Review by tayzer95

Reviewed: 04/21/09

Undeniably Lazy

Super Mario Sunshine is a black eye to the once thriving Mario series that I held dear at one point. I've always enjoyed Mario's NES, SNES, and early Game Boy adventures, and even Super Mario 64 was a great game, but Super Mario Sunshine is a very lazy game.

Unlike other Mario games, this one came out a year after the GameCube's release. I remember why...they wanted to study the capabilities a bit more before releasing their trademark Mario game, but I now understand that it just meant they were being lazy.

One must question the storyline...Mario is going on vacation (Super Mario World!) and he is framed for polluting the island with paint, as well as stealing shine sprites. I have two did they come up with this? Were they high? And question 2: Who actually authorized this? Was he or she high too?

The fact that Shadow Mario is obviously a different colour and texture altogether makes me wonder about the stupidity of Delfino residents. Anyhoo, the Shine Sprites is just an excuse to collect things because that's all 3-D Mario platformers know how to do. You start out the game and you fight this Paint Piranha monster. Then you fight him again...and again...and again. You fight this stupid thing FIVE times! Do you think that's enough? This game is over the top guilty of re-using bosses and objectives insane amounts of time. For instance, it was cool to collect the red coins once per level in Super Mario 64, but in this game you do it FOUR times per level. Yeah! You fight Petey Piranha twice, you fight Gooper Blooper twice, and they are both bosses with stupid watergun fetish objectives. You chase Shadow Mario once per level. These are some of the laziest course objectives ever. Oh yes, and there are only 7 levels. That's it! No icy caverns, no underground caves, no lava worlds, no sky cruises, nothing that we remember from Mario's early years. Just vacation themed nonsense. The inconsistencies in the challenges are horrifying. Sometimes they're idiot proof, sometimes they are ridiculously stupidly hard (Chucksters!). The only redeeming objectivies are when Fludd is (thankfully) swiped and you must do some classic platforming. That's what this game should've been all about. Bowser Jr. is annoying as all hell, and to defeat Bowser...destroy his bridge? No. Make him crash through the floors? must...destroy his hot tub. I am dead serious. What were they thinking? In order to compete with SM64's 120 stars, SMS has exactly 120 shines, but they got REALLY lazy. Instead of cool secret courses, there's this stupid blue coin hunt, where you search the world for blue coins. Innovative? No. It's just a lazy challenge. It kind of makes me wonder what sort of time constraint they were under when they came up with all this.

I am astonished to see all of the good reviews for this game, but one must seperate fact from opinion. I know lots of people who love this game, and I too once liked it, but it really started to dawn on me with the following true statement:

Love it or hate it, you cannot deny that this is a really lazy game.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Product Release: Super Mario Sunshine (US, 08/25/02)

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