Review by Shadow Trunks

Reviewed: 02/22/04

Boom, Crash, Smash. Tis the Simpsons!

Boom, Crash, Smash. Tis the Simpsons!

Graphics 5/10:
The graphics aren’t that good to this game. Its one of those games where the graphics doesn’t matter much. It doesn’t effect the game much. It’d just be an even BETTER game if the graphics were some what compared to Zelda or even NHL 2003. Which graphics isn’t that great. These graphics are just awful at sometimes, and just right in another. IT really doesn’t affect the game. I’m a graphics lover and it didn’t do much for me. I still bought the game and loved it.

Sound 7/10
There isn’t much sound to this game. There is some gestures by the characters and they say hilarious things when you pick up a passenger. Its really fun and enjoyable =). If you watch the show a lot, you’ll hear a lot of similar voices and a lot of famous quotes. Like for Apu he says “Thank you Come again!”, and “Take me to the Kwik-E-Mart!”. You’ll really get a kick out of stuff the passengers say as well =). Its really a fun sound game.

Gameplay 8/10:
The gameplay is the whole game as in the case of most games. This game starts like this. The whole of Spring Field is experiencing a no Bus crisis. Mr. Burns has bought all of the Buses and turned them into Nuclear Buses. They can’t be ridden. So Homer gets this BRILLIANT idea of starting his own Bus Service. So off he goes and tries to save the day… once again?

You can choose from a variety of characters and you can unlock the rest. Here are some of the Characters. Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, Moe, Apu, Revran, Grandpa, and Snake. On the holidays such as Christmas you can get a free character for that day online. (The time on the GCN will tell the game when its Christmas). It’s a set character so on Christmas you get the set character and for Halloween you get the set character. You can only ride the character for that day only. And it’s the same for everyone.

The whole game itself goes like this. You go around town picking up people and dropping them off to their desired destination. You get money for Slow, Medium and Fast. If they ask you to go recklessly and hit a lot of stuff and you hit the required amount you can get extra points and money. You can also get more time. Every second you get a dollar. But when time runs out, your through. If you hit Phone Booths you get an extra 3 seconds. If you do good on your jobs you sometimes get extra time. Every time you pick up a passenger you get a set time to drop him off. If you don’t get that time, the passenger jumps off.

In Sunday Drive, you can tour around the maps that you have located and drop off passengers. You don’t get money and theirs no time limit.

Than theirs Missions. The Missions are simple. You do what they tell you. You get now money out of it.

The two players mode is just the same as one player. Except you compete for ONE passenger only. Whoever gets the passenger first gets him. Than you have to deliver. If you bump into the other player you get the person and vice versa. There is no 3 or 4 player versions.

Replay Value?:
Of course it’s a re-playable game. Since it’s a racing game and theirs a two-players addition. Its really re-playable you can play until you get utterly bored.

Final Statement:
This is a pretty good game and I really enjoyed it. I also recommend this to kids that like video games but aren’t very good at them. Like 10 year olds or so. They all love Simpson’s and they might love this game. I know my Cousin did =)

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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