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"Could have been better"

One controversial move on Nintendo's part was the fact the Gamecube launched without a Mario platform game, which made many Mario fans angry. A little over a year later, Nintendo released the newest Mario game, with a strange title: Super Mario Sunshine. Is it any good, though?

Mario & Peach take a vacation to Isle Delfino, but Mario was framed for vandalizing the island, and because the Piatas (The island natives) have no sense of time (The trouble started long before Mario ever came to the island), Mario is forced to clean up the island. It's nice that the main point isn't rescuing Peach from Bowser, but it's not that great of a storyline.
Storyline: 5 out of 10

Music\Sound Effects
Super Mario Sunshine's soundtrack is vastly inferior to Super Mario 64. Rather than awesome tunes like on SM64, Super Mario Sunshine consists of overly happy tunes that came to annoy me. Thankfully, you can always listen to songs on an MP3 player (If you have one). The sound effects are standard Mario fare, so there's nothing to say here. The voice acting isn't anything special; it's not as bad as some games I've played, but not as good as some others, either.
Music\Sound Effects: 5 out of 10

The graphics are overly bright and colorful, making Super Mario 64 seem darker by comparison. However, it's smoother than Super Mario 64, but lacks the detail or Super Smash Bros. Melee. Its ok, but they could have made it a little darker.
Graphics: 6 out of 10

Though I did have some problems getting my Wavebird to work (Probably low batteries), the controls works great in Super Mario Sunshine. It's laid out comfortably, responds quickly, and just feels right.
Controls: 10 out of 10

Unfortunately, the game just isn't up to par with Super Mario 64. You roam around Isle Delfino, entering levels and collecting Shine Sprites while cleaning up the mess using FLUDD, a water backpack that I really don't like. It feels like Super Mario 64, but much, much harder (With some insane challenges). It makes sense that Mario can't do some of his old moves from Super Mario 64 when he's wearing the backpack (Like the Long Jump, the advanced move I used the most), but there are some missions where you temporally use the water backpack, but even then, you can't Long Jump. Speaking of losing the water backpack, some of the best missions are when just that happens; Without it, you're left to carefully jump across moving platforms and dodge obstacles, which is great, Super Mario 64-style fun. Unfortunately, those missions don't come often enough; most of the time, you'll be collecting 8 red coins or fetching an item for a random character.
Gameplay: 4 out of 10

If you're looking for a unique and challenging game, you'll probably like this. However, some Mario fans (Like me) might be disappointed, because it doesn't really feel like a Mario game, and it gets repetitive quickly.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 06/16/08

Game Release: Super Mario Sunshine (Player's Choice) (US, 09/25/03)

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