pick up a red pepper and throw that at
    his tongue, if it hits right, he will start on fire.  That is when you need to
    pick up a different fruit and throw that at him, this will cause damage.  Three
    of these will defeat him.  You'll get your shine.
    -Episode 7: Chase Shadow Mario-
    This time, he's in the hotel.  Chase him around, he'll run all over the place. 
    As usual, spray him to cause damage and eventually he'll fall.  This one is a
    little harder though, when you are running through the hotel chasing him, you
    may be tricked by one of the decoy's that the boos set up.  They will pose as a
    shadow mario and when you spray them turn back into a boo.  Because of these
    distractions you may lose him easier, just run around the hotel until you hear
    the chase music again, and you'll know he's near.  When you finish him, he
    gives you a shine.
    ---Noki Bay---
    -Episode 1: Cannon Mole-
    Accessed by getting 20 shines, going to the sun symbol and looking at the sun.
    This guy's pretty simple again.  This time, you have to get all the way up to
    him and stand on the platform before the fence where he is.  He will throw
    bombs onto that area and all you have to do is spray them to neutralize them,
    then pick them up and throw them at him.  Be careful not to fall off the fence
    when throwing the bombs at him, it will land you on a lower platform and you'll
    have to get back up there, but its not too bad.  Once you hit him three times,
    he will die and leave behind a shine for you.
    -Episode 2: Gooper Blooper-
    Accessed by beating Episode 1 of Noki Bay
    Once you get up to his platform, defeat the small bloopers as they would get in
    your way in the battle with him.  When they are gone, just go up and fight him
    like you did in Ricco Harbor.  Spray his face until the sludge is gone, and
    start pulling off his tentacles.  When his tentacles are gone, pull on his nose
    to remove the cork.  He will then spray sludge around, get 4 more tentacles,
    and more sludge on his face.  Repeat the last steps until he is gone again,
    this time he is gone for good.  Go down the pathway he reveals to get your
    -Episode 4: Eely Mouth-
    Accessed by beating Episode 3 of Noki Bay
    This guy is sorta hard.  Once you get down into the water where he is at, he is
    in the middle hole there.  I recommend using the hover nozzle at all times
    while fighting this guy.  Get right above him and hover.  It will spray him and
    he will come shooting up, make sure you are out of the way by the time he does
    this.  When he stops, he will be pretty high, and he will open his mouth
    revealing black nasty teeth.  Your job is to clean all of these off.  There are
    8 teeth, hover above each one and just start spraying.  It will take a little
    while to get them all clean, but you'll get it.  Every once in a while he'll
    start spinning when he's up at the top, this will make it very hard to clean
    his teeth so I recommend using this time to go fill up your life meter with
    some of the coins on the sides.  When you get back he should be done and you
    can continue cleaning off his teeth.  Be careful not to get too close to his
    throat, he will start to close his mouth.  If this happens, escape immediately.
     If you don't manage to get out, its no big deal, he'll just shoot you out and
    take away a few health points.  If that happens, go get some coins and resume
    cleaning his teeth.  At certain times, he will go back to the bottom.  As done
    to start the boss, just go down to the bottom and spray, he will again come
    shooting up.  When you have finished cleaning his teeth, he will go down into
    his hole (you cant enter it) and leave behind a shine and coins left in the
    shape of a heart.
    Redwall444 emailed me and informed me that: The eel will spit out purple
    bubbles every once in a while, spray them and after they pop, swim to where
    they were, your life will be completely refilled.  Thanks Redwall444 for that
    -Episode 5: II Piantissimo-
    Accessed by beating Episode 4 of Noki Bay
    This time, he starts up across the rope you see directly in front of you.  Go
    up to him.  When you reach him, he will show you the flag located all the way
    down, across the water, and to the left side of the level on a low platform. 
    This is, in my opinion, the easiest one to beat II Piantissimo on.  When the
    dialogue ends, immediately run across the platforms and jump into the water as
    far out as you can.  Make sure you have your hover nozzle ready.  When you get
    into the water hit R and A repeatedly, it makes Mario swim faster.  Continue
    swimming in the direction of the flag, when you hit land, you should be way
    ahead of him already, either way, do the dive and jump technique, dive with B,
    then jump up again, and repeat, in the direction of the flag.  When you reach
    it, you will have to wait for II Piantissimo and he will give you your shine.
