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    Chris Walkthrough [Normal/Invisible] by Knightdramon

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    Resident Evil Remake [Gamecube]
    Normal mode\Invisible enemy for Chris Redfield
    By Knightdramon [Dennis Pallas]
    Copyright Knightdramon 2003
    Index for Chris Redfield FAQ
    01) Introduction
    02) Victims to waste
    03) Weapons
    04) Normal Mode Walkthrough
    05) Invisible enemy walkthrough
    06) Character Evaluation Guide
    07) Upcomings section
    08) Legal Rights
    09) Thank you and good bye
    01) Introduction
    I saw many resident evil guides, but most of them were either repeating the 
    same thing for both characters or having tips that do not apply on some 
    versions. And I never saw a guide for Chris going besides hard mode. So I 
    thought I'd give Chris what he's been missing so long. A full guide. This 
    guide features a guide for normal games and the other modes. So...enjoy, the 
    Chris Redfield guide! (Walkthroughs for hard modes and real survivor will be 
    written soon, I promise)
    02) Victims to waste
    This section is to help people understand their enemies better. However, 
    without practice, perfection can't be achieved.
    Zombie doggies hungry for human flesh. They jump at you, sometimes taking you 
    down with them. Their other attack is to bite your arm, not letting go. You 
    need to kill two dogs in the entire game, the others can be avoided. If you 
    are really desperate, two shotgun shells will kill them for good.
    IET (invisible enemy tactics): In the balcony where you have to face two, wait 
    to see the visible collar and start shooting. If they grab you, Chris throws 
    them down, so it is easier to know where they are. In the other areas, just by 
    running you'll be okay. 
    The game is more realistic don't you think? Well, zombies have been made 
    easier to avoid as well! You can always run past them. If you need to fight, 
    at least decapitate them with the shotgun. For the mansion part when you only 
    have the handgun...^_^ shoot them in the legs and run by. A hand grenade will 
    kill and decapitate one, if you are in trouble. The best way to avoid them is 
    to lure them into grabbing you, step back, and see how the zombie hugs 
    IET: Zombies are hard if you do not know where they were in the original game. 
    The most common tactic is to lure them into grabbing you and step back, like 
    the visible ones. AVOID killing invisible zombies. 
    Crimson Heads
    As dangerous as Hunters. They are mutated zombies. Their flesh has fallen off; 
    they have grown CLAWS and can run. Their footsteps are REALLY loud and their 
    moan is scary. Always gets me panicked. Just don't kill any zombies ok?
    IET: Unless you know where they are coming from, these enemies invisible are 
    real trouble. Luckily, the green breath betrays the boss fight, and the ONLY 
    other crimson head is the one in the yellow corridor.
    The giant snake! I really don't know how the t virus got into a tiny snake and 
    made it...THIS. Yawn hurt Richard, but at least he got away. During your first 
    encounter, just run; get the death mask and leave. In the second encounter, 
    descend the balcony and shoot with the assault shotgun. Notice how Chris holds 
    the shotgun in this fight ^_~
    IET: It is easy not to get bitten in the first battle. Just run to the LEFT of 
    the room! In the second battle, shoot and don't mind getting hit. He will die 
    before the shotgun runs out.
    Chained beast
    Name not revealed for spoiler issues. You can't kill it, let alone hurt it, so 
    do not waste rounds and run. One hit gets your health down a level. In the 
    last fight, Wesker aids you, so it gets easier.
    IET: You get to see her before the first battle, and you know how it moves, so 
    you can bypass it with no difficulty. She is very easy in the catacombs, you 
    don't need to go near her and Wesker provides cover in the third battle. 
    A huge shark. There are three of them, one being the LARGEST. Drain the water 
    and they die instantly. No need to fire a single round. Get the assault 
    shotgun if they killed Richard.
    IET: Easy, just run non-stop and they won't get you. Try to run in a perfect 
    line, or else you will be hit.
    Plant 42
    The grand battle of the game. Plant 42 is hard because it can wound you while 
    you wait for the flower petals to open. The small yellow petals spread around 
    the room can poison you if you stand still. The self-defense gun works wonders 
    IET: It is harder than the normal battle. The core and petals is still 
    visible, but the tentacles are not. Try to see the acid flowing before it gets 
    to you. You will need to aim by yourself, which is HARD. 
    They hunt, they kill, they shriek. I believe that they were quite 'banned' of 
    their true abilities in this game. They rarely jump at you and they succumb to 
    shotgun shells. The only threat is when they slash your legs; you take a LONG 
    time to recover.
    IET: Run non-stop. Should they slash you or block your way, shoot one shotgun 
    shell to drop them and run. Running off them is the best thing to do. This 
    time, they got their skills back...
    There are only 7 of them in the entire game, none of which has to be killed. 
    They hit you with their rear legs or spit acid at you. Very slow. One full 
    handgun clip can kill 2.
    IET: I think that the noise that is heard in their rooms is just Shadow 
    Chris's footsteps. Easy to avoid, they are slow to respond, you are gone. 
    Giant Spider [Black Tiger]
    The easiest boss of the game. Two or three magnum rounds will kill it, or six 
    Nothing else worth mentioning here, except that it is really slow.
    IET: Stick to it and torch it with the flamethrower. You will get hit twice.
    Crimson Head Prototype
    The first crimson head. It has a beard and looks much cooler than the others. 
    He is also chained and confined in a coffin, sealed by 4 masks. He is tougher 
    than the others, taking 4 to 5 shotgun shells to fall.
    IET: He has a constant green smoke around him, so you know where to aim. In 
    the beginning, turn around for two free shotgun shots, because after that 
    he'll be running.
    The coolest enemy of the game. They are running on pathetic legs; have a human 
    torso with a skull, two huge sickles and some clipped out wings. They only 
    appear in 4 rooms though. There is only ONE that you need to kill. They get up 
    to the ceiling and grab you from there, slicing your throat if low on health. 
    Shove a Hand Grenade into their mouth for a realistic death!
    IET: You only need to run. When you have to kill one, it is easy to aim 
    because he is coming from a tight space.
    No info available. Can't spoil it.
    03) Weapons section
    Survival Knife
    Chris starts out with this. I wouldn't recommend using it anywhere, or you'll 
    end up dead in no time. Not tested yet
    Handgun 9. mm Beretta
    S.T.A.R.S standard weapon. Holds fifteen bullets. One clip is usually enough 
    to kill a zombie, sometimes two. Chris keeps this one for a LONG gameplay time 
    during the first mansion part, so time to know some useful tricks.
    1) The handgun can decapitate zombies. And Chris is the Alpha team marksman. 
    So headshots should not be THAT random anymore. But, you might end up wasting 
    12 to 15 bullets just trying to get a headshot.
    2) Kneeshot. This wasn't present in RE DC. If you aim down and the zombie is 
    close enough, either his knee will explode or he will at least drop. In the 
    worst scenario, the zombie will stop moving. Kneeshots prevent zombies from 
    turning to crimson heads.
    For the first mansion part, aim down at the incoming undead!
    3) Ammo is plentiful around the game, but it is REALLY weak. Nearly a clip for 
    two zombies? Do not use this on any strong monster like a Hunter or Chimera.
    Samurai Edge
    Custom S.T.A.R.S handgun. This weapon is extremely cool and reliable. It comes 
    with infinite bullets; fires faster than the berretta and in three round 
    bursts, and can decapitate a zombie with a higher rate. This is available 
    after finishing the game under 5 hours on normal or hard mode. 
    Looks boring. An old hunting rifle but comes with some firepower. It can hold 
    6 shells. The fire rate is considerably slower than any of the handguns, but 
    the power behind the shot is stronger. It also has a widespread function, so 
    it hits multiple enemies. In close range battles, its true power shows: a 
    zombie dead in one, maybe two shots. If you aim up at a lunging zombie, it 
    scores a decapitation. 
    Assault shotgun
    Richard's shotgun. Can only be obtained if Richard did not die from snake 
    poison. Behind the samurai edge, this is the 2nd most important weapon in the 
    game. Looks cooler than the rusty one, holds 10 shells, fires faster and has a 
    higher decap rate. In Jill's game, this gun is overlooked as you already have 
    the grenade launcher when you get this one. But Chris will be using this one 
    for the whole game, so better save Richard!
    Chris's worst weapon. It comes with 100% ammo. It empties in a single room. 
    Can only be used on a boss fight and against a lone hunter. However, you get 
    it right BEFORE the boss fight and it saves you about 6 shotgun shells. Good 
    trade off if you ask me. However, Chris needs to use it on some hooks in order 
    to escape from the mines.
    .357 Magnum Revolver
    Beats in power Richard's assault shotgun. One hit kill except boss fights. 
    Decapitates a zombie 99% time. Chris needs to do a task that isn't necessary 
    for Jill in order to acquire this baby, but it makes up for it. The game CAN 
    be finished without it, but it'll be hard. Careful, as there are about 24 
    magnum rounds in the entire game. 
    .22 Magnum Derringer-the Self Defense Gun
    Even stronger than the .357 model. Has the power of about 4 magnum rounds. The 
    downside? Only ONE bullet in the entire game! In the walkthrough, it is used 
    to end Plant 42 fast, but it can also be spared to hit Tyrant. Really a waste 
    on zombies or hunters.
    NOTE: Defense Weaponry
    This is similar to the knife, only shorter and about 50 times more useful. 
    When an enemy grabs Chris from the front, hit the L button and the defense 
    item is activated. Chris shoves the dagger onto the zombie's skull, making it 
    back off. Can also be used on Chimeras, but the effect will be really less. 
    Also, against Hunters, it REALLY hurts them. 
    Flash Grenade
    NOTE: Defense Weaponry
    Like the dagger, it can only be used during a grab and BEFORE the zombie bites 
    you. However, this is similar to the magnum. One hit kill! Chris stuffs the 
    flash grenade INTO the zombie's mouth and ten seconds later, it explodes! 
    Instant decapitation! It hurts the Hunters and decapitates the Chimeras. 
    Rocket Launcher Mark I
    Only available if you save Rebecca. Seems Brad has been hiding it in the 
    chopper for further use. Only used in the last boss fight. Since it kills the 
    final enemy in one hit, I assume it does the same for others. Comes with 4 
    Rocket Launcher Mark II
    Available if you finish the game within 3 hours on normal or hard. Replaces 
    the samurai edge in the beginning. It is like a sniper rifle and has infinite 
    ammunition. It considerably slows Chris down when equipped. One hit kill on 
    every monster and boss in the entire game.
    04) Walkthrough for Normal Mode
    Part One: The Mansion
    After watching the introduction video and some scenes with Wesker and Jill, 
    you gain control of Chris. Chris is equipped with the knife and has the 
    lighter in the extra inventory slot.
    [Dining room]
    Unequip the knife [wait for the knife guide soon though] and run down the 
    table. There are ink ribbons here, but they are useless. There is the emblem 
    here, but it is useless at this point of game. Just go through the only other 
    door here [but notice the pool of blood].
    [Kenneth Hallway] 
    In the next Hallway, which I name Kenneth Hallway, there are 5 doors. Six 
    counting the one you came in. Run to Chris's left and dive into the small 
    alcove. Kenneth has just lost the battle, and a zombie is eating him! The 
    zombie turns and looks at Chris, then decides that he'll have two STARS for 
    dinner. You refuse his offer, so as soon as you gain control of Chris, turn 
    right and run back to the dining room.
    [Dining room] 
    The specific zombie is too tough, and killing it NOW will make things worse. 
    So leave him. Go back in the main hall
    [Main Hall]
    Wesker and Jill are gone. Jill's handgun is lying just in front of Chris when 
    the cinema ends, so press A to get it. It comes fully loaded. Go back in the 
    dining room, and in the Kenneth corridor.
    [Kenneth Hallway]
    The zombie is now on Chris's right when he enters the room, so run to Kenneth 
    and you won't see it. Kenneth is holding videotape. It doesn't take an item 
    slot, so grab it. Enter the door besides him.
    [Birdcage stairs room]
    This room is empty of enemies, for now. Check the birdcage for 15 handgun 
    bullets. You might want to take a herb, or if you are scared, both. If you 
    decide to take both of them, combine them. Run up the stairs and enter the 
    door at the end.
    [Yellow Corridor]
    This is a dangerous corridor. The yellow corridor. IGNORE the herb unless you 
    want a sleeper zombie around the corner waking up. As you go round the corner, 
    keep WALKING and when the view changes, you'll see a fat zombie. Three 
    circumstances are happening here 
    The zombie is looking at the wall. If Chris runs besides it, he'll avoid his 
    The zombie is looking at the mirror. No problem here. 
    The zombie is already awake and wants Chris's flesh. In this case, either aim 
    down with the handgun and fire until he falls, go back the corner and lure it 
    or take damage. Further down the zombie is a somewhat long corridor. You 
    should see an arrow shining, pointing out of an armor. Grab it, the golden 
    arrow. When the perspective changes, you will see a zombie sitting around the 
    corner. Shoot down to drop it [don't kill it], grab the handgun magazine in 
    front of the mirror and exit from the north door.
