"Resident Evil: Reborn (And it feels so good)"

We all know how the history goes by now. RE was a popular game made waaaay back when, Capcom made a controversial decision to remake it for Cube, blah. Blah. Blah. Then there's the actual game itself. Freak (with a capital F) experiment goes wrong, shady corporation responsible, STARS members get involved, there's a mansion, blah. Blah. Blah. Let's get down to what's REALLY important:

Graphics: 10/10
Out of the improvements that went into this game, the graphics underwent the most drastic change. They look absolutely BEAUTIFUL. The mansion is moody, dark, creepy, large yet claustrophobic, all at the same time. But what truly shines are the newly added outdoor areas - they are friggin STUNNING. The trees, the grass, the mud, the moon, the mansion in the background, the waterfall... Yes, everything in this game is done with pre rendered backgrounds, but there's a layer of FMV looped over it and it increases the realism tenfold. Character and enemy models are the best of their kind. Chris is a dead-ringer for one of my more attractive male friends, and Jill resembles a ''hotter'' version of Natalie Imbruglia. You'll be hard pressed to find better graphics on another console game (or PC game, for that matter).

Sound: 9/10
The sound is really a mixed bag. On the one hand, you have extremely chilling background music. On the other hand, you have voice-acting that is extremely inconsistent. There are times when lines are delivered with professional flair (when Chris or Jill swear, strangely enough), and there are times when they sound like total ass. But on the whole, it's leaps and bounds better than the embarrassing voice-acting from the original (the script is tighter as well). The sound effects (weapons, footsteps, creatures) are topnotch and at times can be pretty scary. You'll see what I mean.

Story: 8/10 (mild spoilers)
A lot of people are quick to say ''SILENT HILL HAS A GOOD STORYLINE UNLIKE RE WHICH IS B-MOVIE!'', or something to that effect. I actually find the plot of the original RE to be highly involving. But it's really when you thoroughly read the notes and scraps left behind everywhere when you start realizing how sinister and inhuman those guys at Umbrella really are. And there is a certain monster (you guys on the message board know who I'm talking about) who's backstory is so disturbing and poignant that you can't help but feel sorry for her... But like I said in the graphics overview, you'll see what I mean.

Gameplay: 8/10
Another point of the RE series that people like to target. It's true that some people will be turned off by the puzzle-oriented nature of it, but veterans, and even some casual fans know that the origin of the series never really was about blasting all zombies to hell and having a good time. Ammo is scarce for a reason. New enemies have been added in to increase the tenseness of an already tense game. The Crimson Heads, in particular, will give you a hard time if you're not careful. Oh, and the controls. They take getting used to, yeah, but once you get accustomed to them, they really do feel like second nature. They're nowhere near as bad as people are making em out to be.

Replay: 8.5/10
Upon beating the game under certain requirements, you'll unlock a couple of challenging (INCREDIBLY challenging) modes , some nifty new weapons and some rather strange costumes. The ''Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2'' costume for Jill and The ''Brad Pitt in The Mexican'' costume for Chris were some peculiar choices, but they're cute and harmless.

So why, you ask, did I give the game a perfect ten if the game wasn't perfect in all areas? The feel. Feeling this game, beating it with both characters, and just FEELING that you're in this horrible mansion and areas surrounding is really something to behold. It's not a perfect game, but that hardly matters. Resident Evil is a thrilling, terrifying, and frightening game that needs to be experienced by anyone who has an even *slight* interest in the series or genre.

+awesome visuals
+thrilling music
+resurrecting zombies!
+unlockable extras
+involved story

+-voice acting
+-smarter enemies

-gameplay over-reliance on puzzles
-feeling sorry for that stupid creature in the cabin :P

Rent or Buy? BUY

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/12/02, Updated 05/12/02

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