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"A HIGHLY underrated game."

This is my first ever review here on GameFAQs, and is for one of the most underrated and unappreciated games ever - Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X for the Nintendo Gamecube and Play Station 2. This is a brilliant game which should have more credit than it does. I got this when it originally came out as just CODE: Veronica on the old Dreamcast console, and thought it was one of the best games I had ever played. Later, it came out for the PS2 as CVX. The X simply stood for Xtra, as this version featured two extra (and worthy) cutscenes which explained more of the story than CV did. Later on, the PS2 version was ported to the Nintendo Gamecube along with 2 & 3. The features that make this game so great are...

Graphics: (8) The graphics to this game are great. They do not match the Remake of RE1 in any way, but they are superb nonetheless. They are just as good as good as (if not slightly better than) the PS2 graphics. The huge environments look great, the characters and monsters look quality, and the fire effects are tough to beat.

Sound: (10) The sound has much improved from the first RE games. The first games (especially the original RE1) are known for their bad voice acting, but this game makes up for that with voice acting that is very good! The gunshots sound fake, as usual, but that is not something to make a big deal out of. The background music in this game is seriously some of the best in any game. And the monster noises sound as good as ever.

Game play: (9) The game play is much like all Resi games. Nothing at all has changed from the DC and PS2 versions of this game but that is not a bad thing, that's a good thing. The gameplay is fine the way it is. Battle Mode is really fun to play, and can keep you busy for hours, although can wear thin after too long.

Storyline (If any): (9) This is the story of what happened to Claire Redfield (co-star of RE2) after the events of Raccoon City. It takes place three months after RE2. While looking for her brother Chris at Umbrella's Paris Lab Facility, Claire is captured and taken to Rockford Island. That is wear you take control in helping Claire escape Rockfort and re-uniting with her estranged bro. The story delves deep into the past of Umbrella Inc. and reveals alot about the legacy of the Ashford family. One of the best storylines of the series.

Summary: (10) As I said before, this game as mightily underappreciated. It is a really good buy and is very cheap at this time, although where I live is pretty hard to find. If you are a true RE fan, this is a must buy. If you just want an all-around good game to play then buy this. You will not regret it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/11/05

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