    [Dining room balcony] 
    You are now in the dining room balcony. If One Dangerous Zombie mode is 
    unlocked, the room is empty. Grab the dagger and take some time to push the 
    statue down. [Some shoves west and one north]. Exit the room. If not in ODZ 
    mode, a zombie is stationed near the statue. In this case, ignore the statue 
    part for now and exit.
    [Main hall 2nd floor]
    You are back in the main hall, 2nd floor. The three doors besides the one you 
    came out from are locked, so go down the stairs and halfway down enter the 
    graveyard. The door is somewhat hidden.
    [Mansion Graveyard] 
    When in the graveyard, run down the stairs. You will spot one zombie. No need 
    to fire a bullet, just lure it to get on the stairs and run by. Zombies cannot 
    grab on stairs. Run along the path, ignoring the shiny item. Stick to the 
    right wall to avoid activating a lone zombie. Go into the inventory and 
    examine the golden arrow. Examine the tip and it turns to the arrowhead. Use 
    the arrowhead. If you are unlucky, a zombie can catch up with you while the 
    tomb opens. Run down the revealed stairs. Zombies won't follow you down here. 
    In the crypt, run and take the book of curse. Inspect it in your inventory 
    [it's back] to get a mansion key. The book is now open for you to read. If you 
    examine the key and turn it around, it will be named sword key. Exit the 
    crypt, but be careful. A zombie [or both if unlucky] will be waiting on top of 
    the stairs. Shoot them while staying on the steps, and when they turn their 
    backs RUN. If you accidentally kill one, it doesn't matter. Just don't waste 
    many bullets. Go back in the main hall.
    [Main hall]
    Run down the stairs and enter the door opposite of the dining room.
    [Art room] 
    This room part we will explore is empty. Just run, unlock the gray door with 
    the sword key and enter.
    [Dog corridor] 
    Now in the dog corridor. There is a dagger and bullets underneath the 
    cabinets. Exit the room from the north door [you will never return here].
    [Wealthy of rooms hallway] 
    In this hallway, enter the door on the right of the silver iron door.
    Examine the bathtub [nothing else here] and watch a zombie rise! Chris quickly 
    backs away, unlike his colleague Jill. This action might seem cool, but the 
    zombie is still alive! Run and inspect the bathtub, get the old key and run 
    out of there.
    [Wealthy of rooms hallway] 
    Carefully go back in the silver iron door. Unlock it with the old key.
    [Dog yard] 
    Don't be afraid of the dog barks, they won't harm you this time. If you had 
    collected the herbs before, get one more green and mix them for a triple green 
    herb. If you got one or none, pick up the red herb and mix it with 
    your\another single green herb. This yard is nice for refreshing yourself. 
    When you have either a red\green or a triple green herb, grab the chemical. 
    Chris's cramped inventory should now be full. Exit this yard, but take note 
    that whenever you return, you will encounter zombie dogs.
    [Wealthy of rooms hallway] 
    The wealthy of rooms hallway won't be empty either...when you run outside the 
    bathroom, the zombie in there will burst out! Ignore it and enter the double 
    doors at the end of the hallway [do not try to enter the other door].
    [Exit corridor] 
     Run DIRECTLY to the door besides the chair.
    [Eastern Stairwell] 
    You are now in a stairwell. It is not safe though. Run directly at the stairs. 
    The zombie stationed on the ground will come to chase you. Do the same trick 
    as in the graveyard and run by it when it gets up the stairs. Enter the save 
    [Save room] 
    Go to the item box and do some re arranging. Drop the knife, the chemical and 
    whatever herb you have. Grab the old key near the typewriter and exit. 
    Optionally, you may pick up the fuel canteen, but the walkthrough takes into 
    account that you are not using it. 
    [Eastern Stairwell]
    As you exit, run along the left wall when Chris comes out, heading into the 
    small corridor from when you entered. This way you will avoid the zombie. Run 
    up the stairs. Ignore the zombie on your left on the second floor, and run 
    until the perspective changes. The zombie down the corridor will attempt to 
    lunge at you, but as long as you are touching the wall it will miss. Run 
    around it and enter the door.
    [Red Corridor] 
    See mister zombie with the green clothes? You will need to get on the door on 
    his back. Shoot him, drop him, evade him but enter the door.
    In the study, grab the dog whistle and the handgun clip near it [it is there, 
    just search the table with the chair]. Exit the same way you came in.
    [Red Corridor] 
    The zombie in green is slowly turning, so run by his back. It will turn and 
    lunge at you, but you will be gone by then. Around the corner and near the 
    metal doors, zombie number two is waiting. Shoot him in the legs, wait for him 
    to drop then run. Around the corner, there is a single door [locked] and a 
    door at the far end. Unlock it with the sword key and enter. 
    [Main hall 2nd floor] 
    What a surprise! Once again, go into the dining room, second floor.
    [Dining room balcony] 
    ODZ mode or not, there is a zombie near the statue. Run to the door leading to 
    the yellow corridor, but instead unlock and enter the door next to it. 
    [Western Stairwell Balcony]
    Quickly unlock the iron door [again, guess what is on the other side] with the 
    old key. Run and position yourself on the balcony corner next to the herb pot. 
    Arm your handgun and blow the dog whistle. Two zombie dogs arrive. They take a 
    while to come, so don't go on shooting so soon. When you see them, start 
    shooting. You basically need to kill only the one with the collar, but the 
    other one is a nuisance as well. If you are lucky, your health will drop to 
    red caution. Chris is stronger and will get off their grip faster than Jill, 
    so there will be no problem. When you kill them, use the herb pot if hurt. 
    Grab the dog collar and exit the room. Discard the dog whistle when asked. 
    [Western Stairwell] 
    Back in the western stairwell, run around the stairs and go into the small 
    alcove. A zombie is waiting. You need to get to the door behind him. Either 
    shoot him down or lure him at the stairs. Be careful though, another zombie is 
    going UP the stairs. Enter the NOW free door.
    [Yellow Corridor] 
    You come out from the door near the fatty zombie. Just head to where the dead 
    body was. Then, the dead body rises! The first crimson head of the game! Don't 
    bother shooting him; enter the door at the end.
    [Armor key trap room] 
    You will now be in a gray path. Go up and follow the path until you find a key 
    lying. Grab the key, and a trap is activated! Go to the inventory, examine the 
    dog collar, examine the coin from its backside and use the imitation of a key 
    on the same spot the other key was. Exit this trap room, but remember the 
    locked door at its end.
    [Yellow Corridor] 
    Back in the yellow corridor, go carefully. Dive into the corner and enter the 
    door as fast as possible. A crimson head AND the fatty zombie are there, and 
    the door is between them.
    [Western Stairwell]
    Back in the western stairwell, the zombie [if alive] is easy to avoid, run on 
    him and you'll avoid his grab. Be aware! The door leading the balcony is 
    rattling! In ODZ mode, Forest comes in. Normally, a zombie comes in. If it is 
    the zombie, easy, shoot it, run by it, just get out into the main hall. If it 
    is Forest, either lure him to the stairs or avoid him.
    [Dining room balcony]
    If not in ODZ mode, the dining room balcony has a small difference...the 
    zombie has shifted positions and is waiting for you right next to the door. 
    This is the time to push the statue. In ODZ, no zombies. 
    [Main hall]
    Into the main hall, unlock the door on the right of the red hallways door.
    You might want to go out in the terrace to receive a dagger on a bench. If not 
    in ODZ mode, the terrace will also include Forest Speyer, dead. On the other 
    end of the terrace, there are two herbs. Take them only if you really need 
    them. If not in ODZ mode, Forest will attack you if you opt for them. After 
    you finish with the terrace, enter the red corridor.
    [Red Corridor]
    Unlock the brown door and also the double iron doors. Go in them.
    [Knights trap room]
    Push the statues until they are all in their default positions then push the 
    switch. Grab the jewelry box and examine its front and back sides, pressing 
    the switches. The box opens, revealing a death mask. Get out of the room.
    [Red corridor]
    Now enter the other door you unlocked a second ago.
    [Richard corridor]
    As you try to cross the room, you will see a cinema showing Richard and 
    Rebecca. Two alive BRAVO team members! Richard is heavily wounded and poisoned 
    though. Rebecca says that she left some medicine on another room. The game 
    lets you out of the room. You need to go back in the western stairwell save 
    room. The steps are simple.
    [Main hall-dining room balcony-western stairwell]
    You will have to go down the stairs. If Forest is here, wait for him to lunge 
    at you, avoid it and run down the stairs. If a zombie is up here, do whatever 
    you want to it and go down. Descend the stairs and enter the room on your 
    [Drug room]
    The serum is on the shelves. Take it and head back to Richard.
    [Western stairwell 1st floor] 
    In ODZ, be careful of Forest. Lure him on the stairs and exit. Be careful 
    though...he can run as fast as you! Follow the same route back to Richard 
    [careful of the zombie in the dining room balcony]. If you did it fast, 
    Richard is saved. Chris and Rebecca decide that they need some cover, and all 
    three of them are teleported in the west stairs save room! After some talking, 
    re arrange your inventory
    Handgun clips
    Sword key
    Armor Key
    After having these, go out.
    [Western Stairwell 1st floor] 
    Forest is up on the 2nd floor and I doubt he has noticed you. A zombie is 
    around the corner in this ground floor. Leave and exit through the door on the 
    north [the east one is locked]. 
    [Dark corridor] 
    You are now in a DARK corridor. There is a flash grenade on the table. Get it. 
    On Chris's left are a small alcove and two doors. Enter the right door.
    Chris is now in a bedroom. The corpse won't stay dead...grab the handgun clip 
    from the bed and head to the desk. Read the file and then check the closet. A 
    zombie comes out and attacks you! Do not waste the flash grenade on this one. 
    Fire down [VERY rare to knock him]. If you manage to get him down, grab the 
    old key from the closet. The space is REALLY cramped, so you might not be able 
    to avoid damage from zombie number 2. At all costs exit the room.
    [Dark Corridor] 
    If you are SERIOUSLY hurt, head back to Rebecca and let her heal you. If not, 
    exit from the door on the north of the dark corridor.
    [Kenneth Hallway]
    You emerge from a door on the left wall. In ODZ mode, this is EXTREMELY 
    dangerous. Forest is mourning for his comrade and waiting for him so that they 
    can both attack you, but poor Kenneth is not coming up. Enough...unlock the 
    door on your left with the armor key, dodging the zombie. Forest won't come 
    after you unless you shoot the zombie. It is really hard to dodge this zombie, 
    so just let him hurt you and go on. At the very end of this corridor, you will 
    find some stairs. Descend them and use the sword key on the door. Discard and 
    [NICE music] Collect the old key from the shelf, the dagger and the handgun 
    bullets from the table. Attempt to exit, and a cinema stops you. A zombie came 
    in! Start pressing down back so that Chris will escape after the cut scene. 
    The zombie at the table is crawling as well! Run to the crawling one and wait 
    for the healthy one [well, sort of] to choose a table side, and then run up 
    the other side. Exit the kitchen.
    [Kenneth Hallway]
    Back in the DANGEROUS corridor. But now it is a piece of cake, just run to the 
    back of the zombie, passing his side and enter the dark corridor.
    [Dark Corridor] 
    Time to explore the other side, along the table. Get in the room at the very 
    [Plant room]
    Use the chemical on the water pipes, set them to red and watch as the infected 
    plant is dying. If you are hurt, grab a herb and use it. Get another death 
    mask from the back of the fountain. Exit this green room. 
    [Dark Corridor]
    RUN down corridor. Two zombies will burst in from the windows. Ignore them and 
    head back to the western stairwell.
    [Western stairwell 1st floor]
    Use an old key on the door that was previously locked and enter.
    Get the broken shotgun [full inventory] and the flash grenade.
    [Western stairwell 1st floor]
    Avoid the zombie and head back to the save room.
    [Drug room]
    Drop the death mask and head out again. Time to explore the now zombie 
    infested east wing of the mansion.
    [Western stairwell 1st floor]
    Careful of Forest, go up the stairs and exit to the dining room balcony. 
    [Dining room balcony]
    The zombie in here [if any] is in front of you, so you have to go around. 
    [Main hall 2nd floor]
    Run to the opposite side, to the red corridor.
    [Red corridor]
    Enter the room that Richard was in.
    [Richard Corridor]
    Fake out the zombie by going through the columns. Enter the door at the end of 
    the corridor.
    [Dark and rusty corridor]
    There is a zombie on the alcove on your right. Shove in a flash grenade on 
    this zombie's mouth. Quickly go to the room behind him.
    [Dining room 2]
    Unequip the handgun if you still have it equipped. Light the candle [don't 
    mind the handgun magazine in here, the handgun has mostly become useless now] 
    and push the cabinet from left to right. In ODZ mode, go in with your BACK and 
    when the perspective changes, run out! Try to lure Forest on the door side of 
    the room, you need all the time you can get to get the music notes out of the 
    hidden alcove. Once you get them, fake Forest and head out. If not in ODZ 
    mode, it won't matter if you don't get in the alcove with your back turned. 
