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Nothing super about this game11/22/11DODV
Take one step, then two steps back07/11/06Mariner
This game truly needs more attention and respect - one of the best Mario games ever.11/07/13ABXInferno
Alright, but hardly a revelation05/06/03AGBear
It's-a 'nother Mario game! Wahoo!09/26/06andymancan1
How can you make a better Mario game than Mario 64? Why, give him a hose, of course!07/15/08Archmonk Iga
Not Enough "Light" To Brighten My Day...02/18/03Ashley Winchester
Seems to lose some of the magic from Super Mario 64, but still a great game.08/22/05bowser194
Water has never been a stronger weapon06/20/07Chaos Control
I'm walkin' on sunshine....06/08/04discoinferno84
Very nice, but maybe it should've been named Super Mario Rushed-shine.10/20/02Duo MaxweII
A Darkened Sun01/04/10EJRICH
The evolution of a revolution10/17/02EOrizzonte
Even Mario's vacation gets ruined01/18/05GavLuvsGA
Mario returns in another great adventure.03/09/07general531
Death of a Plumber - Review that's 100% swear free ;)11/29/05Genjuro Kibagami
Not as good at the N64's baby, but still a great game!01/17/03GheddonLN
Water water joke, it IS everywhere!12/10/07InfernoCrossing
I guess I need a witty pun about the sun...06/24/03Internet Nomad
Come on, people!03/30/05Jhiru
The World's A Special Place!08/30/04JoeCoolc3 III
Mario? Tearing LIMBS off of creatures! Will I never...09/12/02JPeeples
The sun truly shines in Super Mario Sunshine.08/12/02Kabigon
Mario rides tall in the saddle once again, but can his new game pony up?07/02/03kristina kim
S-H-I-N-E G-E-T IT!!!!!!!02/18/03KSwoosh
A New game for a new Generation...HAH Yeah.05/28/04leeuyang
It's not Super Mario 64 by any means, but it is nevertheless a good game.08/31/07Link165
The Six Year Wait: Excruciating. Seeing Mario’s water cannon: Titillating. Finally playing it: Amazing09/14/02matt91486
Filled with too many surprises for it to be a disappointment on any level12/22/02MaxH
Why All of the Bashing?03/29/04Mech Master
Welcome Mario, to the sunny beaches of Isle Delfino.11/10/05Megaman1981
Definitely an intriguing spin on the Mario series, but we have a welcome entry indeed.12/30/02MManos
Super Mario Sunshine: Maybe the best Mario game ever created07/25/12NettoSaito
One Gamer's Opinion11/04/03Ninten81
Another Nintendo Great!09/16/02Pukey
Takes Mario 64 and notches the difficulty up ten levels!03/25/03Quinn and Goblin
A vacation gone bad... both Mario's and yours.08/02/12RageBot
Its a nice game, but it has its share of flaws.08/28/02red13n
The game that defines fun07/29/02Reloaded
Updating the Presentation but Remembering the Roots, Nintendo Succeeds Grandly in Making Mario Fans Proud.11/15/02Richo Rosai
Super Mario Sunshine..a game that should be enjoyed by all ages!08/25/02RPGMonkey is Back
Mario's Time to Shine11/14/06ShadowGuardian9
The game takes some chances, but it's more remembered for being a catalyst for something bigger. Maybe that perception should change.03/04/13SneakTheSnake
The game all the good guys want10/26/02Snow Dragon
The Plumber for Summer09/04/12SuperPhillip
In a world of mixed reviews for this game, which side is right? Determine that yourself after reading this review.12/01/08SuperSmashBro13
Mario Has a New Title to Add to His Resume - Janitor06/26/09Suprak the Stud
An Iconic Character Returns............12/20/03The Hellbound Heart
"I shipwrecked myself on this island, and I can't swim." How can you drive a boat but not be able to swim?08/29/02The President
Vastly inferior to Mario 64 and Galaxy, and even standing on its own merits, its a very mediocre game.12/10/07The Vic Viper
Mario is back, and he's looking better than ever09/13/03TheEternalVenomX
This is what Mario games are all about08/29/02TheMissingLink1186
Nintendo actually manged to bring me more gloom that sunshine with this one.05/11/15TheRetroPlayer
Super Mario's second attempt at a vacation goes all worng! Poor plumber!09/09/02Tidus9rules
Shine on, you rough diamond03/14/06Tom Clark
Shadow on the sun03/22/07Unleashed Vortex
Ironically, FLUDD sounds like "flood". Coincidence or on purpose?05/20/05WaterMario222
It just might be the best platformer currently on the Gamecube07/15/03X Slayer007 X
Mario's vacation on Delfino Island...not what he expected.11/21/02ZidaneTribal13

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