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    Enemy/Weapon Guide by Longsword24

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 11/23/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Resident Evil : Code Veronica X
    Nintendo Gamecube
    Enemies/Weapons Guide
    Stephen Laird aka Longsword24
    Email: lairdmeasures@aol.com
    Version 2.0
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Legal Stuff
    3. Weapons
    4. Common Enemies
    5. Boss Monsters
    6. Conclusion
    7. Credits
    Welcome to my guide for the monsters you will encounter on your travels through
    Resident Evil: Code Veronica X. It will consist of all the enemies in the game
    including the weapons that are most useful against them. This is my first guide
    for any game so be warned, don't expect a brilliant piece of work.
    Legal Stuff
    This is my guide. It was written by myself and myself alone. Do not attempt to
    copy, reproduce for personal gain or plagiarise in any shape or form. The only
    sites with permission to host this guide are:
    If I hear of this being shown on any other site I will be most curious to hear
    of why I was not informed and action willprobably be taken. If, for some
    bizzare reason, you wish to use it on your own site then e-mail me first and I
    may give permission.
    Oddly enough, this is where I will talk about the weapons found throughout the
    They will be shown in this format:
    Weapon Name
    Type of Ammunition
    Ammo Capacity
    Most Useful Against
    Most Useful Against which Boss (If appropriate)
    Where It Is Located
    Ammo Frequency
    Some weapons will have more than one type of ammunition and so, will have more
    than one entry. Some of the above fields will not be shown with multiple ammo
    1. Combat Knife
    2. Handgun (Claire)
    3. Handgun Upg. (Claire)
    4. Bowgun
    5. M-100Ps
    6. Sub-Machine Guns (Steve)
    7. Grenade Launcher
    8. Assault Rifle
    9. Sniper Rifle
    10. Handgun (Chris)
    11. Handgun Upg. (Chris)
    12. Sub-Machine Guns (Chris)
    13. Shotgun
    14. Magnum
    15. Linear Launcher
    Combat Knife
    Name : Combat Knife
    Description: This weapon is a veteran survivors first choice.
    Rating: Average.
    The knife will do different amounts of damage depending on how well you hit
    the enemy with it.
    Ammo Type: N/A
    Ammo Capacity: N/A
    Most Useful Against: Zombies and Cerberus
    Which Boss to use Against: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!
    Location: In the first room on a desk next to Rodrigo.
    Ammo Frequency: N/A
    Comments: If you are a Resident Evil fan then you will have seen this weapon
    in the other Resident Evil games. In the first three this was a weapon which
    was probably dumped in the item box as quickly as possible.
    Not anymore. The knife in CVX has been significantly improved and is now
    more damaging and easy to use. This is best used in combination with the
    Handgun. Knock the zombie down and then run up and start hacking away.
    The zombie will probably be dead before it can get back up.
    Handgun (Claire)
    Name: M93R
    Description: An Italian handgun which uses 9mm x 19 rounds.
    Rating: Below Average. This will probably be used against the common zombies
    of CVX when playing as Claire.
    You will be pushing your luck if you use it against the stronger enemies. The
    rate of fire lets it down.
    Ammo Type: Handgun Bullets
    Ammo Capacity: 15 bullets
    Most Useful Against: Zombies and Cerberus
    Which Boss to Use Against: None recommended
    Location: Prison courtyard where you meet Steve Burnside
    Ammo Frequency: Very Common
    Comments: Claires handgun is surprisingly weaker than I expected. If you are
    clever the knife will often take down a zombie in a shorter amount of time.
    Handgun Upg. (Claire)
    Name: Custom Handgun
    Description: M93R Burst. It's an M93R equipped with stock. It can be adjusted
    to fire 3 bullets in succesion.
    Rating: Average. After upgrading the handgun the firing rate is improved
    significantly and so, much more useful.
    Ammo Type: Handgun Bullets
    Ammo Capacity: 30 Bullets
    Most Useful Against: Zombie and Tentacle.
