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    Secret/Special Stages FAQ by BenjG

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 04/01/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Secret/Special Stages FAQ
    For Super Mario Sunshine
    BenjG  kramar@prodigy.net
    Copyright 2003 Benjamin Good
    Last updated 2/25/03
    Table of Contents
     I.    Version History
     II.   About Secret and Special Stages
     III.  Secret Stage Explanations
     IV.   Special Stages Explanations
     V.    Legal/Contact Information
    Note:  This guide is meant only for secret/special stages in Super Mario
    Sunshine, in which I'll discuss the stage and offer advice for completing
    each one.  Therefore, I will expect you to know how to play the rest of the
    game.  This guide isn't a walkthrough, but is based on the assumption you
    know how to reach the various episodes.
    I.   Version History
    Version 1.0  2/6/03
    Initial Version
    Version 1.01  2/25/03
    Added a 1-Up in one of the special stages
    Version 1.02  4/1/03
    Added another 1-Up
    II.  About Secret and Special Stages
    In Super Mario Sunshine, there are special challenges that have many names,
    such as secret stages, hidden levels, special courses, mini-games, etc. To
    remain consistent, I will call them secret stages (there's special stages
    too, but more on them later).  Anyway, the secret stages in this game are
    determined by the fact that the episode title contains the word "secret" in
    it.  This is true for all secret stages, so you'll know when you have to work
    your way through another one.  Secret stages are basically a large mass of 3-
    D geometric shapes, platforms, cubes, and other moving objects which all
    create one big challenge.  They require that you be able to do some very
    fancy jumping and maneuvering.  You will begin at a specific point, and must
    work through the challenge to reach the shine that you will find at the end
    of the level.  Some are tougher than others are, but they all generally fall
    into the same difficulty.  Just as you enter a secret stage, before it
    starts, Mario will be displayed briefly.  Then, Shadow Mario will swoop by
    and snatch Mario's water pack, FLUDD.  This means that you will not have the
    aid of the water pack, and more specifically, you won't get to use the hover
    nozzle.  This will make the challenge much more difficult, but makes it much
    more fun.  If you were able to breeze through the stage by hovering over the
    platforms, that would destroy the purpose of having these stages.  When you
    return to a secret stage you have already completed, you'll find a big red
    switch somewhere on the level.  Pound it, and eight red coins will be placed
    in predetermined locations throughout the challenge.  If you can collect them
    all within the time limit, you get another shine.
    Special Stages are a little bit different.  To begin with, you can never
    exactly tell by the episode title whether a special stage must be contended
    with (unless you've played through the game already, of course), so they tend
    to sneak up on you.  I call them special stages simply because the challenges
    are a little out of the ordinary.  You may be surprised when you see some of
    them.  That's not the only difference.  Special Stages do not test your
    jumping/maneuvering ability nearly as much; some may take a little more
    thinking.  Many are a red coin challenge, but you are not timed.  Special
    Stages are much smaller and are very often limited to just one big structure
    or a few platforms, and they are considerably easier in comparison to secret
    stages.  Make a note that Delfino Plaza has many of these levels, so there
    isn't an episode title for any of them.  Also, Shadow Mario won't steal your
    water pack in these.  The stages also have different music, and they have a
    sky background rather than a dark one.
    III. Secret Stages
    Here, I will discuss each secret stage in depth and will try to explain what
    you're up against as well as I can.  I'll tell you what strategies and
    techniques I found useful in completing the stages, but you can come up with
    your own ideas.  For each stage, I will give the name of the episode it
    appears in so you know exactly which stage you're in, as well as put the name
    of the course the episode takes place in.  Knowing that getting through these
    stages in one try is very difficult, I will also give the locations of the 1-
    Ups in each stage.  Unless you want to go through the "Game Over" sequence, I
    suggest getting the extra lives so you can keep on trying the stage again.
    Luckily, the game will show you where the entrance to the stage is located,
    so the need for explaining how to get there isn't necessary.
    Bianco Hills
    Episode 3: The Hillside Cave Secret
    This first secret stage in the game is a medley of various challenges; some
    stages are put together like this one, and others focus on a certain skill.
    It begins with three large blocks that move slowly back and forth; jumping
    from one to the other should not be a problem.  Then you'll come to a large
    quantity of small brown cubes that are all moving slowly in various
    directions.  Some move up and down, others move side to side.  You can jump
    from cube to cube if you wish, but I have found that to be too risky.  I
    prefer to run right onto the next cube when two cubes touch each other.
