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"A New game for a new Generation...HAH Yeah."

Since the original Donkey Kong, Mario has been a super icon. Recognizable to children almost at one glance, Mario has been lifted to superstardom, higher than Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, and even Joe Camel. Super Mario has reached more homes than any other game in history, and has sold more than any game in history, raking in the money for Nintendo for many years. This is Nintendo's icon, Mario, the Italian plumber. Mario platformers have been the standard for platform gaming since it's creation, and Super Mario 64 for the 3rd world. Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64 is still considered to be the best 3D platformer in history, much the same way that Goldeneye is for FPS's. The game has garnered some of the best reviews ever. I have so many fond memories of Super Mario 64, and how it brought my dad and I together. We played the game together, and we were the bestest of friends afterwards. That story for another time! Now its time for another Mario game, Super Mario Sunshine. Shame, Lame, or Fame?


Super Mario Sunshine is a very easy game to play. The controls are very similar to the N64 game: Super Mario 64, and are very fluid and responsive. The downfall of the game is the story element (which I will talk about later), and the addition of FLUDD, the water squirting, jet pack. There are very similar fighting methods as before, like jumping and squishing, but FLUDD ruins just about everything. FLUDD is supposed to help you get around over platforms and the like, but I was wondering, why couldn't they just make the game so you can simply jump across platforms like the Mario of old used to do, instead of having FLUDD do all of your work? That is my problem with the game, in terms of gameplay, nothing new is added except FLUDD. The game would have been simply more appealing if FLUDD was killed in the first 5 minutes of the game, instead of at the end. Oh yeah! FLUDD can talk...frightening. Because the game doesn't add anything new to the table the game doesn't deserve to be lifted high like SM64, and it hasn't so far. Some other facts of the game: Yoshi is available, YAY! and the camera movement can be somewhat of a hinderance, but nothing major. All in all: I am glad that Nintendo kept the same system of warping to towns or areas from the main town, then doing separate tasks to get Shine Sprites. Oh yeah. Remember SM64? You had to collect stars. Well in this game you have to collect Shine Sprites, which help keep Isle Delfino, nice and clean. I really enjoyed the puzzle tasks on each level, they were a nice transport into the classic realm, and provided a little change in the simple gameplay. I think that Nintendo could have done much better with this. Next time: Get Rid of FLUDD, have the game take place in Mushroom Kingdom!, No more vacations for Mario, and continue doing the puzzle levels, also...Make the game harder! It was way to easy...or add difficulty levels!

4/10 +4 because many elements are similar to SM64. -6 because of FLUDD and simplicity.


The new Mario game follows the characters of Mario, Peach, and several 'Shrooms as they go to vacation on the Isle of Delfino, the dolphin shaped island. This concept of story is simply silly and cliched. Mario and Peach fly to the island, where right away Mario has to battle things with FLUDD, then soon after, Peach is kidnapped. Hmm.....that doesn't seem like a new concept to me. Now Mario must warp to each area, clean off the paint like gunk with FLUDD, and destroy the Baddies. I think that the Story overall is crap, but certain elements in the story do stand out and bring a little something to the block, but nothing special. An interesting plot twist adds some variety to this extremely horribly, cliched storyline. Can you believe that even now, Mario is become a cliche magnet.

The whole story in a nutshell: Mario goes on vacation with Peach. Mario gets FLUDD, and Peach gets kidnapped. Mario must save the island as well as Peach, while also finding out the mystery of Shadow Mario (!!!). The whole Island story is a wreck.

4/10 +4 for some interesting twists. -6 for the rest.


Now this is where things get positive. Despite the game's conceptical shortcomings, Sunshine shines perfectly in the Graphics department. The game's graphics are flawless. Edges are smoothed, Framerate is constant, Water is beautiful, everything is simply amazing. When you see the game, you will be wondering: How in the world did they pull this off!? The only problem I had was at Hotel Delfino. There was definitely some problems with the interior of the hotel, almost as if they just stopped working. But it isn't a huge inconvenience. Some examples of the very impressive graphics are: The sunset at Hotel Delfino, The water all over, enemies, shadow mario (oops!), Bowser (oops!), all buildings are also well polished. I think that the game is one of the best games, graphically, on the Gamecube, even better than Rogue Leader and Metroid Prime. The colors are vibrant, the edges smoothed, the cut-scenes fluid, and the environment beautiful, what more can you ask for?