    Which Boss to Use Against: If you are careful, it can actually take down the
    Veronica Spider.
    Location: Prison. In the Doctor's bunkhouse there is a burning room with a
    Duralumin Case. The part's are inside, though you will need the lockpick to
    open it.
    Ammo Frequency: Very Common
    Comments: Much better. Claires piddly little gun now shoots at a much faster
    rate giving out the damage much faster.
    Name: Cross Bow Handgun
    Description: A powerful bowgun mainly used for hunting.
    Rating: Below Average. This weapon had great potential but was sadly ruined.
    It was with the normal ammo anyway.
    Ammo Type: Bow Gun Arrows
    Ammo Capacity: It has no limit as it shoots only one arrow at a time.
    Most Useful Against: Zombies and, at a push, Bandersnatchers
    Which Boss to Use Against: Bad idea so don't try it.
    Location: Military Training Facility. When you first enter, head up the stairs
    to Claires left. It is in the next room.
    Ammo Frequency: Common
    Comments: Ugh! What did they do to this weapon? The bowgun in RE 2 was
    slightly useful at least.
    If this weapon still fired three bolts per shot it would be much better. Sadly,
    this is not the case. The only good thing to say is that it has a remotely fast
    firing rate.
    Bowgun  (Explosive Ammunition)
    Rating: Above Average.  Much better. This ammunition is actually very
    useful against certain enemies.
    Most Useful Against: To be honest, you might not end up using this type
    of ammo on common enemies. Bandersnatchers will go down after three
    of these arrows, so they could be used against them.
    Which Boss to Use Against: These are very useful against the
    Veronica Tyrant II at the end of Rockfort Island with Claire.
    Frequency: Uncommon. To gain the ammo you must find
    Explosive Powder and then combine them with Bow Gun Bolts
    Comments: This makes the Bowgun a very useful weapon. The ammo
    packs an explosive punch which is much more powerful than those
    pathetic bolts that are usually found.
    Name: M-100P
    Description: A semi-automatic pistol which has a large-sized
    special magazine.
    Rating: Good. These are a pair of semi-automatic pistols.
    They are quite powerful with a decent rate of fire.
    Ammo Type: N/A
    Ammo Capacity: 100%
    Most Useful Against: Bandersnatchers
    Which Boss to Use Against: None recommended.
    Save the ammo for the Bandersnatchers.
    Location: Prison Bunkhouse.
    A zombie will break through the window and will drop these weapons.
    Ammo Frequency: Never
    Comments: These are the weapons to use against the slightly
    stronger enemies of Claires half of the game.
    They pack a powerful punch that is useful for taking down the
    Bandersnatchers without being injured.
    Sub-Machine Guns (Steve)
    Name: Sub-Machine Gun
    Description: Ingram. A 38-caliber submachine gun. It uses DOT380 ammo.
    Rating: Very Good. Sadly, you will only be able to use these as Steve at
    this time.
    Therefore, you will not be using them for very long.
    Ammo Type: N/A
    Ammo Capacity: 100%
    Most Useful Against: You can only use them against zombies.
    Which Boss to use Against: Not possisble.
    Location: Military Training Facility.
    When proceeding through the facility you will come to a courtyard where
    the delightful Alfred Ashford will attempt to blow Claire's head off with his
    sniper rifle.
    Shortly after you will come to a room with the first Bandersnatcher.
    The Sub-Machine Guns are in here.
    Ammo Frequency: Never
    Comments: These are the weapons which Claire will trade with Steve for the
    Golden Lugers.
    Shortly after, control will be given to Steve and you can have some fun.
    Stupid Steve on the other hand will also proceed to waste 60% of the
    ammo in the cutscenes.
    Grenade Launcher
    Name: Grenade Launcher
    Description: M79 Grenade Launcher. It uses 40mm rounds.
    Rating: Good. This is the most versatile weapon in the game.
    It is useful against many different types of enemies.
