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"S-H-I-N-E G-E-T IT!!!!!!!"


Super Mario World, Super Smash Brothers, Super Mario Land, Super Mario 64, DR. Mario, Super Mario RPG, ....................... Can you Name all the games Mario has been in? I think not. Maybe because Mario has been in the most video games than any other video game character. Its seems everything that Mario touches turns into gold and over a million coping sellers. So Mario is the undisputed King of video game appearances and selling games Right? Right! Mario is one of the most known non-living thing know to the world. He was created with beginning generation of the NES and arcade style games. For a quarter you could play Mario in your local arcade and since than everybody has been addicted to the world of Mario and Nintendo.

The beginning Of Mario

Mario debuted in the arcade style games first before any home console. He was first cased in the Donkey Kong arcade game to try his friend and love Princess Peach from the escapes of the once nemesis Donkey Kong. There are only a handful left of video game characters that were born in the arcade and that still reign in video games today. Believe it or not Mario has been in over 100 video game either from Dr. Mario to Mario Picross. You would think that some games Nintendo would just slap the Mario on a game cover to make sales boost even if it was a horrible video game. From my experiences for playing over 25 Mario Games not ONE would be under the category of making a horrible game and putting a huge franchise name under it just to make some money off it. Beginning of video games to the future of video games it’s a sure bet that Mario will stay on top for quite a while now since he has been there from the beginning of video games which is the beginning of the 80’s and now into the new millennium of gaming styles.

Nintendo and Mario

Exclusive. Exclusive. Exclusive. Don’t Know what I am talking about yet? Well sure you do, Mario has been a trademark from Nintendo from the beginning of time and a little bit under twenty years of games that Nintendo has produced for him. So who did it? Did what? Create this great Franchise of Mario. Well If you don’t know already Shigeru Miaymoto has created Mario . Not only has Shigeru Miaymoto created just Mario he has been one of the most successful employees of Nintendo to date. Just when you think it’s enough creating the most well know mascot of video games EVER Shigeru Miaymoto does it time and time again. He has created many other monster hits for Nintendo like, The Legend of Zelda series, selling well over a million for each one, Kirby the wonderful pinky little ball that everybody loves to play around with, One of the ONLY leading female characters for any console Samus Aran from the highly anticipated games Metroid, All of the Mario characters like, The lovable different color Yoshi’s the most recognized is the green Yoshi, The princess Peach, Mario’s archive rival King Bowser or King Koopa and of Course the primape Donkey Kong. So now you know who created Mario and the insight of his other creations and masterpieces.

Games, Consoles, Mario

As we already known Nintendo has had Mario exclusive all of his life video gaming career all of his life. Nintendo has made systems like the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64 and of course the present and still living GameCube. Mario has been on every platform of Nintendo known to man and boy all of his games are great. When Nintendo puts out a new system Mario always comes with the launch date, like the Nintendo Entertainment System with the Super Mario Bros., Super Nintendo Entertainment System with Super Mario All-Stars, Game Boy Advance with Super Mario Adveanced and of course the ground breaking game for the Nintendo 64 bit system Super Mario 64. Unfortunately that chain has been broken. When the GameCube launched in November of 2001, Nintendo was still in the beginning stages of making the new Mario game. Shigeru and Nintendo had no choice but to scrap any idea of a Mario game being ready for launch for the GameCube. Nintendo Came up with a Different Idea of to let Mario’s shadow, Luigi to change the rules a bit. After Mario being trapped, Mario’s brother Luigi took over the roll to become a game to launch for the GameCube. Unfortunately Luigi’s Mansion fell short of exceptions for the launch of the GameCube . So with that said is Mario the only gaming Character that should always be on the list for the launch of a new Nintendo system? Maybe, maybe not although when one of his games comes out for a new Nintendo console it’s always a must buy for your gaming collection. Mario has not only just starred in video games on launch date but he has even more success packed into that Italian body of his for games that come months after a launch of a system. Some good games that Mario has produced from non - launch games, are Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64 or Super Mario Advcanced 2 for the Game Boy Adv, Super Mario Land 2 : Six Coins for the classic game boy. He always makes a big hit with his games and just when that games value has fizzled down a new game of his comes out even better than the last.

