"Super Mario Sunshine..a game that should be enjoyed by all ages!"

Super Mario Sunshine for the Gamecube. Best game for Gamecube to be released with no doubt, as of this moment. The game is mixed with great graphics, sound, gameplay, and good replay value to make the perfect Mario game. The game is somewhat like Super Mario 64, has mostly the same aspects with various improvements. This is the closest Gamecube game to being perfect so far in the Nintendo department. My favorite part of the game is the nice sound. I absolutely love the music in this game. Although at first this game seems directed to a younger audience, I found that it was definitely for everyone. (Keep in mind, this review is on the imported version of the game)

Story: (9/10)

I found the story great, but not as good as various other Nintendo games. Nonetheless, it was still a great storyline. Even though I can’t really make out much through the japanese version, I still have some other info on the game that will help me express the storyline of the game. The game starts out with Mario and Peach, planning a vacation to the island of Delfino. It seemed like a good spot to have it because of the nice weather, but of course they had to have been proved wrong. When Mario and Peach arrived on the nice island, Mario notes on these dirty scratches of paint covering most of the walls throughout the pleasant place. To make things worse, the one in charge of these vandalizing crimes disguises himself to look like Mario! The people who live on the island suspect him of the offenses, and Mario wants to put an end to this. He sets his new backpack of water on his back, which lets him pump out water shots at the walls to clean up the walls of the society and to unmask the evil villain. With the island infested with harmful black paint, Mario must collect all the ''Shines'' to stop the imposter from covering the island and world with black light/paint. The ''Shines'' are auras of light that help stop the darkness. With all the ''Shines'', Mario can completely save the island from destruction of use with black light!

Gameplay: (10/10)

Wonderful Gameplay! I love it! This is an Adventure game in which you make your way through several huge worlds collecting all 120 ''Shines'', cleaning up the walls full of vandalism, and attempting to stop the villain from taking over. The game is just really fun with the new water-pack. I like that feature the best out of the total gameplay. Most Mario characters make an appearance in this game, including Princess Peach, Yoshi, Toad, Luigi, Mario himself, and various others. Yes, you may ride on Yoshi while blasting out pumps of water, making it even more fun then ever. The main objective, as explained in storyline, is to get all the ''Shines''. Collect more and more ''Shines'' to come closer to your goal. With all the ''Shines'' collected, there will finally be light throughout the island. Overall, the gameplay is an improvement over those of Mario 64’s. And it is a great improvement, at that.

Graphics: (9.5/10)

Oh yes, outstanding graphics! Kind of like Super Mario 64’s graphics, except better. Everything is sharp, and done with very bright and clear colors. Mario is drawn better then ever, same with Yoshi and Princess Peach. The background for the levels and worlds is done with superb shades of colors that make it look great. It shows that much effort was exerted when creating the graphics of the game. The trees, buildings, ground The starting scene, and other cinematic parts have even nicer graphics, best I have seen on any Nintendo console so far. It’s kind of fun, and for nostalgia, to compare the graphics of Super Mario for Nintendo to Super Mario Sunshine for Gamecube. Hah, the difference is immense.

Sound: (10/10)

My favorite part, the Sound! Chill to the tropical melody throughout the game, it is played when appropriately needed. The music changes accordingly to the situation of Mario, for instance if he was in trouble, the music would differ in speed, therefor going faster. You WILL find yourself humming to the Caribbean beat very soon. For me, it took less than a minute with this amazing soundtrack. Mario, of course, has a voice that matches those of an Italian’s accent, so it is well done. The voice actor’s voice is spoken on time, same goes for the voices of Toad and Princess Peach. When you shoot your hydro blaster from the backpack of water, it blares a matching sound of shooting water. When you run through the rivers, or the shore of the island, it makes a life-like sound of splashing water. Various scenarios like this run throughout the game, such as fire making a scorching sound or thunder making a crackling sound. Mostly every sound aspect in this game is very accurate, simply making the sound just excellent.

Hardness Factor: (9.1/10)

Super Mario Sunshine is a pretty hard game. Collecting all 120 ''Shines'' is a very tedious task that requires length and skill. Through this all, it is pretty tough. Sometimes getting just a single ''Shine'' takes a huge amount of time. The obstacles you go through, in order to receive the ''Shine'' at the end of the level or whatever, are sometimes immensely hard. You may find yourself having to go through various enemies, possibly even a boss to just receive one of these. The length increases as you go for every single ''Shine''. Not all ''Shines'' are needed, so know you have some sidequests to complete by going for the extras. Although, at times, it may seem easy, the majority of the game is difficult. Compared to the old Super Mario 64, it is just amazingly tough.

Replay Value: (8.9/10)

Very nice replay value! You don’t get bored of the missions needed to be completed for a while, increasing the rating of Replay Value. It doesn’t have multiplayer, reducing the score just a bit. But it pulls together for some nice replay value. You spend nearly 40-45 hours to completely beat the game, so that will keep you hooked for a while. Going through it again will be easier because you will know what you are doing and even though not as fun, still good. It will be a pleasure going through again, as you will most likely enjoy playing through some of the missions again. And you thought that Replay Value was Mario games’ downside…

Overall: (10/10)

Super Mario Sunshine is most definitely the best Mario game out there. Great graphics, storyline, gameplay,
and even replay value combine to make Super Mario Sunshine. One of Miyamoto’s best works, I would
have to say. This is the perfect sequel of Mario games, and with a few flaws, this game will be enjoyed to
people of all ages…

Buy/Rent/Not?-Super Mario Sunshine is the ultimate Gamecube game and should certainly be purchased
for your collection. By this time, don’t buy the import like I did, just wait a little until the game is
released here, then buy it. Besides, why would you rent a game that would take you nearly a month to
complete, and with other things to do.. There is no reason to rent or not buy this wonderful sequel to the
Mario games.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/25/02, Updated 08/25/02

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