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    Chris Walkthrough by Pasky13

    Version: .76 | Updated: 08/02/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            Resident Evil For The Gamecube
                              Chris Redfield Walkthrough
                             Version 0.76   July 13, 2017
        Table Of Contents
     1).  Introduction
     2).  Character Background
     3).  Weapons
     4).  Enemies
     5).  Walkthrough
     6).  Secrets
     7).  Copyright/Contact Information
     1).  Introduction
      First off, I would like to thank GameFAQs and its creator(s) for bringing us
    such a great site and keeping it free of charge to the public.  Now that is
    out of the way, let me start by informing you that this is my first
    walkthrough and I feel that I have played through this game enough with both
    characters to be able to write a solid, informative, and hopefully error
    proof walkthrough for all that are in need of it.  There will be much more to
    be added to each section and perhaps even more sections.  At this point the
    character background will only consist of reasons why to play as Chris, more
    will be added later on his background and information.
     2).  Character Background
      Why play as Chris you ask?  Well, if you're looking for a good challenge and
    a sense of real accomplishment after finishing this game.  Chris is more of a
    challenge for the following reasons:
      1.  Chris only has 6 item slots.
      2.  Chris cannot get the Grenade Launcher, sad.....but true.
      3.  Chris does not have a lock pick, forcing him to find 'Old Keys' to unlock
          certain doors.
      4.  Chris cannot get the shotgun as easily/early as Jill can.
      5.  Chris cannot get the assault shotgun as early as Jill can.
      However, Chris is useful for the following reasons:
      1.  Chris has the lighter at all times.
      2.  Chris can take a lot more damage than Jill can.
      3.  Chris gets more Shotgun Ammo.
      4.  Chris can have Rebecca treat his wounds in the W. Stairs save room.
      5.  Chris gets the flamethrower, however he may not keep it throughout the
      6.  Chris has a stronger survival knife opposed to Jill's.
      Now that we know the pros and cons to Chris's game, its up to you to decide
    whether you are up to his challenge.
     3).  Weapons
     Survival Knife
    Rating:           Chris 3, Jill 1
    Appearance:       Knife with about a 3-4 inch handle and 6-8 inch blade.
    Max Loaded Ammo:  N/A
    Description:      Easy to use, hard to master.  Like with any weapon, you can
                      point it up, down or keep it at chest level.  The best
                      strategy to use with this is to simply run around a zombie
                      and slash at its back, or wait for one to try to grab you
                      and simply dodge, run around his back and hack away.  I have
                      not tried to use this weapon on anything other than a zombie.
                      You can also stab enemies while they are on the ground with
                      this weapon.
     9mm Berretta
    Rating:           5
    Appearance:       Medium sized handgun, dark colored.
    Max Loaded Ammo:  15
    Description:      Easy to use, simply point and fire.  Zombies take anywhere
                      from 6-11 rounds to kill on average.  It is possible to
                      decapitate zombies with this weapon, it seems to happen more
                      for me the farther I am from the enemy, but this is only from
                      what I have seen.  You can also randomly take out their legs
                      if you aim down.
    Rating:           7
    Appearance:       Brown colored, double barrel shotgun.
    Max Loaded Ammo:  6
    Description:      Easy to use, simply point and fire.  Zombies can take 1-2
                      Rounds from this bad boy.  If you point the shotgun up when a
                      Zombie is near, it has a very high chance of decapitating it.
                      Just as the berretta, you can randomly take out a zombie's leg
                      if aimed down.  Hunters take 3 rounds to be killed.  Chimeras
                      take 1-2 rounds to be killed.
     Self Defense Gun
    Rating:           3
    Appearance:       Silver colored, very small hand gun.
    Max Loaded Ammo:  1
    Description:      Easy to use, simply point and fire.  This weapon is a one time
                      Use.  It has one round when you find it and cannot be
                      reloaded, making it pretty much useless.  However, it does
                      have about the same amount of firepower as the magnum.
     Assault Shogun
    Rating:           8
    Appearance:       Silver colored, single barrel shotgun.
    Max Loaded Ammo:  10
    Description:      Easy to use, simply point and fire.  Some people say its
                      slightly stronger, I disagree.  Its the same as the
                      regular shotgun but holds ten rounds.
    Rating:           5
    Appearance:       Black colored, single barrel rifle.
    Max Loaded Ammo:  %100
    Description:      Easy to use, Simply point and fire.  The weapon does not have
                      very good range nor is it ever extremely useful.  It consumes
                      ammo very quickly, making it a not so ideal choice, however
                      it is very effective against spiders.
     Grenade Launcher
    Rating:           9
    Appearance:       Large, dark colored, big barrel two handed rifle.
    Max Loaded Ammo:  6
    Description:      Easy to use, however the rounds lob out of the weapon rather
                      than going in a straight line.  Not available in Chris's
                      game.  Can be used with three different types of rounds:
                      grenade, incendiary, and acid.  Grenade rounds are your basic
                      rounds.  Takes one round of grenade rounds to kill zombies.
                      Takes 2-3 rounds of grenade rounds to kill hunters.  Takes
                      1-2 rounds of grenade rounds to kill chimeras.  Incendiary
                      rounds can also be used to burn zombies.  Acid rounds are
                      best used for hunters, as they can only survive 1-2 rounds.
