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    Real Survivor Mode Walkthrough by J M S

    Version: Final | Updated: 08/04/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    RRRRRR                              EEEEEEE
    RR    R                             EE
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    RR  R                               EEEEE
    RR   R   esident                    EE       vil
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                  r rrr
                  r      EBIRTH     for NINTENDO Game Cube
                  The Complete Game Super Speed Walkthrough
                       to beat the Real Survival Mode
                                under 2:40 
                        and get the Secret Reward
                        by J M S (Armando Jaimes)
                           Mexico City, Mexico
                              © August 4 2002
                          Final English Version
    I.-   Introduction
    II.-  Before Start Playing
    III.- Super Speed Walkthrough
      A.- Arrival to the Mansion
      B.- The Guard House
      C.- The Hunters
      D.- Lisa's Dungeons
      E.- The Lab
      F.- The 4 Different Endings
    IV.-  Items Obtainded
    V.-   Conclusions
    VI.-  FAQs
      1.- Grenade Launcher Trick
    VII.- Credits
    I.-   Introduction
        Hi everyone!!!  I'm JMS; a fully video gamer dedicated guy from
        Coapa in Mexico City since I was 6 yeras old.
        I decided to write this FAQ, 'cause I own the best video game        
        ever! Resident Evil for the Nintendo Game Cube since July 17.
        And like in all the other Resident evil games, I want to finish  
        as fast as I can.
        The first time it was 7:15!  wow, with Jill, and the second one
        with Chris about 5:30; then I said to myself: myself, you can get 
        the amazing infinite Rocket Launcher with Jill, I tried to,
        but...  3:25 no!!!! it can't be, I went as fast as I ever played.
        Wrong answer...  I put on my best, and finished the game again to 
        find the best pad to never return to an Item Box in the game if
        it's not by the way; and here is the result, yesterday, I got
        2:25 in Hard mode!!!  Impossible?  no! the Rocket Launcher rocks,
        and u have it instead the knife since the beginning of the game
        with both characters, it kills anything that can be killed, with
        only one shot, including the Plant and the Tyrant, the bad? 
        they're not availables in the Invisible & Real Survival Modes; so
        I started to write the FAQ to beat the "hardest mode" Real 
        Survival, and here's the result, without returning continuosly, 
        and carrying ur Magnum and its Rounds easily, wanna do it too?
        Then just read, and concentrate...
    II.-  Before Start Playing
        Well, u must take on count some aspects while following this
        Super Speed Walktrough.
        First u had must unlocked the Real Survivor Mode option in the 
        Main Menu, by finishing the game under Normal or Hard difficulty.
        I think they included this option, to make u try to beat as fast 
        as u can, and works as a warm up for the Resident Evil Zero (like 
        Tofu in the Resident Evil 2), in where the Item Boxes won't be 
        magically linked, but, u'll have the option to throw Items in the 
        way that the next time u return through there if u need them, u 
        can take it from the floor.
        The principal target is to beat the mode in under 5 hours, to get 
        a "Secret Reward", but with this FAQ, u'll finish it under 3 
        Skip all the FMV's with the Start button, I don't care if u 
        haven't seen them all, u can follow this FAQ again and watch 
        them, but we need time today!
        Remember that the automatic aim doesn't work in this mode, be 
        carefull and aim the best u can, don't understimate the game.
        I recomend u to tell ur brother, cousin, friend of someone, to 
        help you reading this FAQ while playing, 'cause if u pause the 
        game, the Timer won't stop, or if u're in the Item Box, or the 
        Map screen, or the Save screen, or even when u change the Disc, 
        the game Time won't stop at all since u select Real Survival Mode 
        until u finish the game!!!
        If u have the zone Map, press Z and u can "surf" through it, 
        using the A button, and review the items u stored in each Item 
        Always I say Right or Left, it's the Jill's Right or Left not urs
        this will help a lot, don't get confused.
