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"Wanna ride?? Call the Springfield Cabs!!"

When I first played Simpsons Road Rage for the Gamecube, I was impressed. It is quite brilliant. It is worth having it if you have some money to spare. If you have played Crazy Taxi this game wouldn't be much of a difference thuogh is still good to take a rest from real life and go to springfield fro sim Taxi driving!

Story 6/10
The story is not a masterpeice but it makes a lot of sense. Mr Burns has bought all of Springfield's buses, rose all the fairs and have also made them nuclear powered. But the citizens appear to be unhappy becaus of the enviromental threat this can be. So you have to pick a Simpsons character to drive around to take people where they need to go (Just a s Crazy Taxi).

Gameplay 8/10
There are 4 types of ''games'' in this game, 3 if you only have one controller. Road Rage where you have to take people to where to go and beat the clock, the more people you manage to pick up and drop off, the more money you earn, this is added up to unlock new characters and new locations, which can take long time. Then there's Sunday Drive is basically a non-challenging version of Road Rage so it good for practising and you can go at your own pace. Mission Mode is pretty much different to the first two tasks, you basically have to play as a charcter at random and the tasks mainly consists of knocking things in time. Then comes the multiplayer game where you race with your friends if you have at least two controllers. The Gameplay is very good and you will playing it over and over again. It can be annoying because of the buses and other vehicles get in the way (Mr.Burns tries to crush you from time to time in his vehicle), but I guess that's probably the challenge of the game. You can only start with 5 characters-Homer, Bart, Marge, Lisa and Grandpa, but ther are tons of characters you can unlock playing Road Rage.

Control 8/10
I can't think of much to say about controlls to be honest. But the controlls are OK. You move your vehicle around just like in must racing games

Sound 7/10
The sound was actually pretty nice. I was impressed at how they got the voices right with each of the characters. They all have the exact voices from the cartoons and they all say things that they say in the cartoon.
The music that plays in the background isn't that good, but not to bad either. It's pretty much just jazzy styles of the tunes that ar linked with the cartoon show.

Graphics /10
The graphics aren't that great, but they still are pretty good and fit the cartoon enviroment. They are mixed Simpsons cartoons graphics and computer graphics. I could see everything clearly. There were minor different stuff that just were plane mistakes. It doesn't bother that much though. So the graphics aren't the best in the Gamecube, but they're still sort of impressive.

Replayabilty 9/10
This is what I call a very replayable game if you like the idea of picking of people and stuff. If you have played Crazy Taxi you should know what I'm talking about. You will be coming back to play this game over and over again in order to complete it. It's very likely that you'll enjoy this game, especially if you're a Simpsons fan and/or enjoyed Crazy Taxi.

Is this game worthy?
Well, in my opinion, the game is worth buying and worth playing if you're a Simpsons fan. It's certainly a good Simpsons game. I suggest you just rent this game before buying it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/30/02, Updated 11/30/02

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