    Ammo Type: Grenade Rounds
    Ammo Capacity: Special. I do not believe there is a limited amount of
    ammo the gun can hold. It only holds one grenade shell at a time but it
    has the second fastest reload time in the game.
    Most Useful Against: Bandersnatchers, Hunters and Sweepers.
    Which Boss to use against: Veronica Tyrant I and "Gulp" are the only bosses
    I would recommend.
    Location: Military Training Facility Basement.
    It is on the other side of a locked gate which requires the
    Emblem Keycard to open.
    Ammo Frequency: Uncommon.
    Comments: This is the most common form of Grenade Launcher ammo.
    They are powerful enough to knock down the more dangerous enemies of CVX.
    Grenade Launcher (Incendinary Shells)
    Rating: Good. The incendinary shells shoot out flames to cause additional
    Ammo Type: Incendinary Shells
    Most Useful Against: Bandersnatchers, Hunters and Sweepers
    Which Boss to Use Against: Veronica Tyrant I is the only recommended.
    Ammo Frequency: Uncommon
    Comments: Yes, like the previous RE games the multiple types of ammo for the
    Grenade Launcher are back.
    The flame rounds have featured in every previous RE game.
    This makes the Grenade Launcher incredibaly versatile and also unlikely to
    completely run out of ammunition.
    Grenade Launcher (Acid Shells)
    Rating: Very Good. This is the most powerful form of the common
    Grenade Launcher ammo.
    Ammo Type: Acid Shells
    Most Useful Against: Hunters, Sweepers
    Which Boss to use Against: Veronica Tyrant II, Nosferatu and Alexia II
    Ammo Frequency: Rare
    Comments: Yet another returning type of ammo, the acid shells could grow
    to be your most favourite weapon.
    They will annihalate most of the enemies with one shell.
    Sadly however, it is also the rarest form of ammo for the Grenade Launcher.
    (Well, nearly anyway)
    Grenade Launcher (B.O.W. Gas Rounds)
    Rating: Excellent. This makes the Grenade Launcher a gift from heaven.
    Ammo Type: B.O.W Gas Rounds
    Most Useful Against: Don't waste them. There is not a common enemy worth wasting
    these on.
    Which Boss to use Against: Veronica Tyrant II. The three grenades alone will
    probably weaken him enough to knock him out of the plane.
    Ammo Frequency: ONCE. You will only find three of these grenades near the start
    of the game.
    Comments: These are a new form of Grenade Launcher ammunition.
    They are among the most powerful weapons in the game.
    Assault Rifle
    Name: Assault Rifle
    Description: The AK47 Assault Rifle. It uses 7.62 mm bullets.
    Rating: Very Good. It deals a large amount of damage in a short amount of time.
    Ammo Type: N/A
    Ammo Capacity: 100%
    Most Useful Against: Hunters if you have nothing else.
    Which Boss to use Against: The Adult Albinoid and if their is enough ammo left
    it is useful against Alexia II.
    Location: Antarctic Base. Basement 2nd Floor. It is in the north-western room in
    green drawer.
    Ammo Frequency: ONCE. Yes, you will get one chance to put an additional 50% more
    ammunition back into the weapon.
    When you find the ammo you can reload it when ever you want.
    Comments: The Assault Rifle is like the RE 3 version but now better than before.
    It is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, able to give out a
    continuous rate
    of fire which stops the enemies in their tracks.
    Sniper Rifle
    Name: Sniper Rifle
    Description: MR7. This is an American bolt action rifle. You can snipe a distant
    enemy with its scope.
    Rating: Excellent. This weapon will kill any common enemy in one shot. (I
    Ammo Type: N/A
    Ammo Capacity: 7 Bullets. DO NOT WASTE THEM.
    Most Useful Against: Anything but don't waste them.
    Which Boss to use Against: Nosferatu. If there is a way of leaving it for Chris
    then it will only be able to be used against Alexia or the Spider.