9/10 +9 for the impressive environments, etc. -1 for the hotel problems.


The many different Island themes and Mario themes that litter the lands are actually very fun to listen to. I applaud the designers for putting in a nice mixture of songs to fit the game. I especially liked the Mario Jazz tune on the puzzle levels. Mario doesn't utter one word in the game, which is kind of sad. We got to hear more words uttered by Mario on the N64, than the GC. Sad, Sad, Sad. In Fact, nobody has audio voices in the game. Just sounds, like screaming, moaning, crying, dying, and happy sounds. All of which aren't so great to begin with. No matter what I say, the Audio is still one of the best parts of the game. The mix of classic, modern, and island Mario themes will ring in my head for many years to come.

8/10 +8 for great music and variety music. -2 for repetetive sounds and no worded voice acting.

Other great Info

I think I said Yoshi is available. Yep, it is definitely fun to take a ride on your old, buddy, Yoshi. My most memorable experience in the game was Delfino Theme Park, which is very fun. Try the roller coaster level when you have to shoot water at missiles and stuff...It is just a blast! I thought I was actually there on the coaster. I thought that the plot twist towards the end was quite disturbing, but luckily it turns out to be false. If you haven't played it, you'll see. And one more time: The classic puzzle levels are great. I think that there should be a game just based off of that. Plus the classic jazz is absolutely addicting to listen to.

7 1 ups!

How long will you Playing?

Not long. It took my about 10 hours to beat the game with all Shine Sprites. And face your favorite baddie at the end. I played through about half way the second time. Truthfully, I got bored. The game is really only good for one play through. It is extremely short and easy to play. Sorry to those looking for a fun, but challenging game to play.

Because the game doesn't last very long and is extremely easy, I doubt that anybody can actually play through twice. It just gets too boring.

For Children, this game is probably the most fun and challenging thing ever, but for teens or adults, this game is simply an ant waiting to be squished.

3/10 +3 because one play through is fun. -7 because two play throughs is pointless, and the game is way too easy.

Final Judgement

If you haven't played it, definitely rent it. It is a Mario game whether it is good or not, and it is must play, but definitely not a must buy. If I had the chance to go back, I would not have bought the game. The Story, and gameplay hinder the game, while the Graphics and Audio make the game seem superb, so in the end it came down to Replayability. It simply isn't worth it, even if it is at Players Choice price. If you get a nice used one for about 7-10 bucks, then go ahead and get it. At a time when kids most want Grand Theft Auto, I don't think Super Mario Sunshine deserves the status that SM64 has. The game, while still fun to play one time around, just doesn't change the way games are made, like SM64 did, and like SMB3 did. Lets all hope Mario 128 will be a nice flight away from Sunshine.

+ plusses for Graphics, classic elements, and Music.
- minuses for easy difficulty, No Voice acting, FLUDD, and the horrible story.

Now you hopefully will know that just because a game says Mario on the cover, doesn't mean it is impressive. This is also the first time that I believe there are better platformers out on the market than Mario. Many Playstation 2 platformers are better than this game. A good thing though: The Game's graphical and musical prowess did cover up much of the problems that plague the Gameplay and Story. Luckily this game looks good because I may not have been so nice. HAH The game was an average attempt to appease the audiences. Believe what you want, but Nintendo released this game to keep kids busy until the big one comes out on Nintendo next: Mario 128. And they attempted to keep teens and adults busy until Mario 128, but they failed. Plain and Simple! They failed. This game could have been the cover for the Gamecube, but for the last time: They failed to deliver a game that included all the great elements of SM64, and added a little something new to the table. F!

The Final score for Super Mario Sunshine is : 6/10

There should be a restraining order on FLUDD, saying he can not come within 1 mile of the gaming industry. He ruined my favorite gaming character. Wait...Didn't the developers add FLUDD? AGH! You just wait...wait for 128!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 05/28/04

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