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"The hit show, The Simpsons, as the drivers of Crazy Taxi!"

The Simpsons Road Rage, is based on the hit show, The Simpsons, that is show on FOX every night. Now, the creators of this game, took the idea of Crazy Taxi(picking people up and droping them off at a location) and combined it with the excelent productions of Matt Greoing(if thats how you spell his name), the creator of the Simpson family and the other characters and scrips in the show. The game is a must for every Gamebube collection.


I don't think their will ever be another game made that has bad graphics. The Play Station 2's graphics, the Gamecube's graphics, and the XBox's graphics are all great in quality. The graphics in Simpsons Road Rage are great. All the characters from the show look alive, and better than they do on the show. The characters are show in a three deminsional world where it looks as if it were made of clay. The graphics are outstanding!


The only reason I am giving this a nine, is simply because, it is virtually the same thing as Crazy Taxi with diffrent characters and locations. The Mission Mode is pretty fun. It is when you play as some of Springfield's citizens, and have to take on the task, of stoping the evil, Mr.Burns. I don't know how you would like the game if your not a fan of the show, so you will have to judge for yourself.


The sound is truly perfect. All the character voices, sound just like they do in the real television show, and all the other background noises sound good, too. Their are no problems in the sound, or anything like that.


The Simpson's Road Rage is alot of fun to play. It is very addictive for me because I am a big fan of the show, but I'm am positave that first-timers will enjoy this game, too. However, many people will also hate this game, because they it is almost the exact same thing as Crazy Taxi. The Sound couldn't be better.


This is a perfect game, that should be in every Gamecube collection. The Gameplay is a cool driving game that is exactly like Crazy Taxi, with another game setting, the Sound is great and perfect, and the Graphics are good(just as probally all the game are going to be now).

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/10/02, Updated 01/10/02

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