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Can You Survive the Horror...Again??08/03/111983guy
Your fear can't kill you but.......04/17/06ABUSIVExGAMER
Beckoning of the T-Virus... AGAIN!!!!!01/25/03BigJosh87
Can You Survive The Horror?01/28/03Cato11087
Still good after 5 years02/02/03Dark Shadowside
A great game to play catch up on02/02/03Darklink0
A direct port, but who minds a little more RE?12/24/03DarkLink715
Another surrival horror game02/05/03Doom Disasta
Classic game revisited on Gamecube01/16/03egopete
A worthy addition to the Gamecube?07/10/03eternal idiot
The transfer to the GCN, for better or worse?02/05/03GameFreak903
Ooooh, not scary!03/23/03gr8name
A classic game, bt it feels like an N64 game01/15/03harrytotally
Only get if you've never played RE2 before02/20/07LuigiEchidna
Today I shall review the first Resident Evil that I ever played.02/25/05Megaman1981
Resient Evil 2... Worth buying, or not?08/16/05MIbMSI
Just because it's a port doesn't make it a bad game.01/16/03PerfectB12345
A great game, but no reason to buy new05/19/03PlatignumARC II
Is it Still Good?04/20/03PS2BananER
A worthy flash back?02/06/03Punk1
A really good game, despite the fact that it's a port.06/01/03raven14
I love this game cause of the music and gameplay..The graphics are very nice and colourful.02/11/03Residentevilman
The classic is back and ready to eat you alive....07/27/04samthebigkid
Resident Evil 2---Ol' School Fun07/21/05shorty_jj21
This is probably the most insulting games in video game history. Let me explain....01/18/03starman98
Another must own Resident Evil06/19/05stone100
Hey! Police Zombies!02/28/03willywongy

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