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    FAQ/Walkthrough by gunniedude11

    Version: 2.1 | Updated: 07/23/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Resident Evil 3 Nemisis- Gamecube Version
    Table of Contents
    1.  Dislaimer
    2   Version history
    3.  Faq
    4.  Hints
    5.  Walkthrough
    6.  Mercenary guide
    7.  Enemies
    8.  Bosses
    9.  Weapons
    10. Character Profiles
    11. Herb guide
    12. Personal Review
    13. Unlockables
    14. Weskers Report 1
    15. Weskers Report 2
    16. File Transcripts
    17. Epilogues Transcript
    18. Version Changes
    19. Plot Synopsis (Incomplete)
    20. Closing/Thanks
    1. Disclaimer
    	I won't tolerate any plagerism from this Faq.  Taking it or altering it in any
    way is punishable by law and will be seen as such.  Please it's not that I
    resent you but I can't stand anyone who takes ones work and calls it their own.
     If you want to use this guide I will more than likely have no problem letting
    you use it however taking it will not be treated lightly.  As of now the
    following sites to use this are
    Those sites are all that currently have my permission to use it.  If you see it
    anywhere else or if you request permission E-Mail me at
    My E-mail policy has recently changed.  From now on NO e-mails that are already
    answered in the Faq will be accepted.  If you have an honest suggestion or
    question that I did not answer then ask away but if not don't expect any form
    of response.  As before I still won't open any attachments or spam mail and you
    will be immediatly blocked for sending me any form of the formerly mentioned. 
    For a final not always label the name of the game in your E-mail so that I
    don't get confused or spamed by a hacker or other form of online troublemaker. 
    Now onto the walkthrough.
    2. Version History
    Version 1.0
    	The first version of my Faq.  Feeling lazy so only started walthrough.  Made
    hints section and improved on started walkthrough sections.
    Version 1.1
    	Made the entire hint section.  Nearly completed walkthrough.  Intended to be
    finished in a day.
    Version 1.2
    	Finished walkthrough.  Finished all primary sections of my Faq.  I'm always
    ready to improve but for now the Faq is complete.
    Version 1.3
    	Added mercenary mini-game section.  Fixed a few mistakes.
    Version 1.4
    	Added enemies and boss section.  Also added weapons section.  Nearly doubled
    Faq size with improvements and other details.  About to finish Weapon Section. 
    Intended to finish in about a day.  Also hoping to finish boss section.  This
    all will be done in less then a day I hope.
    Version 1.5
    	Finished weapons and bosses sections.  Added Herb Guide and character
    profiles.  Also added touchups to the Faq and some minor boss tactics touch
    ups.  Also added my personal review.  Added two enemies that I forgot to add.
    Version 1.6
    	Made more character profiles and touched up even more.  Made a few more hints.
    Version 1.7
    	The final version I believe.  Added both of weskers reports and the file
    transcripts.  I believe this will be it for my Faq.
    Version 1.8
    	Added another thanks to hilary at IGN.  Added more touchups and and fixed some
    more errors.  Added two more Charater profiles.  Added epilogues.  Added
    version changes.
    Version 1.9
    	Began plot synopsis.  Due to sheer length not expected to be finished for a
    Version 2.0
    	Continued plot synopsis.  Added more touchups.  Still needs time to improve
    plot synopsis and other minor sections.  Added yet another hint.  Added two
    more characters to be in my faq.  losing my motivation to write.
    Version 2.1
    	More on plot synopsis.  Writing delayed by contributor issue on gamefaqs. 
    Finished Resident Evil 1 plot synopsis.
    3. Faq
    Awaiting E-mails to answer so fell free to send me some mail to answer. 
    Remember to say if you want me to state your name under the question.
    4. Hints
    Lure Zombies
    Just as it sounds.  Lure a slow moving zombie to one side and then bolt to the
    other to dodge.  The same tactics can work with other enemies as well.
    Watch Your Ammo
    At the beginning you will have a limited amount of ammo.  You should save
    shells and stronger ammos for bosses and later enemies.  To keep your ammo rate
    decent then you should kill lone zombies with the knife at the beginning.
    Save often
    For beginners who are just trying to win there is no penalty for saving. 
    Especially before Nemisis fights.
    Check your surroundings
    I definatly didn't find Everything in the game.  I found enough for you to get
    by but always look around in case you need more ammo/herbs.
    Kill only what is neccesary
    Thats right.  If a zombie or other monster isn't blocking your way then simply
    avoid him.  Many are just there for you to lose ammo on them with no real
    purpose to fight them.
    Kill Nemisis as Carlos
    Eventually you'll control Carlos.  When you are him you'll have the weapons and
    ammo to kill nemisis.  Do this as he'll be easier for Jill to defeat.
    Kill zombies with the Knife
    At the begining when ammo is scarce you should only kill lone zombies with the
    knife.  This only applys to hard mode.  You should attack them in a slash-180
    turn-Slash pattern for best results.
    Keep health handy
    Another section just as it sounds.  Try to always keep a healing item handy. 
    This will ensure that you always can heal when your healh drops low.  Also keep
    it appropriate.  This means don't use a full healing item if your health is
    yellow caution.  You should only use a full healing item if your health is in
    danger unless it's red caution about to fight Nemesis.
    Live decisions
    This isn't really a hint but an aspect to this game.  I don't think it is large
    enough to get its own section though but I will describe them.  A live decision
    is when you are faced with a life threatening situation and the areas around
    you can help solve it.  Jill will be prompted her choices given the situation
    to handle the crisis.  They will ultimatly make little difference toward the
    game but it is true that your ending changes based on a live decision.  Feel
    free to shoose whatever one you like but this guide will tell you particular
    ones to choose and thats the path I guide from.
    When in the game you can press the fire button to dodge an attack from any
    enemy.  Use this to your advantage because it can and probably will save you
    more than once.
    Attack from far
    Zombie hunters and all other enemies are powerful.  When they get close to you
    they are even stronger than they were.  To defeat enemies get far away and
    blast them.
    5.  Walkthrough
    O.K. now to the meat and cheese the walkthrough.  Watch the cutscene and you
    will control Jill.  (Note this is all based on hard mode)  Also note that there
    will be hundreds of little spoilers in this Faq.  I may evemtually write a
    spoiler free walkthrough but Don't read if you don't want to know.  Also this
    guide can cover easy in strategys but you'll have more items available to you. 
    Final note:  Gamefaqs will always have the most recent Version of my Faqs that
    I will write.  I will try to keep them at ign but no promises that it will be
    the most updated.  The playstation version is nearly identical to the gamecube
    version so don't expect many changes.
    Opening Alley
    Zombies are all over but only one is in your way.  Head forward and wait a few
    seconds luring him to one side.  Then run to the other climb up the barrel and
    onto the other side.  On easy you can shoot him down if you want.  Whichever
    way you choose leave.
    Run to the cages and press the button for a box of bullets.  A first aid spray
    (FAS) is on a barrel so grab it.  Don't bother talking to that fool Dario in
    the box.  He won't listen anyway.  Once you have the items head up the two sets
    of stairs and into the door.
    Warehouse S. Room
    Grab the two gunpowder A's out of the closet but don't mix them yet.  Put them
    in the box along with the Ink ribbons by the typewriter and organize your
    inventory like this.
    H. gun bullets
    Grab the key off the wall and leave.
    Note: it is optional but you can check every key you get and it will get a name
    hinting to what it opens.  This guide will not tell you to do this but if you
    want feel free.
    Head down the stairs and use the key on the door.  Discard it and leave.
    Back alley
    Head down and go through the door.
    Side Street
    Zombies are on Jills right so head to her left and go through the door.  You
    can go to the right for a bit of a different path but there are more zombies.
    Shotgun alley
    Head up the stairs and toward the door.  Check the door.
    Who was that.  And why did he let a hord of zombies on us.
    Using the steps slash with your knife in a
    pattern.  Since you're on the steps chances are they'll vomit on you which is
    not a damaging attack.  If they get too close then shoot them but try not to
    fire more than one clip here.  After they're sucking dirt head up and into the
    door they burst out fro.  Head down and one more will attack but you really
    should only knock him down.  Take the SHOTGUN and LIGHTER FLUID and leave the
    bulding.  Head straight from the door and get the two herbs.  If you were
    damged use them.  At the moment you may need to use the Item box so head back
    to the warehouse.  There aren't any zombies and make you inventory look like
    H.Gun bullets
    Lighter fluid
    Head all the way back and go through the door.
    Shopping St.
    There are a multitude of zombies here but they are simple to dodge.  Ru to the
    boxes and stand on top.  Get the Map and the two green herbs and if you stay
    far enough back then you can use the knife to hit the zombies one by one. 
    After all the zombies are dead head through the new door.
    Restaurant Alley
    You'll here a man shooting zombies.  He'll kill one and leave the rest to you. 
    Use the steps to knife them and then advance into the door the man just used.
    Don't worry he'll handle it but for your time go and get the bullts at the
    register and the clock tower post card.  After he kills it
    Whatever.  Don't worry.  Grab the lighter and mix it with the fluid to form the
    Lighter.  Leave the way we came.
    Restaurant Alley
    Head over untill you get to a red alley and go down it.  Open the door.
    Barricade Alley
    You will imediatly here the sounds of zombies.  They are behind a barricade. 
    Approach the door bu they will bust out.  Notice the barrel.  Run away from
    them and as they aproach use the L button to target the barrel.  Shoot it to
    kill them all.  Use the lighter to burn the rope on the door and open it. 
    There are 2 red herbs in the back that you should get.  Go through the door.
    Hydrant Alley
    Run forward until a dog leaps from the flames.  Use the gun to terminate thm
    both and notice the fire hydrant.  Head through the door on the left.
    Alley S. Room
    Grab the gun powder B and use it to make shotgun shells.  Use the two gunpowder
    A's to make H.gun bullets.  You're about to have a very tough fight so mix the
    green herbs and red herbs to make full healing items.  Make your inventory look
    H. gun Bullets
    S. gun shells
    Health item
    Health item
    Health item
    Then leave.
    Hydrant Alley
    Leave through the gates.
    RPD Street
    Run up to the gates of the RPD and enter.
    RPD Courtyard
    You will now have a live decision
    Fight the monster
    Run into the police station
    Chose the first one to duke it out for a rare item
    You are now up against the terrifying nemisis.  Well he's not that hard if you
    remember the basics.  Dodge to the right if he's runing then fire a shell. 
    Always dodge right but he can still hit you.  If he does just heal and continue
    dodging and shooting one shell.  If he roars hit him with another shell or two.
     When you run out use the handgun and you can fire two or three at a time. 
    When he falls the first time shoot over his body with the handgun.  Eventually
    he'll go down and you can get the eagle parts A.
    Before you enter the RPD grab brads card holder and examine it for a STARS
    CARD.  Enter the RPD.
    RPD Main Hall
    Grab the green herbs to Jills right and grab the bullets off the table.  Use
    brads card and write or memorize the number.  Head through the only un
    barricaded room.
    Marvins Room
    Zombies have invaded and you're not well armed.  You should try dodging tactics
    and other manuevers to avid them.  Grab the shells on the table by Marvin and
    evade zombies to the exit.
    File Room
    Check one of the cabinets to get the blue gewel and examin it for the SAPHIRE. 
    Go to the back and enter the code you got on the computer to reveal the emblem
    key which becomes the STARS KEY.  Leave through the opposite door you entered.
    Stairway hall
    Kill the zombies or dodge them and enter the door below the stairs.
    Dark Room
    Grab any gunpowder and make bullets.  Make your inventory look like
    H.Gun Bullets
    Stars key
    Knife (optional)
    Stairway hall
    Head up the stairs.
    Statue hall
    More zombies.  they are hard and easy to dodge at soem points.  Try to keep
    your ammo up by dodging some and killing some.  Any way get to the end and go
    through the door.
    Stars hall
    Avoid the zombies and use the stars key on the door to escape their wrath.
    Stars room
    Check the closet and get the magnum.  As long as you didn't check the printer
    it will be the Magnum.  grap the FAS from rebecca's desk and the bullets from
    barrys desk.  Grab your lockpick from your desk and then leave.
    Now leave.
    Stars hall
    Leave through the other door.
    Statue hall
    Continue until you here a crash.  oh no you can see whats coming.  Go down the
    Stairway hall
    Nemisis bursts through a window so quickly duck into the dark room.
    Dark room
    Shells( you probably don't have them but it is possible)
    Hand Gun
    H.Gun bullets
    Health item
    Health item
    Be ready to fight
    Stairway hall
    Alright he's back but now he's got a rocket launcher.  Run to the end of of the
    hall and wait until you hear a rocket fire.  Then quickly dodge to the other
    side.   After two rockets he'll come running to swat at you so dodge and  give
    hime a shot of the magnum.  Continue this until his rocket launcher is
    destroyed and then ue the same tactics you used in the courtyard.  Grab the
    eagle partsB.
    Go back into the dark room.
    Dark room
    Combine the eagle parts for the Eagle handgun.  grab.
    Handgun(if theres ammo in it)
    h.gun bullets
    Stairway hall
    Head to the file room
    File room
    Head to marvins room but first pick the file cabinet for gunpowder B.
    Marvins room
    Head to the main hall
    Main hall
    RPD Courtyard
    Go through the gates
    RPD Street
    Head down and turn to Jills left.  There is a door.  Ue the lock pick and
    Drain Demo alley
    Run forward and ignore that thing you just saw because it won't attack.  Check
    the mercenaries body for a file and bullets.  Leave throught the new door.
    Firehose alley
    Ignor the firehose because it is bolted in.  Grab some of the many herbs on the
    ground and head through the gate.
    Bus Street
    Kill the dogs with your guns.  Use the normal first and when it's empty switch
    to the eagle permenatly.  Check the dead body for gunpowder and enter the door.
    Repair shop
    More dogs but you can kill them.  You eagle has a very good Decapitation so
    that might happen as well.  Grab the fuse from the car and head into the door.
    Uptown S. Room
    Grad the ammo and if you want mix the gunpowders for ammo.  Organize your
    inventory like this
    H. gun bullets
    now leave
    Gloomy Street
    There are several dogs but you can use the eagle to kill them.  After they all
    eat dirt head up and though the door.
    Drain Demo warehouse
    Run forward until you see a small
    Better watch out but don't be intimidated he's not that tough.
    Use the eagle to kill the Drain Demo quickly theres another on the opposite
    wall but he's no threat.  Still if you wish to kill him it's up to you but
    don't do it if your ammo is low.  At this point we'll need all the ammo we can
    get.  Leave through the metal door.
    Restaurant Street
    You'll hear someone shooting zombies.  Go in is direction and then go up
    through the double doors and into the restaruant.  Don't worry he handled the
    Check the tables for gunpowder but it might not be here.  If it is I'd mix it
    and put it in your inventory and we'll turn it into ammo in a minute.  Go into
    the back and use the lockpick on the cabinet for a FIRE HOOK.  go up a bit and
    use it on the latch.
    look out it looks like he found you again.