        Don't take herbs if u are not poisoned, or damaged, 'cause
        they're only be blocking space for more items, and if u stored 
        some on a Item Box, remember u maybe won't be able to take them 
        back, 'cause u almost never will return to it, just if u want,
        always carry a Green Herb, and take the Herbs and/or Sprays from
        the places u'll never return, like the room where u use the
        Herbicide, and from the Trunks u'll never come back, like the 
        returning to the place u met Lisa for the first time.
        Don't bother taking the bullets if they're not Magnum Rounds,
        u'll never need them, I promise, if u already got the Samurai
        Edge Weapon, u're good, if not, there's no problem; set the
        Defense Items Manual this way u'll only use them when u don't
        have herbs or u're damaged; I finished the game with lot of 
        Daggers and Batterys, I never used the Deffensive Items, and I 
        tried to don't kill Zombies, 'cause u know, they wake up as 
        crazies Crimson Heads, who r the ones? well, the
        ones with Hair, but, sometimes, like the 1st Zombie Barry kills,
        magicaly became a Haired-Zombie, so don't kill them, instead let 
        them damage u and after use a Herb, or dribble them, or if u're
        seriously damaged, use ur defensive item, that's why I tell u
        don't set them to Auto, they're like GOLD!!!
        In this mode u can't chose the difficulty sething, it's on Hard, 
        but u won't have any problem and u'll get the reward anyway, I 
        finished the game in Once Again Hard, and it's the same.
        This FAQ was specialy designed to beat the  game with Jill, 
        'cause it's easier, but if u beat this mode with Chris, u'll get 
        another "Secret Reward" with him.
        If u want to get the perfect ending, u'll be able to, and u'll
        finish the game under 3 hours, I did 2:35!!!
        If u want to get all the files, well, I don't mention them here,
        but I'll do a FAQ with this purpose in future days, by the moment 
        ur only objective is to get the reward, isn't it?
        So follow my path, r u Ready?  then just take a clock near u,
        sit comfortable, and don't let u receive any distraction, 'cause 
       let me tell u that I only saved... ONCE; it's true, after beating 
        the first Tyrant, do u want to c? write me an e-mail and I'll 
        send u the photo.
        OK, so, u're prepared; then let's start to get the "Secret 
        Reward" and all the fourth endings by playing just once, 
        with easy 45 steps...
    III.- Super Speed Walkthrough
     A.- Arrival to the Mansion
      0.- When u enter with Barry to the Dinning Room, instead of go with
          him, return to the Main Hall, then return with Barry, after the  
          FMV try to return to the Main Hall, and return again with Barry
          by where the clock is.
      1.- Get the golden arrow, and instead return all the way, go
          through the next door to up-right by the Dinning Room 2F, go to 
          the Tomb and get the Sword Key.
      2.- Take the Herbicide, Shotgun, and go to the nearest Save Room.
      3.- Refill ur Canteen, just for an emergency, I never used it, and 
          use the Item Box to just take with u the Shotgun, Sword Key 
          and if u want the Canteen, but it'll blocking ur space.
      4.- Go for the Lighter and Dog Whistle, and return by the same door 
          u entered, and go to the Main Hall throught the door at the end 
          of the hall.
      5.- Use the Dog Whistle in the Balcony, now get the Armor Key in 
          the Trap Room by going and coming through the Dinning Room 1F.
      6.- Go and get the super Grenade Launcher, now go to the Fish Tank 
          Room BUT FIRST!, enter the nearest Save Room down the stairs,
          put inside the Trunk all the items of the room, and do the   
          elite Grenade Launcher trick with the Grenade Rounds(see FAQs 
          section for more info), put in the Shotgun, Sword Key and the 
          Acid Rounds, and take out the Herbicide and the Canteen.
      7.- Go to get the Wind Crest in the Fish Tank Room.
      8.- Now get the Death Mask from the Knight Room, by pushing the 
          up-right, down-right, down-left, and down-right statues.