    Location: Antarctic Base. Basement 2nd Floor. When Claire turns off the poison
    gas then
    you will have the oppurtunity to take it or, possibly, leave it for Chris, I am
    not sure.
    You can't miss it either way.
    Ammo Frequency: Never.
    Comments: This is another new addition to the Resident Evil series.
    It also brings the new feature of first person mode (unless you have played
    This is a very cool feature as it allows you to pop the zombies head from down
    Handgun (Chris)
    Name: Handgun
    Description: A large sized handgun. It uses 9 x 19mm rounds.
    Rating: Below Average: The handgun is basically the same as Claire's although
    it may be slightly more powerful.
    Ammo Type: Handgun Bullets
    Ammo Capacity: 15 bullets.
    Most Useful Against: Zombies or Moths. The only other enemies in Chris's game
    are too dangerous to use the handgun against.
    Which Boss to use Against: Foolish idea.
    Location: Chris starts off with it.
    Ammo Frequency: Common.
    Comments: The Handgun should seriously only be used against the Zombies or the
    Hunters will not even feel the bullets.
    Upgraded Handgun (Chris)
    Name: Enhanced Handgun
    Description: Modified Glock 17. It's a modified Glock 17.
    Rating: Average. The handgun will now always take down a zombie in four to five
    Ammo Type: Handgun Bullets
    Ammo Capacity: 15 bullets
    Most Useful Against: Zombies, Cerberus and the Moths
    Which Boss to Use Against: Still a foolish idea.
    Location: The enhancement is found in the Military Trainig Facility B1F. Trust
    me, you
    can't miss it.
    Ammo Frequency: Common
    Comments: Where Claire's handgun was made into a rapid firing weapon, I believe
    Chris's handgun is upgraded into a more powerful weapon.
    Sub-Machine Guns (Chris)
    Name: Sub-Machine Gun
    Description: Ingram. A 38-caliber submachine gun. It uses DOT380 ammo.
    Rating: Very Good. These will make Chris's half of the game MUCH easier.
    Ammo Type: N/A
    Ammo Capacity: 100%
    Most Useful Against: Hunters or Sweepers.
    Which Boss to use Against: Alexia II if you still have the ammo. This will
    probably not
    be the case however.
    Location: Military Training Facility B3F.
    First, you must have given the Haemostatic Medicine to Rodrigo as Claire.
    After fighting "Gulp" then Rodrigo will be spat back out and will give you the
    The lighter is then used to light a torch in the previous room which will grant
    you these
    beautiful weapons.
    Ammo Frequency: Never
    Comments: These are your best friends against the Hunters if you ask me.
    Their constant, powerful rate of fire is invaluble.
    Name: Shotgun
    Description: SPAS 12. A combat shotgun developed for military use. It uses 12
    gauge shells.
    Rating: Very Good. This is a powerful weapon which, although slow, is very
    Ammo Type: Shotgun Shells
    Ammo Capacity: 7 shells.
    Most Useful Against: Hunters, Sweepers or the Spiders. It can also take down a
    group of
    Zombies if you point it at their heads.
    Which Boss to use Against: The Giant Spider if you feel like the Custom Handgun
    is too
    Location: Military Training Facility. In the basement you will pass by the
    hanging on some hooks, much like when you found the Shotgun in the first
    Resident Evil.
    Shortly after, you will be able to take the weapon full time.
    Ammo Frequency: Uncommon.
    Comments: The Shotgun, yet another returning weapon, is my personal favourite
    weapon in the
    Any enemy that you shoot with it will be knocked off their feet or killed
    Name: Magnum
    Description: Colt Python. An American Gun. It uses .357 magnum rounds.
    Rating: Excellent. Easily the most powerful of the normal weapons in the game.
    Ammo Type: Magnum Rounds
    Ammo Capacity: 6 Magnum Rounds
    Most Useful Against: If you are stupid enough to waste Magnum Rounds
    then go and play a different game.
    Which Boss to use Against: Alexia in both her first stages.