    Live decision
    run in the basement
    Hide in the kitchen
    Chose hide in the kitchen and Jill will KO Nemeisis.  Grab his First aid box
    and leave.
    S. Room alley
    After that run down and right because Nemisis is after you.  Duck into the door
    on your right.
    S. room
    Grab the crank and shells and organize you inventory like this
    H. gun bullets
    Rusted crank
    Shotgun (Optional but may cause inventory jam)
    S. room alley
    Head to the far door.
    Newspaper street
    Avoid nemisis and head north to the Newspaper press.  Enter.
    Newspaper office
    There's a first aid spary among the trash.  Push the ladder over to the lever
    and pull it.  Head up the stairs but beware the zombies in the higher room. 
    Grab the emerald off the tble but on your way out nemisis will intrude and you
    will have to dodge him.  Leave.
    Newspaper Street
    Avoid Nemmy and run to the gates.  Use the sapphire and the emerald and qickly
    enter.  You can chhose to kill nemesis but if you do chances are that you'll
    run out of ammo.  Also he won't give you anything but he will stop chasing you.
     It's your choice but I seriously recomend that you don't.
    City Square
    Run staight and to the left and enter the door.  Don't go down the right one
    just yet.
    Lodensedale yard
    Run along the path and if you want get the herbs in the opening.  Leave again.
    Merceanry Street
    Kill any enemies and check the dead body for Shells.  Climb over the barrel and
    go into the unlocked trailor door.
    Cable car
    Walk to the back
    Go through the door
    Wow that was a lot of scenes.  Grab the WRENCH and leave.
    Mercenary Street
    Head to the yard
    Lodensdale Yard
    Head to the city square
    City Square
    Head forward and bown the other path.
    Gas Station Exterior
    Beware enemies as you run for the door.  Use the Crank but it will brak so
    finish moving it with the wrench.  Enter.
    Gas Station Interior
    Run back and Carlos or Nicholia will come in.  Whoever isn't important go
    behind the desk and check the puzzle.  It's totally random and I can't help
    you.  Just try to get the letter on the one thats lit up.  Grab the machine
    Flaming gas station is never a good thing.
    Gas Station Exterior
    Ok. but they did leave Carlos out of the scene.
    Now leave to the square
    City Square
    Run down and zombies will bust down the door.  Kill them and go in.  Grab the
    Bronze book.
    Head all the way to the restaurant street and use this in it's slot.  Grab the
    compase and bring it here.  On the newspaper Street dogs or crows might come
    in.  Use it for the battery.  Leave
    Newspaper Street
    Head to the save room.
    Save room alley
    Some zombies are here kill them if they're in your way and duck into the save
    S. Room
    First aid kit
    Yes you are about to fight Nemisis
    S. Room alley
    Run to restaurant Street.
    Restaurant Street
    Head to the Drain Demo Warhouse
    Drain demo warehouse
    Use the shotgun to kill whatever is in here and go up the stairs.  Use the
    battery and go down the elevator.  There can be brain suckers here but they
    aren't that hard.
    Sub-Station Street
    Avoid the zombies and enter the sub station.
    Go to the large panel and swith to mauel mode.  Then open the doors by pressing
    the buttons.  The combos are
    Red, Blue, Red, Blue, Red
    Red, Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue
    In one room is a fuse and another has a Grenade Launcher and after the first
    you get a live decision.
    Increase electricity output
    Use the emergency Exit
    Do the second one to fight Nemisis.
    If you didn't get the Grenade launcher head back in and get it.
    Use the same strateies you used earlier and don't forget to hit him with the
    gad tank.  Grab the Shotgun Parts A.  Head to the Warehouse for Drain Demos.
    Drain Demo Warehouse
    Head all the way back to the fire hose alley.  It's pretty straight forward and
    the only enemies are basicly crows so theres no point in making ten spaces that
    just say "Walk through the door"
    Firehose Alley
    Use the wrench to free the hose.  Leave through the door.
    Drain Demo alley
    The demos are now on the ground.  Kill them by shooting a barrel and leave.
    RPD Street
    Run back to the Hydrant Alley and kill the dogs here if you want.
    Hydrant Alley
    Use the fire hose to put out the fire.
    Duck into the save room.
    Alley S. Room
    H. gun bullets
    Machine oil
    G. Launcher
    Hydrant Alley
    Run to the door where the fire used to be.
    Secret Alley
    Run to the other end and grab the blue herb if you like.  Enter the door.
    Brain Sucker alley
    Grab the crank handle and continue down.  Dodge the brain sucker and enter the
    Strange office
    One of the mercenaries is here but don't worry.  Go to the computer.  It needs
    a code so press the remote and it will tell you the code.  Type it in to unlock
    the door.  Enter.
    Run down until you get to a row of shelves and grab the OIL ADDICTIVE.  Combine
    it with the Machine oil and het mixed oil.  Now we can start the tram.  If
    there is gunpowder here grab it.  Take a deep breath and prepare for some
    As the zombies aproach use the L targetting to shoot the valve.  It will kill
    every zomie that walks by it.  Then you can leave.
    Strang Office
    Zombies have invaded but they are easy to avoid.  Leave.
    Brain Sucker alley
    Avoid the suckers and leave
    Hydrant Alley
    Head to the downtown area.  Nothing will be in your way so just head to the
    Save room by the city Square.  Keep in ming you can also head back to the
    original restaurant where you saw brad and on the outside are 18 grenade rounds
    and you need to use the crank to ge them.
    S. Room
    Grenade Launcher
    H. gun bullets
    Mixed oil
    power cable
    Another nemisis fight leave.
    S. room alley
    Head to the Newspaper Street.
    Newspaper Street
    Head to the square
    City Square
    Run forward and Nemmy will come out.  Use your best Grenade shells and the
    shotgun/hangun to make him eat dirt.  Grab the Shotgun parts B and mix them to
    make the western custom shotgun.  Leave the square to the yard.
    Lonsedale Yard
    Run forward and the ground will collapse.  Jill will be up against a mother of
    a worm.
    Boss 1
    Ok now we have to defeat this worm.  The way to go is the grenade launcher. 
    Run into one of his little holes and wait for him to come out.  Then fire 1 or
    2 greanades to hurt him.  When they run out use the other weapons.  Then press
    the two buttons and climb up the ladder.  Or you can not fight him and just
    press the buttons and leave although that can be hard.
    Mercenary Street
    You emerge from the sewers here.  Run to the cable car.
    Cable Car
    Use the items
    Accept the flame rounds and then you can start the car.
    I sense the aproach of trouble.
    Run up to the front car
    We can't beat him no matter how much we shoot so
    turn and run through the door to the back
    Nice Job Mikail you saved our lives from one situation and put us in another.
    Live decision
    Use the emergency brake
    Jump out the window
    Choose the second one for some ammo later.  You end up in a Clock tower.
            Clock Tower
    Run forward and grab the Key.  It's the windser key.  Leave as the zombies
    Chess Room
    This is a save room so keep the
    Handgun (loaded)
    Grenade Launcher (With your freeze rounds hopefully)
    Custom Shotgun
    You'll meet carlos and he'll give you freeze rounds.  Put them in your launcher
    and leave.
    Main hall
    Run accros amd check the mercenarys body for the Mine thrower.  Check the music
    box and remember the pattern.  Head through the door.
    Dining Room
    There are zombies but you can dodge them.  Enter the other door.
    Piano Room
    Kill any zombies and enter the other door.
    It's another save room.  Grab the Bezel key and reload your handgun if
    necessary.  Leave.
    Piano Room
    Head to the dining room
    Dining room
    Head to the main hall
    Main hall
    Go up he stairs
    2nd Level Main hall
    Use one Handgun bullet to kill the spiders by shooing the explosive.  Leave
    through the door.
    Use the key on the ladder and climb up
    Gear room
    Run to the music box and enter the code OPPOSITE to what was on the music box. 
    It will reveal a chronos chain.  Combine it with the windsor key to form the
    chronos key.  Leave.
    Nemy appears.  Live decision
    Use the light
    Use the cord
    Use the cord to KO him and then get his Rare item, another first aid kit. 
    Leave and Beware Nemisis is after you.
    2nd level Main hall
    Run down the stairs.
    Main hall
    Enter the Library
    Use the Chronos key on the door, then discard it.
    Spider hall
    Avoid the spider and grab the G. rounds from the dead man.  Enter the new room.
     Grab the M. Thrower rounds on the back table.  Take the three balls and place
    them on the trays.  As of now I have not found a clear solution to the puzzle
    ut once I do I will post it.  After you solve it a gold gear becomes yours. 
    Head back o the gear room.
    Gear room
    Grab the silver gear and combine it with the gold one to get the CHRONOS GEAR. 
    use it on the machine to get the clock tower ringing.  Leave and You'll be in
    the Main Courtyard.
    Boss #2
    Since we jumped out the window he'll have his rocket launcher but don't fret. 
    Start off by firing you mine thrower rounds like a mad man at him.  They will
    cause a decent amount of damage and they will buy time and make him lose the
    launcher.  When you run out use the freeze and grenade rounds.  If je still
    somhow survived use the shotgun.  He's now probably dead but if he's still
    raring to go use your 14 bullets from your handgun.  If some how he's still
    coming give him one knife stab because he won't take anymore.  That was the end
    of the second boss.
    Carlos comes but he's to late.  You're infected with the T-Virus.
    Your Carlos and you have to get the antidote for Jill.  Grab the Knife from the
    item box and leave.
    Piano room
    Don't worry they're just zombies so avoid them and go to the dining room.
    Dining Room
    Zombies but they are easy to dodge so you shouldn't take any damage.  Head to
    the main hall.
    Main hall
    Wow this place is a dump.  Cross and go to the library.
    Go to the Spider hall
    Spider hall
    Drain demos have invaded but they're busy on the wall and you can run away
    befor they get here.  Enter the other room and push the enourmous bell so you
    can leave the tower.
    Hospital St.
    Avoid the zombies or shoot the barrel with one handgun bullet to kill most of
    them.  After that head to the double doors of the hospital.
    Hospital lobby
    Take a step forward and you'll seea
    The hunters are coming so use the asault rifle to kill them both.  Head trough
    the door on the right side.
    Hospital S. room
    Grab the FAS.  Advance through the other door since you have enough space to
    hold all of your items.
    Grab the bullets and the voice recorder.  Go to the elevator and activate the
    voice activation.  Use the tape recorder to start it up.  Enter.  Go down to
    the basement.
    Basement hall
    Zombies have invaded use the asault rifle and the handgun to kill them.  Head
    forward and get to the door.  Open it.  Run forward.
    Grab the files and items.  Exit through the door
    Cultivation room
    Move around the two cultivation tanks and drain the tanks.  Grab the Medium
    base and put it on the machine.  On the puzzle turn lever 1,3,b,a in that
    order.  Grab the Vaccine medium.  Try to leave but those things come out of the
    tanks.  They can kill you with one attack if they want so kill the one near the
    door and run away.
    Basement hall
    Head to the elevator and go to the fourt floor.
    Fourth floor hall
    Head to the intersection and go in the first door.  Grab the green herbs,
    remember the code on the doctors hand,  and leave.  Head to the end and enter. 
    Grab the key and leave.  If they get in your way shoot the tank with one
    handgun bullet to kill the hunter.  The last door in the intersection needs the
    key so use it.  Push the stand to where it was in the other room.  Then type
    the code on the doctors hands to get the base vaccine.  Mix it with the vaccine
    medium for the Vaccine.  Leave.  Kill the hunters and go in the elevator.  1st
    Kill the hunters and enter the save room.
    Hospital S. room
    Head to the main hall.
    Main hall
     there's a bomb so run or it's game over for you.
    Hospital St.
    Run to the main hall of the Tower.  Nothing you haven't seen will bother you on
    the way.
    Main hall
    Nemmy comes in so we'll kill him to make him easier for jill.  Start off by
    using your assault rifle.  Then use the other tactics we've used to beat him. 
    After he's down go and give Jill the vaccine.
    Jills feeling better so now you're in control of her.  Berfore you leave take
    with you
    H. gun bullets
    S. gun shells
    G. launcher
    Piano room
    Head into the dining room
    Dining Room
    Enter the main hall.
    Main hall
    Jill has to fight nemmy.  He isn't tough is you delt with him as Carlos.  Use
    the same strategies from earliers.After the fight, if this is your first game
    you'll get an asault rifle or if it's your second game you get a Inf. ammo box.
     If you got the box go back to the save room, mix it with freeze rounds and
    drop off all of your weapons other then that.  If not just continue.
    Avoid the zombies and enter the Spider hall.
    Spider hall
    Avoid all enemies and head to the hospital street
    Hospital street
    Use the lockpick on the door and enter.
    Park S. Room
    Grab the key and take either
    Unl. Gr. Laucher
    Park key
    Grenade Launcher(With grenade rounds)
    H. gun Bullets
    C. S. gun
    S. gun shells
    There are grenade rounds in this room so if you're the latter of the two
    choices take them.  Leave.
    Hospital St.
    Run to the gates and use the key to open the gates.
    Park Ent.
    There can be many different enemies here so kill them wih the appropriate
    weapon.  Hunters you should use the launcher.  After they all die run up and
    enter the right gate.
    Kill the zombies with the unl. Freeze rounds or the Eagle.  Then run along the
    boards to the end.  Leave through the door.
    Exit Path
    Run down the path and kill the enemies that appear.  At the end if you didn't
    get the unlimited ammo box there is Magnum ammo on a dead body.  Grab the key
    and head back.
    Head to the park entrance
    Park entrance
    Head staight and into the other gate.
    Grab the herbs if you like and go to the green box.  Set it up, black on top,
    white on bottom.  A door will open and the water will drain.  Climb down the
    new ladder.
    Avoid the worms and go across the water.  Wad up the other path and climb the
    Run past the graves.  Ignore the zombies as it takes them a while to stand up. 
    The rumbling hints at a familiar enemy.  Continue and use the key on the hut. 
    Enter through the door.
    Grab the gunpowders and mix them if you like.  Enter the door across the room.
    Hut S. room
    Grab the lighter and leave.
    Grab the pipe out of the close.  Head to the fireplace.  Use the lighter and
    discard it.  Then use the pipe.  Crawl in.
    Hut Back room
     Grab the files and the key.  Now we can open those gates in the Exit Hall. 
    Walk forward but you'll fall.  The gravedigger is back, with a vengeance.
    Boss #3
    Since you have an unlimited Freeze rounds Just use them to sink him.  Wait till
    he rises the fire one or two.  Run from the dirt trail so he doesn't hit you
    and continue attacking.  Others should use the Shotun and G. Launchcher.  Once
    the pole falls in the water bring him there and shock him.  Once he dies clmb
    the fence out of here.