     Magnum Revolver
    Rating:           9
    Appearance:       Silver colored, large six shooter.
    Max Loaded Ammo:  6
    Description:      Easy to use, simply point and fire.  Easily takes out any
                      zombies in one round and can go through enemies hitting any
                      target aligned behind the first.  Hunters take one round to
                      be killed.  Chimeras take one round to be killed.
     Barry's Magnum
    Rating:           10
    Appearance:       Silver colored, large six shooter.
    Max Loaded Ammo:  6
    Description:      Easy to use, simply point and fire.  This weapon can kill
                      anything, including bosses in only one round.  Found in
                      Jill's game only, making it unavailable to Chris.
     Rocket Launcher
    Rating:           10
    Appearance:       Very large, green colored, shoulder mounted weapon.
    Max Loaded Ammo:  4
    Description:      Easy to use, simply point and fire.  Obviously the strongest
                      weapon in the game, used in the last fight.
     Rocket Launcher (2)
    Rating:          10
    Appearance:       Large, silver colored,  big barrel two handed rifle.
    Max Loaded Ammo:  Infinite
    Description:      Received for beating the game in under three hours on either
                      normal or hard mode.  Best weapon in the game.  Can kill any
                      enemy in one round, including bosses.
     Samurai Edge
    Rating:           8
    Appearance:       Looks like the berretta, with a larger clip and with samurai
                      edge engraved along the barrel.
    Max Loaded Ammo:  Infinite
    Description:      Received for beating the game in under five hours on either
                      normal or hard mode.  Acts the same way as the Berretta but
                      the fire button can be held down to have the weapon shoot
                      three times consecutively, making it much better than the
     4).  Enemies
    Difficulty:       Low
    Appearance:       Doberman pincher with large wounds all over its body.  Moves
    Rounds Taken:     Shotgun/Assault Shotgun: 1-2, Berretta: 6-10,
                      Grenade Launcher: 1-2
    Description:      More annoying than dangerous in this Resident Evil.  It is
                      always best to simply ignore these enemies and run away and
                      the easiest way to do that is to run in a zig zag to your
    Difficulty:       Low
    Appearance:       Black crow.
    Rounds Taken:     One of any.
    Description:      Very annoying bird that will peck at you if you disturb or
                      get to close to them.  Avoid them whenever possible.
    Difficulty:       Low-Medium
    Appearance:       Human with decomposing flesh all over body.  Moves slow.
    Rounds Taken:     Shotgun/Assault Shotgun: 1-2,  Berretta: 6-11,
                      Grenade Launcher: 1-2
    Description:      Your basic enemy.  Slow moving, but sometimes difficult
                      when outnumbered and in tight spots.  Simply get near one and
                      time when it will lunge at you and run in the opposite
                      direction, it will lose its balance and give you time to
                      escape.  It is possible to decapitate them with your
                      berretta, although it happens randomly.  It is much easier to
                      decapitate them with the shotgun, just wait for them to get
                      near and aim the shotgun up and fire when they are within
                      striking range.  If they are not decapitated when killed,
                      they will turn into crimson heads in the future.
     Zombie (Crimson Head)
    Difficulty:       Medium-Hard
    Appearance:       Human with red flesh and large spots of decomposition.  Moves
    Rounds Taken:     Shotgun/Assault Shotgun: 2-3, berretta: Unknown,
                      Grenade Launcher: 1-2
    Description:      Zombie with red skin, claws, and moves as fast as you do.
                      They can do a decent amount of damage to you if you are
                      struck by their claws.  To dodge these fiends, simply run
                      straight at them and when you feel you are almost within their
                      striking range, go in a diagonal direction past them, they
                      will strike with their claws and miss you.  Since they are
                      zombies, they can still be decapitated, use this to your
                      advantage.  These are best to be avoided and only killed when
    Difficulty:       Medium-Hard
    Appearance:       Short, slimy, and green hunchback.  Moves very fast.
    Rounds Taken:     Shotgun/Assault Shotgun: 3, berretta: unknown, Grenade
                      Launcher:   1-3 depending on ammo used
    Description:      These fiends use their claws to attack you and do so very
                      effectively.  They use jump attacks when they are slightly
                      away from you and slash at you with their claws when at point
                      blank which causes your character to pause for a very long
                      time to recover.  Be very careful when fighting these
                      creatures in health at caution or lower as they can and will
                      one hit kill you.  Shotgun is the recommended weapon of choice
                      for these fiends.
    Difficulty:       Low
    Appearance:       Small slithering snakes.  Moves fast.
    Rounds Taken:     One of any
    Description:      Annoying little reptiles that can poison you if bitten.
                      Moderately hard to avoid at points.  Best to ignore and evade
    Difficulty:       Low
    Appearance:       Rather large honeybee.  Moves moderately fast.
    Rounds Taken:     One of any
    Description:      Another annoying fiend that much like the crow will simply
                      sting you when it gets near you.  Best to ignore and evade
     Giant Spiders
    Difficulty:       Low-Medium
    Appearance:       Very large tarantula.  Moves slow.
    Rounds Taken:     Shotgun/Assault Shotgun: 2-3, berretta: unknown, Grenade
                      Launcher: 1-2
    Description:      This creature is easily avoidable and should be avoided at all
                      points encountered.  They can spit acid, that can poison you.
