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"My Review - Honest, Unbiased, and yes, I own the game (Import)"

I posted this on a board, someone said It was a good review and sounded Un-Biased, which it is by the way. So, here it is, a little re-worded and a little extra added.

Intro Video - Wow, quality was good, but how Childish can you get? I mean, Peach with her squeaky 6 year old sounding voice and Mario with hearts around his head thinking about seafood (I thought he liked Lasagna or something?) Well, that kinda set the tone for the game right away, kinda lame. Especially the Inhabitants of the Island your spending the game on, they look really stupid, kinda sound stupid to. By the way, all the Dialog is in English, and I doubt they'll change it for the American release, so get ready for a 6 year old sounding Peach.

Gameplay - Awesome, what more can I say? The ''Fun'' factor is really high in this game. At first I didn't think jumping and jetting around on a WaterPack was going to be all that fun, but it is surprisingly, though hard to get used to. My big issue with this game is how literal they take there title, ''Sunshine'' is just that, everything is Bright, Colorful, and Cheery and DAMN I cant stand it! I mean come on, where's the Caves, Castles, Lava Pits, Quicksand and Ghost Houses? I know there trying to push the whole ''Sunshine'' theme here but I think they went a little overboard with it. This game would REALLY be a LOT better if they had levels like these. This makes me now very eager to know what the next Mario on GC is gonna be like, since I would love to see levels such as these on the system (Just like in Mario64, you had all these levels)

Also, I don't really know why, but this game cant seem to keep my interest for very long. Don't get me wrong, it's one of the best overall games I have played in a long time, but after waiting for 10 days for it to get to me, and eagerly awaiting it's arrival each and every day, I sat down and played it for maybe an hour tops, then threw in my copy of SSX Tricky. I did however log in probably about 3-4 hours my first day with it, it's just that I turned it off about 3-4 times to. I think this is in part due to the fact that the levels look the same, in that there all Beautiful, Colorful, Bright and Tropical looking, all on a Island, and all have Sand. Trust me people, this can get to you after awhile. It's just to damn BRIGHT! A little bit of Relief can be had by going to these Bonus like levels where you do lots of precision jumping and such, kinda like the Bowser levels in Mario64.

Control - Perfect. Just like in Mario64. Sometimes I do accidentally do a side flip or something like that, but overall the control is just fine.

Camera - The C Stick, which moves your camera, is pretty damn touchy. One little push can make your screen do a 90 degree turn. This really sucks when your on a TightRope or doing precision walking/jumping. You seem to need to come to a complete stop before adjusting your camera at all.

FLODD - the WaterPack, also known as ''FLODD'' takes some time to get used to also, but isn't that bad. My big problem with it is the way you switch from Shooting water, to blowing it downward in order to fly. Even after many hours of play, I still find myself hitting the button that switches the way it shoots instead of what I really wanted, for it to shoot to begin with. This has caused me much in damage.

Graphics - Great. People have complained about the Textures looking more like the Mario64 game. I agree, that, yes the textures don't look awsome, but this game graphically wise shouldn't be compared to Mario64. The walls and ground look great, and the fact that they don't look awsome is made up for by the Water effects and the Goopy crap, along with the levels being so large.

Overall - 8

Why such a score?
To Bright, thus also seems Repetitive, you can get sick of the levels pretty quickly.
Camera is annoying, and can cause hell in some areas

This game would have gotten a 10 from me had there been more variety in the Theme of the different levels, but there isn't. This combined with the Camera (Which may be fixed for the American release) gives this game -2 points.

So, there you have it. If you disagree with me on something, well so be it. This is MY opinion, yours may be different. If you think I am someone that is ''Dissing'' the game cause I am a Fanboy or some crap, then I think you know what part of my anatomy you can kiss.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/15/02, Updated 08/15/02

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