    Using this technique will be very useful later on.  The next section involves
    three large cubes with a pane of glass on each side that are too big for
    Mario to jump over, which are traveling around a narrow platform.  The cubes
    will push you off the platform if you get in their way, so wait for the cube
    to pass, then run forward.  Two rotating star-shaped platforms are the final
    thing you must deal with after the cubes.  Just jump on one, then the other,
    and to the platform with the shine.
    There's a 1-Up above the second star platform.  Jump to get it.
    Episode 6: The Secret of the Dirty Lake
    This stage is divided into a lower half and an upper half.  You will begin on
    the lower portion.  From the start, red and blue square platforms are the
    first challenge.  Every second or so, all of a certain color of squares will
    flip over, and the other color will flip over after those (all the red flip
    over, all the blue flip over, and so on).  Jump onto a square color that has
    just flipped, and wait for the other color to flip over.  Right after it
    does, jump on a square of that color.  Continue this pattern of alternating
    colors of square platforms until you get to the other side.  A star platform
    is placed on this platform.  Here, you will see a glass-paned cube that looks
    just like the one in the last stage.  To get on it, you can do a spinning
    jump (rotate the control stick 360 degrees, and press the A button), or fall
    onto the lower platform and perform a wall jump on the cube first, then the
    wall to get on the cube.  When you land on it, it will begin to rotate, so
    that the top of it will turn downward in a direction, meaning you must run to
    the point where the next side of the cube will be upright.  Ride the cube
    until you reach a platform with two red triangles that shoot across it.  Jump
    over these, as they are there to push you off.  Then you must board another
    cube.  This one will travel upward, and is similar to the one you were just
    on, only it doesn't stay on a side that is completely upright for any length
    of time, with the exception of the 1-Up.  It is usually at a slanted angle.
    Remember to run against the cube's turns (it's tough to explain; I'm doing my
    best).  When you reach the upper half, you'll see another challenge with the
    square platforms.  There are many more of them to jump on, but the same
    strategy applies.  Grab the shine on the other side.
    The star platform right after the first set of flipping squares has a 1-Up on
    the very center of it.
    While riding the cube to the upper half, it'll level out at a certain point
    and a 1-Up will be perched exactly on the cube.
    Ricco Harbor
    Episode 4: The Secret of Ricco Tower
    Long wooden boards with colored spokes on them are what this stage is
    primarily composed of.  The first section of these boards is lined up in a
    straight line, but it isn't one long board.  It's three different ones that
    must be jumped to when you get to the end of a board.  They slowly rotate, so
    while you must run forward, you must also run against the turning motion to
    remain on the upright portion.  This section is easy, and you'll come to a
    big platform after it.  Three large green gears should now be visible, and
    they are moving left to right, as well as rotating.  You must jump from one
    to the other while not falling off.  Wait for a gear to be right in front of
    you before you jump to it.  After that, you'll come to more boards, but this
    time, instead of being vertically lined up, they are placed horizontally and
    diagonally.  Seeing where the next board is will be the biggest challenge
    here, and trying to stay on the top portion will be harder than ever.  Try to
    travel the board the long way rather than running directly into the rotation.
    You'll need to jump to the next board only when there's a section that isn't
    slanted.  Continue taking the boards the long way until you reach the end.
    After the first set of boards, do one wall jump on the wall to nab a 1-Up
    that is in the air above the platform.
    After the gears, the third board has a 1-Up on it.
    Gelato Beach
    Episode 1: Dune Bud Sand Castle Secret
    Without question, this is the easiest of all the secret stages.  Nothing
    about it is particularly challenging.  It is constructed almost entirely of
    sand blocks that, when walked on, will disintegrate into nothing rather
    quickly.  It takes them about a second to disappear.  A long trail of these
    sand blocks leads up to a curiously shaped mound of them at the end, where
    the shine waits.  At many points in the sand block path, you must jump to
    another set of them, but you can run along them when they're placed in a long
    row.  When you reach the mound at the end, jump to the top where the shine is
    located.  I should warn you, however, that when you're collecting red coins
    in this area, not to let too many sand blocks disintegrate.  You need some
    nearby to jump to, as the coins are located on the corners.  The red blocks
    in this area won't disintegrate, so they act as a safety point.