    Avoid the enemies and head back to the Water room.
    Head back to the Entance
    Park entrance
    Beware the zombies and leave to the boardwalk.
    Run to the Exit path
    Exit Path
    Run to the end and use the key.  Discard and leave.
    Run across
    Live decision
    Push him off
    Jump off
    Choose Jump off for a better ending.
    You're under the Bridge.  Climb the ladder.
    Waste zone
    Run to the closest path and go down it.
    Item box room
    Run and grab the Water sample.  Head through the other door.
    --------- ---
    Dirty room
    At the end there is a puzzle.  It's the most difficult in a RE game to date. 
    It's random but do your best.  After it's done go up stairs.
    Here are the 3 solutions it always seems to be
    A: 4 right
    B:2 right
    C:2 left
    A: 1 right
    B: 2 right
    C : 2 right
    A: 1 right
    B: 3 right
    C: 4 left
    Item box room
    Head back to the waste room
    Waste room
    Head down
    Now continue until you see the door.  Enter
    Plumbing room
    Several enemies could be here.  Kill them and continue to the elevator.  Go up.
    Control room
    Kill the zombies and grab the system disk and the leave.
    Head down and into the single door.
    Resting room
    Run to the other door.
    Steam room
    We need to solve this puzzle and get to the PC.  Run over and press the butten
    on the right.  Then the other.  Run forward and press the left button then the
    right.  Now go back and press the buttons on your way.  Run across and press
    the first button and the second.  Cross and press each button in order to
    finish the puzzle.  Activate the PC.  Now get to the Resting room.
    Resting room
    Head to the hall
    Head to the control room
    Control room
    Open the door that we haven't been in.
    Machine room
    Run across and open the door
    Trash compactor
    Boss 4
    This is two easy.  He is slow so just repeatedly shoot him with anything. 
    Evemtually his body will fall apart and he will die.  After he's down grab the
    Card and RUN.  There is another Strategy as well.  You saw in the cutscene how
    he slashed the pipe and the acid burnt him.  Well we can do this too.  Run to a
    pipe and shoot it.  This will cause the acid to fall from the pipe and possibly
    hit your pal nemmy.  It only takes three hits so do whichever strategy appeals
    to you.
    Machine room
    Run to the power room
    Control room
    Run to the Hall
    Run to the shutters and open them with the card.  Kill the enemies and open the
    Chopper Room
    Uh oh this could be trouble.
    Live Decision
    Return fire to the chopper
    Negotiate with Nicholie
    Do the second because you won't risk damage.  After you finish talking nicholie
    will tell you of his plans and leave you to die without any way to escape.
    Wow at least Carlos pretends that the situation isn't totally hopeless.  What a
    Head down the ladder.
    Final Hall
    Head forward and don't stop.  Enter the door.
    Final Courtyard
    Continue to the Door.
    Final Battle room
    Enter and run to the computer.  After that puh in the batery.  Cutscene
    Final Boss
    Attack him by slowing him with your freeze rounds or magnum.  After about 15
    freeze or 20 magnum he will turn around and begin eating the body I think.  I
    know he'll turn around but I don't know that he's eating.  Any way push the two
    batterys in and wait for him to die.  The Rail cannon doesn't hurt you so don't
    worry about getting hit.  Also note that it will take two shots for him to get
    hit.  One more thing.  Don't get close to him whime he's eating or he'll kill
    you with a one hit kills spike attack and that won't be good/
    He's still alive, amazing.
    Live decision
    Exterminate the Monster
    Ignore it and evacuate.
    Doesn't matter but I like to kill him.
    The end
    Watch the final Cutscene.  Congratulations, you beat the game.
    6.  Mercenary Mini-Game
    Operation mad Jackle
    Ah yes the end of game secret mini-game.  It wouldn't be resident Evil without
    a certain something to give replay value.  Well in this game you get the game
    Operation Mad jackle.  In this game you have to lead one of the three in game
    mercenaries from the trolly they are on to the warehouse save room at the
    begining of the game.  On the nway you will get loads of monsters to kill and
    your ammo is low.  Ammo or herbs are never on the ground.  You are also timed
    to get to your destination.  You get more time by killing enemies and rescuing
    the people scattered around the level.  You also get time if you touch one of
    the 6 secret area's.  After you finish or are killed you get a money reward and
    a rank.  Obviously the more you kill and save and the more ecret places you
    touch will increase your rank and profit.  If ou get enough money you can buy
    unlimited ammo weapons and a box that has unlimited ammo for all weapons.
    These are the people you can play as and the equipment they have to get to the
    area's they need to go to.
    Rocket Launcher with 8 rounds
    Shotgun loaded with 35 backup rounds
    Magnum loaded with 18 backup rounds
    One green+red+blue herb mixture
    Asault Rifle Loaded
    Eagle handgun loaded With 90 backup rounds
    3 green+red+blue herb mixtures
    Handgun loaded
    3 First aid Sprays
    Weapons to buy
    These are the rewards that you can get and the amount they cost.
    Unlimited Asault rifle $2000
    Unlimited Gatling Gun $3000
    Unlimited Rocket Launcher $4000
    Unlimited Amoo box $9999
    No I don't have a complete walktthrough yet and I may never have but remember
    that the more you kill and save the more time you will get to finish and the
    higher your reward will end up being.  Below are the lists of the secret places
    and the area's where the hostages can be saved.  Good luck to you.
    	These people can be saved at the following locations.
    Gas station where you get the Machine oil
    Newspaper Building
    Restaruant Basement
    Umbrella company building where you get the oil additive
    Restaurant where you first see brad vickers
    Secret area's
    	These are the area's where you can touch for time.
    Alley next to the Newspaper Building
    Cart in the back of the Restaurant
    Low Voltage room in the Sub Station
    Fire hose Alley where you get the Firehose
    Shotgun Alley where you get the Shotgun
    I believe there is another Area but I can't find it.  If anyone does please
    E-mail me and I wil give you plenty of Credit.
    7.  Enemies
    	Ah yes the most basic of all the enemies in the Resident Evil World.  These
    are the most common and possibly the most pestering at some times.  They are
    often easy to avoid and don't consume that much ammo.  To beat them use the
    handgun and knife in the early sections and the Shotgun in later stages of the
    	Another traditional enemy.  These are the dogs that have become zombies.  They
    aren't as effected by the virus as they keep their spped and maneuverability. 
    They attack in a leaping bite but it isn't damaging in the least.  However
    continued hits by these will cause damage so be wary.  Use the hangun for a
    loner and the shotgun for packs of three or more.  Also note that one handgun
    round will knock them on there canine asses so thats how easy it is to take
    them out with the handgun.
    Drain Demos
    	Another Pestilence and anothger overrated enemy.  These guys are rather
    damaging if they hit you with there leeching bite so do beware.  There speed is
    a bit slower then yours so you can avoid them but watch out because they often
    travel with at least one other Demo.  It is very bad to run from one into
    another so watch out.  To kill them attack with the shotgun or the eagle
    handgun.  In late game stages you can use the Grenade Launcher with any round
    to take them out.  Also note that besides grabbing and biting you they can also
    slash you with one of there six arm things and although this isn't damaging it
    will slow you down so watch out.
    Brain Suckers
    	These are like the drain Demos stronger brothers.  There speed and strength as
    well as their stamina is the same but they are a bit more dangerous.  The
    reason is that they have an acid spit attack that is long range and can poison
    you.  Use the same attacks as on a drain Demo.
    	The easiest enemy in the game.  No there is a weaker enemy.  That is hard to
    believe because these guys suck.  Attack them in any way you like but don't use
    a powerful weapon or you'll waste ammo.  Thats about it for them.
    	No challenge at all.  If you see them run by them.  They hardly attack and I
    was never droped a level in health by them.  I don't have confirmation if their
    attacks even hurt.  What weapon to use.  None at all.  If you must attack use
    the Knife because it's only one hit for them even with this.  Thank the
    programmers for an easy enemy.
    Hunters (Alpha)
    	Remember those hunters from Resident Evil one.  Well here they are again but
    they play a much weaker role and are far less formidable.  They appear rather
    late in the game and then they are rather common but they aren't as tough an
    enemy as they were in previouse versions.  hey always die in one magnum round
    and they only ever survive two shotgun shells.  They are still fast and deadly
    and they still have their one hit kill attack but to do this you have to be in
    caution or worse health.  They are easily beaten with the shotgun or anything
    stronger but I have beaten them with the eagle handgun.  To do this all you
    have to do is get a good distance away and fire about 7-10 shots.
    Hunters (Beta)
    	Ah now here is a much stronger enemy.  Sadly this awesomely powerful monster
    appears only once in the game.  That once, however is more than enough to kill
    you at least one time.  These guys look like frogs and have huge mouths.  All
    the better to eat you with, and that's just what they do.  No matter what your
    health they can swallow you hole and end your game immediatly.  They still
    havee the slashing attacks and are still faster then you but now they are even
    more formidable.  Th only time you see them you have no choice but to use the
    Asault Rifle on them but they are also vulnerable to the shotgun and any
    stronger weapon.  Use all your skills to take down all these guys you see
    because it's really only fair to give the only two of their kind a proper
    burial.  Oh and one more thing, they can also do the one hit kills slash if
    you're in caution so watch out for that as well.
    8. Bosses
    	This section has all the bosses you will face.
    Gravedigger 1
    	Don't bother wasting your ammo to kill him because it's just a waste.  Press
    the buttons in the area's by his holes and then Climb the ladder.  If you must
    fight him fire the G. launcher to kill him when he emerges.  It takes a lot of
    shots but good luck.  Also have some healthn items because he hits hard and the
    chances of you getting hit are pretty good but if you are careful you probably
    won't have trouble on this boss.
    Nemesis (Clock Tower)
    	The first Non-avoidable nemesis fight is here in the clock tower.  This is a
    fairly hard battle but not if you have the right ammo.  If he starts with the
    rocket launcher which he only does if you chose Jump out the Window as a live
    decision on the tram then you have a fight on your hands.  You'll need to have
    the magnum or freeze rounds to down this guy.  Also if you have the Auto
    shotgun it also works well.  First get far away and launch some grenades or
    magnum/shotgun rounds at him.  He'll soon shoot a rocket or run toward you. 
    Quickly move or you'll be hit.  If hit you'll have to tell by your limp what
    health your in because of the poison.  Heal if you have taken a lot of hits and
    continue getting away and firing at him.  After a decent amount of rounds he'll
    fall for the first time.  Now run over top of him and fire the auto shotgun. 
    It's speed will get you about 4-5 shots before he attacks.  Now he's only about
    three or four more freeze rounds or five magnum rounds.  Whichever case the
    rest of the battle is rather easy but as always keep a few health items handy. 
    When he falls take a sigh of relief, that was the hardest boss fight in this
    whole game.
    Gravedigger 2
    	This fight is a significant bit harder then the last one.  You'll need to have
    the freeze rounds and magnum rounds as well as the auto shotgun.  Whatch his
    dirt trail and move when it gets to close if he comes up to attack then you
    need to turn around and fire at him.  The auto shotgun works wonders with it's
    speed.  Keep firing the powerfull weapons to wear him down.  If he hits you
    you'll need to heal or you will sustain significant damage.  After a little
    while a pole will fall into the puddle of water.  This pole has electricity and
    will give him a shock.  This will weaken him and possibly kill him.  After he
    takes a lot of damage he will fall to the ground and die a horrible death.
    Nemesis (Garbage Dump)
    	This is the easiest boss aropund the corner.  Just get a decent distance away
    and hit him with anything.  He hardly moves toward you and poses a minor
    threat.  Whatch out though because if you are to confident he is still deadly. 
    The freeze rounds and magnum work wonders on this boss but so does any of the
    shotguns and even the eagle handgun can do damage.  You can also shoot those
    acid valves and take off his body parts.  This only takes about three times
    although you may miss.  After his body falls apart you win.  Also take into
    consideration the time limit or you'll be toast and thrown into the garbage
    pit.  Besides that enjoy the rather simple boss.
    Nemesis (Rail Cannon)
    	This is it.  The final battle of the game and fortunatly it's not the hardest
    of them all.  Stay away from his back or he can flip you with a deadly spike
    attack and also avoid the acid he spits out.  While you're doing this also
    shoot him with a powerful weapon like the magnum.  This will hurt him rather
    badly.  If poisoned heal and continue attacking.  Eventually he'll turn and
    start eating the body of Mr. X from Resident Evil 2.  This is the perfect time
    to start pushing in the rail cannon batterys.  After you push them in it starts
    to charge up.  Eventually it will fire a shott and destroy some machinery. 
    Then it will fire again and hit him.  That will end the last boss of the game. 
    Note that if you got the Rocket Launcher it also works wonders on this form of
    Interesting Info:  Thats right, that dead creature that Jill defines as a
    deadly Bioweapon is actually Mr. X, the tyrant from Resident Evil 2.
    9. Weapons
    	The basic weapon of the game.  This is the terrible weapon that does a very
    low amoun of damage.  You'll probably never use this except maybe at the
    begining of the game.  It takes a lot of hits to take down a zombie and it is
    only good on crows and worms as well as a lone zombie.  For most of the game
    you will find this tucked neatly away in the item box.
    	The most usefull gun in early stages of the game.  It does significant damage
    to zombies and dogs but it's virtually useless on hunters and Brain suckers. 
    It is possible to kill bigger enemies with this gun but there is never a real
    purpose to as your other guns will have enough ammo to kill them.  Also ammo
    for this is very common and you should build it up in great numbers.  Another
    note is that if you mix 8 gunpowders it will create Enhanced ammo and that will
    do excellant damage.  You can also get the eagle handgun if you beat nemesis in
    hard mode.  This gun os the same but shoots two times faster and has a higher
    Decapitation rate for faster kills.
    	Ahh yes another traditional Resident Evil gun.  You get this boomstick very
    early in the game and it is propbably the best gun out there.  No, the magnum
    and Grenade Launcher are stronger but for the ammo frequency this is one of the
    best guns.  If you mix 8 gunpowder B's you get enhanced shells for more damage.
     You can also get the auto shotgun for double the speed.  This is the best
    weapon for all enemies so use it wisely.  Also this is the strategy that you
    probably know but I will tell you anyway.  As a zombie approaches aim up and
    fire.  This nearly guarantees that his head will come flying off.
    Grenade Launcher
    	Another Traditional gun that has a new twist.  This gun is much more useful
    then the grenade launcher in any other resident Evil game.  It now has four
    different Shells each doing good damage to a different enemy.  Keep in mind
    that ammo is scarce and you'll have to make most of it but for this much power
    it doesn't even matter.  The shells and their powers are listed below.  They
    are ordered weakest to strongest.