Insight Of Mario Games and everything else

Well Mario games cover mostly adventure games. Mario games are the fundamentals of basic training. Mario is just your ordinary kind of guy with a low budget job as a plumber, always trying to impress his love Princess peach, help friends out when needed. Not only is Mario's personality just like normal but he completes tasks by thinking and looking around before doing things, never has grenades or rocket launchers to get to places just uses his basic skill in jumping, punching, pounding and kicking. There are other things like where he lives. He doesn’t live on fantasy world where you can float in the air or Time Travel in seconds, it’s just like where we live.

The Future Of Mario

Past .......... Future .............. That is what Mario is all about! He conquered in the early 80’s, the 90’s and he’s still going strong. With new computation rising from each side he still remains the King of Video Games forever. Even if Nintendo never made another Mario game ever again, Mario will still be top seed of video games. Who knows what the next video game with Mario is going to be? Will it be innovative as Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario 64? Will it be as popular as Super Mario Bros . 3? Who knows but all I have to say is Mario is staying at the top for a long time of video games.

Now that we have finished the long introduction we will get down to the basics of this game. Note I have only played this game for five hours and I don’t know any final bosses ways to get shines. I will not tell you anything this is a basic free spoiler review. So if you never played the game read on and it will teach you something about it.

Game Play

This Mario game uses basic jumping and a new gadget called the F.L.U.D.D. Super Mario Sunshine has a lot of qualities found into the ground breaking Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64. In Super Mario 64 You would use your basic abilities of to get as many stars as you can. You would use your mind to solve the puzzles for getting the 120 stars, use basic one jump and even a three jump method to get over walls and obstacles. You would kill enemies by stepping/jumping on them or pound them to the ground like some pancakes. Now just imagine all that crammed into a new game with all new levels and more thing as I mentioned the F.L.U.D.D. The F.L.U.D.D is a device with many different uses to master. For me it was just like the Vacuum In Luigi’s Mansion I hated it at first I knew I was never going to like it because it was hard . After a practice a little with Luigi’s Mansion I got used to it and I am a pro at it now. I am still not as good as I want to be with the F.L.U.D.D. as I want and should be but I am going to practice just like you should when you get this game.

The F.L.U.D.D is used in many different ways. Such ways are like is you see some slob and goop on the floor you would just hold down the R Button slightly and you will see if you hit the goop or not it will just disappear like being washed like using a hose to wash dirt of your side walk, it is just like it. Another option of the F.L.U.D.D is my favorite feature in this game and any Mario game. If you press the X Button the F.L.U.D.D will turn into a jet pack. The water route will change from right to left to Up and Down. Mario can stay up in the air while using this second for approximately 5 seconds. Which means you don’t always have to jump from platform to platform but rather you can use your F.
L.U.D.D to glide over the gap. There are different modes to squirting the F.L.U.D.D you can either hold the R Button and stand still and shoot the water or you can tap it down slightly to move around and use it. The F.L.U.D.D is not like a hose in that it sprays very fast but rather it comes out very gently.

Other things from Mario games are incorporated into this game. Remember those gates in the original Super MarioWorld that Mario can cling to and move freely from either side using a gate will those are back and they are cool because this time it is in 3-D so you can cling the top of the cage rather than just the sides of it. I do not know how many shines are in the total game because I have not beat it yet. I have heard speculation that there are 120 sun shines the same as Super Mario 64 . So you will generally get the same amount of game play between the two games but I think Super Mario Sunshine with more because some hours you will just be standing there enjoying the island vacation and always playing with F.L.U.D.D to see where you can go and can’t try and reach places nobody else has. If this doesn’t get you excited about the game play I don’t know what will.


Every new Mario adventure the story gets more in depth like the last mario game, Paper Mario. In Paper Mario Princess Peach gets captured by Bowser and for the first time you are actually able to control Princess Peach *(Not counting Super Mario Bros. 2) and adds depth to that character. Before I thought Princess Peach was some lucky girl that just got a castle and didn’t know that she actually is not a Princess that is full of her self. So whatever people say every Mario Story isn’t the same.

Well what do people think of when they think of Mario games story line. The same old cliche of King Bowser steals Princess Peach high up in the sky, or into a far away land where Mario can't reach her. Well for once think again. From the beginning you are not alerted by some Toad that Princes Peach has some how been taken away and put under a magical spell by Bowser to show his love.