    On top of the mound structure, there's a 1-Up opposite of the shine's
    location.  It rests on a red block.
    Pinna Park
    Episode 2: The Beach Cannon's Secret
    The first section of the stage is a large collection of squares, triangles,
    and other shapes that all fit together.  A randomly selected shape will
    darken until it's black, and then it disappears.  They vanish quickly, but
    reappear at the same rate.  You must quickly jump off a darkening shape to
    anther one.  After this part, there is a long platform that extends outward
    with some goomba-like creatures at the end.  Ignore it, and focus your
    attention on the four brown squares that are at different heights.  When you
    jump on one, Mario automatically jumps upward.  This is a bit tricky, as you
    must aim yourself while you're in the air.  Mario has a habit of jumping in a
    direction on his own.  Once you reach the top, you'll see those darkening
    blocks again, only this time they're placed in a line.  The first one will
    disappear, and the one right next to it will then begin to disappear as well.
    You must move as fast as possible to get to the end without the platforms
    falling from beneath your feet.  These platforms are long, which means you
    must move fast.  There are two sets of these shapes, and the second has a
    right angle in it.  Jump and dive as much as possible to reach the shine.
    There are three crates next to the bouncy brown squares.  Destroying the
    center one yields a 1-Up.
    At the third set of disappearing shapes with the right angle, a 1-Up is
    located in the corner of the shape.
    Episode 6: The Yoshi-Go-Round's Secret
    Six spinning crates are the first part of this stage, which has a jumping
    challenge for you.  They spin at various rates, but if you jump over them
    rather than run across the crates, you'll be done in no time.  Now the main
    part.  It involves four sets of cubes with Yoshi-egg (or cow spot) designs on
    them.  There are four colors of cubes.  All the colors of a certain cube
    travel along a path that forms a square.  The red color is on the outside,
    and then green, then black, and then blue is the innermost cube.  You must
    jump from cube to cube and ride a certain color that will take you to the
    other side.  Don't stay on a cube if it travels into the structure in the
    center that will push you off.  Get to the blue cube and ride it until it
    passes through the central structure.  Now jump on the cubes again to get to
    the next part.  On the other side, jump on the platform that takes you to the
    large mass of reddish blocks at the final portion of this stage.  Then take
    another cube that is moving around.  Your goal is to get on the tops of these
    blocks and grab the shine; it is perched at the top of this area.  Getting up
    there is pretty self-explanatory: just do jumps and wall jumps.
    If you ride the blue cube long enough, you will acquire a 1-Up that is
    sitting underneath the central structure in a certain spot.
    While on the platform over after the Yoshi block challenge, you should notice
    a stack of three blocks: a brick one, an ice one, and a watermelon one.
    Spray the ice block until it's melted, then jump in its place and jump to
    break the brick block.  A 1-Up will appear.
    Sirena Beach
    Episode 2: The Hotel Lobby's Secret
    First, jump over to the platform with enemies on it, and jump up to the
    higher platform.  Flying goomba-creatures are found at the next portion of
    this stage.  To get from platform to platform in the first section, you
    should jump right on the goomba's head.  When you do, Mario will
    automatically do another jump and will get to the next platform.  Jump to the
    platform with the brick blocks.  When Mario jumps up and hits them, they are
    destroyed.  These should bring back memories of Super Mario Bros. and related
    games.  Do wall jumps to break the higher ones and eventually get to the top.
    A long row of sand blocks is next.  Jump and run on them, and change the
    camera angle when necessary.  The direction of the sand blocks changes near
    the end of this part.  Run across the top of the brick and watermelon blocks
    and jump down to a yellow gear.  It rotates like the boards with spokes do.
    The gear takes you to a pyramid of sand blocks.  Carefully get past it,
    making sure not to let the blocks fall beneath your feet.  The shine is after
    the pyramid.
    Jump under the first brick block at the beginning of the stage.  It's the
    first block you can get under, and enemies are nearby.
    At the far end of the large collection of blocks right before the gear, smash
    the three watermelon blocks.  The third contains a 1-Up.
    Right after the sand blocks, jump down into the area with several ice blocks.
    Spray and melt the first two, then wall jump to a 1-Up that is above you.
    Change the camera to see it.