    Grenade rounds
    	The weakest of the rounds in the game.  They are still strong but they fail to
    match the superior rounds.  They are best used on zombies and dogs.  The
    positive for tem is that they a the most common in the game so you will have
    some to spare.  They are also good on the gravedigger boss.
    Flame rounds
    	Another type of grenade round.  This type does good damage to almost all
    enemies but still isn't the best.  They are very scarce and I think you only
    get about 6 of these without making them.  They are best on zombies, worms,
    dogs, crows, and if you have enough they can also burn Nemesis pretty well so
    don't count them out.
    Acid Rounds
    	Formerly the best round has been downgraded a level.  They are still awesome
    and kill enemies quick but they are very scarce so you need to make them if you
    want to use them.  They are very good on both hunter types and they kick
    gravediggers but.  they also wilt nemesis quickly so use them often.  Overall
    they are definatly an effective weapon to use often.
    Freeze rounds
    	The strongest weapon besides the Rocket launcher is the Grenade launcher
    loaded with these.  They are good on everything, even Nemesis.  The other
    rounds were good on a specific enemy but not these.  They are very scarce and
    there are only 6 in the game.  You can kill nemesis with about 8 of these so
    those six almost kill nemesis.  Even the magnum can't do that.  Make these
    often to do the best damage to all the enemies around.  Another intersting note
    is that if they shoot the ground the cloud can hurt enemies but it is very weak
    this way.
    	It returns.  The old magnum from the first resident evil is back and it can
    kick some butt.  This powerful gun takes out all the basic enemies on one hit. 
    It is also good on the powerful baddy nemesis.  This gun can do it all.  The
    problem is that ammo for this weapon is amazingly scarce.  You'll find yourself
    fighting nemesis with this and then running out of ammo and being defensless. 
    And to make ammo you need gunpowder CCC.  Still the ammo you do get will be
    enough to handle at least one nemmy battle.  However the freeze rounds are more
    powerful so I recomend using them instead.  Sorry if I sound like I'm
    criticizing this gun because it is a great gun but it does fall to the freeze
    Asault Rifle
    	A new gun for Resident Evil 3 fans ony is the new asault rifle.  This is a
    bonus weapon for Jill but it is Carlos' basic weapon.  Each bullet is only as
    powerful as a handgun bullet or maybe even weaker but it fires them very fast
    making it very effective.  It can also be switched from full automatic to 3
    shot burst.  At 100% this gun holds 300 bullets and it's very effective on all
    hunters, zombies, and other little enemies that you may have to face.  Since
    you don't have to use it long though you really won't face any tough monsters. 
    This is an all around good gun.
    Gattling Gun
    	This is the hidden weapon first featured in Resident Evil 2.  It is only
    obtainable by buying it in the mercenary mini-game.  It fires amazingly fast
    shredding normal amazingly quickly.  It can even topple Bosses if used
    effectivly.  It has one major downside and that is that it takes about 3
    seconds to start firing meaning that a fast enemy may be able to counter your
    attack before you initiate it.  Still it's a gun worth trying and on slower
    enemies it is the best gun out there.  It can even do faster enemies if you get
    a decent distance.  Please be warned that Nemesis will kick your butt if you
    use this on him so watch out.
    Rocket Launcher
    	BOOM.  What else can I say.  This awesome gun kills everything except a boss
    in one hit.  It only takes two hits for Nemesis and a few more for the other
    boss, gravedigger.  It is found at the very end of the game but can be bought
    in mercenary mini-games.  It is good on everything but crows because flying
    enemies are hard to hit.
    Also watch out with quick enemies or you'll be toast.  Besides that the
    ultimate weapon has no flaws.
    10.  Character Profiles
    Jill Valentine
    	Jill is a member of the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team and one of the original
    survivors of the Mansion Incident.  She recently went into research on the new
    virus created by umbrella when all hell broke loose.  She armed herself to the
    teeth and set out to join the other survivors in the europe labs.
    	Jill is probably my favorite playable female character in a resident evil
    game.  No I'm not saying I think she's hot but her attitude and other
    personality traits make her my favorite.  She is strong and able to take a good
    bit of damage in this game.  She meets up with Carlos and they unite to escape
    the city.
    Carlos Oliveria
    	Carlos is a member of umbrella's mercenary team sent to rescue civilians from
    racoon city.  Little does he know the plans were really to gain data on their
    creatures.  He eventually escapes the city seconds before it's destruction and
    teams up with Jill to take umbrella down.
    	Carlos is one of my favorite characters.  He has a good sense of right and
    wrong but a large lack of common sense.  He is very strong and is probably the
    brawn of the jill/carlos team.  during the game you play as him once and he
    proves very caring to Jill seeing as he risks his life to rid her of the virus.
     I guess under that tuff guy act he has a kind heart and a gentle soul.
    	Dario is a salesman caught up in the mess that is now racoon city.  He is seen
    at the beginning and although Jill is plenty armed to leave this ghost town he
    refuses to come with her.  Later she returns to him only to find that he has
    been murdered by zombies.  He joins his daughter and wife in the afterlife.
    	I don't like dario.  You can't play as him and that's just fine with me.  His
    voice is anoying and his lack of survival skills is evident.  However I can't
    totally hate him because hi wife and daughter were killed by zombies.  Oh well
    my pity got the best of me.
    Brad Vickers
    	Brad is a member of S.T.A.R.S. and another survival  story from the mansion
    incident.  He is the pilot who flew the chopper and fled while the Alpha Team
    was in trouble.  In this game he is seen wounded by a zombie and tells Jill of
    the Nemesis.  He later comes in very wounded and is slaughtered before Jills
    eyes by the Nemesis.  Then he is killed by Leon as a zombie the next day. 
    After they bomb the city nothing remains of the once cowardly Brad
    "Chickenheart" Vickers
    	I really dislike Brad.  I blame him for the loss of all the Stars who died in
    the mansion.  He's definatly not my favorite character and unlike dario he has
    no excuse.  In my oppinion he deserved to die.  No big loss.
    	Mikail is another mercenary for umbrella like carlos.  He is the luitanent of
    the team but he is wounded during a battl and his team retreat to the cable car
    He rests there and meets Jill.  Unfortunatly he is traumatizd and suffers from
    his huge wound.  Later as they try to escape on the tram he detonates himself
    to stop Nemesis from killing Jill and Carlos.  He died and honorable death.
    	Mikail is a decent character in this game.  Unfortunatly he is killed by the
    Nemesis but he did die to save the others and I gain respect for him by doing
    this.  Also in the Mercenary game he is the only one who is well armed.  It's a
    shame he dies in the game.  He serves a minor role to Jill yet it is an equally
    important one.
    	He is another member of the mercenary team.  Unfortunatly he isn't the best
    member.  He is a supervisor sent to collect data on the monsters as they
    slaughter the mercenary team.  During the game he kills quite a few mercenaries
    claiming that they were infecte with the virus but this is not true because he
    studies the bodies for infomation on the attacks.  Toward the end he attempts
    to kill jill but he ultimatly dies trying.
    	Nichloie is the best character in the game.  I think he's cool and he would be
    a good bad guy for a later game.  Unfortunatly he dies off toward the end
    either by nemesis or you but it doesn't really matter.  It was meant to be.
    Barry Burton
    	Barry is not really a main character in this game.  He is another S.T.A.R.S.
    member who initially betraid them but became good afterward.  He is only seen
    in an ending in this game where he rescues Jill and Carlos in a chopper. 
    Besides that you won't even see him.
    Marvin Brangh
    	Marvin is an officer in the RPD.  He is useful in resident evil 2 when he
    helps leon or Claire.  Unfortunatly when Jill enters the RPD he is knocked out
    but she does get his report.  Besides that nothing else is known about this
    mystery man.
    Murphy Seeker
    	This man is another mercenary for umbrella.  Not much is known about him. 
    During the game he becomes a zombie and either Carlos or Nicholie are forced to
    take his life.  Judging by Carloses reaction to killing him I would say they
    were both very good friends.  Besides that we know nothing else of him.
    Tyrell Patrick
    	Patrick is another Mercenary for umbrella.  He is eventually shot by Nicholie.
     Although he isn't killed his pride is shattered.  He suicides himself in a
    desperate but failed attemt to kill nicholie.  He is very bent on trust and
    sticking by your teammates.   He didn't like it that Nicholie betrayed him. 
    Again he is another mystery man in the series.
    11. Herb and health guide
    Fine 100% health
    Caution(Yellow) 75% health
    Caution (Red) 50 % health
    Danger 25% health
    Green Herb- rasies health by 1/3
    Blue herb- cures poison
    Red herb- no effect
    Green+Green- Raises health by 5/6
    Green+Green+Green- fully revitalizes health
    Green+Blue- Raises health by 1/3 and cures poison
    Green+red- Full revitalizes health
    Green+Red+Blue- Fully Revitalizes health and cures poison.
    Green+Green+Blue- For an unknown reason it's the same as green+blue so don't do
    The healing system in this game is not always acurate so some differances may
    be apparant.  Also note that even in danger a double green could heal you fully
    but it won't really be totally full becaus even a lite attack will bring you
    down several notches so beware.
    12. Personal Review
    This review can be found on gamefaqs but it is my property so here it is.  Note
    this review has not been changed at all in its transfer from here to gamefaqs
    so sorry if some parts are a little strange.
    My name is Gunniedude11 (or at least here it is) and I am a huge fan of thi
    series. Perfect. That's about all there is to say about this game. When Capcom
    first released the first Resident Evil it redefined Survival Horror. Then they
    made a fresh and new sequel to it with another epic adventure. This was
    Resident Evil 2. After that they needed to make another so to continue the
    greatest game thy made this game. Then they remade the first making it better
    and ported the second and third for the gamecube but the power is still there.
    Although it has minimal touchups which may seem like a flaw if you are a huge
    gamecube fan (Like myself) then this is a must have survival horror.
    Graphics 7/10
    To me this is the most insufficent part of a game so it hardley affects the
    overall score. Yes they could be better and some of the designs are shaky but
    the Cube powers them up a bit making rooms crisper and other small effects.
    Although they aren't perfect I don't think that unless you are a graphic maker
    that they will lower the entertainment value of this awesome game.
    That is all I will say about the Graphics. No they aren't perfect but if they
    make you give up on such a great game I must pity you.
    Sound 9/10
    Unlike graphics I find this a very important factor in Survival Horror. The
    sound is nearly flawless. It is usually silent with small backround noises like
    music and howling wolves and then something happens and all of the sudden the
    music is rappid and heart pulsing. The enmies are also an addition to the
    sound. You enter a room and hear the noises of a zombie but you can't see him
    at this angle and you don't know where he is. Or as you walk in you hear the
    killing cry of an angry hunter. All of these add to the greatness of this
    already great game and make up for the graphics.
    Gameplay 10/10
    This is what matters most in a game. The gameplay. And in this game it is a
    flawless one. You are given a minimal amount of dodging techniques and poor
    weapons in the beggining and you have to spare ammo on the weaker enemies. Then
    toward the end you have a bit more powerful weapons but the enemies are mad and
    you fight more powerful and deadly versions. You also get a new situation
    called live decisions where Jill has a low amount of time to decide how to
    handle a situation or else she may find herself in a ''Much wose situation''
    And the Nemisis who this game was named after is in full power. He is fast and
    strong and is easily the hardest and most relentless boss in any game ever.
    Story 10/10
    WOW. What a story. Jills comrades left her in a zombie infested city. She
    decides to escape but she learns that herself and Brad chicken heart Vickers
    are the only living S.T.A.R.S. members in the city. Suddenly as if from nowhere
    a towering monster kills chicken heart and is now after you. I don't want to
    spoil anymore but will Jill survive.
    To buy or to Rent
    BUY. this game has to many features to play with if you just rent it. There are
    bonus games and epilogues plus personal challenges too keep you occupied.
    Overall 10/10
    I thought I told you to buy you must have this game. Nemmy doesn't like being
    Please note that this was my first ever review so it is far from good but I aim
    to please so I may or may not improve it.
    13. Unlockables
    Operation Mad-Jackle
    To unlock operation mad-jackle you must Beat the game on any difficulty.  You
    can caontrol the three main mercenaries and try to get from the tram to the
    savehouse at the beginning of the game.  They are Carlos, Mikail, Nicholie. 
    You can rescue people to increase your time and the better you do the more cash
    you earn.  You can use the cash to buy cool new weapons.
    Unlimited  AR
    To unlock the unlimited AR (Asault Rifle) you must collect at least $2000
    dollars in Operation mad-jackle.  Then you can buy it in the reward section. 
    It is exactly like the one in the normal game but with Unlimited ammo.
    Unlimited Gatling Gun
    To unlock the unlimited gattling gun you must collect at least $3000 in the
    mercenary mini-game operation mad-jackle.  Then you can buy it in the reward
    section.  It is a new feature weapon that fires very fast but takes about 3
    seconds to start firing once you pull the trigger.
    Unlimited Rocket Launcher
    To unlock the unlimited rocket launcher you must collect at least $4000 in
    operation mad-jackle.  It can then be purchased in the reward section.  Like in
    all the other versions it kill all enemies in one hit.  It even kills nemesis
    in two hits as well as the gravedigger in 3 hits.  It still has a very slow
    firing rate so watch out.
    Unlimited Ammo
    To unlock the unlimited ammo for all weapons you must collect at least $9999 in
    operation mad-jackle.  Then it can be bought in the reward section.  It gives
    all of your collected weapons unlimited ammo.  It doesn't get you the other
    unlimited weapons so watch out for that.
    Unlock costumes
    To unlock new costumes for Jill beat the game on any mode to get the boutique
    key.  Inside the boutique you can change costumes.  You get more costumes for a
    better rank.  They are listed underneath.  There are a total of five different
    costumes for jill to obtain.
    Rank A- 5 costumes
    Rank B- 4 costumes
    Rank C- 3 costumes
    Rank D- 2 costumes
    Rank F- 1 costume
    to unlock the epilogoues and see what the characters did after this game then
    yoou must beat the game on hard mode.  Each time you beat it you will get a
    different Epilogue.  There are a total of 8 Epilogues.
    14. Weskers report
    This is the dialougue of the infamous Weskers report.  It may help fill in some
    gaps for you.
    "My name is Albert Wesker.
    I aspired to become a leading researcher at Umbrella Inc. A pharmaceutical
    enterprise who covertly conduction Bio Organic Weapons, better known as B.O.W.,
    for development. But at the leader development training ground situated in
    Raccoon City, I met a brilliant and talented researcher who decided to take a
    different path - William Birkin.
     In time I shifted my position to S.T.A.R.S., a special forces unit of the
    Raccoon Police Department. Umbrella, for crisis management reasons of their
    illegal Bio Organic Weapons development had many of it's people working in the
    police department.
    I became the leader of S.T.A.R.S. and conducted all sorts of intelligence
    activities for Umbrella. As I continued to serve I devised my own plans and
    waited for the right moment to execute them.