      9.- Go with Richard, and to the Serum by the 2F Dinning Room, open 
          the Item Box, just carry with u the Grenade Launcher, Armor 
          Key, Lighter, Wind Crest, Face, the Closet Key if u like 
          (and/or if u have it) and the Herbicide, DON'T FORGET THE 
     10.- Use the Herbicide on Red, and go with Richard by the door next 
          to the Piano Bar and through the Dinning Room 1F.
     11.- Take the Music Sheet and go directly to the Piano Bar (use the 
          Closet Key if u have it), and  combine it with the Music Notes.
     12.- Return to the Dinning Room and take the Emblem, play the piano,
          change the Emblem and use it to open the clock; set the 6:00 by
          turn the Large clasp twice to the same direction.
     13.- Go to kill the Yawn just if u want the Richard's Assault 
          Shotgun but be ware of being poisoned, 'cause u'll lose time!,
          instead, go to the end of the room, take the Mask, and get out 
          of there!, poor Richard, and his weapon useless, hehe...
     14.- Go to the Gallery Room by the East Stairs (don't worry the
          door knob is not broken), 1st, 4th, 5th pictures, take the Mask
          and get out to the Tomb by the grate.
     15.- In the Tomb from left to right; Eyes, Mouth-Nose, Nose, Mouth;
          beat easily the Crimson Head and return through the grate.
     16.- Take the Spray in the Storage Room and exit by the door next to 
          it, the right one.
     17.- Red-East, Blue-North, take the Magnum WALKING, the Crank and 
          open the Item Box to put in the Magnum and the Spray (if u 
          think it's a good idea), and return (if u shot Lisa 3 times, u 
          can pass without taking damage, with one too, but it's more 
     B.- The Guard House
     18.- Go to the Courtyard now by the left, use the Crank, and in the 
          Guardhouse take the Blue Herb, go to the save room, put in the 
          Item Box the room stuff necesary, and just carry with u the 
          Grenade Launcher, Blue Herb, and Lighter if u want to make 
          the V-Jolt, but, we need time!!! so forget it.
     19.- Go to the Spyder's room, take the Herb, First AID Kit (FAK), 
          and the Red Book (light the Candles if V-Jolt).
     20.- Get the key of Room 001 in the 002's bathroom, take ur time, we 
          want the Zombie in the bath 'cause we'll return, and he has 
          hair, so.
     21.- On Room 001, get the Self Defense Gun if u want (it's very 
          helpfull against the Plant), and the Control Room Key in the
          bathroom's bathtub.
     22.- Go to the Watertank by the Room 002, and take the herb in the 
          way; to drain the Tank, center-switch, right-switch, lever, 
          turn off valve (random), right-switch, lever, center-switch;
          exit and take the super Magnum Rounds.
     23.- Go by the double doors to the right, get the Residence Gallery 
          Key (u can kill the Shark by pushing the self in front of u, 
          and activting the power at the left), get out through the
          grate, and return for the Insecticide.
     24.- Use it, take the Room 003 key (make V-Jolt if u want u 
          time-loser! and use it in the Control Room of the Water Tank),
          take the book from the shelf and use the Red Book, now equip 
          the Self Defense Gun if u have it, and go upstairs, pass the 
          first railing corner, and next, attach the most u can to the  
          second railing corner, shot the Mini-Gun, now equip ur Grenade 
          Launcher, shot once, watch the small FMV but get ready to shoot 
          a few more times, and dead! (easy don't u think?), watch if u 
          didn't get poisoned, if yes, use ur Mixed Blue & Green Herb 
          until you're on Caution, or after killing the Plant; take the 
          Helmet Key and return to the Save Room taking the Red Herb from 
     25.- Open the Item Box, and take the Crank, Helmet Key, Magnum 
          Rounds, and all the Sprays and Herbs around there, 'cause will 
          never return to that Trunk, and if we need space, we'll just 
          use them (leave the Lighter if u have it), and return to the 
          * Watch ur clock, and u must have no more than 95 minutes until 
    C.- The Hunters
     26.- Now Hunters will be waiting for u, just finish with them by
          shooting directly to its face, CAUTION! Hunters can decapitate 
          u even if u're full of health!; go to the Main Hall by the gate 
          in the Gallery Room, go to Eagle Eye Room by  the Dinning Room 
          2nd Floor's 2nd door, turn off the light, move the small 
          shelfs, and take the Gems by moving under the Eagle.
