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"Dont run over Milhouse!"

Ah what can we say? Finally a company produces a Simpson game that doesn't deserve to be destroyed. They finally make a game we can play and enjoy. This game has lots of the characters in it from the show and lots of cool sightings you can see driving around Springfield.

Cartoons! Thats all you really need to say, isnt it? I mean the graphics take advantage of the Gamecubes power and dont delay. Although I would love to see true Simpsons cartoon style in a game, this isnt bad. 3D models of the Simpsons is what we get hear, all good.
Graphics are cartoony 3D, nice touch: 8/10

The sound is good stuff. Lots of noises and beeps to keep you tuned in, and each of the characters slur their sayings at you as you pick them up and drive them off. All the voices are the real deal, real good.
Characters have their real voices and exclusive lines for the game..: 8/10

Basically its the same controls as Crazy Taxi. Easy for anybody to pick up and get playing. Takes about 5 minutes to learn all the buttons and start playing.
Once you dive into the game a bit more you learn more braking and such, but its a pretty easy ''pick up and go'' title.
Gameplay is what everyone should expect, easy: 7/10

There is a lot of stuff to unlock and find in this game. Lots of secret characters to unlock and hidden ''tracks'' so to say. You unlock them pretty straight foward. They also included a time feature where on certain days you will be greeted with a super special character..... good implementation here.
Lots to keep you busy, get out the coffee: 9/10

Lasting Appeal/Overall:
If you are a Simpsons fan, as we all should be, you should love this title. Pick it up. If you dont really like the Simpsons and have played Crazy Taxi you wont find much new here. Its basically a step ahead of that series. I'd say rent it first, or if you got some spare change, buy it. You probably wont be upset about this decision. There is a lot of really cool Simpson stuff in this game, and its about time. After that Simpson Wrestling title, anything would be better but this surely is A LOT better. Characters say their trademark catchphrases and quirks, and they even have some exclusive lines not heard on the show.
Simpsons fan? Buy. If not, rent it: 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/22/02, Updated 06/22/02

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