    Difficulty:       Low-Medium
    Appearance:       Small humanoid creatures that resemble insects.  Moves fast.
    Rounds Taken:     Shotgun/Assault Shotgun: 1-2, berretta: unknown, Grenade
                      Launcher: 1-2
    Description:      Very ugly creature that can climb ceilings and can grab you
                      using its claws at the end of its extremities.  These
                      creatures are easily avoidable if you simply run.
    Difficulty:       Low
    Appearance:       Great white shark with signs of decomposing on its skin.
                      Moves fast.
    Rounds Taken:     Unknown
    Description:      Quick sharks that attack you in the aqua ring.  They can be
                      avoided fairly easily if you just run along the facility.
                      These creatures are best to be avoided and killed as that
                      would just waste ammo since they die anyways.
     Coffin Henry (boss)
    Difficulty:       Medium-Hard
    Appearance:       Red human with large spots of decomposition.  Moves Fast.
    Rounds Taken:     Shotgun/Assault Shogun:  3-4, berretta: Unknown, Grenade
                      Launcher: 2-3
    Description:      Acts the exact same way as a crimson head except takes a
                      little more punch to dispose of.
     Yawn (boss)
    Difficulty:       Medium-Hard
    Appearance:       Very, very large snake with blisters all over its skin.  Moves
                      moderately fast.
    Rounds Taken:     Shotgun/Assault Shotgun:  8-11, berretta: Unknown, Grenade
                      Launcher: 6-8
    Description:      Encountered twice through the game.  Within the first
                      encounter, if Yawn lands an attack on you, you will be
                      poisoned.  However, in the second encounter all he does are
                      his regular attacks and is fairly easily avoided.
     Plant 42
    Difficulty:       Medium-Hard
    Appearance:       Giant plant with vines covering the entire room it is in.
    Rounds Taken:     Shotgun/Assault Shotgun: 10-12, berretta: Unknown, Grenade
                      Launcher: 3-4 with incendiary rounds, Magnum: 4-5
    Description:      Very large plant that can attack you with its vines and
                      pollen.  It can also drop poisonous fluid on you if you are
                      under it.  All of its attacks can be fairly avoided.
     Black Tiger
    Difficulty:       Medium
    Appearance:       Very large giant tarantula.  Moves fairly fast.
    Rounds Taken:     Shotgun/Assault Shotgun: 4-6, berretta:  Unknown, Grenade
                      Launcher: 3-4 with incendiary rounds
    Description:      A giant spider with an attitude.  Its attacks are quick, the
                      only one that is a little difficult to avoid is its tackle,
                      which does little damage anyways.  Be cautious of its acid, as
                      it can poison you.
     Tyrant (Lab)
    Difficulty:       Medium-Hard
    Appearance:       Very tall, pale humanoid with a giant claw on one arm.  Moves
    Rounds Taken:     Shotgun/Assault Shotgun: Unknown, berretta: Unknown, Grenade
                      Launcher: Unknown, Magnum: 4-5 rounds
    Description:      Be careful of his combo slash, he is easy to avoid as he moves
                      very slow.
     Tyrant (Helipad)
    Difficulty:       Hard
    Appearance:       Very tall, pale humanoid with a giant claw on one arm.  Moves
                      very fast.
    Rounds Taken:     Shotgun/Assault Shotgun: Unknown, berretta: Unknown, Grenade
                      Launcher: Unknown, Magnum: 6-8 rounds, Rocket Launcher: 1
    Description:      Very tough to dodge his tackle.  Keep your distance and just
                      fire when you have some dodging room.  His pummeling combo
                      does a lot of damage, so just keep your distance.
     5).  Walkthrough (normal mode)
      Ok, first things first.  You just had a pack of zombie dogs try to eat you
    and your teammates for dinner and you all decided to hit the mansion and are
    about to be taken on one heck of a ride.  Ok from where you start, go all the
    way down the dining room and into the door.  In this room, go Chris's left
    and around the corner to view a cut scene with a zombie.  Don't kill it.  Run
    out of the room and backtrack to the main hall.  Cut scene.  Pick up the
    berretta and head back to the room where the zombie was.  Once in the room
    run to where Kenneth's body was and take the door nearest to him.
      Run down this hallway, pick up the hand gun clip near the bird cage up the
    stairs passing the herbs and into the door.  Pick up the herb on the floor in
    this room.  Now go through the hallway with the mirror and run past the zombie.
    If he bites you, no big deal, just continue down this hall, eventually you'll
    see a flashing arrow, grab it.  Continue down the hall and pickup the hand gun
    clip near the mirror, if you can, run past this zombie, otherwise shoot it
    until drops to the floor and run past it into the door on the north section of
    the screen.  Heal if you need to with the herb.
      There is one zombie on this balcony.  Grab the Defense Dagger.  Now run
    Around the balcony and push the statue near the broken guard rail and then push
    it off the balcony while avoiding the zombie (easily done).  Now take the double
    doors out into the main hall.  In the main hall run to the main stairs and you
    should see a painting, well its actually a door that leads to the graveyard so
    lets go through it.  In the graveyard their are two zombies, kill them.  Try to
    keep a good distance from them, I find it brings more head shots.