    Episode 4: The Secret of Casino Delfino
    On the first platform, two massive glass-paned cubes are moving around,
    trying to push you off.  They're at least twice the size of such cubes you've
    seen before.  Get past them and jump to a smaller cube.  Take it to the next
    platform; it'll rotate around, as usual.  The next platform has many more
    cubes, and it also has a gap in it.  The cubes move in even trickier
    patterns, and you'll die if you get squished between two of them.  Wait for
    them to clear away and reveal a path.  Take another cube to a section with
    brown boards that move in and out of a wall.  They do not move back in the
    wall completely, so you the platform won't sweep beneath your feet.  Jump to
    each one, and then cross one of those boards with spokes.  For the final
    part, you will now ride a massive cube, which will rotate around and move
    forward to the platform with the shine.  Here's the tricky part: It can be
    very difficult to tell which direction the cube is moving because of its size
    and slow movement.  You want to assure that it will be as close to shine's
    platform as possible because you have a big jump to make.  Change the camera
    to an overhead view, or an angle that allows you to see where the cube is
    situated.  Then jump on over when the cube just starts to regress.
    On the second platform with all those huge cubes, you'll see a 1-Up on the
    right side.  You must wait for the cubes to move away; otherwise you'll get
    squished.  That particular location is one where two cubes come together.
    The gap on this platform should be jumped over to the 1-Up's location.
    The long wooden board has a 1-Up perched above it.  You'll have to do a
    backflip jump to get it, as it is high up.
    Noki Bay
    Episode 6: The Shell's Secret
    This stage is enormous.  It is the biggest and longest of them all, and
    you've really got to focus if you want to get through.  You begin in a box
    with a large pane of glass in the side.  Do a few wall jumps to escape.  Jump
    on the rotating rectangular platform, then on a square one that rotates by
    flipping.  Then there are some platforms that jut out of a wall.  They do not
    regress entirely, however; a portion of them remains exposed.  Do a backflip
    and a wall jump to reach them.  After jumping on three, you'll reach a pole.
    Climb it up to an area where you'll see a sloped platform with arrows on it.
    A bouncy rope is located at the base.  Do about three jumps on it so you can
    get high enough and reach a high platform.  Now you'll do a series of wall
    jumps in the next area.  I can't really explain it, but when you reach the
    top, you will see those boards with spokes in them again.  After two of them,
    a rotating contraption with platforms jutting out of it needs to be climbed.
    Then, after one final wooden board that is angled upwards, you'll reach the
    After getting out of the starting box and jumping past the rotating platform
    and square, jump on the nail near the corner.  It's the sixth one in the
    course.  Jump on the nail and fully pound it into the ground to get a 1-Up. 
    (Thanks to Abraham Lewis for that 1-Up!)
    While on the platform right before the first board, you'll see a torch in the
    corner.  If you extinguish it, a 1-Up appears.  This one in particular will
    start to move away, so grab it immediately!
    Pianta Village
    Episode 6: The Secret of the Village Underside
    There are many Piantas in this stage, and they make this secret stage very
    unique in the fact that your jumping skills will not be tested at all and
    there are no moving platforms or anything of that sort.  Each Pianta is
    called a "Chuckster" and will throw you when you talk to them.  The direction
    you face while you talk to them is the direction you'll be thrown.  Some
    throw you upwards.  All you will do is rely on them to throw you from
    platform to platform.  Talk to the pink Pianta on the initial platform to get
    to the area where there's a small orange Pianta and a larger one.  Talk to
    the small one to throw you to the next platform; the larger one throws you
    much too far.  Talk to the Pianta there and he'll throw you way up into a pen
    filled with goombas.  They are constantly being regenerated, so don't try to
    kill them.  Get to the next platform and wait for the Pianta here to walk to
    the area that is right across from the shine's location.  Talk to him from
    the right angle to finish this weird stage.
    In the beginning, talk to the blue Pianta, who will throw you in the air
    where a 1-Up is perched.  An arrow sign pointing upwards indicates its
    While in the goomba pen, talk to the Pianta in there at an angle so that he
    throws you to a platform that is nearby a long, bouncy rope (you may want to
    look around with your camera).  Put out the fire on the burning Pianta's back
    here, and he'll reward you with a 1-Up.