     27.- Exit the room and take to the left, go straight-right to enter
          the Trap Room door, and kill the Yawn, take the Silver Wolf 
          Medal and after exit from the Trap Room, go straight, take the 
          stairs down, and enter the door before the Piano Bar.
     28.- Go to the Tiger Head (first and only door to the right) and use 
          the Yellow Jewel to get the first of the three Mo-Disk.
     29.- Return by the same door to the Dinning Room 1F (surprise! who 
          the hell threw down the statue?), and open the left door on the 
          1F Main Hall East side, combine the Treasure Box with the Red 
          Jewel, and solve the easy puzzle.
     30.- Enter through the 2F Main Hall to the Save Room downstairs, 
          and make the Grenade Launcher trick with the Acid Rounds (see 
          FAQs section for more info), and put in the Trunk the Grenade 
          Rounds, go to Fireplace Room and enter the Sculpture Room, go 
          down, take the Eagle Gold Medal, and go down again.
     31.- Activate the Elevator's power, use it, take the Lift Battery, 
          the Magnum Rounds, and the Herbs u can carry from the hall, and 
          exit through this, after, take left to past by the Dinning Room 
          2F and go to the Tomb by the Main Hall.
     32.- Enter by the gate and go to the Spencer Study, take the Iron 
          Umbrella Object and exit to the Courtyard by the double door, 
          next by the gate and take the elevator down.
     33.- Down, go to the South-East and place the Lift Battery, go up by 
          the elevator next, and use the Crank, now go down by the same 
          elevator, and enter where the cascade was, go down, go to the 
          Item Box and just keep the Grenade Launcher.
     D.- Lisa's Dungeons
     34.- Enter the door next to the stairs, after to the left, and in 
          the next hall straight-right, and take the Crank from Henrico,
          return to use it next to Item Box and enter the door, take the
          Herbs and FAK in the way.
     35.- In the next hall go through where the Rock is, and kill the 
          Spider with 5 shoots, use the Survival Knife and in the next
          area take the Blue Herbs if, go right, in the next hall left, 
          left, take the Cylinder and return to combine it in the area 
          before Henrico was (going to the Item Box first to leave the 
          Crank, and taking out the Gold & Silver Medals, the Iron 
          Umbrella Object, Mo-Disk, and Magnum Rounds), with the Cylinder 
          Shaft, and enter 4231 to use the elevator next and go down; 
          when u arrive, use the Item Box to just carry the Grenade 
     36.- Exit by the door, in the next hall go attached to the right all 
          the way and enter the door (use the same technic as in the 
          Cabin to pass Lisa without being hited), send the box to the 
          other side, return to broke it (all the way attached to the 
          left), take the Broken Flamethrower, and all the important 
          items from the Trunk, exit again.
     37.- Here comes the tricky timed puzzle part, go to where the switch 
          is, u'll see Lisa blocking ur way before arrive to it, then 
          just turn around and keep walking making Lisa follow you, 
          always next to the right, u'll see two Green Herbs, don't 
          try to take them or Lisa will hit u, instead, start to run 
          (still attached to the right) to the switch, pull down the 
          lever, now turn left, and run taking the first right, and the 
          first left, put the Broken Flamethrower and done!, enter the 
          door; all this must be done quickly, or u won't be able to set 
          the Broken Flamethrower and u'll have to do this again untill u 
          become fast.
     38.- Go straight until the second room (Lisa's Room), and take the 
          Treasure Box, open it an combine the Stone Ring with the Iron 
          Umbrella Object, go upstairs, take the Herbs u can, go upstairs 
          again and take the Magnum (and the FAK if u u left it), and u
          must have 1 EMPTY SLOT.
