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"Crazy Taxi should be ashamed..."

Heh, this is quite funny, this game was a TOTAL rip-off of Crazy Taxi, and I found it better than it! Who'd a thought? Now that we have that cleared up, on with the review.

Graphics: 7.5/10

I have to admit, I don't even know if these are called graphics, I mean, it is part cel-shaded part...good. The graphics are great, they aren't dark and hard to see, they are quite fun and cartoony, and kinda draw you toward the TV show from the feel of them.

Story: 2/10

Hey! At least it has a story, although it's not much of one. Simply, Mr. Burns wants to take over the city's transportation system, and the Simpson friends decide to start up their own business. At least that's the story of how I can remember it. There are quite a few modes that relate to the story, one is Mission Mode, which I feel is a waste of time, because there is only 10 missions, all of which are quite easy. Even if you are having trouble with one, if you fail around 4 times, they give you a free pass to the next level. Quite cheezy, by my standards.


Fun, fun, fun! You can pretty much tear through everything in your path, you can even run over people! Unlike Crazy Taxi. The characters have their own special personalities, and make hilarious one-liners. There are also so many characters to choose from, from Apu to Barney, and Bart to Lisa. Name nearly every Simpson's character, and they are in this game.

And you can't forget the amount of modes! There is a normal mode, where you drive around making money, and transporting people all over many different stages. And then there is Sunday Drive, where you can just drive around and explore all the areas you have unlocked until that point.

Road Rage is also unique in unlocking things. You start with only a few characters, and by making money in the Normal Mode, you can earn special characters and levels. Every time you unlock something new, the amount of money you need to earn increases, so you will be playing this game for a long time.

Multi Player-7/10

The Multi Player option is OK, it's kinda confusing, and it's not what I expected when I booted it up. You start off, and there is one specific person in the area that you have to pick up, once one player picks the person up, the other person playing has to prevent the other player from taking the person to their location by hitting the other player with their car. See? Tad confusing, but it still satisfies.


The sound in this game is quite hilarious, from the music, the horns, the hilarious one-liners that the characters make. I quote Marge when being picked up by Apu ''An Indian cab-driver? Now I've seen everything!'' LMAO! That's hilarious, well, the sound in this game rocks!


The controls are a tad iffy, but you can get used to them quite easily.

Rent or Buy

Buy, buy I tell you! Although I only rented it myself, I couldn't even get close to unlocking everything, and only after doing that do you get the true feel of this fun and hilarious game, go and play it somehow NOW!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/02/02, Updated 02/08/03

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