    On the platform that is right before the shine, there's a platform opposite
    the shine's location.  Talk to the Pianta when he comes by, and have him
    throw you over there.  The 1-Up is high in the air, and is extremely
    difficult to retrieve.  You must talk to the Pianta to throw you in the air.
    IV.  Special Stages
    Now onto the special stages.  I'll follow a similar format as before,
    describing the stages and giving an episode title (I made up the ones in
    Delfino Plaza to give you an idea of what I'm talking about).  Since many
    have red coins, I'll tell you how to get them, as it isn't as clear how to
    get red coins in special stages compared to secret stages.  But they
    shouldn't be much trouble.  1-Ups and any other items will be covered as
    well.  Since many special stages appear in Delfino Plaza, I'll briefly tell
    you where the stage is located, as the game doesn't show you exactly and
    there aren't episode titles there.  Directions are taken from Mario's
    starting point in Delfino Plaza.
    Delfino Plaza
    The Slide Stage
    This is located in the northeastern part of town, near the entrance to Gelato
    Beach.  You'll see a series of island platforms in the water, and one has a
    pipe on it.  Jump inside this pipe to begin.
    As I have written, this is nothing but a big slide.  All you do is slide down
    the slope to the shine that waits at the end.  Try not to get moving too
    fast, as you could fall off.  Avoid the holes that are located at various
    points of the slide, and instead of trying to slide down those narrow boards
    to the shine at the end, just jump.  You'll be able to travel a long ways and
    can skip those boards altogether.
    The Pachinko Board Stage
    In the middle of the plaza, where all the waterways are located, you should
    see a boat that passes under a bridge which is on the eastern side of town.
    Jump on top of this boat, and when it passes under the bridge, you should see
    a hole, jump up and get inside it.  Or, using the rocket nozzle, get under
    the hole by finding its black shadow, jump out of the water, and rocket
    A large Pachinko board, which is some sort of a Japanese arcade game, is all
    this special stage is.  The board is placed vertically, with five holes in it
    and a red coin in each.  Many silver things that resemble nails have been
    placed in the board, and they can be stood on, but they are very thin and you
    must land on it exactly to avoid falling.  There is a small square that will
    bounce you up into the board when you jump on it.  On the way up, you can
    collect three red coins that are placed vertically together.  You can
    slightly move yourself as you descend into the board, but not much.  If you
    fall to the bottom of the board, you'll fall and die.  You must either land
    where one of the other five red coins are located, or land in the very center
    of the board.  You will then take a series of slides in the back of the board
    that will take you back to the base where you started.  When you lean the
    control stick to the left right after jumping on the square, you should get
    the top-left red coin; using a similar strategy should net you the center red
    coin.  The lower left and lower right red coins can be obtained by falling
    into them from a higher location.  The top right red coin is vicious.  I
    cannot tell you how many lives I lost in attempts to get it.  What I did to
    get it was to do a spinning jump right as I hit the bouncy square, which
    propelled me just enough to the right to nab the coin.  If you know of
    another strategy, let me know.
    The Turbo Nozzle Stage
    You will need the turbo nozzle to enter this special stage.  If you head to
    the center of Delfino Plaza and go to the area with the shine on the ground
    (which is the entrance to Noki Bay), you should turn right, then left, and
    you'll see a pair of yellow doors to the right.  Two Pianta policemen are
    standing next to the doors.  Activate your turbo nozzle and smash through the
    This is another brief stage.  At first glance, it looks simplistic, as it is
    nothing but many platforms, but they are spread far apart and require the
    turbo nozzle to reach them.  At the start, fire up your turbo nozzle and
    simply shoot forward and jump right before falling off the platform.  If you
    have enough speed, you will land on the first square platform.  But do not
    stop when you land on it; you need your acceleration to continue onward, and
    the platform isn't long enough to serve as a runway.  Continue doing this
    technique for each platform until you reach a much larger platform with
    sprinklers on it.  Use them to replenish your water if necessary.  Then
    gather your speed again and continue until you reach the shine's platform.
    Stop immediately when you land on it; you don't want to overshoot the
    The Grass Meadow Stage
    This is the only stage in the game that does not test your
    jumping/maneuvering ability much at all, and there are no places where you
    can fall off and die (with the exception of one hole).  It's that easy -
    you're just here to collect eight red coins.  It is a large square platform
    that has grass and a few trees growing on it, and it also has some Piantas in
    the stage.  I'll list out how to get the red coins, as each one is its own
    little challenge:
    1. Using your spray nozzle, extinguish the fire on the running Pianta's back.
    2. Hose down the red bird in the sky.  It can usually be seen flying around
    the brown block structure.