    Location: Antarctic Base. When playing as Chris you will arrive in the room
    where Claire
    found the Assault Rifle.
    Refill the Empty Extinguisher and put out the fire and you can take the Magnum.
    Ammo Frequency: VERY rare.
    Comments: Anything which stands in the way of this thing will be obliterated.
    The rounds it fires are the most powerful in the game but it comes at quite a
    It has a slow rate of fire and hardly any ammo to be found
    Linear Launcher
    Name: Linear Launcher
    Description: Anti-B.O.W Linear Launcher. An advanced weapon developed to handle
    Rating: Wow. Just..........wow.
    Ammo Type: N/A
    Ammo Capacity: Infinite
    Most Useful Against: Sadly not possible.
    Which Boss to Use Against: Alexia III
    Location: You won't miss it.
    Ammo Frequency: N/A
    Comments: This is the new method of destroying the last boss and, surprise
    surprise, it is
    a form of Rocket Launcher.
    This is an extremelly cool version however. I won't spoil it but suffice to say
    Alexia will die insantly to one shot from it.
    Common Enemies
    This is how I will describe the monsters found in Code Veronica X.
    Monster Name
    Best Weapon to Use
    Danger Rating
    1. Zombie
    2. Cerberus
    3. Bat
    4. Bandersnatcher
    6. Tentacle
    5. Moth
    6. Hunter
    7. Sweeper
    8. Spider
    Name: Zombies
    Description: Yep, their back. Wouldn't be a Resident Evil game without them.
    These were the inhabitants of Rockfort Island and the Antarctic Base. After
    being infected with T-Virus they turned into slow, moaning creatures that will
    not stop until either of you are dead. Usually it will be them of course.
    Frequency: Very Common. These are the main enemies of Resident Evil: CVX.
    Best Weapon to Use: Either of the handguns or the Combat Knife.
    Danger Rating: Low. Just stay away and shoot and they won't last long.
    You are more likely to be hit using the knife of course, but it saves ammo.
    Comments: The Zombies in this game are not very threatining. Their main attack
    is to bite
    The zombies of the other RE games could also throw up on you but I have not seen
    them use
    this attack in CVX. I will update this guide should I see it in the future.
    Name: Cerberus
    Description: These are also a returning creature from previous RE games.
    They are dogs that have been infected with the T-Virus.
    You will know when they are around because, like most dogs, they will bark and
    run around.
    Frequency: Uncommon
    Best Weapon to Use: Handgun or the Combat Knife.
    Danger Rating: Low to Medium. They are quite fast but one shot or stab will
    knock them
    When they are on the ground you may as well stab them.
    Comments: The Cerberus can be a nuisance if they manage to hit you. Their main
    are to jump at you and bite you. Luckily, they are a rare monster that you will
    not see
    very often.
    Cerberi can also grab your arm for a length of time.
    Name: Bat
    Description: A bat infected with the T-Virus
    Frequency: Very Rare
    Best Weapon to Use: Just equip the lighter and they won't bother you.
    Danger Rating: Pathetically weak. They are a pointless waste of software.
    Comments: They appear to have taken the place of crows.
    The only difference is that you could die from crow attacks. If you die against
    the bats
    then you are not worthy of playing the game.
    Name: Bandersnatcher
    Description: A big, remotely humanoid yellow blob. They are a new addition to
    the RE series
    and are pretty cool if you ask me.
    They can grow (excuse the pun) to be quite annoying if there is more than one in
    the same
    Frequency: Common. You will see 100% of them on Rockfort Island and 99% of these
    seen in Claire's scenario. Luckily, this means that most of them will be seen in
    the first
    half of the game.
    Best Weapon to Use: M-100Ps, Bowgun (Explosive) or the Grenade Launcher.
    Danger Rating: Medium to High. Even if you are shooting them from a distance
    then you can still be hit by them. Trust me.
    Comments. They are not terribly agile but they have the ability to reach
    And I do mean, ANYWHERE. Their arms are extendable which means that they
    can also climb up heights.
