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"The most graphically stunning Mario game ever!"

Well Super Mario Sunshine has just hit the shelves ladies and gentleman. That's right, our favourite Italian plumber is back again for the Nintendo GameCube, with even better gameplay than Mario 64, beautiful graphics (the best I've seen from a Nintendo game), your favourite song classics, a water pack that reeks of awesomeness, and of course........YOSHI!!!! You really shouldn't be reading this review to decide whether or not you should buy Super Mario Sunshine...duh put two and two together, its Nintendo + Mario + Yoshi = r0x0rz!!!

Graphics: 10/10
With the dazzling water effects, lush green forestry, and beautiful beach locale, this game is eye candy. Never before have I seen such beautiful graphics in a Nintendo game. Everything is superbly detailed. My personal favourite is getting all coloured in paint, and then running into the ocean and seeing all the pain wash off. Its not debatable, the water effects are what make this game shine. The opening show is really cool too, its where you first get to see Mario, looking much better and smoother than ever before. Never has Mario ever looked so good.

Gameplay: 10/10
Super Mario Sunshine is a little different than Super Mario 64. The first major difference is that Mario cannot punch or kick anymore. Its not that big of a setback, but the main reason is because of his water pack (FLUDD). That's right, Mario's new weapon is FLUDD, a talking water pack that Mario uses to clean up Isle Delfino.

You see, Mario, Princess Peach, Toadsworth, and Toadstool are flying to their tropical island getaway: Isle Delfino. Isle Delfino is a beautiful island resort, that is powered by these things called Shine Sprites. Shine Sprites embody the power of the sun and provide the energy that sustains Isle Delfino. Anyway, upon their turbulent landing, Mario and his friends notice a large blob of paint on the runway, obstructing the entrance. Mario takes the role once again, and looks for help. He manages to find FLUDD, a talking water pack that squirts out water in any direction, and can be also hover Mario. After Mario saves the day, he is accused by the islands residents, for being responsible for painting graffiti all over the island, and ruining the beauty and way of life of the people of Isle Delfino. Well it turns out, that the actual person responsible for this looks very much like Mario, round nose, thick mustache, cap, etc. And this person has caused their energy source, the Shine Spirits to vanish. Nonetheless, Mario is sentenced by the court to clean up the mess, before he leaves.

So basically, you go around the island with FLUDD, looking for graffiti which act as portals to levels and stages. Sort of like the portals in Super Mario 64. In each level you have to find a Shine Sprite (instead of Stars), to help restore the energy source and natural beauty of the island. Throughout your adventure, you also help the residents, play mini games....and even meet up (and ride) with.......YOSHI!! w00t!!

Sound: 10/10
Lots of familiar song tracks are in this game, and some are remixed and improved. The sound and music in this game is really cool, although Mario does not talk, Princess Peach and Toadsworth do, and everything sounds very nice and clear. The sound effects are also nicely done, the splashing of water, footsteps, etc. I haven't found one thing wrong with the sound in this game. I'm really glad they used a lot of classic song tracks from the older Mario games, it brings back lots of old memories.

Overall: 10/10
With amazing graphics, awesome new gameplay, and classic Mario tracks, this game deserves its 10. I really liked this game from the start, if you enjoyed playing Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64, you will love this game. However, if platform games aren't for you, then you may not like Super Mario Sunshine.

Don't bother renting this game, buy it, renting it is pointless, as this game is pretty long and contains a lot of things to find in order to fully beat the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/27/02, Updated 08/27/02

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