      Go to the tombstone with the cupid look-a-like on it, go to your inventory,
    examine the arrow head, it should come off, now use it here.  Go down the new
    path and collect the book at the end of the room.  Examine the back of the book
    to find the sword key.  Exit out of this dungeon and on the way out check the
    corner of the fenced area where the fat zombie was to find shotgun shells, pick
    those up and go back into the main hall.
      From here head downstairs and into the double doors opposite of the dining
    room.  Head into the door behind the statue.  In here run down the hall and
    you'll see a little table with wheels, push this to reveal a dagger under it.
    Keep going down the hall and you will see another one, push this one and get
    the hand gun clip.  Now continue into the next door.
      In this room run past the first door and enter the second one you see.  In
    here examine the bathtub.  Cut scene.  Equip your survival knife and simply
    run behind this zombie and kill him with it, its very simple and this way you
    save ammo.  Once he is dealt with take the old key out of the tub and exit the
    bathroom, head back one door and use the old key and enter the door.  Run down
    this corridor and pickup the chemical, turn around and leave this area quickly
    because a dog might jump over the fence, if so avoid it and get out of there.
      Ok back in this area head past the bathroom and keep going past the next
    door into the double doors.  In this area take the door near the chair.  Ok in
    this area there are 3 zombies one close to where you just came in, dispose of
    him, and if you can use the knife.  Now go into the room next to the stairs.
    This is your first save room, enjoy it while it lasts. Drop off the chemical
    in the item box, along with the survival knife.  Save if you want.  Pick up
    the silver flask on the floor and refill it with the kerosene container near
    the door, and get the old key near the typewriter.  Head out the door and burn
    the zombie, head up the stairs and kill the two up there, burn one, head down
    stairs in the save room refill, burn the other and head back and put the flask
      At this point you should probably be low on hand gun bullets, so I suggest
    you don't use anymore at this point until we get some more ammo.  You should
    only have the hand gun, hand gun clip, sword key, healing item, and an old key.
    Now head upstairs and into the door to the right of the stairs (only one with
    the door knob).  After going in this door quickly dash for the door to Chris's
    right.  In this study pickup the dog whistle and hand gun bullets. Now go
    through the door on the other end of this room.
      Ok back in the stairway area.  Go down the stairs and go through the door
    you came through to get you hear, say yes to opening it.  Now backtrack all
    the way back to the room where you moved the tables for items.  Now be careful
    because two dogs are going to burst out of the windows, so keep running and
    avoid them, do not fight them.  Back in the main hall, go upstairs and take the
    double doors to the upstairs dining room.  Be careful, the zombie is still
    here.  This time take the door to the farthest left on the screen, unlocking it
    with the sword key.  Take the next door you see.
      Out here, there are some green herbs growing near where you entered, use the
    planter if you are hurt.  Now run all the way down this area, until you reach
    another door, unlock it but do not go through it.  Now turn around facing the
    opposite direction of the door you just unlocked and use the dog whistle.  Now
    as soon as you use it, have your hand gun equipped and hold R1 to aim and start
    firing even though you cannot see, if you are lucky you will have killed one
    dog.  Hopefully the one with the collar, if not kill the one with the collar
    and take it, now examine the collar and you just get a item, examine that item
    and it becomes a fake key.  Now exit the door you came in to get here.
      In this stairway area, there will be two zombies, one across the stairs
    opposite of where you are and one down the stairs, for now kill the one on the
    same floor as you and enter the door behind him, (if you do not have an extra
    item slot at this point, run down stairs and take the door under the stairs,
    their is a save room there, and make room for one item, but keep the fake key).
    Be careful now, your in the same room where you got the arrow, now this time go
    straight ahead from where you just entered back to where you picked up that
    herb and run  straight for the door near the dead body, do it quickly because
    that body is a crimson head and will get up.
      You should now be in a room with a lot of armored knights.  Run all the way
    to where you see a small block protruding the ground and a key on it, pick up
    the key and it should set off a trap, now place the fake key in its place
    stopping the trap, you now have the armor key.  Ok now head back outside this
    room into the spear hallway.  Now the crimson head is around the corner, just
    quickly run for the room you got here in, its a piece of a cake.
      Now were back in the west stairs area.  Be careful, there is going to be a
    zombie that busts through the door where you blew the dog whistle, just head
    downstairs quickly.  Now head into the save room.  Save your game if you like
    and take only these items with you after healing up:  Sword key, Armor key,
    Handgun, Hand gun bullets, Chemical.
      Now exit the save room and this time run down the hall down here and into the
    door which you will unlock with the armor key.  Now take the flash grenade off
    the table there and turn around and go to the other hall-way.  Continue down
    and take the first door.  In this room there is a zombie on the floor and the
    closet is moving, take the handgun clip off the bed and examine the closet, cut
    scene.  Both zombies will be up now, quickly grab the old key out of the
    closet.  Exit this room without killing them if possible.  Now run towards the
    room you took to get in here and exit there.
      Now go into the door right next to the door you used to get in here you using
    the old key in this room you'll find the broken shotgun and an ink ribbon,
    right now we only want the broken shotgun.  Exit this room and go back into the
    room you were just in.  This time take the hall with the shadowy windows and go
    all the way down, enter the door at the end of this hallway.  This is the plant
    room, do not get near the plant, go to the control panel near the entrance and
    drop the chemical in the water, now use the control panel and select the red
    switch.  This will kill the plant without killing the herbs.  Now before you
    pick up the shining object, use the herbs to heal with the one item slot you
    have left, then pick it up, now exit.