     Then at last, opportunity knocked.
    1998  July  7.24 - The freak murder incidents had occurred in the forest near
    the mansion started it all. The mansion was Umbrella's secret BOW laboratory
    and it was clear that the in development T-Virus was the cause of the murder.
    Initially, Umbrella instructed me secretively to keep S.T.A.R.S. out of the
    case, but with the heightened emotions of the citizens S.T.A.R.S. had no choice
    but to move in.
    That was when my next order was given. Dispatch S.T.A.R.S. to the mansion,
    dispose of them, then report the situation to headquarters so that their combat
    with the B.O.W. could be used for data analysis allowing Umbrella a
    comprehensive portrait of the B.O.W.'s combat abilities.
    From the 2 S.T.A.R.S. teams I first pitched in the Bravo Team. As expected, the
    top elite of S.T.A.R.S. gave all they had and became useful sample data. Then
    following, I geared up the Alpha Team to "search and rescue" the lost Bravo
    Team. The members of the Alpha Team also proved their worth and as expected
    many died.
    There were 5 Survivors from the initial 11 S.T.A.R.S. members. From the Alpha
    Team were Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, and Barry Burton. And from the Bravo
    Team were Rebecca Chambers and Enrico Marini.
    It was time to begin executing my plans. In the midst of the whole affair I
    could take Umbrella's ultimate Bio-Organic Weapon, the Tyrant, and join forces
    with an opposing corporation of Umbrella. To buy into that opposing corporation
    I would need the actual combat data of the Tyrant.
    The surviving privileged members of S.T.A.R.S. were just the perfect bait. I
    decided to have one of them play the Judas and draw them to the Tyrant. That
    Judas was Barry.
    Barry was the strong truth and justice kind and cherished his family more than
    anything. His type is easy to manipulate. I just took that most important thing
    away from him. My only miscalculation was the high potential of Chris and Jill.
    But with the family man Barry playing Judas the scheme went as planned.
    Then the winds turned unexpectedly. I had to eliminate Enrico who found out
    what was behind it all. I used Barry to get to him. After I successfully got
    rid of that nuisance I awaited the sample specimen that Barry would bring to me
    in the Tyrants room.
    I injected the virus I obtained from Birkin in advance. If I made Umbrella
    believe I was dead, it made it far more convenient to sell myself to the
    opposing corporation. According to Birkin the virus had profound effects. It
    would put my body in a state of temporary "death." It would then bring me back
    to life with super human powers. Therefor I unleashed an awesome Tyrant from
    its slumber and let it attack me.
    As my consciousness faded away I was certain that the whole scheme would end in
    Never did I imagine that S.T.A.R.S. could slay the evil creation. I lost the
    Tyrant and the plan I devised which cost me my humanity ended in failure. Now
    anything and anyone who stood in my way would be terminated. It's been that way
    for a long time and it always will be. At all costs I had to make S.T.A.R.S.
    September - Two months had passed since the mansion incident. To regain
    everything I had lost in my new organization I joined hands with Ada Wong, a
    female agent who was also sent to spy on Umbrella.
    I knew in my bones that the key developer was William Birkin, but what he
    didn't know was that Umbrella did not play games... with anyone. Eventually,
    Birkin would be assassinated, and the G-Virus would be in the hands of
    But the salvage team led by Hunk was ahead of us. By the time they got to
    Birkin, he'd already injected himself with the G-Virus... he became his own
    creation, and decimated them.
    Soon after, the T-Virus carried by rats spread throughout Raccoon City, and
    Umbrella faced its worst scenario.
    9.28 - The good citizens became zombies, and the city had headed for its
    devastating fate. Humans were no match against zombies.
    In the chaos, Umbrella Europe applied a new type B.O.W., called "Nemesis". The
    Nemesis would hunt down and destroy the surviving member of S.T.A.R.S., Jill.
    It became imperative that our organization would also obtain the Nemesis data.
    9.29 - To cover up the whole affair, Umbrella jettisoned a Tyrant to take care
    of Leon and Claire, who were trying to unveil their secrets.
    Then, a new revelation. Birkin used to hide the findings of his studies in his
    daughter Sherry's pendant. It was very possible that the G-Virus was there.
    While Umbrella was busy with their cover up, we had to capture Sherry before
    they did. I sent Ada undercover to seek the location of Sherry. I, the "dead
    man" on the other hand, had to work in the shadows.
    A spy's obligation and priority is in the mission, to carry out the mission
    like a machine without any emotional interference.
    But through her interaction and involvement with Leon S. Kennedy, there'd been
    an affection growing inside her.
    My instincts sensed danger, something had to be done, quickly. My instincts did
    not disappoint me. Even though Ada almost had her hands on the G-Virus, which
    Leon had acquired from Sherry, that affection of hers drove her to her death.
    But she was still of some use. I had to save her life.
    My people hurried to retrieve the G-Virus that Leon threw away. But Hunk, the
    only survivor of Umbrella's salvage team, was there before us.
    9.30 - Our only option left was to bring back Birkin, the monster, as the
    sample specimen and have him finish off Leon and Claire in order to obtain his
    combat data.
    Although Birkin lost the battle to Leon and Claire, we succeeded in gathering
    samples of the G-Virus from his dead body.
    10.1 - In the morning the government bombed Raccoon City in an attempt to stop
    for the viral outbreak. This was, of course, their feigned reason.
    Later, Claire left for Europe to find her lost brother Chris, and Leon joined
    forces with a underground anti-Umbrella organization.
    Sherry is safe in our hands. I would never underestimate Birkin.
    There's something about this little girl..."
    15.  Weskers Report 2
    Reading this may also fill in some gaps about the series.
    To Ada Wong:
    When I first visited that place, I was 18 and it was summer, twenty years ago.
    I still remember the smell when the helicopter landed and the rotor caused the
    wind to stir. From the air, the mansion seemed normal but from ground level,
    something was different. William Birkin, who was 2 years younger than me,
    seemed only interested in the research files he had as usual...
    July 31, 1978 -Monday
    Two days ago, the two of us were assigned to that place. Everything could have
    been planned out from the beginning or it could have all been a coincidence.
    The only person to know the truth is most likely, Sir Ozwell Spencer.
    Spencer at that time, was using the Arklay labs for the research on the
    T-Virus. As soon as we got off the helicopter, the president of that lab stood
    In front of the elevator. I don't even remember that man's name. It didn't
    matter what was said officially. From that day, that lab belonged to Birkin and
    We were assigned to be chief researchers at the facility. This of course, was
    Spencer's will. We were the chosen ones. The two of us ignored the president as
    we entered the elevator. We had Already been briefed about the layout of the
    area and Birkin, with no bad intentions, ignored everyone as usual.
    Usually, when someone sees our actions, they would react within 5 seconds. But
    the president didn't even react at all. At the time, I was only a youngster so
    it didn't bother the president.
    The president understood what Spencer was thinking and didn't take notice of
    someone like me. While the three of us were on the elevator, Birkin still kept
    his eyes on the research files. The files contained information about a new
    faro- virus found 2 years ago in Africa called Ebola.
    Even now, their are thousands of people researching the Ebola. But the People
    are always divided in half, one group to save people from the virus and the
    other to kill people with the virus. As known, if a person is infected with the
    Ebola, the chances of dying is 90%. It has the capability to destroy the
    physical structure within 10 days and even now, a cure hasn't been found.
    If this is used as a bio-weapon, it would display incredible destruction. But
    because making a bio-weapon is against the law, we would not use the virus as a
    weapon. But I'm certain that someone out their would use this as a weapon. So
    to prepare for a case of like the virus being used as a weapon, it is good to
    do research on it now.
    But the line between finding a cure and making a bio-weapon is thin. This is
    because the actual research conducted do not differ at all between the two. So
    one could say that they are researching for a cure and be making a bio- weapon.
    But to Birkin, he was not interested in either cause just wanted to research
    the Ebola itself. The virus had too many things unknown at the time. One was
    that the fact that virus would die within a few days by itself and would die
    instantly when hit by sunlight.
    The second was the speed that it would kill its host. It kills the host
    extremely quickly that their is almost no time for the virus to infect another
    person. The third is how the virus is spread.
    The virus has to physically touch another person in order to infect them and
    therefore can easily be quarantined. But I would like to bring up the following
    thought. What if a person that was infected with the Ebola virus could stand up
    and walk around? And that infected person would have a disrupted chain of
    thought, and would infect others that weren't infected?
    What if the DNA of the Ebola, the RNA, had a direct impact on the DNA of a
    human, and due to that, would make the person not die so easily? The person
    would be dead from a humans point of view, but would still go around as a
    bio-weapon spreading the virus around. It is fortunate that the Ebola may have
    features like this. Even from now, we will be the only one to now about this.
    Umbrella, with Spencer as the head, was an organization made to do research on
    viruses with these qualities.
    As a cover, they tell the world that they are a company making cures, but the
    truth was a bio- weapon developing organization. The finding of the original
    virus which restructures the human DNA was the start of everything. Using the
    original virus as a base, an enhanced virus would be made to be a bio-weapon.
    This was the plan for the T-Virus. The original virus was also an RNA virus and
    would cause abnormalities, thus enhancing a host.
    Birkin was interested in the Ebola because he planned on combining the two
    virus's (Ebola anywhere outside the lab. From the records, she was here since
    this lab had been created. She was 25 at that time. But what her name is and
    why she is here is a mystery. She was a test subject for the research on the
    The research begun in November 10, 1967. For 11 years, she had gone through
    tests with many viruses. I heard Birkin whisper something. Whether those words
    were cursing, swearing or praising, I don't know. But we had come to a place
    where we couldn't back out of.
    We were to take the research to its completion or to be captured, and end up
    like the woman. For us we, only had one choice. The woman who lay on the pipe
    bed had moved something within both of our minds. Was this part of Sir
    Spencer's plan? ---The next records take place 3 years later Alexia - 1 July
    27, 1981 ---3 years from the previous report Today, Umbrella assigned a ten
    year old girl to be the chief researcher at the Antarctica facility. Her name
    is Alexia Ashford. As of right now, I am 21 years old, and William Birkin is
    19. It is very provoking that even in our own Arklay lab, everyone is talking
    about Alexia and the Antarctica facility. It is because all the old high staff
    members consider the Ashford family a legendary family. Every time something
    goes wrong with our research, those old fools always say the same thing. "If
    only Edward were still alive." It is true that he was the first one to find the
    original virus, and he may have been an incredible scientist for starting the
    T-Virus plan. But soon after Umbrella was formed, Edward Ashford had died. It
    has been 13 years since then. There would be no meaning in expecting anything
    from the Ashford Family. In fact, ever since Edward's death, the Antarctica
    facility that his son (Alexander) built has done nothing. This granddaughter of
    his is probably nothing useful as well... But one day, our useless workers
    started to say these statements. "If Alexia was here......." It angers me to
    think that our workers and researchers are filled with mindless people that
    judge people by their status. Because they think like that, they cannot do
    anything themselves and always have to be told what to do! But I, I still had
    good judgement. If I had let all of that go to my head, the research at the
    Arklay lab would have been delayed. As the head researcher, I always have to
    keep myself under control or success would not be possible. Then, a thought
    came to my head. I could use those old staff members to gain my success. Those
    old fools could die at any time and would serve as perfect test subjects. To be
    able to rise above everyone, I must be able to use all resources to my
    advantage. But the problem was Birkin. His reaction to Alexia was great.
    Although he never spoke of it, Birkin took pride in the fact that he was 16
    when assigned to this lab. But his pride was completely destroyed by the fact
    Alexia was a genius at 10 years of age. Born as a genius, he had tasted his
    first defeat, since Alexia was ahead by a full 6 years. He could not handle the
    younger, legendary family, girl. To be out-done by a girl who hadn't even made
    any progress... The main thing was the fact that she was still a child. But for
    reasons, I have to have Birkin get back to his normal self again. The William
    Birkin I knew before he met Alexia. We had already reached phase 2 in our plan
    in the past 3 years. Currently, the T-Virus could be used to create a
    biological weapon also known as the zombie. But the effects of the T-Virus
    varies greatly between people and there is no 100% guarantee for it to work
    yet. Every person has a different DNA structure and some may react differently.
    Even then, 10 percent of those who turn into zombies die. This we can do
    nothing about. With the remaining 90%, it is easy to use them as a weapon, but
    Spencer thinks differently. He wants 100% and wants a perfectly confined
    weapon. Originally, the bio weapon was to be a weapon that could be made with
    very little cost. But now, the bio-weapon that we research now costs great
    amounts. If Spencer just wanted to make money, he would not have chosen this
    path. If used at the current state, we could easily make a profit from it. But
    to continue research would not add up. Why would he continue research if he
    would lose money? I don't understand what the hell Spencer was thinking. But
    going back to Birkin, the research that Birkin is currently in is a bio-weapon
    that possess combat skills. By using other DNA samples, we could create this
    bio-weapon. It was made to fight off any forces that opposed us. It was a
    fighting bio-weapon, also to known as a Hunter. But that research had to put on
    hold for now so we could protect the test subject from Birkin. To compete
    against Alexia, Birkin started to act differently than usual. He would stay at
    the research lab 24 hours a day, and would do tests without any perceived plan.
    I would usually use other researchers to collect samples and data from the test
    subjects before they died, but at the speed that Birkin goes at now, is
    impossible to keep up with him. The president would keep getting new test
    subjects as if nothing happened and that subject would die shortly after. It
    was hell in there. But even in that hell, that one test subject, the women,
    still lived. She was 28 and had spent 14 years in the lab. Over the 14 years,
    the effects from the Ebola Virus must have corrupted her mind. But if she were
    to still have a conscious mind, death is what she would want. But she lived on.
    How would she live on for so long? There is nothing different from her data and
    any other data from the other test subjects. More time is needed to solve this
    mystery. ---the next report takes place 2 years later December 31, 1983
    (Saturday) It had been the 6th winter since I began working at the Arklay
    facility. During the last two years, we had made no real progress with our
    research as time passed by. But this had come to an end. We had received word
    that Alexia had suddenly died. The reason was the virus that Alexia herself
    created; the T-Veronica Virus. It seemed like the 12 year old Alexia was too
    young for such dangerous research. I had heard rumors that Alexia had injected
    the T-Veronica Virus in herself but I couldn't believe this. She probably
    couldn't handle her father's death a year ago and perhaps made a simple error
    in her research. Later, the research at the Antarctica facility was continued
    by Alexia's twin brother, but no one had expected anything from him. In the
    end, the Ashford family couldn't bring any results and fell. Like I had stated
    earlier, the Ashford family was a legend and will stay as a legend only. With
    Alexia's death, Birkin had changed, or I should say, changed back to what he
    was. But now, there was no one who could surpass him and all those researchers
    had to acknowledge him. But it was still a taboo to talk about Alexia in front
    of him. Even when I tried to get a sample of the T-Veronica Virus, he had
    strongly objected. I had to put aside finding out about Alexia's research for
    later. In the end, Birkin had changed not one bit when everything around him
    had changed. But to me, I had a much bigger problem in my hands. Our facility
    was located in a very dense forest. I went out walking into the woods many
    times, but because this facility was in the near center of the forest, we would
    never encounter any other human. The only way to get here was by a helicopter.
