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    Grenade Launcher Glitch FAQ by Dauragon C Mikado88

    Version: 2.3 | Updated: 06/23/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Resident Evil - Grenade Launcher Glitch FAQ Version 2.3
    Nintendo GameCube
    Written By - Dauragon C Mikado88
    June 29, 2002
    June 29, 2002
    Started this FAQ. Provided the Trick, with types of ammo, and frequently 
    asked questions. There could be updates if more problems arise not 
    covered in the first version. 
    July 1, 2002
    Updated some of the trick to make it easier on you to do it, and now 
    provided where you can get the Grenade Launcher ammo. One new added 
    Frequently asked question. 
    July 5, 2002
    Hope everyone had a excellent 4th of July! This will be one major 
    update. I've been receiving lots of e-mails from people who have 
    questions. So it's time for a update. Contact Info is updated 
    *IMPORTANT. A link is provided to watch the video for the glitch! 
    *IMPORTANT (Check FAQ Section) As well a updated ammo location. 
    Frequently asked questions were updated.
    July 8, 2002
    Jeez. I never expected this FAQ to get updated this much. Well, Heres 
    whats updated in this version...A Brand New Section! Yep, User Methods. 
    Now if my FAQ is confusing, view that other people claim "Their method 
    works 100%!" Check it out. As well as the roman numerals for sections 
    were trashed. Now we have english numbers. Besides that, minor updates. 
    This one is another 'biggy' update! So This is now version 2.0! 
    September 1, 2002
    FINALLY, I updated. Lets make this brief. I added some new sections
    take a look at the table of contents for the new sections. Maybe some
    other minor details added...thanks for waiting for the update. More
    to come...
    October 23, 2002
    Extreme Minor update. The only thing, is telling you, THIS DOES NOT
    WORK ON THE EUROPEAN (PAL) VERSION!!!!! I'm posting this so I don't 
    get TONS of e-mails a day asking if it does.
    June 23, 2003
    Wow, it's been a long time since I updated...I don't know why I am even
    updating after this time, the FAQ is really done, I am mainly just 
    cleaning up the FAQ, correcting grammar errors, and updating some old
    sections that need touching up. This may be the final update folks...
    Table of Contents 
    1. Reason for FAQ
    2. How to do the Trick
    3. User Methods
    4. Helpers
    5. What to reproduce?
    6. Websites
    7. Frequently asked questions.
    8. How To Contact Me
    9. Copyright Information
    1. Reason for FAQ
    The reason for me doing this FAQ is to help people out who are STILL 
    struggling with the commonly known, Grenade Launcher glitch. I will try 
    to explain it as fully as I can to anyone who is struggling with this 
    nifty trick in the game. I understand there is cheats that provide the 
    basic explanation on how to do this, but still, some people have 
    questions, so I plan to answer and put peoples problems to rest in this 
    This as well is my very first FAQ, but not my first contribution at 
    GameFAQ's. There could be some errors, but hey, you learn from your 
    mistakes. All right. Lets get to the trick!
    2. How To Do This Trick
    Read this part VERY carefully. These parts are very critical in the 
    First of all, to do this trick, you need at least ONE grenade launcher 
    ammo. You can't 'create' ammo or anything. Only make more of it. 
    Step 1 - You MUST place EVERY SINGLE item in the item box, yes, even the 
    grenade launcher. I recommend going to a completely empty area in the 
    Item box, so you remember where all your items are. Once EVERY item is 
    in the item box go to Step 2.
    NOTE: For some, the Grenade Launcher will be in the first slot if 
    everything is in the item box, and the Grenade Ammo in the second slot, 
    if so, thats fine, then you don't have to move the Grenade Launcher and 
    the ammo into the item box.
    Step 2 - Don't close the box just yet, Move the Grenade Launcher back 
    into the FIRST SLOT by clicking it twice with the "A" button Then 
    highlight the Grenade Launcher ammo of your choice, and double click it 
    with the "A" button to move it into your inventory. Make sure it's in 
    the SECOND SLOT, next to the Grenade Launcher.
    Step 3 - Close the item box. with the "B" button.
    Step 4 - Go into your item menu, and equip the Grenade Launcher (even if 
    you already have it equipped, unequip it, and equip it again). 
    Step 5 - Open back up the item box. 
    Step 6 - Click the Grenade Launcher AMMO, and select to move it back 
    into the Item box, try to move it into a free space. Then click the "A" 
    again to actually move it into the slot of your choice.