      Ok, now head down the hall and two zombies will crash in, ignore them and
    keep running towards the door you went where the zombie was in the closet,
    dodge the zombie if it comes out of the room and go into the room next to it.
    In here exit to the dining room and go to the main hall, go upstairs and unlock
    the two doors on the opposite side of the room of the double doors.  Now run
    out to the graveyard and go down to the dungeon and put the death mask in its
    appropriate place.
      Now head back to the dining room and into the room with Kenneth's body, now
    kill the zombie in here and keep running down the hall he was in and unlock the
    next door and continue down the hall and go down the stairs and open the door.
    Grab the old key on the stand and the dagger off of the table.  Now try and
    exit.  Cut scene.  Run around the table to avoid the zombies and get out of
    there.  Now go back to the dining room, be careful a zombie might bust in the
    door close to the dining room exit.  In the dining room head for the main hall.
    Take the double doors on the bottom that leads to the statue lady holding the
      Go through the door here.  Run past the dogs in this L corridor and into the
    next room.  In here run past the bathroom and 4 zombies should jump out of the
    windows, avoid them all and run into the next door you see, go into the next
    door once again. If you have no room for one slot, just empty enough handgun
    bullets to get rid of the clip, we'll be using the shotgun for most of the game
    now anyways.  Now grab the shotgun, and put the broken shotgun in its place.
    Exit this area.  Exit this area.  Run straight for the door in front of you
    before the zombies get to you.  Quickly run to the blue door with the long
    handle to unlock and enter it.
      You should be in the art gallery now.  Press the switch on the picture of the
    valiant to make the picture orange.  Now run across the other side and press
    the switch on the middle picture.  Now press the switch on the picture you have
    not pressed yet on this side.  Now go to the end of the room and press the
    switch on the big painting of Lisa Trevor, it should open the wall.  Now unlock
    the gate with the old key.  Then pick up the death mask.  Now go to through the
    gate.  You Are now in the graveyard, this is a great shortcut so we will be
    using this often.
      Now drop off the death mask down below and head back up and go into the main
    hall.  In here take the single door closest to the left, or closest to the
    painting door.  It should lead to the hall near the E. Stairs, if you are
    outside, you took the wrong door.  Avoid the zombies and head all the way to
    the other end of this hall to the door ear the wooden mount on the table, you
    should be in the E stairs area, now use the key on the door in the hallway
    upstairs. If you need to heal, if you follow that hall all the way down, there
    is a room with a green herb.  Now head back to the room with the zombies that
    we avoided.  Now either avoid the zombies or if you must, put the shotgun to
    use and aim up and shoot off their heads.  Now head for the double doors in the
    middle of the room.
      Ok puzzle time, push the top right knight first.  Next the Bottom left
    knight.  Then the bottom right knight.  Now the Top left knight should go in
    automatically, press the button then grab the jewelry box.  Examine the jewelry
    box and flip it until it says there is a button, and push it, flip it again and
    find the other button and it will open revealing another death mask.  Now get
    out of this room and go to the main hall.  Drop off this mask in the graveyard
    and head back to this hallway from the main hall entrance.  Back in this area
    take the next door you come to.  Walk down this hallway, cut scene.
      Richard needs the serum, so head back to the main hall and take the double
    doors in the upstairs area of the main hall.  Take the furthest left door to
    the west stairs area and go down the stairs.  If you must, blow the zombies
    head off, if not head into the save room and have the shotgun, shotgun shells,
    hand gun.  Save if you must.  Now check the cabinet next to the item box and
    get the serum.  Head back to Richard with it and you will get a cut scene and
    end up back at the west stairs save room.
      Head back to the room Richard was in, careful there is now a zombie where he
    was, and also some green herbs if you need them, go into the next door.  Head
    down this little hall and be careful of the zombie hiding in this little space,
    either kill him or lure him out and dodge him, your choice, just try to
    conserve ammo.  In this next room, if you have three empty slots pickup the
    hand gun clip, if not leave it there.  Now light the candle stick with your
    lighter on the table  and push the bookcase out of the way to reveal a room.
    Take only one step in then back out because there is a zombie in there, lure
    him out and away from that area long enough for you to check the bookcase in
    there and grab the music sheet.  Now head out of there and back to the dining
      Your probably low on shotgun ammo so lets refill, grab the blue gem on the
    floor where the statue broke, and go into the room with Kenneth.  Take the door
    that leads to the hall close to where we killed the plant.  Zombies are
    probably still in here and its best to avoid them if not do what you feel you
    must.  Now run down the hall and between the door that leads to the west stairs
    and the closet room is a very tight walkway, go in there and through the door.
    Now put the blue gem in the tiger statue.  Ta da, shotgun rounds.  Now head
    back to Kenneth's hall.
      In here take the room I told you to unlock near the broken elevator.  In here
    go to the back of the room where there are some bookcases, move them out of the
    way and grab the music score now combine the music score with the music sheet.
    Head to the piano and use it, Rebecca will come in and tell you she can play,
    after failing, she asks if she can practice, say yes. Now we have to kill a
    little time.  So first things first.  Go drop off the death mask you have in
    the dungeon.  Head back to the dining room and near the door to Kenneth's hall
    is a Emblem on the wall, take it.  Now head back to Rebecca, if she is not
    done, just run around the dining room until she is.  You'll know she is done
    because a cut scene will happen right as you walk in the door.