    Chris's inventory should now be full.
    [Dark and rusty corridor]
    Nothing here, leave.
    [Richard corridor] 
    Avoid the zombie by going into the pillars.
    [Red Corridor]
    Avoid the zombie stationed near the double iron doors. If you need to, use 
    your last flash grenade. Avoid the zombie in green [very easy to do] and run 
    for the room where you go the lighter. The zombie from the Richard corridor 
    AND the zombie from the eastern stairwell should now burst through the doors.
    Go to the eastern stairwell via the other door in this room.
    [Eastern Stairwell] 
    Careful, as there are still two zombies in here. Use the handgun to knock down 
    the one in the second floor and unlock the door with the armor key. Do not 
    enter, instead go down in the save room. The zombie on the base of the 
    stairwell is easy to avoid, lure him up and pass by. Enter the save room.
    [Save room] 
    Grab the handgun magazine. Then discard everything except
    Armor Key
    Broken shotgun
    Grab the shotgun shells and the first aid spray, but deposit them as well. 
    Time to get a new weapon for poor Chris [Jill players should now have the 
    grenade launcher AND the shotgun. See where the challenge is?].
    [Eastern Stairwell]
    Exit the eastern stairwell from the door at the first floor [do not worry 
    about the door knob]. 
    [Exit corridor]
    Go back in the double doors.
    [Wealthy of rooms corridor] 
    Go into the only door we ignored on our last visit here. Four zombies will 
    break from the windows, but it is no problem.
    [Empty nothingness room] 
    Chris is now safe in a tall and empty room. Enter the other door.
    [Sofa room]
    Grab the dagger from the table and the shotgun from the hooks on the wall. USE 
    the broken shotgun on the hooks and THEN exit this room. 
    [Wealthy of rooms corridor] 
    Back in the wealthy of rooms corridor, there is a zombie RIGHT in front of 
    you. 90% he will turn around and miss. Leave this corridor for good.
    [Exit corridor] 
    Run and unlock the door at the very end, on the left. The armor key's usage is 
    over now. Discard it. A zombie will come in from the wealthy of rooms 
    corridor. Arm the shotgun and DECAPITATE it. It is vitally important. Enter 
    the eastern stairwell once again.
    [Eastern Stairwell] 
    Now comes a hard part. Enter the save room. 
    [Save room]
    Deposit everything and get the handgun. 
    [Eastern stairwell] 
    Up the stairs again, this time go to the door you unlocked.
    [Prelude to power]
    Enter the door on the left.
    [Another bedroom] 
    Inside here, pick up the old key. There is a first aid kit on the table [first 
    aid spray inside] and a green herb behind the bed. Get out.
    [Prelude to power] 
    Use the old key on the door on the right. Get the red herb and combine it with 
    the green one.
    [Aquarium room-POWER room] 
    Grab the lure of a bee, combine it with the fishhook, grab the bee specimen, 
    use the lure of a bee fishhook on where you go the bee specimen and finally 
    use the bee specimen where you got the fishhook. Press the switch and the bee 
    comes to life! Grab the wind crest and get out of here.
    [Prelude to power-eastern stairwell-save room]
    Pick up the music notes and deposit the wind crest. Exit. Go ALL the way back 
    to the Kenneth hallway, preferably from the red corridor. Any extra zombies 
    are very easy to avoid. 
    [Kenneth hallway]
    Shooting the zombie will alert Forest, so take damage and enter the music 
    [Music room]
    Push the shelves a bit and get the other half of the music notes. Combine them 
    and use the music score on the piano. Allow Rebecca to practice and get out.
    [Kenneth Hallway]
    Dodge the zombie again [from the back side it is MUCH easier] and leave.
    [Dining room]
    Grab the emblem. If you are hurt, go to the forest terrace and use a green 
    herb from there. If you didn't leave any, run laps around the dining room. 
    Return to Rebecca and she will be done.
    [Kenneth hallway-music room] 
    Enter the secret passage and get the gold emblem. The door closes! Use the 
    emblem and exit.
    [Kenneth hallway]
    One zombie may burst in from the DARK corridor. If this occurs, this is the 
    MOST DANGEROUS room in the entire mansion scenario. Luckily you won't need to 
    return here again. 
    [Dining room]
    Use the gold emblem in the place where you got the normal emblem. Set the 
    clock to six o'clock and grab the shield key. 
    [Main hall-red corridor-Richard columned corridor-dark and rusty corridor]
    There is a flash grenade near the door which forest is in. Unlock the webbed 
    door with the shield key, discard it and enter.
    There are shotgun shells on one of the shelves. Move forward and you will face 
    Yawn, the giant snake. If you have any weapons equipped, unequip them so that 
    Chris will run faster. Get the death mask from the pile of junks on the 
    northwest corner of the room. Don't fire a bullet, don't get bitten by Yawn. 
    Now the entire mansion chapter is nearly over! Backtrack down to the eastern 
    [Save room]
    Get the last old key, the shotgun, and the three death masks. Exit from the 
    now ruined door.
    [Exit corridor] 
    BE CAREFUL as Forest in lurking near the door you unlocked with the armor key. 
    Enter that door. 
    [Paintings room]
    Light the very first paint, then in the next wall the two first and press the 
    button under the picture. Pick up the last death mask and unlock the gate 
    using the old key. No more old keys in this game! 
    [Mansion Graveyard] 
    You are now back in the graveyard, but there are no zombies around. Lucky you! 
    Descend the stairs and use all the death masks on the face sculptures. The 
    coffin falls down! Run to inspect it and the gate locks! The crimson head 
    prototype [the strongest crimson of the game] attacks you! It takes 5 shotgun 
    shells before he falls down, dead. Examine the area near the coffin to get 6 
    shotgun shells but do not reload. Push the switch on the coffin to unlock the 
    gate and get the stone and metal object. Time to leave this mansion for good! 
    Remember where the sleeping zombie used to be in the cemetery? There are 
    shotgun shells there. Get them as well. 
    [Paintings room-exit corridor]
    Forest is just in front of you, but he misses. Say goodbye to your colleague 
    because you won't be seeing him any longer. Enter the door at the very end. 
    [Exit path]
    Is there an exit from the mansion? As you run, a dog will come out. Use the 
    stone and metal object on the opening and enter the blue door. You won't see 
    that dog again.
    [Storage shed]
    Get the shotgun shells, the first aid spray and the flash grenade [yay]. Exit 
    through the east door.
    [Cerberus gate]
    Run down the path until Wesker radios. Make the red rooster face west and the 
    blue one north. Exit through the unlocked gate. 
    [Outdoors graveyard]
    Run past the second graveyard ignoring the crows and leave from the iron 
    You will hear a fearful howl and chain clanking. Run up the hill [all the 
    paths lead to the same place] until you reach a cabin.
    Inside, there is the map of the courtyard on a wall. Further down the small 
    bedroom [sort of] is an item box. Time to drop the shotgun. Get the wind 
    crest. Jump down and get the crank from the covered up exit. As you try to 
    leave, the door slams! Maybe it is one of your team members, or a sane human 
    being! Try to take a sneak peak from the window. Oh no...what is THAT? Hurry 
    out, but poor Chris gets smacked in the head! As he wakes up [lucky he is 
    still alive] he sees what hit him. A hunched creature, chained! You are 
    probably asking why the hell I told you to drop the shotgun, but it is for 
    good. You really can't kill this monster. Exit the cabin, but take care NOT to 
    be cornered by the thing. If you do so, it will constantly hit you and well, 
    you'll die.
    Run down the hill. Halfway, you will hear a...zombie! Poor Chris must REALLY 
    be terrified! The zombie down here is very easy to avoid, just run past the 
    trees behind him. 
    [Outdoors graveyard]
    From where you entered, run to a small area with two graves. Use the wind 
    crest on the right tombstone and it will reveal three more crests. Examine 
    them on their back and THEN use them on the left tombstone. Once all three fit 
    in, the slide reveals...the magnum revolver! This is the game's stronger 
    convenient weapon [well, besides the .22 model]. Take care of it.
    [Cerberus gate]
    Just run up the path.
    [Storage shed]
    Take the north door.
    [Upper courtyard area] 
    Brad radios this time, but Richard has really messed up this radio. Three 
    Cerberus [zombie dogs] patrol this area, but as long as you run nonstop to the 
    exit you are safe. 
    [Dirty pool] 
    Wow, a pool! It is really dirty from the rain and the tree branches though, 
    and Chris OBVIOUSLY does not know how to swim, so use the crank on the lever 
    to empty out the pool. Run down, up the ladder and in the elevator. 
    [Lower courtyard area]
    This area is full of crows, just run directly west from where the elevator 
    left you and enter the gate.
    [Path to the Residence]
    There is a red herb on the ground, better take it with you. As you run through 
    this path, snakes fall from the sky. They are NOT like Yawn, so run and enter 
    the door. It seems that the mansion has a neighboring house.
    Part Two: The Residence
    Run straight and pick up one blue herb. Feel free to get more, but leave ONE 
    of them here. On the left of this room, you will spot three doors and a box. 
    Shove the box and place it directly next to the other pile of boxes. It should 
    be in front of them. Enter the only door on the left of this corridor to find 
    yourself in another save room.
    [Residence save room]
    Get the flash grenade from the shelves and also the ink ribbon. Drop the 
    crank, the first aid spray, the red and blue herb, and the magnum and retrieve 
    the handgun. Time to put it back to good use. No extra clips needed, but make 
    sure it is fully loaded. Exit the save room.
    Enter the door at the far end of the corridor.
    Do not mind the spider behind you, just run around the corner, descend the 
    stairs and get the red book from the bar. There is a first aid kit and shotgun 
    shells there as well. If you are hurt, grab one of the two green herbs in the 
    room. Leave the room.
    Go back to the save room. 
    [Residence save room]
    Drop the shotgun shells and any herbs you have. Exit once again.
    Pass the corner by going on the now formed 'bridge'. If you elect to go the 
    other way, not on the boxes, a tentacle DRASTICALLY lowers your health.
    [L corridor]
    In this L corridor, run directly to the room labeled 002. 
    [Room 002]
    Enter the door on your right and fetch the key from the shelves, the 001 key. 
    You hear a door slamming. If you wait a bit longer, a zombie comes in! As soon 
    as it gets in, shoot it with the handgun. You need it dead and IN the bathroom 
    so that your path outside is clear. Once you kill it, leave and go all the way 
    back to the save room.
    [L corridor-entrance-residence save room]
    Drop the handgun for good now. You should have the magnum and the red book 
    along with the 001 key.
    Enter the door right opposite of the save room, discarding the 001 key. 
    [Room 001]
    A zombie hanging! Oh no! Run to the room behind him and collect the .22 
    magnum. It holds only one round, and it cannot be reloaded. Go to the bathroom 
    of this room and empty the bathtub. Get the key from in there and leave as the 
    zombie gets back to life! Exit this gory 001 room once and for all!
    Retrace back to the 002 room.
    [002 room]
    Push the left library in and once it can't go further, push the right one 
    west. Descend the ladder.
    [Aqua ring entrance] 
    Whoa! This HUGE corridor is actually the entrance to the infamous aqua ring. 
    Although you shouldn't need directions on how to push the crates, this is the 
    order 1-the one nearest to the gap
    2-the one behind it
    3-the one near the entrance requires some more pushing to set it on spot.
    Get the green herb and enter the gates.
    [Aqua ring] 
    The tank is flooded! And you are not alone! Richard is here as well! Poor 
    Chris tries to get near him, but a giant, massive, enormous shark attempts to 
    eat Chris! Richard dives in front of Chris and is eaten instead! Damn! As 
    Chris, quickly run to the RIGHT of the screen. Do not waste time, as the 
    sharks will gnaw on you as well. Unlock the door on the platform with the 
    control room key and enter. Nice music though.
    [Control room] 
    Go down the ladder and push the switches to activate the drainage system. The 
    sharks decide that you will be their main dish now, and go mad, smashing piece 
    of the protective glass! If you don't do something fast, the water will 
    overflow the room, meaning an instant death. Push the switch of the terminal 
    in the southeast corner. Directly behind you, push the switch. Read the note 
    on the table and open the valve stated there. The oil pressure valves are 
    behind the wall of the southeast corner. Run back fourth and push the switch 
    on the south of the room. Now, the final step is to push the switch of the 
    terminal on the southwest corner. The puzzle is solved! Get another first aid 
    kit from the floor near the oil valves. Exit this room through the now 
    unlocked door on the far north.
    [A wet room] 
    In this area, there are shotgun shells, but we have no space for them. Go to 
    the door on the northeast. 
