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"I wouldn't think it was possible..."

Gameplay: 8/10:

At first I thought that this game would suck just like almost every single other past Simpsons game! Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror for the GBC, The Simpsons on arcade, Simpsons Wrestling, Virtual Bart, and the list goes on and on! I mean, I could write a whole review just listing all the crappy simpsons games from the past years! This game is an exception. It may be a rip-off of Crazy Taxi's style, but it mixes it up with the comical characters from The Simpsons! The funny saying of the familiar people from the geeky teen, all the way to the 37 year-old who looks like an old man; Hans Moleman. There is also actually a point where to bring people to; places such as Principal Skinner's House, and The all-time famous Kwik-E-Mart. I think this will be a fan's favorite game for a long, long time! I have played this game on both X-Box and GameCube; both are practically the same with different controllers. There is just one exception which is a bit annoying: in the GameCube version, it is a bit easier to turn around, which helps me not to screws up sometimes. I also get mixed up sometimes between which button is normal, and which one is reverse but whatever. The thing about this game, is that its got something for everyone! Comedy for fans of the Simpsons, great gameplay and fun for gamers, Crazy Taxi antics for their fans, and much, much more! Plus, this game is not too easy or too hard so it is good for the very beginner gamer, or an advanced hardcore one!

Audio/Video: 9/10:

The video/graphics are awesome for this type of game. They convine a 3D version of the world's favorite family, and add in great animations. The sounds are also from the show, and for once actually are my taste and go well with the game. You can hear the music 100% clearly, that is unless you have a super-old dusty TV from like 1970! The models of the cars were created with thought, time, and originality. That is also an improvement from Crazy Taxi, which only featured one car: a taxi! The awesome vehicles in this game go from the giant mobile of the Plow King Barney, to the book-burning ''Church-Mobile'' of Reverand Lovejoy!

Replayability: 7.5/10

There is so much to do in this game, you will never get bored! Go on a Sunday Drive, complete all the missions in the Mission Mode, or unlock so many secret characters/vehicles/courses in the best mode of the game, The Road Rage Mode of course. Once you do beat the game though, the replayability really depends on how much you like the game. If you love it, then you should just keep practicing for fun with all the secret people you got. If not, go find some play to sell it to, or keep it for a memory/souvenir to play in a few months/years when you feel like it.

To buy or to rent?:

Well, as for to buy or rent, it really depends on your personality. If you are a fan of racing games, crazy taxi, and/or The Simpsons; you will probably love this game. If you absolutely hate Simpsons, and Crazy Taxi, then this game is most probably not too good for you. I always prefer renting games before buying to see if they are any good. Trust me, if you just buy a game without trying it first, you may regret it later! This may be an exception, as this game will most probably be an all-time classic on the GameCube.

Overall(not an average): 8/10

A great game, which I hope does become more popular in the near future. Its a shame that such a great game has such a bad name because of former crappy Simpsons games. As the comic book guy always says: ''Best Simpsons Game Eva''.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/08/02, Updated 01/08/02

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