    It was a needed precaution dealing with a bio-weapon. Since if by chance, the
    virus is leaked out, it would prevent the chances of spreading. But a
    bio-weapon isn't so simple. The virus can also affect non-human beings as well.
    Any virus isn't guaranteed to only affect one kind of organism. For example,
    the Influenza virus not only affects humans, but birds, pigs, horses and even
    seals. And even in 3 each of these species, only certain ones are affected. For
    example, seagulls and chickens are affected by viruses, but all other birds are
    not. And the same virus may have different effects on different species. The
    problem lies in how the T-Virus can affect many different life forms. During
    the time when Birkin was useless, I had done my own research on the T-Virus. I
    had found out that the T-Virus can affect most life forms out there. And not
    just mammals, but plants, bugs, and fish can also be affected by the virus.
    Every time I walked in the woods, I always asked myself, "Why did Spencer
    choose this place?" There are many different forms of life in these woods. What
    would happen if the virus were to leak out? If only an insect were infected, it
    is small in size and probably would not go through a big mutation. But these
    insects could spread the virus at an incredible rate. If this were to happen,
    how far would the T-Virus spread? If it were a plant that was infected, the
    plant itself could not move and would seem safe. But what about the seeds the
    plants give out? It would be very dangerous for such a case to happen. Now that
    I think about it, it was very smart for the Ashfords= family to locate their
    facility in Antarctica. But here, it almost seems like someone wants the virus
    to spread. But that could not be possible. What is Spencer trying to make us
    do? This issue was far to great and I could not discuss this with any other
    researcher. The only one who I could talk to was Birkin, but he probably would
    not even be interested. I need more information. I had started to realize my
    limits as a simple researcher. To find out what Spencer was truly thinking, I
    need to be at a position where I could obtain more information. For that, I
    would throw away all my current positions. But I cannot do this quickly. I
    cannot let Spencer notice my plans for if he does, everything would be over. I
    had continued to do research with Birkin so that no one would know my
    intentions. During that time, that woman test subject was forgotten. She was a
    "failure" that just lived on until that day, 5 years later... The 11th summer
    had come since we started working at this facility. I was 28 at the time.
    Birkin had become a father to a 2 year old girl. The wife was a also a
    researcher at the facility. It was natural that people who conducted the same
    research at the same facility fell in love with each other and end up having
    children. But a normal person would not be able to continue research at this
    place. Anyone still here is crazy. We had gone into phase three of our plan in
    the ten years. A programmed life, to be used a soldier, is a bio-weapon for
    combat. It was to be called "Tyrant." But this project had a huge problem from
    the start. Gaining the test subject for this Tyrant was a problem. There were
    very few who were compatible with becoming a Tyrant. This was due to the nature
    of the T-Virus. Any human could be used to make a zombie or a hunter but their
    intelligence would be lost in the process. A certain amount of intelligence is
    needed to create a Tyrant. Birkin had used a different way of creating the
    Tyrant to compensate for this problem. But only a very small amount of people
    could be used for this different way. In the simulation, only 1 out of
    100,000,000 turned into a Tyrant and the rest became zombies. If our research
    continued, we could create a different kind of T-Virus that was compatible for
    more people. But for this to happen, we needed another test subject. But even
    if we searched through all of America, we would only find ten or so people that
    were compatible for becoming a Tyrant. Other research facilities had reached
    the same problem. We had run into a wall even before our research began. But we
    had received word that the Europe facility had thought up of a plan to conquer
    this problem in phase 3. This was the "Nemesis Project." I had urged to get a
    sample of the project to put our research further. Although Birkin had strongly
    opposed, I had convinced him. Until we found a compatible host, our research
    would not move and Birkin needed to admit this. We had received the package a
    few days later with a number of precautions written on it. The package brought
    to heliport was a small box, titled "Nemesis Project" To gain this sample from
    the France facility required quite an effort but was mainly due to Spencer
    backing us up. Birkin took no interest in the package until the end but he had
    at least admitted to tests. The Sample was totally new and was thought up for
    test purposes. The Nemesis was a biological life form created by manipulating
    DNA. The intelligence was the only thing enhanced and this life form alone,
    could not do anything. But once it finds a host, it becomes a parasite and
    would take over that host and would cause it to have incredible combat ability.
    The host for the weapon and the parasite would be made separately and later the
    intelligence of the parasite and the body of the host would be combined to
    create a bio-weapon. If this were to succeed, it would overcome the problem of
    the intelligence and we could create a bio- weapon. But the problem was when
    the parasite takes over the host. In the research files, all that was recorded
    was the death of each host once taken over by the parasite sample. Within 5
    minutes of the parasite taking over, the host would die. But we were already
    aware of the danger that lied in the prototype. My plan was to prolong the time
    in which the host would survive, so that we would gain the credit to the
    "Nemesis project". The host would be that women test subject. Her incredible
    life rate could survive longer against the Nemesis prototype. And even if it
    failed, nothing would change on our side. But the test had created a result I
    had not expected. The Nemesis prototype that tried to enter her brain had
    disappeared. At first, we could not tell what had happened. We did not expect
    her to consume the Nemesis. That was the beginning. Something was happening
    inside of that failed experiment. We had decided to start research on her from
    scratch. In the past ten years, we had conducted every research possible on
    her, but we had decided to throw all those files away. Within the 21 years that
    she lived, something was beginning to show. Only Birkin had begun to notice the
    change. Indeed, something had begun to change inside her. But that was
    something totally different from the T-Virus project. Something new and would
    bring a new idea to us. The "G-Virus" project was the project that had changed
    our destiny. ---the next log is 7 years later July 31, 1995 ---7 years from the
    previous When I came back to that place, it had been 17 years since I first
    came. Every time I came here, I remember the smell of the wind of that day. The
    buildings and the surroundings all looked the same from before. On the
    heliport, I could see Birkin. It has been a long time since I've seen him. Four
    years have passed since I left Arklay labs. 4 years ago, when Birkin's G-Virus
    project was authorized, I had requested to transfer to the secret
    (intelligence) service and this was easily approved. From everyone's point of
    view, it was a natural thing for me to stop my road as a researcher and go onto
    a different field. And in reality, the research conducted on the G-Virus was
    far above my level. Even if I didn't have a different motive, I could feel my
    limits as a researcher when finding out what Sir Spencer was up to. In the
    midst of the wind blowing, Birkin, as usual, didn't take his eyes off the
    research files. Birkin came to Arklay quite often, but Birkin was not under
    Arklay anymore. A little while ago, an underground lab under Raccoon City was
    made and this was the place that his G-Virus project would be made. But to be
    honest, I didn't think that Spencer would authorize "G". This is because "G"
    was far from being a weapon, and had too many unknown things about it. The
    reason the "G" was slightly different from "T-Virus" was that the host would
    keep spontaneously reacting to the virus. It was very easy for a mutation to
    occur since the DNA would be open to a virus. But this is just in the case of
    the virus itself and not the hosts DNA. Even if the virus did cause some form
    of change, the DNA of the host becoming mutated was a rare case. If there was
    an outside force like radiation, it would be a different story though. But the
    case of "G" was different. Even without an outside force, the "G" would keep
    mutating the host until death. Something very similar to this did exist in the
    T-Virus as well. When a bio-weapon is put in a specific area, the virus inside
    the host would causing some form of mutation has already been confirmed. But
    for this, an outside force was always needed. But the "G" had no need for such
    a thing. No one can even expect what lies ahead with the mutations. And even if
    we think of a way to stop the mutation, the virus would just mutate to
    accommodate. 7 years ago, Birkin found this in that woman. At first look, the
    woman had no changes on the outside, but inside, various mutations had occurred
    and had kept on consuming each kind of virus injected and had lived on. And
    over the 21 years of mutating, it had mutated so much that it would even
    consume the Nemesis. The G-Virus project was to take this mutation to highest
    point possible. But this could lead to the "Ultimate life form" or it could end
    due to a disaster .....could this even be called a weapon? What was Spencer
    thinking when he authorized this project? Even when I moved to the secret
    (intelligence) service, I could not find out anything about what Spencer was
    thinking during these 4 years. And now, Spencer doesn't even show up in Arklay
    labs. It seems he was expecting something to happen there. Spencer was slowly
    drifting away from me, just like an oasis in a desert. But my chance will come
    soon enough... That is, if I can live until then. The elevator took me and
    Birkin to the highest level in the lab. It was the place where Birkin and I
    first saw that woman. There, we met the new research leader, John. He had come
    from a Chicago lab and was an excellent researcher, but he was too normal to
    work in a place like this. He had started to question the motives of the
    research there and had repeatedly questioned the superiors. This had even
    reached my ears in the secret (intelligence) service. If information has been
    leaked out, he would be the first to go. This is what everyone had started say.
    We had both ignored John and had started the clean-up of that woman to kill
    her. When she consumed the Nemesis, although she had started to regain some
    intelligence, her behavior was extremely peculiar. Each time it would escalate.
    She would start to rip another woman's face off and would wear it herself.
    According to the records, she showed the same behaviors when she was first
    injected with the original virus. No one knew why she would behave like that,
    but recently, three researchers had been killed that way and this is when she
    was authorized to be killed. Because "G" was progressing steadily, there was no
    use for her. Her death was confirmed over the course of 3 days, and her "dead
    body" was carried somewhere by the president. In the end, no one knew who she
    was and why she was here. But this was also the case with any other test
    subjects. But if she had not been here, the G-Project would not have existed.
    If this were the case, both I and Birkin would had been in a different
    situation than the one now. I had this on my mind as I left the Arklay labs.
    How far was Spencer planning? ---the "incident" would happen 3 years later...
    16. File Transcripts
    Here is a list of all the files but Jills diary.  Get them all in order for
    jills diary.
     We hope to improve your chances to survive! Shooting Objects: You may get
    different reactions from shooting objects, such as oil drums and bombs. Press
    the R2 button to aim directly at these objects. Quick Turn: You can perform
    quick 180 degrees turns. Press the Run button while retreating. Emergency
    Escape: When you're trapped by enemies, you can push them away to escape. Press
    the Directional buttons, Action button, Cancel button, Run button, R1, R2 and
    L1 buttons rapidly. Emergency Dodging: Just before an enemy attacks, you can
    perform a dodge move to evade it! Press the R1 or R2 buttons. Press the Action
    button while aiming. Getting on/off an Object: You can get on or off certain
    objects that appear in the game. Press the Action button while you are moving
    forward to the edge of an object that you wish to get on or off. Map: Press the
    L2 button to view the map. You can zoom in or out of the map by pressing the
    Action button. While the map is zoomed in, use the Directional buttons to move
    the screen. Press the Select button to switch between maps. Live Selection: At
    certain points in the game, the screen fades into B&W. At these points, you
    will be prompted to choose between two different options. Use the Directional
    buttons to move between the options and use the Action button to make your
    decision. Event Cancel: It is possible to skip certain scenes. Press the Select
    button to skip these scenes.
     Ammunition Creation System: To create various ammunition, you need to use the
    "Reloading Tool" and "Gun Powder." Reloading Tool: This is a necessary item if
    you want to create different types of ammunition. By combining the Gun Powder
    and Reloading Tool, various type of ammunition will be created. Gun Powder: Mix
    materials to create various types of amunition. There are three type of basic
    Gun Powders : A, B and C. Please note that Gun Powder C is created by mixing A
    and B types. How to Mix Gun Powders: You can create various kinds of bullets by
    mixing the different Gun Powders. There are 13 different kinds of Gun Powders
    in all. Example: A: Handgun Bullets B: Shotgun Shells C: Grenade Rounds A + C:
    Grenade Flame Rounds B + C: Grenade Acid Rounds C + C: Grenade Freeze Rounds C
    + C + C: Magnum Bullets Mixing Gun Powder with Grenade Rounds: If you combine a
    certain type of Gun Powder with Grenade Rounds, special types of Grenade Rounds
    will be created. Mixing Level Improvement: If you repeatedly create the same
    kind of ammunition, your skill will be improved, and you will be able to create
    more powerful ammunition.
    A picture postcard of a clock tower. The following explanation is printed on
    the backside: "A landmark spot: Saint Michael Clock Tower."
    4. PHOTO A
    The policemen are pressing forward. Picture dated September 27.
     "Report" September 24th There are reports of a theft in the municipal building
    before dawn. A jewel decorated clock at the main gate was damaged. Two of
    twelve gems that are installed on the face of the clock are missing. Due to
    lack of available officers at this time, I have no choice but to suspend the
    research of this case. Signed, Marvin Branagh "Report" September 26th Based
    upon an autopsy report of a 42 year old restaurant owner, I have discovered
    that he has one of the missing gems. He apparently took shelter in the police
    department at about 10 am, where he was shot to death within 10 minutes of
    having developed the symptoms. Since the city is currently under martial law,
    we are forced to suspend this case. At this time, we'll keep the gem as
    evidence. Signed, Marvin Branagh 6.
    My sanity is at its end... I still can't believe this is happening. We lost
    another man yesterday. Meyer, one of our better marksmen. He saw me panic once
    we were overrun by the zombies, but he came back to save me. But when the time
    to return the debt, I ran. I can still hear him calling out my name. I can
    still hear the screams coming from behind. The sound of his flesh being
    stripped from its bones. I was afraid... terrified... It's the 27th. The fight
    to stay alive continues. I took out several zombies who managed to break
    through the barricades. Now I'm cutting through the chill with whisky,
    unloading my Mossberg on anything undead. That shotgun became a close friend of
    mine. I've blasted many a zombie into fertilizer with it. We've lost 13 men as
    of yesterday. In 3 hours, we'll bicker over trivial things in the meeting room.
    It's a total waste of time. When I finish this bottle, my old friend Mossberg
    will be turning one last body into fertilizer. Peace at last. I can hardly
     To the boys of S.T.A.R.S., I have some good news for you from my brother Joe.
    He has finalized the new handgun for official use. It's the M92F S.T.A.R.S.
    Special, but he calls it the "Samurai Edge." It's the most balanced of the
    Kendo custom guns. Joe said if you miss the targets with this, you should carry
    a teething ring instead of a gun in your holster. The goods will be delivered
    along with their proper documentation. I'm sure you'll be surprised when you
    see what kind of excellent parts are used for the M92F. I know that you'll want
    to thank the good people who developed it. Sincerely, Robert Kendo Kendo Gun
    Shop  8.