      Once the cut scene is over, go to the room that opened and take the gold
    emblem, now put the regular emblem in its place.  Head back into the dining
    room and put the gold emblem where the regular emblem was, now head for the
    clock in the dining room.  Examine it and it will ask you if you want to move
    the hands, say yes and move the small gear right two times so it is six o'
    clock and stop moving the gears.  The clock should move revealing the shield
    key.  Now head back to the attic where Richard was and go through the door past
    where we got the music sheet, avoiding the zombie if you left him alive and
    into the door with all the cobwebs.  Head into this room about halfway and then
    there will be a cut scene.
     Boss 1).  Yawn
      Ok, since we are Chris and there is no benefit of defeating Yawn now, we are
    going to skip this fight and run to the end of the room and get the last death
    mask and get the heck out of there.  If you got bitten, Rebecca will come see
    you when you leave the room and she will have to get the serum for you, its the
    same thing we did for Richard, piece of cake right?  If you did not get bitten,
    just read along.
      Ok, now we have all the death masks.  Head out this area and into the
    hallway. Take the door to the main hall and head for the graveyard and put the
    final mask there.  Cut scene.
     Boss 2).  Coffin Henry
      This boss is just like any regular old crimson head, just fire the shotgun at
    him a few times and he goes down easily.  If you are out of shotgun ammo, or
    low, there is some shells in the corner near his coffin, get those.  Once he is
    defeated check the coffin for a switch and a stone and metal object.
      Head back to the main hall and go upstairs and head to the hallway that leads
    to the east stairs (you were just there).  In this hallway take the door that
    leads to the east stairs near the wooden mount that we never picked up and will
    never pick up.  In the East stairs area on the 2nd floor go to the room we
    unlocked earlier, and go to the door to Chris's right.  Get the old key, and
    the first aid kit and ink ribbon if you have room, if not go to the save room
    and make room and get them, and make sure you have 2 empty slots and come back
    to the deer head room.
      This time take the door to Chris's left and go to the end of the room and
    pick up the fish hook lure on the frame.  Now go to the wall to the east of the
    door and examine the frame and take the lure of the bee, now combine the two
    pieces.  Now go to the other wall and examine the frame and take the bee
    specimen, now place the combined bee lure in the frame where the bee specimen
    was found.  Now place the bee specimen in the frame where we found the lure of
    the bee and press the button.  Cut scene.  Grab the wind crest and get out of
    there before the bee hurts you, it won't do much but it is annoying.
      Ok, head to the save room.  Save if you want and have the following items:
    shotgun, shotgun shells, wind crest, stone and metal object, healing item
    (optional).  Now, head out the door at the bottom of the east stairs and say
    yes to exit it.  In here, theirs probably zombies left over, so dodge them,
    don't shoot them its just wasting ammo as they will disappear anyways, and head
    for Chris's right and go out the gate that leads outside.  Head down this
    passage and a dog will come out, ignore it and at the end of the area is a
    little spot to put you stone and metal object, do so and the door will unlock,
    go through it.  Grab the shotgun shells, the flash grenade and the first aid
    spray just as long as you have one item slot free.
      Now take the single door down the little stairway.  Head down here and
    eventually as your heading down there will be a cut scene.  Now examine the red
    wind vane and stop it when it points West.  Head down to the blue wind vane and
    stop it when it points to North.  The gate should now unlock.  Now were in a
    little graveyard area, go straight and take the little turn  here and put the
    wind crest on the tombstone, just ignore the crows.  Pick up as many crests as
    you can and examine the back sides of them and press the buttons.  Then put
    them in the  tombstone next to the one you put the wind crest in and after all
    three are place you will have the magnum revolver.  Now after getting this bad
    boy, head back to the main pathway and out the gate you didn't take.
      Now you just heard some strange sound with chains, creepy.  Anyways, head
    down this long and winding trail, don't worry, it is safe the whole way, take
    the door into the cabin.  Go all the way into the cabin and past the typewriter
    and into the backroom near the item box.  Step down the drop and pickup the
    crank.  Head back out the cabin and you'll hear someone come in, if you look
    out the window you'll see it.  Try to leave and you will be knocked out.   Cut
    scene.  Just run past this abomination and exit the cabin and head back down
    the trail. There should be one zombie on the way down.  Just avoid him, its
    easy and keep going.  Run all the way back to the tool shed where we got the
    flash grenade and shotgun shells.
      This time take the double doors into the courtyard area.  Run past the dogs
    and up the stairs into the double doors.  Run to the pool and around the edge
    and use the crank on the panel.  Now the pool is empty and can be walked
    across.  Run across the pool and take the elevator down.  Now your in the
    second courtyard.  Get off the elevator and just run to the opposite end and go
    through the gate.  No were in the path to the residence, run down this long
    path and don't stop because poisonous snakes will be falling down.  Open the
    door at the end and we are now in the residence.
      Grab as many blue herbs as you can carry from the entrance then head down the
    hallway and go into the first door to Chris's right.  Now were in the save room
    for the residence.  Save if you like, and put your shotgun and shotgun shells
    back in the item box and take out your hand gun and hand gun bullets if you
    have any left, if you don't, don't worry about it, were going to get some.
