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"Best Simpsons' game and better than Crazy Taxi, you should get it?"

By now everyone must know that this game is just one copy of Crazy Taxi, does that makes it bad?

Let's see. You have a Simpsons' game (that isn't too much to say, right?; YOU know what I'm talking about if you have ever played any game based on this show. Then you have a copy of a previous game, and a copy, usually isn't better than the original. So with this two main factors (that are the base of the game), against it, you should think the game sucks. Well... NO! In fact, it's better than Crazy Taxi!

Let's begin with what makes this game good. Contrary to Crazy Taxi, you actually have a main goal here. The story is that Mr. Burns bought the Transit Corporation and have turned the vehicles into radioactive buses that are dangerous to the health. So the citizens of Springfield decided to become taxi drivers and buy the company back; that's when they reach the quantity of $1,000,000.

One thing: It's going to take you some time before you reach this goal.

What makes the game good are a lot of things. First you have 17 characters/drivers to choose from. Second, you have 6 places where you can drive. Third, you have 10 mini missions to play. Fourth, you have a 2 player mode, and fifth the dialogues.

You begin the game with five characters/drivers, the Simpsons' family: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Grandpa. Each car is and drives different; and this goes with all the other cars. Also you begin the game with just one place to play. So how do you unlock the other stages and characters? That is by playing the game and earning money. There is some quantity of money you should get in order to choose your reward, driver or stage.

The 10 mini missions are not a big deal, you would beat them in short time, but it's nice to have something more to do. Besides, once you beat them, you're going to have a surprise.

The two player mode could be, if not, the best part. In here you'll find the replay value. The objective is to pick up a single passenger and drive him/her to his/her destination, so you can accumulate money and be the one to win. That is, if the other player don't steal him/her first. It's very fun.

Ok, I guess that's all... No, wait! I forgot the most important thing. How funny this game is! And this is provided by the actual voices from the show and the dialogues. There are lots of different dialogues that each character has and there are ones that are provided when a certain driver picks up certain passenger; like if Homer picks up Marge. At first, it's going to become repetitive, but that can be solved by changing the driver and/or stage; in the two player mode there are new dialogues too... In the end, there will nothing else to hear (although there always could be surprises, extremely rare); but it's always funny.

If I have to resume: GRAPHICS 8/10: Nothing spectacular, if you take in consideration this game is also in XBOX and PS2. I have heard that in the GameCube looks better and the loading times are much faster. Maybe you will find the characters and the cars (cel shaded) average, along with the stages, but what adds the special touch are the signs, posters, and things here and there that will remind you of the series and steal a smile out of you. AUDIO 9/10: I only give it 9, because at the end you have heard everything, but then again, this is what makes the game good. GAMEPLAY 8/10 : You're going to become addicted, at least the first time that you play it, trying to finish it and unlocking everything. REPLAY VALUE 7/10: This depends on you. At least you have the two player mode, so in this way the game never ends. On the single player mode, once you beat the game, you can still play it for the best score.

In the end the game is nothing to die for. A truly Simpsons' fan will get the best out of the game. Giving the fact of the lack of games for the GAMECUBE right now, the best are going to come very soon, you can still think about to buy it. You can buy the game and won't regret it, but I won't recommend it a main choice. Get it just when you want and/or have the money. Still, if you like Crazy Taxi, and of course, The Simpsons, and don't have that one, or plan to buy that or ROAD RAGE, go get this one; it's by far much better than CRAZY TAXI.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/10/02, Updated 04/10/02

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