    [Aqua ring]
    If you saw the video with Richard, you can get his assault shotgun near the 
    flapping shark. It comes fully loaded with ten shells. Further down the room, 
    past the great Neptune is a small lift. Get on and attempt to get the flashing 
    item, but Neptune crashes on the platform! Push the terminal into the water 
    and press the switch on the computer. Neptune gets fried! Beware, if you drop 
    down from the platform BEFORE electrifying Neptune, instant game over. Get the 
    gallery key and exit back to the room with the shotgun shells.
    [A wet room]
    This time, take the northwest doors.
    [Another wet room]
    There are magnum rounds in this room. MAKE SURE that you pick them up. Climb 
    the ladder, unlock the door and you are back at the entrance of the aqua ring. 
    Climb up. 
    [Room 002]
    The zombie is dead on the bathroom, so no obstacles. 
    [L corridor]
    Unlock the door right next to the 002 room with the gallery key and go back 
    into the save room. 
    [L corridor-entrance-save room]
    Get the magnum, the self-defense gun and if you feel like it some herbs. Leave 
    at least one free item space. Go back into the gallery.
    [Save room-entrance-L corridor-gallery]
    Explore the room and get the insecticide spray from the dead researcher. Exit 
    back out and go further down room 002.
    [L corridor]
    Get the map from the wall and use the insecticide spray. 
    Back into the gallery, go further down from the dead researcher and obtain the 
    room 003 key. The door is on the same room, so unlock, discard and enter! 
    [Room 003]
    Examine the bookcase and use the red book. I can't help you on this puzzle; 
    figure out the picture by yourself. If you need help, form a naked woman into 
    your mind and you'll get it right. Equip the self-defense gun and enter! 
    [Grand Hall]
    The glorious boss battle! A whip picks up Chris as soon as he enters, and he 
    is thrown away! When you regain control, run up the stairs and wander around 
    the balcony until the flower petals of Plant 42 open. Fire the self-defense 
    gun round and equip the magnum. Run back and fourth until it opens again and 
    fire two magnum rounds. Do not waste bullets if it shuts itself. Midway you 
    should see a cut scene. Two or three more magnum rounds and the plant is dead! 
    In the fireplace, get the helmet key. Exit through the now not so jammed 
    double doors. 
    After some talking with Rebecca, if you need healing, enter the room with the 
    numerical pad next to it. She will heal you. If not, exit back in the L 
    [L corridor] 
    Wesker is here. He instructs you to go back in the mansion and see if you can 
    find more clues. [Notice how he COMPLETELY disappears after the cut scene. 
    Must be ninja powers]. 
    Do not worry about the whip anymore, just enter the save room and take the 
    Assault shotgun
    Shotgun shells
    Helmet Key
    Time to go back to the mad house.
    On your way back, get a single blue herb.
    [Path to the residence]
    In the small pathway outside the residence, Brad will radio.
    [Lower courtyard] 
    Be careful, as the area with the fountain that previously held crows is now 
    the home of two doggies. Just run directly to the elevator and you'll be fine. 
    [Dirty pool] 
    The pool area has some nasty snakes. If you get poisoned, use the blue herb. 
    If not, use it to get some free item space. 
    [Upper courtyard] 
    The other area holds three dogs if you didn't kill them earlier. Just run by 
    the shrine in the middle and they won't touch you. 
    [Storage shed]
    Collect the flash grenade, the shotgun shells and the First Aid Spray. Go back 
    in the mansion. 
    Part Three: Return to the Mad House
    BUT before you can move freely, a cinema showing something JUMPING and running 
    interrupts you. Ignore this Hunter by entering the eastern stairwell. 
    [Eastern Stairwell] 
    The bad news is that there are TWO hunters here. Shoot with the assault 
    shotgun until the last falls and enter the save room.
    [Save room]
    Discard the Spray and go out again. 
    [Eastern stairwell] 
    Remember the room where you got the wind crest? FURTHER down the corridor is 
    another door, behind the corner. 
    [Fireplace room]
    There is a single green herb in this room, but I'd pick it up ONLY if I was 
    wounded. Unlock the door next to the fireplace with the helmet key and enter. 
    [Another trap room]
    Push the statue all the way down the room [don't stop even as the walls close 
    in] until you can push it no more. Unequip the assault shotgun and run to the 
    red-carpeted floor, press the switch and go back to the statue really fast. 
    Start pushing it from right to left and once it is on place, the wall will 
    reveal a secret room! If you take too long and continue to push the statue, 
    the walls will kill you. Get the dagger from the desk and drop down from the 
    [George Trevor's last stand] 
    Make sure you get the Last book vol.1 off the ground and examine it to get the 
    eagle medal. Examine the tombstone and remove it, and go down yet another 
    [Mansion basement 1]
    There are spiders in here. When the room splits to right and left, go right. 
    There are shotgun shells on the left of the deserted corner, as well as a map 
    well behind it. Do not mind the spiders, maybe they'll hit you once. Go to the 
    left and exit the room.
    [Mansion basement 2]
    There are two zombies and a red herb here. Unfortunately, you won't pick it 
    up. Pick up and use the blue one if you need it. Right at the fork of the 
    room, there is a dagger. Blast both zombies and run to the back of the north 
    one. Round the corner is the power generator for the mansion. Reset the power 
    and go the other way around, where the other zombie was. Unlock the door and 
    Be careful, as there are two healthy zombies around. Avoid them and run to the 
    back corner of the room. Call in the lift. The lift takes you to the second 
    [Torch corridor] 
    Clip to the left of the elevator and continue to run. The zombie is turned 
    around so he'll miss. Enter the room.
    [Small storage room] 
    There are two boxes of shotgun shells, a flash grenade and the battery. Get 
    the battery at all costs. Exit and run to Chris's left. Unlock the door.
    [Yellow corridor] 
    Guess what... If you left the last zombie alive, he'll be really close. If you 
    killed it but moved fast [my case] he is down, not even red yet. The fat 
    zombie will be homing in for a bite. Use a flash grenade on it. Time to show 
    him who is the boss. At the corner where the fat zombie was, lies the crimson 
    head. Two shotgun shells will kill him.
    [Armor key trap room]
    Run back to the back of the room and unlock the door there.
    You might want to pick up a herb in the library. Go normally; follow the path 
    and Yawn attacks again! Descend the stairs and start shooting him [Chris holds 
    the assault shotgun like a sniper]. Ten or nine shells are all it needs. As he 
    dies, he messes up the library. Use the herb now if you picked it and go 
    behind the wall and pick up last book vol. 2! Examine it like the first one to 
    retrieve the wolf medal. Exit the library and go to the western stairwell. 
    [Armor key trap room-yellow corridor-western stairwell]
    Unlock the door on your left with the helmet key and go down to the save room. 
    Leave with: assault shotgun, shotgun shells, crank and battery. Exit and go to 
    the room you previously unlocked. 
    [Trophy room]
    Push the cabinet under the deer head and pick up the dagger and the shotgun 
    shells. Switch the lights off and go close to the stuffed animal head with the 
    yellow jewel. Lure the eagle there, go BENEATH him, up the cabinet and 
    retrieve the red jewel. Exit, and go to the dining room balcony. 
    [Dining room balcony]
    Unequip the assault shotgun and start running towards the main hall exit. The 
    hunter will probably slash your legs; just keep the run button down so that 
    you keep running. If you mess up here, the hunter will IMMEDIATELY jump on you 
    after the leg slash and could end up killing you.
    [Main hall 2nd floor] 
    In the main hall, go to the door on the left of the art room and unlock it. 
    Discard the helmet key.
    [A set of rooms]
    The room with the small planet sphere holds a dagger and ink ribbons. The next 
    room holds a zombie and valuable items. Kill the zombie and then collect the 
    jewelry box. Combine red jewel+ jewelry box and solve the riddle. The broach 
    key was inside. Examine it and it will turn to a key. Get the dagger and the 
    green herb if you wish. Exit both rooms.
    [Mail hall-graveyard-exit corridor] 
    Unlock the only locked door with the broach key. 
    [Spencer's room]
    Rebecca screaming? Is she upstairs? Turn the light on and get the flash 
    grenade along with the metal object. They are hidden in drawers. Quickly exit 
    and go to the red corridor [remember the zombie in green?]
    [Red corridor-study]
    Rebecca is in the room where you originally found the dog whistle. CAREFUL, 
    because after the video the hunter will attack YOU from where you are 
    standing. Kill it and Rebecca is back to her old self.
    [Eastern stairwell]
    Follow this route: exit corridor-exit path-upper courtyard-dirty pool]
    Careful of snakes and dogs on your way. Go down with the elevator.
    [Lower courtyard area] 
    Use the battery on the elevator on the side of the room you haven't explored 
    yet. Two doggies are still making their way here. Up the elevator, back in the 
    area with the three doggies.
    [Upper courtyard] 
    It is a dog world. Scratch your way to the pool.
    [Dirty pool]
    For the last time use the crank to get the water back. For the LAST time back 
    to the three doggies area, descend the elevator and for the LAST time in the 
    two doggies lower courtyard area. There is a secret passage where the 
    waterfall was.
    Part Four: Catacombs and Mines
    [Mines entrance]
    Descend the ladder and enter the door on your left. 
    [Empty cave] 
    Go down this empty cave room, and run past the out of power elevator room. 
    [Elevator room] 
    There are only handgun magazines in there. The next room is a dead end. 
    [Dead end] 
    On the end of the room, you find the last Bravo Team member...Enrico! He seems 
    to have been wounded. As Chris nears him, Enrico gets on his feet and attempts 
    to shoot Chris while saying 'double crosser...' A shot rings behind Chris, 
    hitting Enrico in the heart. Poor guy. Before he dies, he mourns Umbrella. 
    Examine his body one more time to retrieve another crank. Exit this dead end, 
    running by the hunter that enters.
    [Elevator room]
    The broken elevator area is free. The cave room is not.
    [Not so empty cave]
    There are two hunters. Get on the LEFT wall ASAP, then run to the right as you 
    pass the hunter, avoiding hunter 2, and finally go right again to exit the 
    [Mines entrance]
    Dump the shotgun shells, the green crank and whatever other items you still 
    have. Make sure you are fully healed. Use Enrico's crank on the wall and 
    proceed to the next room. 
    [Boulder cave 1] 
    Grab the flamethrower from the hooks and casually go down until the 
    perspective changes. Run back, with the boulder hot on your track. Make sure 
    Chris is touching the right wall, as he will be stuck otherwise. Enter the 
    double doors the boulder crashed next to.
    [Black Tiger room] 
    A HUGE spider [black tiger] is here to welcome Chris. Equip the flamethrower 
    and run close to it, then begin torching. You may get spit on or rammed, but 
    you'll be fine. When it dies, torch the doors covered with webs. If you are 
    unlucky you may have to pick up the knife and use it to clear the webs. Either 
    way, enter the doors.
    [Blue herbs room]
    Set the flamethrower on the hooks and enter another boulder cave. 
    [Boulder cave 2]
    This one is easier. Use the crank on the wall three times and the boulder 
    breaks loose! Just run to the alcove on the left. Enter the room.
    [Statue room]
    This is the hardest puzzle in my opinion, and the most time consuming. See the 
    red part of the wall? Push the statue directly in front of it. Then, use the 
    crank on the hole to extend the red part. Use it again to get the piece back. 
    Push the statue a bit to the right, and on the circular platform. The platform 
    turns around. Push the statue out in such a way that it won't get out ALL the 
    way. Push it back in [you may have to do additional pushes from up or down] 
    and it will rotund itself so it is looking in the same direction as the other 
    statue. Carefully push it on the right of the other statue, in the gap. Get 
    the cylinder sprocket. Exit the room, and exit the boulder cave.
    [Blue herb room]
    Retrieve the flamethrower and go back in the first boulder cave. 
    [Black tiger room-boulder cave 1] 
    Equip the assault shotgun and shoot the hunter down [wasting only one round] 
    and use the flamethrower on the hooks. Run to the door and back in the 
    entrance! Phew...
    [Mines entrance] 
    This time, get the shotgun shells and drop the crank. You might want to get a 
    full healing item as well. GET the metal object.
    [Not so empty cave] 
    Proceed to the broken elevator room, always carrying the cylinder sprocket. 
    The two hunters can be avoided in the same way. Really, even if they hit you, 
    don't waste any shells. This is the last time you'll see hunters in the game. 
    [Okay, if you left the one in the exit mansion corridor alive then not].
    [Elevator room]
    Examine the control panel on the broken elevator room and get the shaft and 
    combine it with the cylinder sprocket. Use it on the control panel and the 
    code is 4231. Board the elevator. As you descend, you'll find yourself even 
    deeper underground.
    Enter the only door in this catacombs room. You are now in the labyrinth 
    [Labyrinth cavern] 
    Two or three screens forward, you will come to a fork. Go LEFT. When the 
    screen changes, you'll see the chained beast again! Turn around and run down 
    the right path. Eventually you'll find some steps, but instead go right and 
    enter the small alcove.
    [Small break room] 
    This room holds another box puzzle! First, get the magnum rounds and the flash 
    grenade from the pile of boxes [you really don't need the handgun magazine]. 