     September 1st Following six months of intensive training, my body's edge had
    returned. I was a good soldier, but they ordered my execution with no reason
    given. I was tortured and forced to give a false confession. But on the morning
    of my execution, a miracle happened. The company had helped me out, giving me a
    second lease on life. September 15th I ended my vacation short and returned to
    the HQ office. It looks like my IBCS unit's been called into action. Umbrella
    maintains its own paramilitary unit to counter corporate terrorism and V.I.P.
    abduction. In addition, they have nightmen who specialize in handling problems
    cause by illegal products. I'm currently a member of the latter. September 28th
    Dawn's here, but we're still slogging through this nightmare. There are no
    provisions of any kind here. The undead walk the streets feeding upon the flesh
    of the living. Given the choice again, I would rather have been executed. Death
    row was a heavenly asylum compared to this place. I've chosen to pull the
    trigger myself, in the hope that my dead body won't come back to life.
    The Tracks of Our City Dear citizens, Thanks to kind and generous people of
    Umbrella Inc., this is a peaceful and friendly city. The vast donations from
    Umbrella Inc., have been used for welfare work, the constructions of public
    utilities, and to help maintain public peace. In 1992, it was my fifth year as
    mayor of our beautiful city. It was then that through many donations and hard
    work our city was able to rebuild the municipal building, create a state of the
    art hospital. In honor of these fine accomplishments, I was awardded with a
    grand statue that same year. The statue rests in the municipal building. I came
    to this city as an engineer more than 35 years ago. I made contributions to the
    electric systems, and to the installation of the cable car. I pledge to follow
    the tradition of this fine city and will devote my life to its prosperity. The
    mayor of the city, Michael Warren
    10. PHOTO B
    A close-up shot of a zombie. It says, "SCOOP!" on the backside.
    11. PHOTO C
     The police have Been destroyed.
    At last I have found the evidence I need to prove that the "Cannibal Disease"
    is indeed happening in this city. One man actually ate people to death. He was
    like a savage animal tearing away a new flesh. It was completely disgusting. I
    have heard rumors that many people are also suffering from this disease now.
    However, the causes of the disease is not yet known. Is this another mystery of
    the present disease? I will have to check on it... They have placed Raccoon
    City under martial law because of the cannibal disease. I have lost contact
    with the media outside of the city, but I won't keep my eyes shut and walk
    away. I have a duty to the people and my profession. I don't think the disease
    has spread nationwide yet. I believe that this city holds the key to its
    creation and cure. In fact, I'm sure of it. The military has setup blockades
    around the city to keep people from escaping and spreading the disease. Most of
    the citizens have either died or have come in contact with the disease. I know
    that it is thee right decision to quarantin the city, but I can't help but pity
    myself. If I am infected or eaten, it doesn't matter. My fate is already
    sealed. All I have left is my journalism. I won't give up until I solve the
    mystery of this deadly disease. I have just discovered that the disease is not
    spread through the air, but by some other means.
     I know that you're intimidated by your new job Kevin, so let me tell you how
    to make sure that you and your trains get along just fine. You see, these
    carriages were made in 1968, and then imported from Europe. Sometimes they get
    rickety, but they still work because they are simple, stubborn, and strong. We
    can always depend on them. If they have a bad day and are malfunctioning,
    you'll need to take a good look at their circuits for any trouble. Once you
    discover what's wrong, you'll be able to fix it easily. I'm sure that you'll be
    able to avoid those nasty little malfunctions if you check the parts every day.
    These old trains will surely have problem if you don't remember to check them
    out. Just remember that if you need to replace anything, you have to choose a
    suitable part. When I say suitable, I mean that even if you can't find another
    original part, you'd better find something that works good enough. Even with
    regard to oil, you must always prepare good quality oil for these trains. Never
    forget kevin that a man may betray others, but a machine won't.
     Before you begin your new position, please allow me to give you some advice.
    Some of the medicines in the storage room are unstable and their quality will
    deteriorate under changing temperatures or humidity. Therefore, you must
    remember to keep the temperature the same in the storage room at all times. You
    should personally check it everyday. Although the computer checks it around the
    clock, a machine is not perfect. Try and remeber that a machine is no more than
    a tool to be used by people. You must check all personnel coming and going to
    the storage room. Many dangerous drugs are stored there, f any of them are
    missing you have a serious problem on your hands. The door to the storage room
    is always locked, but when you let personnel into it, you will beed to have
    them hand in their documents. And above all else, remember that if you find
    anything suspicious, contact your boss immediately. If you forget the password
    to lock the door, try and remember that it is a word that everyone is familiar
    with. Don't forget that once a new product is shipped, the password will be
    updated again. You can always enter the password from the terminal of the PC
    for administration.
    "Order Sheet" The liquid medicine named VT-J98 is suitable to cultivate the
    NE-T type virus. Therefore, we will need to order additional quantities of it.
    U.E. Sixth Laboratory
    16. DARIO'S MEMO
      I can't help but wonder if anyone will read these words, but writing them
    will help me maintain my sanity if nothing else. After I've become a meal for
    those undead monsters, will the G.I.s responsible for sealing off the town
    laugh upon discovering my corpse? So is this how it's supposed to end? I don't
    want to die. I'm just not ready... My wife, daughter, mother... My entire
    family has been killed. But none of that matters anymore. Right now, my life is
    the only important thing. That's all that matters. I never would have pictures
    my end to be like this. I had so much left to do. Rather than becoming a
    salesman, I should have tried my hand at being a novelist. It's what I've
    always wanted, but my mother would only tell me you have a long way to go. Why
    did I ever listen to her? But this looks like the end for the great Dario
    Rosso, novelist extraordinaire. Cut down before his prime...
    Order for UBCS Echo Team: Wipe out the downtown area of the infestation and
    then evacuate the remaining citizens to the clock tower. Among the civilians,
    remember to give priority to the employees of Umbrella's affiliates. Remember
    to stay alert because the infected have a high endurance rate and will strike
    without hesitation. Evacuation Procedure: 1. Once the mission is complete, or
    when it becomes too impossible to accomplish, evacuate immediately. 2. We'll
    deploy a helicopter that is waiting in the suburbs, to the yard in front of the
    clock tower. 3. When you are ready for evacuation, ring the bell of the clock
    tower to signal the helicopter.
    A picture of antique clocks. The following verse is printed. "Give your soul to
    the goddess. Put your hands together to pray before her."
    September 26th It's only been there hours since the mission started, but the
    team is down to me and Campbell. The number of the zombies is far greater than
    we expected. There is no hope left for this city. We have already injected the
    antibody for the virus, but I'm not sure that it will work. I don't know if I
    will survive... September 27th We managed to reach the clock tower. Out of
    desperation we robbed some wounded members of their weapons and used the
    surviving citizens as decoys. We were taught to do this in order to survive in
    the battlefield, but I never enjoyed it. However, a girl showed up at the clock
    tower before me. She is one of the survivors. She looks just like my sister
    before she starved to death... September 28th I wanted to evacuate as soon as
    possible, but the girl didn't. Her father insisted that he wouldn't leave the
    city. Where his beloved wife rests in peace. I really wanted to save the girl,
    but Campbell said, "All I care about is our lives." That's how I felt before,
    but now... The clock tower has become a dangerous place and I don't want to
    make anymore mistakes...
     September 10th These patients suffer from gangrene and congestion of their
    blood at first. Then their mind slowly deteriorates. In the end, there is
    nothing left on their mind. When that happens even mercy killing seems
    pointless. After all, they are already dead... This disease is unlike anything
    I have ever witnessed. Once the patient's mind is gone, they become flesh
    hunger monsters and act like wild animals who are on some type of bloodlust.
    September 18th Another patient has been admitted to the hospital. He is showing
    symptoms of the first stages of the disease at this point, but...I haven't been
    able to sleep at all these past few days. I refuse to let these patients become
    "zombies." I am not just an ordinary citizen. I am a doctor. Even if I die, my
    clinical charts will contribute to finding a cure. September 26th We lost most
    of the doctors and staff during the battle against the "zombie" patients. It's
    impossible to maintain the hospital under these conditions. And, I know that
    it's too late for me. I am beginning to feel that same itchy and hungry desire
    that all of my patients felt. It's too late for me...
    21. PHOTO D
     The zombies are walking. It says, "The effects of the "T- Virus" on the
    Umbrella Medical Service North America Division Douglas Rover In order to
    activate the synthesizer to cultivate the vaccine, please follow the procedure
    as detailed below: 1. Supply enough energy to the system. 2. Set the medium
    vase to the device. When the device is ready, you can start mixing the vaccine
    medium. To mix the vaccine, you will need to control the five levers. This will
    cause the two gauges to increase or decrease. If you adjust the two gauges so
    that they stop at the center, the vaccine medium will then be produced
    23. PHOTO E
    The Zombies are attacking.
     Mission Requirements: Bravo 16 1. Obtain and secure sample of all the
    information pertaining to this case. Observe and record combat data on the
    UBCS. 2. Destroy all the evidence including the medical facility that has the
    medical treatment data. 3. Check the guinea pig's ability to accomplish the
    mission. Once your mission is complete, evacuate the area. Remember that you
    must not help anyone who is not a supervisor, nor bring anything back that
    might be traced to where it belongs.
    The endurance ability of the contaminated guinea pigs is truly incredible. Even
    when shot in a vital area, they can sometimes survive for several days without
    taking care of the wound. However, after prolonged exposure to the virus, the
    guinea pigs' intelligence level decreases to that of an insect. Even though
    reviving the dead seems to disgusting, the virus may still be of use. If we
    inject the virus into our POWs and release them, they would return to their
    units and then turns into zombies. This plan may work well for us in the
    future. In certain areas, the virus seems to have caused the mutation of
    animals and plants. It may be difficult, but it'll make a good sample for the
    bio weapon development. I've heard that there is a giant alligator, but I have
    only encountered a giant creature moving under ground. I don't even want to
    imagine what creature spawned that monster. I encountered "NEMESIS." If I
    didn't know about it, I'd have been contaminated and would have become one of
    them by now. If it is still walking around the city, its mission is not yet
    over. S.T.A.R.S. members must be very tough, since they have survived until
    this point. However, they cannot hold out forever...
     Attention. The Raccoon City project has been abandoned. Our political
    maneuvering in the senate to delay their plans are now futile. All supervisors
    should evacuate immediately. The US army is going to execute their plan
    tomorrow morning. The city will be obliterated at daybreak for sure.
    April 25th Today is my 30th birthday. I was transferred to this facility today.
    I am very happy because the work environment is very different from life in the
    university. May 14th The disposal system has been completed. Using a special
    kind of gas, it can decompose the cells of the guinea pigs. We have to try this
    out before beginning practical usage of the system, since it is not 100% stable
    yet. May 20th While I was checking the treatment room, the door shut, and I was
    locked inside. I couldn't get out for one hour. I guess even if you have the
    key card, it's useless when you are locked inside. June 7th The guinea pigs we
    have to dispose of are increasing. The system is not working smoothly. The
    laboratory staff doesn't listen to my opinions and I am getting extremely
    frustrated. July 16th We can't dispose of all the bodies and the quality of the
    liquid medicine is not good enough, either... July 29th Though the function of
    the system decreases, the number of the bodies we have to dispose doesn't. The
    infection level has increased and the anti- bodies we are using is no match for
    the new mutation of the virus. Some of the workers have been infected by the
    disease. I have continued to work, but I always keep a gun with me. I must
    remember to save one bullet for me. I want to weep. I don't want to die here. I
    swear that I'll lose my mind if I imagine how painful the death will be...  28.
    SECURITY MANUAL "Security of the Plant" Since this plan is a facility under the
    disguise of a deserted factory, civilians will sometimes enter. If this should
    occur, do not hesitate to shoot them. If they chaos to surrender, arrest and
    then transfer them to the laboratory as a guinea pigs. You will be rewarded.
    "Maintenance of the Device" This entire plant is controlled by an epidemic
    prevention system. When contamination is detected in the treatment room or
    decomposed specimen pool, the plant will automatically be locked down for
    isolation. In that case, you must follow the manual to unlock it. If the
    contamination is over the limit, the whole system will automatically lockdown.
    Then, you must remain in the plant and wait for subsequent orders. Those who
    leave the facility without permission will suffer extreme consequences.
    The incinerator plant is one of the facilities that burns the disposable items
    which are sent from the laboratory. The incinerator burns the waste materials
    that cannot be decomposed at the treatment room. It also supplies electricity
    to the facility by a thermal power electricity generator. Part of the
    electricity is stored in the big battery installed in the facility's
    underground area. The electricity is used as an auxiliary power source. The
    auxiliary power circuit will be activated once the three "auxiliary circuit
    units" are properly placed in their sockets. In case the circuits are not
    connected automatically, a person can connect them manually to activate the
     In my opinion, I feel that it's too early to use this, "Paracelsus' Sword" in
    actual fighting. However, in order to acquire the G-Virus that Umbrella has
    developed, it will be a great help to us. The power of the "Rail Cannon" is
    satisfactory, but please note that it is still having a few remaining problem.
    Technology Division Colonel, Franklin Hart
    17. Epilogues Transcript
    This section contains spoilers as to the information contained within the
     Jill Valentine
      After escaping the city, Jill set out to join Chris Redfield. However, all
    she found was an empty hideout of Chris's. On the floor was Chris's knife. Jill
    left without hesitation because she firmly believes that Chris is still alive.
    She will search for him until she finds him. Then they can go and put an end to
    Chris Redfield
    Please forgive me Claire." Chris Redfield has just finished this letter with
    his signature phrase. As he removes his sunglasses, a lady walks by him with
    light steps. "She looks about the same age as Claire," he thinks. A short time
    later, Chris discovered that his sister was looking for him, but was caught...
    Barry Burton
     Barry Burton looks at his young daughters and says, "I'm sorry but my comrades
    are waiting for me." He knows that he must repay his teammates for forgiving
    his betrayal. Even if that means leaving his family for now. His wife tries to
    hide her fear so she smiles and says, "Don't worry. We'll be OK..."
    Leon Scott Kennedy
     Leon Scott Kennedy is confronted with a man who claims to be a US government
    agent. Leon says, "Leave Sherry alone. She is innocent." "She knows too much,"
    the man replies. He looks at Leon and says, "But you have value. This is a good
    deal. Make your choice." Without regret or hesitation, Leon closes his eyes and
    then sharply responds...
    Claire Redfield
     "Leave us alone." Claire Redfield couldn't believe Leon's words. Leon
    continued, "You're looking for your brother, right? Just go!" Claire knew that
    Leon and Sherry needed immediate medical attention, but she could not waste
    anymore time. "I... I'll be back. I promise!" She said as she disappeared into
    the wilderness alone...
    Sherry Birkin
     "Do you have any relatives?" When the army officer asked her, Sherry Birkin
    did not respond for she has no immediate relatives. Her father and mother died
    because of the G-virus. And so, this little girl holds herself with her arms
    and bites her lip tight. She thinks, "I'm sure she will come back. She won't
    forget about me..."