    Step 7 - Move the cursor into the item box, and highlight the Grenade 
    Launcher ammo with the "A" button. You'll notice there will now be a box 
    around the Grenade Launcher in your inventory. Click the "A" button 
    again, and the Grenade Launcher rounds will move into the Grenade 
    Step 8 - Your done! You will now notice the Grenade Launcher reads 240. 
    Depending on your mode, it will seems to read a square type thing, and a 
    75 (On easy, it doesn't glitch up the number), if you are playing on 
    Normal, close the item box, and open back up your inventory, you'll see 
    the number now says 240. Congratulations!
    3. User Methods
    Whats wrong? Is my FAQ confusing you? Do you need more support? Well, I 
    have good news! Some good people have been showing me some errors I may 
    of done, and sent in their own user methods! Here, I will provide what 
    the said, and it just might solve your problem! I will only accept 4-5 
    User Methods. If none work, even mine. Then you are doing some majorly 
    wrong, or you have the European version. If you have the European Version,
    this will never work for you, since Capcom fixed it. Sorry =(
    User Method #1:
    1st, Go to any item box and take your grenade launcher and any type of 
    additional grenade ammo and put it in your inventory (doesn't matter 
    where u place your grenade launcher and extra grenade ammo in your 
    inventory, as long as its in your inventory, thats all that matters). 
    2nd, exit the item box screen and goto your inventory screen and equip 
    your grenade launcher. 3rd, approach an item box and open it. put back 
    your extra grenade ammo in the first slot (which first highlights red, 
    it doesn't matter if you put back your grenade ammo and had to take an 
    item from your item box, as long as you put back your extra grenade ammo 
    in the first slot that highlights red in the item box, thats all that 
    matters. 4th, once you put back your extra grenade ammo in the first 
    slot in the item box, switch your extra ammo that you just put back in 
    the item box with your grenade launcher in your inventory and wha la! u 
    have 240 shells! This saves you all the hassle of having ppl cleaning 
    out their inventory. Try it, I gaurantee this way works 100%
    - Submited by Jason Hom. Thanks Jason. 
    User Method #2:
    1. Grenade Launcher in top left item slot.  
    2. Grenade type 1 in bottom left item slot  
    3. Grenade type 2 in bottom right item slot  
    4. All slots in between filled with any item.  
    5. Exit item box screen.  
    6. Equip Grenade Launcher  
    7. Return to Item Box Screen.  
    8. Find empty space on Item Box screen, put either Grenade type in space 
    (though it does seem to work best in default space, such is not 
    9. Select grenades in the item box screen again, click A, then notice 
    that it is above your grenade launcher, click A again and you will have 
    10. Repeat, and have fun!  
    Also, even in Easy (for me) it showed a block followed by the number 75 
    once I had completed the trick. I haven't tried it again, but I don't 
    think the inventory slot usage is absolute... I think it'll work in any 
    slot, regardless of how many items you have in your inventory at the 
    time, as long as the Grenade Launcher is in the main slot. I'll try some 
    more once I get back to that part of the game again (silly me, I saved 
    my completed game data over my last save, and thus have no means to get 
    back without going through the game again). 
    -Submited by Travis Hughes. Thanks Travis.
    4. Helpers
    I've removed all Helpers for I feel I no longer need them and can answer
    them myself now. If you need help on this glitch, please contact me directly.
    Look at the 'How to Contact Me' section for details.
    5. What to Reproduce? (Types of Ammo)
    There is a Varity of 3 types of Ammo in this game. I will list all 3 
    types of Ammo, and you can select the best type of Ammo for your 
    situation. I will also give a recommendation of what I think you should 
    use. I posted the first location you can get the rounds. Why do I need 
    to post all? Once you get the ammo, just reproduce it.
    Explosive Rounds (Initial) - These types of rounds are silver. You can 
    get these rounds standard, when you first get the Grenade Launcher. I 
    would recommend these if you were taking out NON-Zombies. Though these 
    would be my LAST CHOICE to use. 
    Where Can I get this Ammo? - Like i said above, it is Initial. So it 
    comes in the Grenade Launcher.
    Acid Rounds - These rounds let out an acid substance upon impact. Though 
    they do not fry zombies (they can come back as Crimson Heads) I hear it 
    works very well on some late monsters, such as Chimera. This would be my 
    SECOND Recommendation. 
    Where can I get this ammo? - I currently found this ammo eariler than I 
    posted. After you get the Sword Key, browse around the Mansion a little 
    bit, then report back to the main hall. Barry will give you Acid Rounds!
    I only found this in one location, if you found it somewhere else, feel 
    free to report it to me. Anyway, I found this ammo after you get the 
    Helmet Key, when you active the elevator, you get the battery to go into 
    the mine fields. The Acid rounds is on the floor, in the same room where 
    you got the battery.