    Now shove the box one time from right to left, and all the way in the 
    transporting machine. Press the switch and watch it as it goes deeper in the 
    cavern. Too bad there was no space for Chris. Go back to the labyrinth cavern.
    [Labyrinth cavern]
    This time, go down the stairs. The chained beast attacks once again! Run up 
    the stairs and exit the room [picking those seductive red and green herbs will 
    really mess up your health as the beast will hit you]. Back in the elevator 
    Oh no! The controls are all messed up! Descend a ladder by the item box and 
    shove the box all the way left, then shove it into the gap. Press the switch 
    and the garbage compressor machine smashes the box. What is inside? An atomic 
    bomb? A guidebook on how to learn goku's instant teleportation trick? No...it 
    is a BROKEN flamethrower! Happy party time! Get it and go back to the 
    labyrinth cavern.
    [Labyrinth cavern] 
    Half way down the RIGHT passage is a switch. Pressing it will reveal some 
    hooks on a door to the extreme bottom left corner of the cavern. Lure the 
    beast to the left, go right, pull down the lever, run by it, down to the door 
    [if you are hit there are herbs shortly available] and use the broken 
    flamethrower on the hooks. Enter the door.
    [Voodoo room]
    Chris finds his way in a huge spooky room, with voodoo dolls and lit candles. 
    Run and enter the deep waters. The snakes here will hit you only if you stand 
    still for too long. As you surface, you find yourself in a bedroom. Get the 
    jewelry box and just examine it. A stone ring is inside. Combine it with the 
    metal object and get a second stone and metal object. Climb up the ladder [are 
    you starting to get suspicious on who the chained beast is? Could it be?]. 
    There is a blue and a green herb on the left and another ladder on the right. 
    Up the ladder and...back in the cabin!
    Go all the way down the mansion [beware of the zombie in the forest and two 
    more in the graveyard. Just by running you won't take damage in the 
    [Exit path] 
    Make sure you get the other stone and metal object from the door leading to 
    the shed. 
    [Exit corridor] 
    Shoot the hunter down for the LAST time and by any means go back to the main 
    hall [I prefer the graveyard route]. Use both stone and metal objects on the 
    doors beneath the stairs. Time to face your worst fears...your last unexplored 
    [Mansion Basement again]
    You emerge in a basement fashion corridor. From the item box, get the medal of 
    wolf and the medal of eagle. You might want to get a first aid spray. Descend 
    a LONG line of stairs and find yourself in the altar. 
    This is where Jessica Trevor, wife of the architect of this mansion is buried. 
    Once you get down the ladder you will find Wesker shooting! He orders Chris to 
    aid him. The battle against the chained beast [okay, by reading the documents 
    throughout the game and by this place, you WILL have figured out who it is]. 
    Be careful, as it can run and jump around. Shove all four stones down the pit 
    and you'll be done fairly quickly. Wesker's handgun won't really harm the 
    beast; neither will your shotgun, so just push the stones. Wesker will just 
    fire when the beast is close to him. He CAN get knocked down the altar, and so 
    can you. After you have pushed all stones, the coffin is unchained. The beast 
    grabs Jessica's skull and jumps down the pit. Talking to Wesker [supposing he 
    made it] will result in nothing, so just run down the revealed gate. 
    Up the lift and use the medals on the sides of the fountain. Time for the 
    final chapter...
    Part Five: The Final Chapter
    [Lab B1]
    Once in the laboratory, go around the corner and descend the stairs. 
    [Lab B2 save room] 
    Just by carrying the assault shotgun you will have enough ammo for this entire 
    area, no reloads needed. Just carry a healing item with you. Exit this save 
    [Lab B2 stairwell] 
    This corridor has three zombies. The area is so large, you can easily fool 
    zombie number one. Quickly run down the stairs [zombie two is going up, he 
    can't bite here] and enter the gate.
    [Lab B3 main area]
    Run to your right and let the zombie grab you, then use a flash grenade. If 
    you don't have one, make sure the zombie loses its head. Zombies in the lab 
    tend to mutate to crimsons REALLY fast, and this one needs to stay down for 
    good. Once you kill it, enter the door he was guarding. 
    [Lab B3 surging room]
    Grab the magnum rounds on a tray just opposite the door. Use the pc on the 
    lower right corner.
    Username: John
    Password: Ada
    Unlock the doors for both floors. For B2, type Cell.
    Now, run back up to the basement second floor and to the west of the stairs. 
    Stay on the left of the wall so that the third zombie in this room will miss.
    [Lab B2 projector room]
    For the panel on the wall, type in 8462. Run to the unlocked part of the room 
    and grab the Laboratory Key. If you got the tape from Kenneth at the 
    beginning, you can view it here. The slides on the other part of the room show 
    some interesting pictures. It seems that all these monsters you were fighting 
    have a file of their own! Exit the room.
    [Lab B2 stairwell-Lab B3 main area]
    Use the same route as before and unlock the southeast door with the lab key. 
    You might want to use it on the double door as well, to free yourself of 
    space. Use it and then enter the door you first unlocked. 
    [T corridor]
    In this T corridor, kill the zombie on the SOUTH passage and go to the door 
    behind him.
    [Lab power room 1]
    Move to Chris right as he enters the room. The chimera here needs two or three 
    shotgun shells. Make sure it is dead. Go to the area behind him and collect 
    the nitro capsule. Run back to the entrance of B3, but go to the door on the 
    left of the gates.
    [Lab B3 connecting corridor]
    In this corridor, go to the north door.
    [Refueling area] 
    There is a naked zombie, so aim your shotgun and kill it. The last time you've 
    fired a shotgun shell this night. There are magnum rounds on the sink. Examine 
    the nitro filler and set the capsule. For this part, just WALK. Unequip the 
    assault shotgun so that Chris will go faster. Don't use the C stick, as it can 
    end your game as well.
    [Lab B3 connecting corridor] 
    Walk all the way back to the power room [see why the two zombies on the way 
    had to die?].
    [Lab power room 1]
    Use the capsule on the same place you got it from. Now exit the room from the 
    other exit [don't mind the Chimera].
    [Lab power room 2] 
    Go LEFT [again, don't mind the Chimera] and follow the path to power room 3. 
    [Lab power room 3]
    Run from left to right and operate the green panel. The power is back on! Run 
    again, avoiding ANY Chimeras through all power rooms. In the T corridor, go to 
    the door on the east wall.
    [Lab lodgings]
    It is a save room. Drop the assault shotgun. Get the magnum, any magnum rounds 
    [you should have 12 and 12 and magnum with 2 rounds]. Get another first aid 
    spray. Exit into the corridor
    [T corridor] 
    Go explore the north part of the room. Examine the elevator and Rebecca comes! 
    You both go down in B4. 
    [Lab B4]
    There are shotgun shells, but you don't need them. Open the door at the end. 
    Wesker is here, even if he fell from the altar. After some talking, and making 
    Chris REALLY angry, he unleashes Umbrella's final bio weapon, the Tyrant. 
    Unfortunately, Tyrant dislikes traitors. When you gain control of Chris, run 
    by his side, to Wesker's body and unload the magnum. After 5 shots, he 
    collapses. With experience, you shouldn't get hurt at all. Go at the north 
    part of the room and release the lock here. Attempt to exit the room [there is 
    a secret passage on the middle of the room] and Rebecca comes to you.
    [Lab b4]
    Once again board the elevator and go up.
    [T corridor]
    Once you get to B3, Rebecca decides it is big bang boom time. As Chris, go to 
    the central corridor of B3. 
    [Lab B3 main area] 
    You are alerted that the self-destruct system is activated. If you go from the 
    way you usually go, nothing will happen. However, if you opt to go from the 
    unexplored part, two Chimeras will appear. 
    [Lab B2 stairwell]
    Up in B2, nothing has changed. Zombie two has shifted positions and is tagging 
    alone near zombie one. Avoid them all. 
    [Lab B2 save room]
    Get one last herb mixture from the item box and leave through the double doors 
    on B1. 
    [Final corridor] 
    At the end of the corridor, you will find another battery. Use it at the 
    elevator and Rebecca comes running. Some Hunters make their presence here, and 
    she decides it's up to her to stop them [she is only armed with a handgun]. 
    Chris goes up with the elevator.
    Up the heliport, grab the signal flares and use them. Rebecca comes in, and so 
    does...Tyrant! Fire two magnum rounds, but MOVE, as he will come charging at 
    you. Always stay in the same camera perspective as him, so you can see whether 
    he goes for that attack or not. Remember that Tyrant can kill Rebecca. After 
    you've emptied three magnum cartridges at him, Brad drops the rocket launcher. 
    Grab it and fire! Sometimes, if the music keeps going, Tyrant will deflect the 
    shot. If you waste all four of them, game over. Anyway, you have finished the 
    game with Chris! Watch the ending and see the end time. If it is your first 
    time with Chris, by following this guide you will have an end time of 3 hours 
    or lower, so the samurai edge and maybe the rocket launcher will be unlocked.
    Some notes on this game play guide
    1)	Richard Aiken CAN die if you are not fast with the serum. In that case, 
    most dialogues with Rebecca are altered and she will not appear in the 
    west stairs drug room. Also, Richard won't save you from Neptune and you 
    won't receive the assault shotgun. Fight with Plant 42 will be altered 
    as well.
    2)	Getting the yellow jewel as well as the red one, and using it on the 
    tiger statue. This will earn you one MO disc. There are three MO discs 
    and two of them are in the umbrella labs. By using them on black 
    terminals, you unlock a door near the refueling capsule room. This is 
    where Jill is held. Rescuing here will make the game have more cut 
    scenes towards the end. 
    3)	Not rescuing Rebecca. This will result in a fistfight between Chris and 
    Wesker in the end. The Tyrant won't appear on the heliport, and the 
    mansion will not explode.
    5) Invisible Enemy Walkthrough
    Normal mode
    The game is basically the same, except that enemies are invisible. You will 
    pick up EVERY defense item you can find, except the one in the art room. The 
    good thing is that you'll become quite evasive and learn to conserve bullets. 
    Try playing any visible game after this and you'll remember me. 
    >NOTE: Forest Speyer, the ODZ is not activated in this mode. 
    Any secret weapons you have unlocked will also be unavailable. The closet key 
    and any costumes you have earned will be available. <
    Part One: The storm breaks through the mansion
    You start the nightmare once again in the mansion. 
    [Dining room]
    Unequip the knife and run to Kenneth. 
    [Main Hall]
    Back in the main hall, pick Jill's handgun. 
    [Birdcage stairs room]
    In the birdcage corridor, this time collect both herbs and the handgun 
    bullets. Combine the herbs. 
    [Yellow Corridor]
    Quickly run to the mirror featuring the fat zombie and turn right. You should 
    be touching the wall opposite of the mirror. Get the golden arrow, run down 
    and WAIT for zombie 2 to move. Sniff it out by staying on the corner and then 
    carefully watch the mirror for his reflection. Back a few steps and hear a 
    lunge attack. Run near the mirror and exit the room. Notice that you have 
    ignored the handgun bullets. 
    [Dining room balcony]
    In the dining room balcony, get the dagger and exit to the main hall. 
    [Mansion Graveyard] 
    Down to the graveyard, run to the left of the stairs. In most cases, you will 
    avoid the zombie. If you are hit, take the damage and move, hugging the RIGHT 
    wall to avoid awakening zombie 2. Examine the golden arrow and use the 
    arrowhead. Run down the steps, grab the book of curse, get the sword key and 
    exit. You might want to shoot a few times on the open [you are guaranteed to 
    hit the zombie] and then run. Unfortunately, you can't see when the zombie has 
    turned his back, so shoot until it falls. Back in the main hall, art room and 
    dog corridor.
    [Dog corridor] 
    This time, shove the cabinets to retrieve handgun clips [x1] and a dagger. 
    Enter the wealthy of room corridor.
    Drain the tube and grab the old key. The zombie won't grab you. 
    [Dog yard] 
    In this small area, grab a green herb and combine it with your dual greens to 
    mix a triple green. Get the chemical and exit.
    [Wealthy of rooms hallway] 
    As you run through the bathroom door, you discover that they must have a VERY 
    strong air condition! The door opens for no apparent reason! Run to the exit 
    corridor, then to the eastern stairwell. 
    [Eastern Stairwell] 
    Run up the stairs and go forward back until you see zombie puke. Then you know 
    that the zombie has come up! Run past it and enter the save room.
    [Save room] 
    Deposit everything except the sword key, the handgun and its bullets. Grab the 
    old key from near the typewriter and prepare yourself...
    [Eastern Stairwell]
    As soon as you exit, hold down left on the control stick. Once Chris is 
    looking at the camera, RUN down and circle to the stairs. The zombie should 
    miss. Since zombies are invisible and there aren't many herbs available now, 
    you might want to save and reset if you lose health every so often. Up the 
    stairs, ignore the invisible zombie on the left and go to the corner. Wait 
    until the zombie right besides the corner lunges [you will hear a bleargh 
    sound or something] and run from the outer corner into the door at the end. 