    Grab the flash grenade, and save if you want.  Exit the save room.
      Take Chris's right go to the door at the end of the hallway.  In here run
    away from the door as a giant spider will be creeping down, ignore it.  Grab
    the green herb on the floor if you want it.  Head down the stairs in this room
    and grab the red book, first aid kit, and the shotgun shells and exit this
    room.  Ok, in this hallway, push the wooden crate towards the whole closest to
    the other boxes in the little hallway, this should create a path for you to
    cross using the boxes, so cross it and enter the door.
      Run all the way down this hallway and skip the first door and enter the
    second.  Enter the door right next to the entrance of this room.  Ok in this
    bathroom, grab the room key off the shelves and you should hear a zombie enter
    the room you were just in, if so kill him with the hand gun and exit this
    bathroom and exit this room and head back to the where the save room is.  Take
    the door across from the save room and enter.  Creepy huh?  Don't worry about
    the guy hanging.  Head past the hanging man to grab the self defense gun, its
    like a one shot magnum, and the hand gun clip.  Now go back and enter the room
    near the entrance to the bathroom.  Drain the tub and take the control room
    key.  Ok, exit this bathroom quickly and head for the save room.
      Ok, hit the item box and drop off everything except the control key, shotgun
    shells, red book, and the magnum.  Exit the save room and head back over the
    boxes to the room where we got the first key in the bathroom.  Go to the back
    of this room and push the book shelves out of the way to reveal a ladder and
    head down it.  Ok now we are in the aqua ring, pretty isn't it?  Ok head down
    this hall and you'll eventually see three wooden boxes, the solution is simple:
     1). _____x__  x|   2). _____x__  x|   3). _____x__   |   4). _______  x|
                 |  |               |  |               |  |              |  |
                 | x|               |  |               |  |              |  |
                 |  |               |  |               |  |              |  |
                                      x                  x                 x
                                                         x                 x
      Simply push the last crate into the water like the rest.  Now make sure you
    have no weapon equipped (you run faster) and enter the door beyond the crates,
    using the herb if you need it. Cut scene.  Ok quickly run across the outer
    perimeter of this area ignoring the sharks and go up the stairs, unlock the
    door and go in quickly.
      Ok in this room take the ladder down and check the control area on the west
    section of the screen.  You should have found some notes that describe which
    valve # to use, remember that number.  After doing so go to the opposite end of
    the screen and examine the control panel there and it should ask you to drain
    the water, say yes.  Cut scene.  Ok quickly go to the control panel to Chris's
    right and activate the switch there, then head to the opposite side of that
    area to the control panel and hit the switch there, the gate should only come
    down halfway. Not good, now exit this area outside to the hall and go to the
    little corner with all the valves.  Remember the valve number, I hope so,
    examine the valves and turn the number according to the note you just read.
    Now head back into the room and examine the control panel you activated just
    after draining the water and
    then go to the opposite side and activate the switch there, this time the gate
    should fall completely.  Now go to the control panel that asked you to drain
    the water and do so.
      Now exit this area and take the first aid kit if you need it and go through
    the next door. Pretty wet down here.  Ok now take Chris's right and search the
    junk scattered around to find some shotgun shells.  Now exit through the double
    doors behind Chris and you should be in the room where the sharks were.  Don't
    worry, they can't hurt you, but they are fun to watch.  Now near the first
    shark is the assault shotgun, ohhhhhh yea.  Well pick it up silly.  Now head
    down the area and eventually you'll see one big shark.  It can't hurt you, just
    climb up the structure near it and try to get the shiny item.  Cut scene.  DO
    NOT GO IN THE WATER!  Instead, push the metal box into the water, then pull the
    switch on the structure.  Now head into the water and take the key.  Now exit
    out the double doors you came in.
      Ok this time take the double doors we didn't go in last time.  In this area,
    there are some magnum rounds, take them and exit the way you did not come in
    and climb up the ladder and out the door unlocking it.  We are now at the
    beginning of the aqua ring, now head back up the ladder to the residence.
      Ok, exit this room and take Chris's left and head to the next door we
    couldn't go in earlier.  Ok, lots of bees in here, so just run quickly around
    the table and down the hall.  Examine the dead body and grab the insecticide.
    Now exit this room and head back to the hall.  Ok this time take Chris's right
    and go all the way to the end of this hall and take the map off the wall
    revealing a hole.  Do not examine the hole or three annoying bees will come to
    piss you off.  Now use the insecticide near the hole killing the hive.  Now
    head back into the room we were just in.  Head down the hall where we got the
    insecticide and all the way to the end and grab the key off the desk.  Now if
    you would like to go back to the save room and save I suggest you do so now.
    If you feel lucky just continue reading.
      Ok now go through the door in this area requiring the key you just got.  In
    this room there is a book shelf with a white book out of place in some red
    books.  Take it.  Now use the red book where the others are.  Ok this puzzle is
    simple.  First, replace the first book with the fourth. Next, replace the
    second with the seventh.  Finally, replace the third book with the eighth.  You
    should have a picture of a naked woman, (those perverts at Capcom :P) Now the
    book shelf should move and reveal a door.  Equip your magnum and go through.
    Cut scene.
