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Superb, probably the most realistic game you'll find on the GCN10/10/05TVthePunisher
It had lots of potential - but not giving the player a clue what to do, as well as pacing, backtracking, and control problems, hurts the game a lot.01/02/07YahtzeeLeon
REturn to where it ALL began...10/07/04AJM Ruler
Resident Evil, Good. Crimson Heads, Bad.11/06/13Allidoisreview
Better Than Pie? Not quite.05/12/02Andy787
This game is the embodiment of survival horror07/20/02antsmarching
Classic Resident Evil At Its Finest06/07/04Bill Rizer
No doubt about it: This is a great game.05/11/02Bowsa
Enter the Spencer Mansion, your life will never be the same.01/19/07Chris_Potter
THE best Resident Evil game11/17/05CoolBeansAvi
Fear can't kill you, but...05/12/06Darchaen
The future of Survival Horror06/24/03Dauragon C Mikado88
It's a looker, but is beauty only skin deep?09/15/02DKamikaze
Not perfect. But it's pretty damned good.09/08/02DOA
The best graphics you'll see on a pre-HD era console, but what about the gameplay?09/10/14Donald Love 87
The best remake that I have ever seen!09/02/05Duke_Plisskin
Still an amazing entry into the Resident Evil franchise and one of the best remakes available.04/28/10Exodist
The best in the series by far10/04/04GavLuvsGA
Just "looks" different, same ghost house with same scare09/06/05grandmasterk
PS1= Jill Sandwich... Gamecube remake = Jill Masterpiece02/22/06HEMIstation
Evil is beautiful07/01/08horror_spooky
A classic story of horror and survival totally overhauled to be the way it was meant to be.05/15/02JeanRenehiccup
Spend a night in the mansion...12/11/02John E G
Looks like they didn't get the the ROOT of this problem06/24/03Keith Valentine
I am the master of unlocking. Here is my review.07/02/03Kobold Warrior
Better than the original?06/18/09lighty691
Perfection REmade? Almost.05/08/06Longsword24
Creak went the door. Caw went the raven. Clunk went Resident Evil.12/29/02MaxH
Welcome. S.T.A.R.S training is about to begin.06/01/02Mega
Experience the fear all over again.07/03/02miffo
Like a real zombie; old and rotting.08/22/05MSuskie
A Classic Tale of Terror09/08/03NeoTS
After playing RE: DS, it's time we revisit the ACTUAL REmake02/16/06nintensionDS
This is how remakes should be done.01/07/09Osafune2
A cleaned up version of the first.09/07/03outlawdarkwolf
REgenerating Greatness12/26/06ResidentEvil421
You won't find a better 'Cube game on the shelves06/29/02Snoopdawwg22
Not as good as the original's 20x better!!02/10/05TrueREFreak
The best remake in gaming is right here.01/15/10UltimaterializerX
An essential buy for GameCube owners12/28/04wattsj
Pure Resident Evil beutified by the Cube.12/24/03yatesy
"Time to turn off the lights and enter the nightmare!"05/30/08YuukaAstrid
The Survival Horror peak of the Resident Evil series.11/13/09Zork86

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