    [Red Corridor] 
    The zombie in green is avoided by running to the LEFT. Enter the small library 
    and collect the dog whistle and the handgun clip. 
    [Red Corridor] 
    Run to the left once more to avoid the zombie in green. Around the corner, try 
    going left then turning right. This way you might avoid the zombie. If you 
    take damage it is okay. Exit to the main hall and go to the dining room 
    balcony. The zombie is near the statue, no problem.
    [Western Stairwell Balcony]
    In the western stairwell, use the old key on the iron door and enter. If you 
    are in yellow caution or fine proceed. However, if in orange caution or worse, 
    use the herb patch NOW. The strategy from the visible mode has drastically 
    changed. This time, go ALL the way down the balcony, to the door leading in 
    the main hall. Unlock it then turn using the C stick. Equip the handgun and 
    blow the dog whistle. Aim up and as soon as you see a collar floating [lol] 
    start shooting! You will hit both dogs and they come in a straight line. It is 
    nearly impossible to miss. If they grab you [for a reason, the non collared 
    one will be dead before it gets you] shake them off and shoot down. Get the 
    dog collar and examine it, examine the coin and get the imitation of a key. If 
    you were hit, use the herb patch. Discard the dog whistle and leave. 
    [Western Stairwell] 
    Go to the small corridor leading to the yellow corridor and begin shooting in 
    the open, aiming the door. You might want to aim down [hoping for a knee 
    shot]. Drop the zombie but don't kill it. Unlock the door at the end and 
    [Yellow Corridor] 
    Run to the trap room, get the armor key and use the imitation of the key. Exit 
    to the western stairwell. The crimson head is looking at the mirror and the 
    fatty is too far. If you run with no weapon equipped it will be easy. 
    [Western Stairwell]
    Back in the western stairwell, run non stop [the zombie is turned around and 
    will miss]. The iron door will open, and a zombie will enter. You will take 
    damage from this one. In the dining room balcony, run from the statue side 
    because the zombie is right BEHIND you. In the main hall, unlock the door 
    leading to the forest balcony.
    Collect the dagger [you need it] and exit. Go to the red corridor.
    [Red Corridor]
    And run to the corner. Turn to the left and begin shooting with the handgun 
    until you hear a zombie dropping. I was lucky and got a headshot. Enter the 
    double iron doors and push the statues until they are all in place, then press 
    the switch and collect the jewelry box. Examine the front side and the 
    backside to open it and retrieve a death mask. Exit in the red corridor [even 
    if the zombie is alive, he is behind Chris] and unlock the door leading to 
    Richard. The route for the serum is more or less the same. In the dining room 
    balcony, the zombie is back in the statue side. 
    [Western stairwell]
    In the western stairwell, the extra zombie is in the corner of the U shape. It 
    doesn't matter if you take damage. Descend the stairs, QUICKLY turn and enter 
    the save room. Collect the serum and leave. This time, shoot the zombie [just 
    shoot straight in the U corner] and run by him. In the dining room balcony, 
    the zombie is again in front of you, so run by the statue >_<
    [Main hall-red corridor-Richard corridor]
    Richard is saved and you are teleported back in the west stairs save room.  If 
    you are below yellow caution allow Rebecca to heal you. Pick up the sword and 
    the armor key, handgun and it's bullets and also the chemical. Time to clear 
    the west side of the mansion. Exit the save room and run down the corridor.
    [Western stairwell 1st floor] 
    The zombie may either be on the LEFT side of the pillar or in the far end, 
    near the corner. To be safe, go on the right side of the pillar, then a SHARP 
    turn down the corner and stick to the left wall. Unlock the door with the 
    armor key and enter. 
    [Dark corridor] 
    Collect the flash grenade of the table and run to unlock the door leading to 
    Kenny's hallway. 
    [Kenneth Hallway]
    This time, no Forest. SHOOT the zombie until you hear it falling [it is CLOSE 
    to Chris ok?] and unlock the door on his left with the armor key. Run down to 
    the kitchen and collect the old key and the dagger. Leave, and a zombie comes 
    in! Stick Chris to the wall opposite of the table to avoid a crawler and wait 
    in one side of the table for the healthy one [hehe]. You might want to shoot 
    ONE handgun bullet to see in which corner of the table he is, and run to the 
    opposite one. Go back in the dark corridor, where you found the flash grenade. 
    [Dark Corridor] 
    Unlock the first door you see when entering from the Kenneth Hallway. 
    This keeper's bedroom is the same. Get the handgun magazine from the bed, read 
    his diary and open the wardrobe door. Shoot DOWN and MAYBE you will drop him, 
    collect the old key from the wardrobe and exit the room. The other zombie will 
    bite you, so be careful. If you are in danger, do not fear, as I will guide 
    [Dark Corridor] 
    Go to the plant room [you should remember the directions from the normal 
    [Plant room]
    Use the chemical in the water tube. Turn the valve to red and collect green 
    herbs. If you are fine or caution, you do not need to. But just in case you 
    are danger or orange caution, use, combine, pick, chew, collect, do whatever 
    you can to restore yourself. There are FIVE green herbs here. Just make sure 
    you consume whatever you pick. Collect the death mask and leave.
    [Dark Corridor]
    The windows crash on their own! That storm outside must be turning into a 
    hurricane! Anyway, enter the western stairwell [the door is straight ahead] 
    and unlock the door on your right with an old key. 
    Inside, pick the broken shotgun and the flash grenade.
    [Western stairwell 1st floor]
    Go back to Rebecca [the zombie stays on the right] and leave the death mask 
    and the broken shotgun. Go up the stairs and exit this west side forever 
    [you'll return soon, but never in this stairwell for some time]. The zombie is 
    on the right side of the U, stuck on the wall. Easily avoid him. In the dining 
    room balcony, the zombie is in front of Chris, so move by the statue.
    [Main hall 2nd floor]
    In the red corridor, enter the Richard room and go by the columns to avoid an 
    invisible zombie here.
    [Dark and rusty corridor]
    In the dark and rusty corridor, once again shove in a flash grenade to the 
    poor zombie. There is another one right next to the door leading to the dark 
    dining room.
    [Dining room 2]
    In the dining room, light the candle, collect the handgun clip and push the 
    cabinet. Enter normally, but leave as soon as you hear zombie steps. Run to 
    the door of the room, count to seven then run the opposite way, enter the 
    hidden passage and collect the music notes. Run from the path you took to 
    AVOID the zombie earlier and exit. In Richard's corridor, the zombie is TOO 
    stupid, leaving you time to collect the green herbs if you want.
    [Red Corridor]
    Back in the red corridor, if the zombie near the double iron doors is alive, 
    drop him and go CAREFULLY and stick to the wall of the corner. The zombie in 
    green will go BLEARGH [lol he'll miss] so run around him and enter the door 
    that previously held the dog whistle. 
    [Eastern Stairwell] 
    In the eastern stairwell, drop the lone zombie guarding the corridor just in 
    front of you and enter the door, unlocking it with the armor key.
    [Prelude to power]
    Unlock the door with the old key but do not enter. Collect the red herb and 
    enter the opposite door. 
    [Another bedroom] 
    Grab the green herb from behind the bed and combine it with the red one, then 
    grab the old key from the table and the First aid kit [FAS inside].
    [Eastern Stairwell] 
    Go down the stairs, running carefully around to avoid the zombie and enter the 
    save room. Get the items Wesker left for you [you will need to drop some of 
    your own to get all of them ^_^]. Exit with the old key, the armor key and the 
    broken shotgun. Leave the save room, hugging the wall to avoid the zombie. Go 
    to the exit corridor and in the back, to the wealthy of rooms corridor.
    [Wealthy of rooms corridor] 
    The storm shatters the mansion windows once again, but enter the trap room and 
    you'll be safe of the wind. In the sofa room, collect the shotgun and use the 
    broken one on the hooks. There is also a dagger. For those of you who have 
    been saving, get the ink ribbons. Exit the room and enter the exit corridor 
    [Exit corridor]
    Unlock the door to the room of paintings [freeing yourself of the armor key] 
    and enter. 
    [Paintings room]
    Solve the puzzle [very first picture and two last ones], exit in the 
    graveyard, free yourself of the old key and collect the death mask. Go back in 
    the eastern stairwell [oddly I didn't bump into a zombie in the exit corridor] 
    and up to the room you unlocked with the armor key. Enter the door you ignored 
    [Aquarium room-POWER room] 
    For the puzzle solution, look in the normal walkthrough. Grab the wind crest 
    and leave. Down in the save room, retrieve the handgun, the music notes and 
    any handgun bullets you might have. Exit the save room. 
    [Eastern Stairwell] 
    Hug the right wall to avoid the zombie and up the stairs. If you are unlucky 
    and the zombie patrolling the red corridor is still here, stick to the corner 
    while waiting for the bleargh sound, then go to the red corridor. Exit to the 
    main hall, noticing the door slam. 
    [Main hall]
    Go to the dining room [1st floor] and in the Kenneth corridor. Drop the zombie 
    and enter the room you unlocked with the armor key.
    [Music room]
    In the backside of this piano room, push the bookcase [in any direction, right 
    or left] and retrieve the musical score. Combine it with your music notes to 
    get the whole thing. Use it on the piano and Rebecca comes in. Allow her to 
    practice and leave. If the zombie in Kenny's corridor is alive, no problem as 
    you can run by its back. Go to the main hall and go back into the dining room, 
    picking up the emblem. Drop the zombie for the final time if it is still alive 
    and enter the piano room. Rebecca has finished. Enter the revealed passage and 
    get the golden emblem. Use the wooden one on the same spot and exit. Pass that 
    zombie if for god's shake it is still alive and go to the dining room. Use the 
    golden emblem in the spot where you got the wooden one and go to the clock. 
    Move the large lever twice on the left and stop turning. The shield key is 
    [Main hall]
    Go back in the red corridor. The zombie from Richard's place is looking at the 
    door leading to the main hall. Just let him grab you, use a dagger and go to 
    Richard's corridor. Run directly to the dark and rusty corridor and unlock the 
    webbed door with the shield key. Discard and enter. 
    There are shotgun shells on the shelves, make sure you get them. Move forward 
    and Yawn appears! When the video ends, get the death mask. Yawn's head is on 
    the right of the room, so don't be stupid and go there like I did ok? Exit the 
    room. -If you were bitten, Rebecca will come. The route to the drug room is 
    the same, but notice that the zombie in the U corner in the western stairwell 
    is already walking towards you when you ascend the stairs. - As Chris, go down 
    to the save room. Prefer the door of the dog whistle room. You might take 
    damage from the zombie at the base of the stairs, but I promise it'll be for 
    the LAST time.
    [Save room]
    Get the shotgun, a first aid spray and the four death masks. Exit the eastern 
    stairwell from the broken doorknob door [it is now ruined]. There are two 
    zombies in the exit corridor, but if you run hugging the right wall and 
    entering the paintings room you won't get hurt.
    [Mansion Graveyard] 
    Use the four masks on the holes down the crypt and the crimson head prototype 
    is released! He IS invisible, but he smokes green smoke. If you get hurt, use 
    the first aid spray. It will take 4 to 5 shotgun shells as usual. When he is 
    dead, grab the stone and metal object from the coffin, press the switch and 
    collect the shotgun shells. In the Graveyard, collect the shotgun shells from 
    where zombie 2 used to be. Go back in the paintings room and enter the exit 
    [Exit corridor]
    Shoot straight with the shotgun to drop a zombie and run to the door. The 
    other zombie in the room will miss. In the small yard, don't mind the 
    invisible dog's footsteps, just use the stone and metal object on the pedestal 
    next to the door and enter the shed. 
    [Storage shed]
    In here, collect the flash grenade, the shot shells and the first aid spray. 
    Go to the east door. 
    [Cerberus gate]
    Turn the first rooster west and the other north. In the graveyard, ignore the 
    invisible crows and go up the hill. 
    That howl again...go up the hill and in the cabin. Deposit the shotgun and any 
    shells; keep only a healing item, the crank and the wind crest. Attempt to 
    exit and you hear the door slamming...run to the window to see that NOBODY has 
    entered. Darn that storm has really wrecked the place! Run to the entrance, 
    only to be smacked by the beast in chains again. Chris wakes up and the beast 
    appears again. Run to its side [it doesn't matter if you'll get hit] and exit 
    the cabin. Go down the hill, but do not forget to run to the right in order to 
    avoid a zombie in green [could it be?].
    [Outdoors graveyard]
    Back in the graveyard, go to the two tombstones and use the wind crest on the 
    right one. Collect all the crests and examine their backs to reveal some 
    protruding metallic lines. When they appear, use them on the left tombstone. 
    When all three are used, the magnum can be retrieved. GRAB it and leave the 
    graveyard. Go up all the way into the shed and exit to the dog yard. 