    Name: Tentacle
    Description: I think you can guess.
    Frequency: Rare. They stick out of the walls at various locations in the
    Antarctic Base.
    Best Weapon to Use: Any of the Handguns.
    Danger Rating: Very Low. Just keep shooting the Handgun until they retract
    into the wall.
    Comments: Not much to say really. They show up a few times and seem to
    be part of a HUGE unseen monster. If you watch the FMV of Claire and
    Steve attempting to escape at the end of her scenario the you will
    know what I mean.
    Name: Moth
    Description: An over-sized moth.
    Frequency: Rare. If I remember correctly there is only one room where you
    will find them.
    Best Weapon to Use: Handgun but I would just run past them.
    Danger Rating: Low. The only annoying thing about them is the ability to
    poison you.
    Comments: Stay clear of the poison spray and also try to avoid the moths
    themselves as they can land on you and lay parasites.
    Name: Hunters
    Description: Green, fast, ******* terrifying and the most dangerous enemy
    in every conceivable way.
    Frequency: Rare. They show up in Chris's scenario only. Also of particular
    note, Wesker will leave several machines designed to locate Chris's position.
    If they find you they will send a Hunter after you. Let me tell you, you
    Best Weapon to Use: Shotgun, Sub-Machine Guns or the Grenade Launcher.
    Anything lower is suicide.
    Danger Rating: High. Kill them as fast as possible.
    Comments: Be afraid. Be VERY afraid. If you have played the original
    Resident Evil you will know what I am talking about. Yes, the Alpha
    "Head" Hunters are back although they have been toned down a touch.
    They will no longer take four Shotgun blasts but you must not let
    them get a hit on you. They cause high damage in a short amount of
    time and I have not nicknamed them "Headhunter" for no reason.
    Name: Sweeper
    Description: Very similar to the Hunter except they look yellow and purple.
    Frequency: Very Rare. There really are not very many of these seen in the
    Best Weapon to Use: Shotgun or the Grenade Launcher.
    Danger Rating: High. The Sweepers are like the Hunters only now they will
    poison damage.
    Comments: These are a new addition to the Resident Evil series. I never
    thought the
    Hunters could get any worse. I may or may not have been proven wrong.
    Although the Sweepers can now inflict poison I am yet to see them rip your
    head off in one swift manuveur.
    Name: Spider
    Description: A spider which has grown to about 20 times the size it should
    Frequency: Rare.
    Best Weapon to Use: Shotgun or the Bowgun (Explosive Arrows) if you have any
    Danger Rating: Medium to High. They are quite slow so I would just run if
    Comments: The spiders also make an appearance in RE:CVX although they have
    changed a bit. They are no longer big and hairy but they will still spit
    poison at you. The spiders can also grab you and chew on your head.
    Boss Monsters
    I will describe the Boss monsters in this format.
    Recommended Weapon
    1. Veronica Tyrant I + II
    2. Nosferatu
    3. Giant Worm
    4. Adult Albinoid
    5.Veronica Spider
    6. Burnside Tyrant
    7. Alexia I
    8.Alexia II
    9. Alexia III
    Veronica Tyrant I
    Name: Veronica Tyrant
    Description: It is a large grey humanoid with massive blocks
    of flesh for hands.
    Difficulty: Easy.
    Just fire three grenades at him and he will fall to his knees.
    When he gets back up, fire another three grenades. Repeat this
    process until he falls flat on his face.
    Attacks: At this stage he will only knock you back.
    If you do not kill him in time he will chuck you onto the fire.
    Recommended Weapon: Grenade Launcher (Grenade Shells)
    Comments: This version of the Tyrant has the body of the T-002
    and the face of the legendary, Mr. X. I have assumed that this is
    one of the forms of Tyrant which only occurs when one in a huge
    number of people are mutated (as with the T-002 of RE 1) and
    that this is simply the Veronica version of the Tyrant mutation.