     39.- Return to the Mansion, dribble or kill the first Zombie, and 
          before the gate closes, keep pressing UP & B to run and don't 
          worry about the Zombies where the Ravens were; after the 
          Storage Room take the Iron & Stone Umbrella Object from the 
          wall, and exit again through the Gallery Room's gate to the 
          door under the Main Hall stairs, and continue to shoot Lisa 
          until she falls, or push the Stones (too risky), remember to      
          give Barry his gun, and continue straight until go up and set 
          the Wolf Medal, and the Eagle Medal, turn right, and get down 
          to the Lab and quickly set the CD2, I said quickly!!!
          * Watch ur clock, this part must be done under 55 minutes, and 
            u must have a total time less than 2 hours and 30 minutes.
     E.- The Lab
     40.- Go down the stairs killing all the Zombies and/or Chimeras, and 
          taking all the Herbs and FAKs in the way from now, leave the 
          Magnum Rounds in the Item Box, in the next hall go downstairs, 
          and go to the door on the left, John-Ada-Cell, go upstairs to 
          the left and take the Mo-Disk, enter the door, and take the 
          Mo-Disk, 8462 take the key, watch the Kenneth's film if u like 
          (or if u have time), and go downstairs again.
     41.- Straight, left, first door to the left to use the Mo-Disk 
          reader, return and when exit to the door next in the left.
     42.- Straigh to the Save Room, take the Spray and do the Grenade 
          Launcher trick with the Flame Rounds, leave the Acid Rounds in 
          the Trunk, exit to the left killing the Zombies, in the next 
          area kill all the Chimeras and take the Capsule to set it in 
          the right door after entering the door next of the stairs.
     43.- Kill the Zombie, use the Mo-Disk reader, and fill the Capsule 
          to take it back to where u took it WITHOUT RUN OR SHOOT IN ALL 
          THE WAY!
     44.- After exit from the Freeze room take left, right, left and 
          enter, right, and right and left; set the Capsule and exit by 
          the door at the other side, straight use the Mo-Disk reader, 
          now enter to the door in the other side, turn on the 
          elevator's power (here u found Wesker dead when he activated 
          the self destruct system by the Chimeras after the first Tyrant 
          in the original version; thanks to Enrique Gutiérrez by this 
          information), exit the boiler area and equip ur Magnum Gun, and    
          equip too the Batteries as Defensive Item, and now change them 
          to AUTO (we don't want a misfortune), take the Elevator; when 
          u start fighting with the Tyrant, just go to the end of the 
          Tyrant's back hall, and start shooting, if he's getting close, 
          just go to the right, turn, and shoot quicly again to beat 
          him, u only need 5 shoots; release the electronic door's lock 
          at the end of the room, talk to Barry, skip the FMV, and return 
          to the Save Room; watch u have all the Sprays or their equals 
          (or all u have, remember if u have something in the Trunk u 
          left the Magnum Rounds), take the Ink Ribbon and save (I did it 
          here, just once!!!), and before leaving the room, put the Ink 
          Ribbon inside the Item Box, go upstairs (or read the Endings 
          section), and to the door at ur left-back, to equip ur Magnum 
          and take its Rounds from the Item Box, now reload the gun to 
          fight against the final Tyrant (there's a miserable Green Herb 
          in the way), u'll only need 12 shoots to kill him, just don't 
          understimate him when u got the Rocket Launcher, and use ur 
          Spray or equal inmediatly after he hit u.
     F.- The 4 Different Endings
     45.- Now u'll be able to get all fourth endings from here, yes! all
          the possible endings by just playing once!, u can do it with 
          Jill & Chris, here's how to;
          Best Ending: Before going upstairs take the door next to them
                       pull the 3 levers down, and enter to rescue ur 
                       "companion", when fighting the Tyrant don't let 
                       him hit ur partner (Barry or Rebecca), just by            
                       keep shooting to him until he goes to smash u.
