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"The must-have game of the millenium, complete with a duck on your back!"


Well, lets start off with the most important aspect of any Mario game.
It is extremely fun, as with all Mario games. To run around you use the
left thumbstick, and to shoot your water pack (FLUDD) you press R. If you hold R lightly you can run while shooting the water, but if you Hold it all the way down, you can shoot it in any direction. You cannot shoot the FLUDD in any direction when running, only straight. You got all the moves from Mario 64, and then some. You can find Yoshi during your adventure, and when Mario gives Yoshi fruit, he can shoot ''juice''. You battle a variety of enemies, including the ever famous pirahna plant, and spike plants. You can get power-ups for your FLUDD, which are an awesome aspect of this game. You can get a power-up that makes you run really fast, and one that lets you fly up alot higher than normal. There are the famous red, blue and yellow coins. As well as the life-up mushrooms. Also, two new additions; the shine sprite, and the water bottle. When you collect 100 yellow coins, you get another life. Blue coins bring your health up, if it is down. They are also rare coins, collect 10 then you should visit some shopkeepers. Red coins restore health, as well as help you get a shine... if you collect 100 coins as well. Water bottles fill up the FLUDD when he is low on fuel. The environment is so interactive. If you see a windmill, and you shoot it, it will spin faster. When you shoot a townsfolk, they will duck and say ''No, no!'', or ''Hey stop!'' and a variety of other phrases. It is so detailed. When you hop out of a body of water, Mario will be sopping wet, and have water trickling off of him. It is bright and colorful, if you do not like happy games, I would no recommend this. It is VERY colorful, but that's what makes it fun.


After the events of Mario 64, Mario, Peach, and Mr. Toad decide to take a vacation from all the hassle. When they get there though, they find out someone portraying Mario in almost every way, is making the Delfino Island VERY messy, and the Delfino people hate pollution. They sentence Mario to clean up the entire Island. He cannot leave until he cleans everything. Now its your job to clean up this mess! After all, clean IS better than dirty!


The music has improved alot since Mario 64. You know what I mean, that annoying Italian musical bagpipes in Mario 64. No annoying music here, just fun fun music. Music that makes you wanna dance, and music that brings back memories. Mario sounds kinda like a Japanese penguin on crack though, and Peach sounds like... uhh... hrmm moving on. Besides the corny voices, FLUDD actually sounds cool(yes, he talks). Mr. Toad sounds cool too, but I can't say the same for our hero and his girlfriend. When Mario jumps, he makes the same sound he does in Mario 64. Which isn't bad, really. If you leave the controller down for about a minute, he will stretch and yawn, then go to sleep. The graphics have improved big time from Mario 64, but hey, this is Gamecube! The water is... simply amazing. It is on par with Morrowind, and Bloodwake, for references. Oh yea, they cleaned up the camera. It isn't sloppy, and you it is much easier to control with the C-stick compared to the C buttons.

Buy it? Rent it?

I think this is pretty much a give-in. Any Gamecube owner that does not own Super Mario Sunshine, is missing out. You can rent it to see if you like it, but 99% of Gamecube owners like Mario. He is a classic, and will always be a classic. It is only $50. you can have Mario for 5 days for a tenth of that, or your can have him forever. Your choice. I, obviously, chose the latter. Now go out now, and Get Shine!


This is a Mario game, and with all Mario games, it has almost endless replayability. You can get a good 100+ hours out of it easily. But everytime you the controller down, you will find yourself coming back for more hopping and shooting of water packs named FLUDD. This game will go down in history as one of the best Mario games ever.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/27/02, Updated 06/14/03

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