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    One Dangerous Zombie FAQ by GForce9x

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/30/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Resident Evil GCN:  One Dangerous Zombie FAQ v1.0
    Jeff Dimapasoc aka GForce9x
    May 30, 2002
    This FAQ is to provide information on the One Dangerous Zombie feature as 
    well as locations and strategies for the zombie, Forest.
    One Dangerous Zombie General Info
    One Dangerous Zombie is a feature that is unlocked after you beat Once
    Again with both Jill and Chris.  It is not a seperate game mode like Invisible
    Enemy or Real Survival.  Instead, it becomes a part of the Once Again mode
    and the zombie will always appear in it after you unlock it.  Also, he will
    not show up in the Invisible Enemy or Real Survival modes (it would be cruel
    and unusual if he were to show up in the former, heh).
    The zombie in this feature is Forest.  If you don't remember, he's the dead
    Bravo Team member who you find when you get Jill's grenade launcher. He will 
    no longer be in this area as he will be located throughout the mansion.
    What makes him so dangerous is that he is strapped all over the place with
    grenades.  Attacking him will automatically spell game over, even if it's
    just a simple slash or stab with the survival knife.  If he manages to grab 
    you, it's okay (well, sort of).  The game won't let you use any self defense
    items on him for obvious reasons (at least not on auto mode), so you'll be
    forced to take damage if he nabs you.
    You can tell that he is in the room with you as his moan has a lighter and
    higher pitch to it than those of the normal zombies.  You will also hear the
    clanking and clattering of his grenades when he's on the move.  His running
    speed is about the same as your character's.
    In most cases, Forest will take the place of a normal zombie from pervious
    games before he was unlocked.  There is an instance or two where he acts
    as an extra zombie in the area.
    He won't start popping up until after you've obtained the sword key.  In
    most locations, however, he won't appear until after you've aquired the
    armor key. Also, he'll only appear in the first mansion part of the game.  
    After you've toured the Residence and activated the Hunters, he will no 
    longer be around.
    *After obtaining the sword key*
    - Upper dining room.  You may notice a hint here as the room is empty
    when you enter it after finding the arrow.
    - Hallway outside emblem key room (Jill only).  He will be just around
    the corner on the way to the gate that leads outside to the residence.
    For Chris, he won't appear there until after you'fe aquired the armor key.
    *After obtaining the armor key*
    - West stairs upper hall.  The zombie that usually busts in through the
    door leading to the balcony will now be Forest.  Note: After showing up 
    here, he will no longer appear in the upper dining room.
    - First floor hall (Kenneth room).  After coming in through the hall leading
    to the plant room, you'll notice yourself turn toward Kenneth's location
    if you try aiming your weapon.  That's Forest down there, so don't shoot.
    He won't come running after you though unless you cause some racket
    (i.e. fighting another zombie).
    - Music page room.  Not the piano room, but the room that has the missing
    music page after you find Richard.  Light the candle and push the furniture
    out of the way.  Surprise!  (Don't ask me how he got there)
    - Hallway outside emblem key room (Chris).  He will be just around
    the corner on the way to the gate that leads outside to the residence.
    In most cases, you can pretty much avoid contact with Forest.  In others
    where he is blocking your way, such as the door leading to the back of the
    mansion, you'll have to lure him out and maybe even do some fancy 
    footwork to get by him.  Keep an herb or spray handy in case you don't
    think you can make it past him without getting hurt... he's got some big
    In places that have stairs like the Kenneth hall or the West stairs hall, 
    use the stairs as protection if he's blocking your way.  Zombies will only
    try to vomit on you on the stairs and Forest is no exception.  When he gets
    ready to hack it up on you, just move to the side and run on by.
    In places where you have to take a chance on dodging him, wait for him to
    spread his arms.  Unlike other zombies who just grab you, Forest likes to
    spread his arms and lunge at you.  There is a short delay when he does this
    though, so when he spreads his arms, quickly move out of the way and he
    should miss you.
    Remember, he has the same running speed as you so don't lounge around
    when he's chasing after you.  He has the intelligence of a crimson head
    though when it comes to running into walls and corners.  You can usually
    gain ground on him and sometimes even lose him when running around
    Also, remember that once he shows up in an area, he'll always be there
    (with exception to the upper dining room) until you activate the hunters.
    A lot of sites and guides describe him as chasing or following you around
    the mansion.  I discovered that this wasn't entirely accurate in context
    when I ran behind the cabinet in the music page room and instinctively
    fired my weapon, knowing that a zombie would be right there in my face..
    Did I ever get a bang out of that one.. literally.
    Copyright/Contact Info.
    I am only allowing this FAQ to be hosted by GameFAQS.  If you have any 
    questions about this FAQ or its content, or if you notice any errors, feel 
    free to write me at gforce9x@aol.com.
    Please be sure that the subject line of your e-mail is easily noticable
    as being related to this FAQ.  E-mail that is titled something like,
    "Hey GForce9x" or "Hey Jeff" will get deleted as it will look like a lot
    of the spam that I get.  Also, please let me know if you see any other
    site besides www.gamefaqs.com hosting this FAQ.
    Happy Gaming
    This document Copyright 2002 Jeff Dimapasoc

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