    -Episode 7: Chase Shadow Mario-
    Accessed by beating Episode 6 of Noki Bay
    Another chase against Shadow Mario.  He'll start off on one of the platforms in
    front of you, and as usual, you have to chase him the best you can and spray
    him.  He will follow the path you took to get to the boss in episode one, and
    he goes quite fast.  If you fall behind, just continue up the path.  If you
    never run into him up there or hear the chase music, chances are he's at the
    bottom of all of that near the springs.  After chasing him for a while and
    spraying him with enough water, he will fall and give you a shine.
    ---Pianta Village---
    -Episode 2: II Piantissimo-
    Accessed by beating Episode 1 of Pianta Village
    This time, he starts off just across the bridge.  Talk to him and he'll show
    you the flag located at the far left corner of the village up a tree.  When the
    dialogue ends, start the dive jump technique (dive with B, then jump again with
    a repeatedly), and hurry down the way, then go the left path.  You will come to
    a grey stone, jump over it and the tree is right there.  Dive jump toward it
    and start running up the tree as fast as you can careful not to fall off. 
    Hopefully, you will have reached the top and the flag in time to beat II
    Piantissimo.  If not, try again, this one can be difficult.  When you beat him
    he awards you with another shine.
    -Episode 7: Chase Shadow Mario-
    Accessed by beating Episode 6 of Pianta Village
    Not only is this the only boss in this level, but this is also the last Shadow
    Mario Chase!  He will start out in front of the bridge.  You have to chase him
    around the town and just spray him enough to make him fall.  This one really
    isnt too hard as there is nothing that is too hard to reach in this level. 
    When he falls, he will give you a shine.
    Redwall444 emailed me and informed me that: Shadow Mario will leave a trail of
    burning goop where he runs, also when he paints his symbol during the chase,
    these wind enemies appear near them unless you clean at least 90% of the
    symbol.  Thanks again Redwall444 for this info.
    ---Corona Mountain---
    -Bowser and Baby Bowser-
    Accessed by beating Episode 7 of every level and entering the shine gate
    You'll enter a cutscene where it shows Peach, Bowser (for the first time), and
    Baby Bowser all in a hot tub.  You'll rush in and start the fight with Bowser. 
    Bowser and Baby Bowser will stay in the tub while you have to run around the
    tub.  There are little rocket symbols on each of the five platforms that goes
    away from the tub.  Use your rocket nozzle on these and when you are really
    high, do a ground pound.  It will break that side.  You have to try to get back
    up to the tub area because the part you just hit is breaking off.  Be quick
    because it all crumbles apart and falls quite fast.
    While you are traveling around the tub, Bowser and Baby Bowser will be doing
    multiple things to try and stop you.  Bowser will shoot flames ahead of you and
    go back toward you in which case you need to run back and wait for him to stop,
    then spray him in the face quickly, this will briefly stop him from shooting
    the fire.  Bowser will also randomly jump up and down sending a big wave of the
    water at you.  I don't know much of a way to dodge this except for staying way
    back on the rocket symbols, that is the only place I can think of where it
    doesn't hit you.
    Baby Bowser, on the other hand, will shoot bullet bills at you.  He can shoot
    many at a time so be ready to have to spray a lot of these to keep them from
    hitting you.  You can always spray him to stop him from shooting them off
    briefly though.
    When you get all of the rocket symbols destroyed, the battle will immediately
    end, and you will go into the final cutscene.  Congratulations on beating Super
    Mario Sunshine.
    ---4. Credits---
    I would like to thank Nintendo for making this awesome game.
    I would like to thank CJayC for running gamefaqs and hosting this FAQ
    I would like to thank Redwall444 for a number of corrections to my guide and
    other helpful hints.
    ---5. Contact/Copyright Information---
    If you see any mistakes, things I may want to add, questions, comments, or
    compliments for my FAQ, or see this document anywhere other than gamefaqs.com,
    please e-mail me at BlueWzrd13@aol.com, or you can try to contact me on the
    gamefaqs.com message boards under the name BlueWizard13.
    This document is Copyright 2002 BlueWizard13. You may not put this document or
    any part of it on your site without my permission. If you do get my permission,
    you must copy it in full and give me full credit. The only site currently
    allowed to host this document is gamefaqs.com.

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