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Reviewed: 03/05/02 | Updated: 03/05/02

Simpsons fans are in luck!

Gameplay: 8/10 -

I had my doubts about this game (like most people) because of the horrid history that The Simpsons games have had, but this game really did surprise me. This game is really fun. The levels are complex, big, and well thought out. There aren't many stages to choose from, but each stage is so extreme and grand that you can play it over and over again. But if you like selection, you are in luck because there are many different vehicles to choose from, most of which have to be unlocked. If you are a Simpsons fan, like I am, then you will also be in for a treat with this game. If you don't like or don't have much Simpsons experience, do not fear, because no background knowledge is required. There is, needless to say, a whole lot of traffic on the roads. Making it hard, in my opinion, to drive on the roads at high speeds. You can always go off road, though! This game can get very annoying sometimes because of certain little glitches in the game's system. But in overall gameplay, this game is far more than worth it.

Audio and Video: 10/10 -

The sound in this game is one of its best features. No doubt. The many characters in the game provide a plethora of sounds, conversation and funny quotes, just to name a few. The people will actually yell at you to stop and pick them up. They will talk to you and will say some classic Simpsons things. The sounds adds a whole lot to this game. All the music from the Simpsons is there too, for even more added value. The graphics are also great. Road Rage takes advantage of the Gamecube's power. The stages are very detailed, along with the characters and the cars. The camera angles can be set to fit your need as well. While it only gives 3 options, they are good enough to suit the gameplay experience. Bumper Cam is my personal favorite because of the more ''realness'' of the play, but you can experiment with them and you'll surely find one that you like.

Replayabilty: 9/10 -

There is really so much to do and so much that you can unlock, that Road Rage doesn't get old very easily. The Sunday Drive mode allows you to go through and practice/get used to a stage, so you can get better and better. The different types of cars, and the characters' personalities will never get old for the Simpsons fan.

Rent or buy:

If you like racing type games, and are a Simpsons fan, then I recommend buying this game. Even if you aren't a ''big'' Simpsons fan, this is still a good racing game. With all the funny conversation and stuff, this game could still catch on quick to anyone.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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