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"A game to brighten up your day!"

Everyone's favorite plumber is back and is ready to.....clean? Yup, you heard me. Mario's back in a great new adventure in which he has to rid Dolphic Island of a villain who creates a mess everywhere he goes. Sounds weird, right? Well yeah, it is, but the game will have your eyes on the screen for hours on end. Another Mario masterpiece has been unveiled with great gameplay, nice visuals and an island so big you'll be exploring it for days. A game for all ages. You can't miss out on this one, it's definitely a must have for any Gamecube owner.

Graphics: Bright, very bright. Super Mario Sunshine is a very colorful game with colors so bright they could blind you. The graphics are nice and crisp, but lack nice texturing. Some of the textures look like they were from Super Mario 64 and could use a little more work. The water effects on the other hand, are nothing but perfect. From the pump's squirts to the massive ocean's waves, the water effects are very well animated and need no work at all. The characters are also somewhat well developed. They have good expressions and aren't all that bad. A few jagged edges here and there, but nothing to complain about. Lastly and probably the best graphical advancement is the view distance. You can literally see for miles in the game. Everything from enemies to a small bush can be seen from far distances. Very helpful for collecting those red coins. Overall the graphics are very nice with a few flaws that can be overlooked.

Sound: Nothing special here. Some nice tunes here and there. The sounds effects are all there, from Mario's funny, accented cries to the sound of his pump clanking, nothing has been missed and the sounds are normal for a Mario game. The music can get a little annoying, but you probably won't be paying too much attention to it seeing as how fun the game is. Overall the sound is nice and I really can't see how it could be improved drastically.

Gameplay: This is where Mario Sunshine shines the most (pun intended). The game is just so fun you'll be glued to your seat for hours. This is what Mario games are all about and Mario Sunshine doesn't let us down. The game plays like Super Mario 64, in which you go through a level in search of a shine sprite (they're like stars in Mario 64) to beat the level. To do this you have to use your special water pump to figure out certain puzzles, like how to get from one platform to another by using a combination of jumps and the pump. This may sound a little boring, but it's definitely not. Once you start playing you won't want to stop. Heck, just hovering with the pump could keep you amused for hours. It's that fun. Overall, the gameplay is the best part of the game and is what makes this game so great.

Controls: Easy and well done. The controls work with the game like magic. Nothing is off, seeing how you have to jump from platform to platform a lot, it would be necessary to have good controls and Mario Sunshine does not disappoint. Learning the controls isn’t hard at all. If you’ve played Mario 64 then you’ll get it in a second. If not, then you’ll get it in two seconds. They’re that easy to learn.

Story: The story is okay, but it definitely isn’t a Final Fantasy. Mario, Peach and a bunch of other Toadstools are on a vacation to Dolphic Island. When they arrive they see an imposter who looks just like Mario. This causes the villagers to mistake the imposter with Mario and they take him to jail. He is set on a trial and his punishment is to clean up the entire village using a special water pump. Not much of a story, but you can’t expect too much from a platformer.

Replay Value: This depends on if you like the game or not. You could play it over again if you really like it, but it might be a little boring, seeing as how you basically know what to do. This is a platform game and most of them don’t have much replay value once you collect everything. Again, the relay value really depends on how much you like the game so don’t expect too much from it. The first game through will probably satisfy you more than enough.

Rent or Buy: If you’re a big Mario fan or a little one, this game is definitely a good buy. It’s fun and addictive and you won’t be rushed to beat it seeing how some of the puzzles can be quite difficult. If you’re not a fan you could rent it, but I would recommend buying it. It’s definitely a game for your gaming library. This one should not be missed.

Overall: Overall, this game is great. Fun gameplay, good graphics, nice sound and easy controls are definitely in. There really isn’t much to complain about. This is definitely a great Mario adventure that should not be missed by anyone. Platformers don’t get much better then this.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/28/02, Updated 08/28/02

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