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Ahhh, long have we waited for a platformer like this. How long has it been, six years? Wow, well, I tell you all this, it was worth it.

CoNtRoLs! -10
-Okay, problem here, its not excatly like the N64 version. I was really hoping to pick up the controller and go nuts, but after messing around 5 minutes, it felt perfect. Mario moves smooth and well, jumps work just fine (longer u hold the button, higher u jump), and the water cannon is flawless.
My only complaint, lack of crouch button, thats right, no long-jump, crawling, or back flip, but since you don't need em, it doesnt ruin the game...just kinda sad to know its gone. (u can backflip if ure clickin the R button, but its not practical)

SoUnD! -8
-Well, all sound effects are fine, nothting exceptional, there a good variety, have good quality, and are NOT annoying. Music is fine, but still sounds like cheap MIDI at times for some reason.
My only complaints, music is too mellow for my taste, but this is purely opinion.

GrApHiCs! -9
-Okay, shockingly enough, this game is well above average. The screenshots sure fooled me! Goo/mud/oil/paint all move and are color beutifully (and have near perfect physics). Textures very well fit the areas. Polygon count is very good (characters are not blocky). And you can drool all over the water effects. Framerate rarley drops (nothing horrid *cough Banjo-Tooie*). Draw distance is amazing, it goes on forever (great for looking for stuff *red coins*), whats really cool is the game focuses (actual camera focus) on where you are, making it look somewhat realistic!
My only complaint is that some wall textures are nasty, but look fine at a distance.

GaMePlAy! -10
-Its Mario, come on!
My only...what am I talking about...they even spoiled us by putting Yoshi back in the game!

LeNgTh! -9
-Allright, 120 shine sprites to collect, huge island means lots of traveling, each shine is harder to get than they were in Mario 64, plus you have cinamatic scenes. Do the math, for platfromer standards, this game is exceptionly long!
My only complaint is that it ends.


46/50...damn good!

Well, my last words are that if you have a GameCube and you are not getting this game, shame on you. If you don't have a GameCube, whats wrong with you? Mario's out, return your PS2 and buy one!

-My last complaint about the more ''SHINE GET'', unless you get a Japanese version!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/26/02, Updated 08/26/02

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