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Reviewed: 07/05/02 | Updated: 07/05/02

Best Simpsons game ever! (Not a big accomplishment)

For the first time, The Simpsons star in their own GameCube game! ...And PS2 game and Xbox game. But anyway, in the past, when you'd think of The Simpsons and video games at the same time, the word ''Failure'' would come into mind. This game has changed all of that, and replaced the ''Failure'' with ''Disappointment!'' That's right. The Simpsons games keep getting progressively better, and some day, about 2021 at this rate, we will live to see a Simpsons game that's actually worth buying. Time to break the game down now...

Story - 7/10
The story is simple, nothing impressive, yet it gets across its meaning and point well enough. Mr. Burns is at it again with the whole villian thing. He's decided to try to get a monopoly on Springfield's transportation industry. The streets are now thriving with his radio-active buses. Homer sees Mr. Burns ad for his new transportation services on TV, and decides to create his own opposing business for some reason. That's when ''Homer 4 Hire'' is born. Your goal is to get a total of $1,000,000 dollars using an assortment of different drivers, which will stop Mr. Burns.

Nothing incredibly amazing about the story, but I don't expect much from video game stories because it's rare to crank out a good one, so I gave this an ever-so-generous seven rating.

Graphics - 8/10
The game is based off of a cartoon, of course, so I don't expect the graphics to be anything superfancy. But I think they did a really good job at combining the art of computer graphics with the cartoonish feel to the picture. They use the whole ''outline'' deal which makes the characters and such look more cartooney. Not bad.

Audio - 6/10
As far as the music goes, I was satisfied. But the annoying part was that there were only about 5 songs, which sound cool at first, but get old and repetitive quite fast. Another item that adds to this, is that the mode of play I used most didn't even choose from those 5 songs, it always played one of those songs, so that particular song was even more old, and I had to endure listening to it longer. On a side note, the title music is very nice, and I enjoy that a lot. It's the The Simpsons usual main theme, but totally jazzed up.

The sound effects were quite nice. No real complaints there, with the exception of one thing-- The voices. The voices in this game are the classic, well-known voices from the characters in the TV show. You'll hear some phrases from many of the characters when you pick them up/drop them off, etc. Some of these are quite humorous just like I'd want from a Simpsons game. I especially like Homer's (& Chief Wiggum's) little one-liners. They still crack me up. So what's the problem with the voices then? Variety. Not enough. After one day of playing this game, I guarantee that you will have heard every single phrase at least 3 times each. They get so repetitive, and there's simply not enough of them to keep me interested and involved. Very unfortunate since I'm sure there was still plenty of room on the game to store more character phrases. Oh well, moving on--

Game Play - 6/10
Once again, my main concern is the fact that it gets old fast, and goes downhill from there. The game play is actually very fun and innovative AT FIRST, but grows stale after about a week. You can complete this game in just a few days quite easily. All you have to do is collect $1 million dollars in Road Rage mode and you're done. Nothing else to do except the Sunday Drive mode (which is just free play driving) or multiplayer mode.

Speaking of which, multiplayer mode isn't up to par either. They change the way the game is played for this, and they change it for the bad. Instead of just collecting passengers from wherever, and taking them to their destination(s), there's only one customer per level at a time (as opposed to 20-ish), and you have to race your opponent to them. After someone picks them up, they drive them to their destination while the other player tries to ram into your car which steals the passenger and teleports them conveniently into their car. You just try to be the first to 5, 10, or 15 thousand dollars, depending on which you chose. And yes, it's only 1-2 players, no more.

So the replay value is basically nothing, and-- oh yes, the High Scores list. It contains the top 10 scores from all levels. Nope, each level doesn't have its own high score list, which would make much more sense. Also, when you complete a level, you get a one-word ranking along with your number score. If you get, say, $15,000 in a level you will be ranked ''Mad Man.'' That is the highest ranking achievable, which is stupid since I've gotten $38,000 and still got the same Man Man ranking. So you can't get an accurate rating from that, and it's just rather pointless.

On the plus side, the creators for this game really knew The Simpsons, so the levels and characters are well structured. You will see many memorable landmarks and buildings from the show among the 6 levels, and it's really fun to stroll through them and reflect back to some Simpsons episodes. There are more than 30 drivers, each with their own unique vehicle, so that'll keep you busy to some extent.

Since you will have this game completed and be bored of it within a rental period of time, just rent this game. Don't be a fool like me and buy this game. And if you DO buy this game, buy save $30 and buy it on eBay, not at a store. (Another mistake I made.)

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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