          Second Ending: Don't rescue Jill or Chris, and don't let the
                         Tyrant to kill ur partner.
          Third Ending: Save Jill or Chris and let the Tyrant kill ur 
                        partner, just don't shoot him until he kill him
                        or her.
          Fourth Ending: Don't save jill or Chris, and let the Tyrant to
                         kill ur partner.
          Done! u just played once, and got all the endings.
          If u set the Battery in AUTO mode, when the Tyrant grabs u, 
          he'll get a super shockwave and will release u.
          * Watch ur clock, u must finish the Lab section in nomore than 
            30 minutes, now u finished! I know u could do it, I made 
            2:35, if u want 2 c it, just e-mail me and I'll send u the 
          Rememeber that if u finish with Chris, u'll get his...
    IV.-  Items Obtainded
          Well, cool! but I only got these for all the pain?
          So, what do u think, it was a very good time-effort inversion,
          don't u think? hehe...
          Well, u also got experience, to finish the mode again with 
          Chris and get his "Secret Reward".
    V.-   Conclusions
          This Game is not very hard to beat as u think, well it could,
          but god bless the Grenade Launcher trick, hehe.
          What about ur time record?  a lot under 3 hours isn't it?
          Well this is the best game out there, but I hadn't play the 
          Resident Evil Online of PS2.
          All I can say for now, is that u're superior that lot of 
          videogamers in the world (except the crazy japaneses 'cause 
          they finished the Resident of PSX under 2 hours and only with 
          the knife!!!)
          After beating this mode, u'll agree with me that there's no 
          more challenge than to finish the Invisible Enemy Mode on Hard, 
          'cause there's not auto aim, few Herbs and Ammo, u can't c any 
          enemy, even the Tyrant!!!, u can't c if there's a Zombie in the 
          floor that after become a Crimson Head, u can'r know when 
          something is coming to u and/or will attack u!, but 
          fortunately, the Item Boxes are linked and the Grenade Launcher 
          trick works; if u beat the mode under 5 hours u'll get some 
          special photos and messages from the game's programmers, that 
          u'll only be able to c when u finish the game, so save before 
          the last Tyrant, and we want to beat this game entirely; so,
          good luck to us!!!
          Any suggestions, critics and/or questions that are not on the 
          FAQs section, e-mail me to the adress in the Credits section.
    VI.-  FAQs
     1.- What is the Grenade Launcher trick u mention, and how do I make    
      A= It's the best bug-trick out there for any game ever, or at least
         I think, it can be done only when u got some kind of Rounds that 
         are not already in the Grenade Launcher, here's how to;
         Go to any Item Box, take ur Grenade Launcher and set it on ur 
         upper left slot, and take too an Acid, Grenade or Flame Rounds 
         (the ones u want to make the trick with), and close the Item 
         Box; equip ur Grenade Launcher, and open the Item Box; set the 
         cursor on the Rounds and press A twice, this will set ur Rounds 
         in the first slot of the Item Box; now set the cursor in the 
         Rounds u already set in the Trunk, press A, and set the cursor 
         in the Grenade Launcher and press A again; u'll see that the 
         Rounds u got in ur Grenade Launcher are now in the Trunk, and 
         the other are in the Grenade Launcher with a bug number of 
         rounds, now take out the Rounds u just stored in the Trunk and 
         place them in another Item Box slot, or they'll disappear; close 
         the Item Box, and done!  Rounds for all the game!!!; u can do 
         this with any Rounds, but the best for Zombies are the Fire ones 
         'cause it works as Kerosene, and the Acid ones works great for 
         the Hunters, just follow the steps again to make more Rounds of 
         ur choice.
     2.- The FAQ at the top says English Final Version, where can I found 
         the FAQ in the Language I like?
      A= Well, I just translated it to Spanish, u can find it on my Home 
     3.- Which's the Resident evil Zero game u talk about, and where can 
         I find it?
      A= Is the game that talks about the before day's incidents to this 
         game, and the realease date for America is November 1st only 
         for Game Cube.
