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"Vacation Time!"

Super Mario Sunshine was the sequel of the major hit, Super Mario 64. Super Mario Sunshine shared the glory of Mario's third dimensional adventures, both of which he stopped Bowser yet again. Super Mario Sunshine was my first GameCube game, and I liked it a ton. Although I had never played Super Mario 64 - but I later got Super Mario 64 DS! - there was no need to play it. The games were entirely unconnected. Anyways, Mario's second 3-D game became a big hit and everyone attempted to get it, including me. Anywho, after the release of this, Nintendo had gone to work on other series, such as Paper Mario. A few years back, though, this game's sequel was released. Super Mario Galaxy is decent and on the Nintendo Wii. Anyways, that is a different review.

The gameplay is rather simple, if not challenging in some places. Mario, running around with his FLUDD (a type of portable water pump or something), must clean up the island. Along the way, you must find the Shine Sprites, too. Stuff like this is unusual, as the game seems to be a third dimensional side-scroller or something. But, it almost seems like an RPG, too. You expected Goombas and Koopas, right? None here. Super Mario Sunshine has introduced an almost entirely new cast of enemies, such as stingrays and big fish. However, the kept some, such as Piranha Plants and Boos and Cheep Cheeps (the fish). Also in the game, almost ironically, is Yoshi. Remember Yoshi's Island, or properly known as Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island? Yoshi was on an island, two by endgame. Here, the game takes place on an island and -look! - Yoshi. Simply put, you collect Shine Sprites to attempt to fully cleanse the island and restore the appropriate climate for the islanders, the Piantas.

The story is rather confusing, but this is not because you - probably - haven't played Super Mario 64. It is just confusing, but makes sense over time. Mario, Peach, Toadsworth, and some Toads have decided to take a vacation. They choose the most classical place - a dolphin-shaped island called Isle Defino. The main residents are Piantas and Nokis (new characters to the whole thing). Upon arrival, the island is a total mess - and you are framed. Although that they know you have arrived mere minutes ago, you are tried and sent to prison. Upon release (next day?), you are ordered to clean up the mess. Eventually, this becomes a quest to obtain the Shine Sprites. Peach is kidnapped, too, as usual, so you head after Bowser as well. A frantic story to prove yourself as innocent.

The graphics are rather decent. This game is 3-D, so that much more is required of Nintendo. They did well, too. The brick walls have excellent detail, the Nokis look like real conch shells or something, and so on and so forth. My basic point is that this has excellent graphics. They aren't blocky (at most times) and don't have any lag. I get sick of saying this repeatedly, but it all flows like quicksilver. The colors are vibrant, too. There is almost every color of the visible spectrum in this. They are so vibrant, too. Simply amazing.

The sound effects, well, they are so-so. This is the first Mario game to contain talking characters, though. The voices are decent, too. At least they aren't robotic. The music gets boring after some time. Each individual area has its own music that happens to stay the same, no matter the situation. Some exceptions include the underwater level in the Noki's village and some Pirahna Plant bosses. Rather boring, nevertheless, so I hope you have a radio. Even so, they are clear.

The play time varies. It takes about a week or two to finish the storyline with a mild amount of extras done. However, to complete the whole game, which means finding all 150 Shine Sprites and the required Blue Coins, takes months upon months without any help. The replay value is okay. I don't replay it often, as, well, it is somewhat boring the second time, as you know what will happen and know where each Shine Sprite is. If you plan on replaying it, don't find a lot of Shine Sprites the first time - you'll take all the fun out of it. Nevertheless, it is a decent game.

The hop after the jump into 3-D for Mario is very good game. Although it could have been a bit better, Nintendo has created one the best GameCube game I have ever seen. Although it did not agree with me at first, it is perfect for me now. Seriously, go buy it. It is unbelievable. The second 3-D Mario is one you cannot miss. Buy it... buy it... buy it...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/15/10

Game Release: Super Mario Sunshine (US, 08/25/02)

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