    Incendiary Rounds - Possibly the most useful, and the ones you will use 
    the most, if you use the trick. In 1-2 shots, a zombie will be fried and 
    will never come back as a Crimson Head, which saves you from the pain 
    of using the Fuel Canteens. They also take out other monsters in 1 or a 
    few more hits. This would be my FIRST Recommendation to clone. 
    Where can I get this ammo? - After you recieve the grenade launcher, go 
    to the room where the doorknob breaks after 2 uses. Go to that save room 
    (where the Fuel Canteen is), you should notice Barry now posted a 
    message outside the room saying he left ammo in the save room, you will 
    see Incendiary Ammo on the floor.
    6. Websites
    At the moment I am in need of some sort of website that provides a image
    walkthrough or something with a more image approach. I had a website on here
    that linked to New-Blood, but recently that has gone down and fused with
    ResidentEvilFan. Look here in the future for a new possible website. 
    However Resident Evil Fan contains a video that shows how to do this cheat
    please visit http://www.residentevilfan.com/multimedia.asp and look for
    'Grenade Launcher Cheat'. Please note I take no responsility or knowledge
    on the production of that video. That video belongs to them, not me.
    This section is up to answer some questions that I felt, people will 
    ask. E-mail me if you want me to put up a question related to this 
    topic. If you e-mail me for a question on the trick, I will ask you if I 
    can post it here. 
    Q. Does it matter how much Ammo I have already in the Grenade Launcher?
    A. No, lets say you have 3 Incendiary Rounds left, you can STILL clone 
    them, as if you had 6, the Quantity does NOT matter. 
    Q. Can I do this more than once?
    A. Yes you can do it as many times as your heart desires!
    Q. Once I clone one type of ammo, does the game 'know' I did this, and I 
    can't clone any other types?
    A. You can clone another type of ammo, once you clone one type of ammo.
    Q. Does item box matter?
    A. Nope, any item box works.
    Q. Who can do this trick?
    A. Jill recieves the Grenade Launcher only. Chris does not however.
    So obviously this is only for Jill's game.
    Q. Does this work on all diffculties?
    A. Yes, it works on all difficulties. Easy, Normal, Hard, Real Survivor,
    Invisibile Enemy, you name it.
    Q. I only heard this works in the Japanese version. Is this true?
    A. No. It works also in the American Version.
    Q. Is there really a movie showing this glitch?
    A. YES. So please!!! Watch the Video before you bug me with your 
    questions! I beg you! 
    The LINK: http://www.residentevilfan.com/multimedia.asp 
    Now, Scroll down until you see 'Grenade Launcher Cheat' then click 
    I am in no way with ResidentEvilFan. Their video is copyright to them. I 
    take no responiblity on their site, or that movie.
    Q. If you have the same amount of Ammo in the Grenade Launcher, as you 
    do in the Magazine. The trick will not work. ~ Submited by James Root.
    A. Sources say this is false........
    Q. I have another method! This one will really work! Can I submit it?
    A. Of course, E-mail me the method if you wish. Like I said above. I'm 
    only taking 4-5 Methods.
    Q. Does this work on the European (PAL) Version?
    A. No, Capcom realized the glitch and fixed it by the European Release,
    8. How to Contact Me
    Feel free to contact me if you have a minor question. I can't help you 
    very much if you spill out your whole procedure. The trick works! Only 
    contact me if you've tried the trick dozens of times, and still no luck. 
    I don't like being mobed with many questions. 
    If you have a question on Resident Evil in general. Post this on the 
    Resident Evil message boards at GameFAQ's. Or check someone elses 
    walkthough. Don't bug me for questions like these please! If you do, I 
    will NOT Respond.
    AIM: Neo9843 - I am rarely on AIM, mainly because I don't like it much, 
    but sometimes I will sign on.
    E-mail: DarkChaosPrince@hotmail.com - You can use my e-mail for 
    sending me a simple e-mail. I will get back to you ASAP. 
    9. Copyright
    Yep, every FAQ has to have one of these. E-mail me if you want to place 
    this FAQ on your website. I'm flexible with the FAQ; GameFAQ's doesn't 
    only have to host it. Neoseeker will also host my FAQs. I understand 
    there are codes for this, but this is MY FAQ. Putting all information 
    into my own knowledge, to help people who are struggling with this 
    cheat. So please, don't reproduce this is your own terms. It is illegal, 
    and I will not take it respectively.
    Places to find my FAQ:
    Http://www.GameFAQs.com (You can find lastest updates here.)
    COPYRIGHT 2003 - Dauragon C Mikado88 (Travis Rappa)

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