    Veronica Tyrant II
    Name Veronica Tyrant
    Description: The Tyrant has now mutated slightly and has
    some more claws on his right hand.
    Difficulty: Medium to Hard.
    This battle will all depend on how much ammo you have managed
    to save. If you still have the Anti-B.O.W rounds
    (which you should have) then just fire all three and that might
    be the end of him.
    If not then unload all your remaining Explosive Arrows followed by some
    Acid Shells.
    You will know when he is weak enough when he starts bleeding.You must
    then hit the catapult button which will release the crate and hurl the
    Tyrant from the plane.
    Attacks: He will slice at you with his new claws in a horizontal fashion.
    The Tyrant also has a slower, much more powerful vertical slam which
    should be avoided at all costs.
    Recommended Weapon: Grenade Launcher (B.O.W Gas Rounds),
    Bowgun (Explosive Bolts) and the Grenade Launcher (Acid Shells).
    If you have no weapons then you will have to use the crate about
    four times before he will go sky-diving.
    Comments: The Veronica Tyrant has done a typical Tyrant Mutation
    and grown some claws. Mr. X did the same thing and the T-002 also
    gained more power with his claws.
    Aside from that there is not much difference between the two
    encounters of the Tyrant.
    Name: Nosferatu
    Description: He is the size of a normal man with his hands tied behind his
    When you finally fight him then he will also have grown some strange
    limbs on his back, one of which is a huge big claw thing.
    Difficulty: Medium.
    You must be very careful not to stray too near the edge or you will
    be knocked off for an instant death. First use the Sniper Rifle and
    aim for his heart. I have heard that you can get an instant kill on
    him but have never seen this myself. When you have fired all seven
    bullets then pull out any remaining Explosive Bolts and launch them at
    him.If he is still alive then you can either risk slicing at his heart
    with the Combat Knife or use the Grenade Launcher. Using the
    Grenade Launcher will prevent Chris having access to this weapon so
    I would not advise it.
    Attacks: Nosferatu has two attacks. The first is to try and whack you off of
    the edge with his claw thing. The second is to spit some acid at you.
    Be warned, the acid can poison you which will cause problems later on.
    Recommended Weapon: Sniper Rifle, Bowgun (Explosive Bolts), Combat Knife
    or if neccessary the Grenade Launcher.
    Comments: Nosferatu is what is left of Alexander Ashford. Alexia and Alfred
    infected him with T-Veronica Virus and locked him up underground for many
    years. Naturally, he seems to be a little disgruntled at this turn of
    events and seeks to end the lives of our heroes, Steve and Claire.
    Giant Worm ("Gulp")
    Name: Giant Worm
    Description: I'll give you three guesses.
    Difficulty: Medium.
    The best way to kill it is to run around in short circles in one of the
    corners of the room and launch a grenade when the worm surfaces. The
    Assault Rifle will also take it out fairly shortly but running around
    in the circles will ensure that you will not be hit.
    Attacks: The only way it can injure you is by knocking you to the ground
    when surfacing and will then bite you.
    Recommended Weapon: Grenade Launcher (Grenade Shells) or the Assault Rifle.
    Comments: "Gulp" is the cousin of the well known monster of RE3 called the
    Grave Digger. When you meet him as Claire then you should just avoid him
    and run. As Chris I would STRONGLY recommend killing it.
    (Although I am not even sure if you can run away.)
    Adult Albinoid
    Name: Adult Albinoid
    Description: It looks somewhat like a huge lizard. You learn that it is what
    happens when a Salamander is injected with the T-Virus.
    Difficulty: Pathetically Easy.
    There are two methods to reach the objective. One involves healing items and
    the other involves ammunition. If you have a lot of healing items then jump
    in the pool, grabthe item and run back out as fast as you can.
    If you choose to fight it then just stay out of the water and fire the
    Assault Rifle when it approaches.
    Attacks: It will electrocute you if you get in the water.
    Recommended Weapon: Assault Rifle.