     Boss 3).  Plant 42
      Quickly head up the stairs to the second floor and run around, never stay
    still.  When you see Plant 42' core pod open up, that's the signal to load ammo
    into it.  So just keep firing at the plant with your magnum while its pod is
    open.  When it closes stay away from the middle of the walkway on the second
    floor, as the plant can knock you down from the second floor causing a lot of
    damage.  If this happens immediately head back up, otherwise you will have a
    chance of being poison if it drops its liquid on you.  Eventually the plant
    will die. so grab the helmet key in the room and exit out the double doors.
    Cut scene.  Grab the handgun bullets on the table and exit this room and head
    for the save room.  Cut scene.
      In the save room, take only the following items:  Assault Shotgun, Shotgun
    Shells, helmet key, and a healing item (optional).  Also, if you have any rounds
    left in your shotgun, take that as well. Exit the save room and leave the
    residence.  Exit out the residence path.  Cut scene.  Head back to the elevator
    leading up to the pool area.  Cross the pool and exit to the courtyard.  Exit
    the courtyard to the tool shed.  Wesker has left you a note saying he left some
    ammo for you.  Pick it up and equip the shotgun, then head back to the mansion.
      Now that we are back in the mansion, head for the east stairs area.  Cut
    scene.  This is your first hunter and they have infested almost the whole
    mansion.  Just pop that bad boy full of shotgun shells.  Two to three should do
    the trick.  In the east stairs area, there are two hunters, one on the ground
    level and one up stairs, if you can quickly kill the one below, because the one
    above can jump down.  After doing so, go to the save room and drop off your
    regular shotgun if you took it with you after using all the rounds.  Then, head
    upstairs and take Chris's left and follow the hall all the way down and enter
    the door there.  In this room, unlock the door going to the next area and don't
    go in and instead just exit the door to the east stairs area.
      Ok, now head back down the stairs and exit the door, lucky for you, Wesker has
    fixed the doorknob.  So head into the blue door in this area to the gallery.
    Exit the gallery into the graveyard.  Exit the graveyard to the main hall.  In
    the main hall, head downstairs and take unlock the single door next to the
    double doors leading to the statue of the woman.
      In here, if you check the desk in the back of the room there is an ink ribbon,
    I suggest you don't grab it unless you are in dire need of it, if so take it and
    head back to the east stairs save room and come back to this room.  Now head to
    the door at the end of this room.  In here, there is one zombie and its easily
    avoidable just run around the room until you have enough room to grab the
    jewelry box on the shelf.  If you need it grab the green herb on the floor and
    use it.  Exit this area and go to the main hall.
      Take the dining room door and head for Kenneth's hall.  Take the door to the
    birdcage room.  Head upstairs and into the door leading to the spear corridor.
    Take the door around the corner that leads to the west stairs area quickly.  In
    the west stairs area, take the first door to your right, unlocking it with the
    helmet key.
      In this room, there are some shotgun shells and a dagger under each stuffed
    animal head.  After grabbing the items, turn off the light switch near the door
    and you'll see that the animals' eyes are really stones.  Push both cabinets
    under each of the animal heads.  Now run to the opposite room of the deer head
    until the eagle is facing you 180 degrees from the deer.  Now run to the deer
    and quickly grab the red gem out of its eye socket.  If you take to long and the
    eagle is pointing at the gem, you cannot remove it.  Now combine the red gem
    with the jewelry box.  The pieces of the jewelry box should fall off, begging
    for you to solve this next puzzle.
    *************** To be Continued ******************
     6).  Secrets
     New Title Screen
      Beat the game with either character.
     Real Survivor Mode
      Beat the game with either character on normal or hard mode.
     Once Again Mode
      Beat the game with either character on any difficulty.
     Invisible Mode
      Their are two methods of unlocking this mode and they are:
      1).  Beat Real Survivor mode.
      2).  Beat Once Again mode with both characters.
     One Dangerous Zombie
      Beat the game with both characters.  Note:  This mode cannot be turned off.
     Samurai Edge
      To get the Samurai Edge, beat the game on Normal or Hard mode with either
    character in a clear time under 5 hours.
     Rocket Launcher
      To get the Rocket Launcher, beat the game on Normal or Hard mode with
    either character in a clear time under 3 hours.
     Letter From Mr. Mikami
      Beat invisible mode with either character in under 5 hours.
     Chris's Costumes
      Beat the game with Chris on any difficulty to receive an alternative costume.
    Beat the game a second time with Chris to unlock his second costume.
     Jill's Costumes
      Beat the game with Jill on any difficulty to receive an alternative costume.
    Beat the game a second time with Jill to unlock her second costume.
     Grenade Launcher Trick
      This is more of a bug than an actual secret but it can get you infinite
    grenade rounds.
    1).  Remove everything out of your inventory and into your item box.
    2).  Put the Grenade Launcher in the top left slot and any grenade ammo in the
         top right slot.
    3).  Exit the item box.
    4).  Equip the Grenade Launcher.
    5).  Return to the item box and highlight the grenade rounds.
    6).  Press 'A' twice.
    7).  Press 'left' twice.
    8).  Press 'A' twice.
      You should now have a butt load of grenade rounds, congratulations.
     7).  Copyright and Usage
    This document may only be posted at http://www.GameFAQs.com so long as it is
    made viewable to the public at no fees or obligations.  If such conditions do
    change, this document is to be taken off the stated website immediately. This
    document may not be reproduced in any way, shape, or form without the authors

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