The Story starts out presumably right after the days of Super Mario 64, which were some of the hard days for our Italian plumber. So what does he do after he finds and rescues his girlfriend princess Peach and defeating Bowser in Super Mario 64? He takes a vacation on an Island but little does he know it will become his biggest adventure yet! Anyways so the first cutscene begins with Mario, Princess Peach and a Big Toad talking about what they are going to do. The plane experiences it’s first problems, there is some glob on the run way !!!!!! The plane still manages to land safely on the run way with no harm done. Here Mario find’s the F.L.U.D.D. for the first time you get a basic run down of the controls and spray the graffiti off the run way. Now another Cut scene appears showing Mario in court. The judge finds Mario guilty for making paint around the Island, because somebody made a picture of who they saw did this and it looked similar to Mario.

The judge doesn’t make Mario serve Jail time (What fun would that be locked up in a jail, hehehe) but rather community service to clean all the graffiti around the Island . If he doesn’t clean the Graffiti it will remain on the land which will get toxic as well as in the water, the sun light would be gone because the Shines are missing and stolen. So Mario’s job is to clean up the graffiti to save the land and water now to do unless Mario cleans it up and gets Shines to light up the Island up again. Good Luck to clean up the Island and get those shines.


Stunning Absolutely Stunning. Remember how the change from Super Mario world For the Super Nintendo Entertainment System to Super Mario 64. Well I am getting the same feeling around this too! The opening cut scene with a plane gliding down to the run way gives you a happy sided graphics almost like cel shaded graphics in that sense. When I first saw it with princess Peaches Big round and smooth head of hers I could of died and went to graphics heaven. Her eyes were very clear and the description from her hair to dress was very good. The Plane looked very good it had lights from the shining on it exactly at the same way it should be in real life. This is only one cut scene I am describing and I am still stunned about it now I just can’t wait for another cutscene so I can be stunned at that.

Whoa. When I first got the F.L.U.D.D. the sleek design and texture of it was absolutely Outstanding. I was amazed out how the texture fit in perfectly. When you strap on the F.L.U.D.D. and start to use it the water comes out nice and smooth like just a breeze of water just enough to spray the paint and graffiti around the land. When you spray the water on the graffiti it smoothes it out like just spraying dirt of the side walk. If you accidentally fall on the gook than your whole body will just get covered in it including your face. When you step out of the gook your first few step will track the color of gook that you just stepped into just before. If you mess around in it enough you can slip and fall to lose some damage to your life. When you slide around it too much the gook will go up in the air flying everywhere which will extend the mess.

The Environment in Super Mario Sunshine is huge. You would think that the bigger the environment the less detailed everything will be. Not so! Everything is very detailed that its hard to start . Let’s start with the lush water graphics. When I saw the water it was very stunning to me. It almost looked like a real life ocean in Cancun or something tropical like that. The buildings are very detailed and the bricks and the side paneling looks like things on real life houses making it go into very good detail. The trees are also very colorful making the Island look very much as a tropical Island should be minus the gook. The designers must of put a lot of work on the graphics in this game to make it this good.


Nothing much to say about this but this music gets you up to dance and play the game to make it even more enjoyable. It really gets you pumped up for those big gaps and jumps. You will wonder how you accomplished beating things like such and such but you will realize it is the music that helped you out. It is just like old time Mario games with the classic beat that has been a classic for ages since it first debuted in the 80’s. The sound only adds to the reason why you should buy this game now. When you enter one of the secret stages in every level, you will here the music from Mario Bros. for the NES, it is very nostalgic and takes you back to the good old 2d days of Mario and video gaming.

Replay Value

What’s the point to play a great game like this just once? If I recommend this game to buy. Why would I let you only play it once? It is one of thegreatest games I have ever played and I have only play it for about 5 hours and I known that’s its going to get better and better with every shine I get and when I get all 120 stars I will play it again to try it beat it faster and with better knowledge of how to play. This is already my favorite GameCube Game and maybe beats out Mario Bros. for the number one best Mario game I have ever played. It’s just astronomical how many times you can play this game and still want and crave for some more. Therefore this game has one of the most replay value I have ever played and maybe ever will!

The Run Down
Game Play : 10
Story : 10
Graphics : 10
Sound : 10
Replay : 10
Buy/Rent : Buy!

Buy Or Rent?

Buy a copy for yourself, your friend, your cousin, your pet because every body deserves this game. Do you have a GameCube? If you do than buy this game now if you can find a copy it‘s a great addition to your GameCube Collection . If you don’t have a GameCube well than get one because this one game will surely satisfy your needs with the other great games on the GameCube.

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Originally Posted: 08/28/02, Updated 02/18/03

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