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"Oooooooh Shiny!!!"

WOW! It all started with Super Mario Bros. Then Super Mario World and then came Mario 64! Mario 64 was an amazing game, well this one is even better! In my opinion, the best gamecube game made so far! Now onto the details!

Graphics: 9.7
These graphics actually show what the Nintendo gamecube is capable of doing! All the colours are vivid and moving not to mention BRIGHT and SHINY!! Obviously the graphics are not perfect but so far, I have not seen better. Mario to me looks SO real! I actually felt like I was in the game!! People have there own opinions about the graphics though. Some actually say that you can see all the bad graphics if you put your head close to the TV set and stare for a while! Who is stupid enough to do that!? So no worries in the graphics section I lets move on shall we!

Sound: 9.8
The sound is almost perfect! They even use the old Super Mario Bros. tunes, all polished up! I thought that Luigis Mansion had amazing sound because when you walked, you could hear the floors squeak etc, but in this case, its even better! the sound of waves, bricks and sand...(how can you hear sand???), any ways yes with the little sand exaggeration I think you catch my drift.

Music: 9.1
The music is actually really good, but not the best feature in a Mario game. All you need to know is that the Music is like a typical Mario game except that it is at its highest level. For me I really didn't like the Mario songs until now (taa taa taa ta taa daa taa daa....). The music is well suited for the environment so you actually feel that you are in that particular place. For a Mario game, its unbelievable!

Story: 8.4
WooHoo! Finally a proper story! This time instead of Bowser kidnapping Peach and you having to save her, you are on a nice relaxing Vacation! It may be a lot different then all the other Mario titles but you can easily tell that its still a Mario story! I definitely think that the story can be improved but you should be happy that Nintendo changed the normal Mario story and tried something new! After all change is good!

Game Play: 10
Must keep eyes open. Having fun. Yes, I am playing SMS while I'm writing this review! The gameplay is by far the BEST feature in this game! They combine the old Mario style with some zest and zing and you get this! A masterpiece! Gameplay is easily the MOST important thing in a game! I can truthfully say that sometimes if a review gets boring a skip to the gameplay section of it! I consider it most important because its what I am going to experience in the game! Even if this game had a music of 5/10 and sound of 5/10 I still would've bought it because the other things are just extra add ons! Obviously I would play it on Mute but still! I can truly say that I am having a LOT of fun playing this game and it deserves more than a 10/10! It actually takes amazing gameplay beyond its limits!!

Replay Value: 9.9
You'll be back. Go ahead, beat the game 3 or 4 times, you wont get bored! Its so long and fun you'll wanna try to top your old scores and everything! The combination of gameplay and sound and music and graphics will be enough to feed your Video Gaming needs for atleast 6 months if you are a fast player! If you are an average player, I dont think you will ever sell this game because it will last you over a year for sure!!

Overall Score: 9.48 = 9.5 (10/10)
An amazing game! It excels in many areas and its weakest area is music, which is still 8.4/10! You beat the game, you'll play again because it is SO fun! These days games are made as one time things, you play them and you beat them and you keep them and you let dust crawl all over them until Nintendo comes out with another system! This is completely different! Now I will go away! I have to use the washroom! (Lame excuse to get back to playing SMS! :P)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/26/02, Updated 08/26/02

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