    [Upper courtyard area] 
    Brad radios, but Chris isn't in the mood right now, as you have to run through 
    an area with three invisible doggies. Stick to the right of the room and make 
    a sharp turn to avoid them. In the pool area, use the crank and go down the 
    ladder. Follow the path to the elevator. 
    [Lower courtyard area]
    There are invisible crows in the lower yard, but if you run without stopping 
    you'll be okay. There is a red herb in the path to the residence; you'll need 
    to collect it. Enter the residence, but beware of the snakes dropping from the 
    Part Two: The Residence
    Another madhouse. No time to waste, ignore the blue herbs and get in the save 
    [Residence save room]
    Grab the handgun and deposit everything else except the red herb. Exit the 
    save room. You might want to do the box puzzle now. Remember, form a 
    heightening bridge with the crates and you'll be okay. 
    Collect the green herb and use it if Lisa or the doggies hit you [aka yellow 
    caution] and go down to the bar. Grab the red book, the first aid kit and the 
    shotgun shells. Open the kit and combine the blue\green mixture with the red 
    herb. Exit the room [run around a circle near the door so that you can evade 
    any spider attacks]. Go up the formed bridge and enter the L corridor.
    [L corridor]
    Go into room 002 and into the bathroom. Collect the room 001 key and attempt 
    to exit, but the wind slams the door again! Begin shooting until the zombie 
    falls dead. For one reason, this zombie is almost visible I must say. Once it 
    is dead, exit to the 002 room and push the bookshelves. A ladder is revealed, 
    but we still need to do something else. Go all the way back to the save room, 
    but enter room 001. Discard the key.
    [Room 001]
    Inside, get the self-defense gun and go into the bathroom. Unplug the tub and 
    collect the control room key. Exit before the zombie comes to life. Go into 
    the save room and drop the handgun and anything else except the control room 
    key. Leave the save room and go to the L corridor -> room 002. Go down the 
    [Aqua ring entrance] 
    Shove the crates into the water. Pass the now formed bridge [Chris must be an 
    architect] and collect the green herb. Enter the aqua ring.
    [Aqua ring] 
    Watch the death of poor Richard and prepare to run non-stop from the sharks! 
    If you get hurt, use the green herb. Use the control room key and enter the 
    control room [lol what else?]. 
    [Control room] 
    Press the switch on the panel and prepare for puzzle time! The solution: 
    Push the switch of the terminal in the southeast corner. Directly behind you, 
    push the switch. Read the note on the table and open the valve stated there. 
    The oil pressure valves are behind the wall of the southeast corner. Run back 
    fourth and push the switch on the south of the room. Now, the final step is to 
    push the switch of the terminal on the southwest corner. Puzzle time is over. 
    The water god was angry with us, as nothing was hitting the glass the entire 
    time [invisible enemy effects]. Collect the first aid kit and combine it with 
    your green herb if you still have it. Exit from the door with the valve on it. 
    [A wet room] 
    There are shotgun shells here, grab them. Exit from the double doors
    [Aqua ring]
    Do not forget to collect the assault shotgun on the floor [the water god's 
    wrath is still upon us! The water is splashing on its own!] and run to the 
    platform. Attempt to take the gallery key and Neptune takes it down with him! 
    Shove in the electric box, and then turn on the machine. Neptune is fried. Go 
    down the platform and collect the gallery key. Exit this water-splashes-for-
    no-reason room. Back in the wet room [where you go the shotgun shells] go 
    through the other door. Get the magnum clip and ascend the ladder. Unlock the 
    door and find yourself in the bridge room [sort of].
    [Aqua ring entrance] 
    The bridge is not present, as the water is not present as well. Go up in the 
    002 room and exit to the L corridor. Unlock the door leading to the gallery 
    and enter. Discard the key. 
    In the gallery, take the insecticide spray from the corpse and go out again. 
    Go further down room 002, and collect the map of the residence. Use the 
    insecticide spray and all the bees are dead! Go back in the save room and get 
    the magnum, the red book, the self-defense gun and a healing item [optional]. 
    SAVE the game and go back to the gallery. From where the bees' hive was, get 
    the room 003 key. Use it to unlock the [guess what] 003 room. It is in the 
    same room.
    [Room 003]
     Enter and take the white book off the shelf. Put the red book there and solve 
    the puzzle with the naked woman. Enter the revealed door to fight Plant 42! 
    [Grand Hall]
    This time, the tentacles are invisible. You will be able to see the acid 
    dropping from them, so make the necessary adjustments and move Chris before 
    the acid gets him. Fight it from the upper balcony. The core and petal are not 
    invisible, so you know WHERE to shoot. No, no do not smile yet. Remember? 
    Invisible enemy comes WITHOUT auto aim. You have to align Chris so the self-
    defense gun bullet HITS the core. Once it does, make sure four magnum rounds 
    do as well. Aiming is crucial, because if you fail you won't have enough 
    bullets for it. You might want to try with the assault shotgun and its 
    widespread ability, but you will waste a lot of ammo that way. 4 magnum rounds 
    and 1 self-defense gun bullet are more than enough. Anyway, after you kill it 
    go down and collect the helmet key from the fireplace. Exit the great hall 
    from the double doors.
    If you were hit, follow Rebecca into the chemicals room and allow her to heal 
    you. Exit in the L corridor, say hello to your ninja captain and run back to 
    the save room. Leave everything except the assault shotgun, its shells and the 
    helmet key.  As you attempt to leave the residence, grab one blue herb.
    [Path to the residence]
    Go down the path, alerted by Brad, in the lower courtyard [just go in a zigzag 
    pattern towards the waterfall to avoid the dog] and up the elevator. The 
    snakes here are difficult to avoid, if you get bitten, especially towards the 
    ladder, use the blue herb. In the doggie courtyard, run by the shrine in the 
    middle and go down without turning until you reach the wall, because doggie 1 
    will bite you. After that, it is a child's play towards the mansion. 
    [Storage shed]
    Pick up the shotgun shells, the flash grenade and the first aid spray.
    Part Three: Hunter festival!
    Go down the exit path that is free from enemies and go into the exit corridor 
    [temporary free] until invisible hunter storms in. 
    [Eastern Stairwell] 
    No, there are no zombies anymore, just TWO hunters. Run up the stairs. 
    Eventually, the hunter of the upper floor will block your path. Fire one 
    shotgun shell to drop him and continue to the room where you got the wind 
    crest. Go further down and turn at the corridor. Enter the room directly in 
    [Fireplace room]
    If done correct, you should only get hit from hunter two. If you did, there is 
    a green herb in here. Unlock the door at the other side of the room with the 
    helmet key and enter. 
    [Another trap room]
    This is the famous walls-that-slide-in room! Unequip the assault shotgun and 
    push the statue all the way down the room, even as the walls close in. Once it 
    touches the wall, go around the trap walls [following the red carpet] and 
    press the switch. The walls slide back! Run out of there and QUICKLY go near 
    the statue, on its right side. Start pushing it to the left, hurry! Once it 
    slides on the floor mark, the walls stop and a passage is revealed. Collect 
    the dagger from the small cabinet and drop down. Pick up the last book vol. 1 
    and deface the grave. Go down once again.
    [Mansion basement 1]
    This room is echoing with Shadow Chris's footsteps! This time, do not run in 
    the right alcove to pick up the shotgun shells, run left and around the 
    materialized footsteps and enter the door. 
    [Mansion basement 2]
    The two zombies in here are somewhat clear; I was able to see them. Turn left 
    at the fork and fire at the zombie in green [always invisible]. You will be 
    able to determine when the other zombie is close by looking at the water 
    puddle. After you clear the path from both, run to where the zombie walking in 
    water was and reset the power for the elevator. As you leave from where the 
    zombie in green was, grab the dagger on the floor.
    Turn to face the screen and fire one shotgun round. You will hear a zombie 
    dropping. Run to the screen, go around the path and call the elevator. Board 
    on and it takes Chris up to the second floor of the mansion. 
    [Torch corridor] 
    Quickly run to the alcove on the left [there is a zombie but even if you run 
    straight it will miss, it has its back turned] and enter the small storage. 
    Collect the battery [full inventory] and the flash grenade along with the 
    shotgun shells. Exit the room, go around and unlock the door. Enter to find 
    yourself in the yellow corridor.
    [Yellow corridor] 
    Now, there are two different conditions. Either zombie 3 is near where you got 
    the golden arrow, zombie 2 is near the door leading to the crow stairs and 
    crimsony is in his usual place [VERY easy run] or zombie 3 is near the mirror, 
    zombie 2 is going down to join zombie 3 and crimsony is in his usual place 
    [back turned, near the door leading to the western stairwell]. Shoot down 
    zombie 3, if in the first pattern avoid zombie 2 but in either way, kill 
    crimsony. Since your inventory is full, go to the western stairwell [free of 
    enemies], unlock the door to your left with the helmet key and go down the 
    [Drug room]
    In the save room, drop the battery and the last book vol. 1. Exit. Time for 
    round two with Yawn. Go up the stairs and all the way to the armor key trap 
    room. The fat zombie should be completely out of your way. In the armor key 
    trap room, unlock the door at the very end with your helmet key and enter.
    The library is BIG. Do not collect these herbs yet, just continue along the 
    path. Yawn will break in. In invisible mode, turn around to face him and fire 
    one shotgun round. A free shot is neat. Go down the ladder and move forward 
    until the camera perspective changes. Yawn will come out from the left library 
    passage. His fangs are visible, and you can see acid dropping. Raise the 
    assault shotgun and start firing towards the fangs. If you are hit, reset your 
    aim and fire. You should be hit twice. Use the first aid spray we got from the 
    shed a LONG time ago and continue shooting. Yawn should die before the shotgun 
    runs out. When he dies, go around his now visible body and collect the last 
    book vol. 2 from the messed up library. Exit the library, but pick up and 
    combine the herbs. 
    [Yellow corridor]
    The yellow corridor holds a lone fat zombie, but if you run in the door 
    leading to the western stairwell you will be okay. Enter the room you unlocked 
    before and go in.
    [Trophy room]
    Collect the shotgun shells and the dagger and push the cabinet close to the 
    deer head. Turn the lights off and run to the head with the yellow gemstone. 
    When the eagle locks on you, run beneath it to the deer head and climb on the 
    cabinet. Collect the red gemstone and exit. 
    [Western stairwell]
    Exit through the door and leave the western stairwell. 
    [Dining room balcony]
    You are again in the dining room balcony, but there are TWO hunters here. Run 
    towards the door to the main hall, and when the perspective changes shoot one 
    shotgun round. The hunter there will fall, giving you a free path. Enter the 
    double doors. 
    [Main hall 2nd floor] 
    Go down the stairs and unlock the northern door on the east. Discard the 
    helmet key and enter. There is nothing in this room except ink ribbons and a 
    diary, so go through the only other door here.  
    [Mirror room]
    The zombie is visible here, because the mirror is showing his reflection! Kill 
    it with the assault shotgun and collect the jewelry box. Combine it with the 
    red gemstone and solve the puzzle to get the broach. Examine it and it turns 
    to the broach key. Get the green herb and combine it with the other two to get 
    a triple green herb. Pick up the dagger and exit to the main hall.
    [Mail hall-graveyard-exit corridor]
    Run directly to the emblem door and use the broach key. The Hunter shouldn't 
    hit you.
    [Spencer's room]
    This time, we will completely ignore Rebecca's screams. It is WAY to difficult 
    to go through the eastern stairwell again, through the red corridor and fight 
    an invisible Hunter for a 3-minute match with an invisible Tyrant. Sorry 
    Rebecca. There are shotgun shells, a flash grenade and the metal object here. 
    Get them and leave.
    [Exit corridor]
    Hit the door to the eastern stairwell FAST.
    [Eastern stairwell]
    RUN RUN RUN to the save room! In there, deposit the metal object and get: 
    Assault shotgun
    Shotgun shells
    Healing item
    Exit, but be VERY careful of the Hunter. The one in the exit corridor should 
    be treated accordingly.
    [Exit path-storage shed-upper courtyard-dirty pool-lower courtyard]
    As soon as Chris can turn down, run around the fountain to trick the invisible 
    dog here and use the battery. QUICKLY enter the elevator to avoid injuries. 
    [Upper courtyard]
    Running in a zigzag pattern is acceptable. The dogs' shadows are somewhat 
    visible, so you don't need avoiding directions. 
    [Dirty pool]
    Use the crank for the last time.
    [Upper courtyard-lower courtyard] 
    Avoid the upper dogs by looking at their shadows and go around the fountain 
    and in a zigzag pattern in the stairs to avoid the lower dogs. RUN down the 
    revealed path and down the ladder. 
    Part Four: Catacombs and Mines
    [Mines entrance]
    Descend the ladder and enter the door on your left. 
    [Empty cave] 
    Go down this empty cave room, and run past the out of power elevator room. 
    [Elevator room] 
    There are only handgun magazines in there. The next room is a dead end. 
    [Dead end]
    Collect the crank from poor Enrico and run out, ignoring the hunter. 