     4.- I didn't finished the game under 3 hours what happened?
      A= Or u're a loser, or u need more practice, or u tried to finish 
         the game for first time with this FAQ, try again, and u'll be 
         able to.
     5.- Did u really finished the game with 2:35?
      A= Yes I did, my 12 years old brother help me by reading the FAQ
         while I was playing yesterday, so, after proved, I wrote it, if
         u don't beleive me, write me an e-mail and I'll send u the 
     6.- How do I change the Defensive Item to Manual and viceverse?
      A= Press the Start button, enter to Options-Controller and at the 
         bottom of the screen says Defensive Item; Manual-Auto.
     7.- Can I post ur FAQ on my site?
      A= First write me an e-mail, and if there's no problem, I'll give u
         the access to do it; and u won't be able of change any single 
         letter, character or space of it, or...
     8.- Where else can I found this FAQ?
      A= By the moment just at GameFAQs and my Home Page; The JMS' site.
     9.- Will u make the Invisible Enemy Mode FAQ?
      A= No, it's almost the same like this, and practically the same as 
         the Super Speed Walkthrough FAQ to get the Rocket Launcher.
    10.- Will u make the Chris Super Speed Walktrough FAQ?
      A= No, I don't like Chris, it's almost this same pad, except Chris
         doesn't have 8 slots, but resist more attacks, and he must find
         Old Keys 'cause he doesn't have a Lockpick, anyway beat the game 
         with Jill to get the "Secret Reward". and by following this FAQ 
         again it'll be easier to finish the mode with Chris, and get 
    11.- Will u write the FAQ to get the Infinite Rocket Launcher?
      A= No, 'cause I already wrote it! visit my Site.
    12.- Where can I found the Files and Keys?
      A= I'll make a FAQ of this in the next days.
    13.- Can I make the V-Jolt instead of fighting with the Plant?
      A= Sure, it does not changes the game ending, just keep watching ur   
         clock and remember u need time!
    14.- I Don't have my Samurai Edge Weapon or Rocket Launcher in the 
         Invisible & Real Survivor Modes, why?
      A= You can not use them there, I don't know why, but maybe you just
         have to beat the game with a good time to get the Special Items
         availables in that mode...
    15.- I blew up a Zombie's head with just one or few shots of the 
         Hand Gun, can I do it always and how?
      A= I did it too, since the original version of PSX, and I know lot 
         of people did, but sincerelly, there's a very low probability to 
         do it in an entire game, maybe just 1 Zombie per game, and from 
         diferent locations, there isn't a distance, angle, weapon, any 
         pattern that u can follow to do it easily, it's maybe just Luck, 
         but the Zombie almost always u can do this with, is the one 
         outside the Tomb in the other side of the gate, where some 
         Shotgun Shells are.
    16.- Who is Lisa and why she didn't appear in the other Resident Evil 
      A= This is a hard to answer question, it's too large, so I just can 
         tell u that she's a new Resident Evil's character, maybe 
         there'll be more in the other remake titles, and all we can know 
         for now about her, is on the Wesker's Report 2 FAQ that you can 
         found on my home page in English and Spanish.
    VII.- Credits
    Thanks to all of the Resident Evil series personel.
    Nintendo, Playstation, GameFAQs and more people for this 
    oportunity to write my second FAQ after Dragon Ball Z Idainaru 
    Densetsu 100 Z Rank Guide in Spanish for the PSX (and Resident Evil 
    Dual Shock for PS1, but never posted due to a numeric Map only FAQ, 
    maybe in a future on my home page...), and this, my best FAQ at the 
    Special Thanx to my brother Aldo Jaimes, for supporting me while 
    getting the Infinte Rocket Launcher, amazing time brother and in 
    Real Survival Mode!!!
    And Very Special Thanks to u, by reading this FAQ.
    ICQ 87085570
    © J M S  (Armando Jaimes)
    Mexico City, Mexico; Coapa
    August 4, 2002

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