    Comments: This really is a complete joke of a boss. Provided you stay out of
    the water then it can not even injure you.
    Veronica Spider
    Name: Veronica Spider
    Description: The Spider is just a huge form of the regular spiders. It is
    roughly 7 times the size of a normal one.
    Difficulty: Easy.
    If you are feeling lucky then pull out the Custom Handgun and keep moving and
    shooting, it won't take too long to die.If this sounds too risky then get the
    Shotgun and still keep moving and firing then it will die even sooner.
    Attacks: It can rake at you with it's mandibles which can sometimes damage you
    quite nastily. It will most commonly be injuring you by spitting poison at you
    Recommended Weapon: Custom Handgun or the Shotgun
    Comments: This looks like the "Black Tiger" of the original Resident Evil but
    without any hair. You will know it is close to death when the abdomen
    collapses and the rest of it's body crawls away.
    Alexia (I)
    Name: Alexia
    Description: When Alexia finally mutates, she changes into a grey skinned
    humanoid which throws flames.
    Difficulty: Moderate.
    Simply keep your distance and keep moving and firing the Magnum. She won't
    take many Magnum Rounds.
    Attacks: Her most common attack is to throw a red liquid which later
    ignites into a trail of flames. Alexia also has an attack where she
    grabs you and torches you with a one-hit kill. Just stay away to avoid this
    Recommended Weapon: Magnum. Magnum. Magnum. Also, did I already mention the
    Comments: She is withoot a doubt the coolest monster in the Resident Evil
    series and the cutscene which follows is the most AMAZING one in the entire
    series as well.
    Alexia (II)
    Name: Alexia
    Description: She has turned into a blob. Yes, you heard me, a blob!
    Difficulty: Moderate to Hard.
    She will take a lot of ammunition in this fight.
    First, unload all remaining Magnum ammo and then pull out the
    Grenade Launcher (Acid Shells) or the Sub-Machine Guns if you
    still have the ammo. The Assault Rifle also works well.
    Keep on the move. It is a small area in which you have to fight but
    you can take a lot of damage if you are careless.
    Attacks: Like many of the bosses, she will now spit poison at you and
    also trys to knock you over with a large tentacle. Make sure you also
    watch out for the little creatures which crawl  out of her. They are very
    annoying if there is any more than three attacking you at a time.
    Recommended Weapon: Magnum, Grenade Launcher (Acid Shells),
    Sub-Machine Guns or the Assault Rifle.
    Comments: In true Resident Evil style, the last boss turns into a large
    blob. Other examples include William Birkin and the Nemesis.
    Alexia (III)
    Name: Alexia
    Description: She has gone to being quite cool again. Alexia has now turned
    into a large dragonfly.
    Difficulty: Easy.
    The fight is already over if you manage to make it this far. Simply grab the
    Linear Launcher and fire away.
    Attacks: Alexia will spit flames on you in a desperate attempt to end your
    life. Don't worry, this attack is mild in comparison to what you give back
    to her.
    Recommended Weapon: Linear Launcher.
    Comments: From what I have gathered throughout the game (and I could
    easily be wrong), Alexia has turned into the one creature she despised the
    most. How fitting. It does make for quite a cool end of play however as
    when she finally dies, it is quite satisfying.
    Well, that signals the end of the guide. I hope it hasn't been too boring but
    I did say it was my first guide. This is a game which I was not so fond of when
    I first played it (no more fixed cameras being the reason) but after playing
    it more than once it grew on me. So I decided to write a guide and this was
    Thanks to Capcom for making such a brilliant game.
    Thanks to all the Resident Evil (or Biohazard) fans for keeping the series
    Thanks to yourself for reading the guide..
    Resident Evil is solely the property of Capcom Entertainment. All contents
    within this guide that are taken from Resident Evil: Code Veronica X are
    trade marks of Capcom Entertainment and this guide should not be used for any
    marketing purposes.
    Copyright Stephen Laird 2005

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