    [Elevator room] 
    [Not so empty cave]
    Run near the left wall, then turn right and again left into the alcove to 
    avoid the Hunters. Phew...
    [Mines entrance]
    Drop the first crank and keep these
    Assault shotgun
    Enrico's crank
    A healing item
    Use the crank on the wall and follow the now revealed path. 
    [Boulder cave 1] 
    Get the flamethrower, go near the boulder and then run back. Go to the exposed 
    [Black Tiger room] 
    A tricky battle. Equip the flamethrower. Chris is nearly facing the black 
    tiger, so run and STICK to her body. Aim down and start firing. It will knock 
    away Chris, but just stick again. It will die after the second attempt. If you 
    are seriously hurt, use the healing item. Use any remaining fire you have to 
    torch the webbings that cover the door. If you run out, get the knife and 
    start slashing. Either way, leave the room.
    [Blue herbs room]
    Set the flamethrower and go through the now unlocked door.
    [Boulder cave 2]
    Use the crank three times on the hole. Dive left as the boulder approaches. 
    Enter the room.
    [Statue room]
    Push the statue directly in front of the red part on the wall. Then, use 
    the crank on the hole to extend the red part. Use it again to get the piece 
    back. Push the statue a bit to the right, and on the circular platform. The 
    platform will turn around. Push the statue out in such a way that it won't get 
    out ALL the way. Push it back in [you may have to do additional pushes from up 
    or down] and it will rotund itself so it is looking in the same direction as 
    the other statue. Carefully push it on the right of the other statue, in the 
    gap. Difficult and time consuming. Get the cylinder sprocket and leave. Go out 
    of the boulder cave as well, but pick up the first aid kit from where the 
    boulder was if you used your healing item earlier.
    [Blue herb room]
    Get the flamethrower and go through the black tiger room.
    [Boulder cave 1]
    Ignore the Hunter screams and place the flamethrower on the wall. 
    [Mines entrance] 
    Drop the crank, get any shells you have and the cylinder sprocket. 
    [Not so empty cave] 
    Go LEFT all the time and the hunters won't touch you. 
    [Elevator room]
    Examine the control panel on the broken elevator room and get the shaft and 
    combine it with the cylinder sprocket. Use it on the control panel and the 
    code is 4231. Board the elevator and go down. 
    Only one door here.
    [Labyrinth cavern] 
    When you reach the fork, go left. As the perspective changes, go right and 
    follow the path. In the stairs, turn left and go into the door in the small 
    [Small break room] 
    Grab the magnum rounds and the flash grenade. Push the box into the lift and 
    press the red button. The box is carried away. Go back in the labyrinth 
    [Labyrinth cavern]
    Go down the stairs and when the perspective changes, run up again. Find your 
    way to the catacombs.
    Proceed down the stairs and shove the box close to the gap. Shove it in the 
    gap and press the button. The garbage compressor smashes the box, revealing a 
    broken flamethrower. As you leave, get the metal object from the item box 
    [Labyrinth cavern]
    Go left, then right. Pull down the lever and run to the left part again. The 
    beast in chains will hit you, but it is okay. Go to the protruding hooks and 
    place the broken flamethrower there. Enter the door.
    [Voodoo room]
    Run around the table and go in the water. If you want directions for the 
    snakes, watch the rough water following you. Get the jewelry box from the 
    table and open it. It doesn't require a puzzle. Get the stone ring and combine 
    it with the metal object. A second stone and metal object. Grab a green herb 
    from the upper level if you were hit and go up the ladder.
    Just leave.
    Go down the path, staying on the right side to avoid the zombie.
    [Outdoors Graveyard]
    There are two zombies here. There is one directly in front of you. Run 
    straight and it will miss. 
    [Cerberus gate]
    Just go up.
    [Exit path]
    Make SURE you collect the other stone and metal object. 
    [Exit corridor]
    Shoot down the hunter or run; it doesn't matter. Get to the main hall by the 
    graveyard route.
    [Main hall]
    Under the stairs, use both stone and metal objects on the door. Examine it two 
    more times and opt to get in. 
    [Mansion Basement again]
    Grab the books from the item box and examine them to get the eagle and the 
    wolf medals. Keep the shotgun along with its shells and one healing item. 
    Going down?
    Shove the stones down. Wesker sucks at distracting Lisa, as he will only fire 
    when she is close to HIM. He will get pushed down for his action, but you will 
    see him again at the end if he does. There is nothing in the room after you 
    push all four stones, except for a memo on the coffin. Go up the elevator.
    Use the medals on the sides of the fountain. Use the elevator and put cd 2 in. 
    Part Five: The Final Chapter
    [Lab B1]
    Go around and down the ladder.
    [Lab B2 save room] 
    Fully load the assault shotgun and deposit the shells if you want. Get a 
    healing item and leave.
    [Lab B2 stairwell] 
    QUICKLY run to the right of the railing and make a sharp turn to avoid zombie 
    1. If grabbed, use a defense item. Going down the stairs is easy, zombie 2 
    will only vomit. 
    [Lab B3 main area]
    Let the zombie grab you and use a flash grenade. You need this zombie DEAD. 
    Enter the door at his back.
    [Lab B3 surgery]
    Get the magnum rounds opposite of the entrance and go to the pc.
    Username: John
    Password: Ada
    Extra password for B2: Cell.
    [Lab B3 main area]
    The path is clear. 
    [Lab B2 stairwell] 
    Go up the stairs and stick to the left wall to avoid a zombie stationed in the 
    alcove. Enter the double doors on your left.
    [Lab B2 projector room]
    The password is 8462. Get the Laboratory key and exit. 
    [Lab B2 stairwell] 
    Again stick to the left and go down the stairs.
    [Lab B3 main area]
    Run to where the dead zombie was and go down the path. Unlock the doors on 
    your right and enter.
    [T corridor]
    Once you reach the steps, aim with the shotgun and kill a naked zombie here. 
    No, he wasn't SO visible. Enter the door behind his corpse.
    [Lab power room 1]
    Run to Chris's right and when the perspective changes, begin firing with the 
    shotgun directly in the small path. The Chimera will die before it gets close 
    to you. Get the nitro capsule and exit.
    [T corridor-Lab B3 main area]
    Go to the doors on the left of the gates that lead to B2.
    [Lab B3 connecting corridor]
    Hit the north door.
    [Refueling area] 
    Fire your last shotgun shells at the zombie. Aim diagonally to Chris's left. 
    Get the magnum rounds from the sink and examine the big device next to the 
    sink. Set the nitro capsule. Get it back, but now you have to walk. Unequip 
    the assault shotgun for better results.  
    [Lab B3 connecting corridor-Lab power room 1]
    See why the zombies and the chimera had to die? For walking Chris to have a 
    free path. Use the nitro capsule on the spot where you got the empty one. Then 
    leave the power room 1 through the other door-do not mind any Chimeras. 
    [Lab power room 2] 
    Go to the left path and follow it down to the door. Again, do not mind any 
    [Lab power room 3]
    Go counter clockwise and operate the machine to get the power back. Run again 
    counterclockwise to avoid any invisible Chimeras.
    [Lab power room 2] 
    Run the same way, but ignore any Chimera.
    [Lab power room 1]
    Ignore any Chimera. lol. 
    [T corridor]
    Go to the only door on the right wall to find yourself in the final save room. 
    [Lab lodgings]
    Drop the assault shotgun and get the magnum. Drop the lab key as well but keep 
    some healing items. You need one slot free. Save the game.
    [T corridor]
    Go to the unexplored part of the room and press the switch to power up the 
    elevator. Go in. 
    [Lab B4]
    Ignore the shotgun shells and go to the door at the end.
    Meet Wesker even if he died by Lisa. When the battle begins, run close to the 
    container capsules and go next to Wesker. Go to the inventory screen, load the 
    magnum and equip it. Aim a bit to the left, near the capsules and start 
    firing. After five clear shots, Tyrant falls down. Collect another Lab Key and 
    [Lab B4]
    Go up the elevator.
    [T corridor]
    Exit to the Lab B3 main area.
    [Lab B3 main area]
    Run forward, completely ignoring the Chimeras. Go to the gate leading to Lab 
    [Lab B2 stairwell]
    Stick to the right of the stairs and go through the path. Even if a zombie 
    grabs you, it doesn't matter. 
    [Lab B2 save room]
    Go up the ladder and unlock the double doors with the lab key.
    [Final corridor] 
    Get the battery from the end and use it next to the elevator. Go up. 
    Grab the signal flares and use them. Brad comes and picks you up. 
    You have finished invisible enemy with Chris! You WILL have a time of less 
    than 3 hours, so you can view all the extras. I told you to save before the 
    Tyrant so that you can view the extras whenever you want!  
    06) Character Evaluation Guide
    Chris Redfield
    The marksman of Alpha team. Chris was kicked out of the Air Force and now 
    works with the STARS. He is brave, cool, and overprotective. I would really 
    love to see Barry in his game, so the plot would continue to thicken, but 
    nah...just watch how he boils of anger each time his teammates die.
    Jill Valentine
    In Chris's game, you only see her in the end. I don't think it would make a 
    change though
    Richard Aiken
    Comes 3rd after Chris and Wesker. I really admire him. He is the ONLY Bravo 
    team member that survived without having a clue of what is going on around [or 
    he doesn't say so]. While his comrades died from zombies, he survived a round 
    with Yawn. There is NO way of letting him live throughout the game; he always 
    dies from poison\gets eaten by Neptune. :(
    Joseph Frost
    Comes 3rd after Forest and Kenneth in my sadness list. He was gripped by at 
    least four Cerberus and he couldn't throw them off. Pity. He dies at the very 
    Kenneth Sullivan
    I am REALLY confused here. During the last one day, he has been fighting 
    zombies and other monsters [except the unlikely event that he reached the 
    mansion without encountering ANYTHING] but against a single zombie, he was 
    afraid and eaten. 
    Forest Speyer
    Chris's best friend in the STARS unit. A pity he couldn't survive. He died 
    once he got to the mansion. I don't know what killed him, since his wound are 
    TOO severe to be by a crow.
    Barry Burton
    In Jill's game, I would give him 10 out of 10. Too bad he is not in Chris's 
    game. He carries the strongest STARS weapon. In Chris's game, either he died 
    in the beginning, or he escaped the forest. In Jill's game, he is hiding 
    something and cannot hide it. I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-I-N-G
    Rebecca Chambers
    Okay. She went through a day fighting crazy scientists, but she reached the 
    mansion with only a handgun. Acceptable. A SINGLE hunter scared her whereas 
    she fought at least ten the day before. It could be a breakdown. Acceptable, 
    only that the victim [Chris] will lose at least three minutes trying to save 
    her. If she survives, she goes through 3 rooms full of Chimeras with only a 
    handgun. COME ON! Again in the end, she faces god knows how many hunters with 
    only a handgun. She survives, but obviously she was hurt. In the end, she 
    seems to understand what is going on. After the mansion incident, she 
    DISAPPEARS from the face of Capcom :)
    Albert Wesker
    Chris-Wesker-Richard-Barry. Wesker is the captain of the ALPHA team, and it 
    shows, as he survives through this whole nightmare with only a handgun [of 
    course, he already knew about the monsters. CHEATER]. By reading various 
    documents, Chris finds out Wesker's true identity and purpose. Wesker is VERY 
    cool throughout the game, [CHEATER] and in the end he goes a bit nuts [isn't 
    it beautiful?]. Wesker is a true genius in my opinion. To find out more about 
    him and Chris, play Code Veronica X.
    Enrico Marini
    He comes fifth. He is TOO damn smart, and you only see him in ONE cut scene. 
    He knows EVERYTHING about what is going on, but doesn't trust any Alpha team 
    Brad Vickers
    Ha ha. Interesting. He fled from the woods in the beginning just by hearing 
    gunshots, and he only found out the heliport behind the mansion hours later. 
    Quite funny.
    07) Upcomings section
    This guide is not perfect. Due to lack of time, real survivor and hard mode 
    were not included. However, both of them and any other walkthrough\challenge I 
    come up with will be included in future updates. Any challenges\suggestions by 
    readers will be acceptable as well.
    08) Legal Rights
    This FAQ is copyright 2003 Knightdramon.
    Any altering, reproduction, selling or otherwise profiting of this guide is 
    illegal. It may only be used for private use. This FAQ is to help people beat 
    the game, not help people win money. Claiming parts or the whole of the guide 
    as your own is illegal and actions will be taken against it. 
    This FAQ was set down after hours of work and research on the game. If any 
    site besides gamefaqs wants this guide, permission should be asked first. I 
    have no intention of saying no to a site that has asked my permission first. 
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document belong to their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    09) Thank you and good bye
    -To my sister, who helped me with the legal rights
    -To marshmallow, for the Plant 42 strategy.
    -To you, the reader
    -To Capcom
    Search in game faqs for further updates of this guide, and who knows, for 
    This document is copyright 2003 Knightdramon

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