    Ada Wong
     A woman looks at herself in the mirror. She used be called Ada Wong. But this
    morning she will say good-bye to the name. "I'm not Ada Wong anymore." She
    feels her ab and thinks, "This is Ada's scar, not mine." And as she says
    good-bye to Ada Wong, she can't stop her tears. However, there isn't much time
    left before her next mission...
     "Once again, only you survived, Mr. Death," the chopper pilot speaks with a
    cold bitterness. "Always, only you survive, Mr. Death," the pilot continues.
    But Hunk does not respond to the pilot. He doesn't care. "The Death cannot
    die...," the survivor thinks to himself with a warm smile...
    18. Version Changes
    	This section is devoted to define in detail the differences in the many
    versions of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.
    Playstation Version
    	This Version of the game starts allowing you to pick from 2 difficulties. 
    After you beat the game you can unlock operation Mad-Jackle and Epilogues
    depending on your rank.  You also get the boutique key if you beat the game
    allowing Jill to enter the boutique to change into one of six different
    costumes.  Graphical power is decent but the worst of all the versions.  It
    plays a disk for the game.
    Gamecube Version
    	This version starts allowing you to choose from two difficulties.  Upon
    completion of the game you can unlock operation Mad-Jackle and Epilogues
    depending on you rank.  You can allso get the boutique key if you beat the game
    allowing you entry to the boutique itself.  In the boutique you can change into
    on of six different costumes.  Graphical power is far enhanced over the
    playstation version and arguably the best of them all.  It plays a mine-disk
    for the game.
    PC Version
    	This version allows you to start choosing from two different dufficulties. 
    You start with the choice of which costumes you will wear.  This elimintates
    using the boutique key so thusly the boutique no longer exists.  It allows you
    to play in eight costumes rather than just six.  It has good graphics and plays
    a C-D rom for the game.
    Dreamcast Version
    This version allows you to start choosing from two different dufficulties.  You
    start with the choice of which costumes you will wear.  This elimintates using
    the boutique key so thusly the boutique no longer exists.  It allows you to
    play in eight costumes rather than just six.  It has good graphics and plays a
    C-D rom for the game.  In case you didn't notice the PC and Dreamcast versions
    are identical.
    19. Ploy Synopsis
    	This section will contain massive spoilers for every game in the series.  I
    highly advise that you play the games and then read this or massive sections of
    some of the games could be spoiled.
    This section will contain the basi plot of the resident evil games.  If you
    want a real faq dedicated to this then read TWILDE's and PRESIDENT EVIL's
    located on the gamefaqs Resident Evil page as theirs are much better than mine.
    Plot analysis- Resident Evil
    As you all probably know capcom made Resident Evil in 1996.  Then they Remade
    it on the gamecube.  This synopsis will only cover the gamecube version as that
    version fills in the most gaps in the series.
    Here we go
    Racoon city.  This is a small city.  Peaceful and on the edge of a beautiful
    forest with mountains rising as far as you could see.  There seemed no place
    better to be than Racoon city.  Untill one day.   Bizzare murders plauged the
    city.  Investigators on the scene found no evidence.  Crime scene investigators
    found that the victims were, apparently, eaten.  Local witness described a
    group of about ten individuals wlking in and out of the forest.  The elite
    Racoon police department sent in it's famous S.T.A.R.S. team.  The first of the
    two units was the bravo team.
    As the bravo team circles the mountain range, engine trouble forces them to
    make an emergency landing.  As the team leaves to investigate they eventually
    find an isolated mansion.  Suddenly communication fails and all contact with
    the team is lost.
    Alpha team is sent in to recover the lost Bravo members and bring th situation
    under control.  As they circle the forest Jill Valentine spots debris of a
    helicopter on the ground of the dense forest.  The chopper lands and they send
    Joseph Frost, an elite Alpha member to investigate the wreckage.  There they
    find the body of Kevin Dolly, the Bravo pilot mangled beyond comparison.  Josph
    wonders what happened here but has no time to ponder.  As he leaves he is
    attaked by a group of canine like creatures.
    Hearing his screams and gunshots Jill rushes to investigate.  She is too late. 
    The dogs have already killed and are proceding to eatt Jospeph.  Suddenly a dog
    glances in Jills direction and begins to charge.  It jumps but Chris shoots it
    down and grabs Jill.  The other dogs are alleted to there presence.  They run
    but the dogs are fast and ar quite resilaiant to gunshots.  They keep running
    and enter  A suspicous mansion.  Now the game begins.
    The player can choose from chris and Jill and see how the story unfolds with
    either character.  Atthe end of the game analyisis I'll detail the changes on
    the characters story.
    The character arives in a gorgeous entry hall to a huge decorated mansion.  The
    sounds of a gunshot come from the West wing and the character goes and
    investigates.  The door opens and the character appears in a large dining hall.
     They walk down the side of the table and at the end they find a large pool of
    The blood is not able to be matched to a person but the character hops its not
    any of the comrades.  Not wanting to stray from their mission they head into
    another door to investigate the gunshot.  They appear in a large, narrow
    corridor with many doors, most of whitch were locked.  They head down the
    gloomy passage, but what awaits them at the end is nothing they ever could
    imagine.  A man is sitting over the body of a former commrad, kenneth sullivan.
     The man turns his head and faces the character.  Blood drips from his mouth. 
    He was eating him.  Horror struck, the character runs to report the death of
    the comrad and the eerie situation to the leader Albert Wesker.
    Weskers dissapearence from the hall shocks the members and although they search
    the hall, they find nothing.  Confounded by this streak of terrible luck the
    character decides to search the mansion and solve this mystery.
    They cross over to another unlocked room but the only thing in it is a locked
    door and a map of the mansions first floor.  Unfortunatly a zombie also dwells
    in this room and the player is forced to flee.  With no where else to look the
    player returns to the dining hall and to the spot where kenneth died and
    advances on the door just over his resting place.
    The character investigates the upper level of the west wing.  The paths are
    straight forward because most of the doors are firmly shut and tightly locked. 
    Fortunatly the character finds an item that grnts them access to a strange
    crypt in an indoor graveyard.  The crypt has four indentions, strangly
    resembling faces.  On a small platform under and ominouse coffin lies a book. 
    Embedded on the books back is a convinetly placed key.  The book states that
    the grouping of the four masks will awaken true evil.
    The key allows the character to investigate the east wing of the house.  The
    east wing reveals more enmies like more dogs, loads of zombies, crows, and
    other monsters.  Even worse is that in a solitary yet safe room the character
    finds a sheet revealing that not incinerating or decapitating a zombie will
    allow it to be reborn in a stronger dealier foe in a matter of minutes. 
    Thankfully they find a fuel cantten and keroseen to aid in this process.  By
    dumb luck the character discovers a third way to prevent the zombies from re
    rising.  Blowing off the legs.
    As they continue to explore the mansion they find journals and notes that
    reveal some of the mansions secrets.  Apparently there is an indestructible
    mutant in the mansion.  This was hinted on by a diary and some pictures.  A
    young girl apparently was infected by many viruses and thusly became an imortal
    power house.  The character also gets a hint for whats going on here.
    As they walk down a hallway a wounded survivor is found.  He claims to have
    been attacked by a huge snake.  Not questioning th possibility of this the
    character heads to the mansions make shift infirmiry  and gets some anti venom
    serum.  after administering it the survivor gives them his radio and then
    drifts into an uncounsciose sleep.  They know now that he will live and must
    continue on with there mission.
    Ammunition is becoming an issue for the character but they're getting by.  two
    deat masks neede to awaken the evil as stated in the book have already been
    found and only two remain.  Using some quick thinking and good puzzle solving
    the character obtains an odd key.  They soon find that the key opens the attic
    door.  up there they find the third mask.  But before they can grab it a huge
    snake busts in and threatens to swallow you whole.  Using all your power they
    manage to scare it off and now only one mask is needed.
    After solving a rather straight forward puzzle the character learns the meening
    of terror.  With all four masks in there posesion they return to the crypt. 
    Placing the maks on there indentions makes th coffin fall from its post and the
    lid slides off.  Using there last bit of courage they head to the coffin. 
    Suddenly a huge beat attacks.  It slashes with claws and bited like a zombie. 
    Its to fast for them to shoot but just as it nears for a final slash a shotgun
    blast blows its gead off.  The character finds ammo by the coffin and gets a
    strange object from the coffin.  this object opens a door and all ows them to
    enter the outer property of the mansion.
    As they wander down a beaten path and through a few gates they come to a
    strange cabin.  After entering they seem to have found a bunch of unknown
    creatures all over.  They find another map to help them locate thier way
    around.  Wandering into the back of the cabin they locate a crank that could
    possibly help them.  Shortly after picking it up the mistress of the house
    returns home.  As the character tries to leave she renders them uncounscious.
    When the awaken on the rug of her house she comes to greet them.  Another
    mutant.  The character gives her a few shells and magnum rounds but she comes
    back for more.  Nothing else could withstand this attack, not even the snake. 
    They realize that the tormented girl who was experimented on was this mutant. 
    Left with no options they flee.
    Thanks to the crank handle they are able to make it to a strange guard house. 
    The path was difficult and the monsters were relentless  but the character
    manages to escape rather unhamed.
    The guard house thinckens the mystery further.  Giant spiders are here to greet
    them as well as a few zombies.  As the character advances in the house they
    find reports o a deadly plant named Plant 42.  This creature could easily
    slaughter them.  They also found notes on a strange concotion called the V-Jolt
    that could destroy the plant.  Other notes hinted on battle tactics usefull on
    As the character enters the underground aquarium they meet some new monsters. 
    Three mutant sharks Attack and threaten to break a window pain and flood the
    basement.  In the nick of time the character closes the pain and drains the
    tanks, immobilizing the sharks.
    A few more keys are located by the character and they enter the room where
    plant 42 hangs.  Realizing the size and power of the plant they rin out and
    using the scientists notes etched on a wall conjure the V-Jolt.  This weakens
    the plant and allows the character to kill the mutant plant.  After it dies a
    key sparkles in the fire place and it would allow them to open more room in the
    As he character leaves Wesker is found and orders you to find more clues in the
    mansion.  When the character asks what happened to the other members he simply
    states that they were "Seperated".  For the first time the character notes a
    bunch of newspaer articles on a table, all of whitch detail on S.T.A.R.S.  Only
    taking a moment to consider they continue to the mansion.
    On the way the character notes a broken Elevator that needs a battery to run. 
    They now know that they need to find a batery to finish the mission.
    Back in the mansion the arival of a new enemy greets them.  These hunters are
    the most formidable enemies yet.  They are fast strong and totally relentless. 
    Using there weapons they are able to keep the enemies at bay but not for long. 
    They are forced to flee as the enemies are almost always in packs of two or
    Using the new key the enter the newest rooms that they couldn't beore.  New
    files reveal beyond any remaining specks of doubt that the world wide
    pharmacuetical company Umbrella was behind this whole ordeal.  The new key
    opened the door to the library.  In the library they found a medal that could
    be useful.  They also found the huge snake.  The fight was bloody and the snake
    fought to the death.  Eventually the fire power from the guns proved to
    powerful and the snake dies miserably.
    Nearby to the fight zone was a closet.  In the closet they found a battery that
    could fire up the elevator.  The character wasted no time getting to the
    coutyard to use it.  Unfortunatly the hunters mad eit a hassle as they were
    relentless and very powerful.  Before the character left they found a useful
    item called a stone object and a disk called a MO disk.
    In the courtyard the character uses the battery.  This activates the lift and
    allows for passage to the underground cavenrs and passages.  Immediatly on the
    characters side was a door.  In the door was a huge cavern with a pit for an
    elevator.  Unable to call the elevator the character heads into the adjoining
    In this passage, Enrico Marini confronts the player.  He is wounded and
    explains how umbrella  set up the S.T.A.R.S. teams.  He also says that someone
    is a traitor.  Before he reveals the trator he is shot and killed on the spot.
    The character chases the murderer but an endless pack of hunters mysteriously
    appears and the lone assasian gets away.
    As they continue to explore the caverns they find a blocked off room.  After
    entering it they find a huge spider.  To exit its lair they have to fight it. 
    It takes almost all of thier shotgun shells but the spider is finally
    The character finds the proper items and activates the lift.  As they decend
    they find a cavern in withch that imortal creature walks.  In her roomy cavern
    they find a piece of the key that they need.  A secret passage in her room
    leads to the cabin in the woods.  The character rushes all the way to the main
    hall of the castle like mansion and unlocks the ominouse gates.  They decend
    into Jessica's tomb where they are faced with no option but to fight the
    monsterouse creature.
    It doesn't take long for the character to realize that the immortal isn't
    dieing anytime soon.  Thankfully the tomb is high up above the ground.  The
    character blasts the creaure, weakening it.  Un aware is the creature that it
    is nearing he side.  Finally the creaure falls and is blasted off the ledge
    with one final shot.
    The player advances and uses the medals to open a secret lab.  In the lab a new
    enemy called a chimera joins them.  They find more MO disks and continue to
    solve the case.  It soon becomes apparent that Albert Wesker is the traitor.
    Finally the character decends to the bottom of the labs.  There wesker greets
    them and after unveiling his master plans he unleashes the deadly tyrant. 
    Using all of thier fire power the character manages to down the creature.
    Suddenly the self destruct sequence activatesand the lab announces that it will
    soon be obliterated.  The character heads to a jail block and rescues one of
    there comrads.  They contuinue to the top and signal a flare o brad who comes
    to pick them up.
    But it's not over.  The tyrant reapears and is ready for a dramatic final
    showdown.  They fight with the creautre but their bullets are proving just to
    envoke his rage.  The tyrants enourmose claw threatens to slash them innto
    oblivion.  Just in time chicken heart vickers throws them a rocket launcher. 
    They lift it but it's akward to fire and the first two rockets miss.  They
    steady the launcher and fire the third shot.  To thier horror the tyrant bats
    the rocket away.  With only one rocket it seems impossible.  they steady and
    fire the final rocket and the final chance.  Amazingly it contacts and the
    tyrant is killed.  They flee just as its exploding and they are heading home.
    Heading home, bashed and bruised.  Heading home with all evidence destroyed. 
    Heading home with a story that no one will even consider.
    20.  Closing
    I hope this Faq has helped you get through the tougest parts of this game.  I
    think It should have and I rather enjoyed writing it.  I would like to thank
    Capcom for making this game
    CjayC for Posting my guide on Gamefaqs
    Hilary for posting my guide on IGN
    Myself for dedicating mysellf to this guide
    My parents for getting me this amazing game
    Anyone who sends me friendly e-mail
    Remember that if anyone finds any mistakes or problems then I would appreciate
    it very much if they e-mail me to tell me the mistakes.  Happy Gamings

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