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"Crazier than crazy taxi, and definately more fun."

The game is a complete, total, 100 percent rip-off of Crazi Taxi. Usually when a game is a blatant clone, the original is the better purchase by far. But not this time. Crazi Taxi is good, yes, but several years old. It doesn't have enough cars, modes, options, levels, etc. Road Rage hasn't exactly gone overboard with options, but it does nicely enough. There are a few extras besides just the one player game, however this game is no Super Smash Brothers Melee. It has a decent multi-player game, but with only two players and one mode to choose from, it often gets old before your friend has to leave. So the game is average, you're wondering? Maybe. It really depends on your own interests. Still, it's a good mindless game if you only have a few minutes and you feel like wrecking havoc.


The graphics are not exceptional. We'll call them, ''adequate, considering the tone of the game'' just because the word ''bland'' doesn't sound nice. Everything is low polygon, and besides the cel-shading and character models, this basically could be done on an N64. Things may be whizzing past your head at 60MPH while you drive, but the poor environments are still noticeable. To be fair, this game does have a very Simpsons feel to it. Everything is very cartoony, even if the graphics were photo-realistic, you would probably be complaining due to the lack of Simpsons ''realism''.


The audio is half of the whole reason you should buy the game. The things the people say are usually downright hilarious. For an hour. Even before that hour is up you will hear many one-liners several times. The humor is there, it's tacky, it's wacky, and it's classical Simpsons greatness. It feels like you're actually listening to a real Episode of the show when you play the game. When you take in to account the fact that audio files eat up disc space faster than a hungry hippo, the repeated jokes are forgivable.


The gameplay is simple, mindless, and fun. It is, of course, exactly like Crazi Taxi, which is not a bad thing. You can play for hours and not get bored with the game. Just driving around and hitting innocent pedestrians can be entertaining enough to keep you playing. If you're tired of the Road Rage mode (the classic gameplay) you can try Sunday Drive, which is basically a no time limit game, so you can explore and practice. There are also 10 missions, but about 8 of them are exactly the same: you have to destroy a certain number of objects in a limited amount of time. Still, this game is simple but solid in this category.

Over all, this game is going to be a sure hit with any fans of the T.V. show, as well as those that liked Crazi Taxi. ''Casual gamers'' (I hate that term) will still have a good with the sheer reckless fun the game offers, but they probably won't get half the jokes. Try the game, but rent it before paying for it unless you're a Simpsons/Crazi Taxi fan. and one last thing: no matter who you are, it's best to not pay full price. Try to find this one on sale or used, as it just isn't quite enough to be worth worth 50+ dollars.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/05/02, Updated 10/05/02

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