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"Great rental, but nothing else"

I've been wanting to try this game ever since I found enough news about it. The reason why, is that it takes a new step towards Simpsons games, and I thought this game would be different in a good way. It's actually very similar to Crazy Taxi.

With Gamecube's great power, they could've made this game's graphics incredible, but they didn't. It would have been great if they made the graphics cel-shaded, becuase after all, the Simpsons is a cartoon. Unfortunately they didn't, which seemed to take a big leap down in quality. To bring it up however, the non-cel-sahded graphics looked decent enough and had a few cut scenes. Pretty good framerate, too.

I've said this before and I'll say it again, the Gamecube's controller is too small, thus making this game a little tough to control at first. Once you DO learn the controls and adjust to the controller, this game is easy(BTW, this is coming from someone who doesn't own a Gamecube, but plays at a freind's house a lot). Good controls, but you use way too many buttons, and some aren't even needed but this game has you use them.

The music is only okay and the sounds aren't that great. It won't annoy you while you play, but it could've been done bette. They should've had more Simpsons songs too. The voice acting is what brings this category up. Are you a huge Simpsons fan? If so, you'll agree with me ALL the characters sound like they do on the show, and if they have catch phrases, they say them well.

You get to start off with a decent amount of characters at first and cars they have used in the show, or a car that describes them well. For example, Homer uses main car from the show, while Bart uses a Rocket Car he borrowed from Martin from a very OLD episode that's called the ''Honor Roller''. Reverend Lovejoy uses his book mobile, and you can even see the fire from the roasting of books. I give credit to the makers of this game for watching many episodes and putting the right car with the right character. There are also many other characters and veichles to unlock.

As for the types of modes you can do, there aren't many. Only 1-player and 2-player modes can be selected. In the main game, you just drive around on courses trying to complete missions and get money. There are a nice amount of missions per stage. As for 2-player modes, you basically pick a car, drive around, pick up random Simpsons characters, and bring them to their destination before your opponent does. You get 100 dollars for each successful ride. First one to a certain amount of money, obviously wins. Just like the characters, there are many stages you can unlock for beating certain things like the main game. Many of the levels have shortcuts and it is sometimes fun to just explore around and find new things.

This game needs more challenge. The missions aren't too difficult and it doesn't take a lot of time at all to unlock things. Occasionally, I didn't do good in the main game and lost, but on your next try you find your mistakes and it becomes just too easy.

There are many things to unlock and it doesn't hurt to get them all. You'll spend a nice amount of time playing this, but once you unlock everything, there doesn't seem like there is anything left to do. Sure, you can play 2-player mode with a freind, but that can get pretty old and dull.

You're trying to stop Mr Burns from doing bad things to the town, but the gameplay seems to have almost nothing to do with it. Oh well, at least it's more innovative than other Simpsons games.

Best Feature:
Great voice acting

Worst feature:
Doesn't use cel-shading, which is obviously good for a game based off a cartoon

Rent or Buy?
Rent this. Trust me, you can unlock everything if you work hard, even if you do have a busy life. You'll get bored to easily and feel wasted if you buy this game.

A decent game, but not the greatest thing ever. It's quality goes down because all the small problems in it. Go rent it if you're interested

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/23/02, Updated 07/15/03

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