    3. A red coin is perched on top of the block structure.
    4. In the area furthest from the blocks, you'll see a watermelon block (use
    the overhead view).  Smash it, and readjust the camera so you can see
    yourself walk around and find the coin, as well as to avoid a pit.
    The final four red coins are obtained by killing four enemies.  Each one is
    placed at a corner in the level, and you get one coin for each.
    The Poisonous Waterway Stage
    It takes a long time to enter this stage.  Its pipe is located way out on an
    island at the far south end of the water.  However, yellow goop covers the
    pipe, which requires fruit juice to dissolve it, so you'll need Yoshi.
    Remember:  Yoshi cannot come into contact with water.  Give him the desired
    fruit and board the boat that travels under the bridge.  It'll take you to an
    island in the western edge of the area.  A different boat will come by this
    island; board it.  Ride this boat until you reach the wooden structure with
    some bananas on it.  One final boat will come by this structure.  Get on that
    boat, and it'll take you to the island with the pipe; spray the goop and get
    in the pipe.
    A type of waterway, with brownish colored water running through it, is what
    this special stage is.  The water is extremely toxic; in fact, poison is more
    likely what the substance is.  The instant you touch it, you die.  Eight red
    coins have been placed along this waterway, and you will see a lilypad at the
    beginning.  Jump on it and it will begin to move forward.  The first four red
    coins are easy to get, as they are in a straight line.  By the fourth coin,
    however, the current has picked up and your lilypad will not move in a
    straight line.  In the event that you miss a red coin, you're supposed to be
    out of luck, but you can actually leave the lilypad and hover over to the
    edge of the waterway, which can be walked on.  Now slowly walk along the side
    until you return to where you started, where another lilypad awaits.
    Continue until you get all eight red coins, with one that you must jump to
    Near the seventh red coin in the air is a 1-Up hovering above the poison.
    Gelato Beach
    Episode 4: The Sand Bird Is Born
    A bird shaped out of sand blocks, covered in regular (yellow) and seven red
    coins, slowly ascends higher as it travels around a central pillar in this
    particular stage.  These sand blocks will not disintegrate.  You begin on a
    cloud, but the sand bird is hardly a jump away.  When you land on it, you may
    notice that the bird's body undulates, and some wind is present, so be
    careful as you gather the seven red coins on its body.  Red coin number eight
    is not on the bird; it is perched on the top of the central pillar.  You must
    wait for the sand bird to fly high enough so you can get it.  Before you get
    there, however, the bird will begin to do some stunts while flying.  It'll
    flap its wings and will turn its whole body sideways.  Stand on the bird's
    neck and walk to the upright portion of it so you don't fall off during this
    maneuver.  It'll eventually resume its initial position.
    One of the clouds in this level has a 1-Up on it.  It appears early on in the
    stage, so don't let it get away from you.
    I should also mention that there are three blue coins in this stage.  Each
    one is on a cloud that you'll want to keep a lookout for.
    Noki Bay
    Episode 3: Red Coins in a Bottle
    Mario is required to wear that demeaning fish-bowl contraption on his head in
    this stage.  The stage is a bottle filled with water and, obviously, eight
    red coins.  While wearing the fish bowl that is supposed to serve as an
    oxygen mask, Mario's controls change.  You now use the hover nozzle to propel
    yourself upward and downward, and the spray nozzle to move yourself left and
    right.  Keep an eye on your oxygen meter, and collect coins to replenish it.
    It may be slightly difficult with the new controls as you collect the red
    coins, but with a little practice it won't be too bad.  The red coins are all
    clearly visible.
    V.  Legal/Contact Information
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    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    Before you send an e-mail, please remember that this guide only covers the
    secret and special stages, and does not cover anything else about the game
    (making it an in-depth guide).  E-mails about any other aspect of Super Mario
    Sunshine will not be answered.
    If you wish to contact me, you can at kramar@prodigy.net.  I won't answer an e-
    mail that asks for information already provided in the guide.  If you know of
    a major stage characteristic or 1-Up I've missed, e-mail me and I'll consider